Best Baking Jars with Lids

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1. Essos Airtight Stackable Containers Recyclable

Essos Airtight Stackable Containers Recyclable

We offer you a 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure that you will get what you pay for. This glass food storage jar can be ordered now. Their jars are made with high grade glass. The wood jars are sealed with a Silicone ring. There is no need to worry about flour or sugar going bad. The canisters are great for keeping ingredients fresh. Their tallest canisters can be used for many things. The smaller canister is good for cookies, candy, loose tea and coffee beans. Arts and crafts, bathroom supplies, candles, and anything else that requires a tight seal can be held. The stained wooden lid makes the glass jars look modern and natural. They can be left on the kitchen counter. The jars can be stacked without sliding, and it helps organize your pantry. The seal is made ofSilicon. The glass jars are dishwasher and microwave safe. Their product is safe to eat. The lids are made of wood. Grain and color will vary. Please scroll down to see examples of what food you can hold, as their jars are measured in fluid ounces and many food products are measured in ounces. See pictures for size and dimensions. Pictures of jars are not accurate. You can scroll through the listing or see the picture. Products are measured in ounces. An approximation is the measurement in fl oz. Their top priority is concierge SATISFACTION. When shopping with them, they want you to get a quality product. If you have any issues with their product, please contact them and they will work to resolve them as quickly as possible. Thank you for your support of a U.S. business.

Brand: Essos

👤This company is owned by a cool woman. I have been looking for something to replace plastic containers for awhile, and wanted something pretty with a cool vibe, but had to be a good storage solution, as I am a bulk shopper. Can you have something that is functional and pretty? Yes, you can! I bought a 2 pack which came with a label for each and a white marker, and not the cheap ones that don't show up on the black labels, a really nice one, that erases if you change the contents. The dark wood containers have a great seal, but it is a pretty thick glass that can take some wear and tear, and I thought it was an alternative to acrylic. I can get 3 from back to front because they fit perfectly in my cabinet. They are a little pricey but I think they are worth the money as they will stay fresh. Every time I fill my containers, I put the date on a piece of tape on the bottom. I have plastic ones that are air tight. They are not. If you want to switch your food, they don't have odors so it's safe. I will be going over to these. They take up very little real estate, so they can sit in your counter and look pretty. I love these containers. My second set just arrived! I ordered more in a different size.

👤I still love these! I was able to order the 77oz. I also got a set of four. This may not be the final configuration on my pantry shelves, but so far it works well for me. One of the small ones holds my Chai tea mix in a different area of my pantry. It looks great there. I got three and a half boxes of spaghetti into one tall container, because I didn't have four full boxes, and because the jars are square, the noodles fit perfectly. It's better to get them out of containers. I have one set of each size, and none of them broke during shipping. I think they look good with my milk bottle containers. I now know exactly what I have after having easy access to all my dry goods. I've been at home a lot over the last seven months, and I just can't get my pantry organized anymore. I decided to get some things to organize my pantry after I watched the home edit. I had been using large glass jars for some of my dry goods, but realized that I should really "decant" more goods to keep the shelves organized. I don't like plastic and wanted glass. Most glass canisters come with bamboo, and most of my wood is dark. These are perfect! I like the square shape because it doesn't seem to waste as much space as round containers. I came back today to order the 77oz after ordering the 64oz and 98oz jars. They are no longer listed. I can't find anyone that I like better. I will keep what I have. I'll live with the size difference, it looks odd from the 47oz to the 64oz and then the 98oz, but I'll take it. They were well packaged and did not have any damage. The light weight of the glass is good for keeping weight down when they are full. I think they would break easily if dropped on a tile floor. If the jars are ever back in stock, I will buy them.

2. ComSaf Airtight Canister Storage Square

ComSaf Airtight Canister Storage Square

Meal prep can be done in one container with their TrueSeal food storage containers. The ComSaf storage jar is made of food-graded glass which is odorless and non-toxic. Each glass container has a gasket and a locking carabiner to make sure that your food stays fresh and safe while in storage. The crystal glass allows you to know how much is left in the jar and how the food is progressing without removing the top lid. The sleek see-through design makes it look more visually appealing. The set includes 3 jars of 78oz. L x W x H are the numbers. Free chalkboard labels should be included. The glass jar set is designed for convenience. It's a perfect size for home use. Since every family needs food storage jars for kitchen, it's an excellent choice of housewarming gift as well as Mother's Day gift. It's sleek and reliable, so it's a delight for friends or moms. Jars are easy to wash and can be used again and again. Storage jars for home and kitchen are in this size. The jar is good to store jams, marmalades, flour, cereals, sugar, spices, nuts, tea, dried beans, and biscuits. It's great for canning your own food.

Brand: Comsaf

👤I decided to put everything in glass containers after I got pantry moths from a bag of nuts. I compared different brands and found these. I decided to try them. I am glad I did. This product is well made, has thick glass, and is very well packaged. You can see how tight it is by looking at the lid. I tested it with liquid and it did not leak. I bought 2 more sets and plan to buy more.

👤They were much smaller than advertised. Only holds 64oz, not 78oz.

👤I love them. They are very strong and safe. I am not disappointed that those things were important to me. I took a picture of them empty with a salad dressing bottle. If I had a complaint, it would be that they hold 4 pounds of flour/sugar and most bags are 5 pounds. I can deal with that. It would be too big to hold another pound. I am very happy.

👤I own several glass jars that are hard to break. These jars are made of very thin glass and are easy to break. One glass jar has broken while being washed. I don't know how these jars would hold up at canning temperatures. I would return if I could, but one is broken.

👤The jars were easy to clean with large openings. There is a The wire closing tab is a CON. It will slam into the glass when it snaps shut. It hurts like the dickens when you catch your finger protecting the glass. It could cause the glass to shatter if I let it slam shut repeatedly. This has not happened yet, but it does worry me. Our plastic set has a metal tab that is half an inch away from the container. It is very easy to close and open. This glass set should have the same. The Macgyver option is being investigated to remedy this.

👤These were necessary for organizing our pantry. The jars were well packaged and secured. The quality of the jars is good and they seal well. The glass is thick and easy to break. I ordered the tall and short sets to take advantage of our space. I would like the larger size to fit spaghetti. I broke mine in half before putting it in the jar. The larger size doesn't fit the entire package of flour or sugar. I ordered more to accommodate the overflow. This is the only reason I have a 4 star rating. I have already ordered more to expand the pantry because I like the quality of this set. Make sure you wash them out before using them.

👤If you remove the grommet, they are dishwasher save. I have a five year old who swept them off the counter to play with his hot wheels, and they bounced on the hardwood floor, without a break, not even cracked. To say the least, I was impressed. Will be ordering more soon.

👤I thought the jars were larger. One of them was damaged. It was likely done before shipping as it was a crack on the corner. They would be good for spices or open packs of dried fruit.

3. Apothecary Canister Chalkboard Bathroom Containers

Apothecary Canister Chalkboard Bathroom Containers

Jars are easy to wash and can be used again and again. Storage jars for home and kitchen are in this size. The jar is good to store jams, marmalades, flour, cereals, sugar, spices, nuts, tea, dried beans, and biscuits. It's great for canning your own food. They are great for the kitchen or bathroom and can be put to use in your work space. High quality and resilience. Storage jars are made from clear glass and have chalkboard fronts that make it easy to label them. See what you have to say. It's easy to see the contents of see-through glass jars. It's a great place to store cookies, sugar, flour, spices and other kitchen items. Silicone ring makes the glass lid close tightly, which ensures food is kept fresh and safe. The set of three caretakers. Each set includes one 54-oz., 43-oz., and 34-oz. The chalk and labels are included. Place the glass jar in the dishwasher and it will be easy to care for.

Brand: Le'raze

👤A little smaller than expected, but cute and functional. The salt shaker was used to reference the actual size. The small canister held the full bag of sugar but the medium one held the powered bag.

👤These are perfect for me. The size is nice and not large. I keep snacks handy on the counter so I don't have to open a package. It's handy to have chalkboard labels. I had goldfish crackers for several weeks and they were still fresh. These glass canisters are great. They hold a lot but don't take up much space on my counter. The glass canisters are exactly what I wanted. The chalk area can be changed for whatever you need it to be. The plastic seal helps keep the air out.

👤Be careful and check your jars. The glass is very thin. My daughter cut her hand when she reached for a cookie. We did not hit this. She heard a crack when she took the top, but she didn't know what it was. She cut her hand and not her mouth or throat because she didn't know glass was broken. Don't ever buy.

👤These glass containers hold a lot. I don't put the labels on them yet because I use them mostly. They had a cute black label and chalk sticks. They are a little bit larger than I had thought. They all closed their mouths. The biggest one I have noticed is that the lid will wiggle out if I use the blender or something on the same counter, but it is an easy fix.

👤Our dog treats work great for our foster dogs. The treats are very easy to dry out. The containers are sealed so well that they keep the treats fresh. Keeping soft and fresh treats is important for some of our fosters. We've dropped it a few times and it hasn't cracked yet. Very sturdy. Also mention that they are cute. I think I'm going to order a new set of kitchen items.

👤I can see how some people would have thought they were larger, but they are the perfect size for what I needed. The large jar holds 52 small cookies, the medium jar holds about a bag of Hershey Kisses and the small jar holds a bag of peanut M&Ms. The seals on the lids were bent out when I got them. After bending them back into place, I spent some time in the closed jars to see if they were bending back correctly.

👤I thought the seals on the lids would be rubber, just like any other container. They are a thin plastic seal, not sure how it will hold up over time. I might return these jars. The jars themselves have stickers on them.

👤The seller contacted me recently asking if he could send me a free product or give me a refund, which says a lot about the individual character. He didn't have to do what he did and the product damage was not his fault, so I needed to update my review. I wish more people like you cared about how people felt. It's a waste of money. The jar does not fit on the lid. If I had it my way, I would have chosen any.

4. Style Setter 203192 GB Canister 13 25x4 6x8

Style Setter 203192 GB Canister 13 25x4 6x8

It's perfect for storing your coffee, tea or flour. A set of glass containers in assorted sizes is an elegant accompaniment to any counter or pantry shelf. An Airtight Seal for Keeping Cookies, Coffee, Flour, Sugar, Rice, and Other Dry Foods Super Fresh is included in the glass lid. Glass Jars are more durable than plastic and feature ornate retro borders for stylish design. It's a good idea to display, organize, and store all kinds of snacks withoutcluttering your kitchen. The perfect hostess gift is a chic set that is practical and stunning for any special occasion. The perfect hostess gift is a chic set that is practical and stunning for any special occasion.

Brand: Style Setter

👤I debated for weeks to buy these. The reviews were correct. I usually buy based on reviews. I'm happy I went ahead with the purchase. The seal is perfect and they are very chic. My interpretation of farmhouse chic is a beautiful addition to my design. The quality will not be the same for the price. I bought the chalkboard signs after I added them.

👤These are very pretty. It fits my needs just fine. The glass "seams" are obvious on the lids, but I fear that the plastic part of the plastic could turn brittle and crack with age. The medium canister is not even and it is a concern to me. I tried to catch it as I thought it was tipping over.

👤These were great for my furniture. It's good to use for my adult kids. The lids are glass and have a seal. The design on them should be praised as well.

👤I looked for a while until I found these. It was perfect size. The pattern is perfect. Stays sealed well. You will not regret buying these.

👤Very happy! The seals on the jars are beautiful. It was worth the wait!

👤Had to return after it was broken. The manufacturer packing will give you a chance of it being damaged.

👤I ordered these for my country themed kitchen and they are perfect, will probably order another set for completion. They are pretty.

👤The glass canister set was very nice. The seal is easy to open. A small canister can hold a large bag of sugar. The small is 7 in height, the med is 7 in height, and the tall is 8 in height. Great purchase. It was worth the money.

👤It was much smaller than I anticipated. Tea bags that aren't used much are more suited to crackers. The openings are too small to fit measuring cups, so they wouldn't work for coffee or flour.

👤These are not as cute as they look in the picture. It's great for smaller spaces. The price is great. The pattern is very dainty.

👤The cannisters are lovely and came promptly and well packaged, but the problem is there are only 2 sizes and not 3 as shown in the photo and as stated in the description, so am disappointed as they were gifts. I only found out now and it's too late to do anything about it.

👤The jar was shattered. I tried to contact Amazon but didn't get a response. The lid seals are not very nice.

👤The design is great. Would buy again.

5. ComSaf Airtight Storage Container Canister

ComSaf Airtight Storage Container Canister

We offer a 100% risk-free satisfaction service so you can be sure to buy. They have excellent customer service and support. Why think twice? The glass container set is durable. There is a large capacity for food storage. The jar is big enough to hold food like cookies, rice, cereals, flour, beans, sugar, and even bathroom items like cotton balls. The glass jar is sealed with a Silicone loop around the wood cover to keep food fresh. The airtight canister is made of food-grade high borosilicate glass, lead-free, non-toxic. Silicone is used in the seal loop of the top. The sleek crystal glass allows you to see what is inside and easily monitor whether your food has run out without removing the lid. This clear glass jar has a wide mouth opening for easy access and cleaning. Before washing the body in the dishwasher, it is advisable to take off the wood lid. This clear glass jar has a wide mouth opening for easy access and cleaning. Before washing the body in the dishwasher, it is advisable to take off the wood lid.

Brand: Comsaf

👤It was difficult to find a jar with a wide mouth since I use it to store sugar and my cup wouldn't fit in anything. The glass is thick but not heavy and the lid is smooth. I love it! This will be the one if I need another one. I highly recommend it.

👤Keep in mind that these jars are very thin and don't store stuff in them that could make them heavy. When washing and drying them, be careful. It feels like they might break from putting the lid on nice and snug because the lids fit very snug.

👤CONTENTS are easy to see and this product is easy to use. I love these!

👤I love these jars. I used all sizes of this jar in my pantry. Love them.

👤It looks great and is of great quality. I use it for my pig.

👤Sturdy construction that fits tightly. It's a good addition to my storage needs.

👤There was a major outbreak of fruit flies and mealy bug flies that got into flour, sugar and other things. It was terrible. We had to throw away a lot of food. The containers stopped bugs from entering our food.

👤They updated my pantry shelf for pasta. It was worth the price.

👤I was reassured before ordering that the sleeve could be removed that it wouldn't have the Silicon base, so that worked out. I needed this to hold our cleaning wipes because the plastic containers were ugly. It is what I wanted.

👤They didn't allow my other review, so I just simplified it.

👤It's perfect for rice and flour.

6. Klikel Kitchen Canister Airtight Capacity

Klikel Kitchen Canister Airtight Capacity

Their glass jars are great to store seasonings, party favors, arts and crafts, and office supplies. Their blank labels make it easy to modify these containers. Whether you're looking for glass jars with labels for condiments or empty glass bottles for storage, their glass jars with airtight lids set will come in handy. They'll stay steady where you place them, because they're SAFE STRONG GLASS. These glass jars are safe and healthy to use with food. A rubber seal and a lid lock keeps your food fresh. It's important to keep your flour bug free and prevent your sugar from getting hard. The container set is made from glass so that you can see what's inside. You don't have to look for it because the lid stays attached. The large opening makes it easy to get inside and wash it. The container showcase set is a good way to upgrade your home. It's suitable for your kitchen counter, cabinets, bathroom counter, and office desk. The round, sleek cover creates a chic finish for every décor. There are two jars in the canister sizes. Each jar is 10 inches in height and 4.5 inches in diameter. 64oz is 1/2 gallon.

Brand: Klikel

👤I rarely write reviews for products, but I felt obligated to use these jars. If not dried quickly, the metal binding around the lid will start to rot. They lose their tension. The loss of tension means that you can't get a tight seal, which could cause leaks in the jar or cause annoying leaks in my case. If you buy this product, make sure you hand dry the lids. This problem was minor until this morning. The bottom of the jar broke when I was making coffee. The water, coffee beans, and glass were all cold. I don't know what else to say about the 64oz of coffee beans and water that is coagulating all over my kitchen, even though the jars are made from poor quality glass. The poor quality of the glass and the non-stainless steel lid leads me to believe that this is simply a poor product and one I cannot recommend.

👤I recently started my own sourdough starter and needed a glass canister that would be a good size for it and I found these on Amazon. I am very happy with the glass canisters. They're the perfect size and I haven't had any issues with them. I gave one of the two sets to a friend that is just starting to make her own sourdough bread. I can see myself using these for other items in my pantry, so I'll most likely be buying more in the near future.

👤Not good for flour. It's not good to eat Pretzels a couple weeks before they're moist or stale. Excellent for coffee and tea bags. Doesn't have enough room for crackers. Wanted to keep the food dry and ants free. It works a bit. It's hard to open and close, metal comes off so you can wash in the dishwasher, but it's a chore. I don't want more plastic in my life so I'm getting used to using them. The metal rings can be difficult to get back on, and can be loose or tight, which can be hard to get back on. The wire pantry shelves are heavy and easy to topple.

👤I told the seller about the flaw. It's a simple idea to use mechanical leverage to create pressure and a rubber gasket to seal it. The glass and gasket are fine, the metal framing is causing the issue. I had to buy others. Very disappointing.

👤These are great! I have a bunch of things to use in my pantry, and I can easily find them. I love these!

👤The first time I opened all of them, the latch on the jars was very flimsy. I will be returning them, so I wouldn't suggest you buy them.

👤The jars look great on the counter. I have coffee and spaghetti. They are easy to store because they are not bulky. The larches are durable. They seem flimsy for the size of the product.

👤The size is perfect for what I need, but they are not leakproof. At least not with a product that is oil based. I assume they aren't tight enough to keep air out. I use sugar and salt scrubs, so it's not important. I accidentally left a full one on the counter and came back to a puddle of oil, so I know they leak. Good quality and good price.

7. Canisters Kitchen Container Airtight Spaghetti

Canisters Kitchen Container Airtight Spaghetti

Do not put dishwasher in hand wash. The thicker glass makes their jars more durable than others. The glass storage jars set is made of food-grade high borosilicate glass, which is lead-free, non-toxic, and is healthier than plastic jars. It is suitable for all kinds of environments. There are dishwasher and microwave safes. The 2x small is 3.54 x 4.1 inches and can be used for powders, flour, coffee, tea, spice, salt, honey or sugar container. 2x Medium is 3.54 x 7 inches (9 x 18 cm), for nuts, jams, seeds,cut fruits and candy jars. It's great for spaghetti noodles, pasta, rice and other things. A 5 piece kitchen canister set in clear glass is convenient and attractive. The wooden lid and translucent glass blend in with your kitchen decor. They offer a 100% risk-free satisfaction service so you can be sure to buy. They have excellent customer service and support. Why think twice? The glass container set is durable. They offer a 100% risk-free satisfaction service so you can be sure to buy. They have excellent customer service and support. Why think twice? The glass container set is durable.

Brand: Leaves And Trees Y

👤Overall happy with the product. I purchased 4 of them, and they all arrived quickly. One of the smallest jars without a lid was the only downside to receiving my last box. Customer support didn't have an option for me to get a new lid. I received $5 for not receiving all of the items. Despite not being able to get a new lid, I was pleased with the customer service I received. I will replace the small containers with larger ones, so I am not sad that I didn't get the lid. I would rate the products 5 out of 5. My pantry is slowly coming together and I am happy about it. The labels that I have are bought from TheDweling Company on the website, and they are for anyone who is interested. I don't mind that the labels are too large for the smallest containers, as I will replace the smaller ones with larger ones later on.

👤I have wasted a lot of food because the canisters don't seal properly. For the third time, I am not throwing away my food. This is disappointing.

👤I love the jars. The large one will fit spaghetti noodles, but they aren't as big as I 888-276-5932s. The jars are pretty, but the 3 stars are based on the lid not being stained. I would do it myself if I had the same stain. I will update this later on how the Co. works with me to replace these items.

👤I needed more variety of sizes than Target offers, so I was looking for some jars to match Threshold, and these are perfect! Excellent quality and packaged. They arrived undamaged. Highly recommended!

👤It is possible to seal effectively enough to store dry goods. The markers and labels are nice. If you're doing that with a glass container, you're already questionable intelligence, so don't go trying to play football with them. The seals are not tight but they feel good enough to keep the water out. If you're in a humid environment they may have an issue, but here in the Midwest they're fine. They work great when we store yeast, curry powder, tea, etc.

👤I have had these for about 3 months now and they are working well. The glass is not too thin and will not break if you wash it. They are on the smaller size, but that's what I wanted. I use them for small packages that I don't want to be left in bags. They look great on the counter. The manufacturer should have made one a little bigger.

👤The jars stack securely, which is what I love about them. I returned an inferior set from another seller and bought these. The lids on this set are beautiful. I filled one with cereals after getting it and almost two months later, it's as fresh as I poured it from a new package. These look great in my cabinet. I am happy with this purchase.

8. OXO Grips 8 Piece Container Baking

OXO Grips 8 Piece Container Baking

For ages 3 and up. If you have a quality problem, please contact them. This must-have set is needed to keep baking ingredients fresh. The set includes 5 POP containers. There are 2 Qt and 2 POP accessories, one of which is the Brown Sugar Saver. 1 lbs of brown sugar, 5 lbs of flour and sugar, baking soda, baking powder, chocolate chips, coconut flakes and more are included. Push the button to open the seal. The button is used as a handle. The Brown Sugar Saver keeps brown sugar soft and the 12 cup scoops are perfect for measuring. The design stacks are dishwasher safe and can be tailored to fit any space. Always use the button to open and close. Do not carry the containers by the lid. There is a safe amount of the chemical BPA free. The dishwasher safe is top-rack.

Brand: Oxo

👤Wow! This product has saved my life. I had no pest problem before the storm. I had a lot of ants in my house after the flood waters subsided. They were in everything. I searched the internet for something that would keep my pantry items out. I ordered them on the spot after finding them with great reviews. I called a pest control service and scheduled an appointment to have them come spray my house while I waited for them. These arrived. I put my new sugars and spices in the containers. I had some ice cream and put my bowl in the sink. I woke up to a lot of ants. I was in full panic because our pest control guy wasn't coming until the next day. I couldn't believe I was so stupid. I cleaned my counter again. Everything in my cabinets was untouched when I opened them. The ants did not approach the cabinet. They couldn't smell the sugar. The containers are life saving. If we have flood waters again, I'm no longer worried. They are very easy to use. I am so thankful for the amazing product made by OXO.

👤Love the product. They opened them to find out that the smaller containers didn't seal properly. I wasted a lot of time trying to get Amazon to stand behind the product. I was told to contact the manufacturer. Don't waste your time getting this product, because if it's faulty, Amazon won't stand behind it.

👤I bought these about a month ago to organize my pantry. They look nice and seem to be sturdy, but they are advertised as being air tight. The sugar formed into a brick and the cereals were not fresh after a couple weeks. The freshness of sugar and cereals in their original opened bags is more important than the freshness of these containers. You would expect these to work for $100. The seal is so weak that I can easily pull the lid off after pressing the button. It looks like it might be a fairly common occurrence, but I think mine are malfunctioning.

👤I cried and it was not in a good way. The original version was very good, from how strong the suction is to how well they wash. The new ones don't come apart the same, and my cookies went rancid in under a week. I spent a lot of money expecting the original quality. I am very disappointed. Why Oxo?

👤If you grab them from the top of the container, the lid will come off. The old style of containers have a rounded lid. Your food will become old.

👤It was arrived in a timely manner. Storage containers from OXO are great. The seal works well and protects items. The container size of the brown sugar is the biggest issue with this set. I don't know what bags of brown sugar they are putting in there, but the ones available in my area barely fit, leaving no room or space for the clay piece to keep the brown sugar moist and not hardened. The container should have been half the size of the containers. It should have been like the 2 quart size. This set would have been perfect if not for that.

9. Chefstory Airtight Canister Organization Containers

Chefstory Airtight Canister Organization Containers

Everyone can use more storage, so it makes a great gift. Their glass storage canisters are the perfect choice for weddings, housewarming, bridal showers, birthdays, Christmas, graduations, and more. They make gift giving easy. The Perfect Food Storage Set comes with 3 single size jars and is 50oz capacity. Storage jars for pantry and kitchen can be used. Airtight seal jars come with a hinged lid that creates an airtight seal to ensure freshness for your food while in storage. You can use these jars to store and serve a variety of food, they are versatile enough to work on kitchen countertops, cabinets, and pantry. It's easy to take out your storage with the wide opening design. The glass is food-graded and non-toxic. They are strong enough for daily use. You can change contents whenever you need. The transparent body of the jar makes it easy to see what's inside and to know how much is left in the jar. The glass jars should be washed with warm water. The transparent body of the jar makes it easy to see what's inside and to know how much is left in the jar. The glass jars should be washed with warm water.

Brand: Chefstory

👤I thought I was getting 3 jars with a 50oz capacity each. No. The containers have a total capacity of 50oz. I fit 1.5 packages of pasta in one jar. It was very disappointing. I re-read the listing to make sure it wasn't my fault that it was in a confusing or vague way. I was very disappointed with the product I received. I am using jars that are not what I wanted, but they are easier to use than returning them.

👤The clasp snapped the glass when I closed it, now I only have two. The clasps are difficult to close and keep going crooked, savesay I wanted them for my counter.

👤The importance of sturdy bails is something anyone who uses this type of glass jar knows. The jar's lid is always on one side when you open it. You have to position the lid to flip it closed. It's flimsy and you have to pay attention not to bend the bail. They're ok for decorative purposes, but not practical for everyday use so I will be returning them and sticking with Bormioli Rocco Jars.

👤I found my shelf-stable pantry products with the help of these glass airtight canisters. I didn't use them because I don't like my handwriting. I bought pre-printed minimalist pantry labels from Amazon, and I love how they turned out! It's easy for me to find what I'm looking for now. Some people complained in reviews that the glass on these wasn't thick. I appreciated that it was less heavy and that it was good enough to meet my needs. They're doing the job well so far, and everything was advertised. I might get a few more myself in the future if I recommend them.

👤These jars are exactly what I wanted. I wanted jars that were very basic and large. When I opened them for the first time, the vacuum inside the jars exploded. The wire hinges and closure are easy to use, but heavy gauge wire should hold up over time. When the jar is opened, the gasket stays in place because it seals tightly. These jars are perfect for storing food items.

👤I bought the Jars to put my harvest in. I needed something that was air-tight and I looked around for a good price. The jars have a few problems, the flimsy material, the funny orange color, and the hardware is not as strong as I expected, making them look cheap and not very effective. The do do their job and keep my products fresh. I have to say it again. I got what I paid for. And yes! I would buy them again.

👤Two containers have something that looks like label glue, and one of them is scratched, I assume that the label was removed. The size and quality are great. If not too picky, would recommend.

10. Anchor Hocking Heritage Gallon Storage

Anchor Hocking Heritage Gallon Storage

It's a smart story. Massive set includes a square container, two rectangular containers, 3.6-cup rectangular containers, 5.5-cup rectangular containers, 2.3-cup rectangular container, and a 3.7-cup square container. Glass is transparent, smooth, and durable. The lid is removed for quick access. The wide mouth design fits more. It's ideal for storing food and treats.

Brand: Anchor Hocking

👤This look nice, but be careful! The lid slides off of the lip, it doesn't have a place to set nicely. I can't tell you how many times the lid has fallen onto my carpet. If you don't know, buy a different brand that has a nice lid.

👤The jars were disappointing. I was going to take them back. They decided to use them for something else. They aren't sealed. The edges are not smooth. Where are these seconds? It wouldn't be use for something that would go on and on. K-cups are fine for nonfood items.

👤Very nice. I wish the tops had something to hold onto.

👤If you want to keep cookies fresh, I don't recommend using jars that are air tight, but we use them for laundry and dryer sheets because we don't need them to be air tight. We wanted the top to come off quickly. The price was good for this product.

👤It's great for storing sugar, salt, oats, and herbs.

👤The first item came out perfectly when I put it in the box, but when I put the second one in the box the lid broke and I had to put it out myself. I am pretty sure that the bottom portion was broken in transit. Will send them back.

👤After placing my first order, the jar on the right came. The jar on the left was empty after the same item was purchased again. There is a jar on the left that is not for 0.5 galloon. Needed to come back.

👤I thought they would be smaller. I wanted the big ones, but these fit in my hand. For the price... I'm coming back. Maybe it would work for someone else. Not me. They are cute.

👤Los lindos son lindos, pero me lleg uno todo. Muy mal manejo del paquete.

👤No recepciones, lo q pedi me. No puedo regresar.

11. Kate Aspen Mason Lids Flower

Kate Aspen Mason Lids Flower

It's perfect for iced tea or lemonade to add a little flair to the table décor. They make great party favors. For a unique look, fill them with small items. If you want to add a little lift to your home décor, fill it with candles, tea lights, store bought or homemade potpourri and make beautiful air fresheners and a beautiful ambiance. Functions - multi function. The holes in the top are decorative and great for pouring, so try filling with seasonings, cleaning supplies or any dry materials to create your own shakers. It's great for weddings, bridal showers, birthday parties, and baby showers. The top of the jar is open when placed on the cut-out lids, but a secondary seal is not included. It fits on Kate Aspen's clear, pink, and blue mason jars and other jars as well. 13th in. Across the bottom, 2 1/2 in. The center hole is 6/16th in. It is long and wide, and fits most standard straws. It fits on Kate Aspen's clear, pink, and blue mason jars and other jars as well. 13th in. Across the bottom, 2 1/2 in. The center hole is 6/16th in. It is long and wide, and fits most standard straws.

Brand: Kate Aspen

👤I have Ball and Kerr jars. I tried every one out of the bag, but the first 4 that I tried wouldn't fit in my jars. It's like the threading is off enough to cause a problem. Not worth the money.

👤I tried them on all the jars and they were not compatible with any brand. Ball, Kerr, off brands, etc. The threading is off. Don't get it, how come people are posting pictures of themselves that are being used. I'm the lucky one because they're going back after a bad shipment.

👤The Ladies Spring Tea was an Iced Tea. The ladies had a drink for their party. I used the regular mouth 16oz Ball canning jars. The lids looked great. I bought the jars at Walmart and the straws at Michael's. I washed everything. It took me a while to dry them all because I bought 7 doz and had to hand dry them all. The price was reasonable at.59 a lid. I am very pleased with my purchase and would highly recommend this product. They were a huge hit at our tea party. Thank you! I noticed reviews that were disappointed or had trouble finding straws to work so I thought I would add a straw pic and comment to hopefully help with straw concerns. I used a regular size straw from the restaurant. - The straw from Michael's fits perfectly, and can be put at a very slight angle and move freely around allowing for stirring in needed. The jar on the right has a disposable straw from a bunch of straws that I use at home. The disposable straw can be put into the Michael's straw. It is shorter and thinner. There is a hole in the lid for a straw. The other holes are too small for a straw. The holes are decorative. The disposable straw does not fit in the petals. Hope this helps.

👤These are cute. They fit on a mason jar. The lids have a nice country look. I have used these lids to make room fresheners that allow for the scent to get out while also reducing the amount of water that gets into the room. I use these for baking soda in the fridge. I will buy these again. The Kate Aspen Mason Jar Lids, Flower, Set of 12 was purchased from Kate Aspen. I did not get paid for this review.

👤I used these to make a homemade baking soda scrub. I thought they would be perfect as a shaker top. The standard mason jars don't fit the lids. I tried multiple jars, but no luck. The screw top grooves don't line up with the grooves of the jar. It was very strange. If they don't screw onto the top of the jar, that's a problem.

👤I bought these once before and they fit perfectly. I can't use my air fee to pay for my kids.

👤I use these on top of my fancy mason jars to catch gnats in the summer. It is much better than the ugly store bought gnat catchers.


What is the best product for baking jars with lids?

Baking jars with lids products from Essos. In this article about baking jars with lids you can see why people choose the product. Comsaf and Le'raze are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking jars with lids.

What are the best brands for baking jars with lids?

Essos, Comsaf and Le'raze are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking jars with lids. Find the detail in this article. Style Setter, Comsaf and Klikel are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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