Best Baking Jewelry Charms

Jewelry 24 Mar 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Constellation Flatback Supplies Embellishment Accessory

Constellation Flatback Supplies Embellishment Accessory

The package contains 48 pieces, in 12 styles, each style has 4 pieces, sufficient quantity, and rich styles can meet different needs in different projects. The charms are ideal for making hair pins, sewing, scrapbooking, storage boxes, stationery boxes, and any other project you like. If you want to give an exquisite gift, twelve constellation charms are perfect for sister, mother, classmate, neighbor, colleagues or any close friends who like handmade projects. The surface of their pendant is made of quality alloy, it is smooth and not easy to fade, lightweight, or cause stimulation to skin, it can be remained for a long time. Making tips: fill the mould after you put the glue you want in it, and don't overfill it, there will be no glue wasting.

Brand: Yaomiao

👤So cute. All were in tact. I am happy that it is bigger than I thought. I use a nailpolish. You can check me out on social media. At MsGalore.

👤The charms arrived in a container. I noticed that some of the signs were missing and that there were duplicate signs in the first pouch. I found that I am short on several signs and have extras of others not necessarily complaining as I lay out all the different charms. I would have liked to have an even number of things so that I could make more sets of my crafts. I don't expect much since it's a small product, but I would like to be able to reach out and replace those that are missing. The charms are cute and seem to be decent quality, but I wish they had a silver option, as I am not partial to gold but really would like to. If you were going to use them for jewelry, you would need to add your own loops or thread wire to the chain.

👤My client is fond of them. I encourage you to follow me on IG and Facebook to see more of my work. TIERRA HAS A NAIL SURGEON.

👤I would put no stars. I brought these to make for our crocs, they say that every one of them is the same, but some are smaller because of less letters. The case comes with 4 bags each with 12 in them all the same style to me. I will use a waste 4 me instead of croc pins.

👤I used the charms that turned out great to design astrology crocs.

👤Cute charms and a fair price. There are multiple copies of each sign in both gold and silver with this purchase. If you are a crafter who sells your creations, get ready to make a living by selling just one creation, because you will be able to return the money you spend on the bulk of these. Not even joking. There are so many options as to what can be done with these charms. I've already used many of these little treasures in many projects. Highly recommended.

👤The charm letters are connected making it hard to read.

👤They are just missing signs.

2. Pendants Motivational Necklaces Accessories Bracelets

Pendants Motivational Necklaces Accessories Bracelets

You will get 80 pieces of word charms pendants in 20 styles and an affluent quantity to cater for your needs. You can make your own necklaces, bracelets, anklets or key chains with these motivational word pendants. The charms are made of reliable material, which is waterproof and rustproof. Every word charm is engraved with a motivational, inspiring and encouraging word, which will bring you a positive mood and keep a optimistic attitude towards life. The engraved word pendants are great accessories to make jewelry, necklaces, key rings, anklets, bracelets, word pendants, also applied as wonderful gifts to your friends, families or lovers.

Brand: Hicarer

👤I think the half that was in good condition worked well in my project. If there were only a few bad ones, I would give 5 stars. The unusable half was useless and the other half was not suitable for gift giving or selling. I expect a few to be warped or tarnished, but not half of them. Some of the unusable ones had the hole drilled incorrect, and some of the remaining metal was so thin that it was almost certain to snap. It doubled the price and they weren't worth it since I only used half. I would've exchanged them if they hadn't been the size and message I needed. I didn't have enough time.

👤Excellent value for money. There are 20 words, four of each word, and they are all inspiring. A couple have a little bit of surface imperfection, but it makes them a little rustic or bohemian.

👤I wanted to like them. I wanted to use them. Unfortunately, it didn't happen. Most of the pieces I received were either scratched up or chippy. The thickness was outstanding but the defects could not be overlooked, as well as the missing pieces, so this would have been the perfect little editions to my charm collection. Returned item.

👤It fades quickly and is poor quality. I can't sell my jewelry.

👤It's either try to find a really thin, durable neclace/chain, with no loop orremovable hook on the end, or just return them, because the holes are incredibly small.

👤A few of them were bent when they arrived, but other than that, they were four stars. I will keep them because they are pretty and clear, and I know that sometimes when things are in bulk there are a few that get messed up, so for the money it's worth it.

👤I was surprised at the weight and the price. I was not expecting this quality for the low price. All of them are easy to read and the edges are very nice. They have some weight to them so they don't feel cheap. I will buy more from this seller.

👤The pieces were tarnishing and the holes weren't punched to use. I like to make charms if they are easy to scratch or damaged, so customers only get to wear them for a short time. I prefer steel over this.

3. Wholesale Pendants Necklace Bracelet JIALEEY

Wholesale Pendants Necklace Bracelet JIALEEY

The material is metal. The package includes 100 pieces. The size is 0.28-0.98 inch. Charms that are Exquisite and Classical. It can be used in many different ways. It's perfect for necklace, bracelet, dangle, scrapbooking project, keychain, sweater chain, anklet, cellphone decorative accessories, etc. It's the best choice for jewelry.

Brand: Jialeey

👤Look closely. There was only one like it. It is terrible. Terrible. Very racist.

👤I was surprised by these. I wish I had taken a picture before we made bracelets for my daughter's brats party because there were so many other cute ones. I will have leftovers for a long time. I'm not complaining. I only had to buy a couple of dollars for the little things to attach to the bracelets. I'm very happy with this purchase.

👤I haven't found a single defect. The pieces are cute and the alloy is heavy, which is great.

👤A small hole to run the chain through. The end round piece that hooks into the lobster clasp doesn't fit in the hole of the charm no matter how small it is. I don't want my young neice having trouble with her skin because it comes with a polishing cloth which indicates it tarnishes.

👤I wanted to enhance my necklace business with some charms such as these. I had been looking for places that were1-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-6556 The package provides a lot of variety and you can't beat the price for how many you receive, however, there were quite a few I didn't feel like I could use. I ended up wasting them. The charms were too small for the jump rings I have been using. It's a good selection for charms.

👤I would have liked to use it, but the piece arrived broken, which is really annoying. I didn't want a skull and crossbones or hello kitty, so there were some duplicate things. I think it is an angel. I don't know what it was supposed to be, it was just something decorative. The 2 cats I got looked pretty disturbing. I only received a paw print, but I wish they looked better. There is no bone like in the main picture. Overall a decent purchase. I probably wouldn't buy again.

👤When I placed this order, I didn't know what to expect. The choices are wonderful and the charms are very well made. This is the answer if you don't know what you want. You can't go wrong with the volume. 5 out of 5 stars.

👤I ordered these because I wanted to see some of the charms in the package. Even if two charms were similar, they weren't the same in size, so they couldn't be used in earrings. I use these charms in all manner of jewelry-making and beading, and am quite satisfied with most of the charms. The larger charms were not as heavy as I would have liked, but they were still usable.

👤The price should be 450 to 500 rs.

👤Illegaron solo 77, pero estn incompletas, las piezas cumplieron con lo ofertado. Y leyendo los comentarios hechos por los otros compradores creo. No tienes volvera, pero fueron 23 piezas.

👤These jewels are great for bracelets. There are many great choices and good quality.

👤Le voy a dar 4 estrellas, por todos los dijes estn hermosos.

4. YUEAON Supplies Material Accessories Wholesale

YUEAON Supplies Material Accessories Wholesale

The material is zinc alloy and the color is antique silver. 300pcs no repeat metal charms,random selection from hundreds patterns, enough for your various need, is the package's quantity. Random size is 0.2-1.2 inches. Perfect jewelry charms for bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and anklets. There are great craft supplies for handmade projects.

Brand: Yueaon

👤There were many crosses. I have no idea what to do with the crosses and other things that I have. The other charms are cute, but it felt like half of them were Christian. I should have looked closer at the pictures. The charms are easy to get on a necklace or bracelet, and they are well made. I got handcuffs and a gun, and I put a bracelet on for a friend whose son is a state trooper, because there were some nice lotus. The flowers and leaves were adorable. I don't want you to think that I'm ragging on these because of all the crosses, I just thought it was too many. A bunch were very cute.

👤There are a lot of charms. I ordered 2 bags so I could make earrings. Very pleased with the order!

👤I attached a picture of the lot with the charms separated into their own piles. It is hard to see on the grey background. Depending on what you consider religious, there were 45 religious pieces. It is hard to find secular charms in bulk, but I am happy with the salvaged pieces in this order. Even if you don't like religious charms, it's worth it.

👤These are perfect for making charm bracelets. There are many themes of Harry Potter. There are animals, stars and moons, pirate, sea life, religious symbols, and lots of others that say love. I told them to be tested and they did not break. They are made of thick metal. It is expected from charms like these that some are on the tiny side. I will buy this again.

👤I've purchased a lot of charms, but this one is the best. Lots of variety, easy to identify and good quality. I highly recommend this package of charms.

👤I was pleasantly surprised at the variety of charms and the excellent price.

👤I was expecting a cheap product, but was pleasantly surprised by the quality and heft of the charms. Excellent choice. Bracelets were made for Halloween.

👤I have ordered these four times and they have all been great. My June 1st order got lost. An empty package was delivered by the postman. I went to the main post office in my town and was told that the chances of me getting it were zero because of the heat seal on the bag. I ordered them on the 8th of June for a birthday present. They arrived on time. I hope whoever found them liked them as much as I do.

👤The charms are great, but I wish there were more of the nature elements. I wanted too many religious ones. There are still lots of cute ones.

👤The momento has a variedad de abalorios. No he tenido problema. El paquete llego.


5. JIALEEY Wholesale Pendants Necklace Bracelet

JIALEEY Wholesale Pendants Necklace Bracelet

The material is nickel free. Brand new and high quality. The color is antique silver. The size is 0.28" to 1.28". 200 pieces of jewelry making charms. It's appropriate for your needs for different crafts, such as flowers, animals, music, sea animals, star, moon, tree, fruit, key, wing and so on. The pendants are beautiful and safe. It is a very useful accessory used to create dramatic pendants, earrings, bracelet, necklace, anklet, home decoration and other event decoration. Birthday party favors, mini treasure toy gifts, halloween and christmas party are good gifts. It's a great gift for your friends or yourself to make your own lucky charms. Tibetan silver metal charm is a very useful accessory, it's fashion, creative, full of special means, and Exquisite and classical design charms. It can be used in many different ways. It's perfect for jewelry, accessories, and cellphone decoration. It's the best choice for jewelry.

Brand: Jialeey

👤Excellent quality and variety. I didn't get the great stuff I got from this seller, but I'm 100% recommend.

👤I can wash my hands with my bangles and my skin doesn't break out, I'm so impressed.

👤These were what I expected. There were more than 200, which was nice because there were many that were repeated. I expected that there would be some designs that I didn't like. There are always going to be a few charms that you don't like. The charms were easy to work with. It was worth the money. It's better to buy charms from the craft stores.

👤These were small charms. It gave me an idea of what to expect. There were too many small people in here.

👤All in all happy with these charms, they will work well for my project. There is a good selection of sizes and styles. A negative was about 5 short of 200, but still a good value.

👤There is a range of different styles and sizes. I put these on bracelets to give them a personal touch and people love them.

👤These are perfect for gifts and necklaces. Their rings are sturdy and can be attached to them.

👤I like the variety of charms. I would like to see more doubles. There were a few. I would order again.

👤These charms are used for bracelets. The charms I received were very similar to the ones pictured in the add. I wouldn't use the ones that need diamantes. Some of them are pretty ugly and I wouldn't use them. I love the ones I have used and they're a good size.

6. YUEAON Supplies Bracelet Necklace Wholesale

YUEAON Supplies Bracelet Necklace Wholesale

The set charms are made of zinc alloy and colorful enamel ery shiny, non-fading, durable and no odors. The measure is 0.23" by 1.16". 50 pieces of no repeat jewelry making charms are included in the value pack. The color theme is black, white, pink, purple, red, blue, yellow and green. The wide application is for jewelry making supplies.

Brand: Yueaon

👤I like them very much. They are purple. There are many different shapes. Animals, shells, hearts, planets, and more. They are thick. It is easier to string the holes that are decent size. I recommend them!

👤These charms are very nice and I bought them for bracelets. I received all 50. They are good quality with a nice weight and clear top. I don't know how long they will last on bracelets. I have no reason to suspect they will peel off. One thing to note is that there is only one charm of each type in the set so unless you want matching earrings, buy two.

👤I bought purple, pink, and teal charm assortments because I'm making charm bracelets for several granddaughters, and they are so cute and colorful. There are so many charms that it's hard to choose which one to put on each bracelet. It makes a nice looking charm bracelet with a good mixture of large, medium, and smaller charms. My granddaughters will love them.

👤This is the first set of charms that came to me in this condition. The enamel is barely there. A clear coat over the metal instead of the color it's supposed to be, and overlaps outside the mold on several. I usually order from the same company for charms, and they look terrible. It's like they let grade school kids do this.

👤I like the charms a lot. They are of good quality. Thanks for giving them to us.

👤There are 10 charms that do not fit on the bracelet because the holes are not open. There is no way to open them on your own. This is a small portion of the product. I was going to make these for my troop and needed to make an equal amount of bracelets.

👤They are cute and ok. Multiples are in the wrong color and I don't see a flower, cat, or sea shell charm. They added an extra squirrel, an extra star, and an extra triangle. The butterfly charm seems warped.

👤These are so cute. The size, quality and detail were perfect. Time to buy the other colors.

7. Flatback Containers Cabochons Scrapbooking Jewelry

Flatback Containers Cabochons Scrapbooking Jewelry

Do not have plug backs for croc. A little girl randomly picks out 100 pieces of candy beads in a set of Slime Charms. The material is solid color and has good resistance to wear and tear. The charms for slime make it more interesting and charming. Cute slime charms can be used in a wide range of projects, from making adornments to accessories for hair clips. Goods shipped are not the same as a picture, but they are worth buying.

Brand: Winting

👤There are so many choices. The items are in a very secure case. There are cute ducks and fruit slices. The picture is attached. It is easy to glue each piece.

👤Is it possible that I bought all these without using them? Yes. Do I love them? I have no idea what to do with them. But. They would make cute decorations.

👤This review is not going to be the best, I guess I am to blame. I didn't read it right. I bought them because I thought they were for crocodiles. They are not for a crock. Do not buy these if you are trying to buy crocs. I thought if I used strong double sided tape it wouldn't stick. I received a lot of nice messages from other Amazon users, who told me that I could buy the little black pieces that go in the holes of the crocs and he would put the charms on them. I will let you know as soon as possible if it works.

👤I was tasked with making a candy land birthday candle and these accent the candle perfectly. I've had a lot of praise. There are multiple sizes and designs in the pack. The bunny designs were easy to fix. Would and will order again.

👤The kawaii charms came super fast and I would definitely order them again.

👤These are cute. My daughter and I were able to sort through all the cute pieces. They work well for what I'm using them for.

👤These are good for making shoe charms. Cute add ins to jewelry making. They are made with bright colors. I didn't get the Barbie charm I was hoping for, but they are random and you can see one in the photo that you don't really receive.

👤I loved the variety in this pack. I liked some shapes more than others, but they are all cute and will be useful. The container keeps them contained. Thank you!

👤THe paquete de figuritas es muchas de varios tamaos. The ideales para decoracin are 4 cm. La nica tiene un comunicacin con el vendedor. A ver el pedido un dec da y me lleg al da siguiente.

👤Cute charms. It was bought for my daughter since she likes collecting things like this. The case came broken, but still gave 5 stars since I'm still very happy with it.

👤Producto, me encanto, se ve en la publicacin. De lo previsto, lo dias antes de lo. I ampliamente!

8. Inspiration Supplies Pendants Crafting Accessory

Inspiration Supplies Pendants Crafting Accessory

There are great craft supplies for handmade projects. Zinc alloy is lead and nickel free. Mixed 10-40mm is 1 inch or 1mm. About 30-31 pieces, each kind one piece. I don't know if it's from my shop or not. It has many letters words, made with love, I can, I will, never give, live your dream, and so on. It's fashion, creative, full of special means, is a useful accessory. Great for parties or groups, there is a great array of subjects and styles for all kinds of interests.

Brand: Ilovediybeads

👤Some of the charms are not perfect. They came like that when I contacted the seller. Very disappointing. Amazon should pull the item until the issue is fixed.

👤Exactly as described. It was well packaged. The largest piece is 1 14 inches, the smallest is 58's of an inch. There are 19 round circles, 1 oval, 1 heart shape and 11 rectangles. There are 6 sides. There aregeo patterns on the back. Most are not straight. The piece is very nice. A hole is drilled in coin for the chain loop added-rest. Good rigidity cannot bend them. The quotes are readable.

👤Charms arrived quickly. There were charms in a bag. I was disappointed to see that one of the charms did not make sense because a word was left out. If the saying is a sentence, I want it to start with a capital letter, followed by a lower case letter and end with the proper punctuation. I wouldn't mind if the words aren't meant to form a sentence. I don't think I'll be buying these charms again, but I will use what I can.

👤The pack is nice for sharing with others because there are two of each. It's good for a multi-pack if there are only one or two that I am not crazy about. Other people will like different ones. The product is sturdy enough to hold on to a bracelet. None of the charms were rejected.

👤These are very cute. They're not flimsy, they don't have the cheap dollar store feel to them, and they are thick. Different sizes and sayings are eligible to be read. I'm happy.

👤The quality of the charms was good. They were well made. I used them in my jewelry making and thought they were a good value. There wasn't a lot of variety in the types of charms and sayings. I was happy with them. I usually wait before I write a review on this type of thing, as I have had them not wear well.

👤The finish is variable. It is worn in some areas and patchy in others. The concept is good, but the execution is not. I have about 10 that are usable. I paid for the product and it will be more difficult to return it.

👤These are pretty durable. I'm not sure what I'll use them for yet, but I'm pretty sure I'll use them on my handmade bows. There are some nice little writings on them. For the most part, the quotes are cute, even if they are irrelevant to me such as "The Walking Dead" I used some of them in my jewelry making.

9. JIALEEY Assorted Celestial Earrings Necklace

JIALEEY Assorted Celestial Earrings Necklace

100% brand new and high quality material. The color is gold plated. The size is 0.6" - 1.2" 24 pieces of gold charm, 8 designs, 3 pieces of each design, appropriate for your different needs. The pendants are beautiful and safe. It is a very useful accessory used to create dramatic pendants, earrings, bracelet, necklace, anklet, home decoration and other event decoration. Birthday party favors, mini treasure toy gifts, halloween and christmas party are good gifts. It's a great gift for your friends or yourself to make your own lucky charms. It's fashion, creative, full of special means, is a very useful accessory. It can be used in many different ways. It's perfect for jewelry, accessories, and cellphone decoration. It's the best choice for jewelry.

Brand: Jialeey

👤I received my charms in 2020. I don't have 3 cat charms. The charms of the cat made me buy this set. I am a little disappointed. The charms are cute.

👤I was leery of ordering these charms, I thought they would be like a gum ball machine. I decided to get them because I liked the designs. They are very nice. Well made, bright colors and nice details. There are a lot of shapes and pretty little charms. The cats are very sweet. Great seller, fast shipping. Thank you!

👤The metal is the right thickness and size for tinklerbell sounds.

👤This item is gorgeous. The pendant pieces look great. I like them. These are used to make earrings, necklaces and bracelets. You can make a set of two, earrings and necklace or a set of three, earrings, necklace and bracelet. It looks great. I'm happy with the product that is made.

👤Cats are on some of the charms. I am not a cat person. I expected them to be thinner, but they are sturdy and will last a long time. The blue is an awesome color and the gold is very bright. A good deal. I would change it.

👤It is very happy with the purchase.

👤Each design has 3 pieces. In real life, the blue enamel is more beautiful. One set of moons changes color. It would be better if it was pictured or in my own video.

👤These are pretty for bracelets. I put together several necklaces with larger pieces and smaller ones because I have a gold chain. The good news is that the gold part is more of a light rose gold, and it doesn't match the gold chain and findings. I'll have to use them on beaded bracelets and get some other chain or something for the necklaces.

10. Inspiration Supplies Pendants Crafting Accessory

Inspiration Supplies Pendants Crafting Accessory

60 pieces of inspiration word charms in 20 chic styles are enough for you to make your own necklace, bracelet or key chains, and they are also suitable for your different demands for do-it-yourself crafts. The design of the silver beads charms pendants is charming and meaningful, full of special means, and great for parties or groups. Charms are made of zinc alloy, waterproof, rustproof, and they can stay in pristine condition for a long time, which are good collections for you. The Halloween pendants can be used for a wide range of things, from making jewelry, necklaces, key rings, anklets, bracelets, earrings, word pendants, and more. Motivational words are very useful accessories for yourself, friends, family, and other people, they have a positive effect on you, making you a more optimistic and lucky person.

Brand: Hicarer

👤Some of them were dirty and had scratches that had been used before. Some of them were not even inspiring, like a few of them said to stay calm and kill zombies. I will not be ordering again.

👤I was excited to get these charms. I liked the messages. When I opened them up, I was sad. My phone makes my photos look better. Hopefully you can see the flaws in the gold. It looks worse in person. I think people were touching the charms while the plating was still wet. There are many charms with finger prints on them. Some of them looked like they were made by rubbing against it. The charms that had flaws in the first batches had flaws in the second. I can not continue making jewelry using these charms. Is there a charm that quotes Shakespeare's 18th sonnet, which means beauty eventually fades? Why would anyone want to wear a charm? Every fair from fair can decline. The 1st fair looks like hair.

👤I was very disappointed after wearing charms that turned dark and gold faded.

👤I'm not happy. I can't sell this in finished jewelry because they tarnish very easily. Just terrible.

👤There are several random charms that are not usable for me. She believed she could. So she did, and 'every journey starts with one step', and 'live your dream', but then you also have some very random (and weird) ones about zombies, and family, and a few with a cross that just don't fit the description, and are not I wish I could swap them out. It is an excellent value for the money.

👤Garbage. I could use 20 of them. The rest can't be fixed or cleaned. Don't waste your money.

👤The quality of these charms is the same as the more expensive ones. It's just a question of whether or not you like the sayings on these charms, and I do.

👤Excellent quality and professional looking. Excellent for making jewelry. Bracelets, necklaces, whatever. It is a very good value.


What is the best product for baking jewelry charms?

Baking jewelry charms products from Yaomiao. In this article about baking jewelry charms you can see why people choose the product. Hicarer and Jialeey are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking jewelry charms.

What are the best brands for baking jewelry charms?

Yaomiao, Hicarer and Jialeey are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking jewelry charms. Find the detail in this article. Yueaon, Jialeey and Yueaon are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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