Best Baking Kits for Adults with Ingredients

Adults 4 Jun 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Nutrichef NCSBS8S Nonstick Bakeware Silicone

Nutrichef NCSBS8S Nonstick Bakeware Silicone

The dishwasher is safe but hand wash is recommended. The 8-piece Baking Pan Set is a complete set of cookware for baking cake, loaf or muffins. Includes baking pan, pizza pan, 2 round pans, square pan, loaf pan, big cookie sheet, and a 12-cup muffin pan. Non-stick coating is made from carbon steel metal and protects it from the elements, eliminating the need for butter, oil or cooking spray. It doesn't emit any weird odors or smell, so it's perfect for quick and effortless food release. It's ideal for baking a number of tasty baked goods or pastry if the oven is heat safe up to 450 F. The most delicious chocolate fudge, cookies, cupcake, apple pie, brownies, birthday cake, and more can be created. The roofing Sistine hands are heated. The red handles on the bakeware prevent accidental burns. It's easy to clean and dishwasher safe, but hand washing is recommended to extend pan life. Stackable design. The space-saving stackable wide tray pan design of the professional non stick baking set molds makes them convenient to store. It is compatible with both standard and convection ovens. It's suitable for oven, refrigerator and freezer.

Brand: Nutrichef

👤The set looks good. The material is not as heavy as I thought. I am a metal worker and a little more weight would have made me think about quality more. It is not necessary for what the product will be used for. My kids and I made Martha White muffins for the first time. You know what I mean, just add milk muffins. They came out well. I lifted them out with a spoon after letting them cook a little. There are permanent scratches to the muffin holes. I was surprised. The dish I have in my kitchen is the most delicate of all the dishes I have. I can see rust from the scratches. I'm not happy. The only decent thing about them is the coating on them. The metal brake was used to make the pieces. Don't waste your money on these. It might as well be a Walmart-special.

👤The first use of these bad boys was awesome. After we finished our meal, I melted all the cheese and goodies on the pans, and it all fell off. It took 2 seconds to clean under the water. They impressed my wife and me. Fast forward a few weeks and they are starting to oxidize. Lots of scrubbing. My wow period with them came to a screeching halt. You feel like you are going to bend them when you clean them, and if you were not careful, you would.

👤I bought these for my mother who is a pizza maker. She loved them and was very impressed. She was amazed by the quality of the pans. They feel heavy because they are made of carbon STEEL and not cheap material that you see at department stores. The red handles prevent you from getting burnt. These pans have been used to make pizza, loaf cake, and other items. They are easy to clean up. This is a great deal for the price and quality.

👤I was expecting a full set of baking pans, but they are not even a full size. The rubber grips won't prevent your hands from getting burnt. I used a hand towel three times to remove the pan because I couldn't find my oven mitt. They bend easily because they are so thin.

👤Poor shipping method. This junk is going back. I thought this was an American made product and not the garbage from China on the box.

👤I washed my food after I made a bunch of enchiladas in one of these pans. No worry about scrubbing hard to remove grease. It's easy to clean and light weight. With the weight they lack, they don't give up in quality. Saving space is a concern for me as well, and they stack perfectly together. The red plastic grips are easy to clean. I can retire my old pans with confidence because of my new set.

👤trays warp when you cook, it's very easy to stain any food you cook. The product is not recommendable as the options work better than this set. I have only had this set for a short time and it is so bad that I am going to throw it out. Don't waste your money.

2. Real Cooking Princess Deluxe Baking

Real Cooking Princess Deluxe Baking

There is a warning Small parts of a hazard. Not for children under 3 years old. Specialty utensils can be used again when baking other treats at home. There are cake mix, pink fondant, green fondant and two sprinkle pouches in the food. A specialty pan, roller, cutter, cake stand and rolling mat are all used in this example. There is a pink and green fairy princess with wings.

Brand: Real Cooking

👤I bought this because it looked more up to date and it didn't look weird. I was pleasantly surprised that the dolls' faces looked the same as they did on the box. One of the fun times we had was with my niece. The tools are sturdy. The roller reminded me of the Joseph Joseph rolling pin I use. The cake you bake with the included mix tastes like a muffin. The fondant is not a sweet substance. It's a great purchase and can be used to decorate a sweets bar or bake with your kids. We made our green fairy cake in less than 30 minutes.

👤My three year old granddaughter kept asking her mom to make her princess cupcakes that she saw in a cupcake cookbook. We are not bakers. I found this kit on Amazon. A grandma delivered. The best is grandma. When I opened the box, I didn't find the instructions, but I hid them in the box. The instructions were easy to understand. As I read her instructions, my three year old granddaughter was able to execute. She was very proud of herself. It came out great. I have been sending links to my friends with little ones. We made cupcakes that looked good. I love that there are refill options. We are going to have a tea party with cupcakes. Great product!

👤My daughter and I made cakes for her 4th birthday. She could do a lot of it, but I helped a lot. An 8+ year old could decorate them on their own. The instructions were clear and easy to understand. The kit only comes with one cake stand. There is a plastic stick that hooks into the stand. The stick is too long without the stand. The maker thinks the user will make one at a time, but we made both for the same occasion. I used a dinner roll and covered it in left over fondant to make it taller. It is not as strong as I would like. You can cut the bottom of the plastic stick with a bolt cutter, but you can't use it with the cake stand. You can use your own cake mix and make frosting. The included mix isn't that good and it wasn't enough to fill the molds twice. I will fill above the fill line next time so I can cut more off. I made a simple buttercream to help stack the cakes and provide a crumb layer for the fondant to cling to. The fondant is not as good as other products you can buy. It was easy to work with. You can only add a small amount of water to the dry powder. You might think you need to add more liquid, but not. It will come together if you keep mixing. I'll reuse the doll pieces and cake stand when I make these again. The cutters are cute. The bow cutter and flower press tool are my favorites. The kit is a good value.

3. Global Grub Focaccia Step Step

Global Grub Focaccia Step Step

Do your research, trust their playz promise. You know the quality of the Playz product. If you're not happy with your purchase, contact them. This Focaccia bread making kit will allow you to make delicious bread for the whole family. You can decorate the Focaccia using fresh ingredients. Their complete baking set comes with food tweezers to delicately place fresh topping onto the Focaccia bread. You can use peppers or purple onions for flowers, fresh herbs for leaves and stems, or get creative with your imagination. Making bread is an enjoyable activity for the whole family. Introducing the hobby of bread making into your home is a great way to build useful skills and is a special bonding activity for everyone. The kit includes an art gallery. The kit has bread making tools and supplies. It includes: bread flour, yeast, Italian seasoning, food tweezers, step-by-step instructions, and an art gallery for inspo. Not all baking gifts are made equal and this is a unique one your special someone probably hasn't seen before. It is a great birthday gift, holiday gift, housewarming gift, graduation present, or teacher's gift.

Brand: Global Grub

👤Will buy again for the package alone. If you don't have a mixer, the instructions were easy to follow and you don't need a baker. My kids got involved in kneading the dough and it was a win for me. My kids couldn't wait to eat the dough that smelled so good. If you like fresh baked bread, it won't last long because it was delicious. Will definitely be giving this to friends and family because they love fresh baked bread.

👤This was a gift to someone. The young lady was very happy with it. I was happy that she didn't have to buy a lot of other stuff.

👤We made the focaccia with our little one. We are going to give the grandparents a few more kits to hold on to for rainy day activities. Thanks for coming up with a great activity for the whole family.

4. Discovery MINDBLOWN Experiments Ingredients Included

Discovery MINDBLOWN Experiments Ingredients Included

A great gift idea. Give the bath bomb mold kit as a gift to someone special. Your gift will stand out. DilaBee has a 100% money back guarantee on their bath bomb set, they are very confident in it. Before giving the product to a child, please remove all packaging material. Retain the manual and packaging for reference. Non toxic. You should eat your results. You can't eat the results of your chemistry experiments. The Discovery Mindblown Food Science Lab Kit allows you to combine safe ingredients to make delicious food creations. A rewarding and education activity set will teach your kids the joys of cooking. They will learn how to make their favorite foods. Have them become more comfortable using tools that are kid-friendly and safe. They will learn the science of cooking and make sweet treats using a variety of tools. Play and learn. Their toys help spark your child's imagination and creativity while promoting the development of essential skills. There is an ingredient required. The ingredients are not included in the Discovery Food Science Kit. The set does not include any of the recipes for common household items.

Brand: Discovery Kids

👤I don't recommend this product. My sons like to cook and love science. This would be a perfect fit for me. But, no. The cookbook calls for ingredients that are hard to get. My son needs a yogurt starter, an oil frying thermometer, and sodium alginate for his next experiment. Background science information on how or why the recipe works is not provided. Only one line at the end. This could have been better.

👤I was worried about what ingredients would be required. Who has calcium lactate lying around? Not stuff you find at the grocery store or online for a small amount of money. Please come up with experiments that kids can do without buying ingredients. Box design is cool to get kids excited, but after that it is up to mom and dad to find strange ingredients. One of the experiments is made from milk. Some of them are not food.

👤I bought this for my son. I was upset to find that it called for things we didn't have when we opened it. It wanted yogurt starter, appliances with yogurt functions, and purple cabbage. Who is laying around that? We didn't have half the ingredients or appliances that it called for, so we couldn't work on it. My son was upset by it.

👤I was hoping it came with a guide for the experiments. I couldn't find any recipes even though I was able to access their app, and it wasn't working correctly. I thought it would have some creative ideas at hand.

👤We opened it and realized there wasn't anything we could do with it. We were led to believe it was ready to go. You need a bunch of random ingredients. It's complete waste of money.

👤My 10yr. An old is into both baking and science. This was a perfect gift to give someone. The pieces are functional. She hasn't made everything in the lab book yet. She wants to try more. The steps are easy for her to follow, and she can use the stove or oven on her own. She likes that she can experiment on her own and not have to depend on her mom to help her with everything. This Discovery Mindblown: Food Science Lab was a winner for Christmas.

👤The experiments are easy to do. My two kids watched as my five-year-old made the gummy bears. The only reason I am not doing it five stars is because it says that most items can be found in the pantry, however each of the experiments has one or two items that are not found in every day pantry. I would highly recommend it.

👤The kit is pretty cool. There are many additional items you will need. Make sure to have dry yeast, food coloring, and other things on hand.

5. Decorating Supplies RFAQK Decoration Springform

Decorating Supplies RFAQK Decoration Springform

A great way to encourage your children to be involved in food is to decorate your food and make her look more delicious. You can make a variety of cakes from scratch with this Ultimate 360pcs cake supplies. The cake kit for beginners is all about value. The set includes a 9 inch Springform Pan, a 7-inch Springform Pan, a 4 inch Springform Pan, a 30 Parchment Paper Liners, and an Egg Beater. There is a list of cake decorating and serving supplies. 3 non-stick Springform cake pans, turntable, tips for decorating, and 48 icing numbered tips are included. The Ultimate Guide and Satisfaction with eBook and Pattern Chart is a cake set for beginners that comes with a pattern chart and an eBook for product knowledge, recipes, and tips and tricks.

Brand: Rfaqk

👤The starter kit is great. I am new to baking and I bake cakes and cupcakes. Everything I needed was in this kit. I thought the materials would be cheap, but they aren't. They are perfect. The amount of frosting tips you get is amazing. There are many. I baked my first cake from scratch with this kit. The kit is still great if you are not new to baking. It is in a box that is small and perfect. I received an email from the company asking if everything was in the box. I thought it was great.

👤This is a complete kit. Most of the other kits have what you need. This kit has everything. It's easy to decorate a cake with this quality. The non slip feet on the turntable and the spring pans that aren't in the other kits are nice. The presentation is done well. Its in a nice box and separated into its own bags. A great gift. They are loving it, and I bought them for my gf and daughter. I get to eat the cake. They got to me in hours, not days, after I contacted customer service about the eBook. The book is over 100 pages. Excellent customer service too!

👤Wow! I was surprised when I bought this kit last minute for my first attempt at a tier wedding cake. The items inside the packaging were in good shape despite being a little beat up. The kit allowed me to create a masterpiece despite the fact that the cake leveler did not work as I needed it to, but it did allow me to create a masterpiece. It's a good investment for a beginner.

👤I don't know how they fit all the stuff into this box, but once you open it, there's no way to put them back in the box for storage. Before you open, have a plan. The products are mediocre in quality, like you bought them from the dollar store. It is still an ok value for all the things you get, especially if you will use every single item in there. If you don't want to use all the items in there, then it's better to just buy them individually and get better color coordinated tools. This would be a great gift for your niece who is 13 to 17 years old. There are a lot of things that are better quality and cheaper at Ross/Marshall's or Fred Meyer. I just started to notice the cake tools at the stores after I bought this box.

👤There are many pieces to this set. If you know how to use them, that's great. I bought this for my 10 year old. I thought this might be a decent substitution as the kids sets were sold out. There is no instruction. There are pieces in there that you will not know how to use.

👤The kit is for beginners. As you learn the art of decorating, it has everything you need. The value is good for beginners. I looked at prices at Michaels and the hobby lobby. The price of this kit with everything in it can be beat, even though both stores have terrific goodies. Have fun with it.

6. Playz Volcanic Eruption Science Experiments

Playz Volcanic Eruption Science Experiments

What's in the box? This 50 piece set includes everything you need to make a project, from beakers to measuring cups, and it's an ultimate kids virtual reality toy set! Additional household items are required. The way to learn is exciting. The Playz science kit is a great way for young children to learn about volcanoes eruptions, minerals, and natural gases. Kids and teens can have fun with educational christmas or birthday gifts. A fun and simple instructions book with 22+ tools, ingredients, and parts makes for hours of fun education at home or in the classroom. The lab guide is easy to use and gives kids hours of fun in their own home made science lab. A fun way to educate kids is easy. It's important to engage the mind. This set challenges the child's mind as they work through the detailed easy-to- follow instruction guide, learning about classroom subjects in a fun way. As a result, you will see test grades improve. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics are referred to as STEM. Trust their playz promise. Do your research! You know the quality of the Playz product. If you're not happy with your purchase, contact them.

Brand: Playz

👤I wanted to write a review about it. This was a huge disappointment. This is a volcano. This is just a bit of a problem. The end. You can save money and get the same results by buying baking soda. This was included in our science lesson at home and we were amazed at the huge disappointment at the end. U can mix some water with the compound. That is it. There is no volcano. Just a mold. I have a 4 year old asking where the eruption is. Where is the volcano? Skip this one. We got another one from another company which will hopefully be more fun. This was boring and a let down.

👤My son likes volcanoes. He can't get enough of them. Some of the projects we've done with different kits had the kids decorate the volcanoes and then just throw in some baking soda and somevinegar. This one was a bit more creative, with multiple colors and places to let the liquid bubble over and mix. The book gave some information on a real location that the kit was modeled after. We had to pry it out of my son's hands to get him ready for the night. If you want to keep it going, you can add your own supplies. My son loved the gloves and glasses that were included in the supplies. The thing that made this more fun than the other kits I've picked up is that it provides a bottle of some kind of gunk, that you add to the mixture, and it keeps the foam from dissolving. The colorful foam sticks around for the kids to play with and also displays the color nicely. The included dye is nice. A nice kit. We had a lot of fun.

👤The kids enjoyed the lava flows and discussed the chemicals involved in making lava bombs. I think they were looking for an explosion, but this is not dangerous in that way as the "lava" was flowing. It did a good job with the experiment and we discussed how acid and base play into other daily things such as swimming pool chemistry. The experiment was a good one for them and the manual did a good job explaining the reactions. A good buy for a science project.

👤The product has all the necessary items. I ordered another kit from this brand where every experiment required extras. Tell your child that she can use fresh out of wool for her science experiment kit. When did kids want wool for Christmas? The volcanic eruptions kit is back. The chemistry behind the chemical reactions was included, but my 8 year old didn't care. She liked making foam and bubbles. I did the activities with her on the kitchen counter so it was easy to clean up. It's a good idea for an adult to do this with a child as some of the ingredients and products can be caustic to the skin, which is something that there are warnings about on packaging. A set of nitrile gloves was included. Have time to do these activities with your child.

7. Abacus Brands Interactive Learning Activity

Abacus Brands Interactive Learning Activity

The all-in-one kids craft kit includes a recipe book, a storage cabinet, 9 plastic bottles, a spoon, a funnel, stickers, and more. The foundation for problem-solving and adaptability is laid by this inspiring creativity for kids. Packaging may be different. Bill Nye is a virtual reality lab. This 80 page book is brought to life in virtual reality, teaching 30 step-by-step science projects in an easy and fun way. Enjoy, learn, and play! The educational toy delivers core scientific values that foster a fundamental and healthy understanding of basic scientific concepts. As pictures turn to video on the page, you can enter augmented reality. Then you can enter Bill Nye's virtual reality lab to see science in action. A pair of hands-free goggles is included with the virtual reality goggles. All smart phones can be used with access to the Apple and Google Play stores. All smart phone devices have been tested to fit in the goggles. Goggles are not compatible with tablets. What's in the box? This 50 piece set includes everything you need to make a project, from beakers to measuring cups, and it's an ultimate kids virtual reality toy set! Additional household items are required.

Brand: Abacus Brands

👤This is one of those products that I didn't think of. Bill is a great example of a science icon with an emerging trend. My sons have been begging for a virtual reality headset for a long time and this seems to have cured it for $60 instead of $400.

👤We have 2 boys and love Bill, so this felt like a no-brainer, I was a little worried about the vr aspect as we are trying to get away from screen time, but this does a good job of pushing them to do the hands on things. They aren't trapped behind the screen for long before coming back to learn another activity, so we are happy with our work bill.

👤This is a great product for teaching science outside of the typical methods and is a change of pace. My daughter is very focused and excited about learning so far, she has done a couple experiments and spent an hour in the virtual reality environment. Bill Nye was involved in the design of the experiments and the kit. Highly recommended price is sixty bucks. I will return with an update if my opinion changes after completing everything.

👤It's pretty cool to learn from Bill Nye in this way, he starts teaching you science step-by-step when you use your smart phone to flip through the 30 projects in the book. My nephew and niece seem to like it. They are learning new things.

👤With Thanksgiving being away from our families this year, we decided to open this one early to enjoy over the break. I'm very happy we did. This is the best science kit for kids. This was a big hit with our children, from the virtual reality interaction with Bill Nye to the premium items included. This kit helped bring some excitement back to learning from home, with virtual learning and science in particular tough for them this year. Thank you, Bill!

👤My kids loved this set. There were many different projects in the kit. The volcano was their favorite. Bill Nye is a favorite of mine. My kids can enjoy his science as well. This is a perfect gift for a group of kids.

👤My grandson is always wanting to know why I bought this for him. He can now begin to find answers on his own. He is going to be 11 on his birthday and it is so close to Christmas that he needs to purchase ideas for his birthday in advance. This is a good idea for young people.

👤Kids are not attending in-person school during these times, which is a great addition to our children's home learning. It is a fun and educational supplement to the science curriculum. Our 8 year old can do many of the experiments by herself because of the easy to follow instructions and interactive virtual reality.

👤The kit is a waste of time and money. The app and virtual reality don't work. The reviews of the app can be found on the app store. People can't use the app. I have tried it with a new 32GB tablets and it only has a camera looking at the book. There isn't a vr or ar. Buying a science kit with a photo of Bill Nye on it is not a good idea.

8. Made Me Horizon Suncatchers Assorted

Made Me Horizon Suncatchers Assorted

A perfect gift is a packing box. The water painting pad allows your child to paint with friends on the table or floor, exercise hand-eye coordination and color perception, and develop painting and creative skills. The best gift for kids is a birthday gift. Make your windows pop with 20 window art creations. You can color 12 suncatcher shapes and create transfers with suncatcher paints. Be original. The included instructions can be used to trace illustrations or create custom creations with the paint pens and acetate sheet. Promotete creativity. Paint personalized designs, mix colors, and create fun patterns. Each design is unique to you. The perfect gift is a hands-on craft that kids will love. It's great for birthdays, parties, after school fun, summer projects and holidays. There are 8 paint tubes, 1 orange, 1 pink, 1 blue, 1 red, 1 yellow, and 1 black.

Brand: Made By Me

👤We love the Suncatchers. My grandsons were pleased with their work and had a great time doing them. The product says that it makes 20 projects. I was expecting more than 20 suncatchers. There are only 12 Suncatchers. After cleaning up, we realized that there is a small sheet of acetate that you can use to make peel and stick window art. The only projects that could be completed with the large sheet of acetate is 2 peel and stick. The sheet was thrown away. I would have been very disappointed if this project had been for more children. I was glad I didn't use it for a school class or birthday party as there would have been some very disappointed children. If this is what you are expecting, you will enjoy this product.

👤My daughter enjoys working on frames. Some holes are small and easy to overfill. Kids overfill the frames and they are very easy to forgive. When it was wet, I looked the best, but the kids' messier ones looked brighter and had more colour when they dried. The pink tube looks like a pink but don't judge it too soon, the glitter will show up when dried. I wish they had bigger tubes for the green and orange colors. The brighter colors are used more by kids. If you don't want to work on the suncatchers or have used them all up, it's easy to make more patterns with the clear sheet and templates. Draw a shape with black glue and let it dry. Once it is dried, your child can fill it and peel it off and stick it on a window. It goes a long way with a good price. It is enjoyable for both adults and children.

👤We bought two packs so we could give one to a friend. I did this as much as my daughter. It was a lot of fun. I wish the little squeeze bottle pens were better. The consistency of some of the paint colors was different so green and orange would come flooding out of the tube with one small push and it was hard to fill in small spots like the word "Peace" that disappeared in the paint. It was still worth it despite the price. We can also make our own window clings. It's the same thing. It's not a good thing It's the same thing. It's not a good thing There is an update. The excess paint has been proven to be incorrect. I can see the black borders of the window art because the paint melted in and dried perfectly the next morning. Attached is a picture! I think they look great. I ordered 2 more boxes to give to family.

👤I can't say if this kit is similar to others or not, because I have never made these before. It's probably. The "paint" is not paint. I don't know what it is. It is a weird colored liquid that fills in the plastic shapes provided. The colors on the box are POP. The colors in reality... You can't see them. The yellow and orange looked clear. You had to use a lot to get it to look pastel. The girls asked if they could do another project after they hated it. I don't think you should spend your money on this kit. The results were lackluster and the kids hated it. That makes it not worth anything to me.

9. Baketivity Positivity Cookie Kit Project

Baketivity Positivity Cookie Kit Project

The safety of your child is their priority. Premium-quality ingredients and safe tools are used in their pizza kits. The baketivity kids baking activity kit has all the dry ingredients needed to make eight candy flower cookies. Junior chefs can explore exciting, colorful lessons and play educational games while the treats bake with additional activity books. A sweet dessert is a good step forward, and they have always felt that way at baketivity. Baking brings them together, whether it is a fresh cake for a new neighbor or a cookie with a friend. They hope the Posi-tivity Cookie Making Kit is a step forward in conversations and lessons. The Cookie Baking Kit allows your kids to get hands-on for kindness and friendship by decorating and displaying their Posi-tivity Yard Sign with the included Art Supplies. What message would you like to convey to your neighborhood? How can they spread the word? Promoting equality is what their kids baking set is about. Share their Posi-tivity Cookies and Yard Sign online with #kidssharepositivity to show their commitment to kindness and enter for a chance to win awesome baketivity prizes! They are here to support the community. The National Urban League will receive a donation for every Cookie Baking Box purchased.

Brand: Baketivity

👤This was perfect. It's easy to use for gifts.

👤To bake cookies with a granddaughter. The quality and taste of the cookies were perfect, but the activity book that was mentioned should have been put in a sealed envelope. It looked really special because of the packaging.

👤This isn't the same as shown. I ordered it for my granddaughter.

10. Moose Toys Chocolate Bar Maker

Moose Toys Chocolate Bar Maker

The Nutty toys are safe to use, smell free, and have a 2 year manufacturer's warranty. They will replace your pop if something happens to it. Add your creativity by pouring your chocolate into the moulds. You can use the deco pen, stamps and wrappers to personalize your designs. Give your creations to friends or eat them yourself. It was great!

Brand: Easy Chef

👤I bought this for two kids. I bought a couple of sets. There is a The bad: this made them bored for hours. The silicone molds are very good. The inserts are very cool. The paper had candy bar suggestions. The "melt the chocolate in the pourer" thing didn't work well. The chocolage was too hot in the middle and not melted enough on the sides, causing problems. I had to melt all the chocolate and fill the kid's pourers. - The pourer's lid would pop off and melt chocolate all over the kid's hands. The corners of the pourer got cool before the center because of the hexagon shape. The chocolate was all over the hands when the lid popped off because of the pressure of trying to squeeze it out. This was awesome, but time consuming for the parent in terms of melting and cleaning up. The cleanup is increased. You have to buy chocolate. Don't buy candy melts. I tried that first to save money and it didn't work. The problem was that they were thicker. If you don't have more things for them to pour chocolate into, you will have kids with candy and melted chocolate in front of them and nothing to do except eat it. They will eat it. If you don't buy candy or fillings, kids will be looking for anything to add to their bars. Chocolate syrup as a filling is not a good idea. I suggest you buy some nutella, some caramels, a bag of m and m's, 3 different types of chocolate chips and call it a day. They will eat the m and m's, make a mess, and be proud of their candy bars. You are going to have a lot of kids. You were aware of this. There is a candy bar kit for children.

👤It is so much fun to make dairy-free chocolate bars with enjoy life chocolate chips. The kit has been great. We've been using it for a while. We make chocolates for many occasions. This kit is very good. I don't use the red squeeze bottle, I find you end up wasting chocolate that way. We spoon the chocolate into the molds after melting it.

👤Love the idea. I used to make chocolate molds all the time and thought this would be perfect for my daughter. The biggest issue I had was that the chocolate had a strong rubber smell which transferred over to the molds. We couldn't even eat them. We were better off after I went to our local craft store and bought a few molds, lollipop sticks and chocolate melting discs. There was no smell or taste of chocolate candy and lollies.

👤My daughter didn't want to get this with her gift certificate because she would watch the annoying video a million times. I think this is a great set. I was thrown off because I thought the candy was real. The wrappers are printed in a way that makes them look like candy. The instructions say to melt the chocolate in the microwave. I used a double boiler because we don't have a microwave. I made sure to temper the chocolate so that we didn't have to put it in the freezer to get that chocolate "snap". The butt is hard to clean when you put chocolate in it. My child used the Silicone thing, but I used a ziplock bag. They included packaging for their chocolate bars, which I liked. They would have included a bag for all the pieces.

11. SmartLab Toys Kitchen Science Lab

SmartLab Toys Kitchen Science Lab

There is an ingredient required. The ingredients are not included in the Discovery Food Science Kit. The set does not include any of the recipes for common household items. There are 40 STEAMACTIVITIES that can be done. This kit contains everything you need to conduct awesome science experiments using the specialized tools and ingredients from your own kitchen. The kit includes a kitchen sink of science, a large beaker, Erlenmyer flask, a graduated cylinder, test tubes, and a pipette. Kitchen utensil doubles as theft. The Kitchen Sink of Science can be used as a lab station and as a corral for the equipment when not in use. Some experiments do not require household ingredients. A 36-page book about the sciences and the fun. The scientific principles of capillary action, surface tension, density, osmosis, polymers, crystals, non-Newtonian fluids, acids and bases, and more can be learned.

Brand: Smartlab

👤Excellent start to chemistry. My 8 year old was completely engaged for more than an hour. There were enough experiments for about 3-4 hours. Baking soda, oil, food dyes, alcohol, honey, and more are things most kitchens have. It's helpful to have a sink nearby.

👤This is a great gift for children. I bought a second one for my other granddaughter after buying one for my granddaughter. 9 years. Both had fun with the quick experiments and learned a lot. The kit comes with everything you need, but you just need some ordinary household items, such as rubbing alcohol and paper towels. Food coloring. The experiments are easy to follow. The girls did well with them. It was fun and educational.

👤The kit is great. It has all the tools and recipes. All you need is measuring spoons and some basic home ingredients. There are a few items that I don't have in my home. It's a great value for what you get. The tools and sink can be used as bath toys.

👤Kids love this kit. We did a lot of experiments and now they like to mix their own stuff. They love to create and keep them engaged for a long time.

👤I am a home-schooler and am always on the lookout for entertaining and educational science kits. This is a basic kit, and it's nothing new for most adults. You will have to give some items in the kit. This should have been on the box or a shopping list. It was all we had in our house, so we didn't need to go up the street. The instructions book was clear and easy to read. My 13 year old was able to work with her 6 year old sister, but I was not involved. That is always a plus. The "scientific" tools are the best thing about this kit. The plastic items are designed to look like the real thing. There were no kid decorations. My kids preferred this set because they wanted to wash and keep the pieces so you feel like you are getting more than a toy.

👤My 10-year-old niece is doing 100% virtual school due to COVID and I wanted to give her a fantastic toy. The science kit was a huge hit with her because she loves hands-on activities. It comes with a tub that looks like a sink and some of the mess. If needed, kids can also take it outside. The parts and beakers are plastic, so it's easy to clean them. You have to give your own basic items, like printer paper and baking soda. Most households already have these things. I think kids will be able to walk on their own. Younger kids may need some help with this kit. This kit is great for children aged 6-14 and is informative, entertaining, and suitable for them.

👤This is a small kit. I would like it to include more of the required materials. The bubble making experiment barely worked for us and I'm thinking it's because we don't have the right dish soap and the paper marbling didn't work at all. Not all of the experiments included a scientific explanation for what was happening. The basic experiments that start out in the booklet lost my girls' attention a bit before we got to more fun ones, so it was discouraging. The tubes and beakers can be inside the littlesink to help prevent messes. We've done a lot of these things on our own before, but for kids who haven't done much hands on science yet, this would be a great set, and my kids do like having fun looking supplies to use for the experiments even when they're repeats of ones we


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