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1. Wilton Perfect Results Non Stick Cupcake

Wilton Perfect Results Non Stick Cupcake

Each pan has 6 cups and is 3.5 x 1.75 inches. The warranty is limited to 5 years. Ready, set, bake. The Perfect Results Premium Non-Stick Mini Muffin Pan is perfect for baking mini cupcakes or muffins. The mini muffin pan is great to have for small bites. PERFORMANCE: The mini muffin pan is designed to spread heat throughout the pan so that your mini treats bake evenly. The large handles make it easy to transfer the pan from the oven to the kitchen. Non-stick. The non-stick and scratch-resistant coating on their mini muffin and cupcake pan makes it easy to pop your food out, no matter what you're making. Care instructions. For the best results, wash the mini muffin and cupcake pan in warm soapy water before use. The mini muffin and cupcake pan is 10 x 16 x 1 inches and has a diameter of 2.5 centimeters. The 10 year warranty is limited.

Brand: Wilton

👤I have learned my lesson. Don't buy things from Amazon. You think you are getting a brand name for a deal, but when you get it it is in terrible shape. The coating on the mini muffin tin was chipping off after it came bent. I don't think it's a good idea to use it with the potential of more chipping off into baked goods. I don't mean to give a bad rating, but I want to warn people not to use Amazon. The number of times I am shipped shoddy products is not worth the convenience.

👤It's perfect for mini cupcakes. I made Elmo minis for my daughter. Teflon coated products contain a fluorocarbon called C8 or PFOA and are highly toxic, so use foil liners to minimize exposure.

👤The pan was washed in the dishwasher before it was used. Came out with rust all over. Wow! Not used to bake. I'm sending you back. Very disappointed!

👤Rusts are very easy to spot. I threw it away because of the rust. It is difficult to clean. It's frustrating when you have to clean out each individual cup and it's still dirty. The "non-stick" surface is chipping off after about 5 uses. This is not something that you would want to have. It is not very good. It doesn't hold up to a lot of use. If you get this item, you should get disposable mini cupcake liners. I baked cupcakes with cupcake mix and mini quiche cups.

👤I'm going to return it. All of it was damaged. Not happy about that. I think it will start to rust when it is washed.

👤The pan is supposed to be an amazing pan for mini cupcakes, but it sticks like a sore thumb. All baked goods stick to the sides even after greasing the cups. I had high expectations for it and am disappointed. It's hard to clean because I bake things that get stuck to the sides. I don't think this pan is a good idea.

👤I like the pan. It's the second one I've bought in a month. The pan should have been wrapped or boxed instead of being stuck in a mailing envelope. This could have been damaged during shipping. I bought one before this and it was protected.

👤I followed the directions carefully. Out of 24 muffins, 8 did not tear up. I made a second batches of muffins to make sure I followed the directions.

👤The muffin trays are of good quality. They baked my muffins beautifully, not like the cheap trays that can be used to cook out wells before the middle is done. The company was quick on delivery and I received my trays within a couple of days of ordering.

👤Es para hornear mini cupcakes, lo devolv, la descripcion es confusa.

👤I was looking for a small cupcake size, but I wasn't sure if this was it. It's perfect for me. I made cupcakes for my girl. I used oil for the first time and was worried it would stick. Second time without oil. It was very easy to clean.

2. OXO Grips Bakers Dusting Spices

OXO Grips Bakers Dusting Spices

Only hand wash. It should not be exposed to high heat. It's great for turning and lifting vegetables. It's versatile for cooking, tossing and transferring food. The lock on the tongs is closed for convenience. Sturdy, brushed steel construction. The edges hold food. Soft, comfortable, non-slip grips and thumb rests. It's perfect for evenly flouring baking pans or sprinkling surfaces for rolling dough.

Brand: Oxo

👤I am atypical in reviewing this kitchen utensil, but I have a special appreciation for special tools that do their intended function well and have high standards for tools. I recognized this product as exceptional from the beginning. The cute little dusting wand provides a shower of flour or powdered sugar that is more uniformly distributed than I would have thought possible. I like to make my own bread and this device makes it very easy to make a mess of the dough or counter top. It's fun to use fool proof. Just buy it. You will not be sorry.

👤Good quality. The price was raised from $9.99 to $15.99. I don't think it's worth much. The good news is that you can close the ball with a twist of the arm. This is a two handed operation. For the price, you could get several small hand held bowl style sifters at $5 a piece and leave each one in your different dry goods containers. The Vollrath brand cookie sheets were highly rated by ATK and the price probably got jacked up after it was mentioned on the kitchen show.

👤I felt silly buying a dusting wand, but I love it. It has many uses in my baking. I use it to dust confectioner's sugar on some baked goods for their finish and it doesn't waste a lot. There is very little waste because I dust with confectioner's to prevent sticking. I used it to dust with cocoa powder. I have a container with a pour spout and holes in it that I can use to sprinkle corn starch or sugar on fondant. I used it to dust Swerve on a stencil over a chocolate cake. It's small enough that you don't have to put too much in a sieve or strainer, having it go all over the place, and then wasting materials. When you empty it out, it washes up nicely.

👤I use this item to make brownies. I wanted to finish them off with some powdered sugar. Dry powdered sugar can change shape. This item fixes something. To fill it, you have to turn the ball at the bottom of the handle. When you dump in some powdered sugar, you have a metal ball full of powered sugar. If you shake it over brownies, you'll get the effect you were looking for. It's nice to be able to do a stencil over a cake that is not going to ice. In this case, you would cut out a heart, place it on your cake, and then shake the powdered sugar over it. You can remove the template and have a heart in the middle of your cake. Cool! Some people call powdered sugar "icing sugar" or "confectioners sugar". Same thing.

👤It's small and cute. The end of the white handle is easy to twist. I opened the ball, took some powdered sugar, and twisted it shut to make french toast. I was able to dust about 12 pieces of french toast with only one ball full of sugar. I dumped the leftover sugar into its container after twisting it open. I didn't wash it right away because it's only ever going to have powdered sugar. It's easy to use. It doesn't take up more space in a drawer than a fork.

3. Ozeri ZK14 S Digital Multifunction Kitchen

Ozeri ZK14 S Digital Multifunction Kitchen

Hand wash only before use. Accurate, elegant, easy-to-use digital kitchen scale for your largest and smallest cooking projects - weighs up to 11.94 lbs (5000 grams) with precise graduations of 0.05 oz (1 gram) and is easy to use. The Automatic Unit Button instantly converts between 5 units of measurement and displays results on an easy-to-read screen. The net weight of your ingredients is calculated by subtracting the weight of any bowl or container. The weighing platform is finished in chrome and has 2 large buttons that can be used to confirm a click. Cleans and stores are easy to find.

Brand: Ozeri

👤It worked out great. I loved it. That lasted two weeks. After two weeks, it broke and is useless. I left a negative review because there was no way to return it. The seller contacted me and asked me to remove my review. He explained that he switched manufacturers because of the issues with the scales. He seemed genuine. The review was removed 9 days ago. I contacted him twice but didn't see a refund. He gets a review again. The product is a bad one and comes from a seller who doesn't hold up his word.

👤I bake bread at least once every two weeks, sometimes a little more frequently based on consumption, and always got frustrated with the difference in the size of the loaves and boules. We put off buying a kitchen scale because of the small space in our kitchen. I decided to look for a scale that would be small enough for storage, but still have the ability to measure the weights as precise as possible, after baking bread the last time. I was not interested in getting a scale with a watch battery and also one that didn't round the numbers up, so I looked at a few different scales on Amazon. The Ozeri Pronto has a small profile, uses twoAAA batteries, and is precise within.1%, based on the testing that another review for this product was able to determine. English muffin and Black Canyon sourdough breads were made using the Ozeri Pronto food scale. The English muffin bread was broken into two loaves and the Black Canyon bread was broken into six parts. I made three loaves using our new cooker.

👤I have been using this daily to weigh coffee beans. It worked well for a while, then it started showing negative weight on the scale a few seconds after you turned it on, and for as long as you wanted. If you zero it out, it just does the same thing over and over again, so you can't trust what it says when you actually start weighing something. I tried changing out the batteries with new ones, but they still work the same way. Shame on me for not checking the reviews before buying, I'm not the first person to have this issue with this scale.

👤I've had this scale for a while now. I use it daily to measure out my food. The scale seemed to be working well at first. It has started giving me problems in the last few weeks. Within a second or two, the scale reading will change from zero to two and then back to zero. Even though the surface I was using was the exact same as from the beginning, I tried several different surfaces to make sure it was set on a level surface. I tried it with different containers and items to make sure it wouldn't cause an issue. I'm not happy with the quality and longevity of this scale.

👤A small food scale for the price. There is a The seller didn't list accuracy specifications. There are pictures included. I did a simple test with 4 test points, 1000, 2500, 4000 and 5000 grams, and the readings were 1000, 2500, 4001, and 5004 grams. This price is pretty amazing.

4. SKIN LAB Vitamin Glowing Tightening

SKIN LAB Vitamin Glowing Tightening

A lightweight texture brightening serum withAntioxidant and hydrating complex is packed withVitamin C. It makes your skin look younger and more youthful. The Glowing Glass Skin contains Pure Vitamins C and E which help to even out the appearance of dark spots, scars, and hyperpigmentation. The bubble capsule contains high levels of vitamins E and E. 15-vitamin blends and Panthenol make skin moist and tight. Keep your skin hydrated with 5-hyaluronic Acid, 15%Vitamin Energy Complex and Panthenol. It instantly quenches thirsty skin, locks the moist in, and leaves skin feeling refreshed. Make dull skin look tight to protect it from environment damage. It's safe for your skin and furry friends. Formulated with no sulfates or gluten. It's gentle for sensitive skin. It was made in Korea.

Brand: Skin & Lab Skin Science Solution

👤If you're only starting to use vitamins C or not yet using them, I recommend you start using this serum because it's gentle and effective for every day. Some vitamins on the market can be too strong for everyday use and feel like burning, but VITAMIN C's are all good for glowing skin. My skin is brighter and younger than it has been in 2 weeks. Other products are only mixed with Hyaluronic Acid, and there are additional vitamins in the formula. It's great for a simple and functional skincare routine. Consistency is not too thin or thick. It is sensitive yet effective for AM/PM, everyday use, and various skin types. The packaging for the starter vitamins. The Dropper is effective. Paper packaging and glass bottles are more safe for the environment. Reliable Shipper: delivered within 3 days of ordering. The date is at least 3 years. The bottle was in my possession at the time. There is a question about the percentage of vitamins C and E in the formula.

👤I love skincare and my skin type is oily to dehydrated. I look for ingredients that won't hurt the skin or irritate it. I decided to buy it because of the recommendations of a YouTuber called "EuniUnni". It is the best serum for all skin types. My cheeks get red when I use too much of the vitamin C because my skin is sensitive to it. I mix it with my cream and use SPF after. The serum is perfect and does not smell at all. When it expires, it starts to smell and you know not to use it anymore. It has no alcohol, essential oils or fragrances. 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid and Ascorbic Acid are the best ingredients in this product because they are both a form of vitamins C and L-ascorbic acid. The skin is smooth with the help of vitamins H and A. It makes the skin tighter and less wrinkled. The skin barrier is helped by the vitamins B5 and E. It helps with anti-aging, wrinkling, brown spots, and other skin problems as well as reducing the appearance of pores and sebum. It is anti-carcinogenic and anti- inflammatory. The skin is plump and elastic because of the hyaluronic acid that acts as a sponge. It is an exfoliant that can gently lift off the dead skin cells of your skin and make it more smooth and fresh. All of the amazing ingredients are in one bottle. If that doesn't convince you, what will? I am not sponsored or anything like that. If you buy it, you will see the difference in your skin.

👤I try to avoid the use of perfume in my makeup and skin care products, but this vitamin c serum fit right into my routine, because I have a combination of sensitive and prone to acne-prone skin. The product is light in texture and comes out of a dropper. I apply this every morning as my first step and layer the rest of my skincare on top - there's no pilling or layers on top. I don't wear makeup often, so I can't say if it does the same under makeup. The glass bottle is a plus for me. I like the glowy look of this product and will definitely be using it again.

5. Non Slip Measurements Folksy Super Kitchen

Non Slip Measurements Folksy Super Kitchen

Good. Chop fruit and vegetables or nuts, make salsa, make baby food, make muffins, and so on, the options are endless. Premium Safe Silicone is important to the health of their customers. Premium food grade silicone is offered to pre-prep your safe. The vedio of the listing has a non-stick Mat. The baking mat is very good. There is no sticky surface. It is easy to clean with the cloth. The thickness of the mat is 0.7 MM, while the silicone pad is almost twice as thick. The 0.7MM mat is good for the table. It is very durable. The back non-slip design has been upgraded. When rolling dough, it will stay on the table. It is good for the Pastry Mat, Table Mat,Baking Mat,Pizza Pad and Countertop Mat. The premium dough mat is durable and healthy, and a gift box and hair elastic make it a perfect gift.

Brand: Folksy Super Kitchen

👤I'm pretty sure this doesn't make it un-useable, but the video shows it in a long tube. The mat was larger than the box it was in. The mat has a permanent crease down the middle, as well as some rippling, because it was folded in fourths. I rolled it up after removing it from the box and hoping the creases would come out. It was rolled for a couple of weeks after purchase and I have never used it. The photos show that it is still creased and rippled. The package says it should not be stored in a flat fashion. Why did it fold up in fourths?

👤I don't like having to deal with the mess of flour when making dough. I was excited when I read that even the stickiest dough would be easy to remove. I wanted that to be true but it wasn't. The first time I used the mat, I had to remove the pastry crust because it stuck so badly. The only way to get the cookie dough to come off was to put a lot of flour on the mat. The mat doesn't slip and it washes up great, that's the only positive thing I can say. I'm going back to using a pastry cloth if I have to use flour to roll out dough.

👤I bought this to bake pies at home. It's perfect. It's a good thing to recommend to anyone. It's a huge mat that makes rolling dough so easy. The product is non-slip. Get yourself one now!

👤The plastic pie mat broke recently. This was purchased as a replacement. It's easier to use and it doesn't stick to it. I've already made pizza crusts, bread, and 2 apple pies using this mat. I like the size of the guides. It's not like my old mat. I'm still figuring out the most efficient way to clean it, and I think wiping it off with some soapy water and then rinsing it with a sponge or cloth is the easiest way to do it. The other way is to put it in the sink and roll it with a towel. It has a band to hold it closed if you lose it, and it rolls up for storage. I put some flour on it when I roll a stickier dough, but have no problems sticking it. I love it!

👤Heavy weight with markings in inches. I keep mine rolled with a liner and a band. I can prevent slippage by wiping my table with a damp cloth before I roll the mat. I only use this for rolling dough, not as a baking sheet liner. It is a nice large surface for working dough. The surface can be cleaned with a pastry scrapper. It is dishwasher safe, but I don't know how it would work in a dishwasher. I put mine in a sink of hot soapy water, drape it over a strainer, and then wipe it off with a towel.

6. KUBEI Upgraded Digital Precision Electronic

KUBEI Upgraded Digital Precision Electronic

The bowl is dishwasher safe. The upgrade design will ensure that it can meet the needs of more people who love cooking. The KUBEI kitchen scale can be used to remove the weight of the container in order to get the exact weight of the object. The mode button and counting functions are on it. The quality is high. The digital kitchen scale pan is easy to clean. The weighing is stable because of the four-corner anti-skid base. There is a waterproof keyboard sticker. Scales can be used to weigh a wide range of items. The digital kitchen scale has double trays that can be replaced depending on the different objects, large and small, suitable for a variety of scenarios, can be used as a dust cover. POWER There are three upgrade charging methods for this digital kitchen scale, and two ways of automatic and manual shutdown. There are two batteries and a cable for charging them.

Brand: Kubei

👤I tested it with a 500g weight. It was well outside of the tolerance. After calibrating it with a 100g weight, it seemed to measure correctly. I noticed a serious additional accuracy problem. When you add small amounts of weight to the scale, it ignores the weight. A piece of paper weighing 0.8g was set onto the scale as a test. It was zero. I think that this is due to some sort of software that increases the accuracy of the scale. I will return the item because it is a design flaw.

👤This is a decent scale. I replaced it with a bigger one. I was worried that it would take up too much counter space in a small kitchen. The weighing capacity is also greater in the larger size. I can put a full-sized dinner plate or empty tea kettle on the scale platform and press "tare" to zero out the weight. It saves me from having to weigh in a larger container. There are some issues that I'm not happy with. The large display is hard to read. The blue background is not a light. I don't understand why manufacturers use displays with black characters on a dark blue background. Just like the text on the Amazon page, it should be black with a white backlight. There was good contrast and good clarity. There is a second issue where you have to weigh a lot of small objects like coffee beans and then remove some to reduce the weight. Sometimes the scale reading does not decrease. The scale's reading doesn't change when objects are added or removed.

👤It's not clear why it's called a larger size kitchen scale, it's smaller than the two other kitchen scales we own, but it's not a negative due to the way it's built and the two trays it comes with. In every aspect, it beats both. I love the scale because it doesn't need batteries. There is no waiting for the result. The result stays the same no matter how often I put the item on the scale. User instructions are brief. You will need to provide the adapter to plug in. Unplug. Turn around. Use. There is a smile. Turn off. I never thought I'd be gushing over a kitchen scale. You learn to appreciate the value of a scale that is precise, highly responsive and doesn't need batteries when you use a kitchen scale.

👤At first, I loved this scale. The plastic trays were great for measuring out food and making it easier to clean up. I would put vegetables in the larger tray and use the smaller one for meat. I knew I wasn't overdoing it on broccoli and carrots. I loved the 0.1 gram accuracy because I like to weigh things in small amounts. The scale hasn't been working as well lately. It takes a long time to turn on the "HELLO" message. When on, the number changes. I'll tare it and I'll see the number on the scale go up and down at random. I don't know if the number I'm seeing is correct, that makes the scale useless. I am in search of a new scale that will meet my needs.

7. Utensils Supplies Beautiful Baker Buddy

Utensils Supplies Beautiful Baker Buddy

It is a perfect gift for both girls and boys because of the different colors of the utensils. It is never a wrong choice for birthday or Christmas. The bright unicorn baking kit is ready for play and imaginative fun. You and your child will be able to design, decorate, and bake amazing food creations together. The baking kit comes complete with a compact case to keep all the baking utensils and supplies safe and organized. As your little chef's expertise grows, everything will still be usable. The possibilities are endless because of this baking set. Non-toxic material is used to make cooking supplies. Everyone loves corn. Your little one's eyes will light up when he sees this lovely high-quality exclusive copyright unicorn apron. It is made from 100% canvas cotton and has cute embroidered eyes. The dainty pleats on the straps and hem add to the dramatic flair. The quilted wing pockets, a little adorable, padded horn top off this beautiful and creative design. Squeezing gooey dough and mixing sweet, delicious batter help with learning and skill development. Materials that facilitate sensory learning are what they chose. Silicone utensils with wooden handles, cookie cutters, working knives, and collapsible silicone measuring cups are included. bake with style and flair! They made sure that the entire baking kit matches the accessories that were in it. No clashing or mix-matched! They offer a beautiful and unified baking set.

Brand: Baker Buddy

👤The baking set for little aspiring bakers and chefs is quite cute. The quality is outstanding and your little one needs to start their baking/ cooking journey. It comes with its own carrying case, so you don't have to worry about losing anything. The company knocked it out of the park with their high quality measuring cups, spoons, and utensils. I highly recommend anyone who has a child who is curious or always wants to help in the kitchen to do so. It is a great gift and the price is great.

👤This set is adorable. Within the first few days, my daughter was able to bake cupcakes using almost everything in the set. The apron fit well and she didn't fall off her shoulders. If a kid and parent want to work together in the kitchen, it's definitely a good idea.

👤For Christmas, we got this for our daughter, she is 4, and she was very excited. It was better than I thought. The measuring spoons are amazing and the apron is very good quality. The quality of the cutting board and knives makes them feel safe for her to use on her own. We have already used it a lot.

👤Couldn't believe how good the quality was. The measuring cups were of the same quality as the ones I use every day. This is a great way to get kids excited about cooking. My niece is obsessed with this and I have this for her. She and her dad like to make a ritual of using cookie cutter for pancakes. Would recommend this to someone. This is better than the Easy Bake oven.

👤I really wanted to love this because it is cute and perfect for the kids, but the wisk has already fallen apart and the other pieces seem to be of poor quality. It is almost like this is meant for decoration and not actual use. Santa gave me this gift and I am really sad.

👤Just opened the box. Which was very quick. The latch broke when I tried to open the box. I don't recommend this product.

👤I love this set. My 5 year old loves baking. She can use it. Everything seems sturdy. Way better than I anticipated. You will not regret this purchase.

8. Stocking Stuffer Fidget Glitter Making

Stocking Stuffer Fidget Glitter Making

The Great Kids Apron set is the best gift for girls. This set is for birthday gifts, easter gifts, school activities, Halloween gifts, and Christmas gifts. It is portable and can be used at home with parents. Everything is slimy all the time. The mega Slime Pack, Slime Kit for Girls 8-12 and Slime Kits for Boys comes with over 50 different Slime Supplies all in one box. If you want to give the gift of a boring toy, why not have 18 different colors of crystal slime, 12 types of glitter, foam beads, plastic fruit slices, and other items? Birthday Party Favors are perfect for kids. A gift for a girl is a gift for a girl and a gift for a girl is a gift for a girl. Your little one will be able to unleash their creativity and develop their motor skills with the help of Slime supplies. Teens can play as well. The best stress relief balls are arts and crafts for girls. The glow in the dark kit is a surprise. Their jumbo kits come with glow in the dark powder. Say "mix I will not!" or mix in a little. The slime will light up in an instant. The toys are perfect for boys and girls. Great Easter Basket Stuffers are perfect for 7 year old girl gifts. There are toys for 8 year old girls, girl toys for 12 year old girls, and toys for 10 year old girls. Their containers are made with eco-friendly material and do not contain borax powder. Kids and adults are safe with quality-tested non-toxic formulas. It is certified by the ASTM. It is recommended for children 5 and up. Don't eat.

Brand: Zen Laboratory

👤I compared a bunch of different options and this looked like the best value because my daughter wanted some. When we opened the package, she was playing with it for two hours. It is fun to squishy and not sticky, there is just the right consistency. It's easy to clean up. There are lots of things to mix in and form shapes. The glow in the dark powder is a favorite. It can be added to any of the slimes to make them glow. A group of family were visiting and they were talking about how great of a deal the slime was. I will be picking up a kit for my daughter's birthday next week, I am very happy with this purchase.

👤A great kit. It is already made! Kids will have fun creating their own unique slimes with the variety of colors and add- ins. The size is small enough to stretch and play with. The molds are fun and hold the shape well. Fun beads add texture. I was worried that glitter would get all over their hands, but it didn't. The glow in the dark powder was a neat addition and I wish the bag was like a ziplock so it could be closed after opened. I put the glow in the dark powder in the mold toys bags and took them out. Kids love it! I will be ordering kits for presents. Can not go wrong.

👤There is a lot of fun to be had here. I bought two kits so my kids wouldn't have to fight over something. There are many containers of stuff to mix with. Not all the slime will fit back into the tub so I recommend having a few bags on hand. This isn't a kit for a neat freak, but be prepared to have glitter and foam balls everywhere. This toy is worth the mess because it will create lasting memories.

👤This is a lot of fun. This is the only kit I could find that had that option. They loved every second of it. The kit was advertised and exceeded our expectations. It is nice that the add ins have bags, which we haven't found with other kits. There is so much choice. The extra toys are cute. We will buy this one again.

👤Excellent slimy stuff! This was the first time we bought something. I had three kids playing with it. They created for at least 2 hours and didn't use all the slime up yet. This is a good quality. It was easy to remove your hands from your hair. I was worried about glitter because it sticks around forever and you don't want it to come off your hands. The kids were thrilled that they could make multiple containers since there are so many included in the kit. They enjoyed blowing bubbles as big as they could. This is a great value for a birthday party. We did it outside because they were messy with the glitter. What they don't like. There are so many different options. The slime is not sticky. It glows in the dark. It comes in a variety of bright colors and only stretches if you do it slowly. It will break if you pull too fast. We loved it.

9. REVLON 309970075583 Revlon Oil Absorbing Roller

REVLON 309970075583 Revlon Oil Absorbing Roller

The face roller is made of volcanic stone, which absorbs excess oil instantly. It is their secret for fresh, glowing skin. It won't mess up your makeup if you use it on a clean or finished face. There are corpses and moustaches face. The stone roller feels like a mini facial massage. Their face roller is 2 in 1 and works for oily and blemish prone skin. Roll the face roller ball over your T-zone with ease. That is it. Less waste than tossing paper. The oil-absorbing roller is not disposable, unlike blotting papers. Pull out the stone after twisting the roller's ring. Before locking it back in, wash it with a gentle cleanser, rinse, and air-dry. Live bold with makeup. The high-pigment makeup you need to be yourself can be found at Revlon. Their tools for the face, eyes, and nails are everyday essentials that are elevated through function, form, or material.

Brand: Revlon

👤It works! I am surprised by how well it works. My skin is very oily. I am wearing makeup. This was after 9 hours. The difference is really light. I can tell a difference after using the oil. My daily routine includes washing my face, putting on makeup, and applying a daytime lotion. My face is still super oily despite all of my face products being oil free. I hope you can tell the difference in this video.

👤If you have very oily skin, this is. It is. I was getting tired of blotting powder. It felt like a waste and left a trail on my face. I needed it when I saw this on tiktok. I got an email saying it was in stock after it was back ordered. I was so excited. It's affordable and it's easy to clean, which helps you save money and be less wasteful. The packaging gave you all the information you needed. It felt like the holy grail had been delivered to my doorstep. I was in love after my first use. It doesn't pickup everything, but it makes it more natural, and gives you a look. I feel more confident because of this product.

👤I received the roller about two weeks after I bought it. The product is better than blotting papers. It's less wasteful because it's reuse and portable. The roller doesn't really absorb all of the oil, so it's not a good idea for someone with extremely oily skin or foundation. The mattifying effect makes the face look less greasy. The sound of the roller ball hitting my face makes me feel like I'm on a chalk board. The plastic that holds the rock in place has no buffer.

👤I like the idea of this, but if you are as oily as I am, it's a little inconvenient. I have to wash the ball before I can use it again because I filled it with oil.

👤When my child rubbed it on her forehead, it took the oil off. She was shocked and just wished it was larger. This has worked better than anything I have ever gotten. Thank you for that.

👤The rolling device is magic. Or something else? You roll it around your oily areas and the oil magically disappears into the ball. This is an item that you can buy. I saw a video on tiktok and immediately went on the hunt, only to be disappointed that the item was sold out everywhere. After I was added to the waiting list on Amazon, they charged my card and sent me my way. If you have the chance to purchase this and you have oily skin, get yourself on the waiting list and kick it until it shows up. You will be happy. Thank you later. It's a good thing.

👤I bought this product from the drugstore. My face produces more oil than any other. I don't have to use oil blotting papers anymore because it's easy to wash.

10. ToLB Anti Aging Serum Combo

ToLB Anti Aging Serum Combo

The ultimate skin revitalizing set contains vitamins C, Retinol, and Hyaluronic acid, which can be used day or night to reduce appearance of fine lines. orgnic green tea extract is a great way to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, and it is also a great way to protect your skin from damaging free radicals. At night after cleansing your face, apply Retinol and follow with a Hyaluronic Acid Serum to maximize benefits, but avoid applying Retinol andVitamin C at the same time. The good, the bad, and the vegan are all Certified Cruelty Free. Quality at the core is founded by a scientist with the mission of making a better product that was affordable, tested by dermatologists, loved by customers, and returned within 30 days for your money back.

Brand: Flawless. Younger. Perfect.

👤I was not offered any kind of compensation for this review. I am an experienced skin care shopper at the age of68. I have never found a skin care line like "Tree of Life", I have purchased many expensive facial skin brands, tried "all natural" unknown brands online, and inexpensive drugstore sold facial creams. Tree of Life serums are what they promise. My skin has never looked better. My skin is smoothing out. It is the best skin care line on the market. My two daughters who are young moms and several of my "mature" friends have begun using the Tree of Life line. I suggest you start with the Anti-Aging Serum combo pack. Within a couple of weeks, you will notice a significant improvement. I don't have anything to gain by writing this review. I want to let you know about my experience with the Tree of Life products and hopefully you can benefit from it. I promise that you will not regret it.

👤Look at my eyes! This system is amazing. I used it with another eye cream to make it look better. I am 51 years old and have fair sensitive skin. I love it. You will not be sorry.

👤It's found to be toxic even in small amounts. It is a carcinogen.

👤I ordered this set last Friday. They arrived on Monday. I've been using another brand of vitamins for at least two months. I follow my cleansing routine by washing my skin with Cetaphil and then following it up with a small amount of each of the serums. I noticed that my resident didn't have a laugh line crease on his chin when I walked past my office mirror on Wednesday. I thought it was lighting and shadows. I decided to document my results this morning. BAAAABBBYYY... That is true. The products feel great on my skin. That Hyaluronic Acid is amazing.

👤I was about 20 when I first started to have redness andAcne, and I am now 32. I cut my dairy intake to 16 ounces a day. I started working out more frequently and eating lots of vitamins and minerals, and making my own daily drinking bone broth for the support of my body. I could see the beginnings of aging, like tiny lines around eyes, dull skin starting to lose its plumpness, and still a scattering of acne, even though my face showed some smile lines. I bought a very expensive line of vitamins C, D and E. One year later. I stopped using the products and the facials because I couldn't see a difference. I ordered the serums on a whim. Wow! I have never had skin that was softer, clearer, and more smooth. I haven't tried their other products yet. My skin looks better this week than it has since I was a teenager. I use the Retinol every other night, and I also use the vitamins in the morning. There is Hyaluronic acid on top. I am putting my Vintage Traditions tallow balm on top of the serums, but I am anxious to try their moisturizers. I am very happy with this product. I will update this review in two months and let you know if it is still as amazing as it seems, and if adding the other products made a difference. I struggled with my skin for a long time. I feel like I have found the right combo of products and diet and stress management. I want to tell everyone who suffers from skin issues. I've used these products for nearly three months. I'm still very happy with them. I use the Retinol cream at night and theRetinol C at day time. They are great. When I cheat and eat a lot of dairy, my skin clears from the inevitable outbreak at least twice as fast. I think it's the best line on my skin. My skin is not red. I'm very happy with these.

11. Lighter Culinary Refillable Adjustable Included

Lighter Culinary Refillable Adjustable Included

The Butane Torch from TBTEEK comes with a 1-year replacement warranty and friendly customer service. The security lock design prevents against accidental ignition and a wide base helps to prevent the torch from tipping, made with aluminum alloy. The torch can be reloaded and adjusted. When the kitchen torch runs out, it can be replaced with a flame intensity that can reach up to 1300 c/ 2500 F. Light up with Piezo technology. Release the button and the flame goes off, it's easy to operate with the gas flow regulator and air flow control valve cooking torch. Continuous Fire Mode is when you press the button to light fire and then turn the button clockwise to extinguish the fire. When you're not using the Fire Ignition, turn it off. Don't let children near you. If you are dissatisfied, please contact them.

Brand: Gibot

👤The box wasn't sealed properly and things were all over the place when I opened them, but I didn't have any issues with this product. I used to make cells and remove air bubbles. It was great. It's easy to use. I don't think it's a good idea to refill your butane gas bottle when you buy it. I bought the butane before the torch arrived and had to buy a different one because the store wouldn't let me return the original one. I will include photos of people who are not buying.

👤It's great for people. The first delivery was a dud, it would gurgle butane fluid and not ignite. The replacement worked as advertised. It lasts several uses. I plan on getting a blazer torch in the future as it is the best for dabs because it has a bigger tank meaning a lot less refilling but if you are on a budget remember that this torch has the same advertised heat that the blazer advertises. When I went to buy my torch, I was in a tight spot. I got this torch instead of the one recommended by Amazon. This is a perfect solution for now. It's very comfortable in my hand. The job is done well with this product. The lock that keeps the flame on is the best feature. The lock on feature makes heating a nail very comfortable. This torch is an economical solution. If it is free of defects, open it and test it. Amazon replaced mines at no cost if it's not working. I love it for the low price of $11. Thank you seller for saving me money.

👤I have used this torch many times. This is not a first-impression review. Who likes those? I know I don't. I like to tell you when I've been using a product and how it's working out for me. I would like everyone to do that. I can't say anything about this because I haven't used it in the arena of cooking. I'm pretty sure it would be fine. It works well with paint. I know a person who paints and has a model of it. She told me that she likes this torch more than the one she has. I have used this torch many times.

👤After more than a year or two of constant usage, still going strong. It's a snap to refill. I use this thing for a lot of legal functions, from shrink wrapping wires to lighting our fire pit, which it's handy for! I expected this thing to die within a few months based on its appearance and packaging, but it is still going strong. I feel like I have gotten more than I am worth. This is a must have for kitchen, workshop, and outdoor use.

👤I bought this to use on a glass rig and it works great. It is a torch, but it is nearly idiotproof. It hasn't failed me once since I've been using it for 10 months. It is easy to use one-handed. I use Ronson butane fuel from walmart, filling and refilling is easy. I used it to get the top layer of a mac and cheese or lasagna.


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