Best Baking Labels for Pantry

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1. Kitchen Restaurant Organization Resistant Containers

Kitchen Restaurant Organization Resistant Containers

There are 131 preprinted spice labels, 5 blank write-on labels, 8 numbers, and 1 comprehensive reference sheet with an alphabetized list of included labels. You can name almost every kind of food storage in your kitchen with the smart design of the bright stickers. Water resistant and aligned in 10 easy distribute sheets. Easy to recognize characters in a vintage style. Premium quality: Solid decals printed on clear sticker. Extreme durable and water/oil resistant. You can't tear it up with bare hands. It will keep your reminder bright and clear for a long time. It's easy to use, it comes in 10 sheets and is applied with a line. The labels were designed to fit 7 different sizes and similar ingredients were lined up. Peel off and stick where you please. There are self-Adhesive stickers. Sticks are great on bags. Farmhouse storage is used for monitoring food maintenance. It is easy to identify and sort inner food, making it a good option for meal prep and avoiding long term storage. There are 10 sheets and there are 210 pieces. The labels measure from 1.6” X 5” to 0.8”X 2.2” for different storage volumes. This product is labeled, not the food storage tank.

Brand: Hebayy

👤The stickers are durable. There were a lot of labels for things I didn't need and a couple of things I would have liked to have included. There are things like trail mix and brown sugar. I would have thought they would have been there. I'm happy that they are attractive.

👤There are tons of cute labels. I only have one un labeled canister, but I re-pot everything. I have been able to remove them cleanly so far. Very pleased!

👤I am glad I ordered them because they look great on my containers. This package includes any food label you want. Don't hesitate to buy if they are on the fence. Excellent price as well.

👤This has been a lifesaver for my jars. If you need to switch containers, you can remove them and put them somewhere else. I have received a lot of praise for my jars.

👤I don't know if the labels are long-lived, but they go on easily and look nice. The package has a wide range of labels and should please any food lover.

👤Some basic items are missing from the labels. It has been made sure to have several types of flours and lentils.

👤Couldn't ask for better labels. Cute and functional. I used these labels to organize my pantry. A must buy. It is reasonably priced.

👤I will not use many of the amazing pantry labels, but they are perfect. It's worth the money to make my pantry canister jars look good.

👤The labels are easy to read. Do not cover everything. Each person has their own products in their kitchen so they will always be different. Good selection.

👤There are some American labels. Good to learn different names for items in the US. Used many...

👤They had a variety of products, but no icing sugar, and most of the others I needed couldn't win.

👤These stick well, look great, and have different sizes for different containers. I was surprised that there were no Blank ones so that I could write other items that were not on the stickers. There will always be something they can't cover, in my case "Garam Masala" as an example. I can only use up to 10 of them. A blank space for me to write on with a permanent fine marker would have been perfect. I have no idea where to start because I am stuck with needing to find clear blank sheets somewhere that sticks. Is it clear tape? Hmm...

2. Talented Kitchen Preprinted Contemporary Organization

Talented Kitchen Preprinted Contemporary Organization

There are 24 reusable labels. These labels will help you avoid confusion between flour and baking powder. You can change contents whenever you need. White Spice Jar Labels are a great way to create a kitchen space that looks clean and organized, with their contemporary style seasoning label stickers featuring 144 names of common spices found in every pantry. Picture Perfect Spice Rack: This set of round clear spice labels are perfect for sticking onto glass or plastic jars to organize your cabinets, spice rack, or spice drawers; labels include a variety of seasoning names such as salt, pepper, cinnamon, taco seasoning, basil, and herbs. The labels are easy to remove or replace if needed, and feature large white letters in a circle on water-resistant vinyl with a self-adhesive backing. The perfect size for round spice labels is 1.5 inches in diameter, perfect for glass jars or magnetic tins with up to 2.5 inches in diameter. There are 131 preprinted spice labels, 5 blank write-on labels, 8 numbers, and 1 comprehensive reference sheet with an alphabetized list of included labels.

Brand: Talented Kitchen

👤I like these labels. I had every herb and spice I needed. The labels fit my jars in my fridge. The homemade ones I made a few years ago were hard to see, so I was replacing them. The labels are clear and the white printing makes them easy to alphabetize. It's hard to read the labels before you peel them off the paper, because it's yellow. Thankfully, there is an alphabetical list of the labels, and with a little searching, I could find the ones I needed. The only suggestion to the seller is to have them printed with a darker background paper. I will buy them again. I plan on giving them to my daughters.

👤I had to change my review. There was a page missing when I opened the package. I had two of those. Poppy seed, allspice, sesame seed and a few others were missing. They also included some weird labels that I don't consider "spices", such as snaks and popcorn. More blanks would have been helpful. The number labels are advertised. Page numbers are just a waste, I don't see any other use for them. They were not really alphabetized. They jump to another letter and then back. Doesn't make sense. I wanted to organize my spices with these labels. I like the way you can see the spices in the tins I bought. I didn't want to ruin that. I thought I would get clear blank labels and design myself, but I saw other tins and decided to use the white one. There are a lot of spices included. I wish there were more blanks. I don't understand why the large single numbers are included. Those should be blanks. It would be more useful. My husband makes a lot of his own blends and I've seen other label sets that come with the white marker for making custom spice labels. That would have been nice. The product is still good for the price.

👤I put these on my jars today. I liked them a lot. It's easy to peel off. I have enough blanks to fill in for the 3 non basic seasonings that I have. I only needed to use 3 of the blanks because I have about 30 seasonings. White chalk paint marker is a good way to fill in.

👤I decided to update my spices so I bought these labels. I got the containers from my local hobby lobby. These were my favorite. These labels are easy to read and modern. They came off the sticker quickly. They go on without any problems, which is a plus. I don't have a lot of spices because I'm still learning how to cook. The variety of spices on the sticker sheets is very appealing to me. They are not as sheer as the pictures would suggest. They sit nicely on the jar, but they are not completely transparent like the picture shows. You can see in my pictures that they are somewhat sheer, but not completely transparent. I don't know if I'm being overly picky or not, but I love these!

3. Premium Chalkboard Labels Bulk Dishwasher

Premium Chalkboard Labels Bulk Dishwasher

External use of fragrance oils is limited. The product should not be used in a way that makes it more potent. Please contact them if you have questions about proper usage of products. Design your trinket worthy trinket! You can quickly find what you're looking for with cute chalkboard stickers. A chalkboard label for jars. jar labels can be used for spices, canisters, cookie and candy jars, honey jar labels, baking ingredients and meal prep containers. Salt should never be used for sugar again. Don't start your day with coffee that is bitter. The best write on label for fridge or pantry organization is this kitchen accessory. The decals fit the mason jar labels. It's easy to clean. Kids with waterproof labels that are dishwasher safe. pantry labels are made of premium vinyl. Extra bonus white marker chalk dries quickly and is easy to clean. Just wet a towel. There are MEMORABLE PARTIES! All special occasions need custom personalized sticker labels to decorate. Wine glasses and glass bottle labels can be personalized with do-it-yourself labels. No place is safe from being shuffled. Reusable chalk labels can be used to organize the most messy spaces. Designating a place for everything will make household chores quicker and easier to manage. Your kids will not have an excuse not to put things away. chalk labels for classroom are popular with teachers.

Brand: Savvy & Sorted

👤I had fun setting up my pantry. There are some good and not great things about these. The pen works well and I was happy with it. As you do strokes and lift the pen, it leaves tiny dots. I don't think they are a detraction. I took a quick test to see if I could answer my own questions. Looks nice, I wrote on one label. Wrote on another and immediately tried to wipe it off with my finger. I let the third label dry for a few minutes. There were zero accusations. There were no smudges when putting the label on the jar. These labels are not chalkboards, so keep that in mind. It kept the writing from looking smooth as chalk ink settled into the tiny pores. I wrote a second time on one of my labels to see if it improved, and it did. It is fine without doing that. The only negative is that they can't stick to a smooth surface. The pink coffee canisters have a porous surface, and they were peeling last night. I would be surprised if they have fallen off. I will find a solution to that need. They did peel off and fit nicely on my glass jars. The sizes were perfect. Definitely worth it! The chalk pen works perfectly to write on the coffee canisters, even though the labels did not stick on them. It still dries nicely, but it gets wet right away.

👤Fantastic purchase! The stickers are easy to peel on and off. The little chalk marker is very useful. Love the styles and sizes of the labels. Hello, chalk labels!

👤I love these labels. I have never been a labeler. A label won't fix the problem if I can't tell what's in a clear canister. I bought these for a reason. I felt foolish when I labeled away, but it hit me that I had to label what I can't see. I started writing cooking instructions, calories and carbs, and even the dishes I cook with each item (I use a lot of grains and beans and after a while it's easy to forget which one goes with what.) I know when to reach them and what I bought the rarely used ones from the purchase dates on the spices. No more looking at the recipe for cake. It's on the canister. I think these labels will make me cook more. I knew what I wanted for dinner when I saw the label on the jar of soups. I've looked at that jar for months and never eaten it. If I change the contents of the canister, all I have to do is wipe the label clean with a damp paper towel and write a new one.

👤I love how easy these things are to use. I used to write on my canisters with a Sharpie and stick down some clear tape to label them. The job was done, but it looked bad. I had to pull up sticky tape when I changed the contents of the container because of the writing. I can change the contents of the container whenever I want. I have to wipe the label. I'm proud of how organized my pantry is and how easy it is to find what I'm looking for. It's important for someone like me who eatsGluten free since I have to have everything in the kitchen labeled. I think I'm going to put them in my medicine cabinet. I have posted a before and after photo.

4. Containers Set,TAEVEKE Organization Canisters Supplies Labels

Containers Set%EF%BC%8CTAEVEKE Organization Canisters Supplies Labels

These containers can be used to store and organize snacks, pasta, flour, sugar, grains, crackers, chips and more in your pantry. There are 4 different sizes of theSuperior Storage Containers Set. Includs 6 Tall Container, 6 Large Containers, 6 Medium Containers, 6 Small Containers. The pen and labels can be changed whenever you need them. You can change the labels with a damp cloth, they will help you not confuse flour with baking powder or baking soda. The pantry storage containers will make efficient use of every inch of the home kitchen. Plastic containers in the kitchen can be used to store baking essentials, coffee tasting essentials, and more, freeing up space in the pantry, refrigerator, freezer, and cupboards. Which is a great gift for a messy kitchen. Airtight containers keep food fresh, they have side-locking lids with a gasket that make them airtight, so you can keep your food fresh. Food storage canisters are easy to clean and can be used as bakeware containers. The dishwasher is dishwasher safe. These pantry storage containers are made from high-grade plastic and have no harmful substances in them. The pantry organization and storage set are sturdy and nice looking, and the clear storage containers body are durable enough for long-term use, you can quickly see what inside just a glance. The clear containers of Taylor will have a longer life than other plastic canisters. It's the best way to organize your kitchen and pantry. Their food storage containers for pantry are perfect for storing dry foods such as flour, sugar, rice, grain, chips, cereals, baking supplies,nuts, beans, snacks, pasta, coffee and

Brand: Taeveke

👤Storage containers are easy to clean and a great value. This is a great place to start organizing. I type this and will update if my thoughts change.

👤Not bad of quality, but smaller than expected. The biggest ones can't hold a box of food.

👤There was an issue with flour beetles. I like the style, but about 5 of mine didn't close all the way, one of the 4 sides wouldn't clip on fully due to warping. They look good and work a lot. I wouldn't count on them to hold liquid.

👤8 of the containers are broken. It was difficult to unpack and assess how many are broken. They have to be returned for a refund. If it was one or two, I would have kept them, but for $50, having 8 of them broke was not worth it. Don't use this product if you have headaches.

👤Quality and worth are 100%! It's perfect for a small pantry. Airtight storage makes my small pantry look organized. It comes with stickers and chalk marker to label your containers, and it's defenetly buying again.

👤The containers are sturdy. They seal well. They are easy to open and close. Storage is made easier by the four sizes. We have told our friends.

👤Storage is great. Love the different sizes. The chalk labels are clean.

👤Love the pantry and fridge. I can't get enough of these containers.

5. Talented Kitchen Minimalist Resistant Organization

Talented Kitchen Minimalist Resistant Organization

Happy Hanukkah! Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday pies are baked on the 4th of July. It is easy to share delicious baking with your loved ones with their 5 inch pie tins. It's also perfect for any occasion: take-out, delivery businesses, picnics, deli's, schools, camps, medical facilities, cooking classes, pie eating contests and more. Use their set of labels for pantry containers, tall glass canisters, and jars to create an organized, functional, and visually appealing kitchen. The minimalist household labels feature a full alphabetized list of included pantry labels, which include 132 of the most common ingredients from coffee and cereal to cookies and pasta. The pantry organization labels are preprinted on water-resistant white vinyl that can easily be removed or replaced if needed. Their food storage labels are written in minimalist all caps with a white background that makes it easy to identify and organize ingredients. The kitchen is organized. The square minimalist labels are 2.5 x 2.5 inches and do not fit in glass containers.

Brand: Talented Kitchen

👤The sticker is not centered on them. It's pretty easy to fix, as a company. I was going to buy these for my clients, but I was disappointed. I tried them out myself and am glad I did. I won't be buying again.

👤I found these labels after several failed attempts at writing out my own, and I am very happy. The labels were supposed to be straight and even as possible from jar to jar. I marked the ruler with blue painters tape at the height I wanted it to be. After marking the jars with painters tape, applying the labels straight on the jar was a breeze. It was worth the extra effort. The labels on the jars were not as thick as I had hoped, and that was my only complaint. The back has something on it. The stickers are already on so I will deal with it.

👤The labels were the cherry on top of my organizing. Being a minimalist I had a hard time believing I would benefit from putting my pantry items into bins. Since I was going to look at storage containers, I thought I would try these labels as well. I lived with the bins for a while before I added the labels, but the organization into the bins made daily life easier. Wow! Adding labels to the containers made the pantry pop. I had to keep reapplying the Sea Salt label as I found the right position. After five reapplications, it still shows no sign of being reapplied. Highly recommended.

👤Can't ask for more. They look great. I had trouble applying them to the jars without air bubbles. I am placing a custom order for a few things. There are items.

👤These are perfect. The finish was centered well. I wish there were more common things like drink mix for nesquick without having to buy the supplemental pack. They don't have a powder for it. I found a way to put the missing things over the stickers I won't use, using my label maker. I think it worked well for my coffee bar ones. I put a label over it because I was obsessive about uniformity and didn't want the fonts to be different, sitting next to the collagen powder and vanilla syrup labels I made.

👤The item is the same as pictured. The labels are simple, but I wish the text was bolder. My pantry bins are all white and I feel like the labels get lost, but my husband knows how to read them and put things in the correct bins. They can be easily pulled off and adjusted without damaging the label or losing the grip. I wish they didn't number them when there were multiple labels of the same thing. The price is a steal.

👤The labels are great for taller jars. If the jar curves at all you're going to have to cut them to smaller so they can lay flat. I ruined the labels. They are having trouble sticking to my attempts to get them to go smoothly. I would like these to come in smaller packages. The basics were what I needed. I used 7 of the whole package and a few I needed weren't there like raw sugar.

6. Talented Kitchen Resistant Preprinted Organization

Talented Kitchen Resistant Preprinted Organization

Organization labels for canisters and bins for the entire home. Preprinted labels for organizing every space in your home, pantry, spices, laundry room, storage, bathroom, linen closet, bathroom master closet, cleaning supplies, office, crafts, playroom, master closet, clothing and shoes This listing is only for the labels. Does not include jars. The Pantry Organization is made simple with the White Medium Size Script Pantry and Fridge Labels Stickers Preprinted. The ingredients found in every kitchen in America are listed on the labels. All-purpose flour, coffee, cereals, pasta, butter, milk, meat, breakfast, cold cuts, and cheese can be used. The medium size script pantry and fridge set includes every name you can think of to organize your pantry, fridge, pastas and much more. There are 34 expiration date stickers. This set now includes a reference sheet with layout and alphabetized list of labels. The perfect pantry organization uses a medium size style and the fonts are uniform across all labels. The label size will change based on the length of words. Organization labels for canisters and bins for the entire home. Preprinted labels for organizing every space in your home, pantry, spices, laundry room, storage, bathroom, linen closet, bathroom master closet, cleaning supplies, office, crafts, playroom, master closet, clothing and shoes

Brand: Talented Kitchen

👤I wanted more pantry name choices in the first package I bought, but there weren't as many as I wanted. I decided to affix the stickers to the blank chalkboard labels because I wanted my fonts to match. I think they did a great job. The can sugar, white chocolate chips, and peanut butter chips are on the chalkboard. I think they look great. The other script labels have the same company's logo, but with a grey print. I don't think it makes a big difference in how they look. I am very pleased with how my cabinets are organized. Highly recommended. I took a picture of the labels in this package. I apologize for the shadow on my iPad.

👤The pantry and fridge look great. I was not expecting that this packet contained every item I have put into glass/plastic containers. I thought it would be the main items, but it wasn't. The right size too. Very impressed.

👤These labels are the best. I needed to label my pantry.

👤I love the different options and the large selection of descriptive options, they have almost everything you can imagine that would go in a pantry or storage.

👤Better than the last one. Even through small.

👤I ordered them all and did it all. I wish they could make more.

👤I love these! The bigger one was also bought. Only wish they had more of the standard pantry items. Such a great deal!

7. Waterproof Restaurant Organization Customizable Containers

Waterproof Restaurant Organization Customizable Containers

The waterproof sticker is great for home-made lotion bottle, wine glass, coffee or tea tins, canisters, baskets and more. The Chalkboard Stickers are used to decorate and organize your house. You can name almost every kind of food storage in your kitchen with the Smart Design: 231 PCS of clear glossy stickers. Inner food can be self explanatory and sortable while applying relevant labels, which makes meal prep professional and avoids long term storage. 11 easily distributed sheets, 10 sheets pre-printed with flour, grain, pasta, coffee, and other items, and 1 sheet is your own is easy to use. High-contrast characters are easy to recognize and classify. Premium quality: Solid decals printed on clear stickers. It is not easy to torn water/oil resistant and can be removed without stain. Food containers, plastic bags, and other items are well suited for the high-viscous adhesive. The fridge, dishwasher, and microwave are all available. Self-adhesive labels are designed into different sizes according to the ingredients' volume and use, bigger size for flour labels and smaller size for pepper ones, no worry about inappropriate sizes. Peel off and stick where you please. You can quickly find the one you want at the first glance with the help of the index card. The labels measure from 1.7” to 0.8” for different storage volumes.

Brand: Hebayy

👤I have so many pages of labels that I will never use the cute fonts. I have stickers for sesame seeds but don't have a sticker for milk or chocolate chips. I would like to see a basic pack for baking. I only use about 10 of the 231 labels.

👤I like being organized but a lot of them will never be used. Things like chicken and seafood breading are not included.

👤Sugar and flour should be the same size. I had to make a label so that they would match my counter. I probably won't use most of the labels. I wish I'd looked at the pictures more closely and noted the size of the ones I needed.

👤These were great for organizing my cabinets. You could ask for every possible label.

👤Excellent quality. I should have gotten the white background. These old eyes make it hard to see.

👤I love these. They look great and there are many to choose from. Not cheap looking.

👤The labels are easy to use. What I was looking for!

👤Excellent labels to use on jars. You can find the reference page number at the bottom of the sheet.

👤I love the product. It was very easy to use and no peeling so far. I haven't tried removing them yet. If you change containers, I would like to see some of the more common labels doubled. These look great.

👤It made me laugh so hard that I got a large box of bubble wrap for the labels. The pantry looks nicer now that I like them.

👤J'avais pas le toute la liste.

8. Labels Food Containers Applicator Organization

Labels Food Containers Applicator Organization

An easy set up is included with the reference sheet. The sticker set has an alphabetized reference sheet with each label's page number location to make it easy to label. What you get is a whole lot more value, including a reference table and one bubble smoother. If you want to watch their video, just read on. You can find a set of stickers for all of your pantry needs, including healthy items, baking goods, beverages, guilty treats, specialty ingredients and even pet food. Do you have a lot of cereals? They have the labels for you. The reference table has 16 different types of pasta labels and 9 different coffee labels. Do you want to do a massive pantry organization project? Top tips for reorganizing your kitchen are included. Put those scissors away. Preprinted labels come precut baby! The added free bonus is a bubble smoother that you won't get in any other set of kitchen and pantry label stickers. There is no air bubbles on any of your jars, containers or canisters. Check out their video to see how easy it is to apply. The clear food storage labels feature strong adhesive to prevent peeling. These clear kitchen labels are scratchproof and waterproof, so don't underestimate them, they are pretty cursive script type.

Brand: La Savi

👤First of all, they look great and stay on great. They don't seem to sell an extra pack with other labels because there are so many missing. There is no pink salt label which is fine, I don't have a label for pepper. But pepper. That should be here. Also no oil from the sea. I think that is a common one over some of the options they have included. It's so dumb. I'm trying to find similar labels with other things. They sent me pepper labels after reaching out to me. She told me that they weren't in here because of a plan to do spice labels and offered to send me pepper labels. They went all out, I didn't get a plain pepper label, I got multiple for all the different colors of pepper. I use a mixed pepper. I took one that I knew I wouldn't use alone and cut the color off the top. Customer service was great. If I can find some custom labels that match for the odd bits, that would be great.

👤The handwriting is gorgeous and it makes my jars look pretty. It doesn't have all the names of the different spices like parsley, and it has a lot of useless titles for me like sea salt, so I'm not giving it 5 stars. You can add other seasonings like parsley, black pepper, cumin, chili powder, and e c t instead of using so many different labels for salt. I'm looking for more labels with the seasoning titles that this one doesn't have, because I think they are adorable.

👤These labels are supposed to tell me which jars and containers I have at home. They work for all types of containers, glass, metal, porcine, rock, and plastic, because who doesn't have a lot of plastic takeout containers that can hold random grains and snacks? It makes the takeout containers look presentable. I didn't have the easiest time opening the package. There's a label for everything, even things I don't have. It would be nice to have some labels or another listing for more spices like turmeric, cumin, star anise, etc. It's a good idea to consolidate them into a single container with these labels, since most of them come in little bottles from the supermarket. I have a lot of different things.

👤I wish they had a label for pepper. It has different labels for salt, flour, and Pepper, but not for Pepper. I don't have a label for my containers.

👤I am glad I bought these labels to organize my kitchen and pantry items. I love that the labels look unique and there is an impressive choice of labels. White sugar, brown sugar, coffee beans, ground coffee, coffee filters, and other items need to be labeled in different ways in your kitchen. Very useful. The labels are the right size for all of my containers and are easy to apply. It was very thoughtful for them to include a bubble scraper in the package as that helps when applying them. I would recommend buying the La Savi labels to get your kitchen and pantry in order.

9. Dekluttr Containers Waterproof Minimalist Organization

Dekluttr Containers Waterproof Minimalist Organization

VUDECO offers a great set of pantry labels stickers preprinted that can be used to organize your kitchen, as well as the entire home, including fridge, laundry room, storage, bathroom, closet, cleaning supplies, and office. There are 144 waterproof container labels for your kitchen pantry essentials. There are 12 pantry stickers for you to use. The pantry stickers are perfect for glass. The Dekluttr minimalist pantry labels are preprinted with a minimalist design to keep your pantry and kitchen organized. It's perfect for both glass and plastic containers. The labels are printed on high quality vinyl and are perfect for kitchens. There is a wide variety of labels. You can add whatever you need with the total labels and blank labels. They have a bathroom, laundry, spices, and a secondary pantry label set. Use labels to create an awesome and organized pantry that everyone will love. Their waterproof labels are perfect for the kitchen.

Brand: Dekluttr

👤Very useful stickers. I don't see any spelling errors like the reviews had. Stickers are strong and thick. I don't think I could put all the labels together. flattening them with books did the trick.

👤If you mess up one of the labels, you need to order them again. You will have over 100 labels you don't need.

👤It's very nice, like a thin vinyl sticker.

👤These are great. It is easy to use and make everything look unified.

👤These stickers are gorgeous. They are very nice to look at. 10/10

👤There are many labels. I like it. There are many options to choose from. These labels were used to organize my laundry room. Great product! It's a good thing.

10. TBMax Cereal Container Oatmeal Dispenser

TBMax Cereal Container Oatmeal Dispenser

The silicone seal is easy to clean. The dishwasher has a top rack that you can put the locking lids on. The dishwasher is safe for any rack. Every pouring is made neat and clean by using a measuring cup and pour spout. Rice storage container, airtight bin design with 2 silicone seal, keep your food dry and fresh, measuring cup need screw on over the pour spout. Rice container withBPA Free plastic is safe for food storage like flour, rice, nuts, beans, snack, cereal, pet food storage etc. The container is small and convenient to fit your pantry and refrigerator. The rice dispensers are perfect for your rice cooker.

Brand: Tbmax

👤I knew I had made a mistake when I saw the size of the box. When I opened it, they were even smaller than I thought. The measuring cup on the top is the only positive thing about them, the container is much smaller than the photos show.

👤These containers are gorgeous. Making my small pantry more organized is my new obsession. These are great, but only on my top shelf. I would tell everyone to buy them for their rice, oatmeal, and other food. I wish they came in small sizes, as my shelves don't have the right height, but they are amazing.

👤Dollar store quality plastic is very cheap. The design is great but the product is terrible. The plastic is cheap and the little tabs that keep the lid closed are not going to last very long. The paint job on the measurement is cheap and poorly done. I would have paid three or four dollars for these.

👤Love the design. It's easy to see the contents. The measuring cup "lid" doesn't fit very tightly, and it's annoying that the top can be accidentally knocked off, because I'm storing dry ingredients. I'll be buying more if the need arises.

👤It's very sturdy, easy to fill and lock closed.

👤I like the product. The ad is not telling the whole truth. It is very small. There is no box of cereals here. Forget the bag of sugar. The product is good but overpriced and I won't buy it again because of the deceptive advertising.

👤The smell is like chemicals. A strong smell. The smell didn't get any better after I washed it. It is definitely not a good idea to eat food that has been stored in this. I wouldn't be surprised if something in my food is harmful.

👤The bag of cereals next to it would not fit in just one container. Someone messed up on making the measurements correctly labeled.

11. Storage Containers Dispenser Airtight Measuring

Storage Containers Dispenser Airtight Measuring

The kitchen essentials are innovative. Over the past 40 years, they've innovated kitchen products and housewares with unique gadgets and tools for food preparation. Every pouring is made neat and clean by using a measuring cup and pour spout. Rice storage container, airtight bin design with 2 silicone seal, keep your food dry and fresh. The measuring cup needs a screw on the pour spout. The container is ideal for food storage like flour, rice, nuts, beans, snack, cereal, pet food storage. The container is small and portable to fit your pantry and refrigerator. Perfect for your rice cooker, the rice dispensers are enough to hold 2KG of rice.

Brand: Tbmax

👤This is a nice product and I appreciate its handiness, but it is very small and the photos in the product description can be tricky and deceptive. It's about 3.5 in x 6 in and 9.5 in tall, but that includes the cup that sits on top. For perspective, a typical phone is about 3x6, so imagine your phone going straight up for less than the height of a sheet of paper. Before you buy this container, make sure you know it's a small one. The larger container's photos look exactly like the small version, which is why there are larger options by this same seller.

👤It doesn't fit a five pound bag of rice. At least not for me. There are two more The cup is a bit clumsy putting it back on. There are 3 more The cups are hard to read. I think it's expensive for what you get. I would say it was worth it, but not at this price.

👤I keep my rice in these bins. The containers can hold a bit of rice. I like them in my pantry. Thanks!

👤I ordered it for rice. The pictures implied it was bigger than it really was. There is no way a box of cereals will fit in a small bag of rice. I will be back. This is the size to hold a bag of sugar. It's a good holder for something small, but not for what it was advertised to hold.

👤I bought two for rice and one for oatmeal. The container is smaller than I thought, it's suppose to be over 4 lbs. I attached a picture of a 5lb bag of oatmeal that I had already made a couple bowls of oatmeal with before filling one of the containers. The bag of oatmeal has quite a bit left. The quality seems decent, but the lid is a real problem. I jiggled the front into place after putting the lid on the back end. I don't think it's worth it for the size and price.

👤It's much easier to measure how much I feed the cats with the measuring cup I got. I use it daily and the markings on the measuring cup are starting to fade, but it is still as good.

👤I already had one of these and I bought another. I used the first one to store rice. It's hard to seal a box of rice up tightly enough to keep bugs out. This item helps to keep whatever you put in it fresh. I will use the new one to store pasta. The measuring cup on the lid is a bonus. It makes getting the right amount very easy. I may buy more in the future if the need arises. Great product.

👤Good products. The rice can be stored safely to avoid contact with the insect.

👤Le cabe tiene un buen material.

👤I use this container for rice.


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What are the best brands for baking labels for pantry?

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