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1. Mobiusea Creation Scalloped Waterproof Packaging

Mobiusea Creation Scalloped Waterproof Packaging

Get ready to be a fan. They will not cut corners in their support of you. They know you're a big deal and they'll only provide you with the finest product and service or your money back, so you're making an intelligent decision. Add your KITCHEN ALMIGHTY 670 Attractive Bold Cursive Clear Spice Labels to your cart and experience the KITCHEN ALMIGHTY customer experience phenomenon! Add to cart now to begin the journey! Baking goods and bakery business owners can get baked with love. Local delicious homemade foods, franchised bakery store, distinguishes your product among the competition. 500 pieces of waterproof baked with love just for you stickers in a roll. The diameter is 1.5 ". A beautiful heart background with black and red. This is a cost-effective way to engage with your customers. The design by Mobiusea designer is unique. The shape with the heart background promotes happy and optimistic emotion. A final touch to your handmade bakery goods packaging, bakery labels and cupcake stickers. Stand out and grab attention, these functional decorative bakery labels are easy match brown and other colors and can be added to cupcake labels, handmade goods tags, cupcake boxes, cookie jar, bread bags and gift stickers. The 30-day return program from Mobiusea provides a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Brand: Mobiusea Creation

👤The quality is good, but smaller than I expected. The delivery was quick and well packaged.

👤It opens after a few minutes. Needs improvement.

👤Exactly as described. Fast shipping. Great product.

👤The labels were too small. I could not read the print.

2. Homemade Sticker Writing Canning Labels

Homemade Sticker Writing Canning Labels

You may lose some when opening the roll. 500 brown labels per roll. The round stickers are 2 inches in diameter. The sticker reads'made with love' and features a red heart. The label has 2 lines for writing your name, price, contents, and ingredients. These stickers are great for bake sales, small businesses, and more. The brown label stock sticks to most surfaces. It was made in the USA. It is pending.

Brand: Sblabels

👤These labels represent what I feel when I prepare my products. I put my labels on my items with great pride and it said it best.

👤These large sized stickers add a wonderful touch to my home products or gifts. They are of good quality. Since the label is dark in color, it's best to use a dark black marker to write on it. A good product, but a bit pricey. Do I really need so many labels?

👤I love these stickers. I used them in my wedding favors. I had no problem with them peeling off or coming undone. They are on top of a 4 oz mason jar, if that helps anyone make their decision. You can't beat the price or quality. This product is very good.

👤The top of the mason jar lid was perfect for these. I used them to give jams and hellies as gifts, they were fantastic. I used a fine tip sharpie and it worked perfectly, other reviews said that ink was smeared and never dried, but I didn't have that problem. The first time you use the glue, make sure you have it where you want it, because there are so many babies that need to be removed.

👤You can't go wrong with the money and the number, they look great on the jar lid. I've bought many labels for more money and less value and not been happy with them. The 2 # label fits perfectly on a quart size lid and is in the middle of a quart size jar, so you won't regret buying them.

👤Love the stickers. I make soap and sell it at the fair. The space on the sticker gives it a nice finishing touch. I am hoping to start canning this summer and the labels will be helpful to indicate what is in the jar.

👤I share some goodies with people who like them and they comment on how much they like them. These labels convey that love goes into so much of what I do in the kitchen.

👤Cute stickers that fit jars. These were a hit with our friends and we bought them for Christmas.

3. Containers Minimalist Preprinted Waterproof Organization

Containers Minimalist Preprinted Waterproof Organization

An easy set up is included with the reference sheet. The sticker set has an alphabetized reference sheet with each label's page number location to make it easy to label. The most common kitchen ingredients and items found in the US are preprinted on 134 farmhouse labels. OnlyICKER LABELS. jars and containers are not included. Three custom sizes to fit different jar dimensions will give your pantry a high-end look. Bin storage items are included in the set. Waterproof and resilience are included. The labels are printed on high-quality vinyl. Water and oil are resistant to labels. The finish is very smooth and easy to clean. Stickers are easy to apply and can be removed. The style is designer. This beautiful label maker design will complete your minimalist farmhouse look. They add a high-end style to your kitchen. There is a matching Spice Set available. An easy set up is included with the reference sheet. The sticker set has an alphabetized reference sheet with each label's page number location to make it easy to label.

Brand: Quart + Pint

👤I don't like farmhouse style or script fonts that are hard to read. The labels are stylish and practical. They are very easy to apply. I'm very paranoid about things being level and my labels lining up no matter what container they're in. These are very easy to re-position. Once you like where it is, they stay and stand up to the containers being handled constantly by both the adults and the kids in the house. If you need to cut them down, these have enough space around the words. I wanted to look uniform and had some weird containers. Not everything on the list is what I need. That is the case of every list I checked, and no one will let you give them a personalized list of 20 items to make for black labels. These are the most applicable and comprehensive list for my needs. These are definitely recommended by me.

👤I like the larger labels for my containers. I bought these to organize my pantry, and now it's so organized. I love it!

👤I like these labels. If we applied them wrong, they were easy to adjust to. We painted the canisters to match their lids. The small spice labels were also purchased by us. I gave it a 4 because the variety of labels did not match the canisters we needed. There were different labels we needed.

👤I like the look of these labels and they have many different options to choose from. The plastic doesn't seem to want to stay on some of the containers, so I'm a little worried about that. We will see how they hold up, but they are beautiful and everything I wanted.

👤These labels were beautiful and I bought them for some storage containers. They are easy to read. Excellent quality. It was a good purchase, considering there were so many. There is a lot of different kinds of stickers.

👤After a day, the labels began to peel off. They are pretty but won't stay on.

👤It's perfect for organizing my pantry. Excellent quality and easy to read.

👤Coffee, rice, flour, muffins, and cookies. There is a lot of variety in the labels. I'm considering buying the labels and jar to match my current set.

4. Canning Labels Dissolvable Stickers Mason

Canning Labels Dissolvable Stickers Mason

The waterproof labels are designed in a cute lace shape and will be an essential accessory to decorate all special occasions like Christmas, birthday, cocktail party, weddings. Canning labels can be dissolved under any temperature of water in seconds. Your round is 2 in. The mason jar label stickers fit perfectly on the containers. You can write on with pens, pencils, felts, and more. Ensure freshness with the food labels for containers. These lid stickers are also suitable for plastic, metal, or wood containers. Your blank sticker labels make it easy to keep your pantry, freezer, and jams organized. Have fun labeling your homemade creations with food labels. Accurate dissolvable labels help keep old food, drinks, and containers out of the landfill.

Brand: Mess

👤When exposed to the condensation of the labeled jar from the refrigerator to room temperature, the label was completely dissolved and stuck to the jar. A gummy mess was made.

👤The labels are very well put together. They are easy to write about. I wondered how well they would survive. They break down in hot, soapy water. The first thing to do is to put the label on. I washed them with a wash rag after letting them soak for 5 minutes. The glass was clean. I don't know how well they remove in a dishwasher, but I guess they would also remove cleanly in there.

👤I love the labels. I bought them so I could keep track of my cooking oils. I could tell them apart. If the glass item gets dirty. I can just wash it and put a new sticker on it. Possibly with something else inside. This may be an issue for you, but not for me. The stickers look a little patchy, but there is a slight opaqueness to them. The nature of the label is what I contribute to.

👤These labels are easy to use and dissolvable, they are very stylish. I use disposable canning lids. I can't write on them. These labels can be used. I am going to try a cheaper brand because they are pricey for me. Will check back to see if the price changes. The price is definitely worth it if you don't mind.

👤I keep a lot of things in glass jars. I am able to tell you what kind of flour you are buying. My husband can't use sugar. Salt makes really bad cinnamon toast. Once the label is dirty or I want to wash the container, the label will slip off in warm soapy water. I love these.

👤It's hard to write about it. The reason I got labels was to label something. The paper on the label was very flimsy. I couldn't read what I wrote because the ink bled so much. I tried to write on the label with a roller ball pen. It wouldn't write. I can't write on the label that is good. The edges of the label are starting to peel. The product needs improvement.

👤These came with no instructions and were not tested through a whole cycle of usage. I stuck some on a bunch of jars. Within minutes, two of the three came off. The jars were half full. The label on the jar has not changed. I had to clean off the lids before attaching the label. This seemed to work. Instructions would have helped.

👤The labels are perfect. They are the right size to go on the top of the jar. The labels are easy to write on and have enough room for all the information you need. I was happy to be able to remove the label without any leftover mess. These labels are great.

5. Stickers Business Sticker Different Packaging

Stickers Business Sticker Different Packaging

The label stickers can be stuck on paper, plastic, glass, fabric and so on. Roll of Thank You Label Stickers comes in 8 different rich styles with Premium quantity of stickers to meet your daily decorative demands for different business occasions. Excellent quality material. The stickers are printed on a high quality paper with no bad smell. Let your customers know. You should approve their purchase. The Thank You Stickers Roll features eye-catching designs. Patterns are perfect for all events. It gives you a professional look at your package. It's perfect for small businesses. It's suitable for businesses, online retailers, bake sales, boutiques and small shops. It's easy to fall off if you stick firmly. Just peel off the roll, clean or wipe the surface, paste it onto the spot, press it with little pressure, and send your customer a message!

Brand: Generic

👤They have a variety of styles and the box is dispensers. Excellent quality. I like the message that is not a basic thank you.

👤They add a nice touch to our out going orders.

👤I love these! I want my customer to know that I appreciate their business and these are perfect.

👤These are a nice finishing touch. I love them!

👤The personal touch is added to packages. I like the designs.

👤I use all these stickers for my online orders. Thank you!

👤These are good for mailing my orders. It was on time.

👤It was just what I needed to make my products look better.

6. Chalkboard Labels 180pcs Waterproof Blackboard Decoration

Chalkboard Labels 180pcs Waterproof Blackboard Decoration

WIDE RANGE OF USE: Totally 180pcs waterproof chalkboard labels can be used for jars, organizing, labeling, and more. The Chalkboard Sticker labels are used to decorate and organize your pantry, office, cupboard, garage sale, containers, office, parties, bakeries, coffee shop, craft projects, walls and kids bedrooms. The material is PREMIUM. High quality waterproof chalkboard labels made from superior durable vinyl material have a matt texture and are dishwasher safe. Chalkboard labels are a good choice for kitchen pantry storage labels. It's easy to use and store. Write, peel and stick. You can change the contents of your jars whenever you need to just wipe clean with a damp cloth. The writing surface is smooth, allow regular chalk or any liquid chalk marker to write on, chalkboard labels with packing box are a fun project that let you easily personalize your party supplies, also remaining black labels can be storge into box. There is a chkpen included. The pen is safe around children and animals and has long lasting and quick drying features. Your kids will have no excuse not to put things away in the right place if you organize the most messy spaces with chalkboard labels and a white liquid chalk marker. chalk labels for classroom are popular with teachers. Please shake the pen point and then push it down to write. You can find the complete set, which includes a roll of 180 chalkboard labels and a white chalk marker. You can cut these blackboard labels into different shapes, use them as glass bottle labels for eye-catching table numbers, or use them as decorative slate stickers for a dessert buffet. Chalkboard labels are great for special occasions.

Brand: Onupgo

👤I like these labels. They stick well, and if you use a little scraper tool, you can get them off of smooth surfaces. The finish of the stickers is not good with the "chalk" marker that these come with. Once dry, the paint will oxidize. This has been true for every label/chalk marker set I have ever owned. I found that using a silver sharpie marker works 10 times better than using a white marker. I used carpet tape, which is very flat and sticky, but it worked amazingly well because my labels were not sticking. Good luck labeling! There is a song called "Vinyl-Scraping-2-Piece" by the artist, "Lil Chizler."

👤I like the labels, they are stretchy and rubbery, and very flexible to any jar or container. You have to press hard in order to get a nice heavy white look with the pen. The Penn color fades a bit after a few uses. You can reuse them over and over again because it dries nicely with a paper towel. I had a few of them in an open cupboard above my electric tea kettle and the steam was making the writing run. If you accidentally grab the label, you will smudge or wipe off the White marker. Every time you lift up the marker, it leaves a dot mark which doesn't look nice on your label.

👤It was a complete waste to buy this. The chalk does not stay and can be easily wiped off. It would be better if I sat for a few days. The ink hasn't stayed in place. I had to get a labeler and put a label on the sticker. The cloth/wicker baskets are not held by the stickers. I refuse to try any other labels from Amazon because I have not had a fix for this. This was a huge disappointment. The product is used for pantry organization. I used glass containers and cloth baskets. It has been almost two weeks since I opened the box.

👤There was no pen in my package. I purchased pens from another seller, but this is only for the labels, because Amazon fixed the issue. The labels seem great. They stick well. It's going to stay where you put it, so make absolutely sure that's where you want it. I don't know if they're replaceable or not. They took the ink from my marker. They took a light mark from a piece of chalk. They don't have the same texture as chalkboard. I didn't have the green ones that I grew up with. It's exactly what I wanted.

👤I don't know what the "waterproof" reference means. If the label gets wet after you use the pen on it, the ink will run and get messy, so just let you know. The drink had some condensation after being used on bottles. The writing was smudged and messy. A bit disappointed and trying to find a solution to the problem.

👤The stickers are in one shape. You can either cut it smaller or larger. If you make a mistake, you can't erase the sticker, but you can use paint markers to change the color. I tried chalk markers and they didn't work. It comes with a white marker that you can use to fix or erase a mistake, but if you try to apply it again it won't stick.

7. Stickers Self Adhesive Cosmetic Handmade Decoration

Stickers Self Adhesive Cosmetic Handmade Decoration

It can be used for decorating dessert package, gift boxes, envelope, diary, photo album, scrapbook,biscuit boxes, pastry boxes or other party gifts. The waterproof board labels are made of high quality vinyl. The ink can be dried quickly. The texture is clean. The width is 50mm and the height is 30mm. These labels are for kitchen organizers. You can cut them into smaller pieces. It's easy to use, just three steps. It can be easily removed and replaced. Their paper labels are ideal for jars, bottles, canisters, pantry storage, cupboards, scrapbooking, folders, office, wedding decorations and more. The waterproof labels are designed in a cute lace shape and will be an essential accessory to decorate all special occasions like Christmas, birthday, cocktail party, weddings.

Brand: Pimoys

👤The product was supposed to be used to label my soap. The size was not what I expected. The color and texture of the labels were okay. I don't know if I will be able to use them for what I intended.

👤It worked out as advertised. I use good glue, it's pretty and there are no off shapes on my roll. They were used to label bread at the farmers market. It is definitely worth it.

👤They were not what I was expecting. Would not order again and would not be able to use them.

👤These are fine. I don't know if I read description. I thought they were bigger. But work well.

👤It's easy to stick to my jars of herbs. The shape is adorable.

👤It's used for planted items and kitchen items.

👤They work well, but are smaller than I needed.

8. Homemade Stickers Perforated Sticker Kitchen

Homemade Stickers Perforated Sticker Kitchen

A uniform look across all of the kitchen jar labels can be achieved by using the size range of the fonts. 500 homemade stickers labels per roll are included in the package. The sticker is 1.5 inches in diameter. Shrink-wrapped. Each pattern is carefully designed, easy to peel and printing clearly, with 9 different love homemade labels. The homemade stickers have a strong backing. You can peel it off and stick it on the place you want. The perforation line design is widely used. Well packaged. It's perfect for homemade Jelly, Jam, soaps, candles, crafts, baked goods and canning labels. It's perfect for gifts to give to kids, family members and close friends. It's great for holiday gifts.

Brand: Fancy Land

👤I use my same colored paper bags. I like that they are different. It makes my packaging unique. I like them a lot. It is easy to work with. Each of them can be ripped with the tape to share. It makes everything more special.

👤These are very cute. They are the perfect size for 1/2 jar lid. I put them in freezer jam jars and they were fine.

👤The trendy stickers are nice and the glue is great. Would buy again.

👤I used these labels for my bakery business. It's the right touch for homemade goods. I put a list of ingredients in a sticky lable. It works well.

👤My daughter makes baked goods for her customers. This year, cupcakes! This looked great on top of the cupcake holder.

👤The treat bags I bought did not have any labels. The labels are cute and come in a variety of styles. It's worth the money.

👤I love the product. It's sticky, nice variety and value.

👤These were great for neighbor gifts. I put them on top of the jar and it held up. I thought they were bigger.

👤The item does what it says on the tin.

👤The product arrived on time.

👤I am immer, wenn Irgendwas selber mache.

👤tiquettes magnifiques! J'espre Le seront jusqu' la fin du rouleau. Achat de mon achat.

9. NSWDYLO Homemade Stickers Handmade Personal

NSWDYLO Homemade Stickers Handmade Personal

Perfect for a wedding, birthday, party, Thanksgiving Day, mother's day, father's day, gifts or any special events. 500PCS per roll. 500 blue "made with love stickers" per roll will satisfy your needs, each sticker is about 1.5 inches in diameter. The eye-catching colors of the homemade stickers will make your customers more satisfied with your creations. These handmade label stickers are easy to peel and stick. You can peel them from the roll and stick them on the packages. These homemade with love stickers are a unique way to show your appreciation. It's perfect for homemade Jelly, Jam, soaps, candles, crafts, baked goods, canning labels, jar labels etc. There are applicable churchyards. The "made with love" sticker is the perfect way to add a personalized touch to your creations. It's great for holiday gifts.

Brand: Nswdylo

👤These are pretty looking Stickers that you can put on anything you make. You can write on the stickers with the good adhesion. I would buy them again. Good value.

👤I make a lot of homemade items and INRDeals They are very nicely done.

👤It's easy to wipe off and write on.

👤It's hard to write on and never stick to boxes.

👤They are difficult to write about. They looked like they needed to be able to write on them.

👤All the writing comes off these stickers.

10. 670 Labels Preprinted Alphabetized Organization

670 Labels Preprinted Alphabetized Organization

We only use the best materials for their sticky labels for jars, so you can be certain of the high quality of cute sticky labels. Kitchen Almighty's unique numbered reference sheet helps you find spices in a breeze, you can go to the cover page to find the spice you need, then find out the page number, and finally go to the exact page to locate it. Kitchen Almighty's premium spice jar labels set comes with 498 preprinted spice labels, 96 blank labels, 10 +, 10 and 50 "best by" labels. It is easy to read and locate. The labels are made of transparent PET with both black and white fonts for perfect contrast for both dark and light spices, and the backing of the system is ideal for 4, 6 and 8 ounces glass spices. The round corners of the labels are easy to peel off. Gloves are not included. Get ready to be a fan. They will not cut corners in their support of you. They know you're a big deal and they'll only provide you with the finest product and service or your money back, so you're making an intelligent decision. Add your KITCHEN ALMIGHTY 670 Attractive Bold Cursive Clear Spice Labels to your cart and experience the KITCHEN ALMIGHTY customer experience phenomenon! Add to cart now to begin the journey!

Brand: Kitchen Almighty

👤I put my spices in jars. They look great! I am very happy with them.

👤I can't read the white labels without the white paper. It would have been better if the white was printed on black paper. It could have been larger.

👤The white ones are not legible on the light background paper.

👤After a week of use, the ink wore off.

👤There were labels on the jars. Also a good stocking stuffer.

👤The black card helped to see the white lettering and where to find the spice sticker.

11. Mangsen Homemade Sticker Adhesive Packaging

Mangsen Homemade Sticker Adhesive Packaging

Homemade goods help strengthen the local economy by bringing a higher percentage of revenue to the community. Adding their stickers to your products is a great way to show you care. Premium quality is 2 inches in diameter. 500 labels per roll. The paper is high-quality. These homemade with love labels are easy to peel or stick, they won't fall off easily. The sticker is made with love and features a red heart shape. The label has 2 lines for writing your name, price, contents, ingredients and more. Their stickers are perfect for your small business, online retail shop, bake sales, festival or Holiday sales, gifts, art & crafts and a lot more. It can help your business grow. The homemade with love kraft stickers are ideal for a variety of items.

Brand: Lpraer

👤The stickers are clear and good to look at. I was impressed by how well they are wrapped. They were delivered in the rain. It was like a pool burst over our property. I was certain my labels would be a mess. It was dry as a bone. The fact that the labels are great was a big plus. The first person to see them wanted more. It's funny.

👤It was a perfect touch for the holiday cards. The size of the envelope is just right for a standard card envelope, and the rest will be saved for next year.

👤These are the perfect size for our Christmas cards. The designs are very cute and the colors are spot on.

👤These labels are great for cards.

👤Excellent quality. I looked classy on my envelopes.

👤Excellent quality stickers. They're perfect for business cards.

👤I would order again from this company. The quality and value are excellent.

👤I added a touch to my Christmas card. I loved them!

👤There are lots of stickers to choose from. It was very easy to use.

👤The lettering is off to one side. The gold foil is missing in places. I won't buy any other options again.

👤Would recommend these.

👤I love sending mail with these.


What is the best product for baking labels personalized?

Baking labels personalized products from Mobiusea Creation. In this article about baking labels personalized you can see why people choose the product. Sblabels and Quart + Pint are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking labels personalized.

What are the best brands for baking labels personalized?

Mobiusea Creation, Sblabels and Quart + Pint are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking labels personalized. Find the detail in this article. Mess, Generic and Onupgo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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