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1. Mobiusea Creation Scalloped Waterproof Packaging

Mobiusea Creation Scalloped Waterproof Packaging

Get ready to be a fan. They will not cut corners in their support of you. They know you're a big deal and they'll only provide you with the finest product and service or your money back, so you're making an intelligent decision. Add your KITCHEN ALMIGHTY 670 Attractive Bold Cursive Clear Spice Labels to your cart and experience the KITCHEN ALMIGHTY customer experience phenomenon! Add to cart now to begin the journey! Baking goods and bakery business owners can get baked with love. Local delicious homemade foods, franchised bakery store, distinguishes your product among the competition. 500 pieces of waterproof baked with love just for you stickers in a roll. The diameter is 1.5 ". A beautiful heart background with black and red. This is a cost-effective way to engage with your customers. The design by Mobiusea designer is unique. The shape with the heart background promotes happy and optimistic emotion. A final touch to your handmade bakery goods packaging, bakery labels and cupcake stickers. Stand out and grab attention, these functional decorative bakery labels are easy match brown and other colors and can be added to cupcake labels, handmade goods tags, cupcake boxes, cookie jar, bread bags and gift stickers. The 30-day return program from Mobiusea provides a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Brand: Mobiusea Creation

👤The quality is good, but smaller than I expected. The delivery was quick and well packaged.

👤It opens after a few minutes. Needs improvement.

👤Exactly as described. Fast shipping. Great product.

👤The labels were too small. I could not read the print.

2. 1000pcs Stickers Adhesive Decorative Christmas

1000pcs Stickers Adhesive Decorative Christmas

The package includes 96 pieces of chalk labels for food containers with Round, Oval, Rectangle, and 6 other shapes in Small, Medium, and Large sizes along with 2 White Chalk Marker. Pink Heart shaped stickers are 1'' diameter and 2.5 cm diameter. 500 labels per roll. The thank you small business stickers are strong and easy to peel or stick. As picture. The faux glitter design gives the look of foil. Most surfaces, including bags, cardboard, glass, boxes, tissue, plastic, metal and more, are covered with high quality gloss stock. It's a good idea for a gift or business at home. It's perfect for weddings, birthday's, boutiques and more.

Brand: Yyaaloa

👤The description is important. The images all show a 3” sticker, but I ordered 1” because it was the size of a nickel. I was shocked when tiny earring package size stickers came, having ordered 1,000 3” for a similar price in the past. They are tiny. I will use them, but will have to order 3 more.

👤The photos are so small they wouldn't look good on an envelope or a small package. I am sad that I will be donating these as well as some other ones because they are not going to work for much of anything. Very disappointed.

👤Excellent quality for the price. I like that these are a little smaller, as the envelopes I usually use for cards tend to run on the small side. The paper looks great, and the white snowflakes have a little shine to them. Very happy with the purchase. They are great and look forward to using them this holiday season and next.

👤They are a bit smaller than I thought. They work well for adding to cards. I attach them to my cards with a ribbon or strip of paper after I add them to a circle. It's all about using your imagination. I would purchase again.

👤The colors on these were expected to be more vibrant. I kept them but I will not order them when they run out.

👤There are clear images. They stick very well. I tried to remove one to see if it was possible, but it wasn't easy. Exactly what I needed.

👤They are small and on a roll. They had tape over the stickers. I think they are okay for the price.

👤Definitely not pink! More pink than peach. They are small, so make sure you get the right size, because they are.

3. Happiness Stickers Self Adhesive Crafting Decorations

Happiness Stickers Self Adhesive Crafting Decorations

It's a good idea for a gift or business at home. It's perfect for weddings, birthday's, boutiques and more. The design of these stickers is adorable, with words of 'WARNING', 'Opening this package will cause extreme happiness', and cute words to remind the customers or gift recipients of upcoming extreme happiness. You can use these stickers for a variety of purposes, from personal decoration to decorating envelopes, greeting cards, paper towels, bags, etc. The warning stickers are made of semi glossy paper, which is odorless and not susceptible to water, so they are not prone to getting water on them. The stickers are self-adhesive and can be pasted on the packaging box of your handmade craft, which can achieve the decorative effect and bring surprises to the gift recipients. The package contains 2 rolls of extreme happiness labels, each roll has 500 pieces, a total of 1000 pieces stickers, and enough quantity to meet your daily decoration needs. It is 1.5 inch in diameter.

Brand: Zonon

👤Would like them to be bigger. Or offer a bigger option.

👤My customers love the stickers being added to their packages.

👤These are easy to use and large.

👤People like these. I get a lot of feedback.

4. Handmade Stickers Homemade Packaging Decoration

Handmade Stickers Homemade Packaging Decoration

Level up your packing. Their envelope seal stickers are waterproof, so you don't need to worry about rain while delivering your goods. Their thank you stickers will not smudge or fade even when exposed to water or sunlight. Handmade with love stickers are great for decorations, baking cakes and bread package, handmade candle wrap, gift wrap, jar canning, crafts and others. 500 labels per roll is perfect size. The roll is easy to peel and stick on. The stock sticks to most surfaces. Adding a special touch to your goods is possible with homemade love stickers. Your friends and loved will be appreciated. It's perfect for small business and perfect for baking, craft project, and small business boutique bags.

Brand: Giftideaworkshop

👤I loved the Stickers. I used them for small jewelry boxes. They look great.

👤High quality stickers. They look good on my packaging.

👤Large labels at a good price.

👤The price went up but the product is great. I didn't mind the small increase. Would love to see you make the stickers yourself.

👤Cute! These are gorgeous and glossy. It was really good for the price.

👤Excellent quality. They looked professional.

5. Round Natural Kraft Stickers Labels

Round Natural Kraft Stickers Labels

You can quickly find the one you want at the first glance with the help of the index card. The labels measure from 1.7” to 0.8” for different storage volumes. There are 1.5 inch round brown stickers. The sticker reads 'Home Made' and has a red heart on it. Most surfaces are covered with the stock from the label. It was made in the USA. Quality stock.

Brand: Sblabels

👤These are so cute and the look of natural paper sold me over the ones I normally order. You get a lot for the price. I was sad when I added them to my jars because they were so small that I couldn't write on them. I will use them to add to my home made gifts, but not large enough for my canning jars. They are perfect for gift giving because they are pretty and look great.

👤These fit any container or jar.

👤These are great to place on the back and easy to peel off. Very cute design.

👤I put this sticker on our business cards.

👤The homemade baked goods have a perfect touch.

👤It seems to be a good product. Very cute!

👤My homemade gifts have this cute addition.

👤I put the stickers on my bread bags to keep them closed. They don't stick.

6. Homemade Sticker Writing Canning Labels

Homemade Sticker Writing Canning Labels

You may lose some when opening the roll. 500 brown labels per roll. The round stickers are 2 inches in diameter. The sticker reads'made with love' and features a red heart. The label has 2 lines for writing your name, price, contents, and ingredients. These stickers are great for bake sales, small businesses, and more. The brown label stock sticks to most surfaces. It was made in the USA. It is pending.

Brand: Sblabels

👤These labels represent what I feel when I prepare my products. I put my labels on my items with great pride and it said it best.

👤These large sized stickers add a wonderful touch to my home products or gifts. They are of good quality. Since the label is dark in color, it's best to use a dark black marker to write on it. A good product, but a bit pricey. Do I really need so many labels?

👤I love these stickers. I used them in my wedding favors. I had no problem with them peeling off or coming undone. They are on top of a 4 oz mason jar, if that helps anyone make their decision. You can't beat the price or quality. This product is very good.

👤The top of the mason jar lid was perfect for these. I used them to give jams and hellies as gifts, they were fantastic. I used a fine tip sharpie and it worked perfectly, other reviews said that ink was smeared and never dried, but I didn't have that problem. The first time you use the glue, make sure you have it where you want it, because there are so many babies that need to be removed.

👤You can't go wrong with the money and the number, they look great on the jar lid. I've bought many labels for more money and less value and not been happy with them. The 2 # label fits perfectly on a quart size lid and is in the middle of a quart size jar, so you won't regret buying them.

👤Love the stickers. I make soap and sell it at the fair. The space on the sticker gives it a nice finishing touch. I am hoping to start canning this summer and the labels will be helpful to indicate what is in the jar.

👤I share some goodies with people who like them and they comment on how much they like them. These labels convey that love goes into so much of what I do in the kitchen.

👤Cute stickers that fit jars. These were a hit with our friends and we bought them for Christmas.

7. Chielor Stickers Self Adhesive Handmade Decoration

Chielor Stickers Self Adhesive Handmade Decoration

It is a standard permanent glue. There are stickers for homemade cookies. Brown draft. The label stickers are made of high-quality material that provides a great look and feel. The size of each label: 5 x 3 cm/2” x 1.2” is non-toxic and safe to use around the children or animals. Natural kraft stickers adhere well to paper, plastic, glass, fabric without leaving any trace. They can be used for pantry storage bins, gift wrap, and coffee canisters. There are 6 different gift tags that are simple and minimalist. It's perfect for birthday, anniversary, Christmas gifts, baby showers, weddings, and more. These 1.2” x 2” gift tags have ridges on the outer edges of the label. Each roll has 3 unique designs. You won't have to worry about searching for an item again. You should organize and mark your house. Children's closets, toy rooms, kitchens, bathroom and home offices can all be organized. The brown label gives items a natural look. The waterproof sticker is great for home-made lotion bottle, wine glass, coffee or tea tins, canisters, baskets and more. The Chalkboard Stickers are used to decorate and organize your house.

Brand: Chielor

👤This is convenient. I use these for everything from gift tags to food labels. I have been able to use a lot of different things. They are sticky. If you take them out of a glass or a dish, be prepared to use something else. I have a roll of these in my house and it would be hard to live without them.

👤These labels are great. They have a brown butcher paper look. I had to pull the labels off of the jars that I tried out. It seems like they will be useful.

👤What I was looking for! The labels are a perfect size for 2 or 4 bottles.

👤Adding some charm to my cabinet was what these worked for. I wrote on them with a silver sharpie.

👤They are easy to remove from the paper and write on. There are 3 different designs. They mesh well.

👤I like these. Each gift is unique and they are easy to label. They work well with metallic pens.

👤The design of the labels is great. The size was too small for my embosser.

👤If they would stick better, it would be a good deal.

8. Talented Kitchen Containers Preprinted Organization

Talented Kitchen Containers Preprinted Organization

The storage size is 11” x 8” x 6” Use their set of 135 preprinted labels for pantry containers, tall glass canisters, and jars to create an organized, functional, and visually appealing kitchen. The household labels include 8 numbered stickers, 6 ampersand signs, 4 plus signs, and a full alphabetized reference sheet for the most common ingredients such as noodles, white rice, oatmeal, and decaf coffee. The pantry organization labels are preprinted on water-resistant transparent vinyl that can easily be replaced or removed if needed. Their food storage labels are written in black cursive and have a clear background that makes it easy to identify and organize ingredients. The kitchen is organized. A uniform look is created by using the size of the fonts to create pantry container labels.

Brand: Talented Kitchen

👤I tackled the pantry after watching a lot of organizational ideas on the internet. The time was shaved off because of the labels. With so many required, the cost of clear sticker material and limited time to accomplish this task, purchasing these affordable labels was well worth it. The sheets that were preprinted had about 90 percent of the items I needed to label. I am very happy with this purchase. I used clear containers. I used a waterproof white label and stuck it over the coffee. I would submit a photo, but not quite finished with the pantry.

👤The supplementary package is perfect for your pantry and kitchen. I found that all the food items I wanted were in the packs. The labels add that extra wow factor to our pantry. They are easy to remove. I recommend all of the Talented Kitchen products.

👤I had the urge to reorganize my pantry after watching The Home Edit, and these labels made it happen. I used the Talented Kitchen script pantry labels in black to make sure that they all matched the Rubbermaid Brilliance food storage containers. I had to buy 2 sets of labels because we needed 3 "cereal" labels and I needed to cut apart other stickers to create the exact label I wanted. I took the words from different labels to make what I wanted. When I cut it, I could see they were transparent, but I couldn't tell after I filled the container. Don't mess up the placement. They will come off and re-adhere, but they won't be fully transparent anymore. You can smudge the lines, but it takes some work. Make sure you press down in the middle and work your way out if you want to avoid air bubbles. The good part is that they stay in place. There is no doubt about that.

👤I like the labels. I rearranged my pantry to identify the contents of my new clear containers. The script is lovely, and they have almost every item I use. I have a few negative comments. There is a They are difficult to remove and cannot be re-positioned. There is no second chance if you get it right the first time. A thick Sharpie will not write on the blank labels included in the set. I don't know what else to try. Overall, they look great.

👤I like these. My kitchen has been made by them. I like the style. I went crazy and bought the white version and extension set. I love them. I smile when I open my pantry. I put my jars on both glass and canisters and they adhere to both. I've used a few in the fridge and have no issues with glue. I have washed containers with the stickers a few times and they have not had any problems. I've "frankenstein-ed" a few of them. There was only one sticker for the chocolate chips that I have. I put "cookie" and "chips" together to make a new one, just keep that in mind.

9. Waterproof Restaurant Organization Customizable Containers

Waterproof Restaurant Organization Customizable Containers

The waterproof sticker is great for home-made lotion bottle, wine glass, coffee or tea tins, canisters, baskets and more. The Chalkboard Stickers are used to decorate and organize your house. You can name almost every kind of food storage in your kitchen with the Smart Design: 231 PCS of clear glossy stickers. Inner food can be self explanatory and sortable while applying relevant labels, which makes meal prep professional and avoids long term storage. 11 easily distributed sheets, 10 sheets pre-printed with flour, grain, pasta, coffee, and other items, and 1 sheet is your own is easy to use. High-contrast characters are easy to recognize and classify. Premium quality: Solid decals printed on clear stickers. It is not easy to torn water/oil resistant and can be removed without stain. Food containers, plastic bags, and other items are well suited for the high-viscous adhesive. The fridge, dishwasher, and microwave are all available. Self-adhesive labels are designed into different sizes according to the ingredients' volume and use, bigger size for flour labels and smaller size for pepper ones, no worry about inappropriate sizes. Peel off and stick where you please. You can quickly find the one you want at the first glance with the help of the index card. The labels measure from 1.7” to 0.8” for different storage volumes.

Brand: Hebayy

👤I have so many pages of labels that I will never use the cute fonts. I have stickers for sesame seeds but don't have a sticker for milk or chocolate chips. I would like to see a basic pack for baking. I only use about 10 of the 231 labels.

👤I like being organized but a lot of them will never be used. Things like chicken and seafood breading are not included.

👤Sugar and flour should be the same size. I had to make a label so that they would match my counter. I probably won't use most of the labels. I wish I'd looked at the pictures more closely and noted the size of the ones I needed.

👤These were great for organizing my cabinets. You could ask for every possible label.

👤Excellent quality. I should have gotten the white background. These old eyes make it hard to see.

👤I love these. They look great and there are many to choose from. Not cheap looking.

👤The labels are easy to use. What I was looking for!

👤Excellent labels to use on jars. You can find the reference page number at the bottom of the sheet.

👤I love the product. It was very easy to use and no peeling so far. I haven't tried removing them yet. If you change containers, I would like to see some of the more common labels doubled. These look great.

👤It made me laugh so hard that I got a large box of bubble wrap for the labels. The pantry looks nicer now that I like them.

👤J'avais pas le toute la liste.

10. Stickers Self Adhesive Handmade Cosmetic Decoration

Stickers Self Adhesive Handmade Cosmetic Decoration

It's perfect for gifts to give to kids, family members and close friends. It's great for holiday gifts. The waterproof board labels are made of high quality vinyl. The ink can be dried quickly. The texture is clean. The width is 50mm and the height is 30mm. These labels are for kitchen organizers. You can cut them into smaller pieces. It's easy to use, just three steps. It can be easily removed and replaced. Their paper labels are ideal for jars, bottles, canisters, pantry storage, cupboards, scrapbooking, folders, office, wedding decorations and more. The waterproof labels are designed in a cute lace shape and will be an essential accessory to decorate all special occasions like Christmas, birthday, cocktail party, weddings.

Brand: Pimoys

👤I didn't think much of these labels, they are cheap and thin, some tore them from the backing strip, and they can't be re-positioned or removed, a problem for jars that get re-used every year. I won't be buying them again.

👤These little labels are what I needed. They are the right size and cute. I like to label my inventory for my small business. They stay put. It's easy to write on. I don't have a thing to complain about.

👤These are cheap and have low energy and low Frequency, you can feel it in the paper.

👤These are perfect. They are easy to peel off and the right size for smaller projects. The amount you get is worth it. I will probably order more of them.

👤I love using them to label my jars.

👤I like to date my food so I know what's in it and how old it is. The 300 pack will last a long time and I will be buying more of them.

👤tags for gift tags or just organizing your space

👤I had to put packing tape on the labels to keep them out of my bottles. The edges lifted after a day. They're easy to write on and serve their purpose, but they aren't sticky enough to stay on glass for long.

11. Quart Pint Containers Minimalist Organization

Quart Pint Containers Minimalist Organization

The lides snap tight. It is important to keep items fresh. A comfortable grip makes measuring easy. It's not tall, perfect for smaller space storage. The most common kitchen ingredients and items found in the US are preprinted on 134 farmhouse labels. OnlyICKER LABELS. jars and containers are not included. Different sizes. You can give your pantry a high-end custom look with three different sizes. Bin storage items are included in the set. Waterproof and resilience are included. The labels are printed on high-quality vinyl. Water and oil are resistant to labels. The finish is very smooth and easy to clean. Stickers are easy to apply and can be removed. The style is designer. This beautiful label maker design will complete your minimalist farmhouse look. They add a high-end style to your kitchen. There is a matching Spice Set available. An easy set up is included with the reference sheet. The sticker set has an alphabetized reference sheet with each label's page number location to make it easy to label.

Brand: Quart + Pint

👤It is easy to apply and helps me not hate my pantry. ! It's perfect for OXO products.

👤I love the labels! The quality is excellent. After putting them on a little crooked, I had to peel some off and apply again.

👤I am happy with the labels. If you place it wrong, they will fall off, but they are a good quality. It came with a list of all the labels and which ones are on the specific sheet. That was very helpful. This set had everything I needed.

👤I love the minimal design. It was easy to peel off and put back on when I adjusted the position. Love the way they look.

👤Don't love that they peel up and are prone to bubbles when placed on storage containers, and love the look of them, but don't love that they peel up and are prone to bubbles when placed on storage containers.

👤The design is simple. They were easy to put on and I just replaced them when I needed to modify the location. I like how they look.

👤These little labels give a clean and organized look and are easy to remember. I have more to do, but I am happy with the style and quality. Not sure what you want from these stickers.


What is the best product for baking labels stickers?

Baking labels stickers products from Mobiusea Creation. In this article about baking labels stickers you can see why people choose the product. Yyaaloa and Zonon are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking labels stickers.

What are the best brands for baking labels stickers?

Mobiusea Creation, Yyaaloa and Zonon are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking labels stickers. Find the detail in this article. Giftideaworkshop, Sblabels and Sblabels are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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