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1. 670 Labels Preprinted Alphabetized Organization

670 Labels Preprinted Alphabetized Organization

We only use the best materials for their sticky labels for jars, so you can be certain of the high quality of cute sticky labels. Kitchen Almighty's unique numbered reference sheet helps you find spices in a breeze, you can go to the cover page to find the spice you need, then find out the page number, and finally go to the exact page to locate it. Kitchen Almighty's premium spice jar labels set comes with 498 preprinted spice labels, 96 blank labels, 10 +, 10 and 50 "best by" labels. It is easy to read and locate. The labels are made of transparent PET with both black and white fonts for perfect contrast for both dark and light spices, and the backing of the system is ideal for 4, 6 and 8 ounces glass spices. The round corners of the labels are easy to peel off. Gloves are not included. Get ready to be a fan. They will not cut corners in their support of you. They know you're a big deal and they'll only provide you with the finest product and service or your money back, so you're making an intelligent decision. Add your KITCHEN ALMIGHTY 670 Attractive Bold Cursive Clear Spice Labels to your cart and experience the KITCHEN ALMIGHTY customer experience phenomenon! Add to cart now to begin the journey!

Brand: Kitchen Almighty

👤I put my spices in jars. They look great! I am very happy with them.

👤I can't read the white labels without the white paper. It would have been better if the white was printed on black paper. It could have been larger.

👤The white ones are not legible on the light background paper.

👤After a week of use, the ink wore off.

👤There were labels on the jars. Also a good stocking stuffer.

👤The black card helped to see the white lettering and where to find the spice sticker.

2. Round Matte Sticker Inkjet Printing

Round Matte Sticker Inkjet Printing

There is a docking slot that holds your device while you are busy. You can charge your device with the convenientusb port. A printer using a laser or inkjet. The matt surface prevents ink smudges. It is easy to write. The surface is similar to paper. Write on it with markers or pens. There is a self-adhesive material. Peel and paste! Sticks are great on almost any flat surface. PDF and Microsoft Word templates are available for download. The sheet size is 8.5" x 11". There are 30 sheets and 270 labels.

Brand: Townstix

👤I have never written a review for a product I've purchased on Amazon. I would give this product 0 stars. The template instructions are very minimal and require you to use a website called Canva to design, but the circles do not match up with the template. I had to adjust every single circle multiple times to get the image centered and printed in the circles. It took me 2 more hours to get back. If you want to, buy any Avery product. I printed out my labels in 10 minutes.

👤I read the reviews and bought them. I had the same problem with getting them to line up, then having to do every sticker at a time. I figured it out. To create the stickers, only worry about one sticker. You can copy the text by dragging it over. You will fill in the rest of the row with your text after six times. Go back and forth between the entire row and the 888-548-5870 You can drag your finger over the stickers to pick them. To print, make sure your paper size is at least 8.5x11 and you download it as a PDF. The scale is 100%. Every time, they print perfectly.

👤It's going to be difficult to get through my printer. I can't vouch for the quality of the labels, but whoever shipped them should know better.

👤Just what I needed. You can download a template that fits the 1" round labels if you look up them on the website.

👤These aren't usable. Word can't change their templates. The "free" image designer didn't line up the images on the template when printing. Buy the good brand instead of the off brand garbage. Another brand is relying on first time sales. No repeat business on this one.

👤I thought I would save myself some money by buying these instead of the Avery brand. It was a big mistake. I've been trying to use the template to make some labels, but I can't get the text to go to the edge. I've tried to change everything. I have to manually place a text box over each circle in order to fix it. The labels smell strongly of chemicals and the glue is not very strong.

👤The labels are cheap and stick well. That's the only positive thing about them. The package has a link to a template that is not user-friendly. I was able to use the label program to make them, and it was much easier than ordering a different size label. I couldn't use that program for the 1.5" labels because they only have 20 per page. When I printed my labels, the circles in the program do not match the placement of the actual labels, despite the fact that I spent a good hour designing my label and manually copying and pasting and centering in each circle of the template. The two center-most labels were okay, but everything else printed over the edge in a very even fashion, with the outermost ring of labels being off the most. The template had larger borders than the label sheet. I ended up shifting them to the best of my ability, printing, shifting again, printing, etc., until I ended up with 4 sheets total. The last sheet only had a few labels. I was able to find good enough ones on my other failed sheets because I only needed 20 total. I printed 120 labels to get 20 that were usable. I don't think they'll ever be used because it's so hard to print them. Maybe I can find a usable template in Word, but for now I'll just consider them useless.

3. Talented Kitchen Containers Preprinted Organization

Talented Kitchen Containers Preprinted Organization

It was made in the USA. It is pending. Storage jars are not included in the set of 157 preprinted labels for pantry containers, tall glass canisters, and jars. The household labels include 9 number stickers, 4 ampersands, 5 plus signs, and 139 of the most common ingredients such as powdered sugar, cookies, coffee and pasta; refer to the included comprehensive reference sheet for a full alphabetized list. The pantry organization labels are preprinted on transparent water-resistant vinyl that can easily be removed or replaced if needed. Their food storage labels feature a white handwritten script style on a clear background that allows you to identify and organize ingredients with ease. A uniform look across all of the kitchen jar labels can be achieved by using the size range of the fonts.

Brand: Talented Kitchen

👤The set is easy to use. It looks great on all my canisters and I have many different types, so they all work great. Black eyed peas are one of the common ingredients, but they are not included in my gripe. I ordered a custom label on the website and it cost $4. I wish they had a sheet set with multiples of general names such as "beans", "pasta", "cereal", "Extras", and "Misc", as I have about 8 different types of beans.

👤These container labels are awesome. I was going for The Home Edit look without breaking the bank. You get a lot of multiples with this pack. When I figure out how I am using these containers, I will put on extra labels. If I need more than the package gave me, I will definitely buy again. One friend said she thought I had written on them when she wore the silver sharpie look. These things are lifesavers because I have terrible handwriting. I can't wait to put these in my new pantry and they will look even better!

👤My wife renovated our pantry and was looking for cute labels. She fell in love with these. We found everything we were looking for. It's easy to apply. They were thick enough to not rip easily but not bulky. A great set of labels for your pantry containers.

👤The problem I have with these labels is mine. The size of the fonts is much larger than I thought. I was hoping to use these on top of some black chalk labels because the fonts is difficult to see when placed directly in glass. They are too large for that. Purchase away if you want a smooth surface on which to adhere large fonts. These would be great if you had colored jars. I was not expecting the labels to be thick. They tear if you don't take them out of the sheet. These didn't meet my needs and my money was wasted, but it's not because it's a bad product. I was not trying to use them for their intended purpose.

👤I like the look of my pantry and the labels on my glass containers are nice. They stay on and go on. They are not in any order, so it can take a while to locate the one I need, especially since they are white and hard to read.

👤It is almost impossible to determine which sheet has what labels on it, because I love the labels and how the white looks on my canisters. I thought I had received blank label pages. The pages and labels should be in a dark color. Thanks.

👤I feel like my walk-in pantry is a bit dressed up and organized with these labels. I get the baskets and black metal clips online from The Container Store. I am very pleased with the look I achieved after buying both the white and black script labels. The white labels are hard to read on a pale yellow background. A black background is what I suggest. The black labels are easy to read.

4. Etekcity Multifunction Stainless Batteries Included

Etekcity Multifunction Stainless Batteries Included

If you're looking for something different and not traditional, this funny apron is a great gift. It is a great gift for birthdays, housewarming, office parties, Christmas gift and more. They will do their best to help you if you have quality problems with the product you received. When adding ingredients, the Etekcity digital food scale has 0.05oz/1g increments, which is a high-precision weight. The scale can easily convert units between ounces and pounds. You can measure different types of food and ingredients. Tare function is used. The tare function can help you get an accurate reading for food and ingredients. The scale has an auto-off function, which will turn off the scale after 2 minutes to save battery. The platform is food safe. Their team in California Anaheim is ready to help you with any questions you might have about your kitchen scale.

Brand: Etekcity

👤I bought a scale to weigh my puppies. It's great so far. I put a plate on it and then put a puppy on it. It works like a charm. I would definitely recommend it. It's very nice looking. If you're buying it for the kitchen, it's great.

👤This scale works well for us. You can't beat the price. The scale helps achieve an accurate measurement if you cook and bake a lot. This scale is easy to use and accurate, it's convenient when a recipe calls for an ingredient in grams and you don't have the tools to measure. In our video, you can see it quickly turn on. The unit can be changed while the item is on the scale. Within seconds, it turns off. We've used this scale many times over the last few years and we still use the same batteries. The scale has small grips on it. It's a great price and scale.

👤The scale is terrible. You pay for what you get and I only paid $8. The weight reading is moving. I used a scale that was side by side and weighed 4 grams. The other scale gave exactly 4 while this one went back and forth from 3 to 5. I wish I had spent more money. I work in law enforcement and need more precise weights.

👤The scale is easy to use, pretty accurate, and sleek, but I had an issue with the actual read out. If you place a bowl or plate on top of the flat top, it will block the screen. You have to look under the curve of the bowl or place a thinner box on top of the bowl to see if you can push back the bowl. The scale would have been 5 stars, but the fact that you can't see the display without going through a mission is pretty annoying. It was the larger version that was sent free of charge after I gave it 3 stars, which negates the issue I mentioned above. The newer version of the one I was sent has the read out to the side which seems more practical. I had to raise my initial 3 stars to 4 for customer service.

👤I had a hard time figuring out how to rate this product. It is designed to weigh small amounts of food. It is well designed. That is all it does to deliver on its intended function. The zero function is coupled to the measuring function. When you put a dish on the scale then zero the display, the resulting value will include the weight of your finger pushing the button. The product doesn't measure the weight of food as advertised. The designer is not an engineer. I would recommend a different product. I will return this and find a better product. I will update this review with my findings when I do. I gave it two stars because. It looks nice.

👤Not sensitive to low weights. The scale is useless for measuring out items that are in the low single digits of grams. You can only work around it by putting something heavy on the scale, then putting the measuring paper on top of that, and then pouring the ingredient. The scale I bought from Amazon did not have this problem. The scale is not perfect, on the order of 10-20%. If you put a cup on the scale and measure a significant amount of ingredients, it can be tested easily. Remove the cup and put a different cup on the scale and pour in what should be 20 grams from the first cup. It will be different. The scale is trash. The last scale I bought was accurate to less than 1%.

5. Homemade Stickers Perforated Sticker Kitchen

Homemade Stickers Perforated Sticker Kitchen

A uniform look across all of the kitchen jar labels can be achieved by using the size range of the fonts. 500 homemade stickers labels per roll are included in the package. The sticker is 1.5 inches in diameter. Shrink-wrapped. Each pattern is carefully designed, easy to peel and printing clearly, with 9 different love homemade labels. The homemade stickers have a strong backing. You can peel it off and stick it on the place you want. The perforation line design is widely used. Well packaged. It's perfect for homemade Jelly, Jam, soaps, candles, crafts, baked goods and canning labels. It's perfect for gifts to give to kids, family members and close friends. It's great for holiday gifts.

Brand: Fancy Land

👤I use my same colored paper bags. I like that they are different. It makes my packaging unique. I like them a lot. It is easy to work with. Each of them can be ripped with the tape to share. It makes everything more special.

👤These are very cute. They are the perfect size for 1/2 jar lid. I put them in freezer jam jars and they were fine.

👤The trendy stickers are nice and the glue is great. Would buy again.

👤I used these labels for my bakery business. It's the right touch for homemade goods. I put a list of ingredients in a sticky lable. It works well.

👤My daughter makes baked goods for her customers. This year, cupcakes! This looked great on top of the cupcake holder.

👤The treat bags I bought did not have any labels. The labels are cute and come in a variety of styles. It's worth the money.

👤I love the product. It's sticky, nice variety and value.

👤These were great for neighbor gifts. I put them on top of the jar and it held up. I thought they were bigger.

👤The item does what it says on the tin.

👤The product arrived on time.

👤I am immer, wenn Irgendwas selber mache.

👤tiquettes magnifiques! J'espre Le seront jusqu' la fin du rouleau. Achat de mon achat.

6. Talented Kitchen Stickers Preprinted Waterproof

Talented Kitchen Stickers Preprinted Waterproof

The 300 Black and White Spice Sticker Set has both names in black and white letters on a clear sticker. This set does not include jars. Their spice labels are printed in white and black with high contrast for easy reading. These decals are not required to be rubbed. Premium material that can be removed and replaced can be used for labels that are preprinted on transparent vinyl. The Spice Jar labels are preprinted with the most common spices and the same names repeated in both colors. From Basil to Montreal Steak. You will find them all. The set includes numbers, blank labels and expiration labels. A comprehensive reference sheet with a list of labels is included. A Picture Perfect Spice Rack has the same size fonts across all labels. The upper case height is.3 inches and the length and size of the labels depends on the name. Organization labels for canisters and bins for the entire home. Preprinted labels for organizing every space in your home, pantry, spices, laundry room, storage, bathroom, linen closet, bathroom master closet, cleaning supplies, office, crafts, playroom, master closet, clothing and shoes

Brand: Talented Kitchen

👤The labels are easy to use. I ordered these because they match the labels I already use in my pantry, instead of using the ones that came with my spice jars. There is not enough variety in the spice types, so I have 4 stars instead of 5. The basic everyday spices that I have in my 3rd row are the ones that have a different label type. It would be great if they could add other ones like specific seasoning types. I recommend! I like the fact that all the stickers are in the same package, so that you can switch based on the spice of the sticker, as shown in my picture.

👤I've been making my own set of spices for a while now, and I love the look of them. They are easy to read and look pretty. I like the option of black and white. I wish it had a Ranch seasoning label, but it has so many choices. Highly recommended!

👤These are so cute. You get black and white. I have the white and black labels on the shakers I keep at work. But- It would have been cool to have a "Tony's" label instead of "creole seasoning" or "cajun seasoning." I had to make my own labels for popcorn salt and garlic herbs, but they are so cute I didn't mind. I got the glass shakers and the spice rack at Amazon.

👤I liked the option of black or white since it was hard to tell if the text was black or white. A good selection of labels. I knew there would be some missing. I was surprised that taco seasoning wasn't on there. They blend into the bottles perfectly.

👤I have never seen a worse sticker. I don't usually write reviews, but these are terrible. I cleaned the jars before putting them on the jars. I made sure that I didn't touch the sticker with my finger. I was surprised to see that the jars were not yet used, as the stickers I used popped off when I looked at the pictures. I will return them for sure.

👤There were three different styles of labels for the two sets of jars that I bought. I labeled the front and top of the jars to help find a space. They are very easy to read and if you don't put them on there you ruin the label.

👤I will definitely use this company for others that I need. They came in both White and Black to give you options. I would definitely recommend this product. The package arrived undamaged.

👤I own and adore every set of talented kitchen products that is in the cursive style, and these are no exception.

👤I was impressed that the labels were both black and white. I was looking for a lot of labels. You can't take it off once you put it on. One use. It's a good thing.

👤The stickers were advertised. There is a lot to choose from. It comes with double prints so I can use them for my camper spices. It's a must buy in my books.

7. Premium Chalkboard Labels Bulk Dishwasher

Premium Chalkboard Labels Bulk Dishwasher

External use of fragrance oils is limited. The product should not be used in a way that makes it more potent. Please contact them if you have questions about proper usage of products. Design your trinket worthy trinket! You can quickly find what you're looking for with cute chalkboard stickers. A chalkboard label for jars. jar labels can be used for spices, canisters, cookie and candy jars, honey jar labels, baking ingredients and meal prep containers. Salt should never be used for sugar again. Don't start your day with coffee that is bitter. The best write on label for fridge or pantry organization is this kitchen accessory. The decals fit the mason jar labels. It's easy to clean. Kids with waterproof labels that are dishwasher safe. pantry labels are made of premium vinyl. Extra bonus white marker chalk dries quickly and is easy to clean. Just wet a towel. There are MEMORABLE PARTIES! All special occasions need custom personalized sticker labels to decorate. Wine glasses and glass bottle labels can be personalized with do-it-yourself labels. No place is safe from being shuffled. Reusable chalk labels can be used to organize the most messy spaces. Designating a place for everything will make household chores quicker and easier to manage. Your kids will not have an excuse not to put things away. chalk labels for classroom are popular with teachers.

Brand: Savvy & Sorted

👤I had fun setting up my pantry. There are some good and not great things about these. The pen works well and I was happy with it. As you do strokes and lift the pen, it leaves tiny dots. I don't think they are a detraction. I took a quick test to see if I could answer my own questions. Looks nice, I wrote on one label. Wrote on another and immediately tried to wipe it off with my finger. I let the third label dry for a few minutes. There were zero accusations. There were no smudges when putting the label on the jar. These labels are not chalkboards, so keep that in mind. It kept the writing from looking smooth as chalk ink settled into the tiny pores. I wrote a second time on one of my labels to see if it improved, and it did. It is fine without doing that. The only negative is that they can't stick to a smooth surface. The pink coffee canisters have a porous surface, and they were peeling last night. I would be surprised if they have fallen off. I will find a solution to that need. They did peel off and fit nicely on my glass jars. The sizes were perfect. Definitely worth it! The chalk pen works perfectly to write on the coffee canisters, even though the labels did not stick on them. It still dries nicely, but it gets wet right away.

👤Fantastic purchase! The stickers are easy to peel on and off. The little chalk marker is very useful. Love the styles and sizes of the labels. Hello, chalk labels!

👤I love these labels. I have never been a labeler. A label won't fix the problem if I can't tell what's in a clear canister. I bought these for a reason. I felt foolish when I labeled away, but it hit me that I had to label what I can't see. I started writing cooking instructions, calories and carbs, and even the dishes I cook with each item (I use a lot of grains and beans and after a while it's easy to forget which one goes with what.) I know when to reach them and what I bought the rarely used ones from the purchase dates on the spices. No more looking at the recipe for cake. It's on the canister. I think these labels will make me cook more. I knew what I wanted for dinner when I saw the label on the jar of soups. I've looked at that jar for months and never eaten it. If I change the contents of the canister, all I have to do is wipe the label clean with a damp paper towel and write a new one.

👤I love how easy these things are to use. I used to write on my canisters with a Sharpie and stick down some clear tape to label them. The job was done, but it looked bad. I had to pull up sticky tape when I changed the contents of the container because of the writing. I can change the contents of the container whenever I want. I have to wipe the label. I'm proud of how organized my pantry is and how easy it is to find what I'm looking for. It's important for someone like me who eatsGluten free since I have to have everything in the kitchen labeled. I think I'm going to put them in my medicine cabinet. I have posted a before and after photo.

8. Alphabet Stickers Self Adhesive Sticker Containers

Alphabet Stickers Self Adhesive Sticker Containers

Organization labels for canisters and bins for the entire home. Preprinted labels for organizing every space in your home, pantry, spices, laundry room, storage, bathroom, linen closet, bathroom master closet, cleaning supplies, office, crafts, playroom, master closet, clothing and shoes Sufficient quantity and complete combination can meet your daily decoration needs. These numbers stickers adopt designs of classic letters and numbers styles, which are not only beautiful and stylish, but also can be chosen and matched at will according to your imagination and creativity, creating meaningful signs or words to show your taste and temperament. These self-adhesive decals can be applied to any hard, dry, smooth, clean surface, and can be used on windows, doors, cars, trucks, home, pantry, laundry room, storage, bathroom, linen closet, bathroom master closet, cleaning supplies, office. It is easy to use, you just need to peel the paper backing from the decals and stick it on the front of the die cut numbers kit. The process brings you a sense of accomplishment. The capital letter stickers are made of quality vinyl, which are waterproof and tear- resistant, suitable for various indoor and outdoor use.

Brand: Sepamoon

👤I was expecting vinyl letters to stick for a day. I made this for a girl. They did not last the afternoon. The silver sparkle and cute fonts didn't make it to getting washed. It was disappointing.

👤The letters were rubbed off. They should not be marketed for use on anything that will be touched or anything that needs to be washed. They don't stay.

👤They were used on wine glasses. Everyone has their own wine glass or cup, so no confusion on who is who, and less wine glasses and kid cups for me to wash. Some of my guests said that it made them feel welcome at my Christmas party.

👤Unless there is an outer-film in my order. The letters are pale. It could pass for white depending on the surface color. I had to use spray adhesive to get the letters to stick to the surface. Gambled with the Amazon gods in the hopes of a quick work around. The odds were not in my favor.

👤The price is great. They worked and looked great. I restored a wagon for my granddaughter and used them on it. "Demri Express"

👤I ordered these for some craft projects and they worked well for what I needed.

👤Cute stickers don't stick as well as I would like.

9. Round Natural Kraft Stickers Labels

Round Natural Kraft Stickers Labels

If you're looking for an eco-friendly, recyclable, all natural bakeware mini loaf pan, then these Paper Loaf Pans are perfect for you. There are 1.5 inch round brown stickers. The sticker reads "baked with love" and has an oven mitt with a red heart on it. Most surfaces are covered with the stock from the label. It was made in the USA. Quality stock.

Brand: Sblabels

👤I bake goodies and take them to my neighbors. The boxes are the same shade of brown as the stickers, so they go together perfectly. I've seen bakery stickers that say "Thank You" which work well for businesses thanking customers for their purchases, but not so good for neighborhood giving because they say "Made With Love." I'm very happy with this purchase.

👤I like these stickers. I've been baking more often than not while I'm on lock down because I'm an avid baker. I put the sticker on the bag after packing the cookies. Anyone who gets cookies fee is special. They are very nice. 500 are on a roll. These labels are very good.

👤There is very little room to write. I love them! There is a I couldn't re-position myself once on the bag. The glue is heavy duty. There were many nice things to say about the cuteness. I will beSTICKING with this brand.

👤It was perfect! That's all I have to say. I was going for a natural look with a bow and sticker. It was a hit. Everyone loved it! The stickers were easy to apply and stayed on, even when I moved it to another spot, it was easy to peel off and it stuck to the new spot! Good job! L recommended this sticker as a shopper that relied on honest reviews. It worked well for the theme I was going for.

👤I love how cute these are, but I'm sad they don't stick very well. I end up having to use tape because I can't keep my products sealed shut. I would get again for the aesthetic, but now I know they aren't sticky enough.

👤The fact that they stick so well is a bonus. I use these to help seal the individually wrapped cookies. There are also boxes of cookies and strawberries.

👤We bake a lot of cookies and brownies for church. We have to put everything in bags. I put a label on several of them.

👤I need to let them know that this is made with my love, because I have been baking bread. Get them and try them.

10. 30 Pack Sticker Sheets Self Adhesive Printing

30 Pack Sticker Sheets Self Adhesive Printing

Black text is easy to read from across a room. The stickers are natural brown. The material is perfect for art projects. It's suitable for printing on paper. Write on it with markers or pens. There are self-Adhesive stickers. Sticks are great on glass and paper. The US letter size is small. It is 11 inches wide.

Brand: Townstix

👤I knocked one star off because it wasn't a true brown. I am not sure if you can see the faded Manila envelope color in the picture. It's easy to use and compatible with templates. The price and quantity are great. This isn't the label for you if you really need a brown.

👤When I got these, I was very excited. I knew they would be perfect because they had their own template. Wrong. I used the template and only 2 rows would line up, but I can make the second work so only one row lined up! I sent them. I bought these for my daughters to save the date, but now I don't have enough because they have never responded. They put a card in the packages that said need anything, please don't hesitate to contact us. I did and nothing. Very disappointed.

👤I use these instead of the old one. These work great for a lower price.

👤The amount is great. I use a laser printer and the ink doesn't do well on this paper, I never experienced this before with labels. The plastic packaging and glass candle are not very strong. I have to put tape on the corners. The labels are not very good with things. My opinion.

👤These were a good value and worked well for me. They worked well for the labels I wanted. I used them to make labels for shower favors, using the print and cut sticker paper setting on my Cricut. The ink ghosting on my laser printer made it difficult to print them. I changed the printer paper setting to help. I would purchase them again for the same purpose.

👤I ordered 3 packs, one was damaged, but they quickly returned me, but for the price, wasn't a dealbreaker. I would like the sheets to be a bit darker brown, but they work well. I make custom backer boards for action figures that look like Dukes of Hazzard and Indiana Jones cards. My customers love the backs. Adhesion is very good value and easy to apply. I give it 2 thumbs up. Will buy again. Highly recommended!

👤The color of the envelope is not as expected. There is a The printing template doesn't match up and you can see how much the lines are off by taking photos. This can be changed, but it takes more time. Good quantity for the price.

👤The sticker is easy to remove from the backing. The price. It appears you get what you pay for. There's that! I don't like things that say you can use a laser printer. I attached a picture of the label before I touched it. The ink rubs off. These are for people. I wouldn't give someone something that looked bad. The paper color is not a true craft paper color according to another reviewer. I don't find it appealing. Don't buy them if you want to use them to print a label on a laser printer. I should have known the price was too good. I didn't try to use these immediately after purchase, as the return deadline is three weeks past. If a customer is not happy the company handles returns differently. I did not give it a 1-star review because I was happy with how easy it was to remove the sticker from the backing. I wish they worked on a laser printer.

11. Containers Minimalist Preprinted Waterproof Organization

Containers Minimalist Preprinted Waterproof Organization

An easy set up is included with the reference sheet. The sticker set has an alphabetized reference sheet with each label's page number location to make it easy to label. The most common kitchen ingredients and items found in the US are preprinted on 134 farmhouse labels. OnlyICKER LABELS. jars and containers are not included. Three custom sizes to fit different jar dimensions will give your pantry a high-end look. Bin storage items are included in the set. Waterproof and resilience are included. The labels are printed on high-quality vinyl. Water and oil are resistant to labels. The finish is very smooth and easy to clean. Stickers are easy to apply and can be removed. The style is designer. This beautiful label maker design will complete your minimalist farmhouse look. They add a high-end style to your kitchen. There is a matching Spice Set available. An easy set up is included with the reference sheet. The sticker set has an alphabetized reference sheet with each label's page number location to make it easy to label.

Brand: Quart + Pint

👤I don't like farmhouse style or script fonts that are hard to read. The labels are stylish and practical. They are very easy to apply. I'm very paranoid about things being level and my labels lining up no matter what container they're in. These are very easy to re-position. Once you like where it is, they stay and stand up to the containers being handled constantly by both the adults and the kids in the house. If you need to cut them down, these have enough space around the words. I wanted to look uniform and had some weird containers. Not everything on the list is what I need. That is the case of every list I checked, and no one will let you give them a personalized list of 20 items to make for black labels. These are the most applicable and comprehensive list for my needs. These are definitely recommended by me.

👤I like the larger labels for my containers. I bought these to organize my pantry, and now it's so organized. I love it!

👤I like these labels. If we applied them wrong, they were easy to adjust to. We painted the canisters to match their lids. The small spice labels were also purchased by us. I gave it a 4 because the variety of labels did not match the canisters we needed. There were different labels we needed.

👤I like the look of these labels and they have many different options to choose from. The plastic doesn't seem to want to stay on some of the containers, so I'm a little worried about that. We will see how they hold up, but they are beautiful and everything I wanted.

👤These labels were beautiful and I bought them for some storage containers. They are easy to read. Excellent quality. It was a good purchase, considering there were so many. There is a lot of different kinds of stickers.

👤After a day, the labels began to peel off. They are pretty but won't stay on.

👤It's perfect for organizing my pantry. Excellent quality and easy to read.

👤Coffee, rice, flour, muffins, and cookies. There is a lot of variety in the labels. I'm considering buying the labels and jar to match my current set.


What is the best product for baking labels white letters?

Baking labels white letters products from Kitchen Almighty. In this article about baking labels white letters you can see why people choose the product. Townstix and Talented Kitchen are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking labels white letters.

What are the best brands for baking labels white letters?

Kitchen Almighty, Townstix and Talented Kitchen are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking labels white letters. Find the detail in this article. Etekcity, Fancy Land and Savvy & Sorted are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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