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1. Round Natural Kraft Stickers Labels

Round Natural Kraft Stickers Labels

If you're looking for an eco-friendly, recyclable, all natural bakeware mini loaf pan, then these Paper Loaf Pans are perfect for you. There are 1.5 inch round brown stickers. The sticker reads "baked with love" and has an oven mitt with a red heart on it. Most surfaces are covered with the stock from the label. It was made in the USA. Quality stock.

Brand: Sblabels

👤I bake goodies and take them to my neighbors. The boxes are the same shade of brown as the stickers, so they go together perfectly. I've seen bakery stickers that say "Thank You" which work well for businesses thanking customers for their purchases, but not so good for neighborhood giving because they say "Made With Love." I'm very happy with this purchase.

👤I like these stickers. I've been baking more often than not while I'm on lock down because I'm an avid baker. I put the sticker on the bag after packing the cookies. Anyone who gets cookies fee is special. They are very nice. 500 are on a roll. These labels are very good.

👤There is very little room to write. I love them! There is a I couldn't re-position myself once on the bag. The glue is heavy duty. There were many nice things to say about the cuteness. I will beSTICKING with this brand.

👤It was perfect! That's all I have to say. I was going for a natural look with a bow and sticker. It was a hit. Everyone loved it! The stickers were easy to apply and stayed on, even when I moved it to another spot, it was easy to peel off and it stuck to the new spot! Good job! L recommended this sticker as a shopper that relied on honest reviews. It worked well for the theme I was going for.

👤I love how cute these are, but I'm sad they don't stick very well. I end up having to use tape because I can't keep my products sealed shut. I would get again for the aesthetic, but now I know they aren't sticky enough.

👤The fact that they stick so well is a bonus. I use these to help seal the individually wrapped cookies. There are also boxes of cookies and strawberries.

👤We bake a lot of cookies and brownies for church. We have to put everything in bags. I put a label on several of them.

👤I need to let them know that this is made with my love, because I have been baking bread. Get them and try them.

2. Wisdompro Removable Freezer Stickers Containers

Wisdompro Removable Freezer Stickers Containers

The package includes a reference sheet with an alphabetized list of laundry supplies of everyday household items such as multi-purpose cleaners, queen sheets, batteries, blankets or spot remover, as well as a number of minimalist labels with 12 number labels. The Premium Material is made of high quality and eco-friendly coated paper and glue. It can stick to many container surfaces, such as glass, plastic and metal. It can be applied to Tupperware containers. It is possible that oil on containers or fingers will cause a problem. The working temperature is from -20C to 80C and the lowest temperature is 12C. Each sheet is about 12mm shorter than A4 size and the label is about 2 inches wide and has enough space to write item names. It's perfect for keeping track of your freezer foods. There is aPrinting template available upon request. The package includes 10 sheets of food labels.

Brand: Wisdompro

👤I like the way they look and it seems like a great value. I removed the first one from the glass jar and it didn't leave a mark.

👤I wanted labels for my bottles. I may want to use them for something else. If you make your own remedy, you can use the same bottle. If you want to clear the bottle of the remedy, you can ask your manufacturer. I like that they are easy to remove, but I don't like the fact that all of my labels remove themselves. Dry bottles are a brand new label. It's really annoying! Maybe it's because they wrap around the bottle. I have not used them on large bottles. The sizes are 1 to 4 ounces. They are 1-2 ounces. They're great, other than them peeling off on their own.

👤Writing on them with an ink pen worked well. It is possible that the next statement is human error. I had a bad time with the template. I tried to line up on copy paper. I was able to print in the general areas. The ink will not dry. The labels are stylish and I will use them. Fast shipping!

👤Zero stars! There are several issues with these labels, but I have seen this in reviews. The templates are not close to the location. There was a colored shape off-center of the actual labels. It will smudge even when you remove the colored labels. It has not dried for 2 days. What do you think will happen when it's made in China?

👤These stickers are okay. I store my puppy's treats in Mason jars. They are easy to write on and remove, but they are peeling constantly. I don't mind that much since I can press them down each time I remove a jar, but it's annoying. I don't think they would stick in a freezer.

👤These labels are easy to use. They are a bit smaller than I thought, but still do the job. I like the variety of shapes they have.

👤A sticker for my freezer storage containers is finally here. I wish they were a little bigger, but they are just what I want.

👤They don't do what they are advertised to do. It was printed fine. Peeled the paper off. You have to apply to the bottle. A person falls off a bottle. If the bottle label won't stay on the bottle, it won't be much of a label.

👤I love these. These labels are perfect for my office and kitchen. I use them for everything.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. I needed labels for my essential oils, and this was what I needed.

👤These labels are for my jars. I had to tape the labels over to make sure they adhere to the jars. There is a If you're looking for a label that sticks, look elsewhere.

👤I sono piaciute perché, aderiscono bene.

👤Pour pot en verre, je recommande!

3. Spice Jar Labels Preprinted Organization

Spice Jar Labels Preprinted Organization

We took care to make sure the container you receive will last for a long time. If you have an issue with the holder, please let them know on your order page. They will make it better by learning from your experience. The Spice Jar Labels are preprinted and positioned vertically. No messy handling: The labels for jars with Black Text on Cool White waterproof Stickers are modern and easy to read. Waterproof and retractable: Spice labels stickers are waterproof and can be easily removed and replaced. There is a containment ice list. The most essential Spice Stickers and Seasoning Labels are included in each set. It's TIDY and organized. Kitchen labels for pantry and Spice Jars are a great way to organize your home. There is a print on white material. It is a real version of White. Why? It pops when on your jars. The labels are printed on the same material. If you give one a try, you will fall in love and get a full refund. They are here to help if you have a question.

Brand: Savvy & Sorted

👤I like this set. I think it's a good value, but I would pay more for additional labels. There is no label for Chili Powder or Mustard Powder. There is a Chili Lime Blend that is less important than actual Chili Powder. One reviewer noted that the organizational labels are very disorganized. They seem to be organized by category, but they are not alphabetical. If they were just alphabetical, it would be much easier to use. If there were any changes to make it better, I would buy it again.

👤I have read the reviews before buying this product and the only complaint I have is that the sheets were printed on lavender paper. I think they have corrected that issue. The pages came out on white paper. Thank you for the print, peel and re-stick, and custom options. I used a total of 24 stickers out of the labels available because I don't use any of the other "spices" or "herbs" listed... half of the options are not popular enough to be used in most kitchens. Trust me... I have been in different households and have learned a lot about spices. A lot of people will feel the same. If you contact them for custom stickers to be made with the exact spelling of your spices and herbs, it will cost you a lot more than the pre-made package. I hope this helps.

👤These look nice and have good glue. If you're an average home chef, you don't have enough to cover all your spices. The labels aren't alphabetized on the sheets. You need to sort through 5 pages for each label. I'm returning them.

👤These labels are great. I like them. They were the right size for the jars I ordered. Would buy again. There is a check list on the back. This is the beginning of the organization of my kitchen.

👤Oh my gosh! The LAVENDER COLOR is not great. Compare to what I bought on the internet.

👤I bought these labels because I wanted to put my spices in clear glass containers to make them look more uniform and fit into my rack better. I'm very pleased with how these labels make the spices easy to find and visually appealing. I found the label I needed in the package, and they were easy to apply to the jars. It was easy to peel them up if the label was crooked. I got one of them wet and it didn't affect the label. If you have a spice that wasn't included, you can use a fine point sharpie to write your own label on the package's expired labels. I had a lot of expired labels left over from when I had spices in my pantry, and there was a coupon included if someone wanted more expired labels. I'm very pleased with the labels and would buy them again.

👤I love these labels. If the angle is off, it's easy to apply. I bought 2.5oz glass jars so they fit them. I took 15 minutes and grabbed an exacto to trim the labels down so it wasn't a big deal. The empty labels are great for unique spices.

4. Talented Kitchen Containers Preprinted Organization

Talented Kitchen Containers Preprinted Organization

The storage size is 11” x 8” x 6” Use their set of 135 preprinted labels for pantry containers, tall glass canisters, and jars to create an organized, functional, and visually appealing kitchen. The household labels include 8 numbered stickers, 6 ampersand signs, 4 plus signs, and a full alphabetized reference sheet for the most common ingredients such as noodles, white rice, oatmeal, and decaf coffee. The pantry organization labels are preprinted on water-resistant transparent vinyl that can easily be replaced or removed if needed. Their food storage labels are written in black cursive and have a clear background that makes it easy to identify and organize ingredients. The kitchen is organized. A uniform look is created by using the size of the fonts to create pantry container labels.

Brand: Talented Kitchen

👤I tackled the pantry after watching a lot of organizational ideas on the internet. The time was shaved off because of the labels. With so many required, the cost of clear sticker material and limited time to accomplish this task, purchasing these affordable labels was well worth it. The sheets that were preprinted had about 90 percent of the items I needed to label. I am very happy with this purchase. I used clear containers. I used a waterproof white label and stuck it over the coffee. I would submit a photo, but not quite finished with the pantry.

👤The supplementary package is perfect for your pantry and kitchen. I found that all the food items I wanted were in the packs. The labels add that extra wow factor to our pantry. They are easy to remove. I recommend all of the Talented Kitchen products.

👤I had the urge to reorganize my pantry after watching The Home Edit, and these labels made it happen. I used the Talented Kitchen script pantry labels in black to make sure that they all matched the Rubbermaid Brilliance food storage containers. I had to buy 2 sets of labels because we needed 3 "cereal" labels and I needed to cut apart other stickers to create the exact label I wanted. I took the words from different labels to make what I wanted. When I cut it, I could see they were transparent, but I couldn't tell after I filled the container. Don't mess up the placement. They will come off and re-adhere, but they won't be fully transparent anymore. You can smudge the lines, but it takes some work. Make sure you press down in the middle and work your way out if you want to avoid air bubbles. The good part is that they stay in place. There is no doubt about that.

👤I like the labels. I rearranged my pantry to identify the contents of my new clear containers. The script is lovely, and they have almost every item I use. I have a few negative comments. There is a They are difficult to remove and cannot be re-positioned. There is no second chance if you get it right the first time. A thick Sharpie will not write on the blank labels included in the set. I don't know what else to try. Overall, they look great.

👤I like these. My kitchen has been made by them. I like the style. I went crazy and bought the white version and extension set. I love them. I smile when I open my pantry. I put my jars on both glass and canisters and they adhere to both. I've used a few in the fridge and have no issues with glue. I have washed containers with the stickers a few times and they have not had any problems. I've "frankenstein-ed" a few of them. There was only one sticker for the chocolate chips that I have. I put "cookie" and "chips" together to make a new one, just keep that in mind.

5. Premium Chalkboard Labels Bulk Dishwasher

Premium Chalkboard Labels Bulk Dishwasher

External use of fragrance oils is limited. The product should not be used in a way that makes it more potent. Please contact them if you have questions about proper usage of products. Design your trinket worthy trinket! You can quickly find what you're looking for with cute chalkboard stickers. A chalkboard label for jars. jar labels can be used for spices, canisters, cookie and candy jars, honey jar labels, baking ingredients and meal prep containers. Salt should never be used for sugar again. Don't start your day with coffee that is bitter. The best write on label for fridge or pantry organization is this kitchen accessory. The decals fit the mason jar labels. It's easy to clean. Kids with waterproof labels that are dishwasher safe. pantry labels are made of premium vinyl. Extra bonus white marker chalk dries quickly and is easy to clean. Just wet a towel. There are MEMORABLE PARTIES! All special occasions need custom personalized sticker labels to decorate. Wine glasses and glass bottle labels can be personalized with do-it-yourself labels. No place is safe from being shuffled. Reusable chalk labels can be used to organize the most messy spaces. Designating a place for everything will make household chores quicker and easier to manage. Your kids will not have an excuse not to put things away. chalk labels for classroom are popular with teachers.

Brand: Savvy & Sorted

👤I had fun setting up my pantry. There are some good and not great things about these. The pen works well and I was happy with it. As you do strokes and lift the pen, it leaves tiny dots. I don't think they are a detraction. I took a quick test to see if I could answer my own questions. Looks nice, I wrote on one label. Wrote on another and immediately tried to wipe it off with my finger. I let the third label dry for a few minutes. There were zero accusations. There were no smudges when putting the label on the jar. These labels are not chalkboards, so keep that in mind. It kept the writing from looking smooth as chalk ink settled into the tiny pores. I wrote a second time on one of my labels to see if it improved, and it did. It is fine without doing that. The only negative is that they can't stick to a smooth surface. The pink coffee canisters have a porous surface, and they were peeling last night. I would be surprised if they have fallen off. I will find a solution to that need. They did peel off and fit nicely on my glass jars. The sizes were perfect. Definitely worth it! The chalk pen works perfectly to write on the coffee canisters, even though the labels did not stick on them. It still dries nicely, but it gets wet right away.

👤Fantastic purchase! The stickers are easy to peel on and off. The little chalk marker is very useful. Love the styles and sizes of the labels. Hello, chalk labels!

👤I love these labels. I have never been a labeler. A label won't fix the problem if I can't tell what's in a clear canister. I bought these for a reason. I felt foolish when I labeled away, but it hit me that I had to label what I can't see. I started writing cooking instructions, calories and carbs, and even the dishes I cook with each item (I use a lot of grains and beans and after a while it's easy to forget which one goes with what.) I know when to reach them and what I bought the rarely used ones from the purchase dates on the spices. No more looking at the recipe for cake. It's on the canister. I think these labels will make me cook more. I knew what I wanted for dinner when I saw the label on the jar of soups. I've looked at that jar for months and never eaten it. If I change the contents of the canister, all I have to do is wipe the label clean with a damp paper towel and write a new one.

👤I love how easy these things are to use. I used to write on my canisters with a Sharpie and stick down some clear tape to label them. The job was done, but it looked bad. I had to pull up sticky tape when I changed the contents of the container because of the writing. I can change the contents of the container whenever I want. I have to wipe the label. I'm proud of how organized my pantry is and how easy it is to find what I'm looking for. It's important for someone like me who eatsGluten free since I have to have everything in the kitchen labeled. I think I'm going to put them in my medicine cabinet. I have posted a before and after photo.

6. Talented Kitchen Stickers Resistant Organization

Talented Kitchen Stickers Resistant Organization

The temperature range can be stand to -4F (-20C)- 280F(140C)/ screw on lid, and is easy to open even in frozen / clear to see. This listing only includes the labels for pantry storage and organization. Does not include jars or containers. Their pantry labels are printed in white large bold all caps with high contrast for easy reading. These decals are not required to be rubbed. Premium material that can be removed and replaced is what makes labels waterproof. White bold all caps style labels with the ingredients found in every kitchen and fridge are included in the 224 printed labels for storage containers for pantry foods and fridge. You can find them all from flour, coffee, butter, milk, olive oil, and cereals. This set includes a reference sheet with layout and alphabetized list of labels. A perfect pantry organization uses bold all caps and has a uniform size across all labels. The size label can be changed based on the length of words and the number of lines of words. Home Organization labels are used to organize your pantry, spices, laundry room, storage, bathroom, linen closet, bathroom master closet, cleaning supplies, office, crafts, playroom, master closet, clothing, and shoes.

Brand: Talented Kitchen

👤I like the way the fonts look on my jars and it went with my kitchen theme.

👤We used the labels for our project. They look clean and sleek. The list of options was extensive and they were very easy to apply for. This set included anything I wanted to label.

👤The labels come in white and black. It's easy to apply and the price is good.

👤It's perfect to organize my spices.

👤The labels stay on the fridge.

👤Las compré porque se vean, pero en la prctica no es tanto.

👤I like the size of the labels. Every single sheet is damaged because the packaging isn't substantial enough. I wish there were more multiples for snack items.

7. Sticker 1 2×2inch Stickers Handmade Cosmetic

Sticker 1 2%C3%972inch Stickers Handmade Cosmetic

There are 8 black metal label holders. 40 bin clip labels are preprinted. It's easy to use, just peel and paste. It is easy to attach and remove, and will not leave sticky messes. High-quality materials are used in the making of the label stickers. The ink can dry quickly. It is suitable for a 5 cm wide and 3 cm high. The sizes of the paper label are suitable for many things, such as home, office, kitchen, etc. The waterproof label adopts a cute lace shape design, and the personalized label will become a necessary accessory for decorating all special occasions. Their paper labels are suitable for a wide range of uses.

Brand: Pimoys

👤I didn't think much of these labels, they are cheap and thin, some tore them from the backing strip, and they can't be re-positioned or removed, a problem for jars that get re-used every year. I won't be buying them again.

👤These little labels are what I needed. They are the right size and cute. I like to label my inventory for my small business. They stay put. It's easy to write on. I don't have a thing to complain about.

👤These are cheap and have low energy and low Frequency, you can feel it in the paper.

👤These are perfect. They are easy to peel off and the right size for smaller projects. The amount you get is worth it. I will probably order more of them.

👤I love using them to label my jars.

👤I like to date my food so I know what's in it and how old it is. The 300 pack will last a long time and I will be buying more of them.

👤tags for gift tags or just organizing your space

👤I had to put packing tape on the labels to keep them out of my bottles. The edges lifted after a day. They're easy to write on and serve their purpose, but they aren't sticky enough to stay on glass for long.

8. Talented Kitchen Organization Solution Removable

Talented Kitchen Organization Solution Removable

Matching labels with black or white letters are also available. The metal bin label clips are a great way to organize your kitchen closets and pantry. You can use pantry labels to organize everyday home and kitchen items, such as dry goods, spices, chips, and grains, in order and organized. The clip on labels for storage bins are made of high-quality metal, while the pantry labels for baskets are preprinted on water-resistant transparent plastic. The perfect fit for wicker bins, cube boxes or storage bins is 3.5 x 2.5 inches. There are 8 white metal label holders and 40 preprinted pantry label stickers.

Brand: Talented Kitchen

👤I like the clip holders, they are easy to use. The pre-cut labels were not good. The homemade printed and laminated labels were cut too small. The labels she showed did not match the picture she showed. I contacted the seller, Talented Kitchen, with hopes that she could improve her labels, but she only agreed to return my order for my money back if I did not want to work with her.

👤I used the time during COVID to reorganize my pantry and kitchen. I ordered these because I could use a lot of the stickers I ordered. It comes with only 8 metal plates and so far I have not been able to order just the plates so I could keep the same sticker design. I would change this. I already have the stickers I need.

👤I didn't want the label fonts because I had chosen another Talented Kitchen one. I wanted to use the back of the labels to put my own name on it. I knew they were too small when I got them. I had to tape it to the holder to keep it in place because it was small. I cut my own paper to fit the holders. I didn't use the pre-made label's for their style. I was able to find a solution, but you will need to tape them onto the holders if you want these.

👤I ordered white labels with black lettering, but they were different. They still look great in my pantry. I would like to see more variety in the signs. It would have been better if there were more "Misc.", "Storage," "This & That" and so on. I had to order 3 boxes to get the stickers I needed.

👤I love these labels. I highly recommend them to all my clients and customers. They look clean and amazing. The designs give every space the wow factor that everyone is looking for.

👤I have clips and labels. I used them on crates and bins to complete my pantry renovation. Excellent quality and worth every penny.

👤I like the clips! What I was looking for! Not many people want their to go with the rest of the labels. Can I purchase more clips?

👤The other review says white background, but the labels are clear. I think they did not peel the sticker. If you need a white background on a darker jar, I left the backing on and glue it to the jar, it was still beautiful.

9. Talented Kitchen Resistant Preprinted Organization

Talented Kitchen Resistant Preprinted Organization

Organization labels for canisters and bins for the entire home. Preprinted labels for organizing every space in your home, pantry, spices, laundry room, storage, bathroom, linen closet, bathroom master closet, cleaning supplies, office, crafts, playroom, master closet, clothing and shoes This listing is only for the labels. Does not include jars. The Pantry Organization is made simple with the White Medium Size Script Pantry and Fridge Labels Stickers Preprinted. The ingredients found in every kitchen in America are listed on the labels. All-purpose flour, coffee, cereals, pasta, butter, milk, meat, breakfast, cold cuts, and cheese can be used. The medium size script pantry and fridge set includes every name you can think of to organize your pantry, fridge, pastas and much more. There are 34 expiration date stickers. This set now includes a reference sheet with layout and alphabetized list of labels. The perfect pantry organization uses a medium size style and the fonts are uniform across all labels. The label size will change based on the length of words. Organization labels for canisters and bins for the entire home. Preprinted labels for organizing every space in your home, pantry, spices, laundry room, storage, bathroom, linen closet, bathroom master closet, cleaning supplies, office, crafts, playroom, master closet, clothing and shoes

Brand: Talented Kitchen

👤I wanted more pantry name choices in the first package I bought, but there weren't as many as I wanted. I decided to affix the stickers to the blank chalkboard labels because I wanted my fonts to match. I think they did a great job. The can sugar, white chocolate chips, and peanut butter chips are on the chalkboard. I think they look great. The other script labels have the same company's logo, but with a grey print. I don't think it makes a big difference in how they look. I am very pleased with how my cabinets are organized. Highly recommended. I took a picture of the labels in this package. I apologize for the shadow on my iPad.

👤The pantry and fridge look great. I was not expecting that this packet contained every item I have put into glass/plastic containers. I thought it would be the main items, but it wasn't. The right size too. Very impressed.

👤These labels are the best. I needed to label my pantry.

👤I love the different options and the large selection of descriptive options, they have almost everything you can imagine that would go in a pantry or storage.

👤Better than the last one. Even through small.

👤I ordered them all and did it all. I wish they could make more.

👤I love these! The bigger one was also bought. Only wish they had more of the standard pantry items. Such a great deal!

10. Preprinted Chalkboard Stickers Containers Canisters

Preprinted Chalkboard Stickers Containers Canisters

There is a wide application. The Searik translucent plastic bags are great for party favors, such as birthday, graduation, wedding, anniversary, celebration, baby shower, bridal shower, Christmas Day, happy new years eve party supplies, etc. It's perfect for commercial use or bake sale packaging. There is an exclusive time sparing preaching reference sheet included. You can find the Kitchen Almighty numbered reference sheet on the cover page. The most comprehensive set of pantry labels is 252, which includes preprinted waterproof chalkboard labels, as well as the common and uncommon pantry. It's easy to read, it's large and it's eye-catching. The 3” x 1.5”angular pantry labels are designed to fit both small containers and large storage canisters, and the white dashed line at the border of each label provides classy and stylish appearance on your pantry jars. Waterproof, stain resistance, resilience, and repositionable are some of the qualities. The chalkboard stickers are dishwasher and freezer safe and can be removed without leaving any sticky mess. Many people are stocking up with 2 or 3 sets so they always have plenty of labels for their pantry containers; this makes a great birthday gift, holiday gift, anniversary present, or house warming occasion; wonderful for; 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE ensures this pantry label set a risk-free

Brand: Kitchen Almighty

👤Wow, that is an extensive set of labels. I was going to affix magnetic tins to the side of my refrigerator to transfer my spices. I couldn't find a set of labels that included all the spices in my collection, so I kept putting it off. I didn't want to mess with the printing on other pre-printed spice labels and I didn't want to hand label them. I didn't want these tins to look ugly and I was being picky about this, but they would be visible all the time on my refrigerator. I didn't know which spices were included until they arrived. I have been impressed. I haven't found a Spice that doesn't have an appropriate label. Something as unusual as hing, for example, has two different labels, hing and asafoetida, the other name it sometimes goes by. I don't know how well they will hold up, but since they won't be exposed to dampness, I think they will hold up well. If you are looking for an elegant looking set, you will definitely not be disappointed with this one.

👤I need labels for things that are not yet in the home. I have a lot of different things, including coconut flour, almond flour, dark chocolate, and so on. Most of the sets I bought had old type labels such as flour and maybe a whole wheat, but that was it. There are many great labels in this set.

👤There is a nice guide to help you find what you are looking for, which is helpful, and the pantry labels are very cute. I wish they included a white chalk pen to use, and perhaps one extra sheet of blanks, even if it cost a couple of bucks. One idea is to have less subcategories printed for certain items, for instance the Flour category, where say several labels are printed with only "Flour" without already having it's subcategories printed for a lot of items you may not use. If it came with a pen, it would be possible to personalize it. A suggestion. I like them because they are easy to move around in. You can't go wrong with good value.

👤It fits perfectly on my jars. Many selections were included. It should have a white marker so you can write on the blank labels.

👤I bought these labels because my Kamenstein rack didn't have all the labels I wanted. I put the labels on the jars. If you don't get it right the first time, they are easy to peel off. There is a label for every spice. I am so happy I bought it.

👤I like the labels because they give my jars a nice organized look. They are easier to read than the labels that came with my spices. I used these instead. I like that they are not permanent. I need a good thin chalk marker to write on the blank ones that come with it. Highly recommended.

👤I like how easy they are to use. It would be great if they could make some of the pantry labels with a heading and a blank space under them, so I could label them what I want. I am very happy.

11. Color Coding Labels Stickers 1 57inch

Color Coding Labels Stickers 1 57inch

Only the white.5" x.75" labels can be handwritten. Each white sticker is 1.57" x 0.75" in a core roll with rounded corners. The core roll has the white rectangle stickers in it. You can use rectangular labels for home, office and school projects. It is permanent. The quality is high. A semigloss finish. Most surfaces are covered with the rectangle white stickers. You will receive 500 rectangular stickers in a roll. Great rectangular stickers for color coding, marking, labeling, pricing and organizing your paperwork, documents, bins, drawers, jars, bottles, pages and etc. This rectangular labels will help you organize your space. Made in the USA. Just peel and stick, then let your fingers enjoy the rounded corners. There is a surface that is writable. The coating is long- lasting. Their 100% money-back guarantee makes it possible to buy with confidence.

Brand: Royal Green

👤I thought it was for 500. $8.00 for 50 tiny little stickers was not what I was expecting. The description should be read.

👤The rating is for deceptive advertising. The same picture was found as other 2” x 3” labels when I searched for moving labels. These are the size of two toys. By side. I can't believe that Amazon uses 2” x3” labels to compare it with similar items. I will send my back. Not worth $12.

👤I use these to assign different plant strain names to my jars. The labels are perfect for naming them. The label for my jars was Mint green. I would buy them again if they hold up and adhere to the glass jar or metal top. I just got these and I can't live without them. The labels have enough space for their names and information to be visible, thanks to my black marker pen. It is recommended.

👤Title says it all. They are bright which makes it easy to identify the label. They are great at adhering to everything. It's a great value for money.

👤The fluorescent yellow and green were purchased by me in December 2020. I only used the green rolls. I tried the yellow and realized the paper was a lot more smooth than the green, which is why my printer is just feeding the roll to find a label. If you want to use a marker to write on rolls that have a smooth shine, please advertise that they are not paper like.

👤It is difficult to write with a regular pen.

👤Oh my gosh! I was going to put these on an envelope. It's barely bigger than a dime. They went to the trash. I do not what you would use for.

👤My grandson's 3rd birthday was a city display and we used these to make the windows. We were allowed to apply lighted windows to the sky scraper.

👤Excellent labels. I can tell the difference between wife no.1 and wife no.2. You can bet that these ladies get angry when they get their number wrong.

👤These labels are the perfect size for my work. They were a good price. Many of the other sellers were too large for me. The price was perfect and they arrived on time. Thank you.

👤I wanted them for a small job.

👤I used mine to mark DVD edges.


What is the best product for baking labels white?

Baking labels white products from Sblabels. In this article about baking labels white you can see why people choose the product. Wisdompro and Savvy & Sorted are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking labels white.

What are the best brands for baking labels white?

Sblabels, Wisdompro and Savvy & Sorted are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking labels white. Find the detail in this article. Talented Kitchen, Savvy & Sorted and Pimoys are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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