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1. Sparkle Bash Cupcake Wrappers Watercolor

Sparkle Bash Cupcake Wrappers Watercolor

It is the best choice to enhance your birthday, wedding, baby shower, holiday party. These elegant cupcake liners are great for making fancy cupcakes. The cupcake liners have a floral watercolor design. The cupcake liners have a floral watercolor design. The material is material. Baking paper cups are used for cupcakes. Place a baking sheet on top of a muffin pan and bake according to the recipe. It's suitable for oven heatproof up to 230 C. The cups give a festive look to your party decorations. It's perfect for putting cupcakes, muffin, ice-creams, candy, nuts, and fruit. It's great for any special circumstance. The cupcake wrappers look fancy and can be used for many occasions like wedding, bridal shower, engagement party, birthday, anniversary, greenery theme party décor. 50 pieces, 5 oz disposable paper baking cups.

Brand: Sparkle And Bash

👤A birthday party napkin made by Sparkle and Bash is a perfect match. These cupcake forms do not need a pan. Put them on a cookie sheet. They are larger than the regular cupcake size, so choose your recipe carefully for maximum rise with more volume and measure the amount of batter needed to fill to 1/3. Adding an extra egg or baking powder will make the rise perfect. They will take longer to bake. To open and eat, just open with a fingernail at the side seam. I sliced the cooled extras into slices, added layers of filling, and iced the whole thing for a lovely dessert option. The cups are strong enough to hold candy and snacks.

👤I wanted something garden-themed so I bought these for muffins. I used a mix and they were a big hit. You have to add dough because the liners are large. I baked them for an extra few minutes to make sure they were cooked all the way through. The muffin will release from the sides if you squeeze the sides after they have baked. I was very pleased with the purchase.

👤I use these to make muffins and they are pretty. I use them to serve individual size snack food and it cuts the stress out of anyone not having clean hands.

👤At our recent baby shower, we used cupcake liners as candy holders and small gift holders. Everyone loved them! They are pretty and nice. I can only speak about the way we used them, which was to fill them with goodies.

👤This type of cupcake liners have been used by me for a long time. They make it easy to clean up. They were happy to see them in Raleigh, where they have started to be hard to find.

👤They are perfect for a party. As soon as my house is ready, I'll use them for that. They are thick enough to hold nuts of dried fruit for guests. I highly recommend!

👤Are they used for a baby shower? The client was happy with them. They are so beautiful and I use them for other orders. I ordered a second set.

2. LotFancy Wrappers Greaseproof Birthday Standard

LotFancy Wrappers Greaseproof Birthday Standard

It's perfect for bakeries, grocery stores, cake shops, coffee shops, and more. Food grade material is oven safe. The tulip cupcake liners are made with imported paper. The cups can be used in the oven, but they can't be used in the freezer. When it's time to eat your cupcakes or muffins, the liners are easy to remove. There are 200 tulip cupcake holders. 40 green, 40 red, 40 orange, 40 white cups with gold pattern and 40 yellow baking cups The standard size is 3.15” height and 1.97” bottom width. Tulip Cupcake Papers can hold a lot of batter. It's perfect for muffins and cupcakes. The tulip design is classic. It's perfect for cupcakes, muffins, biscuits, candy, small desserts, cookies, bread and more. It's suitable for weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties, Halloween, Christmas and celebrations. When baking, use a muffin pan or a base made of ridge cups. Keep away from open flames.

Brand: Lotfancy

👤The paper liners are advertised. They are not! I thought these would make my muffins look better. Wrong! They stick very badly. Worst liners ever! A lot of muffins were ruined.

👤I liked the idea of a muffin liner that looked more professional. I wish they were a bit more sturdy. The package was opened and it didn't look like 200. It almost looks like the package was opened, there were some styles removed and a different cup liner type put on top. I wouldn't reuse this supplier.

👤This product is great because it's beautiful. The cup isn't as thick as it could be when you line it up in the muffin pan. I love that it is so easy to peel off. Got a lot of praise.

👤These are not good. Don't waste your money! Your muffins look skimpy because they are slightly undersized. It does make a difference, but seriously didn't think it would.

👤I was surprised by the quality of these liners. They don't burn like regular liners out on the market. I was worried that the liner would not hold the batter well, but they held well during the baking. Cute designs are always a plus. Definitely recommend it and will order more in the future.

👤These don't need to be greased. Sturdy for use with a muffin tin. These allow me to fill the muffin tin beyond what it would hold with a normal short liner, as we are a gluten free home. A premium muffin. We love them.

👤Everyone raves about my muffins, but never as good as before I used these liners. They bake well and give good heat to the muffin tops. The lotus shape is far superior to a standard cupcake liner. Everyone thinks the papers came from a bakery.

👤The liners are perfect for muffins and cupcakes. I used them this morning for a box of muffin mix and they made them look pretty and easy to peel off of the muffin. I have a bakery in my kitchen.

3. Chef Craft Parchment Cupcake Liners

Chef Craft Parchment Cupcake Liners

It's perfect for putting cake,biscuit,candy, dessert,cookie, fruit and more. For a wedding, anniversary, engagement, birthday, baby shower, Halloween or Christmas event. 50 cupcake liners are in each pack. Parchment paper construction makes it easy to remove the liner from a baked good. Simply fill the liner and bake. Most muffin tins have liners. The paper is made of high quality paper.

Brand: Chef Craft

👤I have never used Parchment paper cupcake liners before. I am trying to stick to a low-cholesterol lifestyle and have found a great low-cholesterol muffin recipe, but it stuck to the regular paper liner when they were cooked. There was a lot of waste. The muffin falls out with these liners. No sticking at all! No waste!

👤I bought these baking cups. They fit in cupcake pans. The height is 1-1/4", the base is 1-7/8" and the width is 2-3/4". The cupcakes were supposed to be placed in a ruffled liner for the wedding. The thin liner didn't bother me. It was perfect if you didn't separate from the liner while baking. It is easy to unwrap when consuming.

👤The liners were mashed flat by the heavy items in the box. I was going to use the liners, but the wrapper burst on both sides. The liners were protected. I threw the entire package away because of the emphasis on keeping things germ free.

👤It's not a paper, it's garbage, Smith doesn't work at all. Very bad! The delivery was on time.

👤Get rid of the tins. The best muffin cup liners are for paleo muffins. We are trying to eat more muffins. These are notorious for sticking to cups. Frustrating! They fall out with these liners. No preparing or oiling. It's the best muffin liner you can use.

👤I bought these because I wanted them to release from the cupcake easily. I would not have been able to serve them without using additional wrappers because they separated completely from the cupcake when I took them out of the pans. They could be perfect if you are looking for something.

👤Rather flimsy. It wasn't what I expected, even though I had the dimensions. I'll use them. They don't fit in my cupcake pans. I used them in my pans. They didn't stick, as you can see from my picture.

👤They are exactly as expected. Came in good shape. It was easy to remove the cupcakes. They held their shape.

👤The price is high but I love the product. No more stuck muffins!

4. Katbite Cupcake Birthday Christmas Decorations

Katbite Cupcake Birthday Christmas Decorations

Standard green foil baking cups are the best choice for themed celebrations. The bottom diameter is 1.97 inch and the depth is 3.15 inch, which is suitable for most standard size bakeware. The most classic colors are Brown, White and Nature Color. TheOVEN SAFE is made from natural 100% wood pulp and is fluorescent free, so it is safe and no poison is found. There is no need to worry about health issues. It can be put directly into the oven without any concern for safety because they are higher in temperature than most recipes require. Baking cups are easy to clean and use. There will not be many cakes left on the baking cups because there will not be any scrubbing or scrubbing to eliminate baked on mess. Baking will be easy with them. You can use them to make cupcakes at any party or festival. ELEGANT DESIGN- The tulip-shaped design will make the cupcakes look more elegant, and both your customers and guests will leave a deep impression on your cupcakes. It will make your display case look more delicate, and it will also make your cupcakes look better. You can make cupcakes or muffins and use it to hold other items. You can use the cupcakes you make to decorate weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, baby showers, graduation parties, Halloween, Christmas as well as other parties and events.

Brand: Katbite

👤My daughter is a baker and sells through her business. She wanted to use liners for her cupcakes to make them look better. We tried these liners and they are wonderful. She lightly sprayed them before baking them to help with the removal. They worked with her regular cupcakes and jumbo cupcakes. She has had a lot of praise for using them. Will be buying them again.

👤Do not recommend. The grease marks on liners look terrible. I have a baking business and I have to give my customers cupcakes with grease marks on the liners because I ordered them last minute. I've used this type of cupcake liner for a long time, but my normal seller was out of stock. This is not the recipe I've used for years and it has never happened before. It's not clear if greaseproof on package means they won't do this, but highly disappointed.

👤It worked well for single serving frittatas. There was no grease on the outside of the wrapper or the baking tin. Pulling them open was fine. If they are cooled down, less or more would come off the wrapper.

👤I didn't want to return them thinking the product would work after the box was smashed. I pulled them out and some didn't say much. The ones I used for baking were soaked in oil after I put them in the oven. You might be able to bake cupcakes with liners in them. If you need them for muffins or cupcakes, this is not the product for you.

👤The colors were vibrant and didn't fade in the oven. It's easy to open and use a square to catch crumbs. happy with the purchase, very pretty look all around

👤These liners are great for classing up cupcakes. It's a much better option than paper cups because it's easy to extract from the pans. They fit in bakery boxes with cupcake holders. No cake is lost when pulled from the cupcake. They're great if you're careful, but they're not amazing because they can be pulled back so easily. These were a good value, but a little more than paper cups per liner.

👤The cupcake holders I bought for my niece's birthday were pretty, but the paper is very thin. To make sure the batter didn't soak through, I had to use 2 cupcake holders. The paper stuck to the cupcakes after they were done. I'm not sure if I would order from this seller again, they were so thin, but I'm going to use the remaining holders.

👤I wanted to use different colors, but white was destroyed. And bent over.

👤The mixed pack of colors made these cases attractive to me. The package was small when they arrived. I found out why. The papers were small and flimsy. The main cup of the papers was shallow and the dimensions were the same as in the advert. They would have been great if I had used 2 at a time, but that wasn't what I wanted. I will be returning these and going back to the ones I used before. Don't.

5. Wilton Seasonal Cupcake Liners 300 Count

Wilton Seasonal Cupcake Liners 300 Count

It holds up to 25 lbs of liquid or solid weight. Great for holidays and birthdays. Can also hold candy.

Brand: Wilton

👤CorrectION: The ALUMINUM version of these were great. I thought this package was the same thing as the others. No, no! These are made of paper. My muffins came out of the liners cleanly. The paper liners were terrible. Muffin all over, stuck to the liner, broken up into pieces. They looked like my batter was soaked. I thought I might need to bake the muffins longer, but they were done. I wouldn't use these to give someone muffins or cupcakes. I will never use them again. They are garbage. They didn't smell. I will never bake muffins without these liners. They make it much easier to clean up. Several reviewers complained about the smell of the liners. I have baked muffins in the cupcake liners several times. I am sensitive to smells. I didn't notice an issue. I put my nose into the package I just bought. The smell dissipated quickly. Maybe they got a bad bunch.

👤I separated the liners from my table because they had a bad smell and I thought the scent might go away. It didn't. I put them by an open window and the smell lingered. Went to use them yesterday and they still have an odor. They are really pretty, so it's a shame. I won't use them because of the smell of my baked goods. They are going to be thrown away.

👤When I opened the package to use the cupcake papers, many of them were cut in half and not usable. The photo is below. There should be better quality control with a name like that. I will not buy cupcake papers from them in the future.

👤I only took one star because of the strong smell. I bought these a couple weeks before I needed them because I was worried they would have an odor that everyone else would complain about. The colors are beautiful, but I wish the purple was not so dark. After they have aired out for a few days, I will update my review on the smell, taste and liners. They kept the smell even after they aired out. They didn't smell like cupcakes after baking. They didn't ruin the taste of the cupcakes, but they did have a small taste of the smell in the cupcakes. Kinda disappointed and dissatisfied.

👤I didn't experience any of the issues reported by other reviewers, so maybe it has something to do with the seller. Didn't stick to my pan. They released well. * After baking, the color was visible on all liners. They were not like some other brands. The package had a faint smell of dye. There are some things that are CONS: Sometimes you have to empty the tube to get at the colors on the bottom, and it can be difficult to put them back in. The package popped open. None was crushed. The "Rainbow Bright" liners did not contain red. There is a rainbow of colors. You need 7 colors if you're going to include PINK.

6. Wrappers Birthday Weddings Bakeries Restaurants

Wrappers Birthday Weddings Bakeries Restaurants

When baking, use a muffin pan or a base made of ridge cups. Keep away from open flames. The product size is. The Tulip cupcake liners base is 2 x 2 inches, the lowest point is 2.2 inches, the highest point is 3.5 inches, and can hold about 4 ounces of vegetation cupcake or muffin batter. There are two types of immigrants and professionals: journeyman and professional. Tulip-shaped baking cups make muffins look delicious and cute, can be used for halloween christmas party, anniversaries, weddings, birthday parties, baby shower, even in bakeries, restaurants and other places. Quality material. Food grease-proof paper can be used in the oven to help retain the moist and promote even baking. Small muffin liners look better than regular cupcake liners because they are easy to peel off. 300 tulip muffin pan liners lined at an excess price are perfect for baking-loving families, bakeries, restaurants, coffee shops and restaurants. The shape of tulip paper liners integrity is protected by carton sealed packaging. They promise to give you the best products and services. If you have any questions, please contact them.

Brand: Xp-art

👤Product was in a nice study packaging. The liners are very thin. The cheap liner quality of the cupcakes makes them shrink when baked, because I use a 4oz scooper to scoop cake batter into the liners. I run a baking business and can't use these for my business so I returned everything back to Amazon.

👤The paper is really thin. It's own form doesn't hold it. I bought them for a reason other than muffins. They are not. My sister uses them to bake muffins in a tray.

👤They were packed so they wouldn't go. I was confused by the cups at first, but I thought that was great because for other liners like these there are usually a lot of bad reviews. I will update my review with more pictures once I get to use them. No issues at all.

👤We used the cups for samples at the food competition. They are easy to handle and sturdy. Our customers loved them too.

👤I like how my muffins look with the holders. I can tell you that they are perfect for the price. I will buy it.

👤I got it in less than a day after I ordered it. The item is the same as shown in the pictures.

👤My cupcakes should look very elegant.

7. Gold Cupcake Liners Muffin Baking

Gold Cupcake Liners Muffin Baking

50 sets of aluminum foil cupcake containers are what you will get. The size of the pan is 4.3 x 4.3 x 1.6 inches and the capacity is 8 ounces, perfect for use. The set of 60 foil cups can be used to hold a variety of different treats. Place these cupcake liners on the dessert or buffet table to dress up cupcakes, muffins, and other sweet treats. The gold cupcake liners are made from durable baking paper that can last up to 2200 degrees fahrenheit. The gold foil cupcake liners measure approximately 1.96 x 1.8 inches.

Brand: Sparkle And Bash

👤The little cups were used to hold a half cup of fruit on a lunch plate. The foil finish is perfect. I had taken a picture. It was topped with a strawberry flower and I used them for St Patrick gold pots.

👤It is small for a cupcake.

👤I was expecting these to fit over a regular cupcake, but they were a bit tight and did not expand. I was able to use them.

👤I bought multiple times. It fits most cupcakes.

👤Great cups. It's small but sturdy.

👤The cupcakes were perfect for the table.

👤These were what I was hoping for. I baked my cupcakes in plain white liners and then put them in these adorable gold cups. These made the presentation look better. I can think of many other uses for these. I'm sure that I'll buy them again once I've used all of the cups in this package, I'm glad that I purchased these.

8. Sumind Pieces Cupcake Liners Cupcakes

Sumind Pieces Cupcake Liners Cupcakes

If you experience an issue with your product, get in touch with them for a return or replacement. They will make it better by learning from your experience. Each set has 400 pieces muffin liners in total, enough quantity for your daily use, and 10 different color sets for your selection. The paper cup liners are made of food-safe grade foil metallic paper, safe and odorless, and Grease resistant inside. The standard size has a bottom diameter of 2.2 cm and a height of 0.78 inches. The bright color of the baking cupcake liners make them look more attractive and impressive. The foil cupcake liners with fun color are convenient and disposable, which will cheer your kids, friends up all the day, and it's a good choice for you to dress up your birthday, wedding, festival, holiday party, baby shower, anniversaries and themed celebrations.

Brand: Sumind

👤These are cute before you bake them. The pan was ruined by the ink on the cupcakes. The cupcakes are contaminated with whatever chemicals were in the ink and the pink was the worst.

👤He stained my muffin pans and butcher block on my island, so don't buy this product. We could not peel it off because of the other foils I have used. I have been making a recipe for years. I was angry and upset about my wasted time. Do not buy this product. I didn't want to give this product any stars, but I couldn't submit my review without it.

👤I wish I had read the review about the cups staining the pan. I ordered them before that was posted. Don't bake with these cups. The cups are too small. The bottom of my mini muffins got stuck. I have stains in my pan. I hope I can wash it out. These are only good for small treats like truffles. I won't be buying them again.

👤The colors are beautiful. I love it. I use them for display when I make small chocolate coconut balls. I tried to use them on the oven at 350 degrees. I decided to use some of my chocolate cake recipe in the mini cupcake tray. The foil cup liners were sticking to the cake mix, so I couldn't peel it off without tearing it apart. It was not made to be used with that recipe. I had assumed that cupcakes would work for me. I love them either way.

👤I used them to make brownies. I had to peel them off because they were stuck to the brownies. I had to break the part of the brownie that was in the inner paper layer. I was not eating paper. I used paper liners with the brownies and they worked just fine. I have hundreds of foil liners that I will never use again.

👤I wanted a spring bridal high tea. I am going to make mini pecans and put them in colorful foil liners. I wish there were more pastels in the spring colors, but they are all bright and include black, rose gold, silver and regular gold. The liners are shiny and metallic. There are 400 of them. I will use 16. It's a good thing. I might use the red and green at Christmas for fudge. Lots of them. They appear to be strong. I opened the package to check the thickness. The stack of 400 is less than 5 feet long. I'm not sure if there are 400 in there, but I'm pretty sure it is.

👤I had to buy them because I saw all of the beautiful colors when I made Easter candy. The display with the papers and the candy was a big hit. I loved the way they looked and my family was very happy to receive Easter candy during a Pandemic. Will definitely purchase the colors again if you do what you can to make the best out of life.

9. Wilton Elegance Cupcake Liners 150 Count

Wilton Elegance Cupcake Liners 150 Count

All you have to do is contact them and they will give you a full refund of your money. The cups are more attractive and grab kids attention. This is the best bakeware product. This product is made in China.

Brand: Wilton

👤I was excited when the cake liners arrived. They looked like the picture. There was a strong smell coming from them when I took them out of the packaging. The liners smell like machine oil. They are printed with a design that causes an odor. I used them anyway. The smell disappeared when the cupcakes were out of the oven. The designs vanished as well. The beige liner had black swirls on it. The other colors were brown stripes, grey and white swirls lines. I won't be ordering them again.

👤I wanted to like them so much. I did! When they arrived, I was very excited. The whole design fades into nothing once you bake it. They don't look like the picture when you use them. If you filled them with snacks they would be fine. Don't count on them for the decorative element. It's not there.

👤The product was disappointing. I don't know what these are made of, the cake sticks terribly, the paper absorbs oil, and the design is lost after baking. After baking your cupcakes in something else, I advise you only to use this as a decorative outer layer. At least it is an "add-on" price. Unless this design is what you're looking for, you can find something better elsewhere.

👤Finding cupcake liners that would work in my budget was a good thing. I used the black ones I was wanting but put a white inside each one because I thought they looked good, after reading other reviews that they didn't hold their color after baking. It had the double-liber look where one sticks to the cupcake and the other sticks out, but I have seen that used elsewhere, and while I would prefer a single liner that looks good on, I have seen that used elsewhere. My cupcakes are pretty moist, so a recipe that is more dry might be able to handle the liners without doubling. I haven't tried patterned liners yet.

👤I had to change my rating because they looked good but once you use them, they started falling apart, I don't know if they were exposed to excess humidity or heat. I will never order them online again because they are not that good, but I expect better quality from both Amazon and Wilton.

👤They are awful when they cause your muffin to fall apart, and I don't care about the design. I'm sure they are made of a non stick paper, but they aren't. They are so thin that you can't peel them off. When will the USA learn that sending manufacturing to China took jobs away and gave us terrible products?

👤The print/color fades after the cupcakes are baked. I got these for my grandsons 16th birthday. I wanted them to look special but not pastels. I thought the colors were appropriate for a young man. I was so disappointed that the beige with brown swirls just became a dark paper cup and the grey and white swirls, the same, just looked very plain and boring thanks to these cupcake holders. They cost more than the regular ones at the grocery stores. When you bake in it, the blue is still blue. I would never use them again because they are pretty. I think one could slip the cupcakes into these after baking something else.

10. Cupcake Wrappers Muffins Cupcakes Assorted

Cupcake Wrappers Muffins Cupcakes Assorted

Birthday, wedding, baby shower, Holiday Party, themed celebrations with standard cupcake liner is the best choice. The Selizo cupcake liner set comes with 600 pieces of cupcake papers in a clear plastic tube. Baking large quantity for an event is great. Food grade material is safe. The cupcake liners are made of grease proof paper. Grease resistant liners are high temperature resistant. There are bright rain colors. The baking cupcake liners are a quick and festive way to dress up your cupcakes and muffins, making them more attractive and impressive. The liners measure 2 in. The dia. is 5 cm. Baking cups for every day. It's great for baking muffins, cupcakes, and breads, preparing frozen treats, desserts on a baking sheet, and candy making. The cupcake holder is perfect for small items. It's fun for a birthday party, baby shower, or wedding.

Brand: Selizo

👤We are not going to run out of cupcake liners soon. My toddler likes to help line the baking tray. Awesome purchase.

👤The amount you get with the colors is something you love. They bake in a paper cup. I didn't like how transparent they became after baking and the butter just got absorbed in the liners, you couldn't tell the paper from the color it was suppose to be. You could barely see the color, I double layers before and after baking, and the oil soaked through the liner.

👤I had to borrow some from my neighbor because I ran out of cupcake liners. I buy these at the supermarket often, but run out more often. There are a lot of liners in this pack. I won't run out anytime soon. I am happy to pay my neighbor back. The colors and packaging were very well packaged.

👤These were great! I use these for crafts with my daughter in my 2nd grade class and I love the colors and value.

👤The colors are bright. It's very convenient and seems to bake well.

👤The colors are pretty. They smell terrible. I don't recommend.

👤I couldn't use them because they smell like chemicals.

👤I like the vibrant colors and the quality is good, but I don't like that it smells weird, I'm too picky.

11. AmazonBasics Reusable Silicone Baking Cups

AmazonBasics Reusable Silicone Baking Cups

For more than 30 years, the creators of imagination- and creativity-sparking products have been called the gold standard in early childhood play. The cups are made of food grade silicone and are ideal for baking, lunch, and snack cups. No greasing or cooking spray is needed to release food. dishwasher-safe for quick clean up, freezer, microwave, and oven-safe. It works with any standard muffin pan. 2 of the colors are included: pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤I bought these a year or so ago, and have been using them almost weekly for muffins - I loved the convenience and fun colors. They have a smell when baking and have a soapy taste. I was reading a cookbook over the weekend and it said that you can use Silicone baking cups, but be sure to choose 100% Silicone products, other products not only are less effective but also tend to smell. It's a bad word! I noticed that the "food grade Silicone" was not the same as " 100% food grade Silicone" when I looked at my order. There are other things in there. The discussions around the pinch test weren't in the reviews back then. I've ordered different ones that say they are 100% silicone because these will be going in the trash. I wonder what I've been eating for the past year. If you haven't bought them yet, why risk it?

👤I used these for making homemade lotion bars. The bars looked nice with the crinkled edges. A friend gave me a recipe for Body Butter Bars, which are made with cocoa butter and virgin coconut oil. Combine ingredients in a heat resistant jar or measuring cup and melt in a pan filled with a couple of inches of water on low/medium heat. Remove the molds when the melted lotion is set until hardened. They smell like coconut, honey and chocolate when rubbed on the skin.

👤I bought these for the non stick properties and was disappointed. You can see that even muffins leave a mess that needs to be cleaned. I wanted them to be able to cook eggs in the oven. They were super-stick, not non-stick. It took me 15 minutes to clean the cups after they had been in the water for an hour. If I had made a regular muffin tin and soaked it for an hour, it would only take me 5 minutes to clean them, so why would I ever use them? The ridges on the muffin tin make it easier to clean. I don't understand the rave reviews. These are bright and colorful, but I use a muffin tin because it is more eco-friendly and less frustrating.

👤We tried to eat the baked muffins, but they had a nasty taste from the supposedly real liners. They are not 100% Silicone. There wouldn't be a yucky aftertaste if they were. The money was wasted.

👤The product did not work at all. Egg muffins were baked in them and stuck all over. You need something to grease them because they are not stick-proof as advertised. I have to scrub them after putting them in the dishwasher. The false advertising is disappointing.

👤These are terrible to clean. I am going back to paper cups. I have to scrub these with a brush to get the cake out, even that doesn't always work. It doesn't do it either.

👤I was hoping for a bit more thickness. They had a strong smell when they arrived. Since they are so thin, you can't put them in a dishwasher. The colors are fun to play with and I love them. I don't think I'll use them for actual baking as they're not very pleasant to clean and are weird to use. I would prefer to use paper cups, but skip the cup all together. I have come up with many more uses. They will be great for keeping junk in a drawer, keeping snacks separate in Tupperware, and holding the cup in a jeep wrangler for skinny cans. I think it would be great to put vitamins and pills in children and the elderly. Their bright color makes it easy to remember to take them, and their soft sides make it easy to grab pills. All in great value, but not in the way I was expecting.


What is the best product for baking liners cupcake?

Baking liners cupcake products from Sparkle And Bash. In this article about baking liners cupcake you can see why people choose the product. Lotfancy and Chef Craft are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking liners cupcake.

What are the best brands for baking liners cupcake?

Sparkle And Bash, Lotfancy and Chef Craft are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking liners cupcake. Find the detail in this article. Katbite, Wilton and Xp-art are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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