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1. Care Unbleached Large Baking Cups

Care Unbleached Large Baking Cups

The product is of a high standard of quality. It comes for reasonable price.

Brand: If You Care

👤These are standard baking cups. They make a jumbo size for the extra large muffin tins. I love them. I'm back for more. I use all of the sizes. These are excellent. Nothing sticks when you bake, the paper pulls clean. You won't have a crumb left on the paper if you let things cool down a bit. These are perfect for men's muffins or cupcakes when they don't want silly patterns, because of the brown craft paper color. These are regular sized baking cups and they make "Jumbo". This size is the one I use the most since we bake in the oven in the summer heat wave. You can see the ridges of the paper left on the sides of the muffins and cakes. It works perfectly with a standard muffin tin. You need a muffin tin to support these. I tried. The colors don't bleed through the paper. The baked goods can be recycled in the paper bin. I love these.

👤These baking cups are wonderful. I bake a number of Paleo muffins and they seem to be very sticky. I tried a lot of foil and paper products and they didn't work out. Everything I've baked in the If You Care cups has released perfectly, so we've been very pleased. Great product.

👤I'm sure these liners work, but I'll have to buy the jumbo size as these aren't the large size that I intended them to be. I needed the diameter at the bottom of the liner to be 2.5. It's under 2 inches. I have 6 boxes of standard cupcake liners that I'll need to use, because I can't return these. The lesson is to buy a single box first.

👤I love muffin liners. This is the best price for them. They are unbleached and compostable. I feel good about using them. These will last me a long time as well. The standard 12 muffin tin size is referred to as the Large size, whereas the larger 6 muffin tins are referred to as the Jumbo size. Would buy it back.

👤These are great! It's easy to use, and it's even easier to peel away from the baked good than any other cup I've ever used. They are simply baking cups, but they are made with an eye on the environment and come in a good-sized batches that are easy to store. The only concern is that they are not really large in the sense of muffins or other baked items, which is pretty much standard. I knew what I was getting when I read that issue on other reviews. Unlike other reviewers, I was able to pull the paper away from the muffin, so to speak. These are the best baking cups at the best price and the "greenest" I've ever encountered. I'm happy I bought a big supply. I hope everyone will.

👤The right size is what I like about these. These cups have a non stick quality that I have never seen on a cupcake liner, and after you cool them the paper comes off the cake completely clean.

2. Royal Brown Tulip Baking Sleeve

Royal Brown Tulip Baking Sleeve

It's great for individual desserts, hot or cold. OVEN SAFE, AND PROMOTS Premium quality grease-proof paper is used to make these tulip baking cups. This material helps to keep moist. This product can be used in the oven, and can tolerate temperatures up to 450 degrees. Unique design! These cups are great for impressing customers or guests. They make your treats look even better by adding a refined style to them. Cupcakes and muffins wrapped in baking cups look better than non-wrapped baked goods. Makes big noises! These cups can hold about 4 ounces of cupcake batter, which is an excellent size for big muffins or cupcakes. There are different sizes of this baking cup. It's perfect for bakeries, grocery stores, cake shops, coffee shops, and more. Measures and susceptibility: The bottom is 2 inches. The cup's height is 2-3/4" from the bottom to the top. The cup's height is 3-7/8" from the bottom to the top. They fit in a muffin pan. The time it takes to clean should be reduced. Baking cups can be used to line muffin pans. This will save you time and give you more time to bake.

Brand: Royal

👤The cups were listed as large. They are not. They are taller than the standard cup cake size. They aren't made for the large muffin pans. I didn't get what I wanted or felt.

👤I have bought tulip cups for about a year now and sent them to family members to try out with breakfast muffins. The design of the cup made it easy to make large muffins with 1/3 C of batter in one. The design being shipped to customers has changed. The base of the cup used to be 2” but now it is 1 7/8” It cuts out some of the area for the muffin. The cup's height seems to be 1/2” shorter. The old larger cup design had a margin of error, but they still hold 1/3 C. The paper and packages are different. The Styrofoam cup is no longer in use. It is frustrating to have the product changed, but Royal does not show any indication of the change. I sent a request to the Royal customer request site, but never got a response. If you don't need a tulip cup which is really large, these may be just fine for you, but when you want a large cup that fits in a standard muffin Tin, this may be a disappointment. I have already tied another brand and found it smaller.

👤I wanted to bake muffins in a pan. So large muffins. The description of the liner as large gave me the impression that I was looking for something. If you plan on making large muffins in a 6 muffin pan, I would not order these liners. I would not consider the product large.

👤I ordered this product from the last time I bought it. I thought I would get the same product as when I ordered it. The size was much smaller. It looks like the largest size they have. It's small. The new large is on the left in the picture.

👤The size is small for my taste, good quality and my muffins look great in them. I used them in a regular size cupcake pan and used a cupcake scooper to measure them and compare them to regular size cupcake paper in the pictures. I hope the medium size will be what I want.

👤My husband and I love to bake. We were going to make muffins for the meeting. I wanted muffin cups that would make it easier to make several batches in a row and make the muffins look special and gourmet. These did both. They made it easy to remove the muffins because they let us pile on the topping without fear of overflow. No goobers were burned into the pans. The muffins were filled with oil from the bottom and took a little extra care because of the tall paper sides. I am very pleased.

👤I ordered them on February 3, 2022. They were supposed to arrive on Thursday. They arrived on Friday, February 18. 15 days later. Amazon did not tell their customer that the order was from China. The bottom diameter is suppose to be 2 inches. The bottom of the cup is supposed to be 2 1/2 inches. The actual height is less than two inches. The height from the bottom to the very top is supposed to be 3 7/8 inches. The actual height is not very high. The photos on the Amazon site do not look like them. They are small for cups. Don't spend your money on cups.

3. Silicone Reusable Nonstick Cupcakes Chocolate

Silicone Reusable Nonstick Cupcakes Chocolate

The top of the tulip cupcake liners is 8 cm/ 3.15 inches, the bottom is 5 cm/ 1.97 inches, and the height is 8 cm/ 3.15 inches. Each pack of 6 Silicone muffin cups is compatible with most muffin pans and are safe to use in the freezer, oven and microwave. Silicone muffin liners are made of high quality food grade Silicone, no smells, no chemical coating, temperature up to 500F, without breaking, melting or releasing any harmful chemicals. The baking cup with thin edges and flexible material make it easy to release cupcakes with good shapes. Silicone cupcake liners are thicker than others and can be used many times. The Silicone cupcake baking cups are easy to clean, just soak the liners in soapy water for a while and then wash them with a brush. They are dishwasher safe. Silicone baking cups can be used as baking cups for muffins, cupcakes, chocolates, truffles, pudding, and any other desserts you like, but also can be used as lunch cups for separating veggies, snacks and fruits, suitable for the birthday party, baby shower.

Brand: Yunko

4. Green Direct Standard Cupcake Baking

Green Direct Standard Cupcake Baking

These multiuse paper muffin cup wrappers can be used for a lot of different things. Try making your own peanut butter cups, serve cake balls, nuts, or candy, use them on popsicles to catch drips, or try your hand at muffin cup crafts. Baking cups for every day are of the best quality. 500 pieces per pack of white paper baking cups for large quantities of baking. Excellent cupcakes desserts hot and cold. Purchase these classic white paper cups and use them to make a masterpiece for your gathering.

Brand: Green Direct

👤The liners were great and I have purchased this item before. I ordered four more. They were all very small. They came in a completely different package. I don't know if this company is taking a different direction or trying to cut corners with their product production, but this is unacceptable! The liners don't fit in a cupcake pan. I will no longer order these if this is the quality that will be delivered from now on.

👤These do not fit in a standard cupcake/muffin tin. I was disappointed that they were not the standard ones, they were too small. If you are trying to stretch out your batter into more treats, this might work for you, but I wanted them to fit the tin. They are being returned.

👤It seems like we're always running out, so I was excited to get a big pack of baking cups/liners. These were packaged well and in good shape. The first three things we've used have stuck to them like crazy. We had no problems with other brands of liners and had problems with both muffins and cupcakes with recipes we've used before. We'll be sending them back to the bakery.

👤I can't say if the colors changed after baking because they didn't make it into the pans, but after opening the case, I noticed an off gas smell coming from the liners. I'm going back to natural liners.

👤These aren't tall enough. When I baked my cupcakes in my cupcake pan, they came up 1/3 to the top of the pan. My cupcakes got stuck in the pan. I was happy that my pan was not damaged. These are not good for baking muffins and cupcakes.

👤They are advertised as standard size, but they are tiny. They are below the cupcake tin. They aren't usable for cupcakes tins. I will not purchase again and I am very disappointed that I have 500 of these. The standard sized liner is on the left in the picture.

👤I didn't notice this when I bought these, maybe they have changed their manufacturing. These papers are so thin that they tear into tiny pieces when you try to remove them from cupcakes or muffins. It's hard to tell if they're there after they're baked. I will spray them first, but I have never done that before.

👤I like to taste my batter before putting it in tins. I baked cupcakes using these liners because my batter was delicious. The first sign that something was wrong was that my cupcakes were in the middle. After removing the pan, there was a pool of grease, and the finished products tasted terrible. Maybe it was my eggs, I thought. There is a I made another batches with different eggs and the batter tasted great. Same thing happened. The smell is terrible. Grease messes with baking. Won't purchase again.

5. Standard Paper Cupcake Liners Baking

Standard Paper Cupcake Liners Baking

At Baker's Signature they take customer satisfaction very seriously. They will make sure that the things are made right if they know that the cupcake and muffin liners don't live up to your expectations. Their products are crafted by trusted artisans from carefully selected materials that have been approved by approved suppliers. Their priority is quality. Baking for the years to come is hassle free with the baking paper cups. The package length is 6. 299999993574 inches The package width is 3. 99999999592 inches The package height is 2. 899979999042 inches The package weight is 0. The weight is 20062065842 pounds.

Brand: Paperchef

👤I bought these cupcake liners on Amazon for $8+ for 2 boxes of 60 count, and they have been there ever since. I removed a start because I was shopping at my local Target and the regular price in-store for these is $0.98/box. They are $1.98/box through the Target app. I paid 400% more for this item because it is not returnable, and I bought it on Amazon. The product is still great. I will never use another liner again because it is fun to use the ones with designs, colors, etc., but these liners are perfect for any recipes that stick to regular paper liners! These have been great for my toddler. I will buy these again.

👤I've bought these many times. They would have gotten 5 stars for loving them before. They have made a small change that makes a big difference. The cups were kept round by a cardboard circle inside the box. The ring is no longer in the box. They are coming out of the box square instead of round. They don't become round when you put batter in them, so you wouldn't think that this is too big of a deal. They bunch up. The way they come off the muffins is affected by this. The muffin could tear because it was not smoothly. I think they changed something else because the color has changed. There was an update on 5/30. I bought this item back because other people have said they don't have the square problem. The cups are round again after the new packages arrived with a cardboard circle in a box. It was upgraded from a 1 star review to a 3 star one because of the hope that it was a one time problem and won't happen again.

👤I was a bit worried by the photos of squarish liners but my one box I opened had the inner cardboard collar. The liners are round. These liners are a perfect fit for standard size muffins. They are truly non-stick. I bought the paper liners from the grocery store and my oatmeal muffins stuck to them. There's nothing stuck to the liner with these liners. I'm very happy. When I expected them to be white, they are brown. If you're looking for white, this isn't it. If you're looking for something that's non-stick, you've found it here.

👤I like to make scrambled egg muffins with eggs, sausage, bacon, cheese, and vegetables. The first time I made them, in a muffin tin, I only had scrambled eggs since not one of the muffins came out intact. I lined the muffin tin with cupcake liners. I got muffins that were in bad shape because I had to peel the liners off and they stuck so bad they came away in small, batter-soaked pieces. These paper liners were discovered by me. My only problem is handling the hot muffins, since the liners fall off as soon as the muffin is removed from the pan. They are not damaged. Some reviewers had difficulty with the shape of the liners. The boxes I received had cardboard around the liners to make sure they stayed round. I'm completely satisfied with their performance.

6. Silicone Reusable Non Stick Halloween Christmas

Silicone Reusable Non Stick Halloween Christmas

It's great for cooking eggs, baking muffins, preparing treats, lunch, snack cups or as car cup holder liner, also very helpful at birthday or holiday party, baby shower, or wedding. Silicone baking cups set are very suitable for many occasions. The cupcake liners have a heat resistance of up to 250C. The standard size of 1Pc cupcake molds are top diameter, bottom diameter and height. Silicone muffin liners are made of food grade silicone, odor resistant, no smells, no leaking dyes, eco-friendly premium silicone pinch approved, and the color don't fade. The shape of the cake will keep good after baked, and the baking cups are truly reuseable. Silicone baking cups are impermeable and easy to store, they are non-stick and greaseproof, and you can use any brush or water to wash, clean, and release your hands quickly. OVEN SAFE AND PREMIUM QUALITY: Silicone cupcake molds are safe for use in the oven, fridge, freezer, microwave, and dishwasher with practicality. Baking time with your family and friends is always enjoyable. The muffin cups are great for making muffins, cupcakes, pudding, tart, bread, mousse, jelly, conditioning food, brownie cupcakes, chocolate, custard, soaps, fat bombs and so on. Silicone cupcake holders can be used for most parties, weddings, baby showers, and baking sessions.

Brand: Katbite

👤These were the worst. I have been wanting to change my cupcake pan to Silicone for a while now. I saw these and they had great reviews. I bought them and was very disappointed. The cupcakes were difficult to remove from the mold and I never got them clean. I washed and soaked again. I put them in the trash can. I bought a box cake from the store and it didn't come right off, so I have to clean each of the crevices of the liner. I will buy the muffin pans with no crevices. I don't recommend this product.

👤I didn't want bright rainbow colors. I did not want a bunch of different colors. I would prefer to have all white, clear, or cream colored. Nobody is selling what I want. These fit perfectly inside the muffin pan. I use a standard baking pan. I wish they were not so ridged as it would make it easier to clean them. There are bits of extra silicone stuck to the edges. It won't affect function but it's not pretty. I will be picking it up. It's really sad. I know about the first world problems.

👤I'm 73. I never considered Silicone cupcake liners. There was a time when 1/3 of the muffin or cupcake was stuck in the paper liner. Everything pops out and nothing sticks to the Silicone Cupcake Liners. Cleanup takes time. This product and vendor are recommended by me. Shipping was on time. The package arrived well. The vendor had a good follow up. Buy them!

👤I bought these because I had to wash the pans because my muffins would leak juice through the paper liners and they were hard to clean and show wear. I thought this was the answer. You need to wash and dry these before you use them. If you don't want to store baked goods in freezer in these liners, you have to remove each item after baking. You have to wash and dry the baked goods after use. I had to use a dish brush to clean them faster because the baked item left the same amount of product on them as it did on paper cup liners. I think it's quicker to clean the pans that don't have ridges. If you want to save trees by not using paper liners, you may have a good reason, depending on how safe they are to make. I don't think they were a good idea. It wasn't for me. The quality of the item is very good, but the practicality is not very good.

👤These did not pass the test. Silicone will not turn white when pinched, according to science. This is a cheap hat that has cheap materials to fill in the expensive silicone. Don't buy. I threw my stuff away. The company lied.

👤I figured out that putting dice in the dishwasher works well, since they are not the easiest to clean. These are great for making muffins or cupcakes and then removing the wrapper to freeze. I would highly consider alternatives because of how hard they are to clean. I try not to use plastic in food storage or things that get heated, but I am working towards that. I will still use them, but maybe they are better to put paints in for kids, to line car cup holders, to put kids snacks in... I will look into making use for them in more diverse ways!

7. TeaRoo Silicone Reusable Non Stick Standard

TeaRoo Silicone Reusable Non Stick Standard

Baking will be even more fun with the vibrant colors. It is the best gift for both adults and kids. It's perfect for baking bread, muffins, cupcakes and sorting small items. Food-grade silicone, non-toxic, eco-friendly, flexible, is the highest quality. Baking cups are heat resistant up to The standard size for everyday baking is 7 x 3.1 cm. Silicone molds are great for baking and food, but also great for crafts, such as soaps, crayons, sidewalk chalks, bath bombs, candles, and baby showers. TeaRoo is committed to providing customers with quality products and services. Please email them if you have any questions about using their product.

Brand: Tearoo

👤The air fryer had perfect egg cups. One egg with some egg white, a dash of olive oil, a tiny bit of Colby cheese, and some bacon bits. Air fry for 7 minutes. They pop out without being sprayed. Great!

👤These are aesthetically pleasing and pretty durable, but they're not as large as standard muffin papers and muffin tins.

👤These aren't full sized muffin cups. The Target brand of baking cups are compared here. There is a big difference in size. They are thinner.

👤I don't think these are easy to clean. cupcakes were difficult to remove My wax melt is the best use I have found. It's easy to clean up but not as much as cooking.

👤These are half the size of a cup cake.

👤It's not easy to get out of it unless you want it in 2 or more pieces. They change the color of cornbread. There are only 12 muffin cups. The package was probably from China. I haven't used microwave yet.

👤I bought these to put my wax melt in. Works well.

👤These are great for muffins, but hard to clean. You think you're cleaning them until they dry, but then you see some leftover in the crevices. What a nightmare.

8. Panificio Premium 3 2 Inch Baking Cups

Panificio Premium 3 2 Inch Baking Cups

The maximum temperature is 428 degrees F. Cease-resistant coATING: Extra protection against messes is provided by the interior grease-resistant coating on these large round baking cups. These don't have greasy fingers or oily fingers. These sturdy 4 ounce paper baking pans are freezer and oven safe and made from high quality recyclable paper. A multi-use shape. These 4 oz baking cups have a unique round shape with straight edges that make them great for small cakes, fruit tarts, muffin tops, and individual coffee cakes. These vintage floral-inspired large baking cups can be used to give treats a luxurious makeover. The ridged paper baking pans are eye-catching. The value pack is sold in 200 count boxes at the same affordable wholesale pricing that they offer to their restaurant and Catering clients.

Brand: Restaurantware

👤I didn't think I'd go through 200 baking cups. The product is excellent. I have used these cups for a variety of baking purposes, and they have allowed me to make new configurations for traditional recipes. Key lime muffins, pumpkin bread and corn bread muffin tops, and Zuccini chocolate cake muffins are just some of the items on the list. Instead of baking a loaf of pumpkin bread, I can bake smaller portions that are really sweet, keep some, and give some away or freeze for later use. The cups can be placed on a baking sheet. They fill easily, bake up nicely, and empty easily. These are the best. On to my second 200.

👤I used the cup liners for my son's wedding. I made 300 mini cupcakes from the 1.6 oz cups. I was able to fill and bake them on the same cookie sheet without having to use muffin pans. The liners did not collapse and the color did not fade. The only downfall was that we had to provide small dessert sporks because the liners were hard to peel off to eat the cupcake. I would use them again.

👤Excellent holders. The coating on the inside is perfect for keeping the espresso from leaking through and I want them for tiramisu. I originally gave these 4 stars because the large cups are stacked in groups of 10 or so and the top group is shoved upside down in the stack to make the stack appear nicer but distorts the first cups. If you use them to bake, they will expand back out, but not if you use a pre-made desert. They were raised to 5 stars because they worked well. I baked a crumb crust in the cups and it held up.

👤We were shorted by 15 cups and needed all 200, so I only gave 3 stars. They are being used for our son's wedding. I don't want to pay for more shipping to get them here fast. It shouldn't have happened. It's a pity.

👤These are great! It's difficult to find something this large. It's perfect for cornbread. The top of the cornbread is the most delicious part, so just baking in a regular muffin tin or cupcake liner wasn't doing it for me. I think so. The perfect solution is these.

👤I was very happy with the cups. I wanted to display my cookies at the wedding. They are stiff, so they hold their shape. I put mini lemon curd cookie cups on the table. snowball cookies were put in them. I am buying them again.

👤I don't usually do many reviews unless I'm amazed by the product and these baking cups are a game-changer. You can bake them on a cookie sheet. They don't need to grease or flour the cups because they have a wax inside. No sticking. The cups don't get soggy after they have been frozen. They are larger than standard cupcake liners, but when you see how beautiful they look and you get more cake, they don't disappoint.

9. Parchment Standard Christmas Greaseproof Decorations

Parchment Standard Christmas Greaseproof Decorations

The cup is made of good quality cardboard material, food-safe, and has a protective coating on the inside, it is very sturdy, and perfect for display as a treat cup and individual container. One pack contains 150 muffin liners. There are three colors, white, brown and coffee, and 50 of them. Up Dia. 50 x 65 x 40mm / 1.97 x 2.56 x 1.57 inch Paper cupcake liners are made of pure wood and are safe to use. After being boiled in water for half an hour, it won't fade. The paper's temperature resistance is from -40 to 482F. You can use the muffin liners in an oven, microwave, steamer or refrigerator. The paper is thick enough to make cupcakes without a cupcake pan. The muffin liners use 40GSM paper, while the bakery supplies use 80GSM. Help you make dessert for large gatherings. These cute top hat baking cups are a good helpers for baking, whether it is making delicious cupcakes for your family or holding a party. Are you still concerned about cleaning up after the party? The disposable cupcake liner is a good choice. It is suitable for many occasions, such as birthdays, holidays, weddings, anniversaries and other celebrations. You can make cupcakes or muffins and also use them to hold other items. You can use the cupcakes you make to decorate weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, baby showers, graduation parties, Halloween, Christmas as well as other parties and events.

Brand: Katbite

👤The only thing I disliked about these colors was that it was hard to peel the liner off the cupcake and make it hard to eat. Unless someone can show me how to peel the liner, I will sit down and peel it. This is sturdy, but it was hard to eat so I gave it 3 stars.

👤These cupcake liners are used for hot cocoa bombs. The size is very sturdy.

👤Good quality, durable, and sturdy. I bought these for a wedding order and was very happy with the size and convenience of them. They are strong enough to use without a cupcake tray. They don't give off a weird smell like grocery store liners. I will never use cheap liners again after working with these.

👤These cupcake/muffin liners are awesome! You don't need a muffin tin. Love the colors as well. I will definitely buy more in the future.

👤They're cute. I gave him a low rating because they're terrible for cupcakes, the great for little cups and things like that. It's a pain to get the cupcake out and wouldn't recommend them for that use.

👤I received a wedding cupcake order and these liners were perfect. They were held up during the decorating process and didn't get oily.

👤I thought they were a little heavier. The grease can be seen through the liner when you bake, but they are really nice quality.

👤These holders are a stronger option when baking. These are very sturdy and I make a lot of them. They are easy to use, easy to remove cakes, and attractive. They are larger than regular cupcake holders.

👤I needed a sturdy case that wouldn't peel because my recipe was so moist. I love these baking cups. They are large. I will use 45g batter. They are easy to handle and don't peel. Will buy more of these.

👤I was not happy with the cupcakes cases, when they came out of the oven, they were white and not the same as when I put them in. I had to put new ones on top of the original to make them look better. This is the first time I've used these, I purchased two sets of them. I was expecting them to be vibrant after baking.

👤They look pretty decent and are sturdy enough to use without a muffin tray, but I used mine in a ninja grill and it was not the best presentation, but it was good if it was just for household baking.

👤It's hard to get cakes out of case once cooked, and it's hard to see the pattern once cooked. They are very sturdy and can be used for cooking, but not for cakes I make for family and friends.

👤I really like the muffin cases. They hold the dough well and cupcakes come out great. The colors are the same. Definitely recommend!

10. DEAYOU 400 Pack Disposable Greaseproof Nonstick

DEAYOU 400 Pack Disposable Greaseproof Nonstick

The muffin cases look fancy and can be used for many occasions. It's perfect for baking cupcakes, muffins, cheesecakes, cake, and more. The package includes 400 packs of paper cupcake cups in 2 fancy patterns. The paper muffin cups are about the same size. The maximum capacity of 4.7 ounces is available with a top diameter of 2.3 and a bottom diameter of 2.1. Their cupcake baking cups are made of high-class natural healthy paper, safe to use and odorless, grease-proof and no color fading, durable and Wrinkle-free, help to retain wetness for your cakes and work nicely for making cupcake bath bombs. The paper cupcake baking cups are perfect for making sweet treats such as muffin, cupcake, snack, ice cream, putting, biscuit, candy, dessert, cookie, fruit, nuts, cheese, chili, salad and many other tasty dishes. The cupcake liners are bright and colorful and are ideal for Christmas, weddings, festivals, birthday, holiday parties, baby showers, themed celebrations, and more. These muffin cake wrappers are easy to use. There is no need to use a cupcake pan. They transitioned to freezer well after baking. The cake can be easily removed from the baking mold. The design of your treats can make them look better.

Brand: Deayou

11. Wilton Elegance Cupcake Liners 150 Count

Wilton Elegance Cupcake Liners 150 Count

All you have to do is contact them and they will give you a full refund of your money. The cups are more attractive and grab kids attention. This is the best bakeware product. This product is made in China.

Brand: Wilton

👤I was excited when the cake liners arrived. They looked like the picture. There was a strong smell coming from them when I took them out of the packaging. The liners smell like machine oil. They are printed with a design that causes an odor. I used them anyway. The smell disappeared when the cupcakes were out of the oven. The designs vanished as well. The beige liner had black swirls on it. The other colors were brown stripes, grey and white swirls lines. I won't be ordering them again.

👤I wanted to like them so much. I did! When they arrived, I was very excited. The whole design fades into nothing once you bake it. They don't look like the picture when you use them. If you filled them with snacks they would be fine. Don't count on them for the decorative element. It's not there.

👤The product was disappointing. I don't know what these are made of, the cake sticks terribly, the paper absorbs oil, and the design is lost after baking. After baking your cupcakes in something else, I advise you only to use this as a decorative outer layer. At least it is an "add-on" price. Unless this design is what you're looking for, you can find something better elsewhere.

👤Finding cupcake liners that would work in my budget was a good thing. I used the black ones I was wanting but put a white inside each one because I thought they looked good, after reading other reviews that they didn't hold their color after baking. It had the double-liber look where one sticks to the cupcake and the other sticks out, but I have seen that used elsewhere, and while I would prefer a single liner that looks good on, I have seen that used elsewhere. My cupcakes are pretty moist, so a recipe that is more dry might be able to handle the liners without doubling. I haven't tried patterned liners yet.

👤I had to change my rating because they looked good but once you use them, they started falling apart, I don't know if they were exposed to excess humidity or heat. I will never order them online again because they are not that good, but I expect better quality from both Amazon and Wilton.

👤They are awful when they cause your muffin to fall apart, and I don't care about the design. I'm sure they are made of a non stick paper, but they aren't. They are so thin that you can't peel them off. When will the USA learn that sending manufacturing to China took jobs away and gave us terrible products?

👤The print/color fades after the cupcakes are baked. I got these for my grandsons 16th birthday. I wanted them to look special but not pastels. I thought the colors were appropriate for a young man. I was so disappointed that the beige with brown swirls just became a dark paper cup and the grey and white swirls, the same, just looked very plain and boring thanks to these cupcake holders. They cost more than the regular ones at the grocery stores. When you bake in it, the blue is still blue. I would never use them again because they are pretty. I think one could slip the cupcakes into these after baking something else.


What is the best product for baking liners cups?

Baking liners cups products from If You Care. In this article about baking liners cups you can see why people choose the product. Royal and Yunko are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking liners cups.

What are the best brands for baking liners cups?

If You Care, Royal and Yunko are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking liners cups. Find the detail in this article. Green Direct, Paperchef and Katbite are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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