Best Baking Liners for Cookie Sheets

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1. Stick Silicone Baking Quarter Macaron

Stick Silicone Baking Quarter Macaron

The large non stick sheet is easy to clean and store. Even burnt sugar and fat falls off or leftover dough, without the inevitable clean up, just a quick wipe down, rinse the mat in warm soapy water or throw in the dishwasher, No more scrubbing,So easy! It is valued for its easy to clean surface. Their mats give you many options. The mat is 0.75mm in diameter. It is long lasting. Baking liners made from liquid Silicone are more safe and food grade. The liquid silicone does not include the vulcanizing agent. Silicone baking mats are easy to clean and non stick. No more scrubbing! It has burnt sugar and fat on it. It is made from the highest food grade liquid silicone and the heat is from -40F to 485F. Premium mats are made from food grade silicone and are perfect for gift giving because they are durable and healthy.

Brand: Folksy Super Kitchen

👤This has saved my life, I can't believe it. You can cut it to fit different pans. I put it in a Pyrex to keep it from being washed. I use it in my conventional oven. Easy, easy, easy! It's easy to wash and doesn't hold oil or grease. I used coconut oil and olive oil. There was no grease build up. My baked goods have not been stained from being in the oven. It doesn't hold flavor or smell, no matter what you bake on it. Saving the planet one roll of aluminum at a time.

👤People are melting perler beads into dots. I was on a mission to order the beads. I used a piece of paper. The beads took a long time to melt. The beads did not peel off cleanly when the paper burnt. The paper was on the backs. I ordered some mats. The mats were not as thick as I expected. It worked better than the paper. If I got a good batches that didn't bake long, it worked well. The beads came off the mat. I kept baking the beads while waiting for the centers to close. I took the beads out of the oven after an hour. Let them cool down and peel off the ones that came off. I couldn't peel them off because they were stuck. I had to use force to get them off. I ordered a better quality mat. These are for baking cookies. These are small enough to fit on the pan of the oven. The thickness of the mats is shown in the description. I ordered this set because of that. The mats worked better. No problem removing the dots. I recommend them. I wouldn't use them for baking cookies after using them for melting beads. I was surprised that my first order was so small. If you don't have to melt the beads, they work well.

👤Absolutely wonderful product. I tried first to protect things from the heat in the oven. I had a potholder on the mat that was on the top of my new air fryer because the top gets hot. The other is on top of the microwave to keep it from rattling when the oven is on. I tried it inside the oven and it worked, I was tired of changing out tin foil. Did not get hot. All I had to do was put the grease back in the oven. It's definitely better than foil. The seller included a tie-back in case you want to roll the mats up for storage, which I thought was very thoughtful.

👤Silicone mats that fit the oven tray were what I wanted since I purchased the Air fryer. It's about an inch shorter in the width. The mats for baking cookies have circles imprinted on them and they are easy to clean. The only thing I experienced was a little smoking of the mat when there was no food on it. I don't recommend mats on a pan.

2. HOTPOP Silicone Baking Non Stick Rolling

HOTPOP Silicone Baking Non Stick Rolling

100% SATISFACTION 100% customer satisfaction is what they want. Please contact them if you have any questions. They will try to solve them for you. Ensure replacement or refund for quality issues. Their colorful varieties offer you many options and guarantee that your food comes out of the oven sweet and salty. The half sheets measure 18.6 x 18.6 inches, while the quarter sheets are 18.6 x 18.6 inches. Enjoy a healthier meal. Their best grade Silicone macaron mat eliminates the use of cooking sprays, butter, grease and oils in your meal, reducing the number of calories in your meal. Their improved mat will keep you and your family healthy. It's easy to clean because of its potential non-stick nature. It is possible that burnt sugar and fat can fall off on their own. It's very easy to wash, just rinse the mat in warm soapy water. You can use a dishwasher. The mat always comes out looking new after every wash. The premium baking mat is 100% reliable and can be used by anyone. This mat is 0.75mm thick and will ensure that your cookies and pastries are baked to perfection. The baking mat can be used in ovens, microwave ovens, freezers, and dishwashers. Quality not quantity is what they believe in as a brand. The baking mat is made to standard. This is the best baking mat you will ever use. If you get a full refund, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Brand: Hotpop

👤These mats are great for baking. It is easy to clean up.

👤I made my first round of french macarons. I used the matts more as a size guide. They are very thick and flexible. I was happy with my purchase. And even more so with my food!

👤I returned the order for a replacement because one of the pads was not coated properly and the mesh was exposed in a small part of the mat. You don't want the fiberglass reinforcement to make it into your food if you check your pads as soon as you get them. The fiberglass is sealed inside the silicone layers, which makes it safe. If the mat is damaged, throw it out. I decided to put them in the oven to see how it works. I put them in the oven at 450. They smoke, which is odd. It looks like the heat bakes the mats. I don't know if this is normal because I have never owned these types of pads. I would guess not. When it's cooked, the fibers under the silicone turn light brown and the silicone starts to brown a bit. The mats are less sticky and don't smoke anymore. I'm not sure why they don't put them in an oven before selling to get rid of the coating that smokes off. It would make the experience more pleasant for customers. The mats are light brown. My guess is that the manufacturers expose them to heat before selling. The price of these is cheap, so that step was not included. I recommend you wash them and bake them, and wash them again before using. They become light brown once you do that, and they work well.

👤I like the way that it comes with a 2 size mat, so I don't need to cut it myself, the mat is good and the price is good. The mat did not get out of shape or curve on the edge after I baked the macaroons.

👤It's perfect for macarons. The only thing I would change is to offer the mats separately.

👤We are a bit of a foodie family. That has gone up during the Pandemic. New recipes and cooking shows are always interests of ours. The more we investigated, the more we were interested in the "Silpat" baking mats. The mats are much cheaper than Silpats. You also get two smaller mats in addition to the two full size mats. These mats are great for all baking uses. They prevent food from burning on the tray. They are easy to clean up even if you are baking on them. I love how good my muffins are when I use them. They're great when roasted on them. We've been using them for a while now. We tend to cook at home when there is a flu. These are good quality mats. These mats are very good. I don't think the Silpat mats would be worth the price upgrade. Maybe for a chef. We are not pro cooks. These mats are very good. Get some.

3. Silicone Baking Mat Professional Nonstick

Silicone Baking Mat Professional Nonstick

Do you like baking but don't like cleaning up? It's possible and works great with the kabite paper. Food can easily be removed from the tray and thrown away, just remove the paper and throw it away. There is a large and multi-purpose. The baking sheets are 16.5" x 11 5/8". The mat thickness is 0.75mm. It's perfect for baking, kneading, rolling, candy/macaron/pastry/cookie/bun/bread making as well as for freezing meat balls, dumplings, fruits and vegetables. Premium quality non-toxic materials passed strict safety tests. Baking with no oil or fat reduces intake of cholesterol, saturated fat and cancerogenic substances produced by cooking oils. OVEN/MICROWAVE/DISHWASHER/FREEZER SAFE - DURABLE & LONG LASTING: It's flexible yet tear resistant, and designed to endure thousands of uses under extreme conditions of bitter cold and intense heat. No more scrubbing! It has burnt sugar and fat on it. The mat should be washed in warm soapy water. You can use the dishwasher to wash it. Non-stick properties of the mat are unaffected by repeated multiple uses and washing cycles. It will be new again after every use and clean up. The results were perfect. Silicone/fiberglass hybrid construction helps to distribute heat evenly along the entire baking surface so you always get perfect consistent results every time you bake. The pictures of the bread I made. It's perfect.

Brand: Velesco

👤I was able to solve the problem of the smell and taste that people complain about when cooking cookies because I did this. 1.- Take the oven for 30 minutes at 180 C or 350 F and Grease both sides with vegetable oil. 5. Prepare and wash very well.

👤I replaced this pack of liners 3 years ago because of wear. I never put the spatula in the dishwasher. I replaced the lining because it came off the old set. It is reasonable to replace the set after 3 years. It was great for the price. Highly recommended!

👤I have had these for over a year and they are still in perfect condition. I use them for everything from roasting veggies to baking cookies. Sometimes they'll get marked up, but they always come off with a good scrub. As long as you cook it fully, nothing sticks to them. They don't work well for cookies if they have grease on them, so they need to be hand washed.

👤I love these! It is easy to clean. They fit perfectly on a large cookie sheet. I wouldn't put mine in the dish washer, but I would think they'd be fine. All of the cookies I've baked have been great. There is an update! I baked over 50 dozen cookies in one night for a huge bake sale. They are dishwasher safe, and they held up well. There is a Awesome! If you bake with sticky materials, I would recommend these. My pans look new after 50 dozen cookies because it saves a lot of time. If you bake air-sensitive baked goods, I wouldn't recommend it. Get a smooth surface. I have orange ones from Amazon.

👤I would not be without them for non-stick baking and having 3 means more production in less time for less money. These mats are indispensable in other ways. When I want a safe cutting board, I put one on a countertop, table, butcher block, synthetic, or wood, big and thick or small and thin, and lay it on top of one of these mats. No sliding, creeping or slipping on the cutting board! The cutting boards stick to each other. Safety, speed and frustration are gone! I put one on the bottom of a transport box if I have to drive a large baked item or pot or pan of product from one location to another. I have a reliable work surface when I arrive for finishing. You can put a pie pan over the dough and flip it over to eliminate the worry of tearing, which is always a concern when doing GF baking. A breeze to clean. It can be rolled, banded or stacked. A lifesaver in an active home kitchen is a real asset.

👤I've wanted a set of these for a long time. I like how food can easily be removed from them and how nice my baked goods are. They protect my pans from wear and tear, and they've allowed me to cut down/eliminate aluminum foil. I don't like cleaning them, it's a pain. That's not the fault of this product, it's just how it is with silicone mats. I've had success washing them in the dishwasher if you can prop them up just right so they get cleaned and dried from all angles.

4. Puricon Parchment Cooking Unbleached Nonstick

Puricon Parchment Cooking Unbleached Nonstick

The round paper air fryer liners are easy to clean and will keep the food out of the air fryer. If you don't like cleaning after baking, these paper liners are for you. A real time-and-pan- saver for baking and cooking, the precut is flat in the half-sheet pan, no curling or cutting annoyance. The non-stick product is made of natural wood and coated with food grade Silicone on both sides, no more sticky mess. OVEN SAFE is rated to 450 F, perfect for baking bread and cookies, roasting meat and vegetables, and making clean up a breeze. Grease and water reuse is disposable liners for grilling, frying, steaming, wrapping and more. Also, note: No open locker. A must-have and nice gift for bakers is convenience packing, a cardboard box that keeps sheets nice and flat, easy to store, and easy to use.

Brand: Puricon

👤The paper is nice. It's easy to divide for smaller pans. It is easy to clean up.

👤Yes, does beat using a roll! I love these.

5. Rachael Ray Nonstick Bakeware Silicone

Rachael Ray Nonstick Bakeware Silicone

The layer surface is non-stick. There is a set that includes 9-Inch x 13-Inch Cookie Pan, 10-Inch x 15-Inch Cookie Pan, and 11-Inch x 17-Inch Cookie Pan. Baking pan set is made from durable steel that resists warping and long- lasting, which provides excellent food release and easy cleaning. Easy food release. Roasting pans are long- lasting and easy to clean. The pans are oven safe to 500 degrees F and have bold-colored, extra-wide grippy handles. A portion of the proceeds goes to a nonprofit that helps kids and parents develop healthy relationships with food. The quality assurance guarantee.

Brand: Rachael Ray

👤I call them cookie sheets, because they are among the best on the market. The surface is easy to clean and works. All at an affordable price. Wow! One for yourself, one for the kids, one for your best friend, and one for the office gift exchange. The cookies, pork chops, French fries, and other items will turn out perfect. All money will be returned from Amazon.

👤I cook three times a day, at least once with the oven, even though I have only had these several weeks. The smallest of the three, Will wrap, is at high heat. They eventually self correct shape and get close to their original shape. They are easy to clean. The rubber handles were not affected by the heat. They feel good in your grip. It's like all things on longevity. It's a buy in the stock market.

👤I have had these for less than a year and they are not shiny. All across the bottom was under the lip. I assume the rust on the bottom is from the scratches on the over racks. The price should not happen. Product details show that they are easy to clean and sturdy, but they are rusting, which is a problem. I would not recommend these pans.

👤I don't understand how this is getting such high stars. I'll assume other consumers have not paid the price to own the real product because these are not genuine Rachel Ray products. I ordered it because I thought it was a great price. I was able to compare the two after I was sick with Covid. The package had an odor that gave me a heads up on the product. I read the reviews and wished I hadn't gone by the overwhelming number of reviews. Don't be fooled... Don't waste your money. The product is genuine. These will never be used.

👤I cooked some frozen pizza and some chocolate chip cookies and they worked fine, but after it came out of the dishwasher, it held water in the edge folds, and that's not treated with the non-stick stuff. When I picked it up, the rust water poured out of the edge fold. I had to clean my dishwasher by hand, so I pulled it out and set it to dry so that the water wouldn't pool up in there.

👤This set is perfect. I use every size of it. I used one of the hand washed and dried ones the same day I received them. I cooked a dinner that did not burn or overcook, and it did not bend or warp in the oven. I washed and dried it after dinner. They are not meant to be washed in the dishwasher. I am going to enjoy these for a long time.

👤I heard a popping sound when I first used the small one. It came out warped. I was cooking at a temperature that was confirmed by the oven temperature. I will immediately send this garbage back because it is within the return window.

6. KITCHENATICS Aluminum Stainless Roasting Nontoxic

KITCHENATICS Aluminum Stainless Roasting Nontoxic

Less calories and cholesterol is what keeps your bacon lean. The best Jelly Roll Baking Pan and cooling rack set is a versatile set that can be used in the kitchen to cook, grill, and roast meat, fish and vegetables. Ultra-durable with extra wood. Patent-pending multiple welds allow you to rest up to 45 lbs of weight on grate; multiple welds ensure years and years of heavy use; 3 cross support bars prevent rack from bending or warping; 1-inch height allows air to circulate around all sides for perfect cooking and cooling of baked bread. BBQ Grilling and Cooling Racks are made with professional-grade aluminum and 304 STAINLESS steel and are great for grilling meat, fish, vegetables, and even fruit on gas or charcoal grills. There is a LIFETIME GUARANTEE and a free eBook. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact them right here on Amazon; just click the Kitchenatics seller name followed by the "Ask a question" SNLCO, Utah, USA, created the design and quality-LEDCONTROL. The baking sheet pan and wire oven rack are designed by US experts. It's safe to use for food with no sharp edges. The wire rack is made from 304-gradestainless steel, dishwasher-safe, rust-proof, with a tight grid design and tall feet that allow your food to cook in less time. The cookie sheet pan is a good conductor of heat and cooks food evenly and quickly.

Brand: Kitchenatics

👤This pan is great. We want to use it for baking bacon, so I should have ordered a bigger one. I like the rack on it to drain the bacon as it cooks, but I really need a bigger one. It is a nice pan.

👤I bought two for myself and one for my daughter. I use mine for cooking bacon and it is great because the grease drops below and it is like a air fryer.

👤I have used this to cook meat, drain fries and chicken, and bake cookies. Love it.

👤The perfect size for a Texas sheet cake. The pan was easy to clean and store. I'm sure I'll use the baking rack soon, since Thanksgiving is coming up soon. Highly recommended!

👤The design is flawed, so beware. The cheap metal that is wrapped around the pan rusts. The water gets trapped in the dishwasher and the rust starts. The finish is discolored. Garbage materials are not worth $30. Sending it back.

👤This is for making roll cakes. I didn't know how much I needed. I use it for everything that goes into the oven. The cooling rack is a perfect fit for the pan. When I make a lot of cookies, I will have one on the rack and another in the oven.

👤I was worried about the quality when I got them, but I am so happy with the thick pans that I have used over and over again. They are worth the effort to clean.

👤You can see immediately that this is built differently than the stores. Both items are strong enough to support a lot of weight. It's hard to know if it's durable since I just got it. During its first use, there was no damage.

👤A very good product is cheaper than other products. Customer service is excellent.

👤This is similar to America's Test Kitchen top rated baking sheet and wire rack.

👤A nice rack with good build quality. The pan is easy to clean, but the rack is a little hard to clean. The rack sits flush with the pan. I would like the rack to be a little bit smaller so that the pan wouldn't fall out.

👤It's great for chicken wings and roasted vegetables. While cooking without food lying in an oil bath hot air circulates around food. If you want to clean, turn the rack upside down in the baking pan and soak in hot water. Clean the rack in the dishwasher. The baking pan should be washed out with hot soapy water.

👤Se ha estropeado al lavarla. No domino, pero te lo avisa en la caja. No se haga, pero para lavavajillas o avisarlo en varios idiomas haciendo √©nfasis.

7. New Star Foodservice 38422 Commercial

New Star Foodservice 38422 Commercial

There are multi-FUNCATIONS. You could bake more treats at a time, save time and money. The essential items you need for baking are provided by this Sheet/Bun Pan 2-Piece Cookie Sheet and Silicone Baking Mat Set. The baking mat makes it easy to clean. The Baking mat combo is designed to be a perfect fit. Heavy gauge commercial aluminum is used for the sheet/Bun Pan. It is designed to be resistant to both cold temperatures and high heat applications. The pan has a beaded rim. The Baking Mat is made of fiberglass and has the highest quality of food grade silicone. The temperature is from -40 to 480 degrees. The pans are easy to stack and store when they're not used. Stacking pans saves space so you don't use up valuable kitchen real estate. This item should only be washed and sanitized. The Baking Mat is a quarter size.

Brand: New Star Foodservice

👤I wanted to buy new sheets, mats, and cooling/ cooking racks after initially searching for silicone mats for our cheap baking sheets. I searched and read many reviews of Sheets that warp, lose their form, collect water, rust, and emit strange odors. Poor welds, rust, warp, or are just weak are some of the things that Racks can't support. I lost confidence in the ability to find something reliable on Amazon. New Star Foodservice showed up before I adjusted my search criteria. I decided to proceed with my purchase after reading the reviews. I put these with heavy duty rack from Hamilton Housewares. I rearranged the sheets for our oven to fit in the largest sheet set. My wife and I are happy. We now have these high quality sheets in all of these sizes. So far, so good! We don't see any of the issues reported by other reviewers because everything is clean.

👤There is a chance that you will get all of the parts. It seems that this item only gets the pan or mat. Don't risk it if you love returning items.

👤I needed a pan to fit in my oven. I chose this one because it came with a baking mat, which was something I had seen on Amazon. It fit in my oven. I baked sugar cookies and they came out great. The pan is thick and rolled under tight. This pan is very good. I want to bake 12 cookies at a time, so I'm ordering another one.

👤The pans scratch easily. There are permanent marks on the pan pizza I made, but the finish is okay and the scratches are not rusting, so I can deal with that. I found my silicone mat peeling up large pieces of plastic, some of which stuck to the yams, when I made baked yams the other day. The mats were greasy and hard to clean without using baking soda to absorb and oil that may have fallen on them in the cooking process. I don't know if they got something from detergent and soda. It really doesn't seem like this should have happened, I don't like leaving negative reviews. I bought these because they came with mats that fit them, now I need to pitch those out so I don't get plastic in my food. It's too much to pay for a baking sheet that's okay.

👤I have used these in baking pans for everything from baking and roasting chicken thighs to asparagus and mixed vegetables. I've used them to freeze all of the above, plus things like ripe bananas, which peel right off without sticking, as a way to vacuum seal for long term storage. When chicken is roasted with a sauce and then frozen on a pan, the clean up is no harder than it would be if it was cooked. If you feel lazy and don't want to exert that much effort, they are dishwasher safe for top rack cleaning.

👤Wow! I am very impressed with this pan. It is a very sturdy pan and with the silicone mat, this is a steal of a deal for the super low price. It works perfectly with my Breville Smart Oven Plus Countertop Convection Oven. I bought this set and I am very happy with it. It arrived in two days. Thank you very much!

8. Parchment Paper SMARTAKE 200 Pcs

Parchment Paper SMARTAKE 200 Pcs

Make meALS. It's easy. Next time you make chili, pulled pork, pot roasts, soups, you can use a Reynolds slow cooker liner. Are you tired of cutting curly baking sheets paper? You can get rid of cutting parchment with their pre-cut sheets. The sheets are flat on the tray. 200PCS of food grade baking sheets for baking, grilling, frying and steaming can resist temperature up to 450f and are included in the package. The bread won't stick on the baking tray if the cookies are non-stick. They do not have curly baking paper, you will receive the sheets without folding, and the thin packing box won't occupy your space. It is possible to cook and bake in a kitchen with a suitable size, clean cut edges, and perfect size.

Brand: Smartake

👤I am very happy with my purchase. I thought I would try SmarTake because the package had 200 sheets, which was more than most of the other choices. The packaging is one of the best features. The box is strong. Don't just get into it. The first photo shows where to cut to open the package, but the second photo shows where to cut. The stack of papers is wrapped in white paper. Pull out the wrapped white inner package and tear around just the top few inches of the white paper to expose the sheets shown in the photos. You can pull them out one by one. I keep my rolling pin in the drawer. I have baked biscuits before. The sheets are an exact fit for my half sheet pan and can be folded and torn in half to fit a quarter sheet pan. I don't think I'd reuse the sheets I baked. The biscuits were very flaky. I should be able to reuse sheets once for cookies baked at 350F.

👤I decided to pay a premium for this pre-cut paper because I was looking forward to a good parchment paper after reading all the reviews. The paper was in the oven. I used a frozen pastry from Trader joes. The pastry bottom was burnt when my smoke alarms went off. I will return this if this happens again. Attempted to bake some crackers at 350 degrees. Within 10 minutes, it was burnt again.

👤I waited 50 years to buy sheets of paper. It is easy to pull out one sheet at a time from a shipping box that is easily converted into a flat container. It fits on a half sheet pan with no trimming and no excess paper. I have used it for everything from baking to freezing. I carefully compared the available products and chose this one. The paper was priced less than the role paper I had been using. I wouldn't reuse a sheet for this product.

👤I found the paper to have superior grease blocking qualities, and it was not hot for more than 30 minutes. It is not easy to fold for cutting.

👤These sheets are handy to me. I put the package against the wall on the counter behind the pitcher and could easily grab it when I needed it. I use one every time I throw something on a cookie sheet because I think the package of two hundred may last me years. It makes clean-up easier. An investment of less than twenty bucks is a great investment. I have included a photo after buying more. I just lean them against the wall next to the coffee maker, out of the way, and they are easy to access. The price is very useful.

👤The 1/2 size cookie sheets were perfect for me. It's easy to clean and I can cook a dozen cookies on it.

👤It's a great thing to have, use it for everything, mixing biscuit dough, rolling cookies, and a lot less clean up.

9. Silicone Baking Mats Set Professional

Silicone Baking Mats Set Professional

If you have a problem with the items, please have free to contact them, they will solve it for you. Every home baker needs one. 98% of customers rate their mats as essential. Kitzini's baking mat is free of the harmful substance, BPA. The fiberglass mesh is reinforced. Can tolerate temperatures from -40 F to 480 F. Baking mats are easy to roll up. A waste of paper. Baking sheets for oven. Silicone baking sheets can be used up to 3000 times in the oven before they start to show signs of age. You can reuse the baking supplies. TheICKER is 2X more expensive than other brands. Their baking sheets are 0.75mm thick for increased safety. The set contains 2 sheets and 1 quarter mats. Silicone mats are colored to make cooking and baking safer. Get set, fake! If you want to bake with confidence, slide a Kitzini cooking sheet onto the tray. The non stick baking sheet attribute means you don't need to add extra oil or butter. Simply wipe the silicone pastry mat clean with soap and water. Making accessories for a baker. Their sheets provide consistent heat distribution for bakes and no soggy bottoms. Kitzini is a small British business that brings professionally styled baking tools and accessories to your kitchen.

Brand: Kitzini

👤This product is advertised as heat resistant up to 450, but the package says up to 400. See the pictures.

👤I think I have cracked the code. It was so confusing that it did not help clarify it. I couldn't tell what I was buying. I can now say with some confidence that 2.5 1/2 means 2 half sheets and 1 quarter sheet, while 1/3 means 3 quarter sized sheets. I used the quarter sheets in my solar oven and they fit perfectly on the rack that came with it. There is no more parchment paper. Thank you so much.

👤I used them twice over the weekend to prepare food for my son's birthday party. I made chocolate swirls on them. The 2nd experience was not the same as the first. I baked the rolls for the party. I noticed an odd odor when I sat at the table. The rolls were the source of the smell. They also tasted like it. The baking sheets had the same smell. They were cleaned prior to use. Unless you want a ruined birthday meal, I wouldn't recommend it. The rolls didn't stick to the mat on the upside.

👤The idea is great but the product is disappointing. I used my sheet for the first time tonight and it left a waffle pattern on the baking sheet and the mat melted a little to the pan, leaving plastic that had to be scrapped off.

👤I thought the title was misleading and I was ordering two half sheets. I got a half sheet and a quarter sheet. The Silicone Baking Mat Sheet Set is not what we received. The description says that the product is made from professional food grade silicone with a fibre glass core and is sized to fit all standard half sheets and quarter sheets.

👤They work well to prevent food from sticking to pans. Customer service was great, they responded to my confusion on cleaning. Baking soda and lemon juice can be used to remove excess oil or grease. Using a good grease cutting dish soap and wearing gloves will help. I haven't tried alcohol, but I read about it. It wouldn't hurt to use the vodka as a cleaning agent. I prefer using these mats instead of using a lot of foil and paper. I'm not opposed to saving money by not buying those things. My comment was edited since I learned that this is common for all Silicon mats. Their non stick function is unaffected by their appearance. I did not know about this before posting the original review. Please ignore this earlier comment, it is a type of criticism. This is what happens with any mat, so I am leaving a comment so that others won't consider it an issue. With limited use, they are getting some brown stains that I have been unable to clean off. Since this appears to be an issue not mentioned by others, I might have not gotten all the oil/grease off and baked it on the mat which could be causing brown stains. I read that boiling them in water will help remove oil and grease. I have learned that this is normal and that others don't mention it. There seems to be a general consensus that heat is important to thoroughly remove oil/grease. These are an indispensable kitchen helpers because of their effectiveness, environmentalfriendliness and money saving.

10. Last Confection Non Stick Silicone Baking

Last Confection Non Stick Silicone Baking

Zulay guarantees no hassle with a lifetime guarantee on the baking silicone mat. If there are ever any issues with this product, please contact them and they will make it right. This product will live up to your expectations if you order now. If it does not, they have your back. Chances are, you won't need to reach out. The set includes a half sheet pan and a quarter sheet pan. If you have been without a baking mat, you have been missing out. These mats are perfect for a seasoned chef, at home baker, or just starting out in baking. Turn any baking sheet into a non-stick surface to cook and bake on. These baking mats eliminate the need for messy sprays, grease, and expensive paper or foil. The Last Confection Baking mats are oven safe up to 480 degrees for baking, roasting, and broiling a variety of sweet treats, healthy veggies, and meats. The professional-grade baking mats can be used with oven tray pans or cookie sheets to improve heat distribution and air circulation for even and consistent results, without burned or undercooked spots. The mats are non-stick and can be used again and again, eliminating the need for butter, oil, and other harmful ingredients. Your baking options are endless with their lay-flat design. Baking mats help you reach heavenly heights of delicious baked goods such as cookies, sticky caramels, golden-brown breads, and vegetable or meat roasts. Their baking mats are easy to clean and prevent messes from getting into casseroles or pies. The mats are non-stick and can be washed with soap and water. They are dishwasher safe, too.

Brand: Last Confection

👤These mats are great. My wife and I started using Silpat mats a long time ago. At the time, they were the only thing on the market and they worked well. Competition entered the marketplace after cooks discovered the usefulness of the baking mats. We needed to replace our Silpat mats. We decided to try this brand after doing some online shopping. A great decision! We read reviews of similar brands. Some people had concerns about the smells or the painted trim rubbing off. Don't you like food neurotics? We have never experienced any of these issues with our use of both brands of mats. We wash them, dry them, and put them away for the next use. These baking mats work for us all the time. The brand of silicone mat performs the same as the former Silpat mats at about 1/3 the cost. You'll be happy to check them out for yourself.

👤I thought 2x12sheets small, but also a 8x10 for the oven. I washed the products and tried them in the traditional oven, but they started smoking minutes after the oven was done. The smell is very bad. I don't believe anyone wants to wash walls and windows regardless of my disability.

👤I was excited to get them. They are too floppy to use without a cookie sheet. It takes 15 minutes to bake in my Teflon pan, 45 in these. Everything is stuck so bad that I try to get them out. I have a quarter of my food. I spent 20 minutes trying to clean them. The food was stuck after we soaked them for two days. They have not come clean.

👤I used these to bake some sticky caramel cookies that were supposed to be baked on a lightly greased cookie sheet. The cookies came off easily after being baked for 17 minutes at 350 degrees, and I didn't have to clean them up. They keep their shape so you can store them rolled up and they will return to flat when you need them. I used a pair of scissors to trim off 1/2 of my cookie sheets, which was very easy to do, and did not affect the performance or stability of the mat. I would recommend washing the cut edge after trimming.

👤I had a similar mat that I got from the same store and it lasted a long time. I looked at new options and knew I wanted a couple big ones and a small one and this was the lowest cost set of those on Amazon. It was a good choice and although there is no way of knowing if it will last as long as the one from Aldi, it is fine and the quality is similar to my old one. I don't know how durable these things are, but they are one of the greatest kitchen conveniences and save your pans.

👤They are easy to clean and heat resistant. Don't use a sharp knife to cut them. The mats will cut. My bad. I'd been using my small mat in my oven and I loved how it worked. I wanted to see how mats worked for cookies. I used a metal cookie sheet, but instead of using a dry pan, I put a silicone mat on each cookie sheet to load it up with cookie doughs. They were easy to move off the mats and onto the cooling rack. I am very happy with my purchase and will definitely order again, if it becomes necessary, since this was a replacement product and an upgrade to a larger size. I will not be careless next time.

11. AmazonBasics Silicone Baking Mat 3 Piece

AmazonBasics Silicone Baking Mat 3 Piece

ROLL EDGE: The roll edge of the baking sheet provides additional strength to prevent warpage. It can prevent fingers from being scratched. Baking mats are non-stick and easy to use. There are three different sizes for your baking needs. No need for oil, cooking sprays, or paper in the oven. Hand wash with soap and water.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤These are substandard products according to others. After using 350 for making English muffins, both of mine have become useless. The last batches stuck badly, and the silicone appears to have been transferred to the high-end baking pans. Attached are photos. These mats were only used for a short time before they deteriorated and ruined a baking project.

👤Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. First time used. They smoked me out of the kitchen and ruined a bunch of cookies. Even at 350. Don't buy because there is a quality control problem.

👤The baking mats are great. The quality is excellent and the price is good. I use them for everything in the oven. You name it, it's from oven pizzas. I love that they help protect my baking sheets by helping food slide off the non stick surface. It is also very convenient to just wipe them clean or put them in the top shelf of the dishwasher. You can cut off 1/3 of the paper towel roll to use as a holder, and just roll up the mats and slip inside the ring for easy storage of the mats in a drawer. I highly recommend them. We use these mats almost daily and I have had them for almost a year. They look brand new. I have not had any issues with mats becoming worn or staining. I use them to cook most items at up to 450 degrees but have not had any issues with them so far. I drape them over my cups in the top rack of the dishwasher and then when dry roll them up and slip a napkin ring or rings cut from and empty paper towel roll into a drawer so they fit easily into a drawer. These things are fantastic and have paid for themselves many times over in the superior non stick surface, ease of clean up and the cost of parchment paper and or aluminum foil I used prior to discovering them.

👤I spoke with an Amazon customer service representative and was told that they would escalate the issue to have it addressed and possibly amend the product review. I am surprised that they didn't offer a refund on the product, but I think the most important thing is to see if they address the fire and safety issue at its root. There is an update on 11/11/18. One reviewer stated that these are not good for use above 400 degrees F. The mat was smoking when I opened the oven after putting it in the oven. This was the mat itself, no oils or anything applied to it. I changed my review to one star and will be requesting a refund from Amazon. This is a danger. I've been trying to reduce my carbon footprint so I was looking for an eco-friendly alternative to aluminum foil to line my baking sheets. The mats were the ticket. They fit perfectly on my baking trays. These are even better than aluminum foil because I don't have to use oil to make them non-stick! I can cook even better. I will recommend this to my friends.


What is the best product for baking liners for cookie sheets?

Baking liners for cookie sheets products from Folksy Super Kitchen. In this article about baking liners for cookie sheets you can see why people choose the product. Hotpop and Velesco are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking liners for cookie sheets.

What are the best brands for baking liners for cookie sheets?

Folksy Super Kitchen, Hotpop and Velesco are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking liners for cookie sheets. Find the detail in this article. Puricon, Rachael Ray and Kitchenatics are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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