Best Baking Loaf Containers

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1. Wilton Recipe Right Non Stick 3 Piece

Wilton Recipe Right Non Stick 3 Piece

Steel construction prevents warping. You can bake more at once with the set of mini loaf pans. The non-stick surface is made of steel. 3 in. It is 18.6 x 7.62 cm. For the best results, wash in warm soapy water before each use.

Brand: Wilton

👤I like to bake banana bread. These mini loaf pans are perfect for making individual size loaves that can be given as gifts. The bread pops out of the pans. I made banana bread a few days ago and it took less than an hour to cook. I baked three small loaves for 30 minutes, instead of the 60 minutes for a single full size loaf.

👤The size was advertised as larger than it actually was. The sides of the loaf are close to the bottom. The inside dimensions are 5.625X2.875. So, less than advertised. The bottom dimensions are 5X25. The advertised inside height is 2.12. They should underestimate it because it is pushing it to describe the size at the rim.

👤I was looking for something that wasn't so big for banana loaves, and these were perfect. Since we can only eat one mini loaf at a time throughout the week, the others can still be properly stored and fresh. The loaf is easy to clean.

👤The review was originally 5 stars. I ordered more after trying them for several weeks. So disappointed. I can't have half my bread stuck because they bagan to stick after 3 uses. There was no oil in the house today. So. They aren't non stick. An awesome find, will be looking for a more reliable loaf pan set. They arrived on time, inexpensive, and they are awesome. There is a The bread we bake is problematic. Not with these pans. The bread baked in a little less time gave a nice golden brown, all over tan and improved the texture of the bread. Highly recommended. Will be ordering more.

👤They were bought on the recommendation of a cookbook author. I wanted to make banana bread in the air fryer, but she suggested using mini loaf pans. I can make a small amount of cake/bread using the mini loaves in my air fryer, not over eating and not hot in the kitchen.

👤I am a huge fan of the pans and cookie sheets from the company. I wanted to make a small loaf of bread but couldn't. The pan holds 2 cups to the top. I had to make two muffins for the pan of bread I was making. The non-stick qualities will only last if you wash and dry them. They should be oiled before each use. Not really non-stick.

👤I was surprised how small these were. I read the dimensions and thought I was ordering a bigger one, but it wasn't in my head. Will make mini loafs.

👤Just what I needed. I don't like the pans with ridges or seals in the pan, along the inside lip of a curve of the pan that never gets quite clean. These are very easy to clean and smooth. I use them to make smores. Put the chocolate in the bottom. If you cram marshmallows into the pan, it will hold 6 large marshmallows. It can be put in the regular oven or the toaster oven. You have to watch it cook because it's just a split second between perfect toast and fire. I put the pan on the plate with the crackers. pretzel sticks are great for this. A delicious treat in less than 10 minutes.

2. Inch Round Foil Disposable Aluminum

Inch Round Foil Disposable Aluminum

PANS are made in the USA. NYHI disposable foil food containers are made in the USA to ensure the highest standard of quality. They will give you a full refund if you are not completely satisfied. No questions were asked. Baking, serving, and storing in one convenient place with little ones: Their disposable 9” cake pans are perfect for convenience. MontoPack makes food service an enjoyable experience. Straight-edge dishes encourage even cooking and fit more food per container because of their deep, slanted walls. It is possible to bake pies with strong, flat bottoms. HeAVIER-DUTY ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTION. It doesn't mean disposable is wasteful. Their foil cake tins with lids are made of thick, high-quality foil and are strong enough to be used again and again. They are easy to grip and hold. The 9-inch pie pans with lids help to reduce your carbon footprint by saving money while handling all your soups, salads, cakes, cookies and other light fare. The kitchen is clean. Clean conscience. If you want to keep your party going, skip the cling wrap, heavy glassware and expensive party plates. The 50-pack of aluminum pie tins lightens your load. Prepare food for an army.

Brand: Montopack

👤I wanted to put pies in the pans. We decided to sell pies to people at my work because my girlfriend is a chef. When I took the last order, we had almost 40 pies to make. My girlfriend makes pies that are not $5 special. The standard disposable pie dishes are not deep enough to hold each pie. These worked out perfectly. We made the pies smaller to fit, but we didn't have to scale back. These were great for Lemon meringue ice cream pie, French silk pie, pumpkin chaffant, and Dutch apple crumb pie. They held up well, and we made a small amount of money, and the price point allowed us to stretch our money a little better. It was a great experience and I'm glad we found these and will be using them in the future.

👤These took a long time to arrive. I received them. They stuck a large name sticker on the bottom of the pan. I am not sure if I will be able to return them because they are stuck on stickers.

👤These are sufficient when a crust is used. I had to hold the edges of the pans while pressing to make sure the pans wouldn't bend. The pans and refrigerated crusts were sturdy once we were in them. I like the covers. That's an issue with pies. You have to use plastic wrap or aluminum foil if you don't have a covered pie plate. The pans and lids will be useful for more than just pies. I will buy more when I need it. Two thumbs up from me.

👤These are a great deal for disposable pans. I bought these to make holiday pies for my friends and family. The only thing I can say is that it's not a pie pan because the sides don't have a slant to them as typical pies have, it's more of a cake style pan. I have made a lot of holiday pies and they came out great.

👤I needed two raised things for the project. I was hoping to find a hinged covering on a base, but no such thing as that size is available. When I stumbled across your item, I was able to use 2 of your pie-tin covers for the project, which I've been too busy to work on at the moment. There is a Wow! The price for 50 pie tins with covers is amazing. I had to use a tin with cover to take bagels to a friend in the hospital. They were heated in the microwave and then put in a tin and cover. He had to stop and pick up his mail. The bagels were kept warm by the tin. I bought them for my project. I wouldn't have had a way to keep the bagels warm. A cook is in our complex. She will get the remaining tins and covers. She'll use them well. The man is named Terrell.

👤The disposable pans had a lid. I bought these for my bake sale and gifts. I made some pies which turned out great, so no problems withstanding the oven temperature. I could put a label on the pie tops because of the lids. The lightweight foil design arrived in tact and held its shape when adding ingredients for baking, because the order arrived quickly and well packaged. They keep their structure well even though they are lightweight. Good purchase.

3. MontoPack Disposable Containers Eco Friendly Recyclable

MontoPack Disposable Containers Eco Friendly Recyclable

The value pack has 50 1-lb aluminum foil pans with 50 cardboard lids. Pan dimensions are approximately 1 34” height, 4 18” bottom length, 3 18” bottom width, and 5 18” top length. The dimensions are 5 12” Length, 4 9/16” Width and 1mm thickness. Meet the greatest thing since sliced bread. Their versatile loaf pans can be used to prepare, transfer, and serve food. MontoPack keeps it simple. These half sizes are perfect for small arms. Their miniature liners are great for holding everything from pumpkin bread to chicken pot pie. Hot food is cooked clean and delivered fresh. Made of high-quality, eco-friendly aluminum. It's better to bake the world a better place. Small disposable food containers help reduce your carbon footprint. Proper heat distribution for tasty results is promoted by them. It's a good idea to store food in a clean and fresh way. Their foil baking loafs promise heavy-duty performance despite their lightweight convenience. It's great for holding bread, cookie and cake batters, fruit and veggie salads, and more. Multipurpose silver trays are affordable, durable, versatile, and disposable. It's easy to clean: wash and dry pans, or simply toss in the recycling.

Brand: Montopack

👤The pans are almost perfect, but they are a little short on length to fit in the grease catcher of my Griddle. 99% of the job of catching grease is done by them, they are close enough to be the exact size I need. The price is better than the pans sold for this purpose. I will buy these pans when I run out.

👤I was going to make 100 loaves of pumpkin bread, but when I opened the box, the top 12 or so containers were bent. The aluminum is thin and I didn't want it to go back to its original shape. If you bake mini loaves you need perfect pans otherwise they will come out dry. The other pans did bake the bread nicely, but they were 12 short of a 100 bread order.

👤It works great for the griddle cup.

👤I'll be making mini-loaves for people this Christmas, and including them with a stack of ingredients and six mini-loaf pans, so they can make their own pumpkin bread. I bought these for that purpose, and they will be perfect for it. They're great for a single use, and it was the best price I was able to find. I've used them for mini-casseroles for my daughter. I've found that disposables work best when you want someone to return a dish.

👤If I didn't need durable pans for such a special occasion, I wouldn't have given more Stars, but I would have voiced my concern about the misleading mention of "Super-Thick". The cheapest version of these pans that I've ever seen was from a Dollar store with 2 sheets of heavy duty foil. Those were worse than these. Since I bake over 5,000 mini loaf quick breads a season for local Farmers' Markets, I've found one style of pans at one chain of stores that I'm able to wash and reuse roughly 5 times without compromising the aluminum, and those are the Eco- style. This chain can't keep enough in stock and this company doesn't want to sell the style I need on their website or through Amazon, so I have to buy it myself. I was skeptical but willing to look at the reviews, title and description to make sure I was getting the best choice for others I was watching. This is the first time I've experienced that when shopping here. Absolutely not. I should've asked, "is that as thick as parchment paper?" It would have been more useful if it held its shape.

👤I ordered the wrong size and the product is in good condition. The top of the pan is longer than a Sharpie. The bottom of the pan is shorter than a Sharpie. The grey part of a Sharpie is the width. The smallest side of the pan is the bottom of a water bottle. Two pictures show the size of the pan compared to the oven rack. Will fit two cups if it's full. It would be enough for someone who eats light, or half a meal for someone who eats more.

4. MontoPack Disposable Containers Eco Friendly Recyclable

MontoPack Disposable Containers Eco Friendly Recyclable

WALFOS is a brand specializing in global silicone bakeware and kitchen tools. All kitchen products are made from high-quality materials. They will give a 100% money-back guarantee if you don't like their products. Meet the greatest thing since sliced bread. Their versatile loaf pans can be used to prepare, transfer, and serve food. MontoPack keeps it simple. All your favorite dishes are in standard size. Their loaf liners are large enough to hold everything from pumpkin bread to chicken pot pie. Hot food is cooked clean and delivered fresh. Made of high-quality, eco-friendly aluminum. It's better to bake the world a better place. Their large disposable food containers help reduce your carbon footprint. Proper heat distribution for tasty results is promoted by them. It is possible to recover spoiled food. Their foil baking loafs promise heavy-duty performance despite their lightweight convenience. It's great for holding bread, cookie and cake batters, fruit and veggie salads, and more. Multipurpose silver trays are affordable, durable, versatile, and disposable. It's easy to clean: wash and dry pans, or simply toss in the recycling.

Brand: Montopack

👤The brand you buy at Walmart is much more flimsy. I have to use one inside of the other to keep the sides from folding in half when I pick them up from the ends. If you're baking bread in them, this wouldn't be a problem.

👤I ordered them based on the description. They are thinner than a foil pan. Can't hold the weight of the food. I wouldn't put meat or rice in this if it had a little bit of liquid. I use this to make bread. It is low-quality and low for money.

👤The pans worked well for banana bread. They are a great value for money. I would recommend them for any kind of food.

👤Works well. They are used for my lunches. I work in construction and am usually on a job site.

👤I bake 6 to 9 loaves of bread every week and give it to friends and family. The pans are perfect. They make the clean up easy. I bought these because of the cost.

👤All of my Mother's stores were either sold out or overpriced. She was happy with the price and quality of the product. I'll be ordering her more in the future.

👤I use a Road Pro Oven on the road for overnight stays in my truck. The company has a great product. I had previously ordered from them and had good things to say about the packaging and shipping. Excellent value for money. I was on the road when I arrived.

👤They are not said to be super thick. I received half of them and they are very thin and flimsy. These are cheap because you get what you pay for.

👤These loaf pans are used to freeze meals for our employees. They are the perfect size for the meals. I will buy these again.

👤Although not as thick as I am used to, I was able to find these, and they will do the trick.

5. LARGE 1800ML 1 9Qt Razab Glass

LARGE 1800ML 1 9Qt Razab Glass

LIFETIME GUARANTEE. They offer a lifetime guarantee on the quality of their mini loaf pan. They are dedicated to your satisfaction so if there is ever anything you need, reach out to them. The strong loaf pan is heat resistant up to 980F and thermal shock resistant up to 526F. The heat is evenly distributed, avoiding burned spots. It is safe for use in the dishwasher, microwave, freezer, and oven. A beautiful gray color Food GradeBPA Free lid is included. The leakproof lid can be used to store food in a convenient manner from the oven or microwave. Also, note: The plastic lid is not safe to use in a microwave. One pan can be used to bake, serve, freeze, and reheat any dish. It's ideal for baking casseroles, pastas, bread loaf, meat loaf, and pound cakes. The pan is perfect for freezing ice cream logs. Microwave safe, oven safe, freezer safe, dishwasher safe, and more. It's a choice. It's the healthiest option for baking and serving. The glass pan won't warp and won't absorb chemicals, tastes or smells from the food inside. The top quality loaf pan is pleasant to bring to the table and small to store. The handles are easy to grip. Being transparent allows you to keep an eye on the food.

Brand: Razab

👤I have been using this loaf maker for 3 weeks. The size is adequate, the lid fits well, and it survived the oven well. It is easy to clean and not burn marks after using the oven. Can't expect a glass product to last forever, but have high regard for it's sturdiness. Will purchase one more to complete the set.

👤I'm in to baking bread and this glass loaf pan caught my eye. Why? There is a lid on it. This won't work if your bread is too high. I make a lot of banana bread and this lid works well. The glass loaf pan is easy to clean. It's a victory all the way around. It is recommended.

👤I baked a loaf of bread in my new pan. The bread came out of the pan with no issues. I have been replacing metal baking pans with glass or Silicon ones, and the Razab is a winner.

👤I like to cover the loaf dish with a bow and bake either bread or a cake. A perfect birthday gift.

👤Needed a smaller dish to bake mac and cheese. It worked well. It was a plus to have a cover for storing leftovers. Happy with the purchase.

👤The loaf pan is made of glass and bakes easily. This is the perfect dish with easy handles and a lid.

👤Great pan. I use this pan to bake frozen loaves of bread. It is easy to clean and remove loaf. More appetizing than the metal pans.

👤If you want to use the cover, the product is too small for a standard loaf. You would need 2 pans to use the cover. I like the pan.

6. Disposable Recyclable Microwave Providing Beautiful

Disposable Recyclable Microwave Providing Beautiful

Their value pack comes with a 50 2-lb aluminum baking pan with 50 clear plastic lids. Pan dimensions are approximately 1 34” height, 6 78” bottom length, and 4 12” width. The bottom width is 8” and the top width is 5 12”. The dimensions are 8 14” long, 5 78” wide. Premium quality. The paper baking pan is designed to make baking easier. The paper pie pan has fire protection at a high temperature. The baking pan can be used in microwaves. PaperMI presents a disposable baking pan that has a brown background with a gold-floret print that can be used to bake both sweet and savory foods evenly without burning. The baking cake pans have a capacity to bake 18 ounces of batter. Perfect packaging. Their round baking pan is ideal for baking yeast bread, easy bread, crumb cake, Bundt cake, pound cake, pasta and much more, it's also the perfect size for the cake paper mold. PaperMI has budget-friendly baking gadgets and tools. These disposable baking pans are convenient to dispose of. Baking essentials are provided by Paper Mi. Their mini baking pan is a perfect bakeware for everyday kitchen use, outdoor cooking, camping and much more. It is a great idea to put it on a fancy table.

Brand: Papermi

👤Not suitable for a thin batter. The batter runs everywhere when the seams open up. Terrible! Why can't they make these as a solid mold, like cupcake papers, instead of having multiple seams? I poured my batter in and they went into the oven. I didn't have my batter in them for a long time before baking, which would have made them open up. It's just information. They wouldn't be able to make a direct batter fill with a really thick batter, but they would be able to make a crust with it.

👤I use these in my home baking business. I tried my bread pudding, which is very liquid in the oven. I was able to get them in the oven, but within 2 minutes they were leaking all over my workspace. I don't have the time or money to experiment with these products, so I'm afraid to use them for much of anything. Small business owners should steer clear of these people.

👤I was looking for something to make Panera Style Soufflés. I loved them and they were near perfect. As others reviewed, there were no issues with leakage. I used the base of puff pastry. The first time they sprayed cooking spray, they stuck. The second time, I brushed vegetable oil and draped puff pastry over the edges. They stuck worse if oil absorbed into the paper pan. The end product was amazing. My only complaint is that it was in a plastic envelope when it was shipped. The pan edges were bent over. Only on the top pan. I wish they had boxed them instead of sending them in an envelope. I got great use out of these and will be ordering more.

👤They are not for anything wet. I was not happy when anything wet hit the paper, it just soaked through or buckled. We didn't include pie filling, cake batter, or any of the other items. Yeah. I started using them for random crafts after being disappointed. It was a good alternative. I will not buy again, but I did find uses for them.

👤It is definitely very flimsy. It was difficult to get them apart because they were stuck together in a stack. I will need to line them with parchment in order to fortify the paper. Would not recommend it. I had to give these things one star because you can't get any lower.

👤I was disappointed they leaked so quickly. I thought they would be strong. The egg mixture leaked out and the cardboard was soggy. Maybe they will do better with thicker cake.

👤These molds are awesome! I used them to bake mini cakes. Very professional looking. mold hold up well and no sticking at all. Will buy again.

👤These are the sizes I bought to make quiches. The egg/milk mixture leaked out and ruined my quiche. Line them with foil before I use them again.

7. Silicone Baking Bread Stick BPA Free

Silicone Baking Bread Stick BPA Free

The pan can be used to bake many different types of bread, like banana, pumpkin, wheat, or corn bread. Silicone loaf pans are perfect for baking and have great results; bread, loaf, pound cake, fruit cake, endless recipes and treats. The 9x5 loaf pans for baking bread have a textured surface for no mess and are dishwasher safe. The high quality steel frame protects bread pans for baking from damage, and makes cooking easier and safer. The exclusive recipe eBook is your gift from them, a collection of professional recipes that are simple, delicious and perfect for your new bread pan. DIMENSIONS The meat loaf pan is 13.25” long x 5.75” wide x 2.75” deep and has an inner dimensions of 8.5" x 4". All Boxiki products have a LIFETIME WARRANTY from the manufacturer.

Brand: Boxiki Kitchen

👤I bought a full set of these products and thought they were the best invention yet. Is it possible to have cupcakes without cupcake liners? Yes, please! Do you mean cakes that fall out of the pan without a lot of butter? Sign me up! I regret stocking my kitchen with these products. These are not easy to clean. Even after a good scrubbing, the silicone material seems to cling to it. The worst part is that if you run these through a dishwasher or let them soak in soapy water, the silicone material will absorb some of the detergent, giving a soapy taste to baked goods. Even after soaking the pans in plain water for hours, I still detect soapyness on the outside surfaces of my baked goods that were in contact with the pan. It ruins it. The issues that come with these pans are not worth the ease of use. I will be saving up money to replace all of the Boxiki Silicone pans that I bought, at least with the standard aluminum pans, I don't have to worry about my baked goods tasting of detergent, and I know a good scrubbing will get them clean.

👤Good quality and sturdy. Silicone walls are thick enough to prevent bulges. The frame and handles were nice. I used it to mold a salad and it was easy to un-mold. No shaking, no banging, no dipping in hot water. It made me very happy. The vacuum had to be released in one corner. It was perfect when I put it in the dishwasher. The only concern I had was the smell of the food. I put it in the dishwasher and it did not smell like it had been washed by hand.

👤I bought this loaf of pan based on good reviews and washed it for future use. I put it away because it was air dried. It had rust on the handles and on the metal part. I thought it would be a great loaf pan, but to my shock it was horrible. Will return item. I use dawn soap for information. A good baking pan should not accumulate rust.

👤Five years ago, I bought two of these pans. I make it twice a week. I only use them for two bread recipes. The oven is smaller than normal because I have an insturment stove. I don't do anything to the pan before putting the dough in it. I put the pans on the cookie sheet. I keep them on the baking sheet. The bread doesn't come out with much effort. I put the loaves on the wire rack. I only use the pans for this purpose, so I don't wash them after baking. I wash them once a month or so. I dry them right away. They cool down very quickly. I keep them in a plastic bag until I bake bread again. I think they have paid for themselves since I don't use spray or oil to prepare them. I have other pans from this company. Excellent customer service.

8. Disposable Loaf Pan Baking Bread

Disposable Loaf Pan Baking Bread

The oven and dishwasher are safe. The brownie pan is dishwasher safe, bakes evenly in the oven, and should be hand-washed to save time and hassle. You can easily take the bread pans with the lid on to school, office, campground or wherever you want to go with this convenience pack. It can be used as disposable plates for holding and distributing food. Children can fold the foil pan edge over the sealed lid rim to pack it. This solution is better sealed than snap-on lid and clamshell containers, which is perfect for storing food to keep it fresh. Premium quality extra heavy-duty aluminum foil is used in these pans. Throw away the disposable bread pans after you use them and you won't have to clean them up.

Brand: Bbqmfg

👤I thought my bread would dry out because of the size of the container, but it didn't, I would buy a bigger container.

👤I was looking for pans that were large enough to hold bread pudding. I like how the pans fold around the lids to seal it. I wish the pans were more sturdy so that you can see the contents. Will buy again.

👤I was disappointed to see how small these are. My behind is 8 x 4. I think of the baked results when I think of the measurements. Not with these! Beware!

👤It's used for leftovers after a get together. Nobody will walk off with Tupperware. The kids are thin and collapse if stacked.

👤Beware! I received a product that wasn't the size I was expecting. It was very disappointing!

👤The mix overflowed the pan. Remeasure was close to 6x2. Caveat emptor.

👤For my senior friends, I need the right size for cakes.

👤I like the pans. Make a loaf of bread and slap the top on them.

9. Paper Baking Pans Pack Disposable

Paper Baking Pans Pack Disposable

Nordic Ware is made in the USA. Their small rectangular paper loaf pans are made in the USA and are perfect for displaying banana bread, pumpkin bread, lemon pound cake, and more. Their paper loaf pans for baking are made of high quality corrugated baking paper and are strong enough to hold your baked goods. The paper baking pans have a brown background and gold accents. No pre-greasing is needed with their disposable loaf pans. Their pans are made with a poly-coated interior that makes it easy to release the pan. Their paper loaf pans are made of rigid construction, which makes it easier to pour batter. Their paper baking pans are oven safe and can be used to transfer baked goods from the oven to the display case. They are microwave safe, freezer safe, and recyclable. Throw their disposable bread pans in the trash. The design of their baking pans helps you save on kitchen-counter, shelf, and cabinet space. Their pans are disposable so you won't have to wash them. It's perfect for bakeries, restaurants, food trucks, takeout and delivery, bake sales, fundraisers, country fairs, farmers markets, and more. The value pack has 25 small rectangular paper baking pans. Each pan can hold up to 9.5 ounces. The pan has a top length of 5.25” and a bottom length of 4.

Brand: Stock Your Home

👤When liquid batter was added, the containers broke. What a mess! The container fell apart in the microwave when I tried to warm a piece of food. I should have listened to the bad reviews. Never again.

👤The cake batter leaked out through the corners when I poured it into the molds. I wouldn't buy this again. I have used paper molds before, but they have not had the same experience. It's unfortunate that paper molds produce a more evenly baked cake.

👤Some of them were not stuck together.

👤These worked well for small pumpkin breads. The bread was easy to remove after baking.

10. Webake Aluminum Disposable Take Out Containers

Webake Aluminum Disposable Take Out Containers

It is made with 100% recycled aluminum foil. Made in the USA with American materials. There is a size of 9.8 x 5.2 x 2.67 inches. The package has a take-out pan and 12 board lids. It is made of aluminum foil. Sturdy pans support the bread when it's rising. The exceptional heat conductivity of the disposable aluminum pans allows for an even-heating performance that makes your goodies to utter perfect! Great for baking delicious breads and cakes, cooking delicious dishes, and side-dishes.

Brand: Webake

👤Normally I would buy this item in the supermarket, but with the COVID-19 epidemic going on, I limit my outings to what's necessary. My son needed to bring in 2 aluminum foil baking pans for a school project, and with no plans to shop before the due date, I figured I'd order 30 pans and just use the rest myself. The pans arrived with a tear, as shown in my photo. To use them, I doubled them up and nested the pans so that the tears were on opposite ends to prevent leaking. I think I would use two pans at a time even if there were no tears, because the pans are so thin. The pan was not possible to hold with one hand because of the weight of the batter, and I was afraid it would fall off if I held it with both hands. I needed to hold the pans with both hands. Buying 30 was more like getting 15 because I had to double up the pans. The price I paid for 30 pans was a lot cheaper than the price I would have paid at the supermarket. I wouldn't buy these pans again unless I had to, but they worked for me in a pinch.

👤If you want to sell pans with lids, you should have enough for each pan, I get a ton of pans and only a few, I'm not reuse a dirty cardboard lid. My fault was not reading the description.

👤This size is perfect for pound cakes, however I don't understand why there are only 12 lids and 30 pans. I bought them with the intention of using them with lids, so this doesn't make sense to me. I would love to buy these with the same amount of lids.

👤I placed the order for my best friend today but it came in yesterday. She was excited to use it before her birthday. Thank you so much.

👤I did not receive the size that was stated. I needed it in a compartment, but it was too big for it.

👤Use for a loaf of bread. It's too wide for pound cake.

👤He used it to store ice cream. It worked out great.

👤I didn't realize there were only 12 lids. I'm supposed to use the rest of the pans. The others will be great. I could have bought other pans, but I will use foil.

11. Disposable Aluminum Recyclable Extra Sturdy Containers

Disposable Aluminum Recyclable Extra Sturdy Containers

We offer a lifetime guarantee on the quality of their pan. They are dedicated to your satisfaction so if there is ever anything you need, reach out to them. While most disposable foil pans have the tendency to burn food while in the oven, theirs are made from premium aluminum that allows for superior heat distribution and improved airflow. The top outer and top inner of the disposable foil containers measure at a size of 5.6 x 4.57 inches and 5.1 x 4 inches, respectively. Food containers are disposable, but they should not be flimsy for high quality food. The bakeware they use is made from high-grade aluminum that gives it greater strength to comfortably handle the weight of most dishes. The set of disposable pots includes 50 oblong trays and 50 board lids. The snap-on covers with the disposable aluminum foil pans lock in all the flavor and are strong enough to preserve the freshness. It is designed to create a tight seal that reduces the risk of spills during transit, prevents freezer burn, and preserves freshness for much longer. CONVENIENCE AND ENVIROMENTAL FRIENDLY. Whenever you whip up something, you don't have to fill up your kitchen sink with dishes. Food can be baked in the oven, stored in the fridge, and served on the table with their foil freezers containers. The freezer meal prep pans are great for storing leftovers, carrying food to take out camping, and to-go containers for guests. They value the happiness of their customers. Their aluminum foil containers have been backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Have you experienced any problems with your product? They will do everything they can to make it right. You can add to the cart now and start enjoying the convenience of foil pans.

Brand: Dcs Deals

👤I am a family of one and the best way to save is to shop for groceries. Buying family packs and the likes is what it means. I make meals ahead and freeze them in containers. They are perfect, one portion size; they stack nicely in my freezer; they work well to thaw and re-warm in my oven; then toss when my meal is over. They are great for left-overs and to send extras home with friends who have come for dinner. They are easy to use and sturdy. It gets better than that.

👤I cook for myself because I'm single and live alone. I usually cook a lot on Sunday afternoons, then freeze it in single-serving containers for later use. I decided to use these foil pans because plastic can be convenient but expensive. They are working well so far. The measurement at the top of the container is about 5.25" x 4.12". The sides slope inward, so the measurement at the bottom is smaller. Keep that in mind. I crimped the foil over the lid to hold it in place for freezing. I either thaw and place it in a microwave-safe dish or use my toaster oven to thaw it. I've used them for things like chicken enchiladas, orange chicken with jasmine rice, Salisbury steak and mashed potatoes, and breakfast casserole. There were no problems at all. They are not what I would call heavy duty. I put them on the baking sheet in the oven. I understand that making them from a heavier gauge aluminum would be more expensive, so I'm careful when filling, storing, and re-warming them. I like them a lot and will likely buy this brand again when needed. 4 out of 5 stars. Will purchase again.

👤These are good for meal prep. We like to make easy oven dinners-for-one.

👤I make huge portions of any dish. It is great to be able to share them with others. I like to pull out when I don't feel like cooking. I can label these pans on the top.

👤These were not as big as I thought. I don't know what I will be able to use them for but I think it's my fault for not measuring them out myself before I bought them.

👤I have purchased these before. The first order was fine, but this time it was short 3 pans and 2 lids. If you need a specific number, then shop elsewhere.

👤I love these pans. It's perfect for one or two portions. Excellent for freezer. Hold the cups.

👤These are great to bring to work because I love to cook. Can you heat the oven with the lid on if you take off the lid and cover it with aluminum foil? A win solution is to freeze the rest of the batches.

👤These are very strong. I have bought others that were flimsy and twisted. The foil is strong and thick. I have been able to reuse them. There is a good supply of lids with foil one side and cardboard the other. The price is very good compared to what I've paid before, and they arrived quickly. I do a lot of cooking and storing so I'll be buying different sizes.


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What are the best brands for baking loaf containers?

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