Best Baking Loaf Pans for Oven

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1. Rachael Ray 47364 Bakeware Meatloaf

Rachael Ray 47364 Bakeware Meatloaf

Two-PIECE NONSTICK LOAF PAN: A loaf pan and insert for making meatloaves are included in the bakeware design. There is a sturdy bakeware. Sturdy steel construction provides reliable baking and roasting performance. It's a good idea to make kebabs and meat loans. The loaf pan has a long- lasting inside and out. Even with potholders or oven mitts, the wide loaf pan handles are easy to handle. TILE ROASTING PAN: The pan and insert are oven safe at 450 degrees F.

Brand: Rachael Ray

👤This is the right product for a loaf pan. Please read. I removed the product from the oven because it did not have the ends for grips. As a result, I ended up with 2nd / 3rd degree burns on my ankle as I lost the grip on the lower pan. Before buying another product, look at the lower pan. The depth of the pans is important. My kids called it a meat bar because it was so narrow. This product has all of the features, including safe lifting, depth for real meat loaf, no sides on the lift-segment, and proper slicing. If you bought this one, I would feel better.

👤I have had a number of 2 part meat loaf pans that allow the grease to trickle from the loaf into the pan below. The concept works well, I make killer meatloaf! I have had to replace the pan every couple of years because it starts to rust. I only buy items that are dishwasher safe and the pans I have had in the past weren't. I was impressed with how well this one came through the dishwasher. So far, so good! My limited cabinet space allowed me to fit my previous pan well. The pans were clean. The new one has wings that make it easier to remove the loaf from the pan, but the pan takes up more space than before.

👤I used this pan for the first time today. I took the loaf out of the oven and it tasted off. I followed the same recipe I've always used, I used ground chuck, and my ingredients were fresh. The pan is easy to clean, but I don't like having a short loaf of bread with an odd taste. I liked that this pan was not glass, so I am disappointed it didn't work out. I didn't have to worry about it sliding out of my hands and breaking, but I am going back to my vintage glass pan that is dishwasher safe, and makes delicious full-sized meatloaf.

👤I didn't like my meatloaf because the grease on the bottom of my pan made it greasy. I wanted a pan that could drain grease. I was pleasantly surprised when I found this pan, I wasn't expecting much but it was cheap. The pan is large and can hold a 2 pound loaf of meat, and it has a lift out component with holes in the bottom that allow grease to drain into the loan pan below. It's very easy to slice the cooked meat. The pan is easy to clean. The grease issue is gone and it cooks the meat thoroughly. I would like to see more space between the bottom of the pan and the insert. I've made 10 meatloaves with it and I'm very happy with it.

👤I am quite satisfied with the product after a number of uses. I love that there is room for the fats. The tray can be used to slide onto a plate for presentation. I use a spoon to run along the sides. This does not happen after a couple uses. I have left it in the sink for the night. Even though I won't need it, stock up on a few extra.

2. Walfos Mini Silicone Loaf Pan

Walfos Mini Silicone Loaf Pan

Baking goods are easy to clean. Walfos four-piece mini silicone bread and loaf pans are made of food grade silicone, which is safe to make various kinds of food. The shape and non-stick quality can be maintained through more uses. Non-stick brooms are easy to clean. WALFOS brand loaf pans can stay non-stick and healthier if you add butter to them. It can be cleaned with hot soapy water or directly in the dishwasher. WALFOS Silicone loaf pan is good for the environment and safe for your family. tasteless, safe for microwave, oven, dishwasher, fridge, freezer, and a wide range from -40F to 440F. Enjoy some healthier treats with your family and friends. Use for toast bread, fruitcake, meat loaf, cake, Pot Pies, Cheese Lasagna and more. WALFOS is a brand specializing in global silicone bakeware and kitchen tools. All kitchen products are made from high-quality materials. They will give a 100% money-back guarantee if you don't like their products.

Brand: Walfos

👤Doesn't match sizes in photos. Is not taller than 2 inches. It's actually 1.7 inches taller on the outside and 5.25 on the inside. They are not strong enough to hold a rectangular shape.

👤I make an egg white bread every week and wanted pans that would make my prep and clean up easier. I didn't use any of the above to prep the silicone. Just put my batter in. After I let them cool, my loaves popped out. They were washed up quickly. I didn't have any issues with the sides bulging out like some of the reviews said. I love these pans and would recommend them to anyone.

👤Carry the product from the bottom. I have only used it a few times, but I really liked it. I just made this corn bread and it took 45 minutes to bake it. The pan fell onto my leg, because the handle broke off, but I was wearing pants. I was able to save the bread. It would have been very serious if I had not been wearing pants. Please make the handles strong so that I can use this product. Thank you.

👤I wanted to make a large block of ice. I used aluminum loaf pans that worked well for 3 or 4 freezes, but they started to leak and needed to be thrown. I decided to look for a loaf pan because I was spending a lot of money here and there. Most other pans are flimsy and small. I was able to carry them to the freezer without spilling water. I popped the blocks out refill and repeat after the water froze up.

👤I used the one without the extra support on the side and my loaves were pushing the sides out. The side of the loaf was very easy to pop out and wash.

👤I used this once and it was great. No problem with bread. It tore the second time I used it. I tore a joke while I removed the bread.

👤I use this item to make mini bread loaves. The portion size is perfect and the silicone is easy to clean.

3. Farberware Nonstick Bakeware Bread 2 Piece

Farberware Nonstick Bakeware Bread 2 Piece

The bake ware construction provides years of long lasting, warp resistant baking performance. The coating on the inside and out provides a beautiful baking and browning. The oven is safe to 450 degrees. It is recommended that you wash your hand.

Brand: Farberware

👤I originally gave this 5 stars because I liked the smooth finish that I made. The finish is peeling off the pans even though I don't use them often. I have been careful to use non-metal or scratching utensils, but the finish is peeling off and the metal is rusty. Terrible for pans less than a year old.

👤We didn't have any pans so my husband and I bought this pan. These pans are light and have a little bit of weight. My husband likes to make bread from scratch, knowing the ingredients are fresh and there are noPreservatives put into the dough, so he uses these pans at least once a week. I am happy to report that these pans cook the bread evenly. I attached a picture of the loaves of bread that are golden brown and nice to look at. There is a nice cook. I believe we will have many more years of use and more loaves of perfectly cooked bread in these pans. If it was helpful, please push the button below. Thank you and God.

👤I bought these pans to use. It is important to note that a 9x5 pan made in the USA is 5 inches from edge to edge and 9 inches long on the top and 7.5 on the bottom. These pans are made in China and have an edge to edge and bottom that is 4.5 inches wide. The length is a full inch longer. If you are used to making bread or loaf cakes in a USA made 9x5 these will result in lower than usual rise as a result of the extra width and length.

👤I love these! I bake banana bread with them and it always comes out perfect. They are easy to clean. If you have cakes or bread that stick, try coating the inside of the pans with butter and then some light coating of all purpose flour before you add your batter. Before adding the batter, you can put the paper inside. It works for me.

👤Two stars for holding the dough in the oven. It looks and feels like a cheap imitation of my older bread pan. After I die, my old pan will hold loaves of bread, but the new one will be thrown in the recycle bin.

👤I was amazed by these. I have been using another brand for a long time, but they needed to be replaced. I had to hit the pans against the counter hard to get the loaf to come out. It was stuck to the sides. Always did. The new pans were different. When I was about to hit the pan against the counter, the loaf just slid out. There was no force. No nudging. I did the same with both loaves. The loaf slid out when I turned it over. This isn't stick! You need to remember what not to do when you are disappointed. You have to give them gloves. There were no dishwasher tablets. They recommend you wash by hand if you use the dishwasher. Don't let the water sit in it overnight. Don't use over cleaners. Do not let air dry in a dish washing rack after washing. They want you to treat them like possessions. They should put that on the ban, not on the paper that can get lost. When clothing used to have a small piece of paper with detailed washing instructions that no one could remember, remember that. The instructions are always there, even if you look inside the collar, because product labeling became mandatory. The instructions are just a piece of paper, and the rubber cement stuck to the bottom of the instruction sheet is disappointing. I can't use my scanner to read the instructions because the sticky stuff won't come off, and my sheets and sticks will hit the rubber cement. If you keep instructions sheets in a folder, they will stick to the next page because the glue won't come off. It's a shame. If you can remember all the details, it is a great pan.

4. Wilton Recipe Right Non Stick 3 Piece

Wilton Recipe Right Non Stick 3 Piece

Steel construction prevents warping. You can bake more at once with the set of mini loaf pans. The non-stick surface is made of steel. 3 in. It is 18.6 x 7.62 cm. For the best results, wash in warm soapy water before each use.

Brand: Wilton

👤I like to bake banana bread. These mini loaf pans are perfect for making individual size loaves that can be given as gifts. The bread pops out of the pans. I made banana bread a few days ago and it took less than an hour to cook. I baked three small loaves for 30 minutes, instead of the 60 minutes for a single full size loaf.

👤The size was advertised as larger than it actually was. The sides of the loaf are close to the bottom. The inside dimensions are 5.625X2.875. So, less than advertised. The bottom dimensions are 5X25. The advertised inside height is 2.12. They should underestimate it because it is pushing it to describe the size at the rim.

👤I was looking for something that wasn't so big for banana loaves, and these were perfect. Since we can only eat one mini loaf at a time throughout the week, the others can still be properly stored and fresh. The loaf is easy to clean.

👤The review was originally 5 stars. I ordered more after trying them for several weeks. So disappointed. I can't have half my bread stuck because they bagan to stick after 3 uses. There was no oil in the house today. So. They aren't non stick. An awesome find, will be looking for a more reliable loaf pan set. They arrived on time, inexpensive, and they are awesome. There is a The bread we bake is problematic. Not with these pans. The bread baked in a little less time gave a nice golden brown, all over tan and improved the texture of the bread. Highly recommended. Will be ordering more.

👤They were bought on the recommendation of a cookbook author. I wanted to make banana bread in the air fryer, but she suggested using mini loaf pans. I can make a small amount of cake/bread using the mini loaves in my air fryer, not over eating and not hot in the kitchen.

👤I am a huge fan of the pans and cookie sheets from the company. I wanted to make a small loaf of bread but couldn't. The pan holds 2 cups to the top. I had to make two muffins for the pan of bread I was making. The non-stick qualities will only last if you wash and dry them. They should be oiled before each use. Not really non-stick.

👤I was surprised how small these were. I read the dimensions and thought I was ordering a bigger one, but it wasn't in my head. Will make mini loafs.

👤Just what I needed. I don't like the pans with ridges or seals in the pan, along the inside lip of a curve of the pan that never gets quite clean. These are very easy to clean and smooth. I use them to make smores. Put the chocolate in the bottom. If you cram marshmallows into the pan, it will hold 6 large marshmallows. It can be put in the regular oven or the toaster oven. You have to watch it cook because it's just a split second between perfect toast and fire. I put the pan on the plate with the crackers. pretzel sticks are great for this. A delicious treat in less than 10 minutes.

5. Superior Glass Loaf Pan Cover

Superior Glass Loaf Pan Cover

We have a 100% money back guarantee, so you'll think they have the best silicone molds on the market. If you have a problem with their product, please let them know and they will send you a new one without any cost or money back. Every customer is important to them and they do everything they can to make them happy. You can order with Amazon Prime. The set is able to endure thermal shock. Transferring between the freezer, oven, and table top is safe. The heat is evenly distributed. It's safe for a dishwasher, microwave, freezer, or oven. There are included pulleys. A sturdy lid is included. The leakproof lid is a great way to store food in a convenient manner. ATILE DISH is a single pan that can be used to bake, serve, and chill any dish. It's ideal for baking casseroles, pastas, bread, meat loaves, and pound cakes. The pan is perfect for freezing ice cream logs. When using glass pans, the oven temperature should be lowered to 25. Healthier and pure. It's the healthiest option for baking and serving. Glass pans won't warp and won't absorb chemicals, tastes or smells from the food inside. The loaf pan is convenient to bring to the table and small to store. The handles are easy to grip. Being transparent allows you to keep an eye on the food.

Brand: Finedine

👤First of all, I was deceived. The description doesn't say it is a two pan set, but I see two pans in the picture. It says a two piece pan, which I thought was the pan and the cover. I go by the description. Don't order another if you need two. The lids are not sealed. They snap on. I think it's a good value for the money. The October update says that the lids are not good. Break at corners.

👤The containers looked nice, but the lid cracked in 3 places 35 days after I bought them.

👤I have used standard metal loaf pans that eventually rust, silicone molds that work well but are small, and finally this glass loaf pan, which is a tradeoff of flexibility vs strength. I bake cakes in these pans and have been impressed with the glass type. You can see how the bake is going around the edges, rather than just the top. I don't know what the lids are for. The instructions don't say that the lids don't come with a separate seal, so the company needs to look at them. It is possible that this is due to a change in manufacture or design, and possibly due to the factory being located outside of the company so that they don't check changes. I recommend this glass loaf pan for baking loaf-shaped cakes.

👤I got these because of the two pack and lids, and I don't regret it at all. They provided a nice bake on my bread and didn't break like other brands pics show. The small handles are not a problem, they are wonderful. Before putting them in the over, I recommend washing them and letting them get to room temp.

👤It's perfect for storing homemade ice cream. The pan loaf is dishwasher safe.

👤I bought this set on Black Friday. The glass is of good quality. I bought a glass pan with a lid from another company and it is difficult to take off. I used the pans for four times to bake banana bread loaves and other goodies to keep the kids happy this holiday season since they can't enjoy fully due to COVID-19. One pan fell from my hand and landed on the counter. There were no cracks. There was no chips. It is a solid set. Pans are dishwasher safe. I wash them.

👤I was looking for something that was easy to clean. Most of the bake products items that I have used are non-stick, but the problem with non-stick is scratches that can be caused when removing the item from it and may have the problem of layer mixed with food while baking. I used the glass one to avoid that and it worked perfectly. I was able to bake anything that I wanted and it was very easy to clean and no longer bothered me with scratches. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for easy handling and cleaning without causing food damage.

6. LARGE 1800ML 1 9Qt Razab Glass

LARGE 1800ML 1 9Qt Razab Glass

LIFETIME GUARANTEE. They offer a lifetime guarantee on the quality of their mini loaf pan. They are dedicated to your satisfaction so if there is ever anything you need, reach out to them. The strong loaf pan is heat resistant up to 980F and thermal shock resistant up to 526F. The heat is evenly distributed, avoiding burned spots. It is safe for use in the dishwasher, microwave, freezer, and oven. A beautiful gray color Food GradeBPA Free lid is included. The leakproof lid can be used to store food in a convenient manner from the oven or microwave. Also, note: The plastic lid is not safe to use in a microwave. One pan can be used to bake, serve, freeze, and reheat any dish. It's ideal for baking casseroles, pastas, bread loaf, meat loaf, and pound cakes. The pan is perfect for freezing ice cream logs. Microwave safe, oven safe, freezer safe, dishwasher safe, and more. It's a choice. It's the healthiest option for baking and serving. The glass pan won't warp and won't absorb chemicals, tastes or smells from the food inside. The top quality loaf pan is pleasant to bring to the table and small to store. The handles are easy to grip. Being transparent allows you to keep an eye on the food.

Brand: Razab

👤I have been using this loaf maker for 3 weeks. The size is adequate, the lid fits well, and it survived the oven well. It is easy to clean and not burn marks after using the oven. Can't expect a glass product to last forever, but have high regard for it's sturdiness. Will purchase one more to complete the set.

👤I'm in to baking bread and this glass loaf pan caught my eye. Why? There is a lid on it. This won't work if your bread is too high. I make a lot of banana bread and this lid works well. The glass loaf pan is easy to clean. It's a victory all the way around. It is recommended.

👤I baked a loaf of bread in my new pan. The bread came out of the pan with no issues. I have been replacing metal baking pans with glass or Silicon ones, and the Razab is a winner.

👤I like to cover the loaf dish with a bow and bake either bread or a cake. A perfect birthday gift.

👤Needed a smaller dish to bake mac and cheese. It worked well. It was a plus to have a cover for storing leftovers. Happy with the purchase.

👤The loaf pan is made of glass and bakes easily. This is the perfect dish with easy handles and a lid.

👤Great pan. I use this pan to bake frozen loaves of bread. It is easy to clean and remove loaf. More appetizing than the metal pans.

👤If you want to use the cover, the product is too small for a standard loaf. You would need 2 pans to use the cover. I like the pan.

7. Disposable Corrugated Recyclable Rectangle Microwave

Disposable Corrugated Recyclable Rectangle Microwave

The design is based on proven bread science. Made in France and China, it was designed in The Netherlands. These paper bread loaf pans are a perfect addition to any kitchen, with a top length of 8 1/2 inches, a top width of 4 3/8 inches, bottom length of 7 inches, and a bottom width of 3 1/2 inches. A buyer gets 30 of these. A Worthy Alternative is a cost-effective alternative to metal and plastic pans. These can be thrown away. The bread loaf pan is made from corrugated paperboard. Every pan loaf is meant for different applications. It can tolerate the high heat for up to an hour. To remove this pan, use a liner. Each pan is made from 85% recycled material and it is easy to dispose of. It will not increase the carbon footprint.

Brand: Fit Meal Prep

👤I need to point out that the inside dimensions are different than the listing. I cannot use it as I intended. I needed it to be at least 4.5 inches larger than it is, but the inside is only 3.5 inches wide. It is a whole inch smaller. I was hoping my metal pan would be the same size as my photos show.

👤The size is so sturdy. The brands I've tried have pin holes in the bottom. Perfect loaves!

👤These are great for holiday giving. My loaf was perfect.

👤I used a one pound cake recipe to make 2 half pound cakes. It's a great gift for smaller loaves. They baked up fine but got stuck. I did not prepare the pan in any way. I am not sure if the grease will affect the paper. It should be lined with paper. I would recommend this product. Ps. The pound cake is in: PigPotParty 8x11 bags, 100x Clear Cellophane Treat Goodie bags with 100x Twist Ties, Party Favor Packaging, Gift Mug Wrapping, Food Storage, and no side gusset.

👤We're all on partial lockdown and needed a little pickmeup, so I ordered these to make zucchini bread for my friends. They are perfect! Nice looking and sturdy. My friends don't have to worry about returning a pan because they look great. A loaf of bread is not a loaf of bread.

👤These are very easy to use. These make baking very easy, I bake bread for my neighbors and friends. I spray them first with butter and bake them at the suggested temp. If you use Betty Crocker or Pillsbury you can fill 2 of these pans with 1 box of banana bread and 1 box of blue berry muffin mix. I baked mine all at 375 degrees for 45 minutes and they came out perfect. It's nice to bake in a bag or box and have your gift ready to go. It's not possible to wash the bread pans constantly. I highly recommend them. I would love to see a holiday pattern offered.

👤I made several kinds of quick bread to give away for Christmas and these came in handy. The recipe went a long way because I was able to divide it. The recipients were very happy with their gifts. I wish they came in different prints but other than they are sturdy, no need to grease the pan or flour it, just like a cupcake liner, you can dump you dough in them and they will bake, not sticking! These were delivered well.

👤I have tried other paper products, but this one is better. I have found paper loaf vessels on Amazon, but it is not as sturdy or large as this one. I baked banana bread for someone and it was perfect. Sorry, but don't have a photo at the moment. The dimensions are great. It is close to your standard metal loaf pan. Please have them in stock because I will be ordering more.

👤The purpose was served.

8. CHEF Stainless Meatloaf Lasagna Dishwasher

CHEF Stainless Meatloaf Lasagna Dishwasher

We value the happiness of their customers. Their aluminum foil containers have been backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Have you experienced any problems with your product? They will do everything they can to make it right. You can add to the cart now and start enjoying the convenience of foil pans. NON TOXIC P&P CHEF bread pans are made of pure steel without any toxic coating or harmful substance releasing at high temperature, which is great for your daily baking needs. The long lasting pan is made from heavy gaugestainless steel, Extra heavy-duty to avoid deformation, Unbreakable than the ceramic pan, Rust-free and durable for years, Premium material help it spread heat evenly with less time and lower energy consumption. WorkmanSHIP is a word for "workmanship." A thick pan wall helps to strengthen the structure, Crimping design for secure and comfortable holding, 2.5 inch deep rim contains more batter for bread and shape the bread perfectly, Also great to making multi-layer dishes, like lasagna. CLEAN The toast pan is dishwasher safe, it has a brushed surface for less stickness, and it has a round corner with no dead angle. MULTI USE The measurement was 9.2''L x. These loaf pans are easy to use and can bake in the oven, like baking toast, bread, brownie, cake, meatloaf, Roasting lasagna, meat, veggies, and Freeze safe to use as ice cream pan, great gift for friends.

Brand: P&p Chef

👤The grade is 18/0. This is not suited to conducting heat and is less resistant to corrosion than 18/ and 18/10. Pans are not light enough to make bread. Pans had defects from the manufacturing process. It's suitable for a casual home baker. Marketing on Amazon for a product was not what was expected.

👤The pan is large enough for two people. You get three nice pieces after cutting the pan. It looks durable and cleans up easily. The pan would have gotten a 5 star rating if it were solid. The pan is magnetic and indicates a lower quality covering. I think the pan is a good buy for a reasonable price. It got the job done and I'm not disappointed.

👤I bought these for baking. They've become my ice cream pans. I had some Silicone covers made for loaf pans. It gets to freezing fast. One of these will still be cold when the new batches are ready to be spooned out, because I forgot to put an empty container in the freezer. I've seen plastic containers that are shaped like traditional round ice cream cartons but have a 1 1/2 quart capacity on Amazon. I don't like using plastic for climate reasons. I use 1 1/2 quart ice cream recipes, but I make my own as well as popular flavors. I need a 2 quart capacity when I add nuts or other add-ins.

👤I gave the 3 packs to my sons for Christmas. I used mine and it worked well. I don't know if the banana bread will come out on its own, because I used a piece of paper to hold it in place. The pans are a little smaller than my old pans, but that doesn't make a difference. I like the fact that the coated surfaces of my old loaf pans don't bother me, so I use parchment paper in them. I'm pretty sure it will last a long time.

👤While changing to cookware, I found this loaf pan. It's a good weight. It turned out great after I made it. It was easy to clean up.

👤This pan loaf is great for bread. The bread did not stick.

👤They are easy to clean and have a good weight. I am surprised by the pans. They are shorter than traditional loaf pans, so just know that!

👤These are what I wanted. I don't like the non-stick coating on my cookware.

9. World Kitchen 1085799 Pyrex Dishes

World Kitchen 1085799 Pyrex Dishes

A pack of 2 dishes. Large handles for improved handling. Glass is dishwasher safe. Non-porous glass won't absorb odors. The soft contours are easy to clean.

Brand: Pyrex

👤I love the Pyrex loaf dishes, they are easy to clean, but who knew to put water in the bottom for foods that produce juice and it comes clean so much easier, I use to have to scrub and scrub not knowing to add water. Pyrex is the best and non-toxic and they are durable. My first Pyrex purchase was very small and misleading, but these are normal size loafs of bread, and you can be sure they make them.

👤One exploded in my oven.

👤The top dish was smashed into pieces when I opened it. I was lucky that I didn't get cut. The items have been returned. When the box is opened, I will write a note. The broken glass isANGER BROKEN.

👤I use it for dressing when I can't make stuffing, and I bet it would be great for mac. A small glass dish is all you need to put cheese in the oven.

👤The ends make it easy to grab the dish out of the oven.

10. Wilton Recipe Right Non Stick 2 Piece

Wilton Recipe Right Non Stick 2 Piece

The dishwasher is safe and free of BPA. This item is dishwasher safe and has a capacity of 7 liters. This long bread loaf pan set can be used to bake more bread. The highest level of baking satisfaction is provided by Recipe Right non-stick bakeware. Non-stick is easy to clean. The pans are 12 x 4.5 inch. Pan dimensions are permanently stamped into handles. There is a 5-year warranty.

Brand: Wilton

👤The pans are perfect. It's great for baking all sorts of breads. The recipe for a 12 inch Pullman came out amazing. No need to spray the pan. They were easy to release. The inside is soft and delicious. They were in excellent condition when they arrived via Amazon prime. If this review helped you, say so below. Thank you. The bread was sliced, made into a sandwich, and then prepared for a grilled cheese sandwich. I purchased two more.

👤I like the size of these pans. They are more narrow than the average home loaf pan. I think there is more sandwich sized. It allows for more slices per loaf and I love using it for quick breads. I have a couple of pictures of my old loaf pan for comparison. The loaf of banana bread in the new pan is a normal loaf recipe, and it only fills the pan about halfway. Everything I've made so far has turned out perfect, because I adjust cooking time. If you wanted a taller loaf or more serving, you could probably double the recipe in one pan.

👤The set of bread tins is excellent. I always spray them with oil or butter if I need to. They didn't spray the tin first so they don't want an entire loaf of bread ruined. My bread is great in it because they heat very evenly. Sometimes I use the 2nd on the 1st to cook bread and create steam, like a poor man's dutch oven. I recommend this set of tins. The loaf size is very similar to a store bought loaf.

👤If you want a larger loaf of bread, these pans are great. I bake all of our bread and the pans give me a loaf that is closer to the size of store bought bread for sandwiches and toasting. I end up with loaves of bread that won't fit in the toast or the sandwich because the traditional bread pans are too short. If they hold up and don't become rusty if the surface gets scratched, my only concern will be known with time. I am only washing them with a wet cloth and not putting them in a sink full of water.

👤I wanted to let others know how good these pans were at baking bread. I'm a new baker. I didn't know what I was looking for or what to look for. These were easy to use and didn't have to be treated before baking. The bread was baked well. These pans are very good. I posted a picture to show you what my bread looked like.

👤I wanted some pans that were longer than the standard 9 1/2 inch loaf pans. I've been using the long bread pans from Wilton for a long time, so I was happy to see them. I've used them many times without any problems. Good quality at a good price. I would only recommenced by hand washing, not the dishwasher. The dishwasher detergent can cause rust under the rolled lip of the pan and is much harsher on the non stick coating.

11. Wilton Non Stick Diamond Infused Baking 5 Inch

Wilton Non Stick Diamond Infused Baking 5 Inch

If you have any questions, please contact them.Bread loaf pan are great for make high quality family dishes, afternoon tea, banquet desserts and other delicacies, good for daily cooking, family dinner, friends gathering, festival celebrations, etc. You'll be proud to add this piece to your kitchen. The Diamond- infused non-stick coating is durable and easy to clean. It's safe to use with metal tools. The large curved handles give you a better grip in and out of the oven. 9 x 5.25 x 2.75 inches

Brand: Wilton

👤These loaf pans are good. It is very easy to clean the inside corners of the pan. My bread bakes evenly because of the heavy metal construction. The bread is evenly distributed by the non-stick coating. Excellent quality and value. If needed, I would buy these again.

👤I have cheap teflon coated ones. They're a lot heavier, thicker and the bread falls out. It beaded up like water on a car after I wiped it will oil. I'm not sure I need it. This thing will last a long time.

👤These pans are wonderful. I have a loaf pan, cookie sheet, cupcake/muffin pan and a loaf pan. I have used many different types of baking pans. These are my favorites. Nothing has stuck so far, it's Sturdy, easy to clean and so far nothing I've cooked or baked has stuck.

👤I don't have to use any of those things. The baked goods come out after being cooked.

👤I have bought a lot of blue diamond products. Some baked goods may be done earlier than the recipe calls for because the baking pans are very thick. I used this to bake some almond bread and it came out without any crust. It is easy to clean. They don't need to be put in the dishwasher.

👤This pan is what I wanted. It's easy to make loaves of sandwich bread, but you can still make smaller loaves, like banana bread.

👤My husband bought a pound cake mix that recommended a larger loaf pan than I had. The pan turned out to be perfect for the cake mix recipe. There was no sticking. Highly recommendable.

👤I replaced my pan loaf that was starting to rust. The pan is very sturdy. The pan should not rust.

👤This pan is the ultimate after years of using an old pan that was hard to clean and floppy, then another metal pan where the food stuck to it, and finally a modern Silicone pan that was hard to clean and floppy. It's easy to clean, just pop it in the dishwasher. The food is in one piece. Is it the best pan I have ever used? I bought 3 of them. This pan is going to satisfy you.

👤It was delivered quickly. I want to use it.

👤I used this product twice and the coating has already come off and is useless. I will need to purchase another one, but it will not be anything from this brand. The money was wasted.

👤This does not disappoint, I love the baking products from Wilton.


What is the best product for baking loaf pans for oven?

Baking loaf pans for oven products from Rachael Ray. In this article about baking loaf pans for oven you can see why people choose the product. Walfos and Farberware are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking loaf pans for oven.

What are the best brands for baking loaf pans for oven?

Rachael Ray, Walfos and Farberware are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking loaf pans for oven. Find the detail in this article. Wilton, Finedine and Razab are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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