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1. Pack Premium 2 LB Bread Baking

Pack Premium 2 LB Bread Baking

Great job. The holes in the lid help create a thin, crisp crust. The dishwasher and the most aggressive of detergents are resistant to the Fading Colors recipe book. It is made from premium quality aluminum foil that is heavy duty, recyclable, and Stackable. The flat bottoms are designed for long-term use and are easy to transport. Throw away the disposable aluminum baking pans after use and forget about the time- consuming Cleanup and disposable; Throw away the disposable aluminum baking pans after use and forget about the time consuming Cleanup It's great for packing food such as Spaghetti, Macaroni n Cheese, Vegetables, Meatloaf,Quiche, Lasagna, Roast and many other dishes. It's perfect for everything from a restaurant, cafe, school trips, camping, lunch, Catering, Roasting, Sample dishes, and outdoor events.

Brand: Fig & Leaf

👤I use them for many different cooking methods. I put them on the grill with mushrooms and butter. I grilled squash and zucchini with butter. I cook them like chicken thighs. I've eaten baked macaroni and cheese. I usually get them at the local Dollar Store, but this is a better value in a plastic bag, so it's not open for everyone to touch. There are no stickers that you can't remove. Will I buy them again? My dog loves them and she gets to lick them before I throw them out.

👤I used 20 of these to make bread for the holidays. The pans were nice enough to leave the bread in them, wrap it and put a bow on it. It's perfect for an average nut bread recipe. Didn't have to change cooking temp.

👤I docked a couple stars along the way because I bought these for my baking business. They don't cook my product evenly. The tops are done and the bottom is wet. I think they are okay, but they could be a little more durable. I wish they made them with lids. They would be perfect if they had lids.

👤Great product! The pan is very sturdy and reliable for baking. I just started baking and bought some loaf pans on Amazon. Other brands are selling these pans for much higher prices. I found Fig and Leaf at a cheap price. I was hesitant at first, but I had to take a risk and try it. The item was better than I expected, it was definitely premium quality. I want to keep this brand a secret, but I need to give a review for them.

👤I like to bake banana and pumpkin bread and these are perfect to take to work. I can split the batter into 2 pans with the recipe that I use. The done come with a lid. I use aluminum to cover them.

👤This is the perfect size for freezing small portions of casseroles for 2 people, so you don't have to make huge pans of food and have leftovers in your fridge. I used to use the pyrex loaf pans, but they started to crack over time, so I have been throwing them away. I could probably use these pans again, or use them for something else, because they are more economical. I love them!

👤Fast delivery. Sturdy pans. They did a great job. Would buy again.

👤The ones you get from the store are not as strong as these. They were packed with 2 Lego sets and 2 heavy books. They were not damaged in any way. I would have liked to have found something that could stay in the cooker. Maybe next time, I'll look a little harder. The brand is sturdy, the size is right, and works well for what I do. Will probably purchase in bulk.

👤You can't beat the value I use them for when I cook food.

2. Instant Pot 5252185 Official Compatible

Instant Pot 5252185 Official Compatible

The GDCZ only makes high-quality ceramics. Quality service is what you should provide. Cook More is designed to fit in your Instant Pot and make dinner and dessert at the same time. Food won't stick to the pan, so you'll get perfect loaves every time, and it's easy to clean. It is possible to make all kinds of delicious desserts. It's compatible with 6-quart and 8-quart cooker. Measures are 3.54" x 6.3" x 2.17".

Brand: Instant Pot

👤The product was packaged in new packaging when I received it. There were drops of water in the pan when I opened it. Nothing else was wet or damp. I thought that this was a return that was sent back out. I put water in it and it leaked. There was no way that product would stay in that pan. I don't know if this was re-packaged or not, but I don't know why there would be any drops of water in the pan so you can draw your own conclusion. That was the first thing I thought of.

👤I was surprised that the Instant Pot pan was in such bad shape. I guess it's made in China. I was hoping for a quality bundt pan for my growing accessory collection, but it came with a badly pitted and partially missing non stick finish which made it ugly and already rusted. Disappointed and sent it back.

👤I made it in my Instant Pot and it was great. There was a leak from the pan, but it was easy to clean up and it didn't affect the recipe. Next time, I will have the pan sitting on a cookie sheet so it will catch the juices as I prepare the layers. The recipe was very wet and I would order it again.

👤You made the perfect pan to use in the Instant Pot. A 7 1/2” is usually 7” with a flat bottom, extra deep sides, heavy gauge metal and a thick coat of non-stick coating. It makes a difference in the volume of the dessert. I like the smooth bottom because my crusts don't stick. I used it for my full-sized pumpkin pie and it fit the recipe with room to spare. Well done!

👤It works very well. I like to keep the steam out of the cake mix by covering it with foil. It is important to use cooking spray for easy release and hand wash.

👤The bundt pan is a great accessory. It makes the sweetest little cakes, which are perfect for my boyfriend and I. The cakes are moist and delicious. The cakes are easy to clean and remove from the pan. I put it in the dishwasher. If you have an Instant Pot, I would recommend purchasing one of these bundt pans. The photo I took is of a chocolate cake I made and it is on a dessert/salad plate, not a dinner plate.

👤I ordered this pan because it's 7.5" higher than a regular pan for the instant pot. I put water in it to see if it leaked. I had to line it with foil to keep it from leaking. It wasn't evenly distributed on the trivet because it was a larger pan. I made a sling out of foil after putting the handles down. I am going to make a cheesecake in the pan.

👤Product arrived earlier than expected. The picture shows that the 8qt InstaPot fits with a bit of room to spare. Excellent clean-up a breeze, have used once so far. The pans hold up better than I expected, the size is perfect for portion control, and we ate one and froze the other. All metal can be used in a regular oven.

3. Circulon Nonstick Bakeware 6 Cup Mini

Circulon Nonstick Bakeware 6 Cup Mini

We are so confident in their product that they will give you a 100% money back guarantee. If you have a problem with their product, please let them know and they will send you a new one without any cost or money back. Every customer is important to them and they do everything they can to make them happy. You can order with Amazon Prime. The TOTAL Food Release System has PFOA-free metal utensil safe premium on raised circles for superior baking release and easy cleanup. The loaf pan's rolled edges give it extra strength. Wide handles on the pan allow a confident grip.

Brand: Circulon

👤I have used this tin many times. It is everything that was claimed and described. You can tell it is a winner when you unpack it. The weight and workmanship are excellent. I don't put my bakeware in the dishwasher, but I do hand wash it. This is a non-stick surface. I don't use heavy metal utensils because of the non-stick finish. I only use a standard inner knife for cutting and slicing food in this pan, anything requiring a sharp edge knife is removed from the pan. The line of Circulon bakeware is true to its claim. Thank you. No rust, stick, warp, or hassle.

👤I tried the no-stick claims without pan prep. loafs jumped out of the pan A damp cloth could be used to clean it. My first multi-pan use. One quick bread recipe fills 5 holes.

👤When I read that this was non-stick, I was skeptical. I baked a few things. VOILA! The loaves popped out. I'm happy. The loaf size is what I wanted and the tin operates as advertised.

👤The problem is I never can get the insides cooked enough and so I bought 2 pans to make sure I got the insides cooked enough. The recipe is from a Disneyworld cookbook. 9 little loafs are cooked perfectly in these pans for the 2 normal loafs. I am very happy with my purchase. I'm happy about my banana bread! The size of the loafs is perfect, they are easy to freeze for later, and a nice gift.

👤The bread comes out just the right size in this heavy metal pan. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤I'm not sure how I like it. I thought it was larger. Food does come out well. It was easy 2 clean. Don't overfill it, please.

👤I used to bake banana bread in a loaf pan. No more! These loaves are great for gifts and can be frozen to snack on later. Baking mini-loaves will save you time and calories.

👤This product is perfect. It is not covered. I have used this many times and I love it. I don't have to grease the pan. It wipes clean. I don't have to scrub.

👤I love this pan. The loaves are easy to clean.

4. Walfos Mini Silicone Loaf Pan

Walfos Mini Silicone Loaf Pan

Baking goods are easy to clean. Walfos four-piece mini silicone bread and loaf pans are made of food grade silicone, which is safe to make various kinds of food. The shape and non-stick quality can be maintained through more uses. Non-stick brooms are easy to clean. WALFOS brand loaf pans can stay non-stick and healthier if you add butter to them. It can be cleaned with hot soapy water or directly in the dishwasher. WALFOS Silicone loaf pan is good for the environment and safe for your family. tasteless, safe for microwave, oven, dishwasher, fridge, freezer, and a wide range from -40F to 440F. Enjoy some healthier treats with your family and friends. Use for toast bread, fruitcake, meat loaf, cake, Pot Pies, Cheese Lasagna and more. WALFOS is a brand specializing in global silicone bakeware and kitchen tools. All kitchen products are made from high-quality materials. They will give a 100% money-back guarantee if you don't like their products.

Brand: Walfos

👤Doesn't match sizes in photos. Is not taller than 2 inches. It's actually 1.7 inches taller on the outside and 5.25 on the inside. They are not strong enough to hold a rectangular shape.

👤I make an egg white bread every week and wanted pans that would make my prep and clean up easier. I didn't use any of the above to prep the silicone. Just put my batter in. After I let them cool, my loaves popped out. They were washed up quickly. I didn't have any issues with the sides bulging out like some of the reviews said. I love these pans and would recommend them to anyone.

👤Carry the product from the bottom. I have only used it a few times, but I really liked it. I just made this corn bread and it took 45 minutes to bake it. The pan fell onto my leg, because the handle broke off, but I was wearing pants. I was able to save the bread. It would have been very serious if I had not been wearing pants. Please make the handles strong so that I can use this product. Thank you.

👤I wanted to make a large block of ice. I used aluminum loaf pans that worked well for 3 or 4 freezes, but they started to leak and needed to be thrown. I decided to look for a loaf pan because I was spending a lot of money here and there. Most other pans are flimsy and small. I was able to carry them to the freezer without spilling water. I popped the blocks out refill and repeat after the water froze up.

👤I used the one without the extra support on the side and my loaves were pushing the sides out. The side of the loaf was very easy to pop out and wash.

👤I used this once and it was great. No problem with bread. It tore the second time I used it. I tore a joke while I removed the bread.

👤I use this item to make mini bread loaves. The portion size is perfect and the silicone is easy to clean.

5. Aluminum Loaf Pans Pack 8x4

Aluminum Loaf Pans Pack 8x4

You will wish you had discovered them sooner with this set of 2 10" x 15" racks. Heavy gauge steel is used for theirDurability and Rust/warp-resistance. They have a LIFETIME WARRANTY. The 2-Pound aluminum foil pan value pack is ecofriendly and recyclable. Don't worry about cleaning up, just throw them away. The 2-Pound aluminum foil pan value pack is ecofriendly and recyclable. Don't worry about cleaning up, just throw them away. It is perfect for baking when you turn on the oven. You can do it all with their aluminum foil pan value pack. Preserve fresh fruits and vegetables, bake bread, quiches, mini casseroles, cake, and other delicious treats. These foils pans are great for storing food for delivery or take-out. Their sturdy, silver pans are great for presentations. A value pack that is eco-friendly. The premium aluminum pans are made from recycled aluminum. They are dishwasher, oven and freezer safe. 30 aluminum foil pans are in this pack. The dimensions are 4.5" X 2.5". The quality of the cookware. The high thermal conductivity of the trays allows them to handle high temperatures in the oven. They're great to use with portable stoves.

Brand: Stock Your Home

👤The headline is 4X8 and the description is 4.5X8.5. They're 4.5X8.6. I think it has to do with the bottom and the top. They fit a piece of noodles. They are a little narrower at the bottom, but as you get to the top there is plenty of room. It will fit in the pan perfectly when it cooks. There is a I bought them because of that. It is a great price for each because you get 50. I don't want them to be heavier or lighter. It wouldn't make a difference. The rim has been removed. There were no sharp edges. You would have to use foil for the cover. Went back to the oven. > I hope this review helped you make a decision about this product.

👤This is the second purchase of these pans for me. I use them for a lot of different things. I bought them for my pound cake recipe, and I get 4 cakes from them. They have also been used for bread. I get 4 loaves from my recipe. I have used them to freeze leftovers from my cornpone pie recipe. I can just pop them in the oven for 30 minutes or so and they will be the same as the first day. I freeze my pound cakes and bread loaves in the pans, and just pull them out to thaw. They ship quickly and the sellers are nice.

👤I bake a lot of bread, especially banana bread. I used to buy my foil bread pans from Dollar Tree, but got tired of trying to get the sticky labels off without ruining the pan. I ordered a bundle of 50 pans and they are great. Dollar Tree is even cheaper because there are no stickers, right size or shape.

👤Exactly what I needed for my stove. I received it quickly as I needed it. These allow me to have hot healthy meals that I can cook. The seller sent a nice message. I will order again because it was very professional.

👤I don't like cooking. I make six loaves of bread at once. These are perfect for throwing away. The store only sells five of them. It's perfect for Sunday morning church breakfast.

👤They said what I was looking for. The bread is Banana. They were delivered to the mail box. They think they will do the job. There are 50 stores in a small area. It's perfect for baking extra and freezing. It's a deposable loaf of bread. If you use it for something that doesn't stick to it, you can probably use it again. The bread was done. Didn't stick to the pan. A loaf is a good size. Not much or little.

👤I use these pans to bake banana bread. 6 of them fit perfectly onto a cookie sheet and make a great loaf to give to friends and family. The quality of the pan is decent, but I don't need it to do anything except hold my batter for the bake, and to arrive not completely bent out of shape in the shipping box. The passes were on both fronts. A minimum amount of spray is required to release the bread from the pan. These should be recommended.

6. Nordic Ware Pound 2 Pack Natural

Nordic Ware Pound 2 Pack Natural

A must have bakeware to meet your various baking needs and handle different food such as making delicious coffee cake/banana bread/zucchini bread/meat loaf/ice cream for birthday, picnic or various celebrations occasions. These pans with extra-high sides will never rust, and offer endless baking possibilities. The baked goods rise and bake evenly because of the superior heat conductivity of aluminum. Hand wash only, easy clean up. Each pan has a 1.5 pound capacity. Nordic Ware is made in the USA.

Brand: Nordic Ware

👤It's not possible to find an aluminum pan of this size in stores. It fits a 3# loaf of bread. Love it.

👤I use Nordic Ware loaf pans in my kitchen. Clean up is easy because bakes are easy to release from the pans. Nordic Ware has tips on caring for these loaf pans and how to remove bakes from them after baking.

👤There is a quality difference when I buy American made things. The loaf pans are very good. They bake up a loaf of meat evenly and release it without it falling apart. The bottom and sides of the house don't brown, but that doesn't matter to me. Cleanup is more important to me than anything else. Even if the mess is baked on, these pans are easy to wash with soap and a soft dishcloth. My pans are new after many meatloaves. One of my pans is shown in my picture. Impressive, right? :D

👤The bread came out of the pan when these were constructed. The bread did not brown anywhere else besides the top. It's likely that you wouldn't buy again.

👤I baked banana bread in these pans and it worked great. They were easy to clean after. The product is made in the US.

👤None of the other bread pans work for Egg White bread. The dimensions are perfect. I don't need to use paper. I sprayed the pans with cooking spray and they slid out. I highly recommend them.

👤I will not buy cookware from another company. Nordicwear is easy to clean and can take 350+ heat. Highly recommended!

👤Can't go wrong with Nordic ware. You will find a closet thing to be professional.

👤These pans are strong. They don't brown my bread loaves because they are thicker than my older ones.

7. AmazonBasics Nonstick Carbon Steel Bread

AmazonBasics Nonstick Carbon Steel Bread

It's microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe, freezer-safe andBPA-free. The loaf pans are ideal for baking bread, pound cake, and more. Heavy-weight steel construction is fast and durable. The nonstick coating helps with food release. Part of the Amazon Basics collection is recommended for hand washing. Each is 8.25 by 5 inches.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤The first time I used them, the product worked well, but the second time I used them, the coating came off.

👤Pans are great. I have never made bread before. I used these for the first time and it came out great. I would definitely purchase again and I would highly recommend them.

👤The pans are great for the price. I love baking sour dough bread and these work great. I used these for meatloaf and it was bad. I'm not sure why the coating is peeling off after a couple of months of use. It's good for bread, not good for meatloaf.

👤One of the pans was rusty after a single use.

👤Garbage is cheap. The dishwasher has a Rusted on first wash feature.

👤I gave the bread to the neighbours after catching this on time. I've used these pans a dozen times, all at 350F, gently washed with dish detergent and soft sponge, towel dry. A coat of olive oil on the loaves. 6 eggs, 4 lbs of flour, yeast and oil were wasted today. It's not possible to eat the coating if it bakes into the bread. The return date just passed and timing is everything. Do not buy these! I lost because I didn't use the oven again, and the neighbours were disappointed because they were going to get fresh bread today. Don't risk it.

👤Great pans and easy to clean. The banana bread fell apart and all that was left were a few crumbs. Water would have done the trick if I had used soap. I would buy again.

👤I have used it a few times and it works well. I would like it to be an inch or two taller. If you don't apply some oil, the bread will stick to the pan after a few times. The pan is very easy to clean, just soak it in water for a few minutes.

👤Die Beschichtung ist die s. Bilder. Is das beschlossigt? So was darf, die Herstellung von Lebensmitteln. Leider ist die Frist abgelaufen. Daher ist in den Mll!

👤The product has a scratch free coating. Would have liked the option to buy one piece. I only found a pair. The dimensions of usable portion are what I expect from Amazon.

👤I just got it and it's a big one, it's cheap and best go for it.

👤Tag geliefert bekommen. Handlich ideale Gre fr rund 450 to 500 g. The maximal 450 g is je Form. Habe es gleiche, die insgesamt 900 g ist. 1608 g fertigen butterweichen Brioche is the Endresultat. Formen, die Brioche glitten frmlich aus der Form heraus. . Formen ist leicht. Gutes Preis-/Leistungsverhltnis. Bin ist damit.

👤Ich backe jede. Die Formen, die fr 4 Personen gerade so weit reichen, ist schne Frischhaltung. Ich verarbeite fr die beiden Formen. Es ist optimal fr die Formen, weiter 60 Minuten in der Form. It was ca. 40 minutes bei Grad felld. Grad bei Ober-Unterhitze. In den Ofen geben die ersten 10 Minuten Wasserschale. Es nix an. There is a Es ist aussphlen reinigen. Es ist schne mittelgroe. There is a man named brote. The form was 800-900 Gramm Teig pro. It was es soll. Itempfehlung.

8. Fat Daddios Anodized Aluminum Silver

Fat Daddios Anodized Aluminum Silver

The most innovative selection of baking, cake decorating, candy and cookie making, party, seasonal, and kitchen products can be found at Wilton. It's ideal for creating a perfectly-baked loaf whether you are making a quick bread or a traditional bread loaf. It's perfect for pressure cooker and air fryers. Measures 7.7" x 3.75" x 2.5" (19.4 x 9.5 x 6.4 cm), overall 8.25" x 2.5" (20.3 x 10.8 x 6.4 cm). Easy to clean and release 18-GAUGE ALUMINUM. It's safe for foods with fruit. Will not rust, peel or flake. There are no extra metals, chemicals, dyes, or PFOA's. It is recommended to wash your hands. It prevents over-baking and dry cakes. The heat is evenly distributed with no hot spots. The temperature can be as high as 541 F (265 C). A pressure cooker, air fryer, and freezer safe. The built bake toUGH is built to last through daily use in both the home kitchen and commercial establishments.

Brand: Fat Daddio's

👤The glue used to hold the label in place on the inside of the pans is terrible. The glue dot is hard to remove. I used Goo Gone, which didn't phase the glue, scrubbed it, and ended up getting tweezers to pick up tiny pieces of the glue dot. It took a long time. There is no need for industrial glue on kitchen pans. I have bought every other brand of pan that has a glue on it. The brand will be hesitant to purchase more of it due to the problem with removing the dot glue.

👤I didn't have any issues with the pans being separated, because I came back here to check the size of the pans, and that's when I saw all the reviews from people who had problems with the pans being separated. When I saw all the issues some were having, I jumped up and grabbed my pans, only to discover I had already separated them before I put them away! I have small hands and not a lot of hand strength. Maybe I got lucky. I own multiple cake pans in various sizes, pie pans, and other bakeware from Fat Daddio's, and these pans are equally as good. I always use "baker's goop" to prepare my pans; blend together equal amounts of vegetable oil, vegetable shortening, and AP flour with a hand mixer, then store in a jar in your fridge. Nothing will stick when you coat your pans with this. Fat Daddio's pans are dishwasher safe, but I never put my bakeware in the dishwasher. Over time, automatic dishwashing detergent can cause pitting in the pans which can eventually lead to food sticking, and it is very harsh. If you prepare your pans well, baked goods won't stick and cleaning the pans won't take much more than a squirt of liquid detergent, a soft sponge, and a bit of hot water. I clean my pans after I bake the baked goods onto a rack, and then set them upside down in the oven, which is still warm. When storing these pans, be careful of scratches. I can either return them to their original plastic bags or stack them with paper toweling between them to avoid scratching the pans during storage. Fat Daddio's pans will last a long time.

👤A nice pan that fits in my InstantPot Duo 6. These pans can be used in the oven. I like that they don't have any seams. Fat Daddio continues to use an industrial strength glue dot to adhere the label to the pan, which is the only complaint I have. It is difficult to remove the glue from the pan. I've bought many products that have glue removed easily. This seems like a simple problem to fix. Each of the Fat Daddio pans has had an issue.

👤The pan on top is 4 7/8" X 8 7/8". The bottom outside dimensions are 8 3/4". The corners are rounded. The number is Pan number. It is seamless, so that is good. The top is rolled edge. It was made from aluminum. You may need to reduce the recipe temperature or timing due to the efficiency of the bakeware. They are very strong. Do not use olive oil with these pans. There is a warning that the manufacturer has left. Life is hard without making your pans harder to use. To maintain the performance of Fat Daddio's Anodized bakeware, simple hand washing or soaking in warm soapy water, followed by a quick rinse and towel or air drying is required. Do not use detergents, bleaches, harsh chemicals, abrasive soaps, wire brushes, or sharp tools when cleaning as they can damage the surface of your bakeware. If you put your fat daddio pan through the dishwasher. There is a tip at the bottom of my post. For first time use butter, coconut oil, canola oil, or shortening. Dust with flour for sweet breads and cornmeal for yeast breads. The first few uses of the baking surface will build a wonderful patina that will eliminate or minimize the need for pan prep. You can use flour to dust sweet breads. You can use a spray with flour yeast breads to provide additional release. There is a I use coconut oil and pastry paper because I bake with wheat free and grain free flours. It is great for cooking with grains. After the first few uses the surface tends to build a wonderful patina that will eliminate or minimize the need for pan prep. Pastries and food. There is no need for pan preparation for these items. Most recipes have a higher fat content than cakes. If you are baking cookies with a low fat content, you can simply line the sheet with a silicone baking mat. Unless your recipe specifically calls for a grease-release preparation, these items do not require pan prep. Most crust recipes have butter and fat in them. CAKES. unsalted butter and flour are recommended. Butter can be used in place of shortening. My pan just went through the dishwasher and it was very effective. The pan has a lifetime of baking performance ahead of it. First try seasoning the pan with a few drops of good quality baking oil and a cloth. It works well for removing most of thephosphate. You may need to coat the pan in shortening or butter and place it on a cookie sheet for extreme discoloration. The pan should be baked at 300 degrees. The pan should be cool for a few minutes. If the pan is still warm, wipe it clean with a towel. The process may not return the off-the-shelf beauty it once had, but it will allow the pan to be used in the future. Bakingware can get a lot of abuse in the kitchen. The grease and butter will build up a patina after use. Most professional bakers don't mind the fact that the pan is increased in performance. It's even easier to bake baked goods. Many home bakers don't like the look of a well-seasoned pan and want to restore it's beauty. It can be accomplished with a little effort. How to deep clean your bakeware requires a soft cloth, warm water, and a non-bleach formula. Run bakeware under water. The pan should be sprinkled with Bar Keepers Friend Cookware and Cleanser Polish. Rub the powder into a paste and it will sit for 1-2 minutes. It can take up to 5 minutes for stains to appear. It is a good idea to rinse with warm water. There are stains that need to be worked on again. You can see that my image is reflected in it.

9. Wilton Performance Pans Aluminum 4 Inch

Wilton Performance Pans Aluminum 4 Inch

Makes extra long loaves of yeast or quick breads. Even heating and long wear is ensured by the heavy gauge aluminum construction. The pan is 16 x 4 x 4 in. The measurement is 40.6 x 10.2 x 10 cm. Before each use, wash in warm soapy water.

Brand: Wilton

👤The pan is great for bread. I usually make six sour dough bread loves at a time to keep up with the family demand. I was looking for a long pan that would allow me to fit two loaves in one so I could use three long pans in one oven instead of squeezing in six normal ones into two. Only three can fit in a normal sized oven. The pans are perfect. The pan keeps the rise contained and the oven spring great. A double length loaf is perfect. The only downside is that they are delicate and you need to be careful not to bend them. They make a great loaf, let the baked loaf release easily, and cook it uniformly with no over-browned bottoms. The picture is of a loaf of bread that I baked with half the dough of the long and one that I baked with the other half of the dough.

👤I wanted to make full loaves of fresh bread for my family and finally found this gem. I am very pleased with the results after some trial and error. As long as you coat the inside with cooking spray, this won't stick. It's healthy to use olive oil spray for maximum release. It's perfect for sandwich size bread. A good one.

👤I ordered a few different pans to compare and find a better loaf pan to make sandwich bread for my family. I ordered 2 of these pans because they fit the specifications I was looking for. I don't have to make many loaves of bread because of this pan. It's nice and tall. I would prefer it to be a bit wider. The price point seems like a good price for a long pan, but I don't like it. It seems to be a pressure molded sheet of aluminum, which is not sturdy at all. It bends very easily. If I say it's barely thicker than a heavyduty single use aluminum pie pan, I'm not exagerating. It's most deffinitely not nonstick! After the first wash it lost its luster and looked like an old pan, and the bread sticks on this more than any other pan I've ever used. greasing the pan doesn't guarantee the loaf will come out intact I need to line it with paper past the edges so I can get my loaf out in one piece. It's a usable pan if you line it and handle it with care. I bake every week and this pan shows years of use, I only have it for a few weeks.

👤I bought this to make bread for my family. I like the size. My bread did stick to the pan. I am sure I can find a solution to that.

👤My mom had a pan like this and used it for a long time. I never realized how important the right pan is. I was devastated when I couldn't locate her pan. I've bought a few loaf pans, but none of them work for me like this one. I don't have to use smaller loaf pans when my husband goes through bread like a storm. It's nice and deep and makes a tall loaf. When I took it out of the box, it was frail, but it was light and thin, so it was easy to cook. I make any bread I can think of, from zucchini/banana/carrot fruit breads to raised breads, cinnamon rolls, pound cake. I am in love with this pan.

10. OXO Good Grips Non Stick Loaf

OXO Good Grips Non Stick Loaf

A full 10-year warranty is provided for dishwasher-safe and protected. Commercial grade aluminized steel has long-term durability and stability. The ultimate non stick food release is provided by Swiss engineered PTFE, ceramic reinforced, 2 layer coating. Micro-textured pattern ensures even baking. Square rolled edges add strength and offer a secure grip.

Brand: Oxo

👤Because of family health issues, we make our bread from freshly ground wheat, and have used a variety of different loaf pans for decades. The OXO Pro gold loaf pan is the best for producing consistent & beautifully brown bakes, easily removed from the pan, for both yeasted & quick breads. It's a better buy than the Williams & Sonoma gold baking pans, which are priced as if they're made of gold. I'm donating my current loaf pan to charity, I'm buying more of the OXO Pro line. The pan cooks more quickly than glass, but also more quickly than my other metal pans, so check your bakes early and often for doneness until you get a feel for it. The pattern on the bottom doesn't affect the bake at all, as with all good cooking tools, dishwasher detergent is extremely harsh, and over time degrades aluminum and silicone products. I highly recommend this loaf pan to any baker. A quality kitchen tool can cost a small amount of money to wash.

👤I've been looking for a loaf pan for a long time. I bought all the pans from stores and they ended up with hard bottoms and sides. The OXO pan loaf had great reviews and a unique bottom design so I decided to give it a try. I used my bread pan for the first time to make banana nut bread, and I was very happy with how it turned out. The crust was perfect without burning on the sides or bottom. My husband said the bread tasted good. It is amazing! Check out the picture to see how my banana nut bread looked after it was baked. I was hesitant about the cleaning aspect of it since I saw that another customer was unhappy with the bottom design. I found it easy to use a dish rag that's safe for non-stick pans. It may be more difficult with a regular sponge. The loaf pan was clean after I removed my bread and there was a thin layer of bread crumbs on the side and bottom. I'm excited to try more recipes because I think my burned-bread days are over. Since this pan cooks more efficiently and evenly, be sure to keep an eye on the progress of the cooking. Buy this pan!

👤I already have an 8 by 4 so I was very disappointed that it said 9 by 5. I don't want to take the time and trouble to send it back, so I will keep it.

👤The loaf pans are sturdy and light. If you bake loaves of Bananna Bread or Pumpkin, you should have experienced that the pans are too dark to bake in, but not so with these pans. I plan to try more OXO baking products.

👤These pans are of high quality. It's nice looking, it's kind of beige. The walls are thick for heat distribution. I made bread without greasing the pans and it popped right out. I washed the pans anyway. I highly recommend them. They cost more. They will perform well for a long time.

11. KITESSENSU Capacity Non Stick Corrugated 8 27X4 80X4 53

KITESSENSU Capacity Non Stick Corrugated 8 27X4 80X4 53

Stunning display. This box has a striking white design and a clear window front. These pretty and attractive boxes will impress your customers and friends. They make gorgeous gift boxes. Just tie a bow and you have a handy present to give to a loved one. External size is about 8.27X4.80X 4.53 inch and interior is about 7.5x4x4.4inch. The toast pan can hold a lot of dough. The pan has a temperature of Depends on the season. After washing the bread pan in the dishwasher, make sure the corners don't get wet and put it in the oven. One loaf pan can be used to bake square bread and also make bread toast. You can choose whether to use the cover or not, the can make beautiful loaf bread and slices of sandwich bread at home. The Pullman loaf pans are manufactured with heavy, reliable, provides durability and fast, food-rated gauge carbon steel. You can focus on getting delicious things cooking with food-grade Silicone coating. You can pop out bread from a toast pan without hurting it. The bottom vent design allows the dough to be heated more evenly and has a richer taste. When you bake with batter, you need to add a piece of parchment. If you don't like the Pullman loaf Pans for Baking Bread with Lid, you can return your money. They back this up with a lifetime guarantee because they love and take pride in their products. They will make it right if you decide you are not completely satisfied. This product will live up to your expectations if you order now.

Brand: Kitessensu

👤I returned this product because I didn't read the listing properly, but I didn't fault it at all. I was so excited to find a good quality Pullman in this size (1 lbs) for under $20 that I hit buy now before looking through the photos that clearly show a vented style product. The product was useless with the thin batter of my bread. I cried when I realized my mistake. When I contacted Amazon about the return, they made the process very easy, the seller immediately reached out to me.

👤The best loaf pan ever! It's really non-kstic. First time using a loaf pan. I'm really impressed! The metal feels very slick when I butter the sides and bottom and the bread is very easy to clean. I would have bought it earlier. The pan is the best I have ever baked with. I recommend it to anyone who wants to make a nice bread that is easy to slice.

👤I wanted this pan loaf to be used for bread baking, but also to explore Pain de Mie. I love this pan. My loves look cute and stylish because of the texture. The lid makes your bread square, which is a good thing. I just add a little oil and the bread pops out. I am washing it to support its longevity. A nice addition to my bakeware.

👤I didn't look at all of the pictures on the product page before ordering. I wanted this pan to be used with more batter-like quick bread recipes. I put a piece of oiled paper in the bottom of the loaf pan before pouring the batter because I was worried about the holes. I put the pan in the oven. I baked a loaf using a combination of dark rye, whole spelt, and wholeeinkorn flour from the King Arthur Baking site recipe for an all-rye Icelandic Bread.

👤I have used this pan weekly since I purchased it about 3 months ago. loafs are shaped perfectly for sandwich making. It has turned out great if you have baked bread with or without the lid. The pan is easy to clean. The pan has three small vent holes in the bottom that can get blocked with dough, but they can be cleaned with soap and water. This bread pan is very good.

👤I like this pan. I wanted to use it before I submitted a review since it's been a while since I purchased it. It works better than I thought. It's easy to clean, bake a sandwich shaped loaf of bread, and is shorter than an average loaf. Our kids are grown so we don't need a larger one anymore, so I got this one. I would definitely recommend it. This is a note. There are holes in the bottom of the pan that make it difficult to bake yeast bread. It won't work for sweet breads as the contents will drain out.

👤This loaf of bread is perfect for two people in a household. I love the height for other 1 lbs loaves, but rarely use the top for pullman loaves. I've used it for King Arthur's "Smaller whole wheat pain de Mie" with and without the top, and for "standard size loaves from "Whole Grain Breads by machine or Hand", both valuable resources. It releases like a dream after I paint it with Pam original spray. I wash it. It's a nice gift size loaf that you can give as a gift for dinner for two days worth. Pullman sandwich loaves are easy to slide off the top. Can you tell me I like it?


What is the best product for baking loaf pans small?

Baking loaf pans small products from Fig & Leaf. In this article about baking loaf pans small you can see why people choose the product. Instant Pot and Circulon are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking loaf pans small.

What are the best brands for baking loaf pans small?

Fig & Leaf, Instant Pot and Circulon are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking loaf pans small. Find the detail in this article. Walfos, Stock Your Home and Nordic Ware are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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