Best Baking Mat for Rolling Out Dough Extra Large

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1. Non Slip Measurements Folksy Super Kitchen

Non Slip Measurements Folksy Super Kitchen

Good. Chop fruit and vegetables or nuts, make salsa, make baby food, make muffins, and so on, the options are endless. Premium Safe Silicone is important to the health of their customers. Premium food grade silicone is offered to pre-prep your safe. The vedio of the listing has a non-stick Mat. The baking mat is very good. There is no sticky surface. It is easy to clean with the cloth. The thickness of the mat is 0.7 MM, while the silicone pad is almost twice as thick. The 0.7MM mat is good for the table. It is very durable. The back non-slip design has been upgraded. When rolling dough, it will stay on the table. It is good for the Pastry Mat, Table Mat,Baking Mat,Pizza Pad and Countertop Mat. The premium dough mat is durable and healthy, and a gift box and hair elastic make it a perfect gift.

Brand: Folksy Super Kitchen

👤I'm pretty sure this doesn't make it un-useable, but the video shows it in a long tube. The mat was larger than the box it was in. The mat has a permanent crease down the middle, as well as some rippling, because it was folded in fourths. I rolled it up after removing it from the box and hoping the creases would come out. It was rolled for a couple of weeks after purchase and I have never used it. The photos show that it is still creased and rippled. The package says it should not be stored in a flat fashion. Why did it fold up in fourths?

👤I don't like having to deal with the mess of flour when making dough. I was excited when I read that even the stickiest dough would be easy to remove. I wanted that to be true but it wasn't. The first time I used the mat, I had to remove the pastry crust because it stuck so badly. The only way to get the cookie dough to come off was to put a lot of flour on the mat. The mat doesn't slip and it washes up great, that's the only positive thing I can say. I'm going back to using a pastry cloth if I have to use flour to roll out dough.

👤I bought this to bake pies at home. It's perfect. It's a good thing to recommend to anyone. It's a huge mat that makes rolling dough so easy. The product is non-slip. Get yourself one now!

👤The plastic pie mat broke recently. This was purchased as a replacement. It's easier to use and it doesn't stick to it. I've already made pizza crusts, bread, and 2 apple pies using this mat. I like the size of the guides. It's not like my old mat. I'm still figuring out the most efficient way to clean it, and I think wiping it off with some soapy water and then rinsing it with a sponge or cloth is the easiest way to do it. The other way is to put it in the sink and roll it with a towel. It has a band to hold it closed if you lose it, and it rolls up for storage. I put some flour on it when I roll a stickier dough, but have no problems sticking it. I love it!

👤Heavy weight with markings in inches. I keep mine rolled with a liner and a band. I can prevent slippage by wiping my table with a damp cloth before I roll the mat. I only use this for rolling dough, not as a baking sheet liner. It is a nice large surface for working dough. The surface can be cleaned with a pastry scrapper. It is dishwasher safe, but I don't know how it would work in a dishwasher. I put mine in a sink of hot soapy water, drape it over a strainer, and then wipe it off with a towel.

2. SHOPALUE Silicone Baking Mat Measurements

SHOPALUE Silicone Baking Mat Measurements

It's safe to cook in the oven up to 446F (230C). The bakeware set is made with the highest quality food grade silicone reinforced with fiberglass mesh. They can be used to bake without using extra butter, oil or cooking spray which will allow you to cook a healthy, low- calories baked food. Consistency with no burned or undercooked spots is a baker's dream. It is highly versaTILE. The mats in the 2-pack are 0.7mm in thickness. The large-sheets are approximately 18.6 inches in length. A large sheet with a cookie template will show you where to place your dough. It comes with both inches and centimeters, which is useful for rolling out dough. It can tolerate temperatures up to 480 F. Non-STICK surface and anti-SLIPBOTTOM. The mat is non-stick and you can easily wipe out any food remnants. You can shape and roll your dough with the mat on the countertop. Eco-friendly mats can be used again and again, saving money on sprays, oils, and butter, as well as eliminating waste after use. Baking mats are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Forget about scrubbing baked-on foods, and save time and effort with these non-stick mats that wipe clean quickly and easily with soap and water. You can roll them up for compact storage.

Brand: Shopalue Llc

👤The Silicone Baking Mat are essential. I ordered a 2 pack for myself because I do a lot of baking. It's much easier to clean up since you can roll them up to fit in the sink. I did not have to use cooking spray. I'll probably buy them again in the future as gifts. The price was a great deal for these Baking mats. The product came in the mail very quickly. Silicone Baking mats are great for storing because they don't need any more foil or parchment and they are rolled up like I store them. I would recommend anyone who loves baking.

👤We have the perfect baking mats for you. I bake a lot and use a lot of tools. The set comes with a plain and a macaron template. It is compatible with any oven size, it has a ruler on all sides which helps with baking a variety of things, and it is great Silicon quality. These help cook things evenly if you are a beginner or doing holiday baking.

👤The mat does not have printed placement on it. There is a picture on the side of the box.

👤The quality of the baking mat was better than I had ordered before.

👤These have worked out well. I used them to cook cinnamon rolls. They have turned out beautiful. No burned bottoms!

👤I baked chicken on this mat and it turned out great. The mats are of high quality. It's a great alternative to paper. There were some recipes inside the box. Highly recommended!

👤This product is very easy to use and clean, and it has helped me in my home baking business.

3. Silicone Pastry Measurements Nonstick Rolling

Silicone Pastry Measurements Nonstick Rolling

The mat is the perfect cooling surface for freshly baked goods because of its resistance to high temperatures. Premium silicone and glass fiber can help you maintain your health. It is soft and durable. The anti-sLIPBOTTOM is here. The bottom of the pastry mat is very strong. It does not move on the counter. You can wash your baking mat with warm soapy water. It can be stored in a drawer or a cupboard. It's durable. Resist temperatures of -40F and 450F. It can be taken out of the freezer and into the oven at the same time. The baking mat can be used for more than five years. 100% SATISFACTION: If you don't like the quality of Ortarco Baking mats, you can either get a replacement or a full refund.

Brand: Ortarco

👤I have already looked at it. I bought it for my mom.

👤I have used a similar mat for years. The previous ones were made by Tupperware, but this one is really nifty. I would recommend it to anyone who makes a lot of pies. It makes it very easy to clean up.

👤I bought this to help measure cinnamon rolls for my daughter's bakery and to make scones with circle. I thought it would work.

👤You can't chop on it.

👤It's easier to roll dough out when the mat stays in place.

👤I like the texture of the table.

4. Silicone Rolling Measurements Reusable Non Stick

Silicone Rolling Measurements Reusable Non Stick

We are committed to offering top of the line home and kitchen products. Their food grade silicone molds are great for birthday parties, holiday parties, and weddings, they are a nice treat for guests and good baking gifts for friends. If you're not satisfied with the bake sheet, you can contact them and they'll give you a free replacement or refund. The Silicone Pastry Mat has a size of 15.7 The baking mat is stain-proof and stick- resistant. The mat can be taken out of the freezer, straight to the microwave, or the oven, because it resists temperatures from -40F to 480F. The Silicone Mat is flexible and easy to release. It's a great surface for rolling out dough or pastries. Will keep your work surface clean. There is no more removing dough or fondant from the work surface. It's ideal for Kneading, Rolling, and Shaping Breads, Pizza Dough's, Pastas, Pastries, Pie Crusts and fondants.

Brand: Stkygood

👤I can say that I'm satisfied with my purchase after a month. It was easy to use and helpful. You have to let it air out because it has a smell. It's fine.

👤The product helps with rolling out dough. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because the measurements are metric.

👤The money was wasted. Dough sticks badly when it's wet. The product is useless.

👤I wanted a large enough pastry rolling mat so I could make my own tortillas. I didn't want to settle for the ones that were out of my budget. I was able to find this Extra Large Silicon Mat. It is exactly what I was looking for. I still need a mat to roll the balls and flatten them into thin, round tortillas, even though I use my stand mixer to knead the dough. The mat is large enough to be easy to clean and doesn't move on my kitchen counter. Absolutely recommend!

👤This mat is perfect for rolling dough and baking pies and cookies. It works well and I like that it is easy to clean. This is perfect for an avid baker.

👤It's the largest and it's very easy to make pizza dough and wheat dough with it.

👤The mat is very nice, but the measurement are in centimeters. If you work with recipes that specify inches, it's not useful.

👤I bought two of them. First one arrived quickly. It was great. I was happy with it. I ordered another. The second one came in very fast. It had a large damage in the middle of the mat, but their QC did not catch it. It makes me question the quality control of the manufacture. The product design is good but it seems like there is no basic quality control so buying it becomes hit or miss. I'm returning the second one because I don't want to spend time returning damaged stuff in case of another bad one, but I'm not sure if I want to buy more from this seller.

5. ZCHING Silicone Measurement Not Slip Rolling

ZCHING Silicone Measurement Not Slip Rolling

We back up their set with a one-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. A brand-new product or a full refund is just a few clicks away. This combo kit will help you make your next baking project a winner. Silicone dough mat made of 100% Food-Grade Silicone is safe to use, no harm to the body, and no unpleasant chemical odors. The 16 inch Silicone Baking Mat is very thin and reasonable size, so it rolls up small to take up little space in the drawer, and it helps reduce the mess in the kitchen. You can use different recipes and not worry about unit conversions with the simple conversion CHARTS. Weight, oven, and liquid conversions are displayed. It's easy to maintain and clean, just use soap and water for those who prefer hand washing, wash your mat with warm soapy water or put it in the dishwasher. The non-stick surface makes it easier to bake, and it keeps the pastry sticking to the surface.

Brand: Zching

👤I love that I can use my homemade pizza dough as a non-stick baking mat in the oven. It's convenient to move my dough out of the oven. It makes my pan look new because it catches all the grease. It is very easy to clean. I can cut it to any size I want. Since no one sells a 14-16" round Silicone baking mat, I tried this and it works well for my pizza pan. The mat was not hot to touch after being taken out from the oven. The pizza was brown at the bottom. I was hoping for a better result. Highly recommend!

👤When I make cinnamon rolls, I need to protect my new granite countertops. I read a lot of reviews and decided to buy it. I was not disappointed. It is rolled up with tissue paper. It seems tacky, almost sticking. I washed both sides with soap and water. It's very easy to clean with soap and water and roll back up and store. This is a must have to protect the counter. I would recommend this sheet to anyone.

👤The thin mat makes it bigger than a pastry board. Depending on the type of dough you are kneading, it can be buttered, oiled or undefiled. It doesn't slip or slide on the surface you put it on. The scales and circles are easy to use. It's easy to clean up, just wipe with a soapy cloth or sponge, rinse and drape over something, and then dry. It rolls up into a cylinder that is tight for easy storage in a drawer. I should have bought one a long time ago.

👤When I ordered this mat, I wasn't sure about it, but after using it a number of times over the holidays, I am happy with it. It's become a permanent tool for me. I used confectioner's sugar for dusting when I rolled stuff out but I like how this mat stays in place and has circles for pie crust. It's much better to roll stuff out on a piece of paper. I haven't tried it in the oven, but I found it easy to clean after I used it to roll dough. I roll it when I store it, and it doesn't seem to get creased. If you used sharp blades on it, it would be a problem. I only used plastic cookie cutter on it because I have one of those pie dough circle cutter thingies, so I can't say how well it would do with them. I don't use a knife because I just tear and fold my dough. I think it would survive a dull knife or metal spatula.

👤The mat is nicer than my last one. You can fold it or roll it up and put it away for a while, but when you need it, it will be flat. You had to set something on the corners to make it lay flat when used. I bought 2 more for myself and the people I gave them, and they loved them too.

6. Silicone Measurements Countertop Rolling Surface

Silicone Measurements Countertop Rolling Surface

If you decide that the pastry mat isn't for you, send one simple email and they will give you a 100% money-back refund, no questions asked. If you have it now, you can enjoy it. The Pastry Mat is 36 x 24 inch and has a 0.7mm thickness, 91.5 x 61 cm. The dough is 0.7mm thick and does not move. The Silicone Baking Mat is easy to clean and store. Kitchen dough measurement mat, pastry sheet, and foundant mat are also used as counter protectors. The baking mat can be rolled up or folded and put in a drawer or cupboard, which can save more kitchen space. The extra large mat can be washed with water or a dishwasher. The Silicone Pastry Rolling Mat has cm and inch measurement, you can cut dough with exact size since it has cm and inch two kind of measurement. Baking mat and pastry mat are used for rolling dough. A great mat for kneading dough. High temperature resistant The cookie sheet mat can be taken out of the freezer, straight to the microwave or oven, and resists temperatures from -40F to Since it is large, it's important to fit your own size. The dough mat is really good. Customer service is satisfactory. If you have any questions about this silicone mat, please feel free to contact them, they will provide satisfactory service for you.

Brand: Dltsli

👤Great mats! The mats were used to roll out dough. The dough was purchased to make pizza. The mats never moved. It's easy to work on. It is easy to roll out dough. There is nothing on the surface. It is easy to clean. The mats are thick. It's easy to store. Non Stick mats are the mats to buy if you want to prepare your baking. The Extra Large had two mats. Don't put anything on these mats that is too hot. These mats are amazing.

👤I bought a mat. If this mat was as thick as a Silpat mat, you wouldn't be able to store it. It folds nicely and lays down. I needed a large mat. This is great for this use. It folds and rolls up easily for storage. I'm more satisfied with this mat.

👤I needed a mat to roll out fondant for my cake project. The extra large size gave me the space I needed. The mat and stick did not slide when rolling out the fondant. The large size of the mat made it difficult to wash. It has a ruler. I would have liked to have known how much to roll out for pies with circular measurements.

👤This is a great product. My husband makes homemade biscuits and this is the perfect size mat to use on our kitchen table without having to clean up a big mess like I have to do when he uses wax paper. He can keep everything in one place. There is nothing slides, bowls, etc. The tacky sides of the mat keep everything in place on the table or counter. It is easy to clean. He said that we should have purchased one a long time ago. This mat is good. Measure your surface before ordering. I believe they come in different sizes.

👤The mat worked well to roll out my bread dough. I decided to try this mat because my wooden board had seen better days. I kneaded and rolled out the dough on the wooden board. The mat was in place. The mat is flexible and it was easier to clean than the wooden board. I folded it and took it to the kitchen sink, where I unfolded and cleaned a portion of the mat at a time. You will get used to it quickly. I would recommend this product. It's a breeze to store it, just fold it up and put it in your cupboard.

👤Absolutely perfect. It's big enough to cover the entire top of my portable island, and there's plenty of room to work. A quick rinse and hang up to dry or wipe off with a towel. If you are familiar with pastry preparation you don't need circles to judge sizes. This purchase was very happy with. I think it was a little expensive.

👤I bought this for my husband. He loves it! It sticks to granite really well and is a large size. It's a little unwieldy to clean and store because it's so large. The benefits of the size outweigh the negatives according to my husband. He rolls it into a square for storage.

7. Silicone Measurement Fondant Counter Rolling

Silicone Measurement Fondant Counter Rolling

100% SATISFACTION WARRANTY. SMAK has a 1 year warranty and a 3 year free replacement after warranty registration, unlike other brands such as Themoworks Thermapen, Weber, and Taylor. The certificated is CE. Food grade unsalted The pastry mat is made of premium material. It is soft and durable. DOUBLE THYCKNESS: The Mat is almost twice as thick as the other mats. Thicker mats will not get wet. Even if grease or dough sticks to the surface, pastry mat can be easily cleaned to keep the countertop clean and sanitary. The anti-sLIPBOTTOM is very strong and can be applied to any surface. Every purchase comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If you have an issue with your GREENRAIN product, get in touch with them. Friendly, easy-to-reach support will be provided by them.

Brand: Greenrain

👤I absolutely love this mat. I ordered the large size mat the very day I received it, and I was so impressed with it that I wanted to start with it. I have never used a silicone mat before, but I bought the smaller size to try it. I used it to make pasta dough. Anyone that has made pasta by hand knows that it takes a lot of time and effort. The mat worked well. I didn't need to add flour to the pasta. I was able to use this particular size of dough because it fits in a small counter space between my stove and the wall, and I was able to use it without any flour on the floor for the first time. I used to use a 12 x 18 plastic cutting board to knead dough, and I would always add flour and/or oil to keep the dough from sticking to the board. The dough was more elastic than usual when I put the pasta through the machine. I was able to focus on creating a great final product, not on reducing the mess. The directions said to clean it with boiling water. Instead, I put in the sink with hot water and dish soap and let it sit for a while. The mat does not stick to itself when I store it rolled up. The Medium size mat in the pictures is large enough to make ravioli. I immediately ordered the largest size to cover the top of my portable butcher block island, because I was so impressed with how well this mat worked. The mat does not have a lot of clean up. After use, rinse it off in the sink and it will look new. I don't have to clean my old plastic cutting board. I can't wait to use this mat to make cookies and cinnamon rolls. Have a great day, and thank you for reading my review.

👤I was excited to receive this mat, due to the positive reviews. I found an insect in the product that I can move around with my finger. There is no way to get the insect out without ruining the mat. I am supposed to use this for food.

👤Terrible! Don't trust the markings. If you go by their starting line, you will get one whole inch off. I was too disgusted to check cm. I was ordering boxes based on the thoughtless design of my handcrafted soap.

👤Update 6/27/19. The dough doesn't seem to stick to the mat anymore despite the previous problems. I was glad I didn't throw it away last time. I have used the mat for 4 times. I had the chance to review this product. I don't know if I got a bad mat or if the others did. The dough sticks to the mat. I thought the problem was the dough. But after my 4th use? The mat is not non-stick. It is a thin, flimsy mat and it doesn't stay on the surface. I am not buying this again.

8. Mixoo Silicone Baking Wooden Rolling

Mixoo Silicone Baking Wooden Rolling

If you decide that the pastry mat isn't for you, send one simple email and they will give you a 100% money-back refund, no questions asked. If you have it now, you can enjoy it. One set of baking mat, wooden rolling pin, and dough scrapers is all you need to use in the kitchen. TheMixoo pastry baking mat is made of premium food grade silicone and reinforced fiberglass and is safe to use. It is soft and will not fade. A non-stick surface makes rolling dough easy. The anti-slip baking mats are easy to use and clean. Place it in the dishwasher or wash it with water. It can be stored in a drawer or cupboard. Premium solid wood makes it comfortable to hold. The french style design allows for better control when rolling out dough. The hole in one end is easy to hang up. The color is white. The dimensions are 12 x 9.5 cm. Made of food grade PP plastic to ensure your health, used for scraper, shovel, cutting dough, chopping cream, cake, cheese, chocolate, dough, fondant, etc.

Brand: Mixoo

👤I used the mat to roll out pastry and pasta. The markings on it are helpful in determining the proper size of pies, pizza dough, and other breads. It sticks to my countertop and doesn't budge, that's the best part. I used to use a marble pastry board and had to keep it from sliding. The mat doesn't slide. When I'm done, I have to peel it off the counter. The included rolling pin is much easier to use than my old one. The plastic bench scrapers match my favorites and I appreciated that. I would recommend this set to anyone.

👤My wife had been frustrated with her banking. She couldn't get the dough thin enough and it would tear when she tried to pick it up. She needed a French rolling pin because she was a fan of baking shows. I thought she needed more. The Mixoo Silicone Baking Mat with Wooden Rolling Pin Set was what she needed. The set has a French rolling pin that allows her to get the dough as thin as she wants, a Silicon mat that allows for easy lifting of the dough, and two plastic scrapers to help with the process. The only use I have of the set is in washing it, but the kitchen is a happier place and I enjoy more baked goods.

👤She loves the mat. The material is durable and neat. She was excited about the rolling pin, but it came in defected. It's a shame. The rating is 4 stars. If possible, she would love one that isn't defected. If so, will update review. Thank you.

👤If you're looking for dough scrapers, a french rolling pin, and a baking mat, this is the set for you. I used to bake almost every day during the fall season. I thought I wanted a silicone mat, but I realized it was easier to work on the counter, and I would never have known if I tried it out. I use the rolling pin from this set more than any other rolling pin I've ever used.

👤I bought this for my daughter who loves baking. It's great that you have all the pieces you need to bake a pie. The rolling pin is of good quality. A baking mat is needed in every kitchen. Good price too!

👤This mat is very durable. The dough scrappers are adequate and the rolling pin is great. I will get a second of these mats.

👤Absolutely love this mat. I used it when I made my own rolls and it made the process so much easier. I don't know how I got along without the scraper. Cleans up quickly.

👤I had been baking cookies for the holidays and felt like I needed something that was easy to clean and easy to store. I needed a new sheet, rolling pin and dough cutter. It's easy to reference and understand the measurements on the sheet. I can take a break from playing my music and ask her measurement conversions. Really! Ask her to play music. It's a good thing. I have the perfect set of tools and I'll be baking more. Thank you!

9. Lacuno Silicone Macaron Fondant Silicone

Lacuno Silicone Macaron Fondant Silicone

Will keep your work surface clean. There is no more removing dough or fondant from the work surface. It's ideal for Kneading, Rolling, and Shaping Breads, Pizza Dough's, Pastas, Pastries, Pie Crusts and fondants. Food grade unsalted Lacuno is a professional grade baking sheet. The baking mat helps you bake uniform pastries and cookies. Silicone mats are soft and do not fade. Their specially designed silicone pastry / baking mat is perfect for baking and cooking. The mats are resistant to temperatures from -40 F to 450 F degrees. It's easy to clean, it's non-sLIP, and it's non-STICK. Their mat is the best non-stick baking mat on the market. It has never been easier to roll out dough. No more scrubbing! You can rinse in warm soapy water. There is wide comparativebility. The baking mat is designed to work with a lot of Baking tools. Works with Silpat baking mat. The Lacuno Silicone Baking Mat is easy to maintain and is more durable than competitors' Silicone Baking mats as it is.7mm thick. It's easy to store it in a drawer. The dough rolling mat is an alternative to single-use paper.

Brand: Lacuno

👤These mats are great for decorating cookies and keeping the mess off the counter top. I used them to make my grilled cheese sandwiches. They are so flexible that they are easy to wash. You get a pack of three different sizes if you recommend them.

👤It's horrible! Don't lie flat while baking, these bubble up.

👤It's not true. I cut the zebra finches to size for their cages. They like them and so do I. It's easy to clean. I put them back on the bottom of their cages after washing them off in the Utility tub with a small scrub brush. It saves me money. No problem for the zebra finches. I use Cuttlebone and Grit sticks to make their beaks sharper.

👤My mother replaced her old plastic mat with it. She will not use a plastic one again. She loves using it. She was ready to use it as soon as she unpack it. She used it either that day or the next.

👤I have to pull it apart where it sticks. I had to pull it apart. I was worried I would tear it. Cleanup is easy for rolling out dough. I would have preferred plastic.

👤I'm not happy with the mats. The plastic dough scraper was in contact with the silicone. It was the second time it was used.

👤I used this to roll out yeast rolls. It works well and is large. It is easy to clean. Can't use a knife on this. I can't use it for my noodles.

👤Silicone baking mats will fold in the craters of the oven racks if used on a pan. Unless you have one big sink, you should use a soak. The sink is left and right.

10. WeGuard Extra Large Kneading Non Stick Measurement

WeGuard Extra Large Kneading Non Stick Measurement

No risk purchase. You don't have to return the Pastry Mat if you don't like it, just contact them and they will give you a 100% money back. If you have a size:24x36 inch, thickness 0.7mm, you can enjoy the best NON-STICK Pastry Mat. It is easy to take out pie crust or biscuit dough with this pastry mat after rolling or kneading. The nature of the pastry mat will ensure it sticks to the counter top. The silicone pastry mat is great for baking. The weight of this pastry mat is up to oz, they promise it is made of the best food grade silicone. The upgraded pastry mat will bring you a better experience while rolling or kneading. The size is 24 x 16 inch and the thickness is 0.45 inch. This pastry baking mat is perfect for rolling out pie crust or biscuit dough. Follow the markings on the pastry mat and you will get a great pie crust or biscuit dough. It is easy to use or clean. The pastry mat will keep you from cleaning the counter top after cooking. It is easy to be cleaned up. The baking mat can be rolled up or folded. High temperature resistance up to . The pastry mat is made of food grade silicone and is safe as Nipples.

Brand: Weguard

👤The material is not thick as they say. It is moving on the counter. The circles in the image are not related to reality. It is 27 cm where it says 20 cm. It is 15 cm where it says 12 cm. The rulers start with 1 and not 0. You have to remember to substructure 1 when you measure something. How is it possible to make a mistake with a simple product? How come other reviews are not mentioning this?

👤I love the mat. It doesn't move when rolling out dough, which makes it easier. It is easy to clean up. I don't like having flour on my counter. Pick up the mat and put it in hot soapy water and let it dry. Voila! It doesn't take up a lot of space to store and the bonus measurements on the mat make it easier to size your pastries. Enjoy!

👤I haven't used the product yet, but I can say it is not very thick. The rulers are printed on the sides of the mat. They are accurate. The center has circles labeled in cm, but they are not accurate and the conversion table is not very accurate. There are no real purpose to the partial recipes/descriptions placed here and there. The mat is large and bright, and the guidelines are in perfect alignment. I think it will do its job.

👤The mat is great at holding my sharpening stones in place.

👤It is easy to clean with just a dusting of flour. Definitely a necessity in the kitchen.

👤My husband needs a mat like this because he is making his own bread. He loves it. That's all I can say about this item.

👤It was much easier to use this than my wooden cutting board.

👤Everything was advertised. There were no surprises. Excellent item.

11. Nonstick Measurements Folksy Super Kitchen

Nonstick Measurements Folksy Super Kitchen

China is the country of origin. Premium Safe Silicone is important to the health of their customers. Premium food grade Silicone is offered to protect your safe. The vedio of the listing has a non-stick Mat. The baking mat is very good. There is no sticky surface. It is easy to clean with the cloth. The thickness of the mat is 0.7 MM, while the silicone pad is almost twice as thick. The 0.7MM mat is good for the table. It is very durable. The back non-slip design has been upgraded. When rolling dough, it will stay on the table. It is good for the Pastry Mat, Table Mat,Baking Mat,Pizza board and Countertop Mat. The premium dough mat is durable and healthy, and a gift, as well as an instruction and hair elastic.

Brand: Folksy Super Kitchen

👤I will never make bread or dough again without this mat. I make braided bread for Christmas. I take a week off from work and just bake and bake. I got two of these because I was trying to make it easier to clean up. I don't have to use the counter which is tiled because it's easy to clean up after. I was so glad I did. It made the cleaning aspects easier because I need less flour to keep it from sticking to the rolling pin. I don't know if all pastry mats are like that, but this one worked well. I made tortillas because I had the mat that grabs the dough and I didn't feel like I was being disorganized in the rolling out process. Anyway. I am very pleased with the quality of the mat, this is a large and nice size. I used a pizza cutter to cut my Christmas bread dough. I probably wouldn't use a knife because of the instructions, but it handled the pizza cutter like a pro. I bought two of them and think they will last me for a long time. I'll be making pies from scratch now that I can't navigate the dough. I'm going to buy one for my family members because I know they will love it, and I'm not going to tell them. Great purchase. Highly recommended.

👤I am a bread baker. I use the mat to shape my dough. It is perfect. It fits the counter top just fine. It stays on the counter top. It won't move or slide. It is good for kneading dough. It's close to perfect. No, perfect. It cleans with a damp paper towel. It's easy to clean up when things don't like to stick to Silicone. I roll it up after wiping it dry. Next time, lay it flat. It is twice as thick and flawless as the other mats for bread making.

👤The Tupperware mat was showing signs of old age. I was looking for a new one because I use it frequently. I can't find them anymore so I took a chance. I bought a different mat but it was so thin that it was a pan liner and not a roling/ kneeding mat. I took a chance and am not disappointed. It's nice once you get used to it. The extra large is not small. Nice. Initially it was sticky and smelly, but most washed off. I wouldn't use a knife on it, but it looks like it will survive for a while. It's a tough act to follow if it beats the Tupperware stuff. Even with minimal flour dusting, dough doesn't stick to the mat much. The circles help cut the dough to fit the pans. The counter should be moist with a wet washcloth and mat sticks. Happy. I haven't tried it as a cookie sheet liner. Probably wont...

👤I love this liner! Excellent quality, thick, non stick. It was hard to find one large to use under our Instant Pots. It's easy to wipe up and take with us. I used it for making pastries and it was great. Will be buying more.


What is the best product for baking mat for rolling out dough extra large?

Baking mat for rolling out dough extra large products from Folksy Super Kitchen. In this article about baking mat for rolling out dough extra large you can see why people choose the product. Shopalue Llc and Ortarco are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking mat for rolling out dough extra large.

What are the best brands for baking mat for rolling out dough extra large?

Folksy Super Kitchen, Shopalue Llc and Ortarco are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking mat for rolling out dough extra large. Find the detail in this article. Stkygood, Zching and Dltsli are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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