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1. WeGuard Extra Large Silicone Measurements Non Stick

WeGuard Extra Large Silicone Measurements Non Stick

Customer service is satisfactory. If you have any questions about this silicone mat, please feel free to contact them, they will provide satisfactory service for you. The extra-large 20”x 24” pastry mat is upgraded for rolling dough. It's a must-have for your kitchen. This pastry baking mat is perfect for rolling out pie crust and biscuit dough. Follow the markings on the pastry mat and you will get a great pie crust or biscuit dough. The Silicone Pastry Mat is non-stick and will not move around on the counter. The surface of the pastry mat is made of non-stick silicone, which makes it easy to remove pie crust or biscuit dough after rolling it. Make your job easier. The upgraded pastry mat has the advantages of aging resistance, no deformation, long service life, convenient clean and storage. It's high temperature resistance makes it ideal for cake decor. The silicone pastry mat is easy to clean. It is easy to be cleaned up. The baking mat can be rolled up or folded. You are covered by a 1 year worry-free warranty, 30 day no reason return and refund, if you have a question. They are here for you!

Brand: Weguard

👤There is an old tile countertop. We got this so we could roll dough.

👤The extra large size makes a great pizza. I didn't have anything large enough before this mat. It was great to work on my bread dough. The surface should be lightly floured.

👤My granddaughter is making pies from scratch. She used the measuring guidelines to determine the correct size of the pie dish. The mat is easy to wipe off because it sticks to the table.

👤The thing is a problem to clean. Spread some flour on the counter. It's much easier to clean up. It's complete waste of money.

👤I don't have a dishwasher so I have to wash it myself. It's difficult to wash and soak in the sink. It doesn't have as high a tolerance as you would need for pizza making. 450 C. It is lower than that. It's something like 430 C. Close enough? I'm still using it, but I'm looking into another option.

👤This may have worked well for our annual sugar cookie day.

2. Nonstick Measurements Folksy Super Kitchen

Nonstick Measurements Folksy Super Kitchen

China is the country of origin. Premium Safe Silicone is important to the health of their customers. Premium food grade Silicone is offered to protect your safe. The vedio of the listing has a non-stick Mat. The baking mat is very good. There is no sticky surface. It is easy to clean with the cloth. The thickness of the mat is 0.7 MM, while the silicone pad is almost twice as thick. The 0.7MM mat is good for the table. It is very durable. The back non-slip design has been upgraded. When rolling dough, it will stay on the table. It is good for the Pastry Mat, Table Mat,Baking Mat,Pizza board and Countertop Mat. The premium dough mat is durable and healthy, and a gift, as well as an instruction and hair elastic.

Brand: Folksy Super Kitchen

👤I will never make bread or dough again without this mat. I make braided bread for Christmas. I take a week off from work and just bake and bake. I got two of these because I was trying to make it easier to clean up. I don't have to use the counter which is tiled because it's easy to clean up after. I was so glad I did. It made the cleaning aspects easier because I need less flour to keep it from sticking to the rolling pin. I don't know if all pastry mats are like that, but this one worked well. I made tortillas because I had the mat that grabs the dough and I didn't feel like I was being disorganized in the rolling out process. Anyway. I am very pleased with the quality of the mat, this is a large and nice size. I used a pizza cutter to cut my Christmas bread dough. I probably wouldn't use a knife because of the instructions, but it handled the pizza cutter like a pro. I bought two of them and think they will last me for a long time. I'll be making pies from scratch now that I can't navigate the dough. I'm going to buy one for my family members because I know they will love it, and I'm not going to tell them. Great purchase. Highly recommended.

👤I am a bread baker. I use the mat to shape my dough. It is perfect. It fits the counter top just fine. It stays on the counter top. It won't move or slide. It is good for kneading dough. It's close to perfect. No, perfect. It cleans with a damp paper towel. It's easy to clean up when things don't like to stick to Silicone. I roll it up after wiping it dry. Next time, lay it flat. It is twice as thick and flawless as the other mats for bread making.

👤The Tupperware mat was showing signs of old age. I was looking for a new one because I use it frequently. I can't find them anymore so I took a chance. I bought a different mat but it was so thin that it was a pan liner and not a roling/ kneeding mat. I took a chance and am not disappointed. It's nice once you get used to it. The extra large is not small. Nice. Initially it was sticky and smelly, but most washed off. I wouldn't use a knife on it, but it looks like it will survive for a while. It's a tough act to follow if it beats the Tupperware stuff. Even with minimal flour dusting, dough doesn't stick to the mat much. The circles help cut the dough to fit the pans. The counter should be moist with a wet washcloth and mat sticks. Happy. I haven't tried it as a cookie sheet liner. Probably wont...

👤I love this liner! Excellent quality, thick, non stick. It was hard to find one large to use under our Instant Pots. It's easy to wipe up and take with us. I used it for making pastries and it was great. Will be buying more.

3. OXO Grips Silicone Dough Rolling

OXO Grips Silicone Dough Rolling

It is easy to use and clean. Roll pies, pizzas and more in circles. The bag design keeps rolling pins and countertops clean. Food-safe Silicone is non-stick for dough release. Measurement markings are easy to read. It's ideal for 9-inch pie plates. Non-stick Silicone is dishwasher safe.

Brand: Oxo

👤This was used for two pies yesterday. I didn't have to cover my counter top with flour because the dough rolled out well and didn't stick. The first pie had a broken zipper. There is no problem with using it without a zip up. I only took one star for the broken zip code, but it wasn't really needed. I deducted one star for the fact that the zip is plastic and can't be dried and put away. I separated the cloth part from the other part so it wouldn't get wet. 5 stars because it's easy to use, I spread a small amount of flour on the inside and flattened it out with my hands, no messy flour to clean up on the counter, or floor:) I'm not sure if I need to sprinkle a little flour inside, but old habits are hard to break. One star is given for "Durability" only. I would recommend this for the ease of use, but not the zip.

👤This thing is very easy to use and non-stick. Even if you're not a fan of it, you can easily guess your size because the crust is pretty. I don't have any complaints. It can be hard to get the edges or the crust exactly even, but that's why there's crimping. Such a good product. If you make pies occasionally, it's worth it. I use wax paper or plastic wrap when rolling out homemade pies to keep them from sticking. The bag has made the job much easier. When I first saw these mats, I didn't trust them because some of the earlier versions were 1-sided and you had to cover the other side of the crust. You don't have to waste paper or plastic when rolling, that's a "green" solution.

👤I was not sure if this would help, but it does. I have a sensitivity toGluten free pie crust and it is more sticky than regular pie crust and this helps. It is easy to clean up after use.

👤I have an old style that isn't Silicone. I thought I might try it because it is less toxic. I really don't like this product. I use these bags a lot and they don't cut the mustard as they say. The bag is higher than the zip so it's awkward to use it with the rolling pin. I tried a rolling pin, but it didn't work. It still takes twice as long to get a good round tortilla or pie crust than it does using the old style non-Silicone ones, even though it works better. The silicone top is not flat enough because the zip is not far out. I left the bag open so that it would lie flat, but it didn't. I will probably cut the zip off the bag and use the silicone rounds to make something else, go back to the old style bag.

👤I hated making pie crust because of the mess on the counter, this fixes that problem and makes it easier to figure out how big of a crust I need. Love it.

4. KPKitchen Extra Silicone Pastry Rolling

KPKitchen Extra Silicone Pastry Rolling

The non-stick surface makes it easier to bake, and it keeps the pastry sticking to the surface. Extra large size with conversion charts! The extra large baking mat is 31,5x23,5 inches and has enough space to prepare all kinds of dough. The various markings of measurements in the form of circles, inches, temperature conversation, centimeters and measurement conversion helps reduce the use of a calculator to convert in your recipe. No more looking at it, guessing, or making your phone messy. They are in your counter. The anti-slip material on the mat makes it perfect for rolling out dough, because it stays in place and sticks to the surface. It does not move. It just sticks like it is stuck down, but it can be removed or rearranged so you can concentrate on rolling out the perfect dough. It's a great holiday gift for anyone who loves baking. Clean up is a breeze. Their dough rolling mats are dishwasher safe and easy to clean, so you can just put the food in the dishwasher. This is great because it means you won't have to scrub your dough mat for a clean. Their extra large baking sheet size keeps the mess off of your work surface. It's easy to use and non-stick. The mats for rolling dough are made out of 100% Food-Grade Silicone which has a non-stick surface which means that no dough will stick to the mat. The dough, pies, crusts, pastries, pizzas, breads and cookies will not stick to the mat. It has never been easier to roll out dough. Risk free! Does this come with a warranty? Yes! Your purchase of their rolling mats for baking comes with a 3-year extended warranty. If the product isn't for you, they'll give you a full refund. It's already on the way if you need a replacement. If you want a quality mat that is not compromised, the KPKitchen is what you are looking for.

Brand: Kpkitchen

👤The large pastry mat gives plenty of room for working with pie pastry. If you want to know if you have rolled the dough into a large enough circle, you can use the measurement for pies to pizza dough. The material on your counter is tacky but not sticky. It's easy to wash it in the sink. I hang it up to dry. I store it rolled so it doesn't fold. I would highly recommend this mat for anyone who wants a clean, flat surface for working with pastry dough.

👤I should've measured my counter since I bought this for kneading more than baking. I really like it. It's easy to clean, and I like the multiple measurement written on it. In weight and even CUPS. The company was nice, sending 3 dough scrappers after I told them I had purchased their mat. I think this mat is just as good as the Silpat name, so I would highly recommend it.

👤I wanted to make pie crusts. It's amazing! When you want to pull it loose, dough comes lightly sticks to it. I can make a sheet of dough with this sheet of silicone that stops the dough from pulling back to the original size. I only need flour to keep the rolling pin from sticking. I can easily release the dough when I want to roll it up or flip it. It sticks well to the countertop and came loose. It is amazing! The sheet has information on measurement conversions, different sizes of circles and squares for pies and pastries, and other useful information. It is easy to clean by dunking in some soapy water and rinsing. I highly recommend this to you.

👤After my old one got creased, I bought this one. Even though it is rolled and folded, it still opens to lay flat. I haven't checked it works in my oven because it won't fit in my oven, I am only using this as a dough mat. The size of the mat is stated online, but it is a lot larger than I thought. It sticks well to my table where my old one slid around, and it is thicker as well. If you use cookie cutters with it, it says not to cut on it. This is a soft surface and not much pressure will be needed to stamp out cookies. It is easy to clean with its surface.

👤This pastry mat is very good. It's easy to roll out dough and assemble it on the mat. The measuring lines on the side help me to make sure my pastry pieces are the same size. It is very easy to clean and stick to the countertop. When I opened the box, I was surprised to see a dough scraper on the card. I wish I had bought this mat a long time ago.

👤I ordered this for my mom. She has used other brands. She sent me a picture of the first time she used the mat. She was in love. She didn't have to put weights on the ends of the mat because it stuck to the cabinet. She was very happy with this item. This is the best mat for pies. She would not have ordered it, so she was excited to receive it as a gift.

5. Silicone Measurements Countertop Rolling Surface

Silicone Measurements Countertop Rolling Surface

If you decide that the pastry mat isn't for you, send one simple email and they will give you a 100% money-back refund, no questions asked. If you have it now, you can enjoy it. The Pastry Mat is 36 x 24 inch and has a 0.7mm thickness, 91.5 x 61 cm. The dough is 0.7mm thick and does not move. The Silicone Baking Mat is easy to clean and store. Kitchen dough measurement mat, pastry sheet, and foundant mat are also used as counter protectors. The baking mat can be rolled up or folded and put in a drawer or cupboard, which can save more kitchen space. The extra large mat can be washed with water or a dishwasher. The Silicone Pastry Rolling Mat has cm and inch measurement, you can cut dough with exact size since it has cm and inch two kind of measurement. Baking mat and pastry mat are used for rolling dough. A great mat for kneading dough. High temperature resistant The cookie sheet mat can be taken out of the freezer, straight to the microwave or oven, and resists temperatures from -40F to Since it is large, it's important to fit your own size. The dough mat is really good. Customer service is satisfactory. If you have any questions about this silicone mat, please feel free to contact them, they will provide satisfactory service for you.

Brand: Dltsli

👤Great mats! The mats were used to roll out dough. The dough was purchased to make pizza. The mats never moved. It's easy to work on. It is easy to roll out dough. There is nothing on the surface. It is easy to clean. The mats are thick. It's easy to store. Non Stick mats are the mats to buy if you want to prepare your baking. The Extra Large had two mats. Don't put anything on these mats that is too hot. These mats are amazing.

👤I bought a mat. If this mat was as thick as a Silpat mat, you wouldn't be able to store it. It folds nicely and lays down. I needed a large mat. This is great for this use. It folds and rolls up easily for storage. I'm more satisfied with this mat.

👤I needed a mat to roll out fondant for my cake project. The extra large size gave me the space I needed. The mat and stick did not slide when rolling out the fondant. The large size of the mat made it difficult to wash. It has a ruler. I would have liked to have known how much to roll out for pies with circular measurements.

👤This is a great product. My husband makes homemade biscuits and this is the perfect size mat to use on our kitchen table without having to clean up a big mess like I have to do when he uses wax paper. He can keep everything in one place. There is nothing slides, bowls, etc. The tacky sides of the mat keep everything in place on the table or counter. It is easy to clean. He said that we should have purchased one a long time ago. This mat is good. Measure your surface before ordering. I believe they come in different sizes.

👤The mat worked well to roll out my bread dough. I decided to try this mat because my wooden board had seen better days. I kneaded and rolled out the dough on the wooden board. The mat was in place. The mat is flexible and it was easier to clean than the wooden board. I folded it and took it to the kitchen sink, where I unfolded and cleaned a portion of the mat at a time. You will get used to it quickly. I would recommend this product. It's a breeze to store it, just fold it up and put it in your cupboard.

👤Absolutely perfect. It's big enough to cover the entire top of my portable island, and there's plenty of room to work. A quick rinse and hang up to dry or wipe off with a towel. If you are familiar with pastry preparation you don't need circles to judge sizes. This purchase was very happy with. I think it was a little expensive.

👤I bought this for my husband. He loves it! It sticks to granite really well and is a large size. It's a little unwieldy to clean and store because it's so large. The benefits of the size outweigh the negatives according to my husband. He rolls it into a square for storage.

6. DIGIROOT Thickening Silicone Scrapers Measurement

DIGIROOT Thickening Silicone Scrapers Measurement

Risk free! Does this come with a warranty? Yes! Your purchase of their rolling mats for baking comes with a 3-year extended warranty. If the product isn't for you, they'll give you a full refund. It's already on the way if you need a replacement. If you want a quality mat that is not compromised, the KPKitchen is what you are looking for. Premium silicone and glass fiber are used in the food grade material. It is soft and durable. The thickness of the mat is double that of other mats. The mats will not slip when used. The french rolling pin is made of beech and is suitable for making various pastries. The dough scrapers are bendable. The dough scrapers can move the dough from the bowl or shape it around. The baking mat is easy to clean and non-stick. Grease, syrup, and dough won't stick on the mat. To keep the countertop clean and sanitary, the pastry mat can be washed by warm soapy water or a dishwasher. Customers can get a full refund within 30 days or a new product for free within 1 year if they have quality problems. They stand behind their products and would love to hear from you via the "contact us" button on Amazon.

Brand: Digiroot

👤I bought a baking mat and rolling pin set. I didn't want to spend a lot of money because I only used it once a year. I gave it a try because it was the same price as most of the cheaper mats and it had a rolling pin. It worked well. The mat stuck to my countertop without sliding. A little flour on top kept the dough from sticking. The rolling pin was large and could be used to peel cookies off the mat or cut the dough into sections. It came with a small bag to keep everything together. It's worth the money.

👤I love this baking mat because it comes with silicone cutters that can be used on dough without tearing through the mat, which would probably happen with a steel cutter. There is no slipping because the mat grips the table very well. The rolling pin is easy to use. All the items would be washed by me. There is no dishwasher for these. They are easy to clean. It is a good value.

👤All three of them are perfect for this, and I use this to make bread. The rolling mat is very sturdy and has great markings. It doesn't seem like it will rip easily. This was a perfect combination. I will buy from them again.

👤I have been waiting for a long time to get one of these and I am so happy I was able to. I'm going to be baking cookies with my granddaughter. I love the fact that Dismant is going to be so good that I don't have to worry about having flour and cookie dough on my counter, it will be so handy when I make a pie, thank you again.

👤I was very impressed with this item. I didn't read the product description because I was focused on the mat, but this item was actually a bundle. It had a rolling pin, dough cutters, and a little case. The size of the mat is perfect for this novice baker. It was easy to clean. I had no issues with the dough not sticking. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤The baking mat is very nice. It is easy to clean and clings to the counter top. The rolling pin is a nice addition. I am very happy with my purchase, and I received my order way faster than I anticipated.

👤I settled on this one after looking at many and I have not been disappointed. It's very easy to clean and it's easy to read numbers. This product is a great price and I would highly recommend it.

👤If you are making a dough that has color, it will stain, but the product is great for the price. I made some carrot bao and it stained the mat so I washed it.

7. Silicone Nonstick Measurement Counter Kneading

Silicone Nonstick Measurement Counter Kneading

The mat is designed with inches and cm measurement marks. It's perfect for pastry/pie/dough roll out. The baking mats are suitable for surface protectors, such as a table/placement/countertop mat, freeze dryer mat. The Silicone Pastry Mat has a long lifespan and is easy to clean and fade resistant. Silicone rolling mat can be used in ovens, microwaves, and fridges, the heat resistance range is -40 C to 230 C. The kneading mat is flat on the countertop and does not move when you roll out the dough. The release is good and the non stick baking mat creates an ideal work surface not allowing your dough to stick to the mat is non stick. You don't need flour. The rolling mat is non-stick and can be used to make cookies, bread, and pastries. The non stick pastry mat is an ideal work surface to avoid the dough stick. Baking Mat- Easy Clean. Place the Pastry Board in the dishwasher or wash it with water. The pastry rolling mat can be folded and stored in a drawer or cupboard. The multi-purpose pie mat doesn't need to be rolled off the silicone pastry sheet. It is a multi-purpose silicone pie mat. The dough rolling mat is perfect for pies. There are also mats for table, place, and countertop. Silicone pastry mats are provided.

Brand: Precis

👤I bought it for my mother. She likes it. It is easy to roll up because it is light. It is easy to clean and use because it sticks on the table. Remove it from the table. I spent over an hour researching the price on various websites. This is the cheapest with the same size and quality.

👤I was looking for a pastry mat that did everything. It is large enough to hold what I wanted. There is a I'm not sure how to safely store it, which is the only issue. I don't want it to become weak at the fold. I rolled it. I think I'm going to put a couple of nails on the top of one of my cabinets so that I can roll it and keep the dust off it, and maybe put a tea towel around it to keep the dust off it.

👤We used it once and it was okay. It was large and still slid around on the counter. I noticed that it had split when I cleaned it for the first time. When the mat split, we only used the cutter that came with it. We will use it because we are outside the return window, but be aware that flour may go through. It's a pain to clean, I love how large it is. I need a bigger sink.

👤I ordered a mat to help with the skins. I needed something that was large enough to hold a lot of skin, and that was also a good source of skin release. This did the trick. The skins are easy to release from this mat. It was a lot cheaper than other mats I had looked at. When someone tries to sell an item that is not theirs, the price goes up. I was sent the wrong item the first time. A faux brick wall wallpaper sheet is not a baking mat. I was able to get the right item quickly. The item does exactly what I need it to do, and the correction was done quickly and easily, so I wouldn't drop a star for that.

👤My husband surprised me with a mat, and I was very pleased with his thoughtfulness. It's easy to use, easy to clean, and makes rolling dough or pie crust a breeze. The circles printed on it are useful for improving the roundness of the dough.

👤I have had this for a while. I am surprised at how much I have used it. It is not on the counter. It is easy to clean. I put it by the sink and swiped the flour directly into it. I wipe it down with a sponge. I folded it up for storage. I tried wiping it with a towel. The towel is on the mat. The conversion charts are nice. I am really happy I got the larger size. It keeps the flour on the mat. It seems like you use less flour when rolling out dough.

8. LIMNUO Silicone Rolling Measurements Non Reusable

LIMNUO Silicone Rolling Measurements Non Reusable

A wide application is a useful measuring tool for artists, designers, architects, engineers, students and so on. The mat is made of premium silicone and glass fiber and is stain-proof. DOUBLE THYCKNESS: The Mat is almost twice as thick as the other mats. The LIMNUO mat is very strong and thick. The video of the listing has a non-stick mat. The pastry mat can be cleaned even if grease sticks to the surface. The Baking Sheet Liner is the bottom of the mesh design. It's strong enough to stick to the countertop or other surfaces. When you place the mat on a countertop, it won't move or bunch when you push out the dough. 100% SATISFACTION is guaranteed. Every purchase comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. If you have an issue with your LIMNUO product, get in touch with them. Friendly, easy-to-reach support will be provided by them.

Brand: Limnuo

👤I love this! It lays flat after being unrolled. It clings to the counter. When you work on it, it doesn't move. I would love to cut on it. If you make one with a sharp edge, please do! I want one for my daughter. I made a beautiful thin pie and it rolled up and was easy to unroll. It seems worth it for now, but I am not sure how long it will last. I love it.

👤I got this mat because I wanted an easy way to protect our kitchen counter from flour and make it easy to clean up. I was happy that the mat stuck to the granite countertop and I was able to make my dough while I was doing it. I use this mat when making sourdough. I accidentally pushed too hard while I was shaping with my bench scraper, but I didn't tore the mat. Surprised!

👤I usually bake my loaves, biscuits, rolls, and other items on a glass cutting board. I used this mat to cut dough on the glass cutting board, including some very sticky doughs, like Irish Soda Bread. I was able to work the dough with scrapers. The mat is in place on the counter. The printed measurement on the surface are an added bonus. It is much easier to clean than baking mats, since this is not meant to be placed in the oven. It is easy to clean the counter with soap and water and roll the mat up in a towel for storage. Very useful.

👤I am not an experienced baker, but I started making my own bread recently because of the Pandemic. The mess and dealing with the dough was one of the reasons I never liked making my own pizza. I don't know why I didn't think to get a mat like this one. It is a game-changer for me. I was not a fan of just spreading the dough on the counter top to roll it, and my cutting boards didn't have enough grip. I only used this mat once, but I loved it. I will make sure to update if anything changes. It doesn't seem very easy to clean. There was still flour on the mat.

👤This was what it was supposed to be. It feels like it's good quality and I can roll out dough easily on a smooth surface. Pie dough can be rolled to the right size with the right measurement. I'm very happy with this item.

👤This is the best kitchen tool you can use. I make more things with crusts than I used to. Guide marks are so helpful- with the circles in the center, I can roll out the size of the pie I need, or use the rulers on the sides to roll out the length I need. It limits the mess of making sugar cookies. The clean up is great. I fold it up so the flour stays inside, and then wash it with soapy water. I don't have to clean sticky dough off my counter. I made dinner rolls with my mom over Christmas. I used to think that she used the counter like I used to. I had forgotten how to clean up all that mess. I ordered one of these mats for her.

9. Kitzini Silicone BPA Free Rolling Cookies

Kitzini Silicone BPA Free Rolling Cookies

Made in the USA. Make it easy. A Kitzini mat has a superior non slip surface. Stays still while you work. Pizza dough can be used with a dough roller. The pastry mat stops the bases from drying out. Perfect pre-position. The conversion charts are on the silicone pastry mat. The temperatures, volume, weights, and dimensions are used for precise ruled edges. Kitzini mats for baking make it easier to bake. No pantyhose. Their extra large baking sheet is made from a fiberglass core, which makes it heat distribute for a perfect bake. Their mat can hold temperatures from -40 F to 480 F, perfect for baking tools. Be a star baker. Kitzini baking mats are 0.75mm thick and last for 3,000 bakes. The thicker the mat, the better. This large sheet of Silicone will keep your work surface clean. Why did the chef choose KitZINI? Their baking accessories are easy to clean and ready for reuse. Kitzini is a small British business that brings professionally styled baking supplies and a pinch of happiness into your kitchen with its easy pastry and bread baking supplies.

Brand: Kitzini

👤I don't usually write reviews unless the product is so impressive that I want others to know about it too, and I want buyers to be warned. I am completely impressed by this product. Wow, it explains it in a way. I recommend this product to all pastry bakers and anyone else that needs a workspace mat that won't move around while you're working. The mat is easy to use and to clean, and it folds up to be easily stored away. It stays firmly in place while rolling out dough and the easy-to-read measuring guide printed on it makes it a breeze to roll out the perfect size dough every single time. Cleanup is easy because you fold it up to keep your mess out of the trash. Simply wiping it with a dishrag or soft sponge is all it takes to wash it. I am buying this mat for each of my daughters and future daughters-in-love as Christmas gifts this year, because I am so impressed by it and its high-quality. This mat is great for pastry bakers and could be used as a craft mat for both children and adults. The mat holds firmly in place and is great for protecting your table with little crafter. It is large enough to be used for finger-painting without the paints getting onto your table. I'm getting a second one for myself because I'm so impressed with this product. You can't go wrong with this product. Absolutely amazing. Five stars isn't enough. I would give it more stars. It was added to add a warning. I was very disappointed to see that the mat had begun to tear in the middle of the mat, after using it for 3 months. The mat was folded into this square, which I loved. I put it back on the top shelf of the under cabinet where I store my hand mixer, rolling pins, etc., but I always made sure that it was not sharp or that anything was on top of it. It could be placed on its side because it was so lightweight. I usually read through the lower rated reviews when I look at others pictures, but I didn't look at them. My second mistake was folding the mat up after each use, just like it was shipped to me, because I loved how convenient it was to store it like that. I feel like the chance of ripping it would have been less if I had rolled the mat up and stored it that way. My rating has been lowered to 4 stars because of this tear. I will most likely order a new mat in the very near future because this one is still amazing in my eyes. I hope that the manufacturer will find a way to make the tear even stronger so that it won't happen to other people. Please be aware of this design flaw.

👤I wanted to shape the dough on the mat. I used it twice and didn't cut it. There is a tear in the middle, even though it has never been in the oven or dishwasher. The mat is small but not durable. I wouldn't recommend it. Returning and exchanging it. I will update this review if the next one works well. Amazon sent me another one. The middle was split in two. I am going to try a different brand.

10. OXO Good Grips Silicone Baking

OXO Good Grips Silicone Baking

The steel design is the ideal weight to press dough. Cut down on the clean up by replacing the paper with the OXO Good Grips Silicone Baking Mat. The non-stick baking and roasting surface is made from food-safe silicone. Silicone and fiberglass constructions provide structure. It's perfect for half-sheet pans. The dishwasher and oven are safe.

Brand: Oxo

👤I like most of the OXO products, but this one is not up to par. I found rolling out pastry to be terrible, even with chilled pastry, well-made and well-flagged, the pastry still stuck when rolling out. I used a pastry knife to get it off. This product is worse than useless because it sticks to this worse than my plain counter top. Non-stick is what Silicon is for. I think it works well on advertisements. Good old fashioned pastry cloths will work infinitely better if you keep them.

👤I don't know if I can compare the 2, but these work great for cutout cookies. It's super easy to clean up. The reason I gave 4 stars is the size. The Nordicware cookie pans are in the bottom of the mat. Maybe it's the cooke pans fault, and they would be better in a different brand tray. They are a game change, I was struggling with some of the recipes that were still spreading more than desirable. I have not had an issue since I bought these.

👤I had to purchase a second pasty mat as I used a knife to cut my ball of dough in half on the mat. There was a slice in the middle of my mat. Learn from my mistake. I love the mat. I clean my dishes by hand, but if you have a dishwasher, it's a lot easier.

👤I love this mat. It was great for making noodles, pasta dough, and pies. The bench scraper is unnecessary for the purpose of scraper since the silicone does a good job at preventing the dough from sticking without you having to add additional flour or oil. I haven't put this in the oven yet, but the instructions for the temperatures and whatnot are printed on the sheet in case I ever want to. It's easy to clean, even with butter and dough crusted on it, it dries quickly, and the bottom sticks to any surface I've put it on. The length is perfect for large quantities. I bought the OXO version on Amazon because I wanted a quality sheet that was name brand and not something you could find wholesale from China. It has held up well so far, and I expect it to last for a while.

👤The board I used for pastries was getting old and difficult to clean so I bought a mat. The Good Grips Silicone Pastry Mat kept my dough from sticking to it. The size was perfect because I roll out long and narrow dough. It is easy to clean. My old board had a lot of space. The mat is in place while the person works on it.

👤The Folksy Super Kitchen pastry mat and the OXO one were compared. The OXO is easy to clean and does a better job of sticking to the table while being able to work with food. The OXO is a bit thinner than the Folksy Super Kitchen mat, which could make it more challenging to handle in general, but its performance outweighs that. I've only handled bread dough so far, so that's all I can say. The dough does a good job so far.

11. OXO Good Grips Non Stick Rolling

OXO Good Grips Non Stick Rolling

Their classic size has a smaller option. The ILAG coating is non-stick. Dough can be chilled to keep it from getting too soft. The raised, offset handles keep knuckles away from the surfaces. The handles are comfortable. It's perfect for rolling large crusts and sheets of cookie dough. The steel design is the ideal weight to press dough.

Brand: Oxo

👤The rolling pin does its job well and I am happy with it. I would expect more from the Oxo product line. The pin is too light and requires more force to flatten doughs. The handles are flimsy and give me worry that they will let me down in the future. It's easy to clean and the bend on the handles makes it more ergonomics than a rolling pin. Since the pin is so light, you'll be using the extra ergonomics to push down a lot.

👤The only thing I have an issue with is how long it is. I found a shelf where the rolling pin can fit. Nothing sticks to this thing with a little flour. It works well in the top rack of my dish washer. I'm willing to work around the length if it works well. I'm happy that my baking doesn't get messed up by this.

👤The rolling pin is easy to clean. It's dishwasher-safe, but usually not. A quick rinse and a wipe with a paper towel is all that is needed. One tip, despite the non-stick surface, is to sprinkle a little flour on your dough before rolling to avoid sticky stiuations.

👤The roller is a lot lighter than I thought it would be. My husband and I make bread twice a week and it doesn't show signs of wear after being washed and used. If you are too lazy to care for wooden kitchen tools, it is a great purchase.

👤The rolling pin is great for sore hands. It's lightweight, but still works well. It's very easy to wash. The size is larger than I expected, and the handles are very comfortable.

👤My wife said that her wooden pins stuck to her dough no matter how much flour she used. This is no longer an issue for her.

👤The wooden rolling pins can split in the dishwasher, making it difficult to wash and keep them clean. I used to have a ceramic one that I could put in the freezer or the dishwasher, but it broke when it rolled off the counter. The Oxo rolling pin is dishwasher safe, affordable, and can be put in the freezer as needed, making it a great option for people who don't have a lot of money. I don't have to worry about my fingers hitting the dough as I roll because of the offset handles.

👤It seemed like it would be good, but dough stuck to it. It doesn't hold flour like a wooden rolling pin, so there's not much that can be done Otherwise it is fine. Overpriced.

👤It is just as good as it gets. If you place the wooden rolling pin in the freezer before using nothing, it will stick to it. The purchase was well worth the investment. I would recommend this product.

👤I wish I had known about it earlier. My life was stress free because of excellent rolling.

👤If you need a lightweight pin, this is great.

👤The best rolling pin we use in our restaurant is the best one we've used before, but it didn't last long for commercial use and light weight is bonus.


What is the best product for baking mat for rolling out dough oxo?

Baking mat for rolling out dough oxo products from Weguard. In this article about baking mat for rolling out dough oxo you can see why people choose the product. Folksy Super Kitchen and Oxo are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking mat for rolling out dough oxo.

What are the best brands for baking mat for rolling out dough oxo?

Weguard, Folksy Super Kitchen and Oxo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking mat for rolling out dough oxo. Find the detail in this article. Kpkitchen, Dltsli and Digiroot are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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