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1. Non Slip Silicone Measurements Rolling Fondant

Non Slip Silicone Measurements Rolling Fondant

100% satisfaction service. They want to provide you with the best non-stick baking mats with trusted customer service. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions. Premium Silicone and fiberglass are used in the food grade Silicone sheet. It's safer and softer. The temperature can be high from -45F to 450F. It is safe to use in the oven or freezer. The mat will protect your food from bad things. The non-stick silicone baking mat is easy to use and convenient for baking. The best baking pad is NON-STICK. The pastry mat can be cleaned up even if grease sticks to it. It can realize complete bonding to the countertop and won't slip and slide around. There is double toxicity and resilience. The mat is almost twice as thick as other mats. The mat was reinforced with fiberglass. It will not roll up at the edages. It is very difficult to slide around as you roll the dough. This silicone pastry making mat has a large non-stick surface for preparing all kinds of pie crust,pizza dough,pastries and fondant. It's a perfect size for baking, which makes it easy for everyone, even the one with no experience. You will save a lot of time using this. The large non stick sheet is easy to clean and store. Even burnt sugar and fat falls off or leftover dough, without the inevitable clean up, just a quick wipe down, rinse the mat in warm soapy water or throw in the dishwasher, No more scrubbing,So easy! It is valued for its easy to clean surface.

Brand: Dania & Dean

👤I'm Hi. I returned it because it was too big, but it slid all over the table like I do on ice. I don't want that, I have my grandmother's mat and it slides, the last time I made noodles, they almost got dumped on the floor. I wanted a mat that was sticky, stay put, and I like the way this one grab hold of the table and never move. Perfect! It's soft, flexible and easy to fold up, it stays where you put it! I'm happy! The price was great. This is the mat that you want if you don't want a mat that slides. It seems to be very durable. I took a chance. I wish I'd had that many years ago. There is fire.

👤I liked the big size of this mat. I bought a different brand of a smaller size for smaller projects. I like the large size. The counter isn't shifting all over the place because the mat grips it. It is easy to clean and can be put back into storage. I don't like that stuff sticks to it. I thought I would be able to roll out pie, biscuit, or cookie dough without using a lot of flour, but no such luck. The mat sticks more than my old Tupperware mat because there isn't enough flour under the dough.

👤I was looking for a mat that would hold up over time. I was very pleased with this mat. The mat is similar to my old one. It is large and has circle guides in the middle that are both inches and cm. I was able to roll out pastry without the mat sliding. It was easy to clean with soap and water. It is very similar to the Roulpat in every aspect.

👤I need a pizza mat that I can stretch a pizza on. The quality is very good and it has some thickness to it, so you don't have to be afraid of cutting on it. It stays on my granite countertop and doesn't move once it's down. I roll mine up when I store it. The conversion charts on the mat are nice.

👤I have been using a pastry mat for several years and purchased this mat to replace it. My old mat had to be rolled and stored in a tube, which made it difficult to store, as the mat would not stay flat. I had to tape it to my counter because it had a tendency to move and it was non-stick. The mat came in a box and as soon as I shook it, it sprung out and made its way to my counter, which was completely flat and non-skid. The larger size and non-stick surface make it easier to handle dough. I'm looking forward to many years of enjoying my new mat.

👤I bought this for my girlfriend because she just recently started baking. She loves it. She had a larger baking sheet. Is this for professional use? It was larger, thicker and nicer than her old one. Make sure you have enough to stay over. It was rolled up in a small box.

2. 4 Piece Silicone GUANCI Reusable Macaroon

4 Piece Silicone GUANCI Reusable Macaroon

The kitchen counter mat is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. It's possible to store by folding or rolling up. The food grade SILICONE is 100%. The baking mat has passed a certification. It means that you can use it with confidence. They provide even heat distribution because they incorporate fiberglass mesh inside of food grade silicone. The smell and smoke from the baking mat will not be strange. Non-stick and heat-resistant. The mat is non-stick. The food won't stick to the mat when baking. The silicone pastry mat can be used in ovens, microwaves, andfreezers. It can bake all kinds of food. It can be cleaned with a small amount of soapy water. The burnt sugar and fat will fall off easily. Put it in the dishwasher. This can save a lot of time. The thickness of the backing mat is 0.7 MM. Baking mats of this thickness are more durable. The dough won't be moved orwrinkled when it is kneaded on the mat. The baking mat can be changed many times. What you get. A set of backing mats. 2Pcs The baking mat has a size of 16-1/2" x 11-5/8". thickness A piece of baking mat with a thickness of 0.7 MM. The pizza mat is 0.7 MM in thickness. The 2Pcs Silicone storage band is a gift for you.

Brand: Guanci

👤My wife bakes. She creates an explosion in our kitchen that almost isn't worth a 3 layer chocolate espresso mousse cake. She uses these liners because they are easy to clean and roll up nicely. Storage is an issue when you aren't a kajillionaire and you are married to a woman who has 2 stand mixers so being able to not have floppy mat things everywhere is almost as important as them working, which they do.

👤Silpat brand Silicone baking mats are very expensive and I have been using them for years. I needed a new knife because my son decided to use a knife on one of my baking mats. I felt like I was reading a book with my face and feeling. I have to say I love this brand. I use the mats every day to cook because we are vegan and roasted vegetables are the bomb. The mats have held up well when I have my heat set to 450 degrees. The mats are non stick, clean well when I wash them, and have been doing great in the dishwasher so far. I am not a baker, so I didn't buy them for that reason, but seeing how easy it is to make cookies and rolling dough, I might try it soon. It was great having a large mat to measure the size of the pizza I was making. It was very easy to roll the dough. I would definitely buy this product.

👤I bought this set because I needed a replacement half sheet pan mat. When I saw this set, I was really excited about the fact that I could make bread without getting my counter dirty and the large mat with the pie dough guides. It comes with things that will keep the mats rolling up. I didn't think I'd ever use a 9 inch round mat, but the other day it turned out to be very handy to cover a bowl.

👤I didn't have luck fitting any of the baking sheets I already had, but they were advertised as work just as advertised. I thought my sheets were large.

👤There is no rocket science required. Before use, wash with soap and water. You are good to go if you are dry. You need to rest on a bendy surface for ease of use. It's easy to slide into and out of the oven if I drop on an existing tray. It is easy to clean up. You don't need to grease when I store in my oven because it's not in use.

👤I loved the variety of sizes. I used the one with circles to bake the macarons.

👤Silicone pads are much easier to use than aluminum foil. It makes it easy to remove food.

👤There are a lot of shapes and sizes. I own a stove and oven combo. I couldn't get my cookie sheets to work. It's easier to adjust the heat and get the same consistency when I put these on the cookie sheets. There will be no more burnt cookies. It's easier to clean-up with these.

3. HOTPOP Silicone Baking Non Stick Rolling

HOTPOP Silicone Baking Non Stick Rolling

100% SATISFACTION 100% customer satisfaction is what they want. Please contact them if you have any questions. They will try to solve them for you. Ensure replacement or refund for quality issues. Their colorful varieties offer you many options and guarantee that your food comes out of the oven sweet and salty. The half sheets measure 18.6 x 18.6 inches, while the quarter sheets are 18.6 x 18.6 inches. Enjoy a healthier meal. Their best grade Silicone macaron mat eliminates the use of cooking sprays, butter, grease and oils in your meal, reducing the number of calories in your meal. Their improved mat will keep you and your family healthy. It's easy to clean because of its potential non-stick nature. It is possible that burnt sugar and fat can fall off on their own. It's very easy to wash, just rinse the mat in warm soapy water. You can use a dishwasher. The mat always comes out looking new after every wash. The premium baking mat is 100% reliable and can be used by anyone. This mat is 0.75mm thick and will ensure that your cookies and pastries are baked to perfection. The baking mat can be used in ovens, microwave ovens, freezers, and dishwashers. Quality not quantity is what they believe in as a brand. The baking mat is made to standard. This is the best baking mat you will ever use. If you get a full refund, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Brand: Hotpop

👤These mats are great for baking. It is easy to clean up.

👤I made my first round of french macarons. I used the matts more as a size guide. They are very thick and flexible. I was happy with my purchase. And even more so with my food!

👤I returned the order for a replacement because one of the pads was not coated properly and the mesh was exposed in a small part of the mat. You don't want the fiberglass reinforcement to make it into your food if you check your pads as soon as you get them. The fiberglass is sealed inside the silicone layers, which makes it safe. If the mat is damaged, throw it out. I decided to put them in the oven to see how it works. I put them in the oven at 450. They smoke, which is odd. It looks like the heat bakes the mats. I don't know if this is normal because I have never owned these types of pads. I would guess not. When it's cooked, the fibers under the silicone turn light brown and the silicone starts to brown a bit. The mats are less sticky and don't smoke anymore. I'm not sure why they don't put them in an oven before selling to get rid of the coating that smokes off. It would make the experience more pleasant for customers. The mats are light brown. My guess is that the manufacturers expose them to heat before selling. The price of these is cheap, so that step was not included. I recommend you wash them and bake them, and wash them again before using. They become light brown once you do that, and they work well.

👤I like the way that it comes with a 2 size mat, so I don't need to cut it myself, the mat is good and the price is good. The mat did not get out of shape or curve on the edge after I baked the macaroons.

👤It's perfect for macarons. The only thing I would change is to offer the mats separately.

👤We are a bit of a foodie family. That has gone up during the Pandemic. New recipes and cooking shows are always interests of ours. The more we investigated, the more we were interested in the "Silpat" baking mats. The mats are much cheaper than Silpats. You also get two smaller mats in addition to the two full size mats. These mats are great for all baking uses. They prevent food from burning on the tray. They are easy to clean up even if you are baking on them. I love how good my muffins are when I use them. They're great when roasted on them. We've been using them for a while now. We tend to cook at home when there is a flu. These are good quality mats. These mats are very good. I don't think the Silpat mats would be worth the price upgrade. Maybe for a chef. We are not pro cooks. These mats are very good. Get some.

4. STATINT Non Stick Vegetables Eco Friendly Dishwasher

STATINT Non Stick Vegetables Eco Friendly Dishwasher

Making accessories for a baker. Their sheets provide consistent heat distribution for bakes and no soggy bottoms. Kitzini is a small British business that brings professionally styled baking tools and accessories to your kitchen. The Silicone Mat for Baking is a must-have kitchen tool for any baker, it provides even heat distribution for food that helps you cook foods more efficiently and get higher-quality baking like a pro. The new design of the cooking surface is heat resistant up to 446F to make it easier to bake cookies, candies, meats, or even fruits and vegetables without relying on unhealthy flour, fats, oils, or sprays. Silicone baking sheet is food-grade and can be used for baking foods, kneading or rolling dough, creating crisp pizza or French fries, and making healthier foods for you, your family, and your guests with long- lasting reliability. Their heat resistant baking mats can be washed with soap water or placed in the top rack of the dishwasher, making it easier to reuse for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. If you don't want to spend a long time cleaning your baking trays, their Silicone mat makes it easier to bake. 100% satisfaction service. They want to provide you with the best non-stick baking mats with trusted customer service. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Statint Window Films

👤Silicone pan liners are an essential part of my kitchen. I like that I am leaving less in the landfill by not lining pans with foil, because I do a lot of oven roasting. I also use for baking cookies. There are two dedicated to roasting and baked goods. I don't use a different mat for baking because the one I use for roasting gets quite oily and it's impossible to get the cooking oil off completely. I use the baking mat to cut out sugar cookies.

👤There is a quality control issue that has been noted in other reviews. I baked ocean rolls on all three rolls, the same pans, the same oven, and the mats were clean. One of them is stained and won't come clean no matter what I do. The cinnamon sugar is part of the mat color. I have had Silpat for over 10 years and they are great for the price. If you are going to use them a lot, you might want to spend more on Silpat.

👤I had some baking sheets that were not normal. It was easy to fit these in my baking sheets. After cooking, the food slides off. They are easy to clean. Sometimes I put them in the dishwasher. They are easy to clean. There was no scrubbing on food. I recommend them for roasting a lot of vegetables.

👤These seem like a good way to cook with, but they will not clean after using them, and there will be a film over it that won't come off. My food tasted like soap this evening. When I messaged Amazon to ask about the item, I was told that I had to rerun it in order to get a new one. The person told me that it could be a defect. I was not sending anything back. I wanted to know how to clean it better. I put dawn dish soap in my dishwasher and it will not come clean. I would love to recommend this but it is a waste of money.

👤After using Silicone baking mats several times, I can say with certainty that I will never use parchment paper again for cooking. The mats arrived undamaged. After washing them, they were flattened out and put on dish towels to dry. They fit perfectly in my baking sheets. The paper sliding around while you are trying to drop cookie dough or turn chicken is a big problem for anyone who cooks and bakes with it. You want to pay attention to the surface of the mats because food can easily be cleaned but you don't want to mess with it. I've used all three of them several times and they look as good as when I unpackaged them. Chicken wings are a staple at our house and even at 450 on the mats they look new. Would buy them again.

👤It worked perfectly when laying over the bottom of my cookie sheet, even though it was a bit smaller than standard size. The cookies turned out perfect. The next step is to get a large sheet. It doesn't seem like a valid option to cut to size. The outer box was used for kitchen utensils. The package presentation could be improved.

5. Gorilla Grip Original Professional Dishwasher

Gorilla Grip Original Professional Dishwasher

The baking mat is made from recycled paper and is resilient enough to handle metal utensils and save money on foil. Nonstick means that your food won't stick to your baking pans or aluminum foil while in the oven, and these easy to use baking mats help make baking easier than ever before. Baking mats offer a tough layer of protection against messy ingredients, helping to keep your baking pans clean and reduce the amount of time you have to clean them. The baking mats are designed to help, but they can resist high temperatures without worry, and do not use on smelks. These mats are made from food grade Silicone and are slip resistant, dishwasher safe, and can be tightly rolled to allow for easy storage. The mats help provide an even baking surface for your ingredients, helping to prevent burned edges and bottoms, and giving you better tasting food.

Brand: Gorilla Grip

👤These mats are very nice. I like that they come in a variety of colors to match your kitchen decor, they are easy to clean, and they are rated for higher heat than most other mats. These small ones fit my sheet pans well. I use a lot of aluminum in my baking because it doesn't retain heat and helps things bake more evenly. I like using mats with my pans. Adding an extra layer of insulation keeps heat more evenly distributed. They are budget friendly. I don't have to throw away the paper. 3. They are easy to clean. They protect my baked goods from aluminum ingestion. The mats are flexible and sturdy, perfect for removing baked goods without using much release agent. I used them with sugar cookies and they were easy to pull away from the mat. They run a bit more in price than other brands, but it's worth it.

👤Strong. I love the design. Good material. There was no smell or feel. After unrolling, the flat was well laid. Holds hot stuff. Stick to the product won't slip on metal. Looks good. I would buy it again. I got the two pack because I only needed one. I already have a spare.

👤I bought these as replacements for the ones I have had for a long time. They work well.

👤I've been using these mats for nearly daily. I'm glad there are two in each pack because some things can stain or make an odor that takes several washes to fade. The mat smells like fish and tomato sauce stains it. The tomato stain won't come out, but it doesn't matter.

👤I was impressed with how good they were packaged. I washed them right away and they feel good. Two of these would fit on a big baking sheet. Will post after trying them, but only if there is a negative outcome. There are no smells or flaws. Will post after trying them, but only if there is a negative outcome.

👤They were bought in the half sheet pan size. I really wanted to keep them clean because the bright and colourful stuff doesn't stick. I have been washing and trying to keep the stains off. Even putting them in the dishwasher didn't get the stains off. I wanted them to stay clean. They pick up burnt stuff that is stuck in the baking sheet and that won't come off. They work in cookies, roasting vegetables and other things that don't stick.

👤It works with my oven pans. It is durable and effective.

👤I bought these mats for my AirFryer. They help catch drips, but the heat from the AirFryer has scorched them. I think the mats have a coating on them to keep food from sticking. It's well washed and fits the fryer trays perfectly. I have nothing to compare them to. Only a few of the AirFryer trays fit.

6. GUANCI Silicone Baking Sheets Quarter

GUANCI Silicone Baking Sheets Quarter

We back their products with a lifetime warranty. They offer the food grade Silicone for many years. The baking mat is made of reinforced fiberglass and food grade silicone. The finished baking mat won't smell or smoke under 482C, and the white fiberglass won't turn yellow after 4 hours at High Temperature 540C Vulcanization Process. The best NON-STICK baking mat is made of food grade Platinum silicone, which is anti-slip and easy to clean. A little soap and water is all you need to clean it, no scrubbing or soaking, even burnt sugar and fat falls off of it. Please dry it before you store it. The Silicone baking sheet is almost double thicker than most baking mats which are too thin and soft. The kitchen bread mat is thick and hard to move as you roll out the dough. The pastry mat is double-side using. The kitchen mat is called the GuANCI. 1/2Pcs The mat is 16x11-5/8" and 0.7MM in thickness. The non-stick quarter baking mat has a thickness of 0.7 MM. The pizza baking mat has a thickness of 0.7 MM. The printing square baking mat has a size of 8-1/4" x 8-1/4" and a thickness of 0.7 MM. Silicone pastry mats are heat- resistant and are suitable for dishwasher/oven/microwave oven/freezer.

Brand: Guanci

👤I was sick of using aluminum foil and getting the brown film from cooking spray so I bought these. These are amazing! They are easy to roll up and store away. If you are sick of ruined pans and aluminum foil, you should get these.

👤It is easy to clean and use. My smoke detector went off a few times when I used oily cookies and deserts, I have to be careful.

👤I have bought many Silicone pads for myself and gifts over the years. They work well for my baking and help keep my biscuits and cookies from getting burned when using dark pans. I decided to try this brand because it seemed like a good deal during these lean times. I was very disappointed to learn that the round and square ones do not fit into a standard pan. The other sizes fit my pans well, and I will find other uses for those that don't. I will buy the SILPAT brand in the future.

👤These baking sheets are great. I started using the paper a long time ago but it's not easy to use in a pan. I am trying to use products that do not kill trees. I am trying to do my part. These sheets fit all of my baking sheets and pans and make it easy to clean them up. Baking cookings come off the sheet without being destroyed. I roast veggies with them and they come out perfect. I am sure I qualify for Americas Wort Cook so that says a lot. I highly recommend.

👤I have only tried to use these twice and both times the smell came out of my oven. It smelled bad and when I opened the oven my eyes felt like they were stung by a chemical. Maybe they needed to be washed more thoroughly.

👤I bought the set for the round mats. They don't fit. Too big. They can't be worked on to fit. Not happy with that. I used a large mat for baking cookies and it worked well.

👤I love the way these save my baking sheets from being ruined by food, even melted cheese, because food just slides right into my spatula. They're good to use again and again if I just give them a soapy sponge or cloth and rinse with warm water.

👤I was surprised at how well these work to keep the baking sheet clean. It's nice to not have to remove cookie bits. The spacing circles help me not to over size my cookie dough. I use my medium baking pan more than the large one, so I may have to get a medium sized silicone sheet. I think I will stick to my larger spatula and bristle brush, it's more out of use preference than anything. Storage is much easier with the wrap around belts.

7. Zulay Kitchen Silicone Baking Sheet

Zulay Kitchen Silicone Baking Sheet

Their baking mats are easy to clean and prevent messes from getting into casseroles or pies. The mats are non-stick and can be washed with soap and water. They are dishwasher safe, too. Silicone baking mats make baking so much easier. The secret is out, you have seen them used on cooking shows. They work! The thin sheet helps to make a bake with no plastic taste. Re- bake and reduce your spending. You save money and time by using these baking sheets. Baking with non-stick sprays, aluminum foil, and parchment paper is not necessary. It is non-stick. The baking mat is perfect for all kinds of food. It's water-resistant component allows you to bake a variety of pan recipes in a wide range of ovens. Silicone baking sheets are designed to distribute heat evenly for consistent and reliable bakes, with no burned or undercooked areas. Money won't be the only thing you save- time is precious to all cooks. You won't have to worry about messy ovens or dirty pans. This baking sheet cuts clean-up time in half with just one wash and rinse, or even a run through the dishwasher. It was little to no scrubbing. It can be rolled up for easy storage. Zulay guarantees no hassle with a lifetime guarantee on the baking silicone mat. If there are ever any issues with this product, please contact them and they will make it right. This product will live up to your expectations if you order now. If it does not, they have your back. Chances are, you won't need to reach out.

Brand: Zulay Kitchen

👤I made caramelized, sweet, roasted pecans on these mats. The baked-on sugar and pecans lifted off the mats easily. It was very easy to clean up. I roasted the red beets. I was worried that the mats would get stained. The mats were easy to wipe off and the beets did not stain. Very impressed. I would recommend them to a friend. Some reviews smelled funny to me. I didn't smell anything when I got them. I washed them in soapy water. I put them in the oven for 15 minutes before using them. I didn't notice a funny smell. Baking mats are becoming one of my favorite kitchen necessities as I like to roast vegetables. I would buy them again.

👤These are easy to clean, but they become hard to clean. I have scrubbed until my fingers are completely dry, but there are still extremely sticky grease stains that won't come out no matter what I do. They are non stick, but I worry if I use them too often that they will be ruined. Let me know if anyone has ideas on how to clean.

👤I wanted to stop buying the paper. I put them through the dishwasher and made a bunch of cookies. The cookies were very strong in taste. It's really disgusting. The cookies were ruined and I threw them out.

👤These are too narrow for a standard 1/2 sheet pan. They work, though, and cutting them down wasn't a problem. Silpat is about a quarter the price, but they are not as sturdy. I missed the Silpat mats on Prime day, but am glad I did. I assumed the mats were junk, but they met with a furry, four-legged accident and I needed to replace them quickly. I would buy them again. I made 12 dozen cookies and a couple dozen bagels and they came through with flying colors.

👤The best baking mat I have yet. Fast delivery.

👤The size of a standard sheet pan is not what these are. They are shorter. They are easy to clean.

👤They are perfect for baking. The only downside is that they can't be used above 400 degrees. Most things I bake don't need high temperatures.

👤They popped up for a recommendation to buy something. Too many options can be frustrating. I finally bought some for my USA Pan cookie sheets. Preserve your people. The Zulay customer service is amazing and the big red Zulay juicer is awesome.

👤I have read some previous reviews. One person stated that their cookies smelled of soap after washing in a dishwasher. If you don't want the dishwasher to absorb a soapy smell, don't wash it in it. It's not surprising if it's in a hot, wet, soapy environment for 30 minutes. It gave off fumes and smoke. Before putting it in the oven, I recommend removing the plastic sleeve. What did you expect? I think it's a 7 out of 10. If I had the budget, I would have gone for a Silpat.

8. Silicone Measurements Non Stick Countertop Placement

Silicone Measurements Non Stick Countertop Placement

The dough rolling mat on the market is 0.2mm in thickness, but the Sapid Silicone pastry mat is twice thickness. The thicker pie mat is safe for the pastry/cookies cutter. pastry mats designed to prevent the flour or fondant from being spilled on the table. The baking mat is made of fiberglass and food grade Silicone, which doesn't include the vulcanizing agent. The kneading mat is ideal for dough rolls out/kneading, pizza, bread, pasta, cookies, pie crust, biscuit and fondant. The kneading mat has an anti-slip bottom. A non-stick pastry mat surface does not need to be used with oil or scrapers. When rolling out dough, this mat can be used to lay flat on the countertop. The pie mat can be firmly affixed to the smooth surface. The pastry mats are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Let the air dry and then rinse it with warm soapy water. It is great to save space by folding it or rolling it up. A hair tie is a gift. The mat is designed with inches and cm measurement marks. It's perfect for pastry/pie/dough roll out. The baking mats are suitable for surface protectors, such as a table/placement/countertop mat, freeze dryer mat.

Brand: Sapid

👤I was disappointed with the mat. What a waste of money. Don't believe the reviews if they say it doesn't slip around. I was not able to get this mat to stay put in place when I had to knead a wet dough despite adding lots of flour. The entire mat lifts off when you try to knead the dough. It is hard to clean. You will need to wash the dough off the mat. I would have to return it otherwise.

👤I own a business that makes custom sugar cookies and I needed something that wouldn't slip when I rolled them out. The mat is large enough that it stays in place. I wish my dough wouldn't stick to the mat. It has a sticky texture to it. I have to roll my dough between two pieces of paper. Overall, I am pleased with my purchase.

👤The mat is very useful when kneading breads. After making my own bread, I became tired of the mess left behind after I had finished kneading the dough. I ordered this mat, and it was a big difference. I don't have to use more flour to keep the dough from sticking. It is easy to wash. I like the printed rings on it. It works well when rolling out flour tortillas. This product is great for home bakers.

👤I used to have a version of this mat in Tupperware, but it was destroyed a couple of years ago. I had to find something because the kitchen in the rental house where I live doesn't have a countertop that I feel comfortable rolling things out on. This mat is easy to clean and it's easy to remove what you've rolled out on it. When you're ready to bake it. There's enough give that you're not abusing your dough as you roll, but it's not squishy. I'm happy with the results. There is a Oh my word! It comes with a rubberband dealie that you can roll up to store it without damaging it. Genius!

👤This is large enough to protect the counter from excessive flour. The mat is heavy enough to not slip around while working bread or cookies. It has nice circles for pies and cookies. I can't say that it works by experience, but it seems to be a good reinforced Silicon that could be used in the oven, if you had a huge oven, it doesn't fit in our normal sized wall oven. I wouldn't use sharp knives on it. I think it will work for what we want, bread, crusts and cookies, for many years to come. Nice!

👤The mat is very nice. I took note of the size before ordering it, but it's larger than I thought. The back of the mat has a non-slip surface, so it doesn't slide around when used. It's a bit thicker than I thought. Definitely not flimsy! It's easy to clean. It states that it's dishwasher safe, but I handwashed it. I used the mat to roll tortillas instead of using my countertops. The mess is contained in it. The dough didn't stick to the mat like it does the countertop. I used less flour on the mat than I would have used on the countertop to help reduce the stickiness. There is a feature on the mat that is printed on the circles with dimensions. There is a conversion list in the upper left corner. There are many times that I need to look up this information, even though it wasn't used for the tortilla recipe. A cook created this mat. 5 of 5 stars for quality, convenience, and ease of use.

9. U Taste Resistant Silicone Enhancement Measurement

U Taste Resistant Silicone Enhancement Measurement

We upgrade it, not just make it. They are a professional kitchenware producer. Customer reviews of similar products on Amazon are collected by U-Taste in order to offer better and eco-friendly cookware. The aim is to upgrade the products based on the data of the bad evaluation. The feature is heat resistant. They use food grade liquid silicone, the same material as baby nipple, to wrap fiberglass, which is more heat resistant and won't melt in your oven. No smells or smoke, meeting the needs of almost 10% of buyers. Even heat distribution is assured by the inner fiberglass weave. Even though you are making cookies or roasting veggies, it's not a concern. You don't need to worry that your cookies burned on half of the bottom of them because they were baked on top. The glue-dipping process is used for edge enhancement. After cutting out the required size, the edge will be soaked in silicone to prevent it from peeling off. The edge treatment is upgraded to twice glue-dipping process, which makes it more sturdy and won't peel easily. The thickness is not flimsy. You can use it for cooking. Also for baking, make biscuits, macarons, churros, icing practice, etc. Non-stick and non-slip. The baking liner is easy to clean. Once cooled, cookies and macarons pop off. It helps protect your baking pans and other items from food sliding off the non-stick surface. This feature is perfect for buyers' needs. It is easy to place in a pan and doesn't slide around like paper does. Both cm and inch are measured. The large inch and cm measurement markings along the edge are readable and friendly to older eyes. The circle guides do a great job of keeping the spacing perfect and the size just right, meeting 6.77% buyers' needs. Measure your pans. Half Sheets size is 16.50x11.66 inch, Jelly Roll Sheets size is 14.17x9.44 inch, and Quarter Sheets size is 11.75x8.25 inch.

Brand: U-taste

👤They distribute heat evenly and are easy to clean. My dinner guests loved them for their red borders and cookie drops, as well as the measurement around the borders. I am going to buy more. The product is great for a good price.

👤These were bought for baking one particular cookie and have been used for all the baking. There are 42 dozen different kinds. Whew!

👤These work are amazing. I made my first ever macarons and they turned out perfect. I let them cool off before I picked them up. I like to have something in the kitchen.

👤I used them with and without paper. It is recommended to spray with cooking spray. Great product.

👤After using the bottom oven rack, my cookies were burned on the top and bottom.

👤They don't stick. I use them in the oven for many things.

👤You need them in the kitchen. I have ever bought a best purchase for my kitchen. You will not regret it. It is easy to clean. It works better than wax paper. Money saver.

👤I haven't used it yet.

👤Does the job, cleans up and is non stick.

👤Ich ist die Backmatte eigentlich fr me. Pizzaboden verwendet, der ja bekanntlich ziemlich eigen ist. Im Mll gelandet, hierbei gab es keinerlei Geruchs- und Rauchentwicklung. Aussprechen.

👤I'm not sure why the listing says 400 C when it doesn't say the same on the box. It's not sure if it's worth it.

👤So far, so good. I've used it to make cookies and pizza. It stands up to a higher temperature than the recipes call for. A quality product.

👤I was very pleased with the mats. The layout for aid in dough placement is printed. Measurement on the sides help with the size of portions.

10. Silicone Quarter Non Stick Reusable Macaron

Silicone Quarter Non Stick Reusable Macaron

Good for products with low sugar content. The two-pack set of baking mats is made from food grade silicone that is oven safe to 230 degrees C and is convenient and healthy. Eliminate fat, grease, messy sprays, and expensive parchment paper by turning any half-sheet pan into a non-stick surface. The mats are designed for use in all types of ovens, and can be used with pans or sheets to improve the heat distribution and air circulation. 3HIGHLY VERSATILE-- The baking options are endless with these handy non-stick mats, including cookies, sticky caramels, gooey bread, or even baked fish. They are a baker's dream to prevent messes, catch drips and spill over from pies. Unlike other pans and baking sheets that are prone to scratches and wear, the mats are resistant to metal spatulas and utensils without damage. Eco-friendly mats can be used again and again, saving money on sprays, oils, and butter, and other standard pan and sheet preparation materials. Forget about scrubbing baked-on foods, and save time and effort with these mats that wipe clean with soap and water. Also dishwasher safe.

Brand: Qcqhdu

👤It's much easier to cut the paper than it is to cut it. My first baking mat was given to me several years ago by a professional chef. I wanted more so I could bake quickly. These fit perfectly, were easy to clean, and even survived an accidental trip under the broiler.

👤The mats work as they are described. I have used them to bake cookies many times and they do a good job. They are easy to clean and remain cool to the touch just after they leave the oven. They have a "sticky" feel that allows them to stick to whatever you put them in, and they will not move around. Great purchase for the money.

👤These are useful for baking rolls and other breads. The roasted vegetables didn't do as well. The sizes aren't right for our rating pans but they clean up well.

👤These Silicone Baking mats were great. They keep my cookie sheet clean and the cookies did not stick. I did not need to wash the cookie sheet because I cut the right size of paper. I would have liked to have had these for my Christmas cookies. Cookie bottoms were not burned.

👤The baking mats are easy to clean. I have never seen a food stick to the mats when I have used aluminum foil or parchment paper to line my baking pans.

👤It was very easy to clean. Use a soft cloth with dish soap to wash, not a brush or scratch pad. I just use hot water, a facecloth with a bit of Dawn and wash them, rinse and hang them from my clothesline. They have a greasy texture to them and have a small amount of bubbles in the mat, which are just slight defects. The cookies, scones, or whatever I'm baking are all gone. Absolutely love them. They are hot when they come out of the oven. They are still hot when they are out of the oven. Highly recommended.

👤I love them! They make it easier to clean. The corners are cut so that it is easy to get out of the pan. Fantastic! It is possible that anything that is on it finds this spot and causes more mess.

👤I bought these to replace some that I had been using for a long time, but I wasn't cleaning it up as well as I would have liked. I like the different sizes so that I can use them on full size baking sheets and smaller air fry ovens.

11. Silicone Baking Sheets Quarter Square

Silicone Baking Sheets Quarter Square

Making accessories for a baker. Their sheets provide consistent heat distribution for bakes and no soggy bottoms. Kitzini is a small British business that brings professionally styled baking tools and accessories to your kitchen. REPLACE PARCHMENT PAPER AND SAVE A LOT OF moolah! If you have been looking for a way to cut back on aluminum foil use, then you have found it. You will not have to measure and cut foil or paper to fit your baking sheets and pans anymore because their baking mats are re-usable, which means that you will save time and money. You help the environment because you don't have to throw them away. Clean up is a breeze. Their baking mats Silicone for baking sheets are dishwasher safe and easy to clean, so you can just put the mat into the dishwasher and forget about it. This is great because it means you won't have to clean your Silicone cookie sheet and Silicone mat pans. It's a great holiday gift for anyone who loves baking. Trusted! Their baking mats are made of 100% food grade safe silicone with a fiberglass core Guarantee which means they are non-toxic,BPA-free and have no plastic fillers. The mats are safe to use for any kind of food, won't set your smoke alarm off, and don't have any chemical taste or smell. Silicone baking sheets are the #1 choice for Amazon buyers. It's very easy to use. The mats have a non-stick surface and no food will stick to it. It's great because your cookies, pies, macarons, bacon will slide off easily, and you can peel them off the mats. Their mats are oven/microwave and freezer safe, which means you will be able to use them for any task. They can endure abuse and use up to 3000 uses under extreme conditions. Risk free! Does this come with a warranty? Yes! The 3-year extended warranty on your purchase of their cooking mats for baking is no question. If the product isn't for you, they'll give you a full refund. It's already on the way if you need a replacement. See why Amazon customers rate their mat.

Brand: Kpkitchen

👤These mats are not of the highest quality. They developed black charred spots on the first use on the sections that were exposed and no amount of scrubbing will remove them. This has happened with two of them. My other mats have never done this. I will never purchase anything made by this company again. I did not notice that this is the second product I have bought from this brand. I threw the packaging away when I tried to return them.

👤I bought this set so I could use it in different sizes. I'm enjoying them all. I used to bake sweet potatoes in the oven with foil or paper. I use one of my mats. It's a little more difficult than throwing away paper, but it's more eco-friendly. The mats are easy to clean. Food can easily be wiped off. I like the size of the mat for my pans. Great price too. I have only had them for a month, so I didn't rate them. We will see how they hold up. They're doing well so far.

👤The mat looks after scrubbing, dishwasher, scrubbing again, soaking in vinegar and dawn, scrubbing using a bartender friend, magic eraser, scrubbing. This is the third use after catching baked potato drippings.

👤So far, so good. I only used one of the mats once, for baking burger buns, but so far I have no complaints. The Made in China is the only downside. I tried to find out the product origin before buying, but it wasn't detailed.

👤I was so excited to receive them. The chicken stuck to the mat after being baked at 400 degrees. A mess to clean up. It would be much easier to use foil. I wish I could get a refund for these.

👤I replace my mats every year as they are heavily used and I have read that once they become difficult to clean, they should be replaced. This has been my favorite set so far... The round and square shapes are included in the set. They work and clean up. This appears to be a good value and a nice set. I don't have a round pizza pan.

👤I love these mats. The different sizes make me happy. It's quite a savings when you consider the different sizes. The quality of the product can be improved by the price. The mats use the same type of silicone. It's easy to clean. Wishing that this kitchen made a large mat for kneading bread. I can't imagine that would be great. I make a lot of Brioche and a pan with a traditional edge would be a bonus. You can also get baking tips in emails from the kitchen. Thanks to the person. You're the best.

👤2 of them were used 3 times. Set at 7 on my cooker. They have burned marks on them. I'm pretty sure the temp didn't reach 480 degrees for 7 and 4 minutes. There were still higher settings. I like that they are easy to clean and non stick. Sad that they look bad now. Will they remain easy to clean? Thank you.


What is the best product for baking mat silicone?

Baking mat silicone products from Dania & Dean. In this article about baking mat silicone you can see why people choose the product. Guanci and Hotpop are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking mat silicone.

What are the best brands for baking mat silicone?

Dania & Dean, Guanci and Hotpop are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking mat silicone. Find the detail in this article. Statint Window Films, Gorilla Grip and Guanci are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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