Best Baking Mats Silicone for Baking Sheets 10x11

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1. Stick Silicone Baking Quarter Macaron

Stick Silicone Baking Quarter Macaron

The large non stick sheet is easy to clean and store. Even burnt sugar and fat falls off or leftover dough, without the inevitable clean up, just a quick wipe down, rinse the mat in warm soapy water or throw in the dishwasher, No more scrubbing,So easy! It is valued for its easy to clean surface. Their mats give you many options. The mat is 0.75mm in diameter. It is long lasting. Baking liners made from liquid Silicone are more safe and food grade. The liquid silicone does not include the vulcanizing agent. Silicone baking mats are easy to clean and non stick. No more scrubbing! It has burnt sugar and fat on it. It is made from the highest food grade liquid silicone and the heat is from -40F to 485F. Premium mats are made from food grade silicone and are perfect for gift giving because they are durable and healthy.

Brand: Folksy Super Kitchen

👤This has saved my life, I can't believe it. You can cut it to fit different pans. I put it in a Pyrex to keep it from being washed. I use it in my conventional oven. Easy, easy, easy! It's easy to wash and doesn't hold oil or grease. I used coconut oil and olive oil. There was no grease build up. My baked goods have not been stained from being in the oven. It doesn't hold flavor or smell, no matter what you bake on it. Saving the planet one roll of aluminum at a time.

👤People are melting perler beads into dots. I was on a mission to order the beads. I used a piece of paper. The beads took a long time to melt. The beads did not peel off cleanly when the paper burnt. The paper was on the backs. I ordered some mats. The mats were not as thick as I expected. It worked better than the paper. If I got a good batches that didn't bake long, it worked well. The beads came off the mat. I kept baking the beads while waiting for the centers to close. I took the beads out of the oven after an hour. Let them cool down and peel off the ones that came off. I couldn't peel them off because they were stuck. I had to use force to get them off. I ordered a better quality mat. These are for baking cookies. These are small enough to fit on the pan of the oven. The thickness of the mats is shown in the description. I ordered this set because of that. The mats worked better. No problem removing the dots. I recommend them. I wouldn't use them for baking cookies after using them for melting beads. I was surprised that my first order was so small. If you don't have to melt the beads, they work well.

👤Absolutely wonderful product. I tried first to protect things from the heat in the oven. I had a potholder on the mat that was on the top of my new air fryer because the top gets hot. The other is on top of the microwave to keep it from rattling when the oven is on. I tried it inside the oven and it worked, I was tired of changing out tin foil. Did not get hot. All I had to do was put the grease back in the oven. It's definitely better than foil. The seller included a tie-back in case you want to roll the mats up for storage, which I thought was very thoughtful.

👤Silicone mats that fit the oven tray were what I wanted since I purchased the Air fryer. It's about an inch shorter in the width. The mats for baking cookies have circles imprinted on them and they are easy to clean. The only thing I experienced was a little smoking of the mat when there was no food on it. I don't recommend mats on a pan.

2. Gorilla Grip Original Professional Dishwasher

Gorilla Grip Original Professional Dishwasher

The baking mat is made from recycled paper and is resilient enough to handle metal utensils and save money on foil. Nonstick means that your food won't stick to your baking pans or aluminum foil while in the oven, and these easy to use baking mats help make baking easier than ever before. Baking mats offer a tough layer of protection against messy ingredients, helping to keep your baking pans clean and reduce the amount of time you have to clean them. The baking mats are designed to help, but they can resist high temperatures without worry, and do not use on smelks. These mats are made from food grade Silicone and are slip resistant, dishwasher safe, and can be tightly rolled to allow for easy storage. The mats help provide an even baking surface for your ingredients, helping to prevent burned edges and bottoms, and giving you better tasting food.

Brand: Gorilla Grip

👤These mats are very nice. I like that they come in a variety of colors to match your kitchen decor, they are easy to clean, and they are rated for higher heat than most other mats. These small ones fit my sheet pans well. I use a lot of aluminum in my baking because it doesn't retain heat and helps things bake more evenly. I like using mats with my pans. Adding an extra layer of insulation keeps heat more evenly distributed. They are budget friendly. I don't have to throw away the paper. 3. They are easy to clean. They protect my baked goods from aluminum ingestion. The mats are flexible and sturdy, perfect for removing baked goods without using much release agent. I used them with sugar cookies and they were easy to pull away from the mat. They run a bit more in price than other brands, but it's worth it.

👤Strong. I love the design. Good material. There was no smell or feel. After unrolling, the flat was well laid. Holds hot stuff. Stick to the product won't slip on metal. Looks good. I would buy it again. I got the two pack because I only needed one. I already have a spare.

👤I bought these as replacements for the ones I have had for a long time. They work well.

👤I've been using these mats for nearly daily. I'm glad there are two in each pack because some things can stain or make an odor that takes several washes to fade. The mat smells like fish and tomato sauce stains it. The tomato stain won't come out, but it doesn't matter.

👤I was impressed with how good they were packaged. I washed them right away and they feel good. Two of these would fit on a big baking sheet. Will post after trying them, but only if there is a negative outcome. There are no smells or flaws. Will post after trying them, but only if there is a negative outcome.

👤They were bought in the half sheet pan size. I really wanted to keep them clean because the bright and colourful stuff doesn't stick. I have been washing and trying to keep the stains off. Even putting them in the dishwasher didn't get the stains off. I wanted them to stay clean. They pick up burnt stuff that is stuck in the baking sheet and that won't come off. They work in cookies, roasting vegetables and other things that don't stick.

👤It works with my oven pans. It is durable and effective.

👤I bought these mats for my AirFryer. They help catch drips, but the heat from the AirFryer has scorched them. I think the mats have a coating on them to keep food from sticking. It's well washed and fits the fryer trays perfectly. I have nothing to compare them to. Only a few of the AirFryer trays fit.

3. Premium Stick Silicone Baking Mats

Premium Stick Silicone Baking Mats

Premium mats are made from food grade silicone and are perfect for gift giving because they are durable and healthy. The mats are 0.75mm thick and can be easily cut. It's for the quarter sheet pan of most Toaster Ovens. OVEN/MICROWAVE/DISHWASHER/FREEZER SAFE - DURABLE & LONG LASTING: It's flexible yet tear resistant, and designed to endure thousands of uses under extreme conditions of bitter cold and intense heat. The material is 100% first class. It's perfect for baking, kneading, rolling, candy, macaron, cookie, bun, bread making, and freezing meat balls, dumplings, and fruits and vegetables. Non-STICK is easy to clean. No more scrubbing! It has burnt sugar and fat on it. The mat should be washed in warm soapy water. You can use the dishwasher to wash it. Non-stick properties of the mat are unaffected by repeated multiple uses and washing cycles. It will be new again after every use and clean up.

Brand: Bogzon

👤These came with no instructions for use. I had to trust the online description from Amazon. They were used for six months, including the dishwasher.

👤I bought an air fryer. I wish I had found these before I used it. I put these under the air fryer basket to keep the mess out of the oven. They can be used to cover the baking pan. Does the trick. So far it has been very easy to clean up. They use a bit of soapy water. I put them in the dishwasher as well. They are 8X11. I would like them to be like 9x11. That is the only complaint I have. I knew what the size would be.

👤The larger version is so useful to have for just about anything in the oven. It makes the clean up much easier. It's easy to clean. They get a little stained with use, but that says they are doing their job. I have used them several times since I purchased them a few months ago, and they are just the size I was missing. I'm happy I have these in both large and small sizes. If you haven't used them yet, you will not want to cook without them.

👤They're OK, that's the best thing I can say. They are thin compared to some brands. After just two uses, there is an outline of the food. I would describe it as a flaw in it. These are okay for the price but I think they will end up in the trash. I will be looking for some by a name brand at a good price.

👤Some Silicone liners are better than others. These seem to have been made well. Thick in my Breville oven. It is easy to clean.

👤These mats are great. I used to bake chicken, fries, and other items in oil pans. There's no need now. We haven't had any food sticking since we used them. They take up a bit of space in the dishwasher. They seem to have a greasy smell to them. I still recommend them to everyone. I bought a pair for a family member who loved the idea.

👤I don't have to mess with flour on my countertops when I make biscuits or cinnamon rolls because I use these for prep. They are great for baking cookies, and they won't stick, that's without any butter or spray! They are a bit pricey. If you bake a lot, they will save you money in the long run. The need for paper for baking is eliminated. Recommended.

👤The order was received in October of 2019. The oven does not heat over 450 degrees. The mats were not washed off the parallel line marks. There were areas where thin silicone/plastic coating was scrubbed off. Both have now been trashed.

4. Culinary Couture Silicone Baking Non Stick

Culinary Couture Silicone Baking Non Stick

Their baking mat is perfect for half a baking sheet pan, it provides equal heat distribution. The bakeware set is the highest quality. It's the best in class quality and it's been used over 4,000 times. It's perfect in a half sheet pan. A great gift idea for the holiday season. The 0.75mm thickness is professional grade. The baking mat won't have flavors or odors. Everything cooks well. Food is delicious every time. Find out why the baker chose this. You don't need to grease your cookie sheet or baking pans with cooking sprays, oils, or aluminum foils again. Simply rinse off with warm soapy water and air dry. The days of using greasy pans are over. Silicone baking mats can be used thousands of times. The heat-resistant performance can be found in temperatures from -40 to 480 degrees. It is safe to use the microwave, oven, and freezer. Use as a cookie sheet liner, pastry mat, or just for rolling dough. It's a great wedding or birthday present. A bonus ebook cookbook is included with the ebook, which is valued at 10$. There are 35+ delicious cookie recipes in this package.

Brand: Culinary Couture

👤We ordered more baking mats from Culinary Couture, but they were not in original packaging, so we tried to return them, but they were not allowed to. Very disappointing. Do not recommend these mats. If an item is not good, most businesses will refunds the purchase price. Do not purchase from this company.

👤I bought 2 half sheet baking sheets and when I opened them, I found they were too skinny for a standard half sheet pan. And. It was a little too long. The corners are not cut off so it doesn't fall on the pan. I tried to return it, but it couldn't be. I have never heard of that before. I had to talk to support to get my money back.

👤We bought these mats a few years ago and have been using them ever since. One of our mats needed to be replaced. I found the previous order on Amazon and ordered two more replacement mats. I found out when I used one of the new ones that the manufacturer has trimmed the long side of the mats in the past. They are no longer a half baking sheet size. When ordering baking mats, beware of this change. Next time I need to order, I'll look for a different brand.

👤I looked at several different types of baking mats before buying them. They are not sticks. I no longer have to wrestle with the paper when I bake. Nothing has stuck so far. We use these almost every night of the week, from baking biscuits or fresh loaves of bread, to toasting nuts, broiling bacon, heating Appetizers, etc, and these stand up to it all. After 7 months of use, the mats have developed a nickel-sized stain but they still look new. We had to make a few adjustments in our cooking, similar to the adjustments you make when you switch to dark-colored pans. We have to take them out earlier than we would if we were using paper because of the risk of burning a biscuit's bottom. We keep the bake time the same but lower the temp. If the recipe says the cookies should bake at 400 degrees, we scale it back to 350 degrees, but if it says they should bake at 400 degrees, we should bake them at 350 degrees.

👤Do you hate when your potatoes stick to the baking sheet even if you use less oil? Do you enjoy using tinfoil? Our lives have changed a lot since we found these mats. They are used for everything from cookies to vegetables. Nothing sticks to these and it's easy to clean them up. The mats are made of anti-stick mats and they use olive oil. My wife and I are very fond of them. Baking sheets can get stuck on or burned. We don't need to put up with that anymore, we just clean around the edge of the mat, and we are good to go. Buy em!

👤The need for paper is eliminated. It helps bake cookies evenly. I bake a lot of cookies for Christmas. I usually freeze cookies on a mat and put them in a freezer bag.

5. Silicone Mats Non Macaron Rolling Bakeware

Silicone Mats Non Macaron Rolling Bakeware

Their baking mats are easy to clean and prevent messes from getting into casseroles or pies. The mats are non-stick and can be washed with soap and water. They are dishwasher safe, too. Baking mats are made of premium silicone and glass fiber. It is soft, durable and safe. There are two different sizes to cover your baking needs. There are two half sheets and one quarter sheet. Reusable over 30000 times is the best in class. Their bakeware can stand temperatures up to 250C/480F. The cooking mat is 0.75mm thick and can be used in a half sized baking pan and a quarter size pan. For the maximum size of 2.5''cookies and pizza from 5'' to 9'', 15 small circles and 5 large circles were used. It's perfect for making cute cookies, roasted veg, or marvellous macarons Pie Crust, Biscuit Buns,Pizza that slide off the mat easily. The non-stick surface of their mats makes them ideal for reducing calories in your meal. Their mats allow you to cook like a professional chef in your own home and make low fat meals that the whole family can enjoy. It's easy to clean without the mess. Cleaning baking trays can take a lot of time. Make your baking easy by removing the paper from the pan. It's easy to clean. Is it caramel? Roast potatoes? Keep the kitchen clean. Clean with warm soapy water. The chef's secret means less labour and more flavour. The premium silicone macaroon mat with box is a perfect gift because it is durable and healthy.

Brand: Ymwvh

👤I have used other mats on Amazon, but none came close to the quality of this one. When you fix it, thewrinkle will be perfectly flatten out as well. The most important thing is that the mat doesn't move while you work with dough. It's easy to clean. I want to stock this up now.

👤I use it to make pancakes. So happy that I bought this product. No need to use food wrap to cover the counter top. It's big enough for 50 dumplings. It is easy to clean.

👤The mat is a perfect size, I love it, I have to hang it to dry, because the surface stick together when it is wet.

👤Everything I wanted. Doesn't move at all and has good markings.

👤The best mat I have used. The mats that I have purchased in the past feel like thin plastic. They don't hold up and end up cracking. I just use a soapy sponge and hang on the kitchen faucet to dry the mat, it is dishwasher safe, but it is so easy to clean. If you are a baker, it is highly recommended.

👤It is easy to use and saves space. I enjoy it a lot. It's the best to make dumplings or sushi with it.

👤I have recently gotten into cooking with no background, and I wanted a good and affordable baking mat to knead my pizza dough on. I used it for the first time a few days. I was very impressed. The whole mat is larger than I thought, which is great for shaping the dough. The dough is made with the right size thanks to the measurements. The material of a gym ball is much thinner than the Silicone, but it does not feel cheap or flimsy. The mat is well placed to my counter top. I was surprised that my dough wasn't sticking to the mat as well. The mat wouldn't move even when I was kneading the dough. The dough scrapper is light and sharp and the spatula is small, but it's good. My recommendations. The mat is easy to clean, but it is difficult to wash if you have a small kitchen sink. I wash my mat in the shower so it doesn't get messed with in the kitchen. You can wash a small kitchen sink in the shower. You can wash it in the dishwasher, but it is too big for my dishwasher. > I don't recommend using a sharp knife to cut the dough. Make sure the scrapper is used. It is not super sharp or thin to cut the mat. > The mat has a smell similar to a gym ball when you first open it. Before you use it for the first time, wash it with hot water and soap. I bought another one for my mom because I am very happy with this mat. I recommend it to everyone.

👤The first thing I notice when I look at some of these things is the smell. This is odorless. Any food grade item should be. I will make a new review for durability once I use it. I only had a scraper for dough on my countertop, so I appreciated the two extras that came with it. I am a 5 year bread maker when using new gadgets. When I first saw it, I didn't know what it was. I thought of another pastry thingy. My husband asked when it arrived, I didn't know. I wouldn't have guessed it was a tie for the mat... I would have used it to cinch something I baked. Knocking the walls down. I get a tingle in my brain when I learn something new. Happy baking people!

6. AmazonBasics Silicone Baking Mat Sheet

AmazonBasics Silicone Baking Mat Sheet

Clear bags are ideal for instant icing color identification. When you open the package, the decorating tips, bags and scraper are at the bottom of the cake turntable. Baking mats for easy and convenient baking, roasting and food prep. Nonstick silicone is odorless and doesn't need grease, cooking sprays, or paper to release food. The oven is safe up to 480 degrees F. It's easy to clean with soap and warm water. The baking mat is approximately 18.6 x 16 inches.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤These are substandard products according to others. After using 350 for making English muffins, both of mine have become useless. The last batches stuck badly, and the silicone appears to have been transferred to the high-end baking pans. Attached are photos. These mats were only used for a short time before they deteriorated and ruined a baking project.

👤Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. First time used. They smoked me out of the kitchen and ruined a bunch of cookies. Even at 350. Don't buy because there is a quality control problem.

👤The baking mats are great. The quality is excellent and the price is good. I use them for everything in the oven. You name it, it's from oven pizzas. I love that they help protect my baking sheets by helping food slide off the non stick surface. It is also very convenient to just wipe them clean or put them in the top shelf of the dishwasher. You can cut off 1/3 of the paper towel roll to use as a holder, and just roll up the mats and slip inside the ring for easy storage of the mats in a drawer. I highly recommend them. We use these mats almost daily and I have had them for almost a year. They look brand new. I have not had any issues with mats becoming worn or staining. I use them to cook most items at up to 450 degrees but have not had any issues with them so far. I drape them over my cups in the top rack of the dishwasher and then when dry roll them up and slip a napkin ring or rings cut from and empty paper towel roll into a drawer so they fit easily into a drawer. These things are fantastic and have paid for themselves many times over in the superior non stick surface, ease of clean up and the cost of parchment paper and or aluminum foil I used prior to discovering them.

👤I spoke with an Amazon customer service representative and was told that they would escalate the issue to have it addressed and possibly amend the product review. I am surprised that they didn't offer a refund on the product, but I think the most important thing is to see if they address the fire and safety issue at its root. There is an update on 11/11/18. One reviewer stated that these are not good for use above 400 degrees F. The mat was smoking when I opened the oven after putting it in the oven. This was the mat itself, no oils or anything applied to it. I changed my review to one star and will be requesting a refund from Amazon. This is a danger. I've been trying to reduce my carbon footprint so I was looking for an eco-friendly alternative to aluminum foil to line my baking sheets. The mats were the ticket. They fit perfectly on my baking trays. These are even better than aluminum foil because I don't have to use oil to make them non-stick! I can cook even better. I will recommend this to my friends.

7. GRIDMANN Pro Silicone Baking Mat

GRIDMANN Pro Silicone Baking Mat

Making accessories for a baker. Their sheets provide consistent heat distribution for bakes and no soggy bottoms. Kitzini is a small British business that brings professionally styled baking tools and accessories to your kitchen. This two-pack set of baking mats is made from food grade silicone that is oven safe to 480 degrees F, and is the ultimate convenient and healthy way to upgrade baking and roasting. Eliminate fat, grease, messy sprays, and expensive parchment paper by turning any half-sheet pan into a non-stick surface. Better baked goods: Designed for use in all types of ovens, these professional-grade (BPA Free) mats can be used with pans or sheets to improve overall heat distribution and air circulation, for even and consistent results, with no burned or undercooked spots. The mats are eco-friendly and can be used again and again, saving money on sprays, oils, and butter, as well as eliminating waste after use. These mats are great for baking cookies, sticky caramels, smilng bread, or even baked fish. They are a baker's dream to prevent messes, catch drips and spill over from pies. Unlike other pans and baking sheets that are prone to scratches and wear, the mats are resistant to metal spatulas and utensils without damage. It's easy to clean with these mats that don't stick to food, and you don't have to worry about scrubbing baked-on foods. Also dishwasher safe.

Brand: Gridmann

👤I wanted a baking mat that would survive high oven temperatures in a dutch oven and would easily separate from the bread, not like paper. I placed the mats on the cookie sheet in the 480 degree oven because I read a few reviews about them smoking in the oven. They smoked up the kitchen for about half an hour and then stopped. I suggest that you bake the mats in the oven before using them. I put them in my bread basket. The bread baked on the mats was fine. No need to use any more paper. If they didn't smoke in the oven, I would give them 5 stars. I'm curious why the vendor doesn't bake them after the manufacturing process.

👤They work well for non stick. We made cinnamon rolls from scratch and there was a funny smell. I put them back in the oven after washing and drying them. It wasn't nice to smell them. The stinky cloud came out when I opened the oven. I'm returning them.

👤They came out of the oven smoking and set my smoke alarm off. Chemicals would be in my food because of the smoke. They are non-stick, wash easily, and fit my baking sheets perfectly, so I gave them two stars. Due to their reaction in my oven, I have decided not to use them anymore and will switch to parchment paper.

👤These are great! I was skeptical if the mats would cause the food to be soggy and if they worked at all. Thankfully, they work well. I used them for the first time to make cinnamon rolls and they were the best I have ever made. The bottoms are usually burnt by the time the top portion is cooked. The mats allowed everything to cook uniformly. I am very happy to find something that works.

👤I recently purchased these and am returning. I had to wash the top of the mat, bottom of the mat, and the pan because the grease from cookies went through the mat. Silicone baking mats are new to me, but I consulted with my friends to make sure they are not porous and only need a wipe down after use.

👤The mats are a good source of material for burner liners.

👤I threw one away because it was too hard to clean. The other is on some kind of supervision. I only recommend these for non-greasy foods. They are hard to clean if you cook them greasy. When I pull them out of the drawer, they're slimy and greasy, and I scrub them out, wipe them dry, and then I put them back in. I'm not sure but I'm thinking about going back to the aluminum foil. These are good for baking. I use them all the time if I'm not cooking anything greasy or oily. It keeps the pan from getting dirty and keeps me from using a lot of aluminum foil. Grease will leak through if anything is greasy. It is easy to clean up. You have to wash them with soap and not just rinse them off.

8. Silicone Quarter Toaster Nonstick Reusable

Silicone Quarter Toaster Nonstick Reusable

There are 2 baking mats. The baking mat is approximately 11 1/2 inches wide and 8 1/2 inches deep. It can be used in ovens, microwaves and toaster ovens. There is no need for oil, aluminum foil or cooking spray. Non-toxic, eco-friendly and odorless. The baking mat is easy to clean. No more scrubbing! It can be cut easily and it's flexible. It can be used as a rolling mat, cookie sheet liner, and general cooking mat. Safe for the oven,Microwave,Dishwasher, andFreezer. It is heat resistant up to 400 degrees. The bake mat provides even heat distribution.

Brand: Wildcow

👤The mats were made of silicone. I used them in the convention oven for the first time. I used them in the stove oven. The bottom of my baking was burned, along with the gray border. The oven was set to 350. Some spots of the silicone melted.

👤I wanted something for the bottom of the oven. The Hamilton Beach Easy Reach was purchased by me. The mats work well for this purpose because the heating element is higher and there is a metal guard between the heating element and the oven floor. My previous oven had two heating elements near the bottom and it would have been a problem. If you have a very low heating element, you may be able to destroy the mat. I ran the oven empty to make sure the mat wasn't melting or changing colors. I don't want a Teflon mat, so I'm happy that these mats are an option to keep the oven clean.

👤I've had these for a while and they work great. They don't fit in my quarter sheets that are a bit wider than these. Since the food leaks under a bit, I have to wash both sides of these and my pan after roasting wet or oily food. I prefer foil over other alternatives because it makes the clean up much easier. I roast as high as 450 a lot, and these haven't shown any signs of wear or discoloration. They've been great for me, but I can't compare them to other brands.

👤I've used this for sweet, pies, meat, and cheese. It is easy to clean. Just wash and wipe. It has not been stained. I have tried thicker mats in the past, but they are not as thick. I was very happy to find this product in a small oven. A good investment. I don't notice a plastic smell from being heated, like I have with other brands. I have used it for baking, but not for broiling.

👤Silicone baking sheets prevent everything from sticking to the pan and I love them. I have large ones that fit over my baking tray, but these don't. I have one of the larger ovens and the tray size is larger than the bottom of it. I wouldn't have bought them if I knew they were used on the bottom of the tray.

👤Not worth the money I spend. I have owned them for 10 days and they are discolored. There are stains on the cheese on the zucchini slices.

👤They stain very easily. The first week of stains was worse than the rest of the time. I washed them after use. I haven't used them since last month because they look gross. I guess I will have to pay more for a Silpat.

👤Smoke billowed out of my oven when I used the items for the first time. There is a smell of burnt rubber. The temperature was set to warm up. There were stains in the center of one of the mats. I should have stayed with the Silpat brand.

9. Zulay Kitchen Silicone Baking Sheet

Zulay Kitchen Silicone Baking Sheet

Their baking mats are easy to clean and prevent messes from getting into casseroles or pies. The mats are non-stick and can be washed with soap and water. They are dishwasher safe, too. Silicone baking mats make baking so much easier. The secret is out, you have seen them used on cooking shows. They work! The thin sheet helps to make a bake with no plastic taste. Re- bake and reduce your spending. You save money and time by using these baking sheets. Baking with non-stick sprays, aluminum foil, and parchment paper is not necessary. It is non-stick. The baking mat is perfect for all kinds of food. It's water-resistant component allows you to bake a variety of pan recipes in a wide range of ovens. Silicone baking sheets are designed to distribute heat evenly for consistent and reliable bakes, with no burned or undercooked areas. Money won't be the only thing you save- time is precious to all cooks. You won't have to worry about messy ovens or dirty pans. This baking sheet cuts clean-up time in half with just one wash and rinse, or even a run through the dishwasher. It was little to no scrubbing. It can be rolled up for easy storage. Zulay guarantees no hassle with a lifetime guarantee on the baking silicone mat. If there are ever any issues with this product, please contact them and they will make it right. This product will live up to your expectations if you order now. If it does not, they have your back. Chances are, you won't need to reach out.

Brand: Zulay Kitchen

👤I made caramelized, sweet, roasted pecans on these mats. The baked-on sugar and pecans lifted off the mats easily. It was very easy to clean up. I roasted the red beets. I was worried that the mats would get stained. The mats were easy to wipe off and the beets did not stain. Very impressed. I would recommend them to a friend. Some reviews smelled funny to me. I didn't smell anything when I got them. I washed them in soapy water. I put them in the oven for 15 minutes before using them. I didn't notice a funny smell. Baking mats are becoming one of my favorite kitchen necessities as I like to roast vegetables. I would buy them again.

👤These are easy to clean, but they become hard to clean. I have scrubbed until my fingers are completely dry, but there are still extremely sticky grease stains that won't come out no matter what I do. They are non stick, but I worry if I use them too often that they will be ruined. Let me know if anyone has ideas on how to clean.

👤I wanted to stop buying the paper. I put them through the dishwasher and made a bunch of cookies. The cookies were very strong in taste. It's really disgusting. The cookies were ruined and I threw them out.

👤These are too narrow for a standard 1/2 sheet pan. They work, though, and cutting them down wasn't a problem. Silpat is about a quarter the price, but they are not as sturdy. I missed the Silpat mats on Prime day, but am glad I did. I assumed the mats were junk, but they met with a furry, four-legged accident and I needed to replace them quickly. I would buy them again. I made 12 dozen cookies and a couple dozen bagels and they came through with flying colors.

👤The best baking mat I have yet. Fast delivery.

👤The size of a standard sheet pan is not what these are. They are shorter. They are easy to clean.

👤They are perfect for baking. The only downside is that they can't be used above 400 degrees. Most things I bake don't need high temperatures.

👤They popped up for a recommendation to buy something. Too many options can be frustrating. I finally bought some for my USA Pan cookie sheets. Preserve your people. The Zulay customer service is amazing and the big red Zulay juicer is awesome.

👤I have read some previous reviews. One person stated that their cookies smelled of soap after washing in a dishwasher. If you don't want the dishwasher to absorb a soapy smell, don't wash it in it. It's not surprising if it's in a hot, wet, soapy environment for 30 minutes. It gave off fumes and smoke. Before putting it in the oven, I recommend removing the plastic sleeve. What did you expect? I think it's a 7 out of 10. If I had the budget, I would have gone for a Silpat.

10. Reusable Accessories Compatible Cuisinart Convection

Reusable Accessories Compatible Cuisinart Convection

Silicone counter mats are widely used in home, kitchen, office, classroom or other place. They can be used for food preparation in a variety of ways. It's perfect for making art crafts and casting molds to make personalized jewelry, paper crafting, kid painting, christmas ornament, home decoration. Make cleaning up a breeze by protecting your Air Fryer or Toaster Oven Racks with a raised silicone mat. Place the mat in the dishwasher for the fastest and easiest clean-up. The raised silicone mat allows food to be elevated so that extra oils, grease and fat can't get into the food. The mats allow you to cook to your heart's desire knowing that your pans and rack will stay clean and free of dirt. The mesh mat can be used to cook smaller food that would otherwise fall through the cracks of the oven rack. All mats are dishwasher and food safe.

Brand: Infraovens

👤The black mat and the mesh are flimsy plastic that does not seem like it would be safe to eat. The plastic bottoms are similar to the grocery bags. The red sheet has no value for use on its own.

👤It was obvious from the start that these were cheap and thin. The red bumps are very close together. I ordered the smil steel sheet pans instead.

👤Makes cleaning easier.

👤They fit, but have not used yet.

👤I would advise you not to buy this worthless piece of shit. I would say shell down only $2 if you still like it.

11. Silpat Half Size Nonstick Baking

Silpat Half Size Nonstick Baking

Silicone pastry mats are heat- resistant and are suitable for dishwasher/oven/microwave oven/freezer. Silicone and fiberglass mesh are used. It is heat resistant up to 480 degrees. There is a silver coating on either side. Rolls up for small storage.

Brand: Silpat

👤These are not silpats. The photographs shown in this listing are different. I paid a lot of money for these mats.

👤I had the same problem as everyone else. The mats seem to have transferred onto my pans. I baked cookies on them. The cookies turned out great and didn't stick, but I was disappointed to see marks on my pans when I lifted the mats off.

👤The product is better than any of the Chinese knock-offs. I had bought baking mats from Amazon before. The mats were stained from the edges. The imports cut the mats but failed to seal the edges, exposing the fiber mat along all the edges. The burned on food and other items were no longer released by the failed Silicon. Even if it was scrubbed.

👤It's terrible to clean. Everything was stuck to it and wasted time and money.

👤This is a great solution for those who bake, it is eco-friendly and you can use it over and over again. If you bake frequently, you should stop buying parchment paper. You will thank me later.

👤These are replacements for Silpats which were difficult to clean and were just wearing out.

👤If you bake a lot, you know when you need to use these. They're worth having on hand. Silpats are the gold standard, even though I've tried the fake ones. A good addition to the basket.

👤The mats distribute the heat and cook my items evenly. They protect my food from being damaged. I'll clean them because friends tell me they will feel greasy. The little annoyance does not make up for their performance.


What is the best product for baking mats silicone for baking sheets 10x11?

Baking mats silicone for baking sheets 10x11 products from Folksy Super Kitchen. In this article about baking mats silicone for baking sheets 10x11 you can see why people choose the product. Gorilla Grip and Bogzon are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking mats silicone for baking sheets 10x11.

What are the best brands for baking mats silicone for baking sheets 10x11?

Folksy Super Kitchen, Gorilla Grip and Bogzon are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking mats silicone for baking sheets 10x11. Find the detail in this article. Culinary Couture, Ymwvh and Amazon Basics are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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