Best Baking Mats Silicone for Baking Sheets 16 X 24

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1. Silicone Baking Mats Set Professional

Silicone Baking Mats Set Professional

Hand wash with soap and water. Every home baker needs one. 98% of customers rate their mats as essential. Kitzini's baking mat is free of the harmful substance, BPA. The fiberglass mesh is reinforced. Can tolerate temperatures from -40 F to 480 F. Baking mats are easy to roll up. A waste of paper. Baking sheets for oven. Silicone baking sheets can be used up to 3000 times in the oven before they start to show signs of age. You can reuse the baking supplies. TheICKER is 2X more expensive than other brands. Their baking sheets are 0.75mm thick for increased safety. There are 4 half mats in this baking set. Silicone mats are colored to make cooking and baking safer. Get set, fake! If you want to bake with confidence, slide a Kitzini cooking sheet onto the tray. The non stick baking sheet attribute means you don't need to add extra oil or butter. Simply wipe the silicone pastry mat clean with soap and water. Making accessories for a baker. Their sheets provide consistent heat distribution for bakes and no soggy bottoms. Kitzini is a small British business that brings professionally styled baking tools and accessories to your kitchen.

Brand: Kitzini

👤This product is advertised as heat resistant up to 450, but the package says up to 400. See the pictures.

👤I think I have cracked the code. It was so confusing that it did not help clarify it. I couldn't tell what I was buying. I can now say with some confidence that 2.5 1/2 means 2 half sheets and 1 quarter sheet, while 1/3 means 3 quarter sized sheets. I used the quarter sheets in my solar oven and they fit perfectly on the rack that came with it. There is no more parchment paper. Thank you so much.

👤I used them twice over the weekend to prepare food for my son's birthday party. I made chocolate swirls on them. The 2nd experience was not the same as the first. I baked the rolls for the party. I noticed an odd odor when I sat at the table. The rolls were the source of the smell. They also tasted like it. The baking sheets had the same smell. They were cleaned prior to use. Unless you want a ruined birthday meal, I wouldn't recommend it. The rolls didn't stick to the mat on the upside.

👤The idea is great but the product is disappointing. I used my sheet for the first time tonight and it left a waffle pattern on the baking sheet and the mat melted a little to the pan, leaving plastic that had to be scrapped off.

👤I thought the title was misleading and I was ordering two half sheets. I got a half sheet and a quarter sheet. The Silicone Baking Mat Sheet Set is not what we received. The description says that the product is made from professional food grade silicone with a fibre glass core and is sized to fit all standard half sheets and quarter sheets.

👤They work well to prevent food from sticking to pans. Customer service was great, they responded to my confusion on cleaning. Baking soda and lemon juice can be used to remove excess oil or grease. Using a good grease cutting dish soap and wearing gloves will help. I haven't tried alcohol, but I read about it. It wouldn't hurt to use the vodka as a cleaning agent. I prefer using these mats instead of using a lot of foil and paper. I'm not opposed to saving money by not buying those things. My comment was edited since I learned that this is common for all Silicon mats. Their non stick function is unaffected by their appearance. I did not know about this before posting the original review. Please ignore this earlier comment, it is a type of criticism. This is what happens with any mat, so I am leaving a comment so that others won't consider it an issue. With limited use, they are getting some brown stains that I have been unable to clean off. Since this appears to be an issue not mentioned by others, I might have not gotten all the oil/grease off and baked it on the mat which could be causing brown stains. I read that boiling them in water will help remove oil and grease. I have learned that this is normal and that others don't mention it. There seems to be a general consensus that heat is important to thoroughly remove oil/grease. These are an indispensable kitchen helpers because of their effectiveness, environmentalfriendliness and money saving.

2. BESORICH Silicone Rolling Measurement Fondant

BESORICH Silicone Rolling Measurement Fondant

A cute romantic design is the best Handmade Gift. Food grade unsalted Premium silicone and glass fiber are used to make Besorich Pastry mat. Baking mats are easy to clean, just wash them with clean water or put them in the dishwasher. The size of the baking mat is perfect for bakers, it rolls up small to fit in a drawer, and it's 0.4mm thick, so it doesn't take up much space in the kitchen. Even if grease or dough sticks to the surface, the non-stick pastry mats can be easily cleaned to keep countertops clean and sanitary. The bottom of the mat is strong enough to stick to the countertop or other surfaces. Even if grease or dough sticks to the surface, the non-stick pastry mats can be easily cleaned to keep countertops clean and sanitary. The bottom of the mat is strong enough to stick to the countertop or other surfaces. Every purchase comes with their 100% money back. If you have an issue with your product, get in touch with them. Friendly, easy-to-reach support will be provided by them.

Brand: Besorich Kitchen World

👤I make cinnamon rolls for the neighbors. They are very messy to make. Each recipe makes three balls of dough to roll out. After each ball of dough, I would clean my countertop. It was a chore. I have been looking for a board that my mother made them on. This makes it so easy to clean up. The ruler lines helped me a lot. I would line the roll up and then cut it in half. Use to eyeball it. I don't know how I was able to live without this for so long. I'm looking forward to using this for pie crusts. If you don't bake, this silicone mat will make it much easier to do things on the counter. Put a T towel over it to dry after washing it off. You're done if you roll up.

👤This is the best thing that has ever happened. It's easy to clean and store. I would definitely recommend this.

👤Features not mentioned in the description were what I expected.

👤I used a cover sheet for ironing.

👤It's a great mat, use it daily. Highly recommended for someone who cooks directly on the counter.

👤I like it. I was able to clean up the mess after making my noodles. Rolling was great. They tasted great. The mat had nothing to do with the taste. It was helpful in getting the noodles to the table. Thanks. I have never had one of these before.

3. New Star Foodservice 38439 Commercial

New Star Foodservice 38439 Commercial

The chef party hats for kids can bring practical functions, the white chef caps can keep children's hair clean, and so on. The essential items you need for baking are provided by this Sheet/Bun Pan 2-Piece Cookie Sheet and Silicone Baking Mat Set. The baking mat makes it easy to clean. The Baking mat combo is designed to be a perfect fit. Heavy gauge commercial aluminum is used for the sheet/Bun Pan. It is designed to be resistant to both cold temperatures and high heat applications. The pan has a beaded rim. The Baking Mat is made of fiberglass and has the highest quality of food grade silicone. The temperature is from -40 to 480 degrees. The pans are easy to stack and store when they're not used. Stacking pans saves space so you don't use up valuable kitchen real estate. This item should only be washed and sanitized. The size is 13 L x 18 W x 1 H.

Brand: New Star Foodservice

👤I wanted to buy new sheets, mats, and cooling/ cooking racks after initially searching for silicone mats for our cheap baking sheets. I searched and read many reviews of Sheets that warp, lose their form, collect water, rust, and emit strange odors. Poor welds, rust, warp, or are just weak are some of the things that Racks can't support. I lost confidence in the ability to find something reliable on Amazon. New Star Foodservice showed up before I adjusted my search criteria. I decided to proceed with my purchase after reading the reviews. I put these with heavy duty rack from Hamilton Housewares. I rearranged the sheets for our oven to fit in the largest sheet set. My wife and I are happy. We now have these high quality sheets in all of these sizes. So far, so good! We don't see any of the issues reported by other reviewers because everything is clean.

👤There is a chance that you will get all of the parts. It seems that this item only gets the pan or mat. Don't risk it if you love returning items.

👤I needed a pan to fit in my oven. I chose this one because it came with a baking mat, which was something I had seen on Amazon. It fit in my oven. I baked sugar cookies and they came out great. The pan is thick and rolled under tight. This pan is very good. I want to bake 12 cookies at a time, so I'm ordering another one.

👤The pans scratch easily. There are permanent marks on the pan pizza I made, but the finish is okay and the scratches are not rusting, so I can deal with that. I found my silicone mat peeling up large pieces of plastic, some of which stuck to the yams, when I made baked yams the other day. The mats were greasy and hard to clean without using baking soda to absorb and oil that may have fallen on them in the cooking process. I don't know if they got something from detergent and soda. It really doesn't seem like this should have happened, I don't like leaving negative reviews. I bought these because they came with mats that fit them, now I need to pitch those out so I don't get plastic in my food. It's too much to pay for a baking sheet that's okay.

👤I have used these in baking pans for everything from baking and roasting chicken thighs to asparagus and mixed vegetables. I've used them to freeze all of the above, plus things like ripe bananas, which peel right off without sticking, as a way to vacuum seal for long term storage. When chicken is roasted with a sauce and then frozen on a pan, the clean up is no harder than it would be if it was cooked. If you feel lazy and don't want to exert that much effort, they are dishwasher safe for top rack cleaning.

👤Wow! I am very impressed with this pan. It is a very sturdy pan and with the silicone mat, this is a steal of a deal for the super low price. It works perfectly with my Breville Smart Oven Plus Countertop Convection Oven. I bought this set and I am very happy with it. It arrived in two days. Thank you very much!

4. Parchment Non Stick Grilling Steaming Commercial

Parchment Non Stick Grilling Steaming Commercial

Never use a sharp knife on the mat, use an open fire, and take down food after it has cooled. The paper sheets size is 16x 24 inch. It's about 12% thicker than others' paper, it's made of extra thick 45gsm paper. It is defined as heavy duty parchment paper. Are you still concerned about curly baking paper and time cutting? Pre-cut sheets of 16x 24 inch can help you get rid of these troubles. Pull out one of the sheets and it will be ready to use. There are no more curled edges. A safety certificate is approved for healthy and non-toxIC. The liners are made from 100% wood and are fluorescent free. Food grade Silicone coating is non-toxic and safe for baking. Do you think the baking sheets are only used for food baking? No! If you think about it, the temperature resistance of the paper is from -68 F to 450 F, which means it can be found everywhere in the kitchen. Do you like baking but don't like cleaning up? It's possible and works great with the kabite paper. Food can easily be removed from the tray and thrown away, just remove the paper and throw it away.

Brand: Katbite

👤Single sheets that fit your pans are a great value. It's a lot cheaper to buy them here than it is at the store. I'll be buying again, and recommend them to anyone that likes to save time and money. The box is large and stiff, so I was not able to find space in my small cabinets for them, so I came up with an idea that works brilliantly. I hung the strips on the inside of my cabinet door, next to the oven. VOILA! It is easy to get to and use. The cabinet door is very narrow, so it closes all the way out of the way. If you can't find space in your cabinets, or just like coming up with convenient ways to use things, I suggest trying that. You will be happy you did. The closer you are to the stove, the more you will use it. This product gets an A+ from me.

👤The best paper for my kitchen. I like the fact that this paper fits my cookie sheets perfectly and I can put the box away in one of my cabinets whenever I need a sheet. I use it for chicken wings and vegetables. The box is very strong and firm so it can handle a lot of opening and closing.

👤I've always bought from King Arthur Baking company, but decided to take a cheaper route. You get what you pay for. I can't wait until they are gone because they are too small and don't come in a package that is moist. I will be ordering from King Arthur. America's Test Kitchen said that they were the best. I will not make this mistake again.

👤These are easy to use on my paintings.

👤I bought this to make pizza crusts for the freezer on, but I'm using it for a lot of other things. I put it in the cupboard behind my pizza peel because it's so handy in the box. It's much easier to use because it doesn't roll up like the roll does, but it's nice to pull out a sheet and it stays flat. I pre bake my crusts on 450 with no issues at all. My pizza crusts are 12 inches round, so I would like it to be about an inch wider. They go right to the edge of these, but the length leaves me plenty of stuff to slide it in and around. I will keep them in my kitchen.

👤These are great quality at a great price. I used to buy the King Arthur version of this product at 2x the price, plus shipping, when I was a home baker. I like the way it's in a rigid box, so I can stand it on end. I'll have to store flat, but not an issue, since the box might slouch a bit once it has less in it. I hope Amazon continues to carry.

👤This product is folded in half. It is on the bottom of a pan. It's easy to fit half on the bottom of a pan. It is not quilon-coated. It is slightly thicker than the quilon-coated paper and is more resistant to repeated uses. It is of high quality. I am able to fit more cookies on a full-sized sheet than on a half-sized sheet, which makes my task easier. If these features are important to you, I recommend it.

5. Silicone Measurement Non Slip Reusable Macarons

Silicone Measurement Non Slip Reusable Macarons

Meringue mix and icing colors are made in the USA. Premium silicone and fiberglass are used in the food grade baking mat. It's safer and softer. The temperature can be high from -45F to 450F. The mat is safe to use in the freezer or oven. The oven mat will protect your food from bad things. The non-stick silicone baking mat is easy to use and convenient for baking. The best baking pad is NON-STICK. The pastry mat can be cleaned up even if grease sticks to it. The baking mat can not slip or slide around. The mat is almost twice as thick as other mats. The mat was reinforced with fiberglass. It will not roll up at the edages. It is very difficult to slide around as you roll the dough. Silicone baking mat is more eco-friendly. The Silicone pastry making mat is perfect for baking and preparing all kinds of pies and cakes. The perfect size for baking,measured with imperial and metric cooking sheet, can guide everyone easy to bake, even the one who has no experience. You will save a lot of time using this mat. The large non stick sheet silicone mat is easy to clean. Even burnt sugar and fat falls off or leftover dough, without the inevitable clean up, just a quick wipe down, rinse the mat in warm soapy water or throw in the dishwasher, No more scrubbing,So easy! It is valued for its easy to clean surface.

Brand: Dania & Dean

👤I like that it doesn't stick on the top or slip on the bottom. I had a problem with it setting off the smoke alarm because it smokes enough when put in the oven. It is supposed to be oven proof to 450 degrees so I thought I could use it under a pan to catch drips, but the smoke reduces it's usefulness in that regard. It works well if you roll out the pie crust.

👤This is the first matt I have ever used for backing. What a difference that makes! I used to be very frustrated to clean the counter top when I rolled the dough. I decided to buy this matt after doing some research. I'm glad I did. The matt makes a huge difference in rolling the dough. I like the fact that I can roll it up and store it in my pantry after use. Good purchase!

👤I'm not sure what kind of dough was used in this well-marketed video, but freshly made dough sticks to this mat like crazy! If you have a pizza dough with a lot of flour, it might work. If you don't flour the surface, you'll have a mess. The mat is very thin. I should have guessed that because she folds it in the video. The quality of my mats was not up to par. If you could read the graphics, they would be helpful. It is a good concept, but it is not useful. It keeps me from using my counter-top when preparing dough for baking. The clean-up was not great because the dough stuck to it, but once I was able to lift my dough and flour it, the other areas cleaned well. I wouldn't recommend it and wouldn't buy it again. A good value but not a total waste of money.

👤I bought this to fit in a large baking tray, but quickly realized it was not the right size. My fault. I use it on my counter to make it easier to clean. It allows me to roll my doughs out without having to add more oil or flower. I would recommend this to anyone who bakes. The mat has nice markings.

👤Everything you need is on this baking mat. It is large and thick and has a number on its face. I need to work on this in my small kitchen because I have a wooden table. It makes it easy to get the right size. I have a lot of room and it's easy to clean. It can be used on a large baking sheet to cook oil free. They last a long time and clean up quickly. Really nice baking mat! Buy two!

👤My wife bought me a baking mat because she wanted me to flour up our kitchen counter. When I first opened it, I thought it was sticky, but after flouring it, it doesn't stick at all. I just take a dish towel and brush most of the flour off into the sink when I'm done, and then take a damp dish towel to clean it up. It has made it easier to clean my mess. I love it!

6. Silicone Baking Rolling Measurements Supplies

Silicone Baking Rolling Measurements Supplies

Since 1905, the design has been made in the USA by Ateco. Quality: Excellent. Food grade silicone is safe. Stick-resistant, stain-proof, and free of BPA. Silicone mat won't tarnish. Great size. The baking mat is 16 by 24. There are scales in centimetres and inches on this baking mat. You will save a lot of time and have fun making the pastries on this mat. Durability and function are important. Resists temperatures can be as low as -30F to as high as 470F. It can be taken out of the freezer and into the oven at the same time. The baking mat can be used for more than 5 years. Get it now! You can wash your baking mat in the dishwasher or use warm soapy water to clean it. It can be stored in a drawer or cupboard. The pastry mat's thickness is 0.75mm. It's perfect for baking, kneading, rolling, candy, pastry, cookie, bun, bread.

Brand: Bjgxfmq

👤The mat was rolled tightly and it flattened out nicely. The graphics are clear and useful and the thickness of the silicone is perfect. The size of the mat is large enough to keep the counter clean. The size of the mat is large enough to be cumbersome when turning a top crust onto the top of a pie, however, one can quickly develop the needed skill. The mat stays put while rolling the dough and the marble counter top grips the silicone. The mat is hard to slide around if you need to change positions, and the marble counter top is hard to remove. The mat can be rolled again. It's in the cabinet next to the rolling pin. Anyone who works with dough or pastry should use this mat.

👤I like the mat. It is made of a material that does not cause slippage on the counter when rolling out dough. The top side of the mat has a measurement imprinted on it. It's a good size and gives you enough space to work with your dough. Excellent product!

👤This is not 24 x 16. Some x 15. It's not much of a big deal if you want it the same way I did. I wanted 24 x 15. It is easy to clean sticks to the surface and doesn't move. I like this but don't think I'll use it at this size.

👤Not happy with the product. Lift with dough. It is not easy to clean butter.

👤I like the red coloring because I can see the background when I roll my cookies out. You need to be able to see the cookie dough to know it's thin. Dough was great.

👤I had a replacement for 40 years, but it cracked and I threw it out. What a change. It is great. The dough is rolled out great because it is laid flat.

👤I love how easy it is to clean and store, and it grips my countertop so no one gets under it.

👤The product is great for baking. Baking is an easy activity for the kids to do.

7. Silicone Measurement Fondant Rolling Cookies

Silicone Measurement Fondant Rolling Cookies

Do you like baking but don't like cleaning up? It's possible and works great with the kabite paper. Food can easily be removed from the tray and thrown away, just remove the paper and throw it away. Silicone pastry mat made of 100% Food-Grade Silicone is safe to use for temperatures of -45 degrees F (-43 C) to 450 degrees F (230 C), no unpleasant chemical odors, and provides you more time to enjoy your creations. Non-STICK surface: Do not use extra flour or oil, this large sheet keeps work surfaces clean. You don't have to clean the dried dough off your countertops. Even if grease or dough sticks to the surface, the pastry mat can be easily cleaned to keep the countertop sanitary. The size of the baking mat is perfect for bakers, it rolls up small to fit in a drawer, and it's 0.4mm thick, so it doesn't take up much space in the kitchen. The circular guides make it easy to roll out pie dough or pizza crust. The least experienced bakers will be able to roll out and cut the perfect pie crust. Every time, imperial and metric are used to reach perfect results. It's easy and anti-sLIPBOTTOM. It does not slip and slide on the counter top and is strong enough to be cleaned. If you want to clean your mat with soapy water, just throw it in the dishwasher, it will clean after minutes or you can wash it with warm soapy water.

Brand: Quellance

👤This product was helpful to me. It is not easy to clean. The material makes it easy for debris to stick to it. It works well if you leave it on the counter and use a damp cloth to wash it. It takes a little more effort to get small pieces off of it. It was important to clean the back as you roll it up. It can't collect debris from the back side. It was difficult to see the lines and numbers with the green color. It blends in with the background. The camera picks up numbers much easier. You can see that in my photos. It's definitely a good idea to get a different color.

👤Absolutely love this mat. This one is better than the one I had a few years ago. It is very soft and flexible, it stays where you put it, it is easy to clean, and it fits perfectly in my kitchen drawer where I keep rolling pins, cutters, etc. There are some things that are CONS: My family expects baked goods every other day, and I raved about how easy it was for me to bake. I love it!

👤This mat makes rolling out dough enjoyable. I used to have a big plastic mat that was big to roll up, but it moved around on the counter. This mat is very nice. It sticks to the counter. It is easy to fold up. I love using it.

👤I like that I can roll out pies, biscuits, and other pastries, but I can use less flour, and the mat stays in place on the counter, so I can use less flour. It's nice to have the pie plate sizes on the mat for someone with less experience. I put it in a drawer so that it won't cling to itself and I roll it back up. It rolls back out nicely. This is a great addition to a kitchen because it helps eliminate the need for using plastic or other materials to roll crusts out, which is eco friendly!

👤I would give this 0 stars if I could. I took it out of the package and was overwhelmed by the scent. I tried to wash it, but couldn't get the scent off. My husband and I agreed that it was like fabric softener on the mat and the bag. I can't roll out dough on this mat without the dough picking up the scent. I had to move it outside of the kitchen because it was so fragrant. It was gross!

👤This was great. We have other mats for baking, but I needed one with the correct dimensions for use with fondant to make sure I had enough to cover my cake. This is a must have when using fondant. My life was very easy because of the measurements. It was non-stick which helped my unskilled efforts. This was easy to use and looked brand new after it was cleaned. It was too large for my cake kit but it was the right size to make it easy to cover a cake for the first time. It seems like a pretty good mat. A must have for covering a cake.

8. Silicone Macaron Baking Mat Professional

Silicone Macaron Baking Mat Professional

There is a large and multi-purpose. The baking sheets are 16.5" x 11 5/8". The mat thickness is 0.75mm. It's perfect for baking, kneading, rolling, candy/macaron/pastry/cookie/bun/bread making as well as for freezing meat balls, dumplings, fruits and vegetables. Bruno Albouse, an executive producer of The Real Deal Cooking Channel, designed the Macaron piping patern. Premium quality non-toxic materials passed strict food safety tests. Baking with no oil or fat reduces intake of cholesterol, saturated fat and cancerogenic substances produced by cooking oils. OVEN/MICROWAVE/DISHWASHER/FREEZER SAFE - DURABLE & LONG LASTING: It's flexible yet tear resistant, and designed to endure thousands of uses under extreme conditions of bitter cold and intense heat. No more scrubbing! It has burnt sugar and fat on it. The mat should be washed in warm soapy water. You can use the dishwasher to wash it. Non-stick properties of the mat are unaffected by repeated multiple uses and washing cycles. It will be new again after every use and clean up. The results were perfect. Silicone/fiberglass hybrid construction helps to distribute heat evenly along the entire baking surface so you always get perfect consistent results every time you bake. The pictures of the bread I made. It's perfect.

Brand: Velesco

👤A baking mat that uses up all the space for cookies. I didn't know they collaborated with Bruno Albouse. If you haven't seen his cooking channel, you should. He cooks French food, mainly pastries and Entremets. I use this mat for more than just baking cookies, I use it to bake chicken wings, roasted potato wedges, baked potatoes, swiss cake rolls, baked french fries, stuffed mushrooms, etc. Do not use the abrasive side of a sponge. It will cause small scratches in the mat and that will transfer onto the bakeware, and it will also take on the dishsoap and other oils. I ruined 2 sets of baking mats before I realized what I was doing. If you have done this one or twice, it is possible to save it by soaking the mat in a mixture of water and water and boiling them in hot water for a couple of days. If there's still a taste and scent of dish soap, rinse and repeat.

👤I received this yesterday. It was delivered on time. There is a rough scratch at the end of the sheet. I don't know if the scratch will affect the quality of the baked item, like sticking on it or not, and I haven't tried it yet. Future tearing could start at this rough, scratched portion. The item description should say that it was made in China. I am revising the feedback for the prompt response. The piece was damaged and I received a refund. The mat is a good product so far.

👤The baking mat was great. It was too big for my other pan and I had to measure it out. I just used it for half a sheet, because it was as much batter as I had. The circles make it easy to measure out the correct size. The sheets were easy to peel off. The sheets were easy to clean. I hope I'll use them more often to perfect my food. The first attempt was not bad.

👤I was hesitant to purchase these because of the reviews that said they were not in good shape when they were delivered, but I was wrong. The lines are clean and visible, but have not come off while baking. They fit perfectly in my half sheet pans. The price is great and I recommend it.

👤The mat makes a difference. I didn't think it would be so drastic to use a different type of paper. The mat makes it easier to peel the template off after cooling them.

👤The mats were delivered today. I was excited to use them immediately. One of the mats was not damaged. Only 3 stars can be given for bad quality control. I received an email from Max about my purchase. I let him know that one of my mats was damaged. I received a full refund of half the order and a 10% off code to use on a future order. I bought the mats again and they were both perfect. Max, thanks for great customer service. The rating will be changed to 5 stars.

9. Nonstick Bottom Electric Toaster Microwave

Nonstick Bottom Electric Toaster Microwave

The cooling rack and chicken stand are made of sturdy construction and welded firmly, so they are easy to fold or open. Tired of cleaning your oven? They know how much time it takes to clean an oven. Their non stick oven liner catches messes in the oven. The kitchen should be clean and shiny. You will be baked like a pro in no time. Cleanup is easy with simply wipe cleaning and dishwasher safe. There is no bad smell and no harmful substances to ruin your food. Sunrich's professional quality mat for the bottom of the electric oven makes food less harmful and more delicious. Extra toxicity/durable/reusability: Their oven mat is 30% heavier than all other liners, which means it won't melt, and it fits most standard-sized ovens. The liner is easy to install. Tmperature can be up to 500F/ 260C. Extra thick non-stick heavy duty oven liner made of high quality fiberglass can be used over and over again. They can be used as a pan liner, cooking mat, and can also be used for electric and gas ovens. They can be trimmed and cut to fit your oven dimensions. The Sunrich PromISE believes in quality not quantity. Their oven mat is the best oven liner you will ever use. If you're not completely satisfied with their oven liners, you can leave a feedback or ask a question through their storefront, and they'll respond within 24 hours. Their priority is satisfaction.

Brand: Sunrich

👤I thought this idea was great. They looked like they would be easy to clean. Within minutes our two Parakeets were dead after we smelt a strange smell. There should be a warning on this product. If it can kill birds in a matter of seconds, what is it doing to our children? Be careful.

👤The oven mat for the bottom of the electric/gas oven is the best oven liner you will ever use. I bought this because the blurb said I could put one on the bottom of my oven. The box it comes in says I can't. The description is deceptive, but I'm sure it's a fine oven liner.

👤Cut it to the size you need. Keeping my oven clean. I don't have to clean it for half a day. I was able to wipe it off after I had something on the oven liner. Very easy. I am so happy with these.

👤I like anything that helps with clean up. We used to cover the bottom of the oven with foil to catch the drips, but now we use the little oven all the time. It will be easier to clean it up with this liner. Since it's a pack of 3, we were able to cut one for the toast, have one for the big oven and still have one left over.

👤It was caught on fire very quickly. The temp in the oven was only 250 degrees. The house is full of plastic toxic smelling smoke and I had to throw food out.

👤Works as advertised. It is very easy to cut and use. The mess at the bottom was easy to clean after trying some Tandoori chicken over the weekend.

👤The product cannot be put on the bottom of the oven. It should be placed on the lowest oven shelf according to the instructions. It takes up a shelf that could be used for baking. It is not heat resistant if put on the bottom of the oven. If placed on the lowest shelf, it will be heat resistant. The quality is good, but it has a smell when used for the first time. I recommend putting the mat in an empty oven and turning it on for 20 minutes. That way the smell won't be a problem. No smell for future baking once done. I had oven mats that could be used on the bottom of the oven, under the electric heat element or on the flat surface if there was no electric heat element present. The mats are not on line. Two stars are due to the above.

👤We put them on the bottom rack of the oven. I am very happy that we bet these, as they saved the bottom of the oven. You put the oven liners in the oven. It's easy to use. They can be difficult to wipe down if you don't do it while they are warm. We had to throw one away because it couldn't come clean, but now we clean them more frequently.

10. Multipurpose Silicone Resistant Countertop Protector

Multipurpose Silicone Resistant Countertop Protector

A bonus ebook cookbook is included with the ebook, which is valued at 10$. There are 35+ delicious cookie recipes in this package. Top quality. 100% food grade unsalted There are a lot of Silicone products in their store. The food grade silicone they offer is professional. The cheaper mat is not a good choice. Good brand and large size. The size of the material is 23.4 x 15 inches. You can put 50 to 100 cookies in a row. It's large and convenient to use. It is a safe and long lasting material. It is two times more tick than most of the baking mat. It is around 0.75 lbs. Baking any things on it is permissible. Cookie dough brownies,peanut butter candy bars, bread,rum-scented marble cake, meat, and chicken are mixed together. The dinner mat was also used. This is a better option because it is 100% food-grade silicone and doesn't have other cheaper silicone material. No need to cook sprey,oils,parchment paper and aluminum foils. It is very easy to clean.

Brand: Super Kitchen

👤Even though the description states that you can bake with it, don't place it in the oven, even though it is a great mat for preparing food or as a placemat on your counter. We used it in our oven and within minutes our smoke alarms went off because of toxic fumes. We washed the mat and then put it on the counter, never to be used for baking again. Don't use it in the oven unless you want to get a visit from the fire department, it's a great mat, nice and large, but don't use it in the oven unless you want to get a visit from the fire department.

👤I now have four of them. I cook a lot and have beautiful marble countertops. I didn't want cooking grease or spills to get on the counter so I bought two more. I keep one on each side of the farmhouse sink. I use them on my counter when I have a group of people around. They are under the food, but they are completely protected by my sideboard.

👤It creates a terrible white smoke in your oven. I have a double oven so I can use it before I have a chance to clean the other one. It's great to use as a prep station, but it's also great to use as a clean up station. For those who care, more on the smoke. I thought I'd try to reduce my paper use in order to reduce the amount of waste in my house. I put this in the oven to toast some bread. I opened the oven to see the amount of smoke. I had to open the windows on the main floor to let in the air.

👤I did not purchase this mat with the intent of using it for the purpose it was designed for. I didn't cook with it. I didn't prepare food on it. I don't put it in the dishwasher. I bought this mat to serve as a pet food mat, and it worked perfectly. My pet's food was located under a kitchen island with a metal pillar going down the middle when I purchased it the first time. I needed a mat that I could easily cut to fit around the pillar so as to protect the floor below. I needed food that was safe for my pet. I needed something that was easy to clean. When I moved and no longer needed the cut-out mat, I ordered a brand new one, because this product checked all those boxes and worked so wonderfully. I realize this may not be helpful to most people, but based on my experience, it would work just fine for it's intended purpose as well.

👤The product is described. I wanted to use it in my RV on the counter to keep crumbs from falling in between the cracks of the cover that is on top of the stove. I have placed hot dishes directly from the microwave on it and have no issues with the heat intensity ruining the material. I would like this product to cover more area. I would purchase it immediately if it was ever made larger.

11. AECHY Versatile Resistant Waterproof Protector

AECHY Versatile Resistant Waterproof Protector

These craft mat sheets can be used as barbecue grill mats, non-stick oven liners, ironing protectors, heat press transfers, and other crafting projects. 36”x 24”x0.08” is the size of the Sicily mat. The extra large silicone mat is designed to meet your needs about protecting all size countertops and carpets. It is large enough for kids to lie on the mat or two toddlers to play side by side. One dollar coin thickness is up to twice as thick as a regular silicone craft mat. The mat is stronger and more durable. Food grade is Healthy. Food grade silicone is used in the kitchen counter mat. Kid and baby use friendly. It's environmental and reuseable. It is heat resistant between -40F and 482F. It is recommended to protect countertops against the heat of kitchen appliances like microwaves, air fryers and ovens. Waterproof and Anti-SLIP. The smooth side face up is very easy to clean. Silicone mats can be washed with soapy water and wiped with a rag. The spilled glue/paintsolidification can be easily peeled off. The side with particles should be face down, as they could hold the flat surface tight and help contain the mess your kid makes from eating or playing. A must-have mat. Their large silicone counter mat are widely used in many places. It can be used as a countertop mat, table mat, pastry mat, placement mat, heat resistant mat, craft mat, pet feeding mat or a baby pad. There are mats for crafts, casting moulds, and other tools and materials. It is cuttable to fit different shapes. A premium thick silicone mat with good flexibility, soft and not easy to tear up is an easy storehouse. It's easy to store when not in use. The space in your home will not be occupied by Silicone placemats. The colors match. A practical gift for weddings and so on.

Brand: Aechy

👤This mat has a deep crease in the middle that is not like a typical fold that will flatten out with time. The mat comes very dirty with debris all over it and this crease is unattractive. I thought I had a bad mat. I asked for a replacement and it came the same way. The mat is thick and seems like it would be good quality, but for the price of this mat it should not be dirty and deep in crease. This happened with both my first and my replacement, so this is how your mat will arrive too! I am returning it.

👤Whose idiotic idea was that? They should be rolled up. It's not a crease that will come out over time, it's a hard crease that is starting to split. I shouldn't have to wait for the creases to settle out for $35. This is advertised as 36 inches long. I needed it to protect my furniture. This is 35.25 inches. It doesn't fit where I need it to fit and I would have to wait for the crease to flatten out before I could use it. The waste was $35.

👤The mat is thick, but it has folds from storage that do not come out. Both mats have permanent dents.

👤We have a wood top kitchen island and we are always looking for something more durable for the food prep area. This is clean and easy to clean. It was shipped folded, that's the only complaint I have. It took a while, but the folds eventually flattened out. I would recommend this product.

👤I am completely dissatisfied with this product, I was looking forward to it for a long time, but now that I have it, it is not as advertised, so my opinion is false advertising! They advertised that the mat lay flat. The one I received has a crease across the middle and the mat doesn't lay completely flat on the surface. The mat doesn't stick to any surfaces if you lightly touch it, you can easily move it around.

👤I dislike rings on my furniture, so I have always been very strict about coaster usage in my house. I bought this to put in the center of my kitchen table, so I didn't have to keep throwing individual coasters at people to remind them. It is large enough that they can put their drinks down without fear of me, but not big enough that there is enough space in front of each seat. I still put down hot pads for anything in the oven, but for any serving plates with warm food, or sauces from the fridge that might have condensation, it is perfect! It cleans like a dream, and I don't have to worry about damage to my table.

👤We used this mat underneath our new oven last night and are happy to say it is heat resistant. The stove/oven stopped working and we bought a new one. We put a board over the stove top and a mat on top of that, and all is well with the mat. It's a nice mat for painting or crafting and it's easy to clean.


What is the best product for baking mats silicone for baking sheets 16 x 24?

Baking mats silicone for baking sheets 16 x 24 products from Kitzini. In this article about baking mats silicone for baking sheets 16 x 24 you can see why people choose the product. Besorich Kitchen World and New Star Foodservice are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking mats silicone for baking sheets 16 x 24.

What are the best brands for baking mats silicone for baking sheets 16 x 24?

Kitzini, Besorich Kitchen World and New Star Foodservice are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking mats silicone for baking sheets 16 x 24. Find the detail in this article. Katbite, Dania & Dean and Bjgxfmq are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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