Best Baking Mats Silicone for Baking Sheets Pink

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1. Round Silicone Microwave Pastel Pink Holders

Round Silicone Microwave Pastel Pink Holders

It's easy to clean your baking mat, place it in the dishwasher or wash it with warm soapy water. Stores can be folded or rolled up without taking up a lot of space. The Silicone Microwave Mat is made of pink Silicone and is designed to keep spills, messes, and food splatter out of your microwave. The microwave mats can be used as a lid to cover and store leftover food, or as a trivet for hot pots and pans. The mats can be washed in the dishwasher for a convenient clean up. The perfect size is the round silicone mat which is perfect to fit most standard-sized microwave turntables. 2 hot pads and trivets are included.

Brand: Juvale

👤The mat was just as hot as the bowl after being microwaved. Very dangerous. I should have paid attention to the other verified reviews.

👤The brand featured on Shark Tank was more expensive than this one. I bought several of the better brands for gifts in December, but now want one for myself. These are not as large as the original. The flimsy feel makes it hard to grab something out of the microwave. It's better to spend more on the originals.

👤The color and size are great. If there was an elevated edge/rim to keep the liquid from getting onto the turntable, it would be better. Will work with it, but rim would improve it.

👤These work well with my cookware. The pots are kept from leaving scratches. They work well on high heat. When they're cooled off, they shrink back to normal.

👤We use it to pick up plates from the microwave. It has proven to be one of the most valuable kitchen aids. If we didn't have it, we would buy it again.

👤Muy buenas, resistentes al calor, para sacar platos calientes del horno.

👤This product is very thin. Will not provide much protection from heat.

👤They fit in my microwave perfectly. I scoop up the silicone disc when the dish is too hot. It works. It makes cleaning small spills easier.

2. Non Slip Measurements Folksy Super Kitchen

Non Slip Measurements Folksy Super Kitchen

Good. Chop fruit and vegetables or nuts, make salsa, make baby food, make muffins, and so on, the options are endless. Premium Safe Silicone is important to the health of their customers. Premium food grade silicone is offered to pre-prep your safe. The vedio of the listing has a non-stick Mat. The baking mat is very good. There is no sticky surface. It is easy to clean with the cloth. The thickness of the mat is 0.7 MM, while the silicone pad is almost twice as thick. The 0.7MM mat is good for the table. It is very durable. The back non-slip design has been upgraded. When rolling dough, it will stay on the table. It is good for the Pastry Mat, Table Mat,Baking Mat,Pizza Pad and Countertop Mat. The premium dough mat is durable and healthy, and a gift box and hair elastic make it a perfect gift.

Brand: Folksy Super Kitchen

👤I'm pretty sure this doesn't make it un-useable, but the video shows it in a long tube. The mat was larger than the box it was in. The mat has a permanent crease down the middle, as well as some rippling, because it was folded in fourths. I rolled it up after removing it from the box and hoping the creases would come out. It was rolled for a couple of weeks after purchase and I have never used it. The photos show that it is still creased and rippled. The package says it should not be stored in a flat fashion. Why did it fold up in fourths?

👤I don't like having to deal with the mess of flour when making dough. I was excited when I read that even the stickiest dough would be easy to remove. I wanted that to be true but it wasn't. The first time I used the mat, I had to remove the pastry crust because it stuck so badly. The only way to get the cookie dough to come off was to put a lot of flour on the mat. The mat doesn't slip and it washes up great, that's the only positive thing I can say. I'm going back to using a pastry cloth if I have to use flour to roll out dough.

👤I bought this to bake pies at home. It's perfect. It's a good thing to recommend to anyone. It's a huge mat that makes rolling dough so easy. The product is non-slip. Get yourself one now!

👤The plastic pie mat broke recently. This was purchased as a replacement. It's easier to use and it doesn't stick to it. I've already made pizza crusts, bread, and 2 apple pies using this mat. I like the size of the guides. It's not like my old mat. I'm still figuring out the most efficient way to clean it, and I think wiping it off with some soapy water and then rinsing it with a sponge or cloth is the easiest way to do it. The other way is to put it in the sink and roll it with a towel. It has a band to hold it closed if you lose it, and it rolls up for storage. I put some flour on it when I roll a stickier dough, but have no problems sticking it. I love it!

👤Heavy weight with markings in inches. I keep mine rolled with a liner and a band. I can prevent slippage by wiping my table with a damp cloth before I roll the mat. I only use this for rolling dough, not as a baking sheet liner. It is a nice large surface for working dough. The surface can be cleaned with a pastry scrapper. It is dishwasher safe, but I don't know how it would work in a dishwasher. I put mine in a sink of hot soapy water, drape it over a strainer, and then wipe it off with a towel.

3. Silicone Non Stick Reusable Tortilla Macaron

Silicone Non Stick Reusable Tortilla Macaron

It is safe to use in the oven, microwave and freezer. The 8 inch round silicone baking mats are made of food grade silicone and fiberglass mesh, and fit in either 8 inch cake pans, springform pans, bread pans or 9 inch pizza sheets. Food safe and non-toxic. Health and convenience. Nowadays, more and more people like to diet or keep their fitness up. Silicone baking mats round, no grease on your cookie sheet or baking pans with cooking sprays, oils, or aluminum foils again, are what these cooks essentials have. The round silicone baking mat can be used for any cake recipe. You don't have to worry about burnt parts or stickiness after using correctly. Silicone baking mats are easy to clean. Simply rinse it off in warm soapy water and then wash it in the dishwasher. They are quite durable even if you are not very skilled in baking or toasting. The round baking mat is ideal for toasting and baking cakes, pizza, macaron, pastries, tortilla, and baked cookies. It can be used as a pan/bowl mat, rolling mat, cake pan liner, pastry mat, pizza liner, or even small cooktop mat and place mat. The product's wide temperature resistant range from -40 to 480 F is due to the PREMIUM silicone materials and high tech manufacturing. They are safe in the microwave, oven, and freezer. Use with confidence. Silicone baking mats may be an unusual Mother's Day gift.

Brand: Amyone

👤Returning these. When I washed them for the first time, some of the orange color rubbed off onto my dish sponge, and then onto a paper towel. That can't be right. They're going back.

👤When I got them, I was very happy with the quality. They are easy to clean, but they ruined a few batches of my macaroons. They were stuck on the mat. I made the same batches on regular paper and they turned out great, but the problem was in the mats, not the recipe. I want to see how they work with other things.

👤I have a vacuum chamber. The orange bit is not well made or durable. The product that was dried on this contains orange rubber/latex, and is not usable, due to the orange layer shown in the pictures. These were a waste of money, along with the other batches that were ruined.

👤Silicone baking mats have been used for years. I like them. I didn't know they were made in other shapes. The rounds will eliminate the need for cutting circles.

👤I recently discovered that I can roast broccoli and asparagus in my toaster oven, saving electricity and freeing up space in the normal people oven. It came with a mini sheet pan that fits one asparagus bunch. It's always better to use these than to discard tin foil. I don't think I would use them at 450F because they seem the same build quality as other mats I've bought.

👤I punched a hole in the corner to hang the mats. They are used as covers. I'm happy I got them. They take up less space in my fridge than my bigger round covers, which I can use on larger containers, for which I bought these. These work well for me.

👤I originally purchased the ones with the macaroon pattern on it and received something different, but I didn't have a small mat. Thank you very much for contacting customer service, it was immediately corrected. I love these mats, they clean nicely, I have no staining, and they are the perfect size for my small oven. I am very pleased. I cook everything on these.

👤The dough was rolled out with the circle imprinted in the center. Works well. The pads are a bit sticky but will probably be less after a while.

👤No tiene ningn detalle y lleg, la pérdida de una estrella se debe al empaque, punto 1. Compre 2 productos de the artculo. Punto 2. Amazon trabajar en adaptar los empaques para disminuir los residuos.

👤The size and functions are perfect.

4. WEISE Silicone Piece Set)Non Stick Perforated Steaming

WEISE Silicone Piece Set%EF%BC%89Non Stick Perforated Steaming

The Sausage Maker products are backed by quality and support that goes above and beyond. Premium quality US FDA and EuropeanLFGB food-grade silicone and fiberglass are used in the food safe/non-toxIC and healthy product. The gel passed strict food safety tests. It's safe from bitter cold to intense heat. The mat reduces intake of cholesterol, saturated fat and cancerogenic substances. Non-stick surface eliminates the need to use butter when baking or rolling pastry. Even burnt sugar and fat can fall off on its own. If you want to clean the mat, put it in a dishwasher or rinse it in warm soapy water. Non-stick properties of the mat are unaffected by repeated multiple uses and washing cycles. It will be new again after every use and clean up. OVEN SAFE: The professional-grade baking mats are designed for most ovens, and the hollow design improves the overall heat distribution and air circulation to achieve a uniform and consistent effect. The Baking Mat can be used to cover your baking and cooking surface without using butter, oil, or sprays. The mats allow you to cook low fat meals for the whole family. This Silicone mat fits US standard half size baking sheets. It's perfect for baking, kneading, rolling,candy,macaron,pastry,cookie,bun,bread making and freezing meat balls, dumplings, fruits and vegetables. Reusable over 30000 times is the best in class. If you have been without a baking mat, you have been missing out. These mats are perfect for the seasoned pastry chef, at home baking enthusiast, or novice just getting started. Baking and cooking can be done on a non-stick surface if you turn any quarter sheet cookie tray into a non-stick surface.

Brand: Esanvil

👤I feel like the word "gamechanger" has been used too much recently, but I think the mats have made a huge difference in the way I bake my cutout sugar cookies. I bought four mats to try out and will be ordering more. The reason for the little to no spread in the final baked cookie is because the butter and sugar can't get into the baking pan through the perforations. I tried using them with scones and they worked well, but there was more dough that needed to be cleaned and there was more work to be done. I decided to keep the mats for the sugar cookies because I only have four of them. They shine in my bakery.

👤Silicone mats are non-stick and better for the environment. It took an act of Congress to get the bagels off. You know how Congress works. I got my stimulation sooner than the bagels got stuck from the mats. You get what you pay for. Spend a little more. The seller has offered to send new mats. I will let you know if the replacement mats work or not. I like the quick customer service and the willingness to make it right.

👤Silicone mats are great, I have bought several over the years. I liked this one because they have holes, I guess for air circulation, but every time that I put these on the oven, they produce so much smoke that my fire alarm goes crazy. I really like the mats for sustainable living.

👤I used this to replace parchment, but forgot that I bake bread that requires 500 degrees. It was used to bake cookies. It's not possible to tell the diff from using foil, but the crumbs go in between the design and requires more cleaning. My purpose of getting it was defeated. It is my part.

👤I use the sets on my half sheet pans, they leave a grid on the bottom of the cookies, and I don't spread.

👤The whole point was for them to fit in the half sheet. They don't. One edge gets lifted and it doesn't go all the way across the other way You will have to cut them because they worked well.

👤I baked my pastries at a high temperature. What a waste! The liners don't do well at the temperature of 400 F.

👤First use was ok. The second use. The cookies were stuck to the mat. I have used other mats for years and this has never happened with any of them.

👤Me recorte un poco de excedente de las orillas para ajustar a las charolas.

5. BESORICH Silicone Rolling Measurement Fondant

BESORICH Silicone Rolling Measurement Fondant

A cute romantic design is the best Handmade Gift. Food grade unsalted Premium silicone and glass fiber are used to make Besorich Pastry mat. Baking mats are easy to clean, just wash them with clean water or put them in the dishwasher. The size of the baking mat is perfect for bakers, it rolls up small to fit in a drawer, and it's 0.4mm thick, so it doesn't take up much space in the kitchen. Even if grease or dough sticks to the surface, the non-stick pastry mats can be easily cleaned to keep countertops clean and sanitary. The bottom of the mat is strong enough to stick to the countertop or other surfaces. Even if grease or dough sticks to the surface, the non-stick pastry mats can be easily cleaned to keep countertops clean and sanitary. The bottom of the mat is strong enough to stick to the countertop or other surfaces. Every purchase comes with their 100% money back. If you have an issue with your product, get in touch with them. Friendly, easy-to-reach support will be provided by them.

Brand: Besorich Kitchen World

👤I make cinnamon rolls for the neighbors. They are very messy to make. Each recipe makes three balls of dough to roll out. After each ball of dough, I would clean my countertop. It was a chore. I have been looking for a board that my mother made them on. This makes it so easy to clean up. The ruler lines helped me a lot. I would line the roll up and then cut it in half. Use to eyeball it. I don't know how I was able to live without this for so long. I'm looking forward to using this for pie crusts. If you don't bake, this silicone mat will make it much easier to do things on the counter. Put a T towel over it to dry after washing it off. You're done if you roll up.

👤This is the best thing that has ever happened. It's easy to clean and store. I would definitely recommend this.

👤Features not mentioned in the description were what I expected.

👤I used a cover sheet for ironing.

👤It's a great mat, use it daily. Highly recommended for someone who cooks directly on the counter.

👤I like it. I was able to clean up the mess after making my noodles. Rolling was great. They tasted great. The mat had nothing to do with the taste. It was helpful in getting the noodles to the table. Thanks. I have never had one of these before.

6. Silicone Durable Macaron Rolling Macaroon

Silicone Durable Macaron Rolling Macaroon

Reusable: Non-stick properties of the flexible baking tray are unaffected by repeated usage and washing cycles. The cooking heat-resistant mat looks new again after being cleaned. You don't have to worry about regular purchases because the kitchen mats could be used 3000 times. You will have a great experience. Silicone baking mats of them are durable and long lasting, they are soft and elastic. Their mat is made from food grade silicone and is guaranteed to be free of the harmful chemical. The baking mats are made of high temperature resistant Silicone and have a heat resistant temperature of 450oF. Non-stick and easy to clean. Their silicone baking mat does not require oil or fat to reduce intake of cholesterol, saturated fat and cancerogenic substances. It is easy to clean because it is non-stick in the dishwasher. McoMce offer a 12 months warranty and friendly service. You can email them if you have a problem with their product. They will reply as soon as they can, and they would be happy to help you.

Brand: Mcomce

👤These baking mats make it easy to clean them. The mats are sturdy, roll up or lay flat for easy storage, and they protect my pans very well. They fit the smaller pans perfectly, but I have to be careful because they are on the small side for my large pans. They have circles printed on them to indicate where cookies should go. I don't want my cookies running together and I haven't used them as advised. They are still a great tool.

👤These mats help me reduce waste from using paper. I have used these for baking cookies, bread buns, and sheet pan meals and everything has come off easily. The mats are easy to clean and hold up well after many uses.

👤These mats are great for baking. If you let them cool first, they will pop off the mat. I won't be going back to the old method of making paper.

👤The product is nice. It was easy to release without leaving anything. It was easy to clean. Like this product after use.

👤The circles are close together so you should use every other one.

👤I love these! The quality of silpat from France is different. It will get dingy over time. All mats do that.

👤It fit in my pan perfectly. It is easy to clean. Conducts heat.

7. Zulay Kitchen Silicone Baking Sheet

Zulay Kitchen Silicone Baking Sheet

The marijuana leaf cookie cutter is made of premium quality STAINLESS steel and is sturdy in the size of 4 inches. It won't rust like other cheap tin plated cookie cutters, and it's perfect for all kinds of holidays and parties, birthdays, and small gatherings. Surprise your friends with a platter of cookies. The marijuana cookie cutter set is a must have for any kitchen. You can use the cutter to cut all kinds of biscuits, brownies, cookies, also make them as a decoration for cakes, you can even cut vegetables, cheese, jelly and soft fruits with weed. Marijuana shaped craft clay figures and funny soap are easy to make. In situations where it is required to be cleaned, wash it in warm soapy water and then hand dry. Silicone baking mats make baking so much easier. The secret is out, you have seen them used on cooking shows. They work! The thin sheet helps to make a bake with no plastic taste. Re- bake and reduce your spending. You save money and time by using these baking sheets. Baking with non-stick sprays, aluminum foil, and parchment paper is not necessary. It is non-stick. The baking mat is perfect for all kinds of food. It's water-resistant component allows you to bake a variety of pan recipes in a wide range of ovens. Silicone baking sheets are designed to distribute heat evenly for consistent and reliable bakes, with no burned or undercooked areas. Money won't be the only thing you save- time is precious to all cooks. You won't have to worry about messy ovens or dirty pans. This baking sheet cuts clean-up time in half with just one wash and rinse, or even a run through the dishwasher. It was little to no scrubbing. It can be rolled up for easy storage. Zulay guarantees no hassle with a lifetime guarantee on the baking silicone mat. If there are ever any issues with this product, please contact them and they will make it right. This product will live up to your expectations if you order now. If it does not, they have your back. Chances are, you won't need to reach out.

Brand: Zulay Kitchen

👤I made caramelized, sweet, roasted pecans on these mats. The baked-on sugar and pecans lifted off the mats easily. It was very easy to clean up. I roasted the red beets. I was worried that the mats would get stained. The mats were easy to wipe off and the beets did not stain. Very impressed. I would recommend them to a friend. Some reviews smelled funny to me. I didn't smell anything when I got them. I washed them in soapy water. I put them in the oven for 15 minutes before using them. I didn't notice a funny smell. Baking mats are becoming one of my favorite kitchen necessities as I like to roast vegetables. I would buy them again.

👤These are easy to clean, but they become hard to clean. I have scrubbed until my fingers are completely dry, but there are still extremely sticky grease stains that won't come out no matter what I do. They are non stick, but I worry if I use them too often that they will be ruined. Let me know if anyone has ideas on how to clean.

👤I wanted to stop buying the paper. I put them through the dishwasher and made a bunch of cookies. The cookies were very strong in taste. It's really disgusting. The cookies were ruined and I threw them out.

👤These are too narrow for a standard 1/2 sheet pan. They work, though, and cutting them down wasn't a problem. Silpat is about a quarter the price, but they are not as sturdy. I missed the Silpat mats on Prime day, but am glad I did. I assumed the mats were junk, but they met with a furry, four-legged accident and I needed to replace them quickly. I would buy them again. I made 12 dozen cookies and a couple dozen bagels and they came through with flying colors.

👤The best baking mat I have yet. Fast delivery.

👤The size of a standard sheet pan is not what these are. They are shorter. They are easy to clean.

👤They are perfect for baking. The only downside is that they can't be used above 400 degrees. Most things I bake don't need high temperatures.

👤They popped up for a recommendation to buy something. Too many options can be frustrating. I finally bought some for my USA Pan cookie sheets. Preserve your people. The Zulay customer service is amazing and the big red Zulay juicer is awesome.

👤I have read some previous reviews. One person stated that their cookies smelled of soap after washing in a dishwasher. If you don't want the dishwasher to absorb a soapy smell, don't wash it in it. It's not surprising if it's in a hot, wet, soapy environment for 30 minutes. It gave off fumes and smoke. Before putting it in the oven, I recommend removing the plastic sleeve. What did you expect? I think it's a 7 out of 10. If I had the budget, I would have gone for a Silpat.

8. Silicone Reusable Resistant Non Stick Professional

Silicone Reusable Resistant Non Stick Professional

The size is half-sheet. The baking mats fit most standard-size baking sheets. Premium quality non-toxic materials fiberglass and Silicone are heat resistant and safe from bitter cold to intense heat. It's a good idea to use oven tray pans or cookie sheets to improve heat distribution and air circulation for even and consistent results. No need for cooking spray, pan greasing, butter or parchment paper is part of the health diet. You can enjoy your food without oils or fats. Simply wipe with warm or soapy water. There are ovens, microwaves, and freezer safes. It's perfect for making bread. It's possible. Non-stick properties of the flexible baking tray are unaffected by repeated usage and washing cycles. 3000 times is a long time for the non-slip kitchen mats.

Brand: Baker Boutique

👤The reviews show that people don't understand the difference between a quarter sheet and a half sheet. They decided to give bad reviews because they didn't pay attention to what they were ordering. The product is the same as advertised. These mats are perfect for QUARTER sheets. It's easy to clean, way easier than expected. Good resistance to heat. It was the first time I used it and it was perfect.

👤I thought I would try the Silicone liners because I was feeling bad about using so much foil and paper to line my toast. I absolutely adore them! My appliance is 11x11. These are good enough to toast a pizza or a grilled cheese sandwich. I would use foil again if I needed to cover the entire 11x11. I only use them on toast and the highest oven temperature is 400. I have not had any issues with the liners.

👤I wanted a mat that would fit on the tray. The pan works well, but these are less deep. I bake cookies at 350 degrees with them. The cookies are easy to remove. Less waste than using paper. I used them to freeze hamburgers. The hamburgers are easy to remove when frozen. I haven't used them to bake anything with a lot of grease. The mats are cleaned with soapy water and a little more effort than just wiping them off.

👤These are the perfect size for a quarter sheet pan, and food doesn't stick to it. They stained from the start. They were supposed to make my pan look better, but I have to tell guests that they won't look good again. I got a set that included all three of them.

👤It's great for small bakes. I don't know who would need three of them. I thought they were full size when I bought them. That is on me. If you need a baking mat of this size, buy it in a set of different sizes. No one needs three bad boys.

👤These mats are great for baking. They're perfect for cookies and anything you don't want to stick to the pan. The marks on the cookie don't seem to retain the flavor of the cookie, but it takes a little bit of elbow grease to scrub the oils from baking.

👤These are good, but make sure you don't put them in an oven that is too hot. I measured it before I bought it, but it doesn't fit my pan very well. I thought it would be wide, but it is not.

👤The Cosori Air Fryer/toaster oven metal tray was still sticking after cleaning. The stain is no longer a problem.

👤J'aurais du porter attention la grandeur.

9. HOTPOP Silicone Baking Non Stick Rolling

HOTPOP Silicone Baking Non Stick Rolling

100% SATISFACTION 100% customer satisfaction is what they want. Please contact them if you have any questions. They will try to solve them for you. Ensure replacement or refund for quality issues. Their colorful varieties offer you many options and guarantee that your food comes out of the oven sweet and salty. The half sheets measure 18.6 x 18.6 inches, while the quarter sheets are 18.6 x 18.6 inches. Enjoy a healthier meal. Their best grade Silicone macaron mat eliminates the use of cooking sprays, butter, grease and oils in your meal, reducing the number of calories in your meal. Their improved mat will keep you and your family healthy. It's easy to clean because of its potential non-stick nature. It is possible that burnt sugar and fat can fall off on their own. It's very easy to wash, just rinse the mat in warm soapy water. You can use a dishwasher. The mat always comes out looking new after every wash. The premium baking mat is 100% reliable and can be used by anyone. This mat is 0.75mm thick and will ensure that your cookies and pastries are baked to perfection. The baking mat can be used in ovens, microwave ovens, freezers, and dishwashers. Quality not quantity is what they believe in as a brand. The baking mat is made to standard. This is the best baking mat you will ever use. If you get a full refund, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Brand: Hotpop

👤These mats are great for baking. It is easy to clean up.

👤I made my first round of french macarons. I used the matts more as a size guide. They are very thick and flexible. I was happy with my purchase. And even more so with my food!

👤I returned the order for a replacement because one of the pads was not coated properly and the mesh was exposed in a small part of the mat. You don't want the fiberglass reinforcement to make it into your food if you check your pads as soon as you get them. The fiberglass is sealed inside the silicone layers, which makes it safe. If the mat is damaged, throw it out. I decided to put them in the oven to see how it works. I put them in the oven at 450. They smoke, which is odd. It looks like the heat bakes the mats. I don't know if this is normal because I have never owned these types of pads. I would guess not. When it's cooked, the fibers under the silicone turn light brown and the silicone starts to brown a bit. The mats are less sticky and don't smoke anymore. I'm not sure why they don't put them in an oven before selling to get rid of the coating that smokes off. It would make the experience more pleasant for customers. The mats are light brown. My guess is that the manufacturers expose them to heat before selling. The price of these is cheap, so that step was not included. I recommend you wash them and bake them, and wash them again before using. They become light brown once you do that, and they work well.

👤I like the way that it comes with a 2 size mat, so I don't need to cut it myself, the mat is good and the price is good. The mat did not get out of shape or curve on the edge after I baked the macaroons.

👤It's perfect for macarons. The only thing I would change is to offer the mats separately.

👤We are a bit of a foodie family. That has gone up during the Pandemic. New recipes and cooking shows are always interests of ours. The more we investigated, the more we were interested in the "Silpat" baking mats. The mats are much cheaper than Silpats. You also get two smaller mats in addition to the two full size mats. These mats are great for all baking uses. They prevent food from burning on the tray. They are easy to clean up even if you are baking on them. I love how good my muffins are when I use them. They're great when roasted on them. We've been using them for a while now. We tend to cook at home when there is a flu. These are good quality mats. These mats are very good. I don't think the Silpat mats would be worth the price upgrade. Maybe for a chef. We are not pro cooks. These mats are very good. Get some.

10. Silicone Baking Mat Professional Nonstick

Silicone Baking Mat Professional Nonstick

There is a large and multi-purpose. The baking sheets are 16.5" x 11 5/8". The mat thickness is 0.75mm. It's perfect for baking, kneading, rolling, candy/macaron/pastry/cookie/bun/bread making as well as for freezing meat balls, dumplings, fruits and vegetables. Premium quality non-toxic materials passed strict food safety tests. Baking with no oil or fat reduces intake of cholesterol, saturated fat and cancerogenic substances produced by cooking oils. OVEN/MICROWAVE/DISHWASHER/FREEZER SAFE - DURABLE & LONG LASTING: It's flexible yet tear resistant, and designed to endure thousands of uses under extreme conditions of bitter cold and intense heat. No more scrubbing! It has burnt sugar and fat on it. The mat should be washed in warm soapy water. You can use the dishwasher to wash it. Non-stick properties of the mat are unaffected by repeated multiple uses and washing cycles. It will be new again after every use and clean up. The results were perfect. Silicone/fiberglass hybrid construction helps to distribute heat evenly along the entire baking surface so you always get perfect consistent results every time you bake. The pictures of the bread I made. It's perfect.

Brand: Velesco

👤It works great when used correctly. I took off a star because it stains easily even with correct use. Do not use this with the broiler, as it will cause the temperature to go up. My husband started a fire in the oven because he didn't know how to use it. Oh! Keep the oven door closed if this happens. You don't want more oxygen in because it will feed the fire. Baking soda can be thrown over the flame to quench it. We had to do that.

👤I am so disappointed with these. I used to make chocolate chip cookies with these. I used them for the second time to make French Macarons for a party, and they kept sticking to the mat. If you want to use them for cookies, they are not for French macarons. I will need to make a new batches with parchment paper because of these mats. The red outline was starting to peel off.

👤I used a piece of paper. Not any more! I don't know how I didn't get this sooner. I have a fancy computerized gas oven, cheap sheet pans, and air bake sheet pans. I didn't get the premium results that I should have gotten. My biscuits and cookies turned out great when I used the Silicone Baking Mat. The biscuits are golden and fluffy. Sugar cookies are soft but not crisp. I recommend my baking mats to every baker. I was looking for a baking stone when I came across Silicone mats and decided to try them out. I am glad I bought the mats. The mats are about an inch wider than my cookie sheets, but that isn't a problem for me. The biscuits fit perfectly because they run about a dozen per dough batches. I don't place cookies on the curve where the mat goes over the edge of the pan because I end up with 2 -3 cookies too many. I have a few more cookies from my second baking batches. The fiberglass web in between the silicone layers discourages cutting the mats. Cutting mats isn't a good thing. The width of the mat is slightly wider than my cookie sheets, but don't cut it. It's easy to clean up. I rinse the mat under the hot water. I wiped the mat down with a damp cloth and a dry towel. Where to keep it? Hmm. The mats were so tightly fitted into the box that I tore the mat box up. I use an empty plastic bag box for my storage.

👤I hate having to wrestle with the curling on parchment paper. How do you keep it flat on a baking sheet if you uncurl it? I had to look for a silicone baking mat. This was my first time baking with Silicone products and I was a bit dubious. I am very happy with the product. I like how the corners are cut. The mats fit well within my pan, which is 11x17, and measures just over 16 feet wide. I thought the rounded corners on the mat would be more pleasing than the 45 degree cut, but I realized it was not. The corners would be elevated if the mat had rounded corners. It's not sure if it makes any difference to anyone. This was a pleasant surprise to me. The mat stays in place unlike the paper that slides around. The chocolate chip cookies were the first test. I cheated and used Pilsbury dough. The cookies can be easily slid off the pan. There was no discernable difference to me. The second test was using the oven's feature to bake French macaron shells. The batter spreads out more evenly on this mat. I had to leave the shells in the oven a bit longer. The longer bake time is due to the mat absorbing some of the heat. I don't have any evidence. It felt like the shells took longer to cool than before. I'm not sure if that's because I was stressed out. It is easy to clean. I use a soft sponge with the mat still in the pan. Nothing sticks.

11. Macaron Mat Professional Silicone Non Stick

Macaron Mat Professional Silicone Non Stick

MUST-HAVE BAKING UTENSILS: The East buy is easy to use and will allow you to enjoy the family baking and cooking efforts. Every time. Make a standard size of macarons at once. The circles help with getting the shape of the macarons right and keeping them neat. The cookie mat is high quality and can be used for a long time. It's suitable for oven, microwave and freezer. The french macaron kit comes with 4 different nozzles for decorating. The decorating pen makes it easy to make mouth-watering and aesthetically pleasing macarons pastry. Package is included. The Baking Sheet has 38mm outside diamete. It is a perfect gift for home bakers. Package is included. The Baking Sheet has 38mm outside diamete. It is a perfect gift for home bakers.

Brand: Eastbuy

👤This is the size of a cookie sheet and arrives in quarters in a plastic envelope. Disappointing.

👤The quality is great, but impractical. The shapes flow over no matter how little batter is put down. I was hoping to be able to use this to make it easier and faster to do shapes, but it is not. The macarons are tiny.

👤Si buen molde, perfecto.


What is the best product for baking mats silicone for baking sheets pink?

Baking mats silicone for baking sheets pink products from Juvale. In this article about baking mats silicone for baking sheets pink you can see why people choose the product. Folksy Super Kitchen and Amyone are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking mats silicone for baking sheets pink.

What are the best brands for baking mats silicone for baking sheets pink?

Juvale, Folksy Super Kitchen and Amyone are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking mats silicone for baking sheets pink. Find the detail in this article. Esanvil, Besorich Kitchen World and Mcomce are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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