Best Baking Measurement Equivalents Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker

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1. Kitchen Conversion Chart Magnet Measurements

Kitchen Conversion Chart Magnet Measurements

If you didn't like their product, please contact them at the Amazon buyer center, they will offer you a solution. The kitchen conversion chart is 8x6 inches. When cooking, baking or measuring, easy to understand data and images will allow you to convert on the fly. Improve your kitchen efficiency. It is easy to wipe clean. It is easy to clean and will look brand new. Magnetic backing is strong on all magnetic surfaces. The kitchen, cooking and baking have conversion chart decor. Stick so you can access it quickly. Measure dry and liquid weights, volumes, temperature and more. Your guide for imperial to metric and standard. Cook and bake quickly with quick interpretations of recipes. A perfect gift for bakers, chefs, housewarming, new homeowners, cooks, mom, etc. It's easy to understand a table for recipe, baking tools, and cookbook accessories. It was designed and manufactured by Nashi. The original design was made for practicality and style. Clean and timeless, made to stand the test of time as a stylish accent to your kitchen. You have to order now.

Brand: Momo & Nashi

👤It was not bad, except for the obvious mistake I made when I bought it. An entire cup only has 8 ounces, not 2 ounces. The customer photo clearly shows this, even though the product image doesn't. Apparently, they have fixed this. The dry weights measures are useless because they don't take into account the difference between flour and salt. It only works for water.

👤I like the chart because I was raised without metric measurements. I can easily distinguish between grams and cups using the metric system. It is a great gift for both young and old. It's still a handy thing, but I wish it were a bit bigger.

👤I had a small conversion table that was knocked off the fridge and broke. I cook all the time and my kids are learning to cook. I like this magnet. It has a number of conversion charts. The weights are dry. I'm good at what I do. What volumes of liquid? Not much. I didn't see the egg timer at the time I bought it, but I am happy to have theoven temp chart. I will be able to reference the numbers on my stove when I use my gas grill, because I have never known what the temperature was on my stove. This is a good tool to have in the kitchen.

👤I like the fact that it has all I need on it. I was expecting it to be bigger than it really is, but it is a good size for the frig. It's giftable, but looks smaller and cheaper than I would gift alone, so maybe adding a measuring cup and spoon set to it, with a liquid measuring cup to it will make a great gift indeed! I recommend this!

👤This is a huge change. It is easy to reference and it is magnetic. I put mine on my fridge so it's easy to reach. If anyone else bakes like I do, I don't like getting cups dirty and this will allow me to use the same cup for all my ingredients.

👤I ordered the Kitchen Conversion Chart Magnet - Imperial & Metric to Standard Conversion Chart after looking at hundreds being offered, most of them are a cute little card that is very limited to small quantities. There is too much space on the refrigerator door. The chart is perfect for our needs. The 5x9 text is organized in categories that are relevant and recognizable. If the need arises, purchase again.

👤It's smaller than I anticipated but I probably didn't read the fine print. It's okay. I was looking for conversion of the spoon to the table, which is not on, but it is not a deal-breaker. It isn't what I expected, but I return it. It's partly me. Go for it if you're okay with it.


2. MoharWall Greatest Blessing Lettering Decoration

MoharWall Greatest Blessing Lettering Decoration

Size:S-33'WX8''H They use high quality vinyl that looks like paint. Moharwall makes all of their designs. Many comments did not tear off the transparent transfer film, please follow the instructions and you will get the perfect product. The die-cut is made from 3 parts - the backing paper, the sticker, and the clear transfer tape. The transparent transfer film on the decals needs to be removed to make them look better.

Brand: Moharwall

👤I like the way it looks on the wall. It takes a bit of patience to get it to the wall. I can't give a review about it. I don't plan to take it down in the near future.

👤This is my favorite quote from Harry Potter and I was excited about this product. My husband and I have tried to get this to stick to my wall. We taped the wall as instructed but when we tried to peel the top layer off it wouldn't come off the paper. We had to peel the paper off slowly and hold each letter to the wall in order to get it to stick. It's terrible! I don't like wasting my money. I wanted this to be terrible. I have a mess. Don't waste time or money.

👤I have done many of these at home. Some are easy and some are more challenging. This is the worst quality I have ever seen. I don't know if I received a poor quality item or just an old product, but the glue was not letting go on a couple letters. Nothing would get one of the letters off the backing material, I know all the techniques for applying and nothing. I had to remove it with my fingernails. Another letter the same thing. It was stuck to the backing no matter what. You should buy this elsewhere.

👤I was expecting the sign to be larger and more proportioned than the picture shows. I ordered the largest size. It was very difficult to remove the backing. The white backing wouldn't allow the words to lift off. This has been the most difficult I have ever worked on. I wasn't impressed.

👤I've applied several vinyl letter sayings to walls, but this one was a nightmare. The backing came off in pieces instead of being on a single sheet. I smoothed out the vinyl front sheet and tried to peel it off. The letters were stuck on the sheet. The product might have been on the shelf for a long time. What a mess! I want my money back.

👤The finished product is what I like the most. It is difficult to install. My husband and I are very handy. Both of us struggled. I used a wallpaper brush to remove the bubbles. The letters began to lift when we removed the top layer of clear plastic. I had to use my fingers to pull it off of the top plastic layer and push it back on the wall while my husband was pulling it off. It took us about an hour and a half to apply. Would I do it again? You bet! It's beautiful.

👤This item was disappointing to me. I have ordered wall art from other vendors before and have never had a problem. It was stuck to the white paper when I peeled it off. I couldn't use it. It's a waste of money.

👤It was terrible to get off the transfer paper. The words were more legible on the paper than on the wall. I have written on my walls before. The letters were damaged. It took me over 40 minutes to get to the wall. I had to slow down and remove the letters from the transfer tape. Very disappointing.

3. Kitchen Conversion Chart Magnet Measurement

Kitchen Conversion Chart Magnet Measurement

The material is durable. The pie crust stamp is dishwasher safe and is made of food safe plastic. Baking and entertaining guests is more important than cleaning the kitchen. Kitchen conversion chart is a kitchen helpers tool. A reference guide for recipes. They were able to fit in a lot of information because they were able to read 11 x 8.5 inches in size. The large bold type of the text is large enough to be read at a glance. Their kitchen measurement conversion chart has a wide variety of data. Teaspoons, ounces, cups, quarts, gallons, grams, and pounds are all listed. Accurate measures for the tad, dash, pinch, smidgen and drop. The temperature of the oven can be converted between Celsius and Fahrenheit. Kitchen gifts are thoughtful gifts for the baker, chef and cook in your life. Surprise them with a kitchen accessory they didn't think was necessary. Water resistant, strong and easy to clean are some of the qualities of superior quality. Your kitchen decor will be enhanced by their magnet.

Brand: Aks Magnets

👤I was looking for a conversion chart that had grams ounces litters and I found it, it is magnetic and easy to clean, I will use it for soap making, cheese making, and Jelly making, and I like it because it has grams ounces litters and it is easy to wipe

👤I needed this chart after watching british bake off. It is difficult to look up each conversion from metric. They use ounces, cups, gallons, and we switch to metric!

👤I was worried that I wouldn't be able to read it. I don't have to get close to the fridge to read it. It is amazing! I get frustrated doing conversions. I printed one off the internet but it was ruined or lost. My fridge will never get lost because of this magnet. I ordered a few for my friends.

👤The chart arrived in a few days. I often reduce recipes for my husband. This is a quick reference that you don't have to leave the kitchen.

👤If you already have your refrigerator door covered in magnets, you will have to relocate some to make room for a very large refrigerator magnet. I think I will be able to use it.

👤I put this in the freezer and sent it to my daughter. Everything you need to convert units is in this book. It stuck to the metal of my freezer wall. My daughter loved hers as well.

👤It's easy to read and it's magnetic. It works well for a quick glance.

👤The size makes it easy to read. The measurement conversions are comprehensive. The quality of print is high and I expect it to last a long time. The magnet stays where you put it. The kids admit that looking at the fridge is quicker than searching on the internet for a conversion. What's not to like?

4. Blinggo Family Letter Removable Stickers

Blinggo Family Letter Removable Stickers

General can keep up to 3 years. Remove the peel and stick without damaging your paint. It is possible to apply painted wall, smooth wallpaper, ceramic tile,wooden,metal,glass and plastic, but not textile. No background, free standing letters, comes with transfer tape to aid in installation.

Brand: Blinggo

👤What a great addition to my wall. Exactly what I needed. I love it! I will look for more wall decals in the rest of my home. Thanks to Amazon.

👤The seller should make it clear that this is not a transfer decals, but a sticker, because it is not what I would call a transfer decals. It is not a big deal to me, but it may be to some people. You peel off the paper backing and stick it on the wall. You don't peel the top layer off, like you would a transfer decals. I was wondering why the black lettering was not staying on the wall, because it almost ruined it. It does have a shiny appearance, but that is fine with me. The black lettering and clear sticker on the wall are what you will see once the sticker is on the wall. The size was large for me. I read the description and saw the measurements before I ordered, so that wasn't an issue for me. I would give it 5 stars, but only 4 due to the fact that there are no instructions included and that it is a sticker and not a transfer decals. If you read through the Q & A's on the product page, someone asks how these are to be placed and the seller is one of the people who commented and they just peel and stick to the wall. I like how it looks on my family picture wall in my hallway, so I am happy with it. The shipping was very fast. Thanks!

👤It was smaller than I had thought, but it was perfect for what I needed. I stuck it to a wall that was fairly textured. I was able to take it off and adjust it a few times. The tiny butterflies don't look like butterflies at all, which is why I gave it 4 stars. The pictures around the decals are all 4x6.

👤It's complete and utter waste of money. It was so small that it was difficult to stick it to the wall, and each letter had to be cut out to fit. It ended up in the trash. I am thankful that I didn't spend a lot of money on this.

👤The product must have been sitting for a long time. I should have stayed at Walmart because I have never had any issues with these decals. Don't buy this product, it's very disappointed, and it didn't cost enough to get a refund.

👤It is very easy to stick these on the wall, even though it did not come with instructions. All will work out fine if you go slow. While pulling the backing off a few letters did stick but with a very sharp object to the edge it was easy to unstick then press the transfer paper back on top of it and it came right off onto the transfer paper. I cut them apart and put them where I wanted them. I used a scraper to get the transfer paper out of the wall and then took it off. It turned out perfect because Pealing was so slowly.

5. Latauar Magnetic Kitchen Conversion Chart

Latauar Magnetic Kitchen Conversion Chart

The sheets are perfect for chocolate, cake, pastry,mousse decorating, lining rings and moulds in the kitchen. 5 Unit of Measurement - cups, Tablespoons, Teaspoons,Fluid Oz and Milliliters, help you measure all your food. Attach it to the refrigerator or metal door with a strong magnetic backing and look at it while cooking or baking. Premium Quality is made of high-quality 18/8stainless steel, sturdy and durable, won't break, chip, or rust. The volume measurements are engraved. The back of the rubber magnet is easy to use. The service is guaranteed. If you don't like this set at any time, please email them and they will give you a full refund. Press "add to cart" with confidence.

Brand: Latauar

👤I bought this for a friend in England. He has to figure out what the measurement is equivalent to in the metric system when I send him neat recipes. When I saw this idea online, I loved it. I bought him and his niece one as she is a budding cook. He is thrilled that he doesn't have to use paper or pencil to figure out the equivalent measurement. He put it in his refrigerator. It's a must for anyone who wants to try out other countries' recipes.

👤A very high quality magnet. I gave this as a gift to the daughters in law, along with other useful items, for Christmas. They were very appreciated. They use things every day.

👤The rating was low due to the fonts. This is a tool that can be used to help with conversions during cooking or prep work. The tool becomes useless if you have to struggle to read the print. The size of the tool, the size of the tool and the strength of the magnet are all excellent.

👤I wish I had this a few months ago, I needed a 1/3 cup measured and we moved so I couldn't find my measuring cups. We haven't found the time to unpack yet, so if I need to measure, we are set.

👤The printing was difficult to read on the steel. I returned it for another brand that I am very happy with.

👤Doesn't look like the type in the listing. It is not usable due to the lack of ink in the characters.

👤The metal part of the design fell off within five days. We put it on the fridge, so it didn't fall apart, just fell apart on its own.

👤This is next to my stove and it has helped me many times. It is small enough to be discreet and large enough to read. Just what I needed.

👤I refer to this often when cooking. It can be hard to read from a few feet away. The printing is not dark so it will be hard to read. There are no complaints about the metal plate itself.

👤Very poor craftsman. There is damage to the steel. I know why this item was on sale. If it was not for Covid 19 I would return it.

👤It's a good blend as a magnet on the fridge. It's a good thing to have measurements always available.

👤It's great for easy and fast unit conversion, I bought one for myself and 2 for my friends.

👤It was smaller than expected. The print is very light and you have to be close to see it. It's an ok item.

6. Rotumaty Kitchen Quote Stickers Dining

Rotumaty Kitchen Quote Stickers Dining

It's safe to use in fridges, freezers, and dishwashers. The lid was sold separately. The material is material. The decals are made of non-toxic material. There are 6 x 24 in unfinished and 9 x 25 in finished sizes. You will get 2 sheets of wall quotes. Quote: The kitchen is the center of the home. Words can be moved around. It is easy to apply the product because of the instructions. No transfer is required. Remove without leaving a sticky mess. It is possible to make a multi-purpose plan. It's suitable for kitchen, dining room, coffee shop, cabinets, furniture, tiles, glass, and corner decoration of the house. You can make your living space look better in a few minutes.

Brand: Rotumaty

👤Exactly as shown. I added a few more wall art stickers and ended up with a wall that I liked.

👤I love it! It was easy to apply. The decals can be difficult to remove because they stick to themselves and can be difficult to separate, especially the "heart" decals. It's great except for that. Looking to purchase another.

👤It's a perfect spot for the decals on the wall.

👤I'm happy with the purchase. The stencil portion was difficult to remove from the backing material. I was very worried about ripping the stencil as I was pulling it away from the backing material. Once the stencil is removed, it's time to apply. It sticks very well on your wall surface. I'm not sure how easy it will be to remove the kitchen cabinets when they're painted.

👤I loved it! It went on the wall without a hitch.

👤I did not read the full description, so I am giving 4 stars. Once I read it fully, the product is described. This isn't vinyl letters. You can see the backing of the sticker on the wall. Not what I wanted. It is well made and looks pretty if you stand in front of the lights.

👤This is what I wanted. It has a lot of options as to how you can put the words up on the wall. The wall decals are not for beginners. There is a lot of work to make sure that it all fits and ends up straight. I could not have done it without my wonderful husband.

👤Just as pictured. I will be ordering more soon.

👤I peeled the plastic sheet and found the stickers on it. I had to peel it again. I had to cut the individual words to complete the sentence because the words were not on the same sheet. It seems like the color is fading. I have ordered a new sticker from the same company and it is really good with a deep color and is cut in a nice shape. Attaching a picture to something else. What can be done now?

👤I thought it was just a single sheet and you just paste it to the wall. You have to stick it to the wall. The letters come off easily if you pull the sticker. I think it's expensive.

👤The wall art is well designed and has nice lettering. It is a perfect fit and looks great.

👤When I first ordered it didn't work, but the seller sent me another one and it worked great. I really like it. Thanks for your professional attitude too!

👤Everyone loves it! Where did you get this? Trust me, it will add a little extra to your kitchen.

7. Family Decals Set Stickers Photos Included

Family Decals Set Stickers Photos Included

There is a material called PVC. The color is black. The baby and kids nursery can be decorated. There is a wall decals on it. Remove the peel and stick without damaging your paint. There is no photos frame included. The size is on the page. All pictures in this ad do not represent the actual size of the Decal, please read the size on page. All pictures in this ad do not represent the actual size of the Decal, please read the size on page.

Brand: Ares

👤The problem with these is that they are more stickers than lettering, so if you have, you can use them. The picture of true vinyl stencil is different from the picture of these.

👤When application wasn't clear, I turned to reviewers for advice. I would have stumbled a lot if it wasn't for your great personal experiences, thanks to all the advice I found. Not much instruction from the company.

👤It is pretty and sticks well on the wall.

👤These decals were what I was looking for. It was difficult to remove them from the paper because it was strong.

👤Doesn't stick to the wall very long. I have to press them down all the time. It's pretty annoying. They look great on my wall, but I wish they stayed stuck.

👤A new addition to my gallery wall. It looks easy to stick on. Enough. The price is a great value.

👤It was easy to use. I'm happy with the way they look.

👤The pictures on my stairs look better because of this. They are easy to use.

8. Measuring Conversion Baking Vinyl Sticker

Measuring Conversion Baking Vinyl Sticker

This quote saying sticker can make your room look vivid and charming instantly, light up the fire in your deep heart, help you go through difficult times, and remind you to be positive and enjoy life. It looks great on your walls after being applied. It's easy to apply on flat hard surfaces. Installation instructions are included. There is a color called MATTE BLACK. The dimensions are 22 inches wide and 18 inches tall. The original trademark and design was created by Slap-Art.

Brand: Slap-art

👤These are so cute and big. When I first opened them, I was afraid they would be harder. Perfect!

👤It took a little while to apply because of all of the separate details. I would do it all over again. I don't think it's possible to make the measuring spoons smaller because they look disproportionate. I've gotten a lot of praise for this decals. I am happy with how my kitchen is coming together. This was a big part of it. My daughter helped apply them. I liked being able to cut them apart and arrange them in a way I wanted. Highly recommended!

👤I love these! It's so helpful to have around a modern looking, fun, and fun to have around! Love!

👤That was an added bonus, but this was bigger than expected. I wanted it on the inside of a cabinet door, but since it was so large, I used it as a wall sticker. Getting the decals off of the paper was a challenge. I followed the directions, but when I began to peel away the top layer, many of the letters wouldn't stay on the wall. I used a credit card to rub each letter and then gently peel back the paper. It took about 20 minutes to do it all. The little dots were a bit of a pain, but I got them to stick. I can see it from across the kitchen since it is so big. I think it looks great on the wall.

👤It was easy to apply the decals. It took about 10 minutes to apply the decals to the cabinets. I like the finished product. Don't read the directions! Rub the decals onto the wall when you follow the directions. There are decals for each person. Some reviewers tried to remove the letters from the word, but they were not stickers. They are easy to apply and are decals.

👤I'm not sure what I expected, but I felt like it didn't come the way it looked online. I might have purchased a size too big. For this reason, I have changed my vinyl glue. The final product was disappointing. It looked like it was made for children, and I had hoped it would be more like clipart. I don't think these are cute for a family with the right kitchen and size. I am just not happy with the product.

👤I was worried that this would stick to our wall and so I took extra precautions. It sticks great! Be careful when applying the letters with "tails" as these took extra attention and patience. The dots took attention as they wanted to stick to the backing. Like in the colons. Our kitchen has a cute addition.

👤I was looking for decals for my kitchen. I fell in love with them. I put them up when they came in, and they looked better than I thought they would. I followed the directions and put them up. I copied the pictures from another review because I liked how they put them up. I have to look at conversions all the time when cooking. It will be much easier with this. I would definitely recommend them.

9. U Taste Professional Measurement Refrigerator Conversions

U Taste Professional Measurement Refrigerator Conversions

The original trademark and design was created by Slap-Art. Measure conversion chart for Cups, TBSP, TSP, fluid Oz and ML. Attach it to the fridge with a strong magnetic backing and look at it while baking. A dishwasher safe. Don't worry about splitting or rusting. The engraved measurement is easy to read and will never fade or rub off. Hang it on the wall hanger. It won't hurt your hand.

Brand: U-taste

👤This is a nice conversion chart. The kitchen tool looks dull. It has a nice look. It is hard to see the conversion information. It is easy to read in the picture. I got a dark one. I have to get very close to see the numbers. It is a nice looking tool, but it is too dark to be helpful.

👤The conversion chart is hard to read without magnification and an additional light source, which is why I like the idea of having it on my refrigerator. This might be a good purchase if you don't mind using a magnifying glass and flashlight. The customer service was friendly and helped me by replacing the first shipment that had marks on it. I think the metal tag needs to be bigger with a bolder style for easier use. The black print used to create these tags blends in with the natural gray finish of the metal making it difficult to read. It would have been easier to use black on white.

👤It's hard to read. The advertised picture was easy to read. The print is grey, as you can see from my pictures. I have to hold it at an angle to see it. Oil from fingerprints needs to be wiped off. The material is strong.

👤I don't like this purchase. I can't read what it says because I wear glasses. I can't make it out because I have to study it at many different angles. Maybe it should have a group of people to read it to. Don't buy if you don't have good vision. I would have returned it but I can't find it.

👤Why rate this easy to hold? It should be hung in a place where you can read it. Not held. Excellent quality. It's understandable that there is a small print. The magnet is too weak for the weight of the plaque, so it's three stars. It will be a 5-star product if you change to a better magnet.

👤The two year old got a hand on it and it wasn't a scratch. This thing was hit by a toy hammer. There is not a scratch or a dents to be seen. It is higher up on the fridge.

👤The only place it works is in the shadows, away from any light, and I have tried to mount it in several places in my kitchen. Very disappointed. I have to remove it from the area to read it because I wanted it next to my work area. Too much glare off of metal and not enough definition to the lettering.

👤The chart on cardboard has seen better days. It looks good on my refrigerator.

👤The letters are grey and hard to read.

👤Very useful. Dry measures in grams are the only thing I would like to see added to this. Otherwise it is perfect.

👤I needed a measuring device to measure the amount of butter in a recipe. Does anyone have a jar of cold butter? How much is that cup? This works well.

10. Jot Mark Conversion Measurement Temperature

Jot Mark Conversion Measurement Temperature

Hang it on the wall hanger. It won't hurt your hand. You can wipe it clean with a damp sponge, no worries about water, flour, or other ingredients getting on this magnet. This chart is the reference guide for all the kitchen tools that chefs need. The convert form factor is a new invention. Chefs and kitchen helpers can read the kitchen conversion magnet on the refrigerator, without pages to turn or keys to press. The blue design is easy to read and looks good in your kitchen even if you aren't baking. The strong magnet is 8 x 10 and can be used to hold recipes securely in the fridge or to hold multiple photos, reminders, and notes.

Brand: Jot & Mark

👤There were two of this item. They were not shipped together. One arrived on May 27th. The second one is still waiting for today. The one that arrived was damaged. The package was undamaged, just the item the manufacturer put in it. The chart is magnetic and can be hung in the kitchen on the refrigerator or any other metal appliance. The top edge is mangled so much that it's hard to use. Maybe when the second one arrives, it will be better. I would not recommend this item.

👤The layout on the front is great. The quality of the magnets is not good. Returned the first one and tried a second, but the left side wouldn't fit in the fridge. It looks like it has a metallic backing that is magnetized during production. It may be fine for some people, but not for us.

👤I was excited to get this product but the lower part seems to be magnetic. I have tried to place it on different surfaces, but it will not lie flat. The product is back.

👤The information is what I was looking for. I had to put small magnets on the corners to keep it from curling because the magnet is not strong enough. Otherwise great.

👤The print is small but the product is good.

👤The heavy magnet is helpful in converting British or European measurements. A collection of "baking conversions" are where common baking ingredients offer oz/gr conversions. The chart for the oven is useful. The conversion amounts are easy to extend. This is more extensive than others I have reviewed. I can easily use my "Hairy Biker" cookbook.

👤Refer to it on the door. It is easy to read. I don't need to open a conversion site on my phone. More useful conversions for American cooks have been seen by me.

👤I wish I had this a long time ago. It is easy to read. There are many measurement equivalancies. Each of my adult kids will get one.

👤Only half of the backing on the fridge has to be mounted with a new tap.

👤It's handy to have on the fridge for a quick glance.

👤Information for any kitchen.

👤I was not happy with the product. The production description says it is noturdy. After I put it on my fridge, it started to peel in the corners and have not stayed there since. It's only a job to stick to the fridge, other than the information I need. It failed immediately. I would not return it because of the hassle of paying return international shipping and having to wait for a refund. I will put magnets in the corner. I shouldn't have to purchase a supplemental product to make this work, it should be stand-alone. A sub-par product gets 1 star.

11. Magnetic Kitchen Conversion Talented Temperature

Magnetic Kitchen Conversion Talented Temperature

It is possible to make a multi-purpose plan. It's suitable for kitchen, dining room, coffee shop, cabinets, furniture, tiles, glass, and corner decoration of the house. You can make your living space look better in a few minutes. Magnetic measurement conversion charts were designed to give useful information. This is a great gift for people who love to cook and bake. The easiest way to read is to weigh conversions to ounce, pound, gram, liquid volume conversions to fluid ounces, cup, pints quarts, gallons and liter units, plus convert gas mark and electric oven temperatures in celsius and fahrenheit. A perfect eat guide for cooking for the family, cooking with kids, baking, diet tracking for weight management portion control or diabetes. Heavy duty vinyl magnet can be wiped clean and will stand up to the heat and humidity of your kitchen. The design is large for easy reading. You can find the information you need with the measurement conversion magnet. Place it on your fridge door. The magnetic conversion chart is a great addition to your kitchen.

Brand: Talented Kitchen

👤This kitchen conversion chart is useful. I can see myself using this chart a lot. It's not a big chart. It's the perfect size to fit on your refrigerator without compromising space for your other fridge magnets and photos. I don't usually have a spoon taped to the fridge. It's a good thing.

👤The digital age has hit me hard. You have to use your phone to look up things. I always get flour and sticky stuff on my phone when I try to cook in the kitchen. I have to worry about damaging my phone and also cleaning it after cooking to get visibility. That's where the little hands free item comes in handy. I can slap it anywhere with a metal surface because it's bigger than my hand. I put it on the fridge because it's a few steps from the stove and kitchen island. It's very easy to read and has a lot of different conversions. The size of a piece of paper is too large for me to look at, and the other items like this on Amazon are much bigger, which is not appealing to me. The smaller conversion chart doesn't detract from the overall look of my kitchen. I love it!

👤I am an American living in Europe and this item is convenient in the kitchen. I keep this bad boy on the side of my fridge for quick conversions because my oven is labeled in Celsius but it might as well be in Chinese. It was hard to find. I use my cell phone or computer to get the temperature in the oven. I like that it is relatively plain looking. It doesn't clash with the kitchen decor. It is flat and straightforward. I was going to print, laminated, and magnetize my own version but this one is a better quality and offers other measurements. It is cheap to buy so the approach was not worth the time and effort. When it arrived in the mail, my husband laughed, but now I give him a smirk and say "told-you-so" every time I see him reference it to cook a frozen pizza. I would buy it again because it does what I need it to do. Two thumbs up.

👤I only bought this item because my air fryer keeps changing temperature. I have successfully changed it back to Fahrenheit a few times, but I have to research the instructions again and again. I can use the C settings with this chart. To have all the conversions in my refrigerator is very useful. We often need to cut recipes in half. If it is a basic recipe it doesn't matter much, but when baking it is important to measure. I like this chart.

👤What I was looking for! The table of measures is very organized. The design is clean and I would recommend it to anyone. You can print one from the internet. The bonus of the magnet was a major bonus for me, even though I wasn't happy with the printable version. It is a great purchase for the price. I use it for work and INRDeals


What is the best product for baking measurement equivalents vinyl wall decal sticker?

Baking measurement equivalents vinyl wall decal sticker products from Momo & Nashi. In this article about baking measurement equivalents vinyl wall decal sticker you can see why people choose the product. Moharwall and Aks Magnets are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking measurement equivalents vinyl wall decal sticker.

What are the best brands for baking measurement equivalents vinyl wall decal sticker?

Momo & Nashi, Moharwall and Aks Magnets are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking measurement equivalents vinyl wall decal sticker. Find the detail in this article. Blinggo, Latauar and Rotumaty are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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