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1. Vremi Piece Plastic Measuring Cups

Vremi Piece Plastic Measuring Cups

Professional Service If you have any questions after receiving the measuring cup and measuring spoon, please contact them in time and feedback to them, they will solve the problem for you as soon as possible. Thank you for choosing them. Their measuring cup set comes with 3 large, heavy-duty measuring cups that can be used at home or in a professional capacity. Their cups are made from clear plastic and are easy to measure and pour. The measuring cup has a non-slip silicone handle that is red, blue or green and is heat resistant. Each measuring pitcher cup has a metric scale on the reverse side and cup and ounce labels on one side. Black markings make measuring easier and accurate. Their measuring cups are designed with non-drip, slanted, lipped spouts for convenience, and the cups are stackable for space saving storage. Their cups are the perfect solution for tidying up a cluttered kitchen. These cups are cute and can make you the chef you want to be. Their cups can hold food in advance. Their cups can handle hot liquids up to 175F. Only hand wash to preserve the hard plastic quality.

Brand: Vremi

👤These were bought to replace the broken glass measuring cups. I noticed that the 2-cup measuring cup looked too much when I reached for one earlier today. I compared the amount of water in the 1-cup up to the 1/2 cup line and the amount in the 2-cup. You can see what I did. Completely different amounts. I will be returning them and telling people not to buy them.

👤I need some measuring cups for a volume calculation of a solid with irregular shape while I am working on a buoyancy experiment for Girl Scouts. Measuring the volume of water displaced was used to do that. I've been using different measuring cups to check my results. I was surprised to find that the 1/2 cup mark on the 1 cup measuring cup came up to about half that on the 2 cup and 4 cup sizes. I looked at a small amount of water. It was measured at about 1/2 cup on the 2 cup and 4 cup measuring cups. All three agreed at one full cup. I have done enough to warn buyers, but I haven't benchmarked every measurement. The set is elegant and inexpensive, but it's not very useful as a set of pitchers for pouring small amounts of water.

👤Incorrect. A video review showed a small measuring cup being poured into the next size, but it did not show the full amount in the larger measuring cup. I tried it myself and it was not accurate. Returning.

👤These are plastic cups. I can't think of anything that makes them stand out from the other measuring cups. The Pyrex measuring cup is the same size as the 4-cup picture I included. Vremi is tall and skinny, while Pyrex is short and round. Maybe one fits better in your kitchen cabinet than the other, but it didn't make a difference to me. I don't like giving bowls/cups their own single space, so they stack within each other. They can't be used in the microwave, can't have anything over 175F in them, and it's recommended that they be hand washed. These are some of the more significant pitfalls that I have to contend with when cooking and baking in my house. The plastic itself gives when squeezed, so they definitely aren't the worst things, but I don't worry about them snapping in half while using them. I like them, but it is not my favorite set. I think these would be a great option if you don't have the budget or style to buy a glass set.

👤I hand washed them after unpacking them. They broke once they were used. These are brittle and useless. Don't buy them. You can't use these because they are made for display in a china shop and you have to buy cups after every meal. These are any ways that they suck and break.

👤Four stars for design and usefulness. They are nicely stacked into one another. It makes it easier to store them. They are light. It's a plus if you have short hands and you want to store them on a top shelf. A possible negative. They're light, which could mean they're not durable. That's the reason for four stars instead of five. I will change the review if I have a better idea of the strength of the product. There was an update on August 31, 2017: It was purchased in July of last year. I was concerned about durability. The handle of the two cup measure has cracked.

2. OXO Grips 4 Piece Measuring Beaker

OXO Grips 4 Piece Measuring Beaker

The dishwasher is on the top shelf. The set includes 2-oz, 1-oz, 1-Tsp and 1-tsp. It's ideal for measuring small amounts of liquids. The funnel shaped top and spout are easy to use. They nest for compact storage. The markings are bright and easy to read. The dishwasher safe is top-rack.

Brand: Oxo

👤I wish I knew that you can't use the beaker set to measure essential oils. When my wife baked cookies, she used it to measure the mint oil in the beaker. It smells of mint and looks like it has been hand washed many times. Bummer!

👤I was only looking for a 2oz and below measuring cups for cocktails, but I have used the one cup or 8oz many times. It's a huge bonus for me to have a dishwasher safe. I need to buy another in order to make more cocktails without having to wash them.

👤These are so cute! I first saw the 4-piece set at Target, and I immediately thought that they didn't have larger, 1-cup, 1/2-cup type beakers. When I got home, I looked at the set up on Amazon. I ordered them on the spot and couldn't wait for them to arrive, I have to get a life. These are so cute, and easy to get at, and they are useful and handy, and they look great sitting on your counter, where they are easy to get at! If you are like me, you have a lot of measuring cups in your drawer. I've spent $20 on my kitchen this year.

👤It is very difficult to find measuring cups for small amounts. I don't want to spill the liquid when I try to pour it into a bottle because I don't want to get out the tablespoons. I can pour it directly into the bottle opening without spilling a drop if I use a 1/2 cup measuring cup. You get even smaller sized ones for incredible accuracy without resorting to anything. A small bottle brush is easy to use to clean the smallest ones.

👤When the markings on my newest cup started coming off in the dishwasher, I stopped liking Pyrex/Anchor glass measuring cups. I looked at these a couple of times, but eventually caved, because I was looking for something in glass. I used one to measure yogurt and it showed no wear after I used a metal table knife to scoop it back out, and they are just the thing for measuring tiny, precise volumes of liquid ingredients. The rubberised bottoms give them a little bit of stability, and the nested design is great to keep them out of your way. I wouldn't use them for boiling water. Pyrex has the edge there. These are better for measuring precisely.

👤This set does a better job than any others I've used, and I needed a new liquid measuring cup. They measure from 1 liter to 1 cup with both metric and imperial units. Whatever unit of volume your recipe uses will handle it. The markings are dishwasher safe and easy to read, and they don't wear off with repeated washings. I've used them with oils, alcohols and other liquids and had no problems. I prefer glass to plastic because it's light and easy to clean, but the material these are made from is smooth and heavy duty, so even though they are being used daily, they still look shiny and new. The bases are slightly rubbery so they stay where you put them, and they stack up neatly so they don't take up much room in my kitchen. The color coding helps me know which size to grab and they're all nicely stacked together. If I ever have to replace these, I'd get the same one, I'm always impressed with OXO's design.

3. Disposable Graduated Plastic Measuring Cooking

Disposable Graduated Plastic Measuring Cooking

Made in the USA. Their disposable graduated cups come in a set of 25 so you have more containers for mixing, measuring, or pouring dry and liquid ingredients. Measure your contents without having to do complicated conversions. Their cups come with three measurement units. The cups are made with food grade, BPA free, highly recyclable plastic and are perfect for measuring messy cooking ingredients. Say goodbye to stress and get rid of the mess. Highly visible marks. It is important to always be precise when measuring. The letters and lines of their cups are easy to read. These cups can be used for mixing and measuring cleaning solutions, hair dye, skincare products, car fluids, sauces, and baking ingredients.

Brand: Clever Measure

👤They were great for mixing. The side measures are large and in many different sizes. Smooth edges promoted mix. Will buy again.

👤It was strong enough to be pinched at the rim and poured from. They are single use, not the more durable plastic kind one might see in an art supply house which can have rigid media peeled out of them later, and perfect if you are mixing more than an ounce of media at a time. If you use an easy to remove media, like a Platinum cure Silicone, you could get more use out of them. They are great for mixing media at a volume greater than one ounce. Don't expect to use measures under an ounce because they don't exist.

👤I bought these because they work great for mixing. When you're done, just throw the mess away. I know that doesn't sound PC, but it's the same as throwing away a bunch of paper towels. It was a lesser of two evils situation. I see many other uses for these cups, including mixing lawn chemicals, paints, gasoline Additives, measuring ingredients for outdoor cooking, etc. They are a pleasure to have around.

👤It's perfect for measuring cooking ingredients. Throw it out when you use it. I used them for oil because I didn't have to clean my measuring cup.

👤The cups are perfect for measuring. The quality of the cups makes them hold up to whatever is being put into them, and they are easy to read. Being that I cook and bake a lot, I was looking for something that would help reduce the amount of dishes I have to do after cooking. The cups were the perfect solution because I could just measure and toss them in the kitchen.

👤These are thrown away. Weak walls that crack easily. If you don't quick enough your left with the resin will be hard to spread out. I would have asked for a refund if I'd waited so long to use these. Stick with the bigger cups. These are not recycled. I will only go for the thicker re-usable types now that the cheapness has gotten the best of me.

👤These cups are easy to use and my dog needs a 1/2 solution. I simply add the chemical to the basin and then add the second cup to it. It works well. The cups are sturdy enough for me to reuse several times. I'm happy with the product.

👤I don't like using Silicone cups because I can't get them clean enough after. I will never go back to the disposable cups that prompted me to try them. They are a decent size, so sometimes it is inconvenient if you are only using a little, but they are great for bigger jobs.

👤I know it says disposable, but these were thicker and could be used again. Only one time use is allowed. It's not good to reuse a cup when you pull out the hardened epoxy.

👤It was stated that these were suitable for use with epoxy. The plastic cup was melted. The same thing happened when you tried it with polyurethane. These are not suitable for mixing with other compounds because I wanted something else.

4. OXO Good Grips Adjustable Measuring

OXO Good Grips Adjustable Measuring

Cup measuring set includes cups, spoons, and spatulas. The cup can be adjusted to measure various volumes. The turning knob is comfortable and smooth, perfect for measuring peanut butter and other sticky ingredients. The internal track easily guides the plunger. The generous rim of the Cup allows for easy pouring wet or dry ingredients. The dishwasher is safe and the cup capacity is 2.

Brand: Oxo

👤I use this for sticky stuff. I found a new use for it. My husband lost his left arm in the war in the Middle East and had a hard time putting a burrito down because he couldn't pick it up. He doesn't like being told to put the filling back or pick up the burrito. He mentioned that he wanted something that would hold his burrito upright so that he could put his food down while he needed his right hand for something else, like taking a sip of his drink. He put the burrito in the measuring cup and then put the holder in the counter. He could push the burrito higher as he ate. I'm all for it if it makes my husband feel normal, even if it isn't what the measuring cup was intended for. Thanks to OXO and Amazon.

👤I love this product, but I have a problem with it being difficult to pour liquids out without spilling a little. I would like it to have a little lip to pour liquids. The liquid fill line should not be close to the top. It's almost counterintuitive to pour it out when the liquid fill line is so close to the top. I had to counter this by measuring exactly what I need and then pulling it down so that I have more wiggle room. It cleans well and is accurate.

👤I bought this because it had good reviews. I don't like it. I can see how it could be useful for measuring things like butter and peanut butter. It's horrible for liquids. If it measures from the top down, it makes a mess when you pour it into a container because it spills everywhere. I tried to measure the liquid and twist it down so that there is space at the top, but I accidentally twisted it the wrong way, which caused it to explode, or it would not twist smoothly, which caused it to jerk and spill. I haven't used it since buying it.

👤This could be a great product. I like everything about it, but there are some minor flaws. At first glance, the white plastic cylinder looks like a solid cylinder, but on closer inspection it is actually four curved pieces that are glueing together, creating a cylinder with four vertical seams running along its length. When the cylinder is pushed through the housing, the one I received was not perfectly aligned when it was glue. The channel that allows for the twisting movement has a small bump at every seam. It is operational, but not a smooth push. I would give this a 5 star rating if it had been more aligned. If I were to go to a brick and mortar store, I would check the alignment and buy it if it was better.

👤I passed this measuring cup over to Pyrex glass 4 cup wet measuring cup in the past, but I remember seeing it recommended by Alton Brown. Our Pyrex wet measuring cup broke and I came back to it. I thought it would be worth it. It was really good the first couple times I used it. It was easy to use and held liquid. When I washed it, I didn't take it completely apart. My husband was not a fan of that. My kids started taking it apart when they did the dishes. I thought it was smart to make it come apart into 2 pieces so that people could clean it, but after doing that it started leaking. I don't use liquid for dry ingredients because it leaks all over when I fill it. If it didn't leak, it would be great.

5. Plastic Measuring Colorful Storage Dishwasher Safe

Plastic Measuring Colorful Storage Dishwasher Safe

The measuring cup handle is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. There are multiple sizes. You can meet all of your cooking and baking needs. There are 5 plastic measuring cups, 1/3 cup, 1/2 cup, 1 cup, and 3 plastic liquid measuring cups. Measuring spoons and cups are useful in your kitchen. STURDY AND DURABLE: The colorful measuring cups and spoons set are made of high quality plastic and will not bend. The design is Colorado-inspired. Oval mouth cup design makes it easy to pour the ingredients. Each measuring spoon and cup is easy to read and has colorful handles that make it easy to grab the right size. It is easy to clean. The measuring spoons and cups set is dishwasher safe. 100% satisfaction guaranteed! If you have any issues with your measuring spoons and measuring cup set, they've got you covered. Let them know if you have an issue and they will resolve it as soon as possible.

Brand: Control Kitchen

👤There is no measurement after the second wash.

👤Since my grandkids want actual recipes, I thought it would be a good idea to buy these and see how they work. The colors are fun and they are easy to use. Excellent quality.

👤Every wash, the clear measuring cups lose their ink. I have to guess the measurements because the red is either smudged or gone. The purpose of having these is lost.

👤The set was a great purchase. It has a variety of cups and spoons. The plastic is better for warmer liquids that could cause cracks.

👤I like how everything can stack together when you get stuff for the money. The measuring cups are not the best.

👤I only needed a measuring cup, but this deal was so good that it was worth the price. I got a full set of measuring spoons and cups.

👤I bought this for my toddler's kitchen play set. It is great for learning colors, sizes and measurements. They play in the bathtub. The cups and spoons are marked clearly. I don't think the marking will go away soon.

👤The plastic cups lose their lines very quickly. These should not have been sold to anyone.

6. Measuring Stainless Including 5 Piece Transparent

Measuring Stainless Including 5 Piece Transparent

Baking and cooking requires spot on measurement to produce the results intended. The set gives the true amount to cook like a professional. There are multiple sizes. You can meet all of your cooking and baking needs. There are 5 plastic transparent measuring cups, 1 plastic cup, and 1 plastic cup with a spoon. The mirror is polished 18/8 304stainless steel and is made of unbreakable high quality rustproof heavy duty. When handling dry or wet ingredients, their handles won't bend. The design is experimental. The colored handles design makes it very exciting to work in the kitchen. The option of nested is perfect for neatness. Easy care. The measuring cups and spoons are dishwasher safe. Hand wash is recommended for the transparent plastic measuring cup. Purchase with confidence. They've got you covered if you face any issues. Let them know if you have an issue and they will resolve it as soon as possible.

Brand: Control Kitchen

👤I just bought these and haven't had a chance to use them. I had to throw the wet measuring cup away because it came broken and cracked. One of the metal rings holding them together is cracking in half despite being barely used. I was pretty disappointed with how the quality turned out.

👤The measuring cups are better than expected. The colors are bright and look good. The extra plastic measuring cup is just icing on the cake, because there really is every kind of measuring device you'd need. I've always used the smallest spoon in the house as a spoon, but now I know what I'm putting into the cake batter. I would recommend anyone looking for replacements or supplemental measuring cups to do so. Are they steel or aluminum? It's very easy to clean and store. I like that the handles have a soft silicone cover so that I'm not handling sharp metal edges. It's easy to see what's going on with the engraved measurements on the handle and not within the cup. There is a measurement for those who deal in millimeters. I am.

👤I've found that my odds and ends of kitchen tools are not enough now that I'm learning to cook. I need a bit of liquid and a bit of powder, but the powder sticks to the wet part. I could wash it and dry it, but why not have a second set of measuring spoons? I have the same issue with measuring cups. I need more than one set. The tools are so nice that I think they will be my primary kitchen tools, while the ones that I already have will be the spare. I'm very impressed with the quality.

👤I've found great recipes on the internet, but they use metric measurement. These items are easy to use and read. It helps get used to the equivalent amount in both methods.

👤They came in a box with a lot of items. The Measuring Cup was cracked but not broken. I'm using it because it still holds liquid. The measuring cups and spoons are amazing. They are very easy to use and clean, and should last me a long time.

👤The box had stickers on it that said it was approved for sale by Amazon. The measuring cup had glitter in it when I got it. The cups started to rust after 3 washes. Terrible product.

👤It is easy to use and read. Comes with a measuring cup. The measuring spoons don't always fit in the seasoning jars. There is a set of spoons that can fit in small jars. Next purchase!

👤I bought this item because I wanted to make my christmas puddings without cups, and the recipe I have is not in cups. There is a If I had to change the measurement, the puddings wouldn't be made. The units are clean and easy to read. I would expect them to last for a while. This is a plus for the price and I am not sorry I bought them.

7. Norpro 4 Cup Capacity Plastic Measuring

Norpro 4 Cup Capacity Plastic Measuring

Do you still have to decide which disposable mixing cups to buy? Prepstor gives you the most durable plastic cups on the market, but they also give you a 20-piece value pack that saves you money and allows you to always be prepared, whether you are cooking or painting. Food safe plastic. Clear plastic for viewing. It's easy to read US and metric measurements. The handle and spout are sturdy and easy to pour. It's handy for all cooking and baking needs. Measure liquid and solid ingredients every day. The dishwasher is on the top shelf.

Brand: Norpro

👤There is a piece of junk. When I fill it up with liquid, the arm is too thin and the main scoop tips over and pours out the top two ounces of liquid... The spout is not very good at pouring cleanly. Even though I only use cold water and no soap to wash my glasses and cups, the letters on the outside are already gone after a few uses...

👤Be careful. The measuring cup I received is not accurate. I realized the measuring cup was the issue after I had soggy rice and pancake batter. I poured a cup of water into the measuring cup and thought it was only 1/3 cup. I was getting at least 1/3 cup extra liquid every time I measured a cup from there. It's a toss up, but some people do get accurate cups. I was very unlucky. My pancake batter and rice were wasted.

👤I am very disappointed in this product. I wanted a cup that was easy to read and light-weight, as I bake a lot. After a couple of washings...not in the hand. The markings wore off. What? This cup is useless now. Get a glass cup when you spend the money.

👤The measuring cup is the worst in history. This measuring cup has never been used before. The lettering is coming off the measuring cup when I use it twice. Please save your money. I can't believe a person would sell something like that. I have smoke coming out of my ears, I am so disappointed in this product. Don't waste your money on this cup. The dollar store sells better muffins than this for a dollar.

👤I like to heat the water and pour it in when I drink my coffee, rather than heating the water in the mug. It took a long time to find a measuring device that could fit in the microwave and hold 20 ounces of water. When boiling water in them, glass measuring cups get very hot. This works. It's big enough to fit in the microwave, it doesn't get hot, and it doesn't burn my hand. I'm happy. It gets a little bit flaccid on coming out with the hot water. It's a lot of liquid, and it's hot, so not shocking that plastic might droop over that much weight. I'm not afraid of dumping it, but it does droop a tiny bit. I'm sticking with this until it breaks because nothing else has worked better. The kind of plastic it is made of is squishy. It's not so soft that it's unreliable as to be measured. It pours easily, it has no bad smells, and it has clear markings. I only use it for heating water, so can't say if it attracts smells over time, but for my use, this is good. No problem, goes in the dishwasher.

👤This fails as a measuring cup. It's nice for soap making. Here's why. I knew the measuring lines would come off when I bought these. I find it hard to believe that a company would knowingly sell a product that is not good. The lines don't come off if I don't get raw soap on the outside. I don't need them. I have a scale that I can use if I need to weigh it. Don't waste your money if you need this for a measuring cup. It's great if you want to use it for pouring soap. 5 stars. 3 stars is enough. I'm going to call it new math.

8. OXO Grips 3 Piece Angled Measuring

OXO Grips 3 Piece Angled Measuring

There is a susceptibility guarantee. Use colored brushes for different tasks to avoid cross-contamination. The long handle pastry brush is perfect for grilling. Basting brush set can be used to brush melt butter, oil, mustard, sauce in kitchen cooking. Get this set of 4 basting brushes at a promotional price. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, they will give you a full refund or a new one. You can read the measurements from above. The need to check and adjust is eliminated. Standard and metric measurement markings. The dishwasher is safe and free of harmful chemicals.

Brand: Oxo

👤Let's see how the measuring cups stack up against the complaints. Yes, "inaccuracy." Maybe these are not accurate. This is not a chemistry lab. You won't see or taste a difference. Throw them into the dishwasher. You don't need to wash them. You are making the job harder for yourself. If they're in the dishwasher, you're not using a scratchy cloth to clean them. They don't pour well. Yes, they do. Only a small percentage of people have that issue. Let's talk about some of the more serious drawbacks to these. They melt in the microwave. This is true. I haven't tried it yet, but OXO takes great pains to warn people not to try it. You need separate glass bowls for microwaving oils if you have these. The biggest issue I have with this product is that they don't last long. It's not worth it to figure out a way to delay the inevitable because the painted measurements will wear off over time. I wish these could last as long as the glass measuring cups. OXO could make a variant of these. The convenience of the top-down readings is worth the sacrifice. If you want an accurate-enough,durable set, and a simple way to measure wet ingredients, this is the set for you. If you want something that will last forever, look elsewhere.

👤They won't let me return them because they were dirty and used with garage sale stickers on the bottoms of the measuring cups. I bought these to replace a set of these that my grandma gave to me 15 years ago and they cracked recently. I love how these work. When I paid retail price for these, I was not thrilled to have to scrub off someone else's who-knows-what.

👤The ink will wear off after about three years of regular wear. The old set is on the right while the new set is on the left.

👤I bought these for myself on 3/12/15. I ordered a second set from Amazon and had them delivered to my daughter in another state. She sent me a picture of the top melting in her dishwasher. I asked if she had it in the bottom. She said it was in the top. I asked her what she put in it. She made breakfast food. She said she could not think of a better place to put it than next to a spatula. I was going to get a replacement for Pyrex, but they seem to have more problems. The measurement markings are coming off in a short amount of time. The way things are made today is typical. If you have one from the 1980's, they keep their measurements. We are thrown away due to the quality of goods made today. She said she would prefer that one.

👤The measuring cups are the best. I snapped a handle off of my mother's broken set. I bought a set for her and one for me to replace the one I broke. She has had them for at least 5 years and the numbers have not worn and the plastic is not discolored. If you're not a gorilla with hams, this is a good choice for measuring cups.

9. Disposable Measuring Cups Resin Graduated

Disposable Measuring Cups Resin Graduated

You could stack them up for easy storage with 3 different sizes, because the smooth surface prevents stains from sticking to the plastic measuring cup. To protect the scale, please wash the measuring cup. Prepstor can make it easier and less messy for you to create art. Their set of mixing cups will help you mix colors and painting materials, and reduce paint and waste at the same time. The measurement scale design of the Prepstor plastic paint mixing cups is the most practical feature. Each of the 20 graduated mixing cups has 3 measurement scales on them that help you measure ounces, cups, or even ml volumes. These plastic containers are used for a lot more than paint, stain and epoxy. The 16oz measuring cups allow you to measure any liquid or dry ingredient with high accuracy when you prepare a meal or delicious baked goods. They should be used once or over and over again. Prepstor's measuring cups are made with high quality plastic that is very durable. The premium material makes it possible to use the measuring cups over and over again, or to throw them away. Do you still have to decide which disposable mixing cups to buy? Prepstor gives you the most durable plastic cups on the market, but they also give you a 20-piece value pack of paint mixing cups that saves you money and allows you to always be prepared, whether you are cooking or painting.

Brand: Prepstor

👤The reason I bought these cups was because they are in the "Goldielox zone." I mix them for carbon fiber and fiberglass. The 8oz cup isn't always enough and the large tubs make it hard to get a good mix of your hardener. The cups are tall and you can fold your mixture all the way down the full side of the cup. If you have a short pot life mix, you can get to laying up your fabric quickly. The 16oz capacity allows you to mix for small to medium size projects and focus on your wet-out without having to stop and mix up another cup. The cup is wide enough to hold a medium size paint brush in all the way down to the bottom.

👤The cups are being used to measure the water in the kitchen. They have worked well. The center section of the cups has some flexibility. The cups have numbers on them that are easy to read. It's good for touchup painting.

👤I will buy this product again, the cups are easy to prepare in ounces and ML. The extra stuff was not really needed.

👤I like to measure larger amounts when I mix paints or resins. They are sturdy enough and easy to clean so that I have used them many times.

👤I used these to make a craft project. The cups are marked to measure either by ounce or volume. They are large enough to mix up to 16 ounces of resin at a time, so they are well suited for any project, no matter how big or small. You know it requires disposable containers that can hold a lot of mixing. These cups are more affordable and sturdy than any others I have tried.

👤I tested the scale on two cups from the sleeve and found it to read 10ml more up the scale. 50ml reads as 60, 180, 190, etc. Ounces will be down by a third. Completely useless.

👤The disposable measuring cups are sturdy, well-calibrated and hold up well as the epoxy begins to thicken, so we use them exclusively. We recommend them.

10. Fox Run 4831 Measuring Funnel

Fox Run 4831 Measuring Funnel

disposable bags ensure sterility and save time The Fox Run pitcher has a unique pour spout design that makes cooking and baking easy. The dispenser is made of durable clear plastic with a long pouring spout, 3.5 cup capacity and superior quality to ensure it is a staple in your kitchen for years to come. CUPCAKES have never been more stable. It's easy to pour batter into your cupcake liners or muffin pan, or onto a griddle for no mess pancakes. Batter can't run down the sides of your measuring cup. It can be used for canning, soap making, candle making, watering plants, automotive liquids and more. It works best with liquids and thin batters. The container is 4.5 x 8.25 x 5.5 inches and has a long pour spout.

Brand: Fox Run

👤sourdough break involves feeding a starter Water and flour are weighed. I can pour the water slowly for a precise weight. The measurements are hard to read, but they are in liters, not cups. I deducted a star because I had to spend a lot of time trying to remove the label from the cup. The cup has a label on it. The paper can be shredded in the dishwasher if the label is not on. I would give it three stars for metric only and the obscure volume markings.

👤I use this to make my own products. If you don't take your time pouring, you end up with spills over the sides of the spout, depending on the thickness of what you're pouring. What consistency is pancake batter? Take. Your. Time. This wouldn't happen if the sides of the spout were higher. This is worth it because of the size of the end of the spout, which is perfect for pouring bottles.

👤I steep a lot of oil concoctions but have always had to bottle up to 24 bottles at a time. I was down under 30 seconds per bottle. Time is money.

👤This is a great fit because of its long spot. It can be used to fill Keurig without spilling water everywhere, to water inside plants, and to do many other things.

👤The measuring cup is a great idea. It works well with all sorts of measuring and pouring needed in the kitchen or anywhere in the house. The cut has writing on it. It's hard to read.

👤The pot that Mr Coffee gave me to pour the water in before I brew it would splash all over the place. I don't need this, but it's worth it. Spout gets the liquid where you need it.

👤It's great to pour batter in cupcake tins. I bake a lot of individually portioned cupcakes. The size of my cupcake tins makes it easy for me to do my job.

👤This is great for soap making. The container is light weight, easy to handle, and the funnel like pour spout allows for better control when pouring soap into a mold. It is deep enough to blend with the soap and essential oils.

👤Le puse 'jarra colibr', por el piquito alargado. La uso mucho. nico, creo hubiera sido bueno, tienen los nmeros y rayitas. De otro color, tienes unas vistas. Le puse con plumn delgadito, para verla sin necesidad de ponerme anteojos. Ahora, el ligerita y las prctica. La recomiendo.

👤It's easy to work with, it's versatile and it's long. We have one for filling our single serve coffee machine with water and another for baking and kitchen items, and they are both very durable and light weight. Great value.

👤I used one of the two I bought to fill my car's container and it worked great. There was no fluid spill because of the spout. I am very happy with the purchase.

👤I got three of them. I would have liked to have ordered double that. I use them for making soap, adding different colors into my large molds as well as small hard to get into, and these work great!

11. 10 Ounce Disposable Graduated Plastic Pixiss

10 Ounce Disposable Graduated Plastic Pixiss

The dishwasher safe is top-rack. The disposable clear plastic measuring cups are for 50 mixing cups. The readings are graduated. It's perfect for mixing paint, stain, and more. The perfect cup for mixing paint. The plastic measuring cups are very accurate. The mixing cup can be used to mix any ratio. The plastic measuring cups are made of clear plastic and won't bend or crush. Inexpensive and sturdy, disposable Measuring Cups are a good choice. 20x Pixiss Epoxy Mixing Sticks are used to mix your paints, stains, and more. Measuring cups are great in the kitchen for cooking and baking.

Brand: Pixiss

👤I spent nearly 30 minutes trying to separate the cups. I had to cut my hand and two fingers in the process of trying to separate the cups. The markings on the side of the cups are inaccurate and this was a complete waste of money. Their photo is not in the product description.

👤Do not buy these cups if you are looking for exact measurements for products like resin. The measurement lines are not correct after a couple ounces. Some lines are too close to each other. I poured 100ml into the cup and it went to the 90 line. The cups say on them "APproXIMATE Measurements", which makes having the lines pointless.

👤The measurement are off. I have probably wasted 100$ of my money trying to make products that wouldn't cure because I wasn't mixing half and half the whole time. It was like they just threw the lines wherever they wanted.

👤I have purchased these cups multiple times, and they have been great with the exception of the most recent order. The last batches of these cups I received were different from the previous ones, but I am not sure what has changed. It was difficult to read the exact measurements because the cups were lighter than usual. The majority of the cups were stuck together and it was impossible to separate them. This doubled the price per cup making them more expensive than any other cup. I don't want to have to throw half of them away, so I'm hoping this was a one time issue with the batches I received, but I'm unsure if I'll buy them again.

👤I probably should have bought smaller cups, I rarely need 8oz of resin. The cups are sturdy. They held up great after I left the epoxy in them to completely harden. I've used the same cup for many times. I would like the cups to be wider. You can't get to the bottom of the cup if you don't use the full size popsicle sticks. I prefer using half popsicle sticks to save money. I'm disappointed in that aspect. I use a scale so that isn't a deal breaker for me, but if you need an exact 1:1 ration I highly recommend a scale. I have not found a cup that is 100% accurate. You can get a scale for $20 Dixie cups/solo cups/jello shooter containers are better for your money.

👤They are ok as a plastic cup. They hold a good amount. For measuring, forget it. It shows 30ml when I pour it in. I poured another measured 30ml and it showed 50ml. Either that is some strange math or the lines are off. The worse it gets the higher you go. The bottom of the cup is not flat so it traps a little bit of the stuff. The cups stand up to stirring very well and are more sturdy than a plastic cup. They are stuck together and I have not had a problem with that. If the lines were correct. I would give them 5 stars. If you want to get the right ratio, you have to use two of these at a time and rely on other cups.


What is the best product for baking measuring cups plastic?

Baking measuring cups plastic products from Vremi. In this article about baking measuring cups plastic you can see why people choose the product. Oxo and Clever Measure are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking measuring cups plastic.

What are the best brands for baking measuring cups plastic?

Vremi, Oxo and Clever Measure are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking measuring cups plastic. Find the detail in this article. Oxo, Control Kitchen and Control Kitchen are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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