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1. Duncan Hines Friendly Classic Yellow

Duncan Hines Friendly Classic Yellow

There is a box of Duncan Hines Keto Friendly Classic Yellow Cake Mix. Everyone can enjoy a yellow cake. This dessert has no sugar added, is free of all sugars, and has 5 grams of fiber and 8 grams of sugar alcohol. It's perfect for those who are free of the allergy. Not a low calories food. Stock your pantry with this cake mix.

Brand: Duncan Hines

👤I found a recipe for Captain Morgans Rum Cake. The Captain Morgans version is still available, but it is not the same as the Tortuga brand version. I tried to make a low-cholesterol version with Swerve brown sugar and this yellow cake mix. It all flowed well in the pan. It was ready to leave the pan after an hour. That was a disaster. The cake fell apart and stuck to the pan. Everything that I remembered about this particular rum cake was moist and delicious on the plate. I grabbed a glass of milk and a plate to put these delicious, broken chunks of rum soaked goodness in place. It was a great breakfast treat. I decided to make cupcake versions instead of the whole pan because I didn't think the whole pan would happen. While I was cleaning up and putting together another shopping list for my next rum cake creation, I started to feel a little upset. Like the ones where you have eaten something bad, but not very good. I am good with the ingredients that I used. Since the contraction was increasing in strength, I didn't have time to look through the trash to see if I put something in my body. I had a similar experience when I had my colonoscopy, where I was given a cocktail of chemicals that removed everything from my insides. It felt like it was almost life changing. I didn't trust a fart. Thankfully, I had no place to go that day, no plane rides, no long car trips, and no trip to the beach. I checked the components of my delicious rum cake when the magma stopped. Allulose was a sweetener in the yellow cake mix. This little gem has a double asterisk next to the name that takes you to the back of the box and states that sensitive individuals may experience a laxative effect. I would give this product less than 3 stars, but it was just so delicious. I can see you having fun with your friends who want to play a shit version of Russian Roulette to see how many of them are lucky sensitive types. If you have a day to kill, you should have plenty of toilet paper, a desire to eat, and a glass of milk.

👤This was the best cake I have had. I used coconut oil instead of butter. The product is great and I over paid for it.

👤I made this for my husband's birthday because he is on a low-fat diet. My expectations were not very high. The whole family was pleasantly surprised by how moist and delicious this cake was. It felt like shortcake. It was similar to strawberry shortcake but with a better consistency and not sponge-like. The coconut oil made it taste good. Will definitely buy again.

👤I added an extra egg and chocolate chips. We loved it!

👤So sweet. It was too sweet. A lot of the "no sugar" baking mixes are too sweet. Why? The sweeteners should be boiled down. You should use frosting at your own risk. This is a cake that does not need frosting. It is within the realm of normal taste and texture. The texture is the same for both coconut flour and almond flour. It's moist but not fluffy and airy like white flour cakes. Again, within normal. This will have a coconut flour taste. You like coconut. It calls for coconut oil to increase the coconut flavor. If you want less coconut flavor, use refined coconut oil. Coconut will come through. It cooks well. Allow it to cool before cutting it. Holds together well. It tastes better the next day. I find that to be true of other cake mixes. It is definitely not a low calories food. It's the only thing I can't eat at once. I would eat this as a single piece of cake. This cake is a good size of 8 to 10 ounces and can be eaten in a few bites at a time. If you eat too much or are not used to it, you may be gassy because of this form of fiber. This cake may be as painful as it is sweet due to the combination of the sweeteners. Again, within the realm of normal for products of this nature. I don't rate on price. Everyone can see the price when they buy it. Prices change. We all have different budgets. I comment. The price is $4.98. I think it's reasonable for a brand I know and trust. It was an impulse purchase. I spent as much as $13.

2. Simple Mills Pumpkin Pancake Ounce

Simple Mills Pumpkin Pancake Ounce

Receive a box of Simple Mills pumpkin almond pancake mix. Pumpkin pancake and waffle mix uses actual pumpkin and spices. Great for baking. Take a look at the ingredients. Simple Mills has a list of delicious baking products. You can see their reviews on your phone, iPad, or laptop by scrolling down. Nothing artificial. It's a great snack for stocking up the pantry and it's also great for boosting productivity. Made with simple ingredients, they are CertifiedGluten free, Grain free, Corn free, Paleo Friendly, Plant based.

Brand: Simple Mills

👤There was a WORM in the pancake mix.

👤This product is too expensive for what you get. The traditional pancake mixes are 32 ounces. The product was just over 10 ounces. It would take 3 boxes to match what I can buy. The calories are the same. You can eat 2 pancakes at 30 grams with this product and 3 pancakes at 45 grams with the traditional pancake mix. The traditional pancake mix has 1 gram of fiber. There is a The ingredients are better, but the price is ridiculous. If you want better ingredients, you can find other products with them. I wouldn't recommend buying this product. I only eat pancakes once a week.

👤I have been paleo for a year and have been free of the wheat for seven years. My seven-year-old daughter has sensory issues and we both love pancakes. It is a very quick meal for us. She doesn't eat eggs, coconut oil, or non-dairy milk on her own, but she eats them when she whips up pancakes. It is something we can both agree on. The texture is nice, not fluffy like a pancake, but not rubbery like other mixes. We like to eat them with peanut butter and almond butter for her and maple syrup for me. You don't know what you're missing. I wish more came in the box, because we go through so much. There are Amazon Subscriptions.

👤The pancake waffle mix is what this is for. Pancakes are not good. The tasting was flat and weird. A box with under a dozen pancakes. Baking powder is a leavening agent. It's unethical to combine reviews for many products onto one page. Not cool.

👤This mix is light and delicious, with waffles and pancakes. My partner has diabetes, but he still loves good food, and we've tried many low-carb mixes that have ended up in the garbage. Even though I don't have any limitations, I still prefer this mix to any regular type. It is easy to mix in additional ingredients. Highly recommended.

👤I love pancakes. They are easy to make and delicious, and I recommend them to people with restricted diet. These have something. It's a blessing to have great ingredients and low sugar. Great with fruit. Thank you, Simple Mills!

👤I love Simple Mills products, but I wish they made more without added sugar. I was happy to find this mix. It's organic, free of wheat and has a great nutrition profile. I like using this mix for both pancakes and waffles a lot. I've never eaten chestnut flour before, but it's different than almond flour. These pancakes and waffles are delicious even though they have a little bit of a bitter flavor to them. Adding your own sugar alternative is another way to help. I add monkfruit to the batter to make it taste better. I add extracts like maple, banana, and butter. The texture of pancakes and waffles is the most important thing to me, and these cook up super thick and fluffy, which I love! The only thing to be aware of is that they burn a lot faster than typical batters, but as long as you adjust your heat and cook times accordingly, you won't be disappointed in the result! I eat these with powdered allulose on top. They're delicious. Simple Mills made high quality, healthy and delicious options for more conscious eating. If you're already used to being free ofgluten or healthy than this mix is for you. I hope this review has helped someone else. I paid full price for it. I have it in my monthly subscription. You can ask any questions.

3. Pillsbury Sugar Chocolate Brownie 18 4 Ounce

Pillsbury Sugar Chocolate Brownie 18 4 Ounce

There is a box of Pillsbury Brownie Sugar Free Chocolate fudge mix. The chocolate fudge taste is rich and moist. 3 ingredients and 3 easy steps. One pan of brownies.

Brand: Pillsbury

👤It is amazing! I use 1/2 cup of applesauce instead of oil to make it less points on the WW purple plan. It's a lot better than WWCakes, priced at $2/box, the same as a grocery store.

👤I was hospitalized in November. I had a disease. I switched from sugared products to no sugar added products. It has helped me lose weight. I use a sugar-free alternative. It makes a difference.

👤The product is free of sugar. I used it to make brownies. Just add 2 scoops of your favorite powder, 1/3 cup olive oil, 1/2 cup water, and 1 large egg. Put the mixture on the Parchment paper. For 30 minutes, bake at 350. Cool for 30 minutes. Break apart and serve. I keep it in sealed baggies for a week. The treat is low in calories and high in calories.

👤I think excess consumption is two brownies. I got so sick that these put me in the hospital. If you have any sensitivity, do not look at these brownies. I have never gotten sick from food before.

👤I thought that since it was from Pillsbury, it would be good, but it wasn't. These baked goods are gross. I thought this would be a great way to cut down on time, but I'll stick with making it myself. If you can, save your money and make it yourself.

👤The first time my friend made these, I was like, "no seriously, I really can't have refined sugar." She swore to me that they were sugar free, and I swear to you that you will be fooled by them. The sugar-free chocolate fudge frosting pairs well with it. The pan would be gone in an hour if I made brownies. I don't want to keep eating them the same way. The slower pace is for the best, if you eat too many too quickly, you'll make yourself super gassy. Highly recommend.

👤The front of the box claims that the product is sweetened by the brand of sugar alcohol called Maltitol, but in reality it is mostly sweetened by sugar. It is my fault that I did not read the label before baking Pillsbury at home. We all had stomachaches. Don't buy if you're warned.

👤It was pretty good. Compared to other "sugar free" brownie mixes, I like this one a lot more because it doesn't have that odd sugar free taste. You don't need to add super special ingredients unless you want to do some swapping out. Pop/soda was mentioned as an alternative to eggs and oil. I forgot about that. I used to do that with cake mixes. Really works. I bought another box of this stuff and am going to pop it later today. Mmm brownies! It will reduce calories by a small amount. Unsweetened apple sauce is another option. I'm not sure if I'll try that with brownies because it makes the texture a little light. This mix can be changed like any other mix. It's as close to regular as you can get. Adding sugar free frosting will make it even better. It uses malitol, which some people are very sensitive to, but most people will feel gassy if they eat a lot of malitol. Be careful!

4. Miss Jones Baking Organic Vegan Friendly

Miss Jones Baking Organic Vegan Friendly

There are 3 boxes of organic brownies. For an amazing taste, bake up this organic brownie cake mix. It's made with the best ingredients to give it the best taste. All of their products are made from sustainable ingredients in tree nut and peanut-free facilities. Artificial colors, trans fats, and flavors are not allowed.

Brand: Miss Jones Baking

👤I used to eat regular brownies from the store, we usually bought Ghirardelli's, but one day I looked at the box and saw the words Genetically engineered and that was the end of it. The quest for non-GMO brownies began. I didn't see a lot but I did see some that were free. I didn't try to go organic for my brownies because I wasn't allergic. Miss Jones was the only one that was non-everything under the sun. I just wanted a good time. I got a 6 pack order and it took me 3 tries to get it right, but I really like them. I used to buy brownies like that. I would give this 5 stars, except for one thing, they are too small. I don't mind that they are expensive, but they are thinner than other brownies, so you could eat them twice as fast. I guess, flatter. If I didn't have the will to eat a small piece, they would go too fast and be too expensive. The brownies were more satisfying. We will be spending a small fortune on brownies if I don't cut them down. I think it's better to eat less brownies. They should put more product in the box. We will buy again. It's one thing to have a treat, sugar, etc, but at least it's plain sugar, not junk, and not genetically modified organisms. Miss Jones, thank you! You have a new customer in our family.

👤Our local store stopped carrying single serve cups because my husband and I had to buy them. They are still expensive at 2.50 a pop. I wondered why not use these. They work well. A little modification. I use about 1/3 mug of brownie mix to stir up self-rising flour. I add a bit of oil and water to make a pancake batter. If you want your own time, nuke it for 55 seconds. The microwave is 1200w. The best product we have found to make easy edibles. The oil was homemade and the base was peanut oil. Each box contains about 8 mug brownies.

👤These brownies are the best box mix brownies I have ever made, as a self proclaimed brownie enthusiast. The chocolate flavor is great. I made a small change to make sure that the oil was divided into 1/2 C and melted butter was added.

👤Every year I bake brownies for a Memorial Day charity. Definitely not my forte. Four years ago, I found an organic mix on Amazon that was simple and quite good, even though it didn't sound like a chemistry lab. It was discontinued the following year, and my next two attempts, with mixes bought on Amazon, were quite dismal. After trying to shift to the slaw table, I found this organic mix. I used fresh eggs from a local farm and substitute European butter for the vegetable oil on the box, but the brownies were actually excellent, fudge, not too sweet, slightly salty, and I did substitute European butter for the vegetable oil on the box. I hope this mix is available next year.

5. Combos Variety Snacks 0 93 Ounce 12 Count

Combos Variety Snacks 0 93 Ounce 12 Count

There is a box of bags of fun size baked snacks. There are a variety of snacks to satisfy any mood. Each pouch is a great snack to take on the road. You can pack a bag of snacks for lunch. You can share this combo of flavors with guests.

Brand: Combos

👤I didn't know these would be so small, so I should have read reviews first. A picture has been included for reference. These are great for portion control and easy calories to track. They're not a great value in terms of quantity, but they're a great time-saver. They get five stars from me.

👤My adult children say, "who doesn't love combos?" There are baked crackers and pretzels. My only complaint is that these bags are so small that they are not even a serving size of chips and snacks. It seemed like a good deal to me, so I used it to fill my Prime Pantry box. I don't buy combos on a regular basis nor do I buy kids lunch size snacks, so my price radar may be off, but at almost $4 for a box of 12 tiny packages it seems pricey. These bags are good for kids lunches but won't quench an adult hunger attack. If you are monitoring your nutrition, keep in mind that combos has a lot of calories and a lot of carbs.

👤If this is the 5th or 6th time I have purchased a snack size box of combo from Amazon, I forget. A new box arrived today and they are old. The best by date on the box is July 2022, which is far into the future. It's disappointing. The product is not the vendor's fault. When they've arrived closer to the best by date, none of the ones I've ever ordered have been old. These should not be new. They should be able to eat past the best by date. The last date a product will be at its peak freshness is a best by date. A best buy date is not an expiration date so they should not be used up already. I'm not going to ask for a refund. I will inform the company that their product was not up to date. It's great when the product is fresh. It's a small number of the combo in a snack size package that keeps me from eating an entire regular size package at once. Pizza flavoured combos are my favorite combo. What about pretzels and pizza? Yes, please!

👤I like combos. I've loved them for a long time. Great snack without being full of stuff. These are a good snack when you need one. Not much, but not much. When you get the box, you'll find that one of the snack bags is only filled with air. It's very disappointing to say the least. It was worse because it was one of my favorite pretzels. Can you make a bigger box? I don't like having to order every week.

👤We liked most of them. My husband's favorite was the pizza flavor. The cracker cheddar was dry and bland. There were 9 pieces in each bag. It's not really satisfying for an adult to be fine for children.

👤These are small bags, but they're a great size for younger children's lunch boxes or for adults who can't seem to have enough from a larger bag. The ones we've eaten so far are fresh and delicious. The total amount seems a tad pricey.

6. Keto Co Naturally Sweetened Diabetic

Keto Co Naturally Sweetened Diabetic

The award-winning fudge brownies have a rich chocolate taste with less sugar than leading brands. All you need to make a pan of brownies is eggs and butter. Just mix, bake and enjoy! Only 1.1g NET CARBS are naturally sweetened. A healthy combination of erythritol, fiber and monk fruit is what Wondrose is sweetened with. The natural sweetener tastes great without the negative effects of sugar. Their products are made with your health in mind. 8g of fiber is included in each brownie serving.

Brand: Keto And Co

👤These brownies are wonderful. This brownie mix saved the day for me because I still struggle with the occasional craving for sweets. I was surprised at how much butter was in the mix. Butter makes most things taste better. Ha! I had to leave the brownies in the oven for 45 minutes to bake the cheesecake brownies. I had to hide the brownie pan because they were so delicious. These brownies were so delicious and moist that they killed my cravings. You will not be disappointed. For those that are interested, there is a recipe for a brownie mix and a cream cheese alternative.

👤I was excited to eat these brownies. I paid $10 for a small bag of mix. I put the brownies in the oven and waited for them to smell good. There is a After a few hours, I sat down and enjoyed my brownie. I felt crunchiness when I took a bite. The same thing happened when I took another bite. The salty flavor spread throughout my mouth. The large grains of salt were visible when I peeled the cupcake wrapping. I opened another one and it was full of salt. I don't know why my brownies have so much salt in them. All I wanted was brownies. I couldn't eat anything. My daughter made me a cake from a recipe on the internet. That was great.

👤Don't make a mistake. The package says to add melted butter with the brownie mix, but fails to mention that if the butter is warm or hot, it will combine with the mix creating a thick mixture. I was sad. A waste of money. Cool your butter.

👤These brownies are for people who like moist brownies. When you first try them out in the oven, they taste a little off, but as soon as you put them in the fridge for a couple hours or even better the next day, it will get better. It is amazing. I took a photo with a bite to show the texture. It is like eating cookie dough that is rich and sweet. I ordered another packet.

👤The flavor on these is very good. It seems like it's only possible with brownies with a lot of calories, but I like my brownies with a good amount of chew. This is a good backup plan. I give it four stars because I'm a little leery of the "Wondrose" sweetener. The component of it that spikes your blood sugar is corn fiber. Search for studies on this. Improperly developed as a sugar substitute, Improperly baked like sugar and have a similar impact on the body as real sugar, are praised for this. It's not a bad idea for manufacturers to say that their foods have low net carbs, but don't be fooled by that. You can be kicked out of ketosis. The good news is that there is more than one sweetener in these. If you add the "fiber" carbs back in, it appears that you can eat a serving or two of these brownies and stay in ketosis. I ate a lot of these over the course of a week and they didn't make me lose my mind. It's over. The brownies from the Diabetic Kitchen are packed with the same things. They do taste better, but they knocked me out of ketosis. It took me about a week and a half to get back on track after I gained 5 lbs in a week. I will never do those again. If you're going to do that, make up a bunch of Pillsbury brownies.

7. Birch Benders Gluten Free Prebiotic Keto Friendly

Birch Benders Gluten Free Prebiotic Keto Friendly

A pouch. A crowd is fed. It makes 22 four-inch pancakes or waffles. Their pancakes are grain-free, low-glycemic, pre-biotic nutrition with a fluffy texture and almond and coconut flours add fiber, and a hint of natural sweetness. Both low- and high-fat. 11 net calories per two 4 inch pancake or waffle serving. Adding an additional 6 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber per serving will add even more nutrition to your diet. Simply scoop the desired amount of mix into a bowl, add water, mix, and make. Add water without eggs or milk. If you don't want to use it all at once, their resealable closure keeps the mix fresh for next time. It's compatible with Paleo, Whole30, and Bulletproof diet.

Brand: Birch Benders

👤I hope they keep selling this. My fiancĂ©e couldn't believe we could eat these. They are very good. The coconut flour has a sweet taste. I wouldn't make a mess of this pancake. I will have to try them as waffles. They are filling up. When cooked up, there are two per serving, but I usually only get one. I keep any extras in a freezer bag between the squares of paper. They can be reheated in the microwave if covered with a damp paper towel.

👤Please tell me that I'm not alone in this. I made this mix yesterday and thought it was very easy to make. After eating, I had stomach pains and nausea. I had to go to the bathroom. I was so disappointed that this product gave me such a bad reaction. I wonder if anyone else has experienced this. Is it a good idea to chalk it up to being the Paleo? Help!

👤We wanted to eat these pancakes. We ended up tossing the whole bag. The texture wasn't quite right, but we were able to move on. We were not able to get past the taste. We tried to have an open mind about them, but we don't think that's worth it.

👤I decided to give this mix a try because I am on a slight diet. I am a huge fan of bread, so I was suspicious of the Paleo Pancake mix. This is what it is. A substitute! Some are okay until you eat the real thing, and some are terrible. It will do when you are trying to limit the amount of food you eat. This will work well with a few changes. You must mix coconut or almond milk with water if you like tasting cornmeal. Half coconut milk and half water was what I chose. I added some cream cheese. A little bit. Anyway! It came out well. I liked the taste of coconut and it came out smelling like coconut. If you meal prep, make the whole bag and freeze the rest of the pancakes. Don't have the fire on high. Get your pancake perfect with medium heat and patience.

👤I didn't like the taste of these pancakes. I tried to get them to cook all the way through, but they were still a bit doughy inside. I had to put the bag in a ziplock bag because I couldn't get it to reseal.

👤It was pretty good. I add an egg and almond/coconut milk to the mix to make the pancakes come out smooth. KETO-friendly. Good taste. I add stuff to it because it is a bit dry. Also, prone to stick to the pan and burn. Use with butter or coconut oil. It does the trick if you don't.

👤I've been using this Paleo mix for a few years now, and it's my first time ordering from Amazon. You may have to experiment to get the thickness you want. The package says "Just add water" but it doesn't work out. Adding one egg yolk, some almond milk, and a little bit of coconut cream seems to be my best mix. Almond milk can be replaced with coconut milk. If you want to get more browning around the top and edges, you can use butter. After you cook the pancake over, I might add some frozen raspberries or raisins on top, which add flavor and texture to the batter. I have noticed that the batter doesn't cook well all the way through if you use frozen blueberries. The best thing about these is that I don't feel like I'm too heavy or sluggish after eating. I still use real maple syrup or jam with the Paleo cakes because I have a sweet tooth. The flour is what it has to be. These are made from a variety of ingredients, including almond flour. I will circle back and read the comments if anyone has other tips or recommendations for other good mixes. Thanks!

8. Simple Mills Almond Chocolate Artisan

Simple Mills Almond Chocolate Artisan

Product 1 is easy to make and delicious homemade cookies. There are 12 cookies per box. Product 1: Nothing artificial. Simple ingredients. Simple doesn't mean you sacrifice taste. Their baking mixes are full of goodness. Product 2 is a must-have pantry staple. Product 2: 12 slices of bread or dinner rolls. Product 2 is nothing artificial. Simple ingredients. Product 2: Simple doesn't mean sacrificing taste. Their baking mixes are full of goodness.

Brand: Simple Mills

9. Duncan Hines Perfect Cheesecake Filling

Duncan Hines Perfect Cheesecake Filling

The filling is rich and tender. It's perfect for small gatherings and dessert time. The included cake pan makes one 6 inch cake. Add melted butter to the mix and blend cream cheese and an egg into it.

Brand: Duncan Hines

👤Stores can't find Duncan Hines golden fudge perfect size cake mixes. I bought this item from for a reasonable price. My order receipt states that there are 8 8.4 oz boxes. I received an incredibly expensive box of cake mix. The box was shipped alone with the shipping label covering the instructions. The cake was ready. Our family preferred the prior version with the punch-out baking pan and icing prepared with butter, rather than the new version with the packaged icing. The cake mix has two stars. I called Amazon to get customer service since my order wasn't filled as listed. I hope they stop covering the baking instructions.

👤This was listed for 8 cookies when I placed the order. I got a cookie. I don't mind paying $8 for 8 cookies but $8 for 1 cookie is highway robbery. It's not acceptable to change the product listing after people order it because of the high order volume. This might be the last time I place a save order with Amazon because I'm very dissatisfied.

👤The taste is off, but it's easy to make. It's like mug cakes have a weird taste. I think I will stick to the regular cake mix.

👤I was also misled by the listing. I received one of the boxes, but when I called to fix the issue, they said that it didn't say that, or at least that's not true. I'm still disappointed and feel cheated, even though they gave me a refund.

👤I can make a 9in cheese cake with no problem. I am a retired soux chef and was born into the resturant business. My couriosity got the best of me so I had to purchase this. It does call for an egg and 8oz c cheese which is a good thing. It's a dry mix that you can add to the cheese, but it's only sugar and lemon flavors that are terrible. It falls flat but kids will love it. If you want it to be correct, add your own sugar, lemon juice, and a bit of vanilla extract to the dry mix. It's just the years of being hounded by the Excecutive Chef that you don't get to add a little sugar and cinnamon to your food.

👤The flavor is ok. I could not get past the consistency. Think of chocolate chip cookie bread. Just not for me.

👤The kit is perfect. Do you not have a pan? Don't have a lot of money to spend on ingredients? No problem! You need butter, egg, and cream cheese for the kit. The kit to make costs about 2$. It is absolutely delicious. I bought them because it's difficult to make a cheesecake from scratch. I don't want to spend that time. The kit has an alternative perfectION.

👤The double fudge brownie mix was baked. The chocolate flavor was off but it was dry. I will not buy this item again. It's not worth it if you don't like it.

10. Crocker Bisquick Complete Biscuit Buttermilk

Crocker Bisquick Complete Biscuit Buttermilk

This baking mix makes mouth-watering biscuits. It's easy to make a biscuit without mess, just add water, stir and bake in 15 minutes. The options are limited. Six biscuits are perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert, and are made with melted butter on top. Homemade taste. The Red Spoon is a product that you and your family will enjoy, I guarantee it. The pack contains 7.5 ounces.

Brand: Betty Crocker

👤Wanted biscuit mix that was just add water, it was easy to make good tasting biscuits. I didn't see on the package that it has a ingredient derived from bioengineered source, that's the only thing I have problems with. I don't think I'd buy if I knew it was made with genetically modified organisms. You have Constitutional Rights to Help Save lives, so please wear a mask in public. Thank you.

👤This is the first time that I've tried this, but I'm going to use only biscuits from now on. I only make one biscuit at a time because I like fresh biscuits. I put the powder into a bowl, add water to make a dough, and put it into a Pyrex bowl to cook it in the air fryer for 5 minutes. I don't have to let them sit in a warm place and rise for a few hours because they turn out better than Rhodes frozen biscuits.

👤I'm not a fan of biscuits, but I will use this product to make dumplings and have never been disappointed. It would be good for biscuit lovers. A small package is the right amount for a family meal. After opening a large box of biscuit mix, I would have to store the opened box in a way that would make the process of product go bad quicker. Smaller package of mix makes sense for me because I make dumplings every two or three months.

👤I like the biscuits a lot. The biscuits that are better are the ones I make from scratch. I used milk, sour cream and Margerine to make it different. Do not overtake since the bottoms may be too brown. I will use my baking stone again. June 30 update. Instead of using melted butter, use a large pat of cold butter crumble up in the dry mixture and use less milk and sour cream mixture to make a biscuit dough. Dust it to make it less sticky. Dump out on the floor. Press with finger tips to fold over. 5 or 6 times. Do not run. Form a ball. Press out with your fingers. A quarter inch thick. A biscuit cutter. Leave over dough the same way. Another biscuit. A small biscuit can be made by hand. The oven is 450 degrees for 13 minutes. Do not overcook. I use a baking stone.

👤I already buy their large bags of pancake mix that are sold in box bulk. The taco seasoning packet is larger than these things. I was able to make 3 1/2 biscuits in a cast iron skillet. I used 1/2 cup water and it fell apart in the oven and I got a pancake. It's pancake mix with baking soda added. It was not worth it. I looked online for places where these things are for $1. These are so light and fluffy that I would never buy them again. There are guides on the internet on how to just take their pancake mix and add a couple incredients, it's the same thing, cheaper and more bulk supply. I had a couple with sausage and gravy on top. It was exactly like cupcakes, that's what it was like. cupcakes with gravy Have a whole pack of biscuits.

11. Simple Mills Almond Flour Variety

Simple Mills Almond Flour Variety

Send multiPLE FLAVORS to family and friends as gifts or try Variety Pack options. There are 1 Banana Muffin & Cake, 1 Chocolate Muffin & Cake, and 1 Pumpkin Muffin & Bread. Nothing artificial. State of readiness State of readiness is ready to mix.

Brand: Simple Mills

👤My son is so picky about what he eats that it is hard to get him to eat anything other than snack foods and dry cereals. I try my best to provide healthy, whole foods or minimally processed foods for my family, and I was happy when I tried this muffin mix from the store and my son loved it! They are $8 in the store. I was thrilled when I found out I could get them for half that on Amazon. This mix is easy to make, just add water, a few eggs and 1/3 C of your choice of oil. They use a minimal, almond flour based ingredient list. If they replaced the sugar with Stevia or Monkfruit, they would be better. It would be a home run if they made a version with no added sugar. I think it tastes better if I add a couple of monks to it. I like to add a few chocolate chips to make them taste better. If you are going to do that, my advice is to bake them first and then add the chips. They will sink to the bottom of the muffin pan if you add them before baking. I love that I can get this mix on Amazon for less than in the store. This will be a part of my monthly order. I hope this review has helped someone else. I paid full price for this. Feel free to ask any questions.

👤I found a box in my pantry that I ordered in March of last year, but I thought I would bake it because the life shelf should go far. I checked when I ordered it, and it was expired when I used it today, but I don't mind using expired pantry stuff if it happens. I am questioning and angry about the fact that they were expired when I received them.

👤I love these muffins so much that I wrote up a whole post about them. Here foritall is a website. My teenager loves pumpkin muffins more than Starbucks bakery items, so I make a batches about once a week. The texture is on point. The flavor is amazing. The tip of the box is used to sprinkle chopped pecans and pumpkin seeds. These are guilt-free fall treats because of the clean ingredients.

👤Everything I said was in the title. I ordered a pack of fruit and chocolate. My household had to be monitored to make sure they didn't eat more than 1 muffin a day because the banana was the best tasting. This wasn't a success. We ate them quickly and regretted it later. It was filling, but if you eat more than 1 a day, you should be prepared for burp. It felt like giving birth. Lesson learned. The pumpkin one had a weird smell similar to salmon jerky, but it was a good breakfast replacement. The chocolate. The chocolate is awful. If you're not familiar with baking, it's the least novice-friendly of the three. I hope you have a measuring cup that can measure 1/3 of the water. Flat muffins with wet bottoms were created by the mixture that came out like soup. The chocolate had no taste after being baked, which was strange since the powder definitely has a chocolate taste to it. If you do go with the chocolate, I suggest you do a half water-half milk mixture when it calls for water and then add the mixture of water and milk until you have batter. Don't just follow the box's measurements for the chocolate mix. If you want to melt some chocolate of your choice in a ceramic bowl, I would suggest you put the bowl in a pot of boiling water and stir it. The method is recommended for those new to baking. Add melted chocolate to the chocolate muffin mix. Don't whisk. If you go half water and half milk, these will taste better. The banana and pumpkin don't need anything extra to make them taste good. The chocolate has no flavor once baked. Don't eat more than 1 a day or you'll have to pay in the bathroom. It is easy to stir with a spoon. You don't need a machine. These will be ready in 20 minutes. 25 minutes will make them too dry. The chocolate was not able to be made solid after 45 due to my blindly following the measurements on the box.


What is the best product for baking mix ebt?

Baking mix ebt products from Duncan Hines. In this article about baking mix ebt you can see why people choose the product. Simple Mills and Pillsbury are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking mix ebt.

What are the best brands for baking mix ebt?

Duncan Hines, Simple Mills and Pillsbury are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking mix ebt. Find the detail in this article. Miss Jones Baking, Combos and Keto And Co are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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