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1. KitchenAid KSM8990NP Commercial Countertop Gear Driven

KitchenAid KSM8990NP Commercial Countertop Gear Driven

The KitchenAid 8-Quart Stand Mixer is a large capacity baker's essential that can handle more than 8 pounds of dough for the perfect batches of cookies, bread, or crust. The bowl-lift design provides sturdy bowl support for large batches. The lever raises the bowl for efficient contact. The 10-speed slide control can be used to whip, stir, or stir very slowly, and the power hub can be used with more than 12 attachment options. With the 1.3HP motor, you can get professional results with consistent power to small and large loads with less heat build-up, resulting in years of dependable mixing. The commercial mixer has a Powerknead Spiral Dough Hook. Also, note: Before using the User Refer Manual on Technical Specification, be sure to read it.

Brand: Kitchenaid

👤I got this as a gift for Christmas and I just wanted to use it for the first time. It sounds like it's coming apart in the front of the machine. If we had used it right away, my return period would have gone back in a second. It only does it when there is a load. We made frosting which is low load so I'm afraid what it would do if we tried to make bread dough. I still have buyers remorse. This makes less dough than my 6 quart mixer. The bowl has higher sides and less surface area than the 6 quart blades. You try to make a larger amount and it makes a mess. If you're looking for a higher capacity than your existing kitchen aid, I recommend looking elsewhere. We have gone back to our 6 quart and it has become a paperweight in our house and we are hoping to resell it. Update 4/6/18... It's getting louder. Did some cookie dough. I thought it was going to fall apart.

👤I was excited to find the commercial version of the KitchenAid mixer. I was confused by the lack of power, smell and clicking noise when I first used the mixer. It was only a matter of time before the unit stopped working and the smell kept coming back. After being left overnight, I thought it was due to overheating, but it never fired back up. It is on its way back in less than 3 weeks.

👤I have used this twice and it is the same model as the professional 600. The pro 600 lasted 4 years. That's it. I was intrigued by the reviews about the people who purchased the commercial model that was previously used by the 600 pro model. I make on average. Pizza dough is 20 ounces per week. I am concerned because I saw this skip a little toward the end of the process. The 600 model is more Quiet than this one. The 600 was so loud. I hope that I don't regret this purchase in 4 years. The mixer is sputtering when making 60 ounces of pizza dough. I lowered the rating of this Commercial mixer to a 3 star rating.

👤This is a car for bakers. I have used Kitchen Aids in my kitchen for decades. They groaned and labored with heavy doughs, even though they are sturdy. If they got hot, I would let them rest. I have been looking for a machine that was larger and had a motor that matched. This has all that and more. I am very happy with this machine. I can do triple loaf recipes without taxing the motor or overflowing the bowl, and this is quieter than my older smaller machines. The whip is big gun quality, the hook is spiral, and the paddle is the same. The flip up opening is a nice touch and a change from having to remove it. I have kept my smaller mixer because it's too big for some jobs. It's nice to have choices when you cook and bake, but you could use it for smaller jobs. This would be it if I had one. I almost gave up on Kitchen Aid to get a bigger machine. The 6-7 quart mixers that have come out in the last few years are not going to be able to handle the bigger batches. This doesn't heat up, doesn't groan, is a workhorse and I don't mean a quarter horse, I mean a large horse and graceful.

2. KitchenAid KHM512IC Hand Mixer Blue

KitchenAid KHM512IC Hand Mixer Blue

The included items are a hand blender, whisk and milk frother. If you want to whip egg whites or heavy cream at a faster rate, mix ingredients for a variety of recipes from slowly stirring in ingredients like nuts or chocolate chips. 36 Inches is the length of the cord.

Brand: Kitchenaid

👤My wife bakes a lot so I bought this mixer. She was using hand mixers. The load would burn out if the motors couldn't handle it. She was impressed with the power of the motor of the mixer, it was easy to get through the thick cookie dough. The spot welds at the tip that join the two pieces of beater broke after the third time they were used. She used them for another 6 months and then the weld at the base of the beater broke and it was useless. Kitchenaid makes a good mixer, but their beaters are garbage. The beaters that I bought for the $10 Proctor Silex mixer are made better and more durable. The mixer is awesome, but the beaters need work.

👤A hand-mixer with a slow speed is finally here. My mom has a mixer from when she was a teenager. When it's on the slowest setting, it slowly incorporates the dry ingredients. Every modern mixer that I'd bought had such high speeds that even the low one would blow the flour out of the bowl, making a huge mess. Higher speeds and the boost in power were not needed. It was frustrating for me to use this because I never found a bowl tall enough to hold everything inside. The mixer's setting is slow enough to be useful. I can mix the wet and dry ingredients with ease. I've only used this a few times so far, but I'm very pleased with the results. It is a pretty color and balances well when you need to set it down. When I looked at the manual, I was a bit sad to see that other models came with extra attachments, however after looking up, it seems that those extra attachments are compatible with this mixer. Since these beaters can be used for most things, I was reassured that this was the right model for me, since I might as well not pay for the extra attachments unless I need them in the future.

👤Not a good product. I've returned two of them. KitchenAid is no longer a quality product. I will not rely on their name again in the future. The mixer is not loud. It has a variety of speeds. They have a lot of pretty colors. The beaters are very flimsy. The beaters are not stable on two orders of the same model. Again, a feeling of low quality.

👤This thing couldn't make butter. It's really under-powered. Everyone had mashed potatoes the first time they tried it. The thing was going to burn up. I was the jacka** because it was a gift.

👤I bought this for my son and his bride. I used it when I went down for their wedding first person to use it. I ended up whipping cream for a dessert with their Ninja. I'm not in a position to arrange a return, but I would if I could. I apologized to them and told them to get rid of it. I will buy them another mixer since this is a worthless pile of plastic. I never thought I'd have to say that about a product. You can save yourself some trouble and disappointment by buying another hand mixer.

3. KitchenAid KSM150PSCU Artisan Pouring Shield

KitchenAid KSM150PSCU Artisan Pouring Shield

Every product has U.S. based Customer Support. The 10-speed slide control can be very fast or very slow. The included items are a coated flat beater, a coated Dough Hook, and a 6-Wire Whip. The power hub is for more than one attachment. The action is unique. The power cord length is 4.0 It was assembled with Pride in Ohio. Non-Hinged.

Brand: Kitchenaid

👤I have been incapable of baking the most simple of things for almost 60 years. I've spent a lot of time in F&B and had my own business for a few years. Baking is a mystery that I have never solved. Muffins that could be bench-pressed to bulk up,angel food cake that could be bench-pressed to bulk up, brownies that remained chocolate soup even after being in the oven for hours, and hockey pucks that could be bench-pressed to bulk up. Several friends purchased Kitchen Aid mixers and sung their praises, but I avoided discussing getting one of my own. I binge- watched several seasons of the Great British Baking Show, and after seeing hour after hour after hour of those shiny wonder-widgets cranking out wonderful concoctions of mere bits of sugar, butter, flour and eggs, I was done. I had to have one. I've had a chance to play for a few weeks now and I am enamored with it. It is a BEAST of a professional grade machine that takes all the hard work out of mixing, creaming, whipping, and kneading. It's a home version of a Hobart and I love it! I look forward to each weekend to see if I can actually achieve a reasonable facsimile of what I used to do in the restaurant industry, and I find myself actively seeking out new and fun things to try. It's absolutely perfect that I chose the color Contour Silver. Also love the ability to add more accessories. I've added a clear glass bowl with pourer and measurement markings, and a flex edge beater with the scraper. The grinder attachment might be next. I am an enthusiastic and dedicated fan of the stand mixer party, even though I am a recent and late newcomer. I'm going to make something scrummy on your marks.

👤I'm not sure if KitchenAid's quality has gone downhill over the years, but just purchased this twice, with both units arriving with defects and having to be returned. The first came with a very visible gauge in the head, and the second had a wobbly, unstable head. KitchenAid's instructions on how to fix the unstable head seem to apply to an earlier or later version of the mixer, but this model does not have a screw in the shaft to tighten, just something that looks like it requires a special key or part. It's really frustrating.

👤Excellent product, but a poor quality bowl and whip accessory. After 3 weeks the bowl turned up with spots of rust and the whip turned into black powder after being washed. I need to replace these 2 accessories but not really planned in Amazon, you need to return the complete shipment which is a burden due to the weight of the box. A new and serious product is introduced 6 months later. There was a crack in the metal which made the head to jump up and down. The quantities never exceeded 6oogr. See the pictures.

👤I like my mixer. I'm wondering. Is there a spring that helps hold the paddle in place? My mixer does not have a spring. The machine makes a loud noise when I mix it. Slips and shakes. Don't know how to contact the company.

4. KitchenAid KP26M1XER Professional Bowl Lift Stand

KitchenAid KP26M1XER Professional Bowl Lift Stand

K45, K45SS, KSM75, KSM90, KSM95, KSM 100, KSM103, and KSM-110 are models that are compatible. There are 10 different attachments. A bowl with a handle. Powerful enough for any task or recipe. The included items are burnished flat beater, power knead spiral dough hook, and wire whip. The electrical is 60. It was Hz.

Brand: Kitchenaid

👤I like my kitchen aid mixer. I use the flat paddle a lot when making bread. I use the wire whisk a lot. The quality of the dough hook and paddle attachment that are included in the purchase is the main problem I have with this mixer. There are two different types of these attachment if you do a search on Amazon. The ones included with the mixer are shiny grey metal. They run for less than 20 dollars. The white, coated attachments are more expensive than the grey ones. Why? If you put the grey ones in the dishwasher or wash them by hand, they will become dull and coated with a dark grey powder. The dough or batter you would use for it comes off when you put the powder on it. They shouldn't go in the dishwasher according to the User's Manual. It lists three types of beaters. Only the grey ones have this problem. It is easy to be confused because there are no photographs showing the difference between burnished aluminum and the steel ones. Read the manual carefully. The dough hook cannot be used higher than 2. You can't use it for more than 5 minutes. I asked the company representative about it. She said to mix the dough with the paddle attachment and then use the dough hook for kneading. She said that 5 minutes using the dough hook on a kitchen aid mixer is equal to 10 minutes kneading with another mixer. When I followed her instructions, my dough came out beautifully. I am very pleased with my Kitchenaid 600 Professional. My husband bought me a one several years ago and I never thought I needed one. I would find it hard to give up.

👤I was curious to find out what was hidden behind the Kitchenaid model of the recent Costco model. It turns out to be a Williams-Sonoma 610 model. Why does a 610 model exist, and what is the difference to the 600 model? After taking my model apart, doing a lot of research, and acquiring a 7 quart model, I came to the conclusion that all models are essentially all. The beaters and bowls are the same as the 6000. They differ in motor, transmission, bowl, and beater. Some models have plastic knobs while others have metal ones. The base model is 600. Kitchenaid changed the transmission case a few years ago. The metal cast case from the 6 Series was changed back to it's original state. It has an AC motor. The 600 and 600 with the same transmission but a different 590W AC motor are the same. I don't think the extra 15W makes a difference. A lot of people did heavy doughs and the 600 model collected a lot of critic from them. My guess is that Williams-Sonoma wanted a more robust motor. The triac motor control is very easy to use. The hall speed sensor is soldered on, but it looks similar to the 600 control. It misses the IC from early models. The wire whip from the 7 and 8 quart models is not the one from the 600. The coated beaters are not used in the Costco model. Is a 610 in fancy colors. The 6000 HD has a different transmission and motor than the other ones. The transmission is the same in all of the models. The motor can be different. The 6000 is rated as 1 HP. It could be the same motor as the 7 and 8 qts, and it could be electronically limited or derated on paper. The bowl and beaters are different on the 600 models. The bowl is larger. You can only fit 6000 bowls, but not those from the 6000, 6000, or 7 quart models. This is also the old model. A fancy 6 quart bowl is what appears to be a 7 quart model. The planetary gear is facing the bowl. The motor is rated at 1.3 HP. I tried this out with 7 quart beaters, and it seemed to fit all the bowl from the 600. The 600 fits the bowl and beater. A 7 quart model with a bigger bowl and finger guard is most likely. The motor is the same. It should fit all the bowls. The commercial versions of the 7 and 8 quarts have an orange power cord and a commercial use warranty. My assumption is that they are the same as the residential models. Confused yet? What should you do? The AC vs DC motor is the biggest difference, not because of the motor's design, but because of its Torque, transmission, and speed control design. The DC motor of the 6000, 6500, 7 qt, and 8 qt models is beefier than the one of the 600 Series. The DC motor uses a digital PWM speed control that holds speed exactly and increases Torque as needed. The 7 qt and 8 qt models have the same motor, but are rated with 25% less power. This could be paper derated or electronically limited, or it could be a slightly smaller motor. The DC models are quieter than the 600 models. The 600, 610, and 620 use primitive triac control. The 610 and 620 use the same transmission as the 600. The triac control won't increase Torque as well as holding speed, which will be noticeable with heavy doughs. These models are loud. The 600 Series is cheaper to repair than the DC models. The speed control is inexpensive and there are a couple of bugs. The 6000 HD seems to be the odd one out when it comes to bowls. They use narrow bowls that need their own beaters. The other models use the same bowls. It would be foolish to put an 8 quart bowl into a 600 if the motor is not strong enough. You need more force than the dough hook. The 610 and up models have more wires. I don't see why it shouldn't work on the 600. The flat beater is the real difference. If you use a 6 quart beater with a 7 quart bowl, you won't reach the top of the bowl. The 3 quart bowl has holes for the narrower pins and comes with its own beater, so it should fit all models. The dough hook are made of aluminum and coated aluminum. The flat beater is made of aluminum, coated aluminum, or with a Silicon lip that protects you from nicking the bowl walls. The wire whip is made of metal. The dish washer can only wash coated aluminum. People complain about the coating. The commercial version of the 7 and 8 quart packets only contain the beaters. Beaters can be purchased from third parties. The price difference between the models might not be that significant. I wouldn't get a 6000 because of the weird bowl shape. The 7 quart and 600 models have a price difference of about $100 with the right deal, but the 6500 could be more expensive. The 600 is important to you because it comes in all kinds of colors. The models are limited in colors. I decided to use the 7 quart model because I wanted to make pizza and bread doughs and I didn't want to buy 5 and 3 quart bowls for the smaller jobs. If I ever needed an 8 quart bowl, I would buy it. I hope this information makes it easier for you to make a decision. The left side of the picture has the 7 quart model and the right side has the 610 model.

5. CUSIMAX Tilt Head Stainless Upgraded Dishwasher Attachment

CUSIMAX Tilt Head Stainless Upgraded Dishwasher Attachment

Super cooking sets are great for baking and pre- meal preparation. The salad bowl or serving bowls have space-efficient storage that helps organize the kitchen. It is a nice gift for people who love bakes. Baking with ease can be achieved with a powerful motor. Stand mixer with a strong motor and sturdyABS housing, 3 different speed from slow stir to fast mix, make it easy for cakes, breads, cookies, pizza, muffins, waffle, mashed potatoe and more. This mixer has enough capacity for a family with a large bowl. The splash guard with access port helps add ingredients without making a mess, allowing you to cook at great ease, enjoy to prepare homemade dishes. The Cusimax stand mixer comes with three mixing accessories, a whisk, dough hook and a beater, which are easily secured to the shaft, making it versatile to cook. The beaters are moved around the bowl for even mixing. The accessories are dishwasher safe. The tilt-head design was created. The tilt-head design electric mixer makes it easy to install or uninstall accessories. Silicone cups keep the mixer steady. If you received a faulty item or have questions, please contact them. They will try to help you and give you the best service.

Brand: Cusimax

👤I was looking at the KitchenAid mixers for a long time but stumbled upon these killer dupe mixers. The cost savings were obvious after comparing technical specifications. It's flawless and I've been using it for 2 months. Don't hesitate on this purchase. It's a great quality, powerful mixer that doesn't heat up on challenging mixes, and has a shield so you don't get hit with flour bombs while mixing. A number.

👤I like the product. It's easy to set up, work with and clean. The video has flour for bread. It took almost 30 days to get to me.

👤The mixer is easy to use. I use it to stir cake and flour. It is said that it can stir the meat, but I have not used it. It has three mixing heads that need to be replaced. It gave us a lot of strength and time.

👤The kitchenaid was too heavy and awkward for me. I gave my daughter my kitchenaid because this was the better one for me. I live in this cusimax. For simple jobs it is perfect, and it fits my kitchen much better. I love how everything comes on and off. It was difficult to remove the heavy equipment.

👤I bought this mixer because I love baking. My co-workers love me because I use it so much. The attachments are easy to clean. It mixes well even in the bottom and sides. It's not that expensive. It gets the job done.

👤We use it every day since we got it a year ago and it works as we expected.

👤The mixer is a great value. It is easy to use, and seems to be durable. There are cups on the bottom to keep it upright. The controls are easy to use. There is a button on the top of the mixer that can be unlocked to take the bowl out. I have beaten eggs and mixer dough. I think this is a good idea.

👤I have been using this product for a while. It is a better mixer than the one I bought before. The design is great. It is easy to install and clean. Also, user-friendly! My mother is also able to use this. I am very satisfied with this product.

👤The machine works well, but the finish on the paddle doesn't stay on it. My mom noticed silver particles in the cookies after making them all day. The paddle left grey stuff all over our hands after it came off. I think all the cookies need to be thrown away. The picture attached shows the paddle is almost black or dark gray after being used. It was a long day of work down the drain. It's great to get a return for both machines, but be aware.

👤The mixer has all the features of a stand mixer in red. If you did it by hand, it would take 20 minutes to prepare sandwich bread dough. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a heavy duty mixer.

6. KitchenAid KSM3316XFW Artisan Stand Mixers

KitchenAid KSM3316XFW Artisan Stand Mixers

The model includes a metal food grinder, a food tray, a Fine grinding plate, a Coarse grinding plate, a Cleaning brush, and Sausage stuffer tubes. It's built to take it all on with the durable and built-to-last metal construction, and 67 touchpoints around the mixer bowl for great mixing results. The 3.5 quart bowl can mix up 5 dozen cookies in a single batches. It's dishwasher safe. 28g dough each, using the flat beater. You can add ingredients with the tilt-head design. Put the head in place. Lighter. Smaller. Just as powerful. The KitchenAid Classic Stand Mixer has the same power as the Artisan Mini, so it's easier to move around, and it's smaller, taking up less counter space. There are 10 speeds for nearly any task or recipe. Every time you whip cream, you'll get thorough ingredient inclusion. You can make everything from fresh pasta to burgers, veggie noodles, salads and more with the help of the 10 Attachments. They sold them separately. The model includes a 3.5 quart bowl, Flex Edge Beater, and a 6-wire whip.

Brand: Kitchenaid

👤I've had kitchen aid for a long time. I gave away my large Kitchen Aid mixer so I could buy this smaller one. I put them in the dishwasher before using them. Imagine my surprise when the whipper stem was black. I never felt confident that my food wouldn't react to my whipped cream, egg whites or anything else I put in the bowl because I never cleaned off the residual. The old mixer's motor was not up to the quality of speed and power I was looking for. I'm very disappointed in this product.

👤The KitchenAid mixer that our 93 year-old mother had been using for decades had come to an end. We needed this smaller size to fit in a cupboard that was specifically built for the departed mixer, so it could not be too tall, and heavy, if mom was to move it around. The mini was perfect and the handle on the mixing bowl helps as we deal with some limitations caused by arthritis. 3.5 quarts is sufficient for a large amount of cookies, a normal size cake, plenty of dough for rolls to serve at a family gathering, and there is nothing mini about the mixer. The dough hook and beaters are standard. She loves the upgrades that have occurred over the last 40 years.

👤The KitchenAid Professional 600 is larger than this 3.5 stand mixer. My adult daughter said it looked like an Easy bake Oven accessory when we got it out of the box. I think so. The bigger mixer can't make small batches of food very well. The ingredients sit at the bottom and the attachment mix the top. This mixer is not for everyone. It's perfect for anyone that cooks a lot and needs a bigger mixer. It might be nice for someone to cook for two. The average cook would want a 4.5 quart KitchenAid. If I wanted to make cookies for a bake sale, I wouldn't use this mixer.

👤I love this. I upgraded from my mini stand mixer. I did not have a lot of counter space so I chose empire red. It is very pretty in person. This has been amazing, I make a lot of french macarons. The bowl is very stable, it does not vibrate when it goes on full speed, and the whisk is all STAINLESS steel, which makes it easier to clean and dries faster. PRICE! I got mine during prime time.

👤I received a kitchen aid mixer when I was young. If I hadn't burnt out the motor, I would still be using it. That mixer was amazing. I wouldn't use this mixer if it was given to me. The batter leaves large chunks of unmixed butter in it. The gears are hard to use. It's a big hassle to get the bowl in. The worst mixer I have ever used. It is clear to me that the person who recommended this mixer is on Kitchen Aid's payroll. Kitchen Aid is not what it used to be. Kitchen aid is not good right now.

7. CHeflee Household Electric Accessories Lavender

CHeflee Household Electric Accessories Lavender

ATTENTION & WARRANTY. If you want to receive a 12-month worry-free guarantee and customer friendly service, you must wash the Y Beater by hand. A good bread depends on its elasticity. The stand mixer has a 660 watt motor that can knead into Glove Film in 10 minutes. That is the key to a loaf of Fluffy and Stretchy Bread. 6 speeds can meet your mixing needs, from low speed string to high speed whipping cream. The tilt lock on the mixer can lock the head when it is lifted up to make sure it won't fall heavily, and the interior spring can help it down slowly. It makes it easy to install or uninstall bowl and accessories. The planetary mixing action of CHeflee mixers is to make sure food is mixed more thoroughly and avoid any mixture getting stuck around the edge of the bowl while in use. Rich accessories has a bowl that is suitable for a family. The food mixer has a spatula, splash guard, and dust cover. The accessories are dishwasher safe and easy to clean up. The interior gears are made of strong metal, which make sure of lower-lever noise and longer service life. 5 anti-slip feet increase the machine's stability. There is a vent behind the tilt-head.

Brand: Cheflee

👤This mixer works well. The feet stick to the surface so they don't move fast. The bowl is locked into place. It comes with a splash guard that is easy to remove and is held in place with Silicon stoppers. If the mixing blade is up, you can't have things flying around the room because nothing works unless it is plugged in and working. It has 6 speeds and a high pulse setting. It's so easy to transfer from counter to stand and back because it has a handle on the bowl. The machine has dough like bread and pizza dough. The dust cover keeps everything in one place and it stays clean.

👤I really wanted to like this. It is absolutely beautiful. There is a guard on the main beater which makes a mess when you add ingredients, and the clear splash guard is only held up by 4 rubber spacers. I have only used the mixer for the first time tonight and one of the rubber things has already ripped a bit, just from being on the mixer like it is supposed to be! I am really sad. The description says it is dishwasher safe, but the instructions only mention the splash guard and whisk attachment. I don't want to have to return this, but I might be better off just forking over the money for a new appliance.

👤My niece is outside. Everythning is wild and unusual. She just got her first apartment. I wanted to give her something new just for her and she was in need of kitchen appliances, furniture, etc. I think everyone needs this and loves that it comes in four different colors, two of which are not typcial. The champagne and purple are amazing. It's easy to use, has a nice size mixing bowl and works just as well as the name brand one at a fraction of the cost. The dough hook, the beater and the whisk are included. The pieces are easy to clean.

👤I like the stand mixer. The base has anti-slip feet which prevent the mixer from moving when it's working, making it safer.

👤The mincer is heavy. I am going to pay a fee for not liking the mixer. If you don't remove the first beater, the bowl rubs against the other if you try to remove it. Unless you remove the messy beater, you can't mix more. If you need more, you have to wash everything and transfer it to another bowl that doesn't work with the mixer, and you can't remove the beater unless you first remove the bowl. It's very inconvenient and frustrating. This mixer is not recommended by me. They say you only get what you pay for.

👤The tilt-head makes it easy to remove the bowl and mixing attachment. The attachment is easy to clean. Six speeds allow for mixing different things. I mix cake batter, cream puff batter, whipped topping, and bread dough with it.

👤My daughter has always wanted a stand mixer, but I was surprised that it was the right price, she loved the color, and couldn't wait to use it.

8. Whall 12 Speed Tilt Head Electric Stainless

Whall 12 Speed Tilt Head Electric Stainless

It was assembled with Pride in Ohio. Non-Hinged. The stand mixer features a precise speed controller from slow stir to fast mix, which can be used for various mixing needs. The power of 350W provides sufficient mixing power, and the technology of planetary mixing can achieve uniform and thorough mixing. The 4.5QT bowl has enough mixing capacity. You can mix up to 800g of flour at a time, plus other ingredients, and the total capacity can be up to 1.6 kilogram. The handles on the sides of the bowl make it easier to take. The V-mouth design makes it easy to pour the mixture. The installation and removal of bowls and accessories are easy with the Tilt-Head mixer. The anti-slip feet prevent the mixer from moving. The anti-leakage treatment is added to the head to prevent oil stains from entering your food. The kitchen mixer has a variety of accessories. WHISK, DOUGH HOOK, and Y BEATER are used for mixing various ingredients, and the strainer with ring and feeding port is used for preventing flour from splashing. ATTENTION & WARRANTY. If you want to receive a 12-month worry-free guarantee and customer friendly service, you must wash the Y Beater by hand.

Brand: Whall

👤I don't normally post reviews but I was surprised by the quality of this mixer. I've previously had issues with other sellers on Amazon for appliances, but this time they didn't have dents or damage. I needed a free 1 year warranty on the mixer since I didn't buy the one from Amazon. I used it for baking bread because I didn't have any missing parts and it was very strong and easy to clean. I always wanted a mixer and kitchen aid was out of budget, but this mixer is almost a steal for the price. If you are a baker like me, you'll need this mixer and you'll be happy you bought it.

👤Update. Accidentally ran one of the attachment through the dishwasher and it is now black and has a black powdery mess around it. I don't think it's safe to eat it anymore. It is difficult with thick dough. Don't run anything through the dishwasher, I love the mixer. I love that it is not too heavy for the elderly or children. It is sturdy, and does not smell like burning plastic, but it does have a new smell which wears off in less than a minute. It comes with the attachment, which I don't think many competitors do anymore, or at least not for less than double or triple the price. It is easy to use, even though the video shows the volume and ease of use. Moms know the convenience of anything that you can do with one hand, and this is it minus a few seconds here and there to put the attachment on and to close it. I'm excited to have this thing. I'll be sure to update here as well if anything goes wrong, I'd hate to lead people on to a bad product.

👤I liked the mixer. I use it for cakes and cookies and it's very cheap. It's easy to clean. If you are looking for a reasonably priced stand mixer, I would recommend it. I don't think that is an issue for the price because you have to clean the sides once or twice.

👤I was happy with my first use. I have a KitchenAid as well. This is light weight and great for the price. I thought I had ordered a bigger bowl. Be careful. This is only 4.5 quarts.

👤The mixer is great for the price. This mixer is perfect if you are a beginner baker. It is easy to mix and store batter. I am happy I purchased.

👤My daughter picked it out and I bought it for her. My daughter loved baking. It was easy to assemble. It is easy to clean. She and my kids are always making food.

👤My mother used to bake with a blender. She loves how clean and powerful it is. She is excited to use the power to make her baking easier. The mixer is quiet and has enough power to make dough. My mother has used the mixer 7 times and made some great cakes and breads. She is happy with the mixer.

9. KitchenAid Classic Quart Tilt Head K45SSOB

KitchenAid Classic Quart Tilt Head K45SSOB

The included items are burnished flat beater, power knead spiral dough hook, and wire whip. The electrical is 60. It was Hz. There are over 15 optional attachments. 5-Qt. A bowl made of steel. The planetary mixing action is 59 points. Includes wire whip, coated flat beater and dough hook.

Brand: Kitchenaid

👤I received a 4.5 quart KitchenAid mixer last week. It is something my husband does. I've been wanting for a while. My husband does a lot of baking. The package was well packaged and received in excellent condition. We haven't used a mixer in a while, but I believe in Kitchenaid products and I am giving the mixer four stars because it looks great. If you wash the bowl in warm soapy water, it will not remove the polishing from the bowl. If you only wash with this method, your first batches will probably be ruined. The batter has a black substance in it. I called Kitchenaid and was told that polishing is a problem. I was told to make a paste with baking soda, salt, and lemon juice and scrub the bowl again. I used baking soda and lemon juice to give it a good scrub and it is fine now.

👤The power cable and base were dirty when I received it.

👤I've been wanting a mixer for a long time. I went to a lot of stores to find a decent priced mixer. Every store I went to was too expensive for me. I looked on Amazon and found this baby at a 180 + tax. A friend of mine is a baker. I listened and am so thankful. I have already made chocolate chip cookies and they turned out great. When you receive your mixer, there will be a registration form and instructions to register online. You will get 25% off on the purchase of appliances to attach your mixer if you do it. I can make zucchini noodles with the spiralizer for less than the posted price. I love this mixer. I can finally make whatever I want and I can make a cake for my family member's birthday. It comes with three different accessories for mixing.

👤Not any more! I owned one of these for 25 years or so, and I made many cookies and loaves of bread. I have all of the ingredients for pasta and sausage. I love it! There is a Like all of us, it died. The ceremony was peaceful. I bought another one. The times are changing. Good thing they have laurals to rest upon, at least until we figure it out. You know the little thingy that holds the attachment in? Nope. No more. The attachment makes noise when it rattles around on the spindle. There is a The pleasant whirl of the motor? Nope, grating sound now. There is a The lock that holds the head in place while you work? That doesn't fit either. When mixing my dough this morning, it has a sloppy fit and makes more noises than I want. bam, ba They have forgotten about quality and the reason I came to them in the first place. There is a The last place. I'll be moving to one of their competitors, hoping to hear quality again.

10. Delish DASH Compact Beaters Included

Delish DASH Compact Beaters Included

We honor a free replacement guarantee because they love their Customer Family. You can add to cart with confidence. It'sTILE: The Delish by Dash Stand Mixer is the perfect kitchen accessory for the budding baker or home cook looking to mix, beat, cream, or whip something up. COMPACT: The Dash Stand Mixer is only 10” tall and weighs less than 5 lbs. It's perfect for the first apartment, a small kitchen or limited countertop space. Tiling head: It is easy to remove the mixing bowl with the help of the motor head. No more mess! The retro design and variety of trendy colors options will accent any kitchen. The easy release button on the stand mixer makes it easy to remove accessories. Adaptable cliff. The bowl should be moved from side to side to allow for mixing. It has never been easier to find the perfect setting with 5 speeds. Also included: Delish by Dash Stand Mixer is backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty and includes a 3.5 quart mixing bowl, 2 dough hooks and 2 mixer beaters. All non-electric parts are dishwasher safe. Every product has U.S. based Customer Support.

Brand: Dash

👤The cute look and design of the mixer didn't seem like much. Since it is a small mixer, I decided to follow one of the recipes that came with it. I baked cookie blondies. Wow! The mixer has a lot of power. I was skeptical because the bowl moved around when mixing, not the head with the attachment. That didn't matter. The bowl can be moved from side to side to mix the ingredients efficiently. I would recommend this mixer to anyone.

👤I bought this unit for $49 and it's called an epic daily deal. The unit is made of lightweight plastic, which I didn't find to be a bad thing. I have a small kitchen and the weight makes it easy to store things on a shelf out of the way. I will say that the manufacturer has the cups. They work. They aren't a big deal. It probably doesn't need them. The instruction book says not to run this unit for more than 3 minutes at a time. It seems like a lot of things would need longer than that to get mixed properly. I think that's a concern if the motor can burn out quickly. I am a good baker and cook from scratch every day. I made a cake mix from a box. It was easy to set up the mixer and run it with the beaters, but I felt like the mix was mostly sticking to the sides of the bowl and not feeding through the beaters enough. I still had to get a spatula and scraper the sides back into the center in order to get anything to mix, even after using the unit's sliders to offset the bowl by an inch or two. There isn't a lot of maneuvering room for this because the unit is small. It was a real pain and a wooden spoon would be just as effective. I made some dough by creaming a stick and a half of butter into a pile of flour. The dough hooks were useless. The beaters were only marginally better than I had been using. The ingredients were stuck to the bowl, with no room to move the sides. Three minutes wasn't enough for this process. Not close. I think a food processor or just plain old elbow grease with a pastry knife is still the way to go. I made some cookies. The issues were worse because the cake mix was stickier. I think a cheap hand mixer would do a better job as they have the same power as this unit and are infinitely more maneuverable, work with any bowl, and store in a smaller space. I sent it back disappointed after packing it up.

👤The stand mixer is going to be added to the Dash appliances collection. It's perfect for our small apartment and has plenty of room inside the mixing bowl. Everything came as advertised and the packaging was well-insulated. We'll be doing a lot of baking this winter. We're going to have to try some of the delicious looking recipes in the instruction book. It's easy to clean. We are very happy with our purchase.

11. Vezzio Tilt Head Electric Stainless Separator

Vezzio Tilt Head Electric Stainless Separator

36-Months Free Replacement and Life Time Customer Service is included. If you have any questions, please contact them. The large volume causticity is 9.5 quarts. The Vezzio stand mixer has a food-grade bowl with two comfortable handles. The electric kitchen mixer can mix 22 egg whites, 8 pounds of mashed potatoes, or 13 dozen cookies at once. It's ideal for a big family day and saves time for making cakes, bread, cookies, pastry, muffins, and waffle. The Vezzio baking mixer machine attachment is dishwasher safe and easy to use. It comes with a splash guard and spout, making cooking family-friendly. It's easy to start and it's multi-accessory. The Vezzio baking mixer has a controller for different types of food. The tilt-head design mixer works well for mixing bread dough, thick batters, meringues, and whipping cream, as well as lower speeds for stirring and finessing delicate concoctions. TheILT-HEAD and Anti-SLIP design are used. The Vezzio tilt-head design household stand mixer is easy to use. The standing mixers will suck on the countertop when they work, avoiding movement or bouncing to reduce noise, if you have five bottom non-slip cups. Vezzio Mixer is a great help in the kitchen. Quality support and multi-colors are included. The Vezzio colorful kitchen food mixers have a 660W high- performance motor. There are four colors to choose from to decorate your kitchen. You have the option of liking the one you like. If you have any questions during use, please contact them first. They will offer a full five-year quality guarantee and lifelong support as a sign of confidence in the quality of Vezzio cook mixers.

Brand: Vezzio

👤My Kitchen Aid professional decided not to work. I need a new bread maker. I will not pay what they want. I saw this one and decided to try it. It worked well. It is light. I can carry it around. The kitchen aid was heavy. There is a The Vezzio is light and has strong cups so it doesn't move. I kneaded the bread dough for 10 minutes and it didn't bother me at all. The bowl is larger than the Kitchen aid. I am very pleased with the purchase so far. There is a If you want a heavy mixer, take out a small loan and buy the kitchen aid. If you want one just as good, I suggest this little gem.

👤Don't run for more than 10 minutes. They are warning about overheating after 10 minutes. My plan was to make several loaves of bread. To cool down, the Mfg. suggests a 30 minute unplugged period. Something is not right here.

👤Large capacity. 20 percent of the mixing is not mixed. There is no attachment that has a rubber blade that can be used to remove the bottom 20 percent. If you want to make basic cake batter mixing, you will have to scraper the bottom all the time.

👤The capacity of the mixer is suitable for family use. The bright and cool mixer is suitable for home baking. The mixer can support fast and even mixing food.

👤I own a commercial bakery and was looking for an additional mixer, it works well for small batches that don't need a lot of speed. The mixer is cute and could be used in a kitchen.

👤I took a chance with this product and it has proven to be worthy, I am so happy with it. I bought for a family friend who had lost a job. She is doing well in baking, who decided to go in? The item is helpful in starting a business in Africa.

👤Todo me gust,porque con la me. Cansaba mucho, much No ms.

👤I was looking for an amazing mixer and it's exactly what I got. This mixer solved my problem of sore hands, food powder, and dirt when I used it. . There is a The transparent lid on the top of the mixer is helpful because it prevents food from coming out of the bowl while mixing. It saves me time and money in cleaning food dirt. The bowls and mixer heads are dishwasher safe. The stand mixer has 3 mixer heads, which is different from the hand mixer I used before. I can change to whichever I need. The mixer has 7 speed levels, 0 to10, and level 10 is the most powerful and perfect for whipping small amounts of egg white and cream. It comes with a plastic spatula and an eggyolk seperater. I had a spatula at my place that broke. I had bad memories of using the broken one to make pound cakes. Guess I don't have to suffer anymore. The dough that was mixed by this machine tasted better and softer. . I am very satisfied with the shopping experience. I believe this machine will be with my family for a long time.


What is the best product for baking mixer kitchenaid?

Baking mixer kitchenaid products from Kitchenaid. In this article about baking mixer kitchenaid you can see why people choose the product. Kitchenaid and Kitchenaid are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking mixer kitchenaid.

What are the best brands for baking mixer kitchenaid?

Kitchenaid, Kitchenaid and Kitchenaid are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking mixer kitchenaid. Find the detail in this article. Kitchenaid, Cusimax and Kitchenaid are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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