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1. Bakerpan Silicone Muffin Baking Cavities

Bakerpan Silicone Muffin Baking Cavities

Not for use with metal utensils. The Silicone is easy to clean and food grade. Silicone mini cake stores are easily and compact. The dishwasher, oven, freezer, and microwave are safe. It's good for temperatures from -40 to 446 degrees.

Brand: Bakerpan

👤It's perfect for soap making or lotion bars.

👤Silicone cupcake liners were a pain to clean, so I was hesitant to purchase this item. This was easy to clean. I baked brownies with cooking spray for my kids. They loved them!

👤I like this. I made cakes for my guests at the Inn to line a glass trifle bowl. The center was filled with fresh fruit soaked in whiskey. The pudding was topped with whipped cream and shaved white Chocolate. The table centerpiece is beautiful.

👤We used to make crayons from other crayons and then put them in the oven. The crayons came out easily after it worked great. It will have to be a dedicated crayon maker because it couldn't get clean enough to use for food. It was a great job for that!

👤They were perfect for cakes. I freeze my products for about 15 minutes. To make removal easier, spray non-stick spray and press the points of the heart at the base of the mold evenly to prevent cakes from sticking in the mold when turning them out. Happy baking people!

👤I didn't reuse silicone pans because they didn't live up to the hope of being non-stick, and they changed the baking time completely. The cookies I made came out great.

👤This is great. I almost never bake. My daughter wanted to make cupcakes for her boyfriend. I helped her. I baked the cup cakes after spraying mine with Pam. All of them popped out perfect. I used the top rack of my dishwasher to clean.

👤I was not happy with this product. I had to throw out cupcakes I made for my grandsons because they fell apart as I tried to remove them. The product was thrown away as well. It was a mess as the cake was red velvet. I wouldn't give them any stars.

👤I never had enough hearts for all the ingredients, so I had to buy two. I use mine for homemade ice-cream.

2. Zicome Cavity Silicone Cupcake Baking

Zicome Cavity Silicone Cupcake Baking

If you are not satisfied with the decorating, the size, the weight or for any reason, just reach out to them and they will be happy to help. The average response time is 12 hours. The dimensions are 22.50*18 cm and 4 cm. It is easy to pop out from the mold. It's easy to clean in the dishwasher. The flexible Sicilian is eco-friendly. It's safe to use in microwave, freezer, oven and refrigerator. The wide range temperature tolerance is -40 to 450F.

Brand: Warmbuy

👤I was really impressed with how well my cake balls turned out. If you use baking spray with flour, the cakes pop out. It takes a little trial and error to figure out the right amount of batter, and I found that it worked better if I weighted down the top a little. As the center balls expand, they push up the lid and you lose the seal on the individual compartments, leading to balls that look a little like Saturn. I laid some heavy cutlery across the top and made sure not to overfill, that seemed to do the trick for subsequent batches. I used a recipe from the website "How to bake cake pops" that was very easy to bake.

👤I need something quick and easy, but I usually don't use box cake mix. I had a strawberry by Duncan Hines. The top and bottom were sprayed. I filled each one with a small amount of water and put it on the cookie tray. I put the top half on the counter and knocked any bubbles out. I cooked them in my electric oven. The top came off quickly. Some needed to be trimmed. You can use a spoon or spatula. I made another batches after wiping it down. Each box made 6 or 7 batches of balls. Downfall needs to find a recipe that is a little heavier for my liking. I made cake pops. Use short sticks. The tall sticks are too heavy to fall over.

👤I like it. I read that the middle balls didn't cook all the way. All of my food was cooked evenly. I cooked them for 20 minutes.

👤It works well. Baking soda or baking powder are typically included in a recipe that rises to use this product correctly. This helped a lot, as another review indicated to take your time and press all the edges in. I had to spray both sides of the container after I cleaned it. We got 75% of the good round balls. The tray needs to be turned into the cooking process. Start with the holes facing up and then turn it over. Give your self a test to see if you can do it. 11 minutes for me.

👤I bought 2 because it wouldn't take as long. I made a homemade white batter and filled it with food and cooked it for 15 to 18 minutes. The spray oil was easy to remove.

👤The cake pops were round. It is difficult to tell when they are done. I stuck a toothpick in one of the holes.

👤They worked well. I made my first ones today. Before baking 20, do a short trial run. I didn't have any problems with the amount as each one was perfectly filled to the top. If you nail the amounts, it cuts down on the cake pops. Grease or spray them to make their lives easier. I was glad I bought it rather than shell out more for a metal pan. Consistency was produced by it and it did the job. I put a pizza tray under it. It's easier to put in and take out.

3. Walfos Silicone Donut Mold Dishwasher

Walfos Silicone Donut Mold Dishwasher

There is a 6-PIECE set included. The cupcake baking molds have a muffin pan, Madeleine pan, Baguette pan, toast loaf pan, round cake pan, and square cake pan. Without chemical coating, it's safe. The brand donut molds are made of food grade silicone. WALFOS brand Silicone donut pans don't need a coating to be healthy. Just pop out! Silicone is non-STICK. It is easy to use, just spray with oil and release the donuts. The donut pans are made to last a lifetime and are microwave and freezer safe. No more metal getting damaged. The donut pans set is ideal for family projects, spending some more time with your family and friends together to enjoy these homemade donuts activities that foster sharing, relaxing and fun. You can make a variety of donuts. It's great for the whole family. Silicone bakeware is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. The pot is easy to store and can be folded and bounced. They have a 100% money back guarantee, and they think they have the best donut molds on the market. If you have a problem with their product, please let them know and they will send you a new one without any cost or money back. Every customer is important to them and they do everything they can to make them happy. You can order with Amazon Prime.

Brand: Walfos

👤These are very easy to use. I used them to make donut shaped soaps. I waited a week to unmold. They came out great! The soap didn't stick and they looked good after I added "glaze" and sprinkles.

👤These donut molds are so cute. They are what they were advertised to be. They are easy to clean and easy to remove. I would buy them again and again.

👤These are better than the metal ones I have, but they are not stick free. The description was a little miss. I wanted to get away from the spray and you definitely need to use it.

👤It was easy to use. They did not come out as easily as they were advertised. They did not uniformly brown. Most of them were stuck to the mold because they didn't use butter to grease them. Four of the 18 donuts were completely broken when removed. I have not given up on these. I will try again.

👤There are fun, colorful molds. The first time I made donuts I used a silicone mold. They came out great.

👤My puppy loved the donuts I made for him.

👤It is easy to clean and perfect for what I needed.

👤These trays are very nice, don't stick, and seem to be well made.

4. Silicone Fondant Cupcake Chocolate Decoration

Silicone Fondant Cupcake Chocolate Decoration

Spatula, spoonula, Jar scraper, Mini jar scraper, and Mini spoonula are included in the set. Well-designed and multi-purpose. Your works are vivid and lively because of the fine design and clear texture. It is a freezer safe. You can use this mold to make your own soaps, lotion bars, crayons, chocolates, candies, ice cubes, jellos and more. Simply pour your favorite ingredients in the mold, and they will stay static until you release them. The goods can pop out with a little push from the bottom of the mold. This mold is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Simply cleaning with warm soapy water does the job. Once cleaned, place the mold in a storage space far away from sunlight. The mold size is Approx. The finished size is 6*3.2 cm/55g. The picture shows color.

Brand: Beespring

👤The client was happy with her candle order and I used this mold to make candles.

👤It took me a while to figure it out but now that I know how to use them, they are much easier to use. I put tylose powder in my fondant, pushed it in the mold, and then stuck it in the fridge for about five minutes. I let the mold slide out on its own after flipping it inside. It wouldn't lose its shape. I added more petals to some of the roses. Very happy with how it turned out!

👤I decided the best way to remove excess was to put it in and put it in the freezer for 10 minutes. You can trim them with a razor knife after they pop out. It takes several tries to learn how to turn it inside out. They had many nice things to say.

👤It is a simple rose mold that looks good. I haven't had any issues with air bubbles in the petals of the flowers. The finished project is easy to pop out of the mold, which is sturdy and good quality. It's big enough to experiment with, but small enough that it doesn't feel cumbersome.

👤They were used with chocolate and fondant. Came out well. Leave chocolate in the freezer for 5 minutes and in the fridge for 15 minutes.

👤It was so easy to use and the flowers were perfect. I put the fondant in the freezer for 10 minutes and popped it out.

👤I tried it out right away and it came out perfect. The rose is a perfect size not to big or small and I love it.

👤Don't hesitate, it's worth every penny.

5. Suuker Professional Decorating Stainless Buttercream

Suuker Professional Decorating Stainless Buttercream

We offer a set of Ball Russian Piping Tips, which are the right tools to make your own beautiful and unique cakes or pastries. You get a pastry decorating set that is made of food grade steel and is reliable, so that you can use it for years to come, and also make sure that your family stays safe. The baking accessories included in this set are easy to use, which is why they are recommended for beginners or master cooks. The perfect cupcake can be as easy as pie, and you will now be able to create beautiful cake frosting designs. Their 3pcs/set Ball Russian Piping Tips is a great gift for any occasion, such as birthdays, Christmas, weddings and more. It's perfect for baking. If you are dissatisfied with the product, please contact them or Amazon service for help.

Brand: Suuker

👤These are large. I assumed they were a regular size. I have bags that fit nicely, but I thought someone might like this information. When I use these, I will keep you updated. The leaf tip ones are small.

👤I only have one thing to say, and that's that I'm super satisfied. If you buy it, you won't regret it.

👤I was pleasantly surprised that my couplers worked on the larger piping ends I ordered. These large piping ends deliver large swirls and shapes. I am so happy I bought it.

👤This is something that I love. I add a professional look to my soap products. It's easy to clean. A win for me.

👤It would have been nice to have all the tips numbered.

6. Wilton Easy Flex Silicone 24 Cavity Gelatine

Wilton Easy Flex Silicone 24 Cavity Gelatine

There are two pink puppy paw mold and two bone mold. All kinds of treats can be baked. Non-stick blue Silicone is easy to release and clean. The mold is 13 x 10 in. The Cavity size is 1.5 x 1.75 in. The measurement is 3.8 x 4.2 cm. The freezer, refrigerator, microwave and oven are all safe.

Brand: Wilton

👤I use this candy mold to make chocolates once a year. It has never been exposed to a temperature higher than the temperature of chocolate. The product is not made from 100% food grade silicone because it failed the twist test and has started making a white powdery substance on its surface.

👤These are good for crafts. I wouldn't use them for food. It turns white-ish using the twist-test, and it's not pure silicone. If it turns white-ish, it is made of plastic. Silicone will retain its color. These are great for crafts. You're limiting.

👤Everyone should be careful about the size description. The dimensions were vague to me, so I have attached a photo of a ruler next to the tray cavities so you can see the size for yourself. These are too deep and wide for me.

👤I make my own dishwasher detergent tablets with this mold. People use ice cube trays for the same purpose. It would be difficult to get them out. The tray is perfect for that. You just have to push from the bottom and it will come out in a square mold. I'm very impressed. I have purchased products from Wilton before and they make quality stuff. I think that the candy, chocolates, and ice would come out without a problem, considering how easy the dishwasher tabs are to fall apart. The tray can be used in many places. I can think of a billion other uses for this tray, and I expect to use it for a long time. If you are wondering how much each cavity holds, I would say a little over a quarter of a cup. The detergent recipe calls for a little more than the amount I filled it with. This is easy to clean. I didn't have a problem with it sticking in the dishwasher. This product is something I would recommend. Excellent quality!

👤I have a very expensive baking pan. I bought it. I wasn't sure after opening it. It feels different than the expensive one. The expensive one is slippery. This did not. Nothing sticks to my expensive one. I used this muffin pan to make egg muffins. They are egg whites, salsa, and baked. Low calories. I was able to get them out with a knife but they left behind tons of egg which was very difficult to get out. I tried regular cornbread muffins. They left behind a lot of muffin and I had to scrub it out. I cooked both of the above recipes in a pan that didn't stick, and they popped out. This blue muffin pan feels porous, which is why stuff is sticking to it. You can save money by buying expensive silicone. The good stuff is very different in my testing.

👤I was not sure if these would be good size but it was the perfect size mold for bath bombs. I would recommend a hard item because it gets very flimsy when filled. If this was helpful, please let me know.

7. Round Silicone Baking Cake Pan

Round Silicone Baking Cake Pan

The Gotham Steel bakeware set is metal utensil safe and ultra-durable. The set is dishwasher and oven safe. The cake pans sets for baking are made of 100 % pure food grade silicone, which is above the American quality standard. Silicone cake molds are eco-friendly. A multi-size cake pan set of four is needed to meet the needs of all kinds of cakes. It's perfect for making layer cake, cheesecake, chocolate cake, bare cake, rainbow cake, and more. Silicone cake pan is non-stick and heat resistant, which makes it easy to remove and release the baked cake. It can be used in the oven, freezer, and microwave. This set of cake pans can be used to create multi-layer cakes. The silicone cake pans are easy to clean with warm soapy water. If you have any questions, please contact them.

Brand: Rafow

👤The material is thin and fragile, which makes it hard to clean and colorful. The bigger sizes are not functional. It's difficult to move them out of ovens once they're filled. I never felt safe handling them. The 9inch one in this material is not good.

👤Cmodo para aser Comida Fresca con un Precio Bajo, un Artculo Fcil de Hornear. Se los Recomiendo tienen 100% of the cost.

👤These worked out well. They can be a little flimsy, but just put them on a sheet of paper and solve the problem. It's easy to get the cake out of them.

8. HomEdge Silicone Non Stick Approved Chocolate

HomEdge Silicone Non Stick Approved Chocolate

It is recommended that when you bake, mold placed in the middle or upper position of the oven, maintain a spacing of at least 5 cm with tubular heating elements. It was made from food grade silicone. Non- heat resistant. It was toxic. The temperature is safe from -40 to +6 degrees. Micro-Wave safes include ovens, Dishwashers, Freezers. The molds can be used for many things. The dimensions are 8.3” x 6.3” x 1 and each is 1.7” x 1

Brand: Homedge

👤The designs are pretty, but the molds are so thin and flimsy that I don't like them. Have not used it yet. I am worried that it will melt if I use it in a steamer or bake it in the oven. I posted a picture of the silicone that I got from the store and it was very thin and flimsy. You can see how little pressure I have to put on my silicones, even though I bought them from the store. The material was a big disappointment.

👤I was not happy with the product. The shapes are small and not enough for baking. Everything was stuck to the molds. Small size and many crevices make it difficult to clean. It's not a good choice for baking. I don't do candy or soap making, so wouldn't really know if they work better for that.

👤I bought it because I like the pattern, but later found it made in China and it was very thin and smelly. Don't buy!

👤These are gross and horrible. There were little things trapped in the "silicone". So gross.

👤Silicone molds are not very strong. These are thinner than most. I wouldn't order them again. I have used the brand I purchased from Baker Depot before. The item is thicker and easier to manage. I use the molds for ice cream and they pop out. It is easy to clean these molds. If you're pouring your liquids while the molds are on a cookie sheet or platter, you can save a lot of money. You might want something with more strength if you need to carry the molds.

👤The molds arrived tonight. I wanted to like them as they are small but deep, the price was reasonable, and the designs were nice. I intended to use them for some projects but found the material too thin.

👤I made hot chocolate bombs for Christmas. I found that it was easy to get out of the molds if I kept them lined with chocolate and let them sit for a while. The only thing I didn't like was that all three molds were the same shape, it was my fault, but I just overlooked it. I haven't used them for jello but I think they would work well for chocolate since they're very flexible and nonstick and I think they'll work fine for jello. The size is a little smaller than I anticipated, this was my oversight. They're about an inch and a half across. I'm pretty happy with them.

👤I use these for candle melt and soaps. I can make more in less time with a cute size and 3 sets.

👤The moulds were of good quality. I will be very pleased with the results, even though I have yet to use them. They arrived quickly and were well packed. I would recommend the seller.

👤Perfect demoulding, easy to use. They're thin, not sure how long they'll last, but happy.

👤I use them to make bath bombs. They are wonderful. Good size. They come out great.

9. Triangle Silicone Chocolate Cupcake Biscuit

Triangle Silicone Chocolate Cupcake Biscuit

When you purchase a specialty silicone dog bone cake mold, you're offered a 100% customer satisfaction service. They will serve you until you get your 100% satisfaction if you contact them through your order. It is risk free to try it. Baking mold shapes are made from food grade silicone and are safe and healthy to use. The Triangle Calicone Memorandum is 10x2.0 inches. Everyone in the house can enjoy their favorite taste, no need to cut into portions, because the triangle silicone molds can use different ingredients at the same time. It is easy to release food and clean. The Scone Baking Pan can be used in the oven, freezer, dishwasher, and microwave. Premium quality. You never miss a chance to enjoy healthier treats with your family and friends if you get this pan.

Brand: Shebaking

👤The dough is so sticky that I don't like rolling it out. I like the wedges you get in bakeries, but they aren't rolled out. That has changed with this mold. The mold is easy to use. I scoop the dough with an ice cream scoop to make it feel mold-like. I suggest spraying it with a little bit of non-stick spray and they will fall out. I was very pleased with my purchase.

👤I have used these pans three times. Wow, what a pleasure. The scones popped out when the spray with the baking type spray was used. I am making and freezing in the pan before baking. Excellent results.

👤I loved it. I purchased this. I wanted to bake cakes with my kids. I tried not to overfill the slices. It came out like cupcakes. We overfilled the slices. The form was overflowed by the batter. It was great to flip it to remove the cake. Everyone got to decorate their own flower, because it looked like a flower.

👤I had some reservations about using a pan that was too small for the size of the scones. I had to double the amount of time I had to cook them because they stayed doughy on the inside. I haven't tried it to cook anything else, so it may work for other bakery items. They came out easy.

👤I wanted to bake King Arthur mixes. I love it. The baked goods come out perfectly shaped. I put it in the dishwasher. Highly recommend!

👤As others have said, delightful. Stuff slides out. I bought a different pan and will replace it with miracle material. A reviewer mentioned putting a pan under. I can see these getting hard to handle when they are full and hot. I put a rack between the cookie sheet and the pan to make sure that the bottoms of the scones wouldn't burn on the cookie sheet. It couldn't hurt, but it probably wasn't needed. I can't recommend them more highly. It's really a joy.

👤This pan is great. It held its shape and the scones fell out in one piece. It was wonderful. I sent a gift for another one. I would buy it again. Washed right up.

👤It was easy to clean my soap.

👤cumpli con mis expectativas, antes de lo esperado.

10. Silicone SENHAI Sunflower Chrysanthemum Non Stick

Silicone SENHAI Sunflower Chrysanthemum Non Stick

The weight can be used in temperatures between -40 220 centigrade. Food grade Silicone is flexible and Reusable for making flower shape. These molds are safe to use in ovens, microwaves, freezer and dishwasher. The temperature is safe from -106 to . Flexible and non-stick. The hard plastic molds can crack when you try to get them out, but this Silicone mold is flexible, won't crack or break, and you can pop out easily. Birthday cake, daily bread, pie, flan and Tart can be made with 3 different flower patterns. Packge includes 3 trays, 1 x green chrysanthemum shape Silicone mold, 8.7" x 1.9"/ 220mm x 47mm, and 1 x red rose shape Silicone mold, 9.4" x 3.3"/240mm x 85mm.

Brand: Senhai

👤I have never purchased a kitchen item that was worse. It's hard to clean because of the nooks and crannies and it spills out when put into the oven. When turning it upside down, it wouldn't release the mold, so it had to be removed with a spoon. Nothing worked for creating a nice looking dish for the table when you tried different methods of release. I bought this because it was fun to have a shape with the food, but it was a disaster. I don't think anyone should buy this product. Silicone products are much more stable and work well, but this is so flexible it's ridiculous. Don't buy this, buy something else. Sorry for the bad review. I have never been so disappointed.

👤This is a picture of jello. The molds work well. The jello came out smooth, but it did not stick. Would definitely recommend!

👤The quality of the cake molds was not what I was expecting. They are better than the one I have, but they worked better than I expected.

👤I trimmed off the edge of the Instant Pot to make it fit the smallest one. It worked well. If you have a perfectly level surface, the batter will be even if you cook it in a pan that is very deep in the middle. It's difficult to get a batter-filled pan into the oven without it collapsing in parts. When you take the cake out of the pan, the weight of the middle section causes it to be small. My chocolate cake turned out to be a torte. Lemon cake came out well in the smallest pan. I haven't used the largest one. I think it will be the same as the smallest pan. That deep middle one...

👤I wanted to make different jello deserts for my grand children. They enjoy it in a slightly unusual way. These jello molds aren't very sturdy and don't come with great instructions. If you don't know how to remove set jello from these, you're going to be disappointed. They're pretty, but I wish they were stronger. Maybe I'm using them all wrong. It would help if they included instructions. Who doesn't like jello molds? These are enough to convince me that I'm not a fan. Did I not return them? No, I'll keep trying, there must be a way...

👤You need to put them in a cake pan in order to keep the cake mix from spilling out. I don't like them.

👤I haven't used this set yet, but I love it. They will be used for baking and jello mold. I will put them on a cookie sheet and place them in the oven. It's easy to put them in the oven and remove them. I cool the items for 10 minutes and then remove them from the pans. They should come out like new every time I wash them by hand or in the dishwasher. It is a pleasure to bake with these.

👤Sides stayed firm when full. No collapsing. Recommended.

11. Diamond Silicone Romantic Multi Function Amazing

Diamond Silicone Romantic Multi Function Amazing

We aim to provide the best product and top service for every buyer's friends. If there is a problem with the product, please contact them within 30 days and they will give you a full refund. You will get 2 pieces of silicone heart baking molds in different sizes. You can easily make unique heart-shape cakes, candies, muffins, brownies, cheesecakes, and even soaps with these two molds. Their product is made of food grade silicone, odorless and no coating, and it's flexible and soft. Take it out gently when squeezing it out, then take out your phone and share it with your friends. Their products are suitable for all kinds of party occasions. Great for use in the following activities: school parties, festivals, bath bomb fizzy making, and soapmaking. It is a homemade gift of love, themed parties, crayons, jumbo hard candy, fondant, and homemade dog treats. The perfect bite-sized cakes can be made from these wonderful molds. You will get a small size of 8 grid diamond heart-shaped silicone mold and a large diamond heart-shaped cake mold. Their products are safe to use for freezer, oven or microwave when temperatures are between -40F to . Before using their products, please wash them with boiling water. They should be kept away from open fire or heat sources.

Brand: Di Qiu Ren

👤Not what I was expecting. Half of my molds were missing. Not worth the money.

👤This makes great shapes. I have yet to use the replacement mine I received after it broke.

👤Works well. I forgot to use cooking spray and some of the cake got left on the mold.

👤It's perfect for the breakable heart.

👤I'm really happy with this purchase.


What is the best product for baking molds silicone shapes cake?

Baking molds silicone shapes cake products from Bakerpan. In this article about baking molds silicone shapes cake you can see why people choose the product. Warmbuy and Walfos are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking molds silicone shapes cake.

What are the best brands for baking molds silicone shapes cake?

Bakerpan, Warmbuy and Walfos are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking molds silicone shapes cake. Find the detail in this article. Beespring, Suuker and Wilton are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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