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1. HomEdge Silicone Non Stick Approved Chocolate

HomEdge Silicone Non Stick Approved Chocolate

It is recommended that when you bake, mold placed in the middle or upper position of the oven, maintain a spacing of at least 5 cm with tubular heating elements. It was made from food grade silicone. Non- heat resistant. It was toxic. The temperature is safe from -40 to +6 degrees. Micro-Wave safes include ovens, Dishwashers, Freezers. The molds can be used for many things. The dimensions are 8.3” x 6.3” x 1 and each is 1.7” x 1

Brand: Homedge

👤The designs are pretty, but the molds are so thin and flimsy that I don't like them. Have not used it yet. I am worried that it will melt if I use it in a steamer or bake it in the oven. I posted a picture of the silicone that I got from the store and it was very thin and flimsy. You can see how little pressure I have to put on my silicones, even though I bought them from the store. The material was a big disappointment.

👤I was not happy with the product. The shapes are small and not enough for baking. Everything was stuck to the molds. Small size and many crevices make it difficult to clean. It's not a good choice for baking. I don't do candy or soap making, so wouldn't really know if they work better for that.

👤I bought it because I like the pattern, but later found it made in China and it was very thin and smelly. Don't buy!

👤These are gross and horrible. There were little things trapped in the "silicone". So gross.

👤Silicone molds are not very strong. These are thinner than most. I wouldn't order them again. I have used the brand I purchased from Baker Depot before. The item is thicker and easier to manage. I use the molds for ice cream and they pop out. It is easy to clean these molds. If you're pouring your liquids while the molds are on a cookie sheet or platter, you can save a lot of money. You might want something with more strength if you need to carry the molds.

👤The molds arrived tonight. I wanted to like them as they are small but deep, the price was reasonable, and the designs were nice. I intended to use them for some projects but found the material too thin.

👤I made hot chocolate bombs for Christmas. I found that it was easy to get out of the molds if I kept them lined with chocolate and let them sit for a while. The only thing I didn't like was that all three molds were the same shape, it was my fault, but I just overlooked it. I haven't used them for jello but I think they would work well for chocolate since they're very flexible and nonstick and I think they'll work fine for jello. The size is a little smaller than I anticipated, this was my oversight. They're about an inch and a half across. I'm pretty happy with them.

👤I use these for candle melt and soaps. I can make more in less time with a cute size and 3 sets.

👤The moulds were of good quality. I will be very pleased with the results, even though I have yet to use them. They arrived quickly and were well packed. I would recommend the seller.

👤Perfect demoulding, easy to use. They're thin, not sure how long they'll last, but happy.

👤I use them to make bath bombs. They are wonderful. Good size. They come out great.

2. FIRETREESILVERFLOWER Chocolate Combination Silicone Tray Wedding

FIRETREESILVERFLOWER Chocolate Combination Silicone Tray Wedding

It can be used over a wide temperature range. The silicone tray won't break like a plastic tray. Enjoy healthier treats with your family and friends. 6Pcs Chocolates Silicone Mould is enough for your field and demand. The mold size is easy to store and clean. For making chocolate, cakes,candy,pizza,bread,jelly,pudding,butter and soap. It is safe for dishwasher, microwave oven and refrigerator. The Chocolate Candy BakingMold has high flexibility, with a simple twist and slight push.

Brand: Firetreesilverflower

👤Great price and cute! They were easy to remove from the mold, the details were nice, and it was easy to clean. I would recommend this to anyone.

👤They make cute molds. They may not last very long. They should be handled with care. They are not like a quality mold. I'm not disappointed.

👤I think these would be great for chocolate, so I keep them at 5 stars. If you use the magnets that I bought to make, make sure you use mold release because they are not intended for use with epoxy. I finally got them out and they were cute.

👤Excellent product does what it says.

👤Three of them make a small amount. I am happy with them, they are beautiful.

👤Escrito para derretir, volvera a comprar, lo recomiendo.

👤I use them for my candle business and they are easy to remove for my wax melt. Thanks.

3. Pcs Daisy Chrysanthemum Silicone Chocolate Decoration

Pcs Daisy Chrysanthemum Silicone Chocolate Decoration

It's good for temperatures from -40 to 446 degrees. Food-grade silicone molds are very flexible and are safe, non-toxic and very safe to use. It can be used to make any kind of molds, such as hard candy,fondant, soap,muffin,melted chocolate,wax,ice,epoxy resin and all types of moulds. It can also be used for a cake decoration. The package includes a set of 5 silicone fondant mold, a daisy flower mold, a rose flower mold, and a small flower mold. The package includes a set of 5 silicone fondant mold, a daisy flower mold, a rose flower mold, and a small flower mold. It's a great tool for children to make their own clay handicrafts, and used to decorate soap, you can find more creative using method. It's a great tool for children to make their own clay handicrafts, and used to decorate soap, you can find more creative using method.

Brand: Jasonsy

👤These are the molds I like the most. They work well for clay. The detail is exquisite and the clay releases easily from the molds.

👤I like the variety of flowers in this set. The price point is reasonable. I will be using them for decorating sugar cookies, so the size is perfect for me. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤These are small molds. The flowers are easy to remove from the molds. We had to push the edges of the mold away from the candy and push on the back of the mold to make it cool after we popped them in the fridge. They come out. It is quicker to use fondant than it is to use melted or cooled fondant. Some of the flowers are small, but they have great detail.

👤I wanted to make soap embeds. I have to admit it at the beginning. I was a little worried that some of the flowers would break, but they all pop out intact and beautiful! If you want to paint the mold with mica dust before pouring, the Silicone is flexible enough to bend the entire mold in half. Just wash it off with hot water and air dry. I still consider myself a novice soap maker but I would recommend these to anyone looking for a cute, inexpensive way to dress up their soaps. I put a picture of my last batches of violets in a loaf mold.

👤I was able to get it away from my dog, but he ate half of it before I could get it away from him.

👤These are the things that I love. I bought 4 of them because I wanted to make a lot of cupcakes and I didn't want to wait on one batches. This was the first time I used these. I watched a video on how to use them correctly. If you don't know how to use poetical ones before. It was very helpful and I would suggest you do the same. Would recommend.

👤These were a good buy for me. I am using these molds for clay. If you use small amounts of clay at a time, you can pack it in, and use a rounded tip tool to smooth it out, and flip the mold over and push it down. The piece will come out perfectly. This product is worth the money spent and I will be buying others.

4. Silicone Candy Molds EBook Recipes

Silicone Candy Molds EBook Recipes

I believe kids will love it because it is easy to clean and has a good shape. If you love making an impression with your sweets, then their cute silicone molds are the key to success. The mold for chocolate is made from high-grade food silicone, so it is waterproof and flexible. If you want to give your treats a picture- perfect look, their candy & chocolate molds are the best. Looking for a boost in your candy-making? You will turn over a new leaf with these chocolate candy molds. They will give their candy molds Silicone set with an exclusive eBook created by highly skilled professionals in the industry as a sincere gift. Something special is what you should treat your loved ones with. The chocolate making kit is easy to use and clean. Each tray gives you the ability to make delicious treats. The special surface makes popping the candy out very easy. After that, you can just throw them in the dishwasher and enjoy them. Their chocolate molds Silicone shapes will step up your game by providing attractive patterns to choose from. It comes with a number of mold, including a Star mold. Each truffle mold has crisp detail and pretty designs, which will allow you to showcase your delicacy in a highly-attractive manner. If you are looking for a way to make something special, their fat bomb molds are perfect. The multi-purpose design of these silicone molds for candy making allows you to make many different types of candy. You can use your imagination to create your own masterpieces.

Brand: Mighty-x

👤The first time I used these was to finish off some chocolate I had left over. It was Ghirardelli. Callebaut is a chocolate I like to use when making chocolates, it sells on Amazon for a reasonable price. I don't let chocolate go to waste. I put a layer of dark chocolate in the fridge and then put a layer of white on top of it. I used the plain white and dark. The molds worked well. It was easy to pop out the chocolate. They are for home use, not commercial, as eventually I can see them wearing out, especially the ones with thinner lining. I'll get many uses from them, and they were cheap. If you've never made chocolate before, make sure it's balanced correctly. It will separate the fats. Double boiling is my favorite way to do it, but you can also use a melting pot. Be sure to read their instructions. It can be too much. The pan can fit in your refrigerator. The chocolate can be disturbed if you handle alone. You can transport the refrigerator without messing up your work. When you spoon the chocolate into the molds, make sure to tap lightly on the surface to remove air bubbles and make sure it has spread thoroughly. To remove excess chocolate, use the straight side of a long knife. When it sets, any remaining chocolate around the mold will stick to it. It's easier to clean it off before setting than it is to trim it. I like setting in the refrigerator. The freezer can be used. I don't have enough flat surface there. Most chocolate can be kept in a sealed container for up to 3 weeks in a refrigerator. It depends on what you add to the chocolate. I have never known chocolates to last in my house for more than a few days. Try different flavors. Keep it simple if you are making these for gift bags. Go for the fun at the party. Lots to try, bacon, chili powder, almond extract, orange peel. A little goes a long way.

👤These work well for making chocolates. It's easy to clean up. I received them quickly and they were easy to store. I would highly recommend them.

👤Small-pet treats can cost a lot. Boutique bakeries love their fancy packaging. Our bunnies love to eat the wrappings more than the treats. These sellers use silicone molds. Why not us? All six of these molds fit tightly on a standard baking sheet. You get 72 treats from one oven. That is a very efficient use of space. The treats are just the right size for small pets, and you can make your own custom recipes for your pet's diet. It's a victory all the way around. I settled on these as the best bang for the buck and they do the job too. I might try them for some hoomin treats because they are so easy to clean.

👤I like the detail. It was a good price for what I got. I was only going to use them for small chocolate, because they turn white when pinched. It's not as bad as the plastic ice trays you buy. I'm happy with it. I wouldn't bake with them.

5. Chocolate DanziX Silicone Festival Crafts Green

Chocolate DanziX Silicone Festival Crafts Green

If you are looking for a way to make something special, their fat bomb molds are perfect. The multi-purpose design of these silicone molds for candy making allows you to make many different types of candy. You can use your imagination to create your own masterpieces. The value set includes 4 flower shape molds in different colors and 15 small cavities. TheMold Size L*W*H is easy to store and clean. Good quality Silicone,durable,anti-broken,flexible,collapsible, long service time. It is safe for dishwasher, microwave oven and refrigerator. For making chocolate, cakes,candy,pizza,bread,jelly,pudding,butter and soap.

Brand: Danzix

👤The molds were what I needed. The chocolate sunflowers look great!

👤I like the molds. They're perfect for what I need, but be aware that not all of them hold the same volume. If you are making something that needs to be the same size, you have to remember that the mold with the stars and tulips holds less than the rest.

👤I smelled a toxic chemical odor when I opened the packaging after I received them, just like I have smelled on other items I have ordered from China. I don't want to put anything in there that I will be consuming. I have washed them several times in an effort to get rid of the smell. Will update if I am able to use them.

👤I bought these to make canna-chocolates. I have never made anything like this before. I watched a video on the website. It was very easy to make and clean up. I've made 2 different batches and I love the little molds I might make next time. The product is easy to use. I've been telling people on my medical marijuana page to buy these and make their own since the dispensary sells expensive edibles and we can make our own with these molds. I highly recommend them.

👤Very nice molds. It was my first time making cream cheese mints, and I am very happy with the result. I let some of them get a little warm before I popped them from the molds, so they lost some detail, but they worked very well! Everyone loved them! I'm sure they will work well for chocolate. I stopped using my molds for ice a long time ago because our water tends to leave deposits in them, but I'm sure they would work well for that as well. The molds are very soft. They are a bit floppy while carrying to and fro. May want a cookie sheet underneath for stability.

👤I used them to make dark chocolates. It's fun to fill only a quarter for more delicate bites. The hot chocolate goes from pouring straight to the freezer. I love these. Will probably use these with my child.

👤I received my item after buying 3 packs. These are small. I have to buy bigger ones because I didn't see the specifications. I'll make wax tarts with these molds. They are very strong.

👤It has a smell of plastic. It's hard to wipe down every small spot, but I got decent results.

👤The shapes are perfect for my purpose. It looks like it will be easy to use. I was thinking of a sheet of paper and how much it would cost. This isn't bad if you are using multiple molds and need a lot of fridge space.

👤The molds did a great job and they turned out great. These were easy to use. It's the perfect size for making filled chocolates, and a good variety in the different flowers in the forms.

👤I like how easy it is to remove the chocolates from the candy molds.

6. Silicone 55 Cavity Baking Chocolate Valentine

Silicone 55 Cavity Baking Chocolate Valentine

If you have any questions or problems, contact them first. They will make sure you get the best solution if you don't like it. Each tray makes 55 cute mini heart ice cubes. The temperature range is -40F to 446F (-40C to 230C). There are small cubes in a glass. Not big and ugly. Green product is easy to demould, fadeless and easy to clean, it is durable for a long time. A perfect gift for making small gummies, chocolates, hard candy, fondant crayons, candles, jelly, frozen yogurt treats, ice cubes with fruit juice, cake decorations, and so much more.

Brand: Sosohome

👤I only received one of the molds and not a pack of two at all, because it was supposed to be.

👤Exactly what was pictured, it was so cute. I use these for ice cubes, but they would be great for many other uses. I'm so excited to have these! I was expecting a bit more cute, but it was more than I expected. It would be a good recommendation. It was worth every penny.

👤My fault was that I didn't pay attention to the size of the hearts. I wanted to be bigger. These are small hearts. I kept them because they are cute.

👤The process of removing these molds takes a long time. The process to clean them takes a lot of time. They seem to be sturdy. In the past 3 months, I have only used them a few times.

👤I use these to make wax melt from my bath and candle. If you are planning on doing the same, I would suggest buying two sets, because I used a three-wick candle and had a lot of it left over.

👤These are great for making chocolate candy.

👤It does what it's supposed to do.

7. SaSa Design Chocolate Sugarcraft Decoration

SaSa Design Chocolate Sugarcraft Decoration

It's great for making cupcakes, muffins, mini cakes, cake pops, cookies, lollipops, chocolates, breads, mini quiches and potpies. Or even ice cubes. The new food grade Silicone material is in line with the US FDA quality and is safe for use in the Oven,dishwasher,refrigerator and microwave. TheAdorable BabiesMold can be used on a huge cake and is perfect for a baby on a 10 inch cake. Silicone mold can be used to make any kind of mold, such as chocolates, Soap,hard candy,fudge,fondant,cake decorations, party decorations, party favors for birthdays and baby showers,stickers,gelatin Jelly,muffins, Silicone mold soap is easy to wash and can be recycled. Every SiliconeMold in their shop is food grade and high quality, welcome to Messge them. Any time.

Brand: Fantasybear

👤The small detail in the petals gets stuck and breaks off when I use these. They don't work well for what I need. If they were bigger or deeper, they wouldn't lose shape when you pull the product out of the mold. I did not give less stars. I knew they were small. I didn't think they would be so small that it would be hard to get product out or leave product in the crevices.

👤My roses were beautiful. It works well with fondant. It may be necessary to use chocolate with some skill. These roses are not deep. This mold is for small treats. The roses are small.

👤This is the smallest mold I have ever seen. I paid money for this. It reminds me of buying from a wish. I didn't read it.

👤The mold is shallow, like many others said in their reviews. It's not easy to clean, but it gets the job done. I used it for a chocolate project and the roses were very nice. It was difficult to fill the mold, but I was able to get it to where most of the crevices were filled. The shape was very nice.

👤I can't use the detail for soaping. The mold is too small. Too small.

👤Love the roses, but getting the left over chocolate out can be quite tedious.

👤The mold is not enough to make a good flower shape.

👤This was a great mold. The flowers are beautiful. A thank you note was included. I love it!

👤I thought I would use this to make fun bath bomb shapes, but the product is smaller than my hand. The mold is a few millimetres deep and is made of Silicone.

👤The mold works. The roses are thin and the mold is not deep. I was hoping for a more realistic mold. The photos are mostly from the top view. This would work well for more one-dimensional creations.

👤I used to make decorations for candles, but this is the first time I've made both candles. It was great. I tried to remove the rose quickly, but it broke. You have to be gentle with it.

👤It's not a bad mold, but it is thin and sometimes the roses break, so you have to be very careful when removing them. The roses they make are pretty.

👤I love this mold! It's easy to work with and a good size. Thank you for the flower cup. I would purchase from you again.

8. Silicone Molds Petite Cupcake Baking

Silicone Molds Petite Cupcake Baking

There is whispering. The Medical Cannabis Research Fund helps people who suffer from cancer, chronic pain and other health conditions. Funding for this type of research is hard to get from the federal government. You are helping to support a very important research project by purchasing this product. Their 12 cup Silicone Petite loaf pan is made out of the highest quality 100% pure EuropeanLFGB grade Silicon which is BPA free Silicone and has no Additives and no Plastic Fillers. Their silicone mold is not white, and it surpasses the US standard. If you're new to Silicone bakeware, you will never go back to metal ones. Silicone muffin pans are easy to clean. The pans should be put in the dishwasher or warm water and washed. That's how easy it is. MUFFINS POP. Their muffin pans are non-stick. Nothing sticks to the pan when you make muffins, brownies, cornbread or soaps. Silicone muffin and soap molds are what you are looking for if you want to replace your metal pans. It is easy to use silicone muffin pans, just put them on a cookie sheet for stability, and you are good to go! You can always use paper liners or spray olive oil on the pans, but it's not necessary. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - no hassles and no back talk! They know they have a superior product and they think it's time for you to do the same. Let them know if you're not satisfied and they'll give you a refund. They want you to be happy and they will do everything they can to make sure that happens.

Brand: Freshware

👤I found that the boules that I was making were not all equal in shape when I baked our Black Canyon sourdough bread. The search began for something to bake this bread with. I made the boules in a small enough size that they could be cut into three to four slices from each one, making them a sandwich, or two, size per loaf. I was looking for a square shaped bread pan that could be used for small loaves of bread, but couldn't find anything that was similar to what I was looking for. I decided to try out the mini bread loaf pans. I measured out six loaves. I used the three that were broken into two parts to make stuffed ham and cheese, but it didn't come out as well as I had hoped. The Freshware Silicone loaf mold was lightly sprayed with cooking spray, and filled each of the four holes, with the remaining three pieces of dough. The mini Black Canyon sourdough bread loaves came out great, using the Freshware Silicone loaf mold. We'll be cutting the loaves down the long way for regular sandwiches or the short way for little sandwiches. I will not be using ham and cheese in the future and will bake only six loaves using this loaf mold. If you plan on baking mini bread loaves, the Freshware Silicone mold is a must-have. You could either have a couple of sandwiches per loaf or a few slices of bread for hors d'oeuvre if you wanted, because the loaves could be cut in different directions. If you found this review helpful, please click the button below.

👤We bought 2 of the Freshware CB- 205RD 12 cavity petite silicone molds on June 5th. I wanted to bake. The first couple weeks seemed to go well. I baked mini cakes a month later and when I took them out they were all in white or powder. I thought it was mold. I never felt like that, it was not white sticky powder. In August I got a mini cake Silicone mold from Freshwear and have no issues, but I have another one. I washed them with water and soap, then soaked them in water to make sure there was no soap left, and they came back with powder. I washed them again and again, soaked in water. There is unexplainable white goo. I don't know if it is safe to use for food. I would like Freshware company to answer my question. I would like the company to send me an exchange if it's not safe to bake in them. I am hesitant to use it because I don't know what it is. Thank you.

👤These are the things I love. I wanted to make mini banana bread loaves that wouldn't take so long in the oven. One loaf of banana bread divided into 3 loaves puts out 18 servings, so I ordered 2 more for a double batches. I think I can use it for brownies. I like to think outside the box. I had ordered the bigger size but it was not the best for double dose use and I was looking for a smaller one.

9. Chocolate Non Stick Silicone Chocolates Handmade

Chocolate Non Stick Silicone Chocolates Handmade

Silicone fondant molds allow you and your children to have a happy day. Baking has a sense of accomplishment. Silicone molds in different colors are packed. Good quality Silicone,durable,anti-broken,flexible,collapsible, long service time. Silicone molds are very flexible and are safe. It is safe to use in ovens, microwaves, freezers and dishwashers. Can be used in many different things, from homemade soap, candy mold, personal cake, chocolate mold, ice cube tray, cake decorating, hard candy and much more.

Brand: Gelifatle

👤These are small to make bath bombs. I don't need candy or chocolates.

👤The little molds make soap come out well. I am going to put the flowers in my soap mold. I can't wait to see how they turn out. The 5 tray molds for this price are a better deal than any other seller on Amazon. These molds are great for soap making.

👤We make maple candy. It's pretty hot when it's poured into the molds. They are perfect little flowers when they are cool. It is easy to wash your dishes. Would definitely recommend.

👤It's used for candle wax and homemade soaps. The items were easy to remove from the mold.

👤Good for candy making, but flimsy, so not good for much else.

👤It is very sturdy to do sugar cubes.

👤I haven't used it yet, but plans are to use it to make sense and for home made soap.

👤The molds worked perfectly. They popped out when set.

10. Silicone Chocolate Non Stick Animal Baking

Silicone Chocolate Non Stick Animal Baking

The package and services include 2 pack - 2 in 1 silicone treat molds, 100% guarantee fast shipment and good customer service. There is a set of four lovely forest. Dinosaurs, butterfly and flower are great for chocolate, soap, crayons, jello, candles, ice cubes, cake decorations, party favors for birthdays and baby showers, and more! The molds are made of 100% food grade silicone and have a heat-resistant temperature of 446F. It's safe for use in ovens, microwaves, dishwasher, fridge, freezer. I believe all kids will love it when it pops out with a good shape, because it is easy to clean. The Dinosaur - Tray is 8.1 x 4 x 0.6inch. The tray is 8.1 x 4 x 0.7inch. There is a guarantee of success. They pride ourselves on delivering top quality products. Let them know if you're not happy with their products and they'll give you a full refund or replacement. The size is important.

Brand: Warm Time

👤I melted the crayons in the oven and put them in the freezer for a few, but the crayons popped out, not a single one broke or was hard to get out. I will purchase more.

👤I wanted to save money by making MMJ gummies, so I bought these. It was easy to use. It's easy to pop out and clean up. They fit into each other for convenience.

👤Cute molds. Silicone molds are great for making candy. You can put heated chocolate in them. You can put them in the freezer or refrigerator. The candy comes out easily and the molds can be cleaned with detergent and water. The designs are fun. Dinosaurs are cute. The other molds are in the spring with flowers and insects.

👤I searched for soap molds and found this one. The molds are small and not for soap. To make it worth a sale, you would have to make many. You might end up with something like this if you search for soap molds.

👤This product was used to melt crayons. I was very pleased with how easy it was to release the mold.

👤So cute! It was perfect size. It was easy to use. It's great for making snacks for toddlers.

👤I used them to melt crayons. They were easy to use and clean.

11. Wilton Mini Hearts Silicone 12 Cavity

Wilton Mini Hearts Silicone 12 Cavity

Baking molds can be used to make cake, chocolate, candy, but also suitable for making ice cube, wax, candle, soap, etc. It's a great way to make mini heart-shaped candies for a romantic occasion. Silicone mold is easy to release and clean. The dimensions are 8.5. x 6 in. The depth is 1.5 x 1.5 in. The measurement is 3.8 x 3.8 cm. It's dishwasher safe and withstood temperatures up to 500 F, so wash in warm soapy water before each use.

Brand: Wilton

👤This mold is a great step forward. This one definitely hit the mark. You put the candy in the microwave and heat it. I heated mine for 30 seconds twice. I dropped the mold on the counter from a height of about 4 inches several times. I put it in the fridge to make the candy. I had to figure out how to remove the candy from the mold. I stretched the mold by pulling on both sides. I pushed on each heart after turning the mold face down on the counter. The candy was free. I let the mold air dry after cleaning it up with hot soapy water. The filagree effect is achieved by the fine dents on the bottom of the mold. It's pretty, but the lines hold water after it's washed, and it takes a while to dry. I only had to wipe the mold out with a paper towel and save the soapy water when I was done using it. I put these hearts on top of the cupcakes. It took less time than a traditional mold and there was no leftover chocolate.

👤The candies that came out of the mold were pretty. They were put in the freezer for an hour because they couldn't be released from the mold. Came out okay. The candy is stuck around the edges of the filigree. I tried using a toothbrush, spraying it with cooking oil, and then using a toothpick and toothbrush again, but it didn't work out. Still couldn't get it all out. I threw the mold away after using it once.

👤I like the taste of chocolate and peanut butter, but I prefer dark chocolate and less sugar. Add a piece of dark chocolate, a piece of peanut butter, or a small amount of peanut butter, and then zap again. It was so easy. They satisfy my cravings and my doctor's expectations. I found a recipe that combines cocoa and peanut better, and uses a sugar substitute, but it takes a few minutes longer to prepare, and the candies must be refrigerated, but it is an economical alternative to store-bought. Enjoy the time I have been doing. Really. This is very close to instant gratification. You can find Reese's chocolate on Amazon, but I prefer my own that is less sweet.

👤The mold works well. It's easy to use, and the instructions are easy to follow. Everyone's microwave is different, so you have to watch the chocolate closely to make sure it doesn't burn. The first batches turned out well, but the two middle ones burned a bit. I didn't keep them in the microwave as long as I wanted, so the second batches turned out better. After about 1.5 hours, I took them out of the fridge. They came out of the mold quickly. The two hearts in the solo image were from the middle two hearts, which show that they don't melt evenly. I think the microwave concentrates heat in the center. The hearts around the edge were great. I used the melting discs that can be bought from the grocery store to make chocolate that tasted just like chocolate. It is easy to clean. Great product!


What is the best product for baking molds silicone shapes flowers?

Baking molds silicone shapes flowers products from Homedge. In this article about baking molds silicone shapes flowers you can see why people choose the product. Firetreesilverflower and Jasonsy are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking molds silicone shapes flowers.

What are the best brands for baking molds silicone shapes flowers?

Homedge, Firetreesilverflower and Jasonsy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking molds silicone shapes flowers. Find the detail in this article. Mighty-x, Danzix and Sosohome are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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