Best Baking Necklace for Women

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1. Initial Necklace 14K Handmade Personalized Necklace

Initial Necklace 14K Handmade Personalized Necklace

The initial necklace length is 13.8" and the pendent is 0.24". INITIAL NECKLACE- The necklace is engraved with an alphabet. A small heart pendant necklace is gold plated. She's always connected to you through these letter names, so let her know that by giving her the initial necklace. She will have a reminder of her strength when she wears this necklace. Let her know you'll love them forever with this elegant pendant. It is a perfect gift for Mom. Avoid contact with ocean/sea water, cosmetics, perfumes, household products, etc., and use soft jewelry polishing cloth from time. The order will be answered within 24 hours.

Brand: Fettero

👤The necklace is the best I have ever had. It is the perfect size and length. I was worried about the gold fading, but it hasn't, not even a little bit. I accidentally wore it in a pool for a little while, but it has never been damaged. I don't feel complete without it anymore, it's become a staple for me and my everyday outfit. If this one ever breaks, I will be buying another one.

👤This item is a must have for me. The price is more fair than the quality. I bought this for my daughter as a birthday gift. She is still wearing it. She takes showers with it, she plays while wearing it, and she sleeps with it. I am very pleased that it has lasted a few months on my daughter. There are no signs that the metal is breaking. It's nice to have a piece that's cheap but quality.

👤This product was listed as a gift for girls on Amazon. I bought it for my daughter as a gift, thinking that it would be a no-brainer, since it had been reviewed 2000+ times. The item was unacceptably small for a 7-year-old. I'm ashamed that it's the cheapest costume jewelry. I could have gotten something for $5 at the corner store. No one would think they were ordering something like this unless they looked at all the pictures. They need to put the pictures with people wearing the item as the first picture to avoid disappointing customers, as a necklace this size is just something you would never encounter. The product title should be more descriptive. Many people complain that the necklace breaks in the first couple of weeks, even though it is a tiny size. This is not right. How is this rated? There is something strange here.

👤This necklace is very cute. It is very simple and small. I waited longer than the seller did. This necklace is pretty nice quality and only costs a small amount. The little charm is small.

👤I love this necklace. The chains are very strong and secure. As it looks, it doesn't break easily. RECOMMENDED

👤This necklace is perfect for a small gift. It is small, simple, and elegant. It is obvious that initial is imprinted. Since I received it, it has been worn almost everyday. It works great because it doesn't get caught in my hair.

👤You can't tell what this necklace is until you get up close and personal, so you should just get a circle. You can't see the engraved letter on the heart shape. This was supposed to be a gift for my flower girl. I can't give it to her because it's so bad.

👤I got these for my kids and it is very small, not for a teen or older. It fits well, not too long. I am not worried about it getting caught on anything, it is a perfect size for little one, very pretty, and the clasp in the back is not a problem for the boy. There is a stone. It is nothing serious.

2. Betsey Johnson Multi Colored Illusion Necklace

Betsey Johnson Multi Colored Illusion Necklace

A necklace with mixed beads, delicate stone accents, and flowers is embellished with multi-colored charms. The necklace is made of gold-tone metal. There is gold-tone metal with glass and plastic. The length is 16 and 3. The lobster clasp is closed.

Brand: Betsey Johnson

👤I like Betsy Johnson. The necklace is good quality. When it arrived, it wasn't really packaged. They wrapped a small piece of bubble wrap around it and put it in a baggie. It was a mess when I opened it. I took about 15 minutes to untangle the strands.

👤This necklace is very pretty. The dimensions on the one I received are off. The Q&A had a measurement of 16 plus 3 for the pendant itself, whereas the longest strand with the heart pendant is 20. This makes a big difference in where the pendant lands. In the picture the smaller strand sits up higher, while the two other strands lay on top of each other. The proportions of the necklace are off because the two smaller strands blend together and lay as one sort of mess, and then the heart pendant hangs underneath, but with more of a gap in between. Unfortunately, returning for these reasons.

👤Betsey has always done things the way I like to buy things. There are unique, quirky and show stopping things. I like multi tier necklaces but this one is my favorite. The piece will get attention because it adjusts. I might buy another for my sister. This is very sad for me. Betsy Johnson's NECKLACE broke open with no chance of being fixed, and it breaks my heart because I love her stuff. I have been paid. Thank you for the prompt and fair response.

👤I've bought necklaces from Betsey Johnson before. This is the first time I have seen this type of packaging. It was wrapped in bubble wrap. It took me a while to untangle. It doesn't have a pouch to give as a gift. I'm very disappointed. You can give cheaper necklaces in beautiful packages as gifts.

👤I got a new necklace and everything is the same. The necklace just throw in a bag, still not thrilled with it. The necklace arrived in a plastic bag with no organization in place to keep the three chains untangled. Thankfully they were not too tangled and were able to get them apart. The middle chain was not straight. I can either see the top and bottom chains. I can turn it around and see the flowers. I tried to move the chains into different positions. The necklace is very cute, it is a bummer. It looks good and you can wear many colors. I will be sending it back so that I can get one that is all in.

👤I love this necklace. It hangs right and can be adjusted with the bottom heart. It was sexy. The ornaments on each side hit the collar bone. It's light and cute, but it looks a little cheap and I don't think the clasp will last very long.

👤The necklace is pretty and goes with casual and dress up clothing. I like it. I didn't like the fact that it was in a plastic bag and not in a jewelry box. It took me 7 minutes to figure it out because of arthritis. I plan on wearing this necklace a lot.

3. Flatback Containers Cabochons Scrapbooking Jewelry

Flatback Containers Cabochons Scrapbooking Jewelry

Do not have plug backs for croc. A little girl randomly picks out 100 pieces of candy beads in a set of Slime Charms. The material is solid color and has good resistance to wear and tear. The charms for slime make it more interesting and charming. Cute slime charms can be used in a wide range of projects, from making adornments to accessories for hair clips. Goods shipped are not the same as a picture, but they are worth buying.

Brand: Winting

👤There are so many choices. The items are in a very secure case. There are cute ducks and fruit slices. The picture is attached. It is easy to glue each piece.

👤Is it possible that I bought all these without using them? Yes. Do I love them? I have no idea what to do with them. But. They would make cute decorations.

👤This review is not going to be the best, I guess I am to blame. I didn't read it right. I bought them because I thought they were for crocodiles. They are not for a crock. Do not buy these if you are trying to buy crocs. I thought if I used strong double sided tape it wouldn't stick. I received a lot of nice messages from other Amazon users, who told me that I could buy the little black pieces that go in the holes of the crocs and he would put the charms on them. I will let you know as soon as possible if it works.

👤I was tasked with making a candy land birthday candle and these accent the candle perfectly. I've had a lot of praise. There are multiple sizes and designs in the pack. The bunny designs were easy to fix. Would and will order again.

👤The kawaii charms came super fast and I would definitely order them again.

👤These are cute. My daughter and I were able to sort through all the cute pieces. They work well for what I'm using them for.

👤These are good for making shoe charms. Cute add ins to jewelry making. They are made with bright colors. I didn't get the Barbie charm I was hoping for, but they are random and you can see one in the photo that you don't really receive.

👤I loved the variety in this pack. I liked some shapes more than others, but they are all cute and will be useful. The container keeps them contained. Thank you!

👤THe paquete de figuritas es muchas de varios tamaos. The ideales para decoracin are 4 cm. La nica tiene un comunicacin con el vendedor. A ver el pedido un dec da y me lleg al da siguiente.

👤Cute charms. It was bought for my daughter since she likes collecting things like this. The case came broken, but still gave 5 stars since I'm still very happy with it.

👤Producto, me encanto, se ve en la publicacin. De lo previsto, lo dias antes de lo. I ampliamente!

4. Quan Jewelry Measuring Necklace Stainless

Quan Jewelry Measuring Necklace Stainless

The baker chap is unique. A cute measuring spoons and container charms gift for bakers that comes with a card with a quote that reads "Bakers Gonna bake bake, bake, bake" The gift is trademarked. This is jewelry that tells a story. A quality-built women's accessory that's durable, long- lasting, and stylish is made to accentuate your look for an affordable price. They only hand make them in small batches. It is ADAJUSTABLE, DURABLE, SAFE. The pendant is made of pewter. The chain is made of non-tarnishing steel. The length can be adjusted from 16 to 18 inches. The jewelry is made from nickel and lead. It's a gift that's ready to give! This is a great present for a lot of occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, valentine's day, Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day, etc. Excellent gifts for mom, baker, sister, BFF, grandma, baker at heart, etc. You don't need to buy a separate greeting card or gift package with everything included. They will be happy to receive the jewelry. USA owned it. The 90-Day No-Risk Return Policy has a 100% guarantee. Their quality and commitment are reflected in their 5-star reviews. Their growth and ability to provide more and more designs from which to choose is due to this.

Brand: Quan Jewelry

👤I bought this necklace for my aunt. She is a big baker and loves baking. It came with a cute envelope and card that it could put in. Highly recommend both sellers and products! It's a good thing.

👤You can hide the necklace in the most adorable packaging, write a note, and gift it. I was not expecting that. I can't wait to give this necklace to my friend. I will be buying from this seller again. Thank you so much!

👤So cute! Would do it again. They come in a cute package. Gave as a gift.

👤I ordered this. It's cute. I ordered my daughter one too. Absolutely adorable and recommended for a gift.

👤It was bought for a friend. It was very cute and well packaged. It's too soon to say if the product is durable, but it's cute.

👤I give 10 stars to the packaging. A necklace is inside a pocket and a stationary note is inside a larger card. There was a sticker for the envelope closing. Absolutely perfect! A young lady graduate loved it. I was very happy.

👤This necklace is adorable. There was a lot of detail in the packaging and necklace. My mom and I are going to buy more from the same company.

5. Wholesale Pendants Necklace Bracelet JIALEEY

Wholesale Pendants Necklace Bracelet JIALEEY

The material is metal. The package includes 100 pieces. The size is 0.28-0.98 inch. Charms that are Exquisite and Classical. It can be used in many different ways. It's perfect for necklace, bracelet, dangle, scrapbooking project, keychain, sweater chain, anklet, cellphone decorative accessories, etc. It's the best choice for jewelry.

Brand: Jialeey

👤Look closely. There was only one like it. It is terrible. Terrible. Very racist.

👤I was surprised by these. I wish I had taken a picture before we made bracelets for my daughter's brats party because there were so many other cute ones. I will have leftovers for a long time. I'm not complaining. I only had to buy a couple of dollars for the little things to attach to the bracelets. I'm very happy with this purchase.

👤I haven't found a single defect. The pieces are cute and the alloy is heavy, which is great.

👤A small hole to run the chain through. The end round piece that hooks into the lobster clasp doesn't fit in the hole of the charm no matter how small it is. I don't want my young neice having trouble with her skin because it comes with a polishing cloth which indicates it tarnishes.

👤I wanted to enhance my necklace business with some charms such as these. I had been looking for places that were1-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-6556 The package provides a lot of variety and you can't beat the price for how many you receive, however, there were quite a few I didn't feel like I could use. I ended up wasting them. The charms were too small for the jump rings I have been using. It's a good selection for charms.

👤I would have liked to use it, but the piece arrived broken, which is really annoying. I didn't want a skull and crossbones or hello kitty, so there were some duplicate things. I think it is an angel. I don't know what it was supposed to be, it was just something decorative. The 2 cats I got looked pretty disturbing. I only received a paw print, but I wish they looked better. There is no bone like in the main picture. Overall a decent purchase. I probably wouldn't buy again.

👤When I placed this order, I didn't know what to expect. The choices are wonderful and the charms are very well made. This is the answer if you don't know what you want. You can't go wrong with the volume. 5 out of 5 stars.

👤I ordered these because I wanted to see some of the charms in the package. Even if two charms were similar, they weren't the same in size, so they couldn't be used in earrings. I use these charms in all manner of jewelry-making and beading, and am quite satisfied with most of the charms. The larger charms were not as heavy as I would have liked, but they were still usable.

👤The price should be 450 to 500 rs.

👤Illegaron solo 77, pero estn incompletas, las piezas cumplieron con lo ofertado. Y leyendo los comentarios hechos por los otros compradores creo. No tienes volvera, pero fueron 23 piezas.

👤These jewels are great for bracelets. There are many great choices and good quality.

👤Le voy a dar 4 estrellas, por todos los dijes estn hermosos.

6. Lauhonmin Remember Stronger Smarter Necklace

Lauhonmin Remember Stronger Smarter Necklace

The jewelry bag is ready for giving. Christmas Gifts for Girls and Boys. There are 3 different materiel for choose, they are zinc alloy and crystal. This necklace is hand stamped with the words "Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think" You're Braver than you think, and you have the strength and will to do what it takes, so let these words be your anchor. If you put your mind and heart into it, you can accomplish anything. You will always believe that you can.

Brand: Lauhonmin

👤We wanted our son to understand how much we love him and appreciate his bravery after we adopted him out of foster care. The necklace was worn on Christmas Eve. The pendant was very nice and the chain wasn't the best. He hasn't taken it off in a while. The product and words are amazing.

👤I got this for my son and he likes it, but it looks cheap. It looks like a prize from a game. It is shiny. I am not expecting it to last very long because it hasn't broken yet, but he has it for a few days. I will keep you updated when it breaks or turns green. It is a sweet sentiment, but I wouldn't recommend it. I should have known that you get what you pay for. This necklace lasted for about 5 months, more than expected.

👤I bought a dog tag. My son had his 12th bday. The dog tag quote made me smile. He loves it and wears it daily, but in less than 2 weeks the finish on the necklace has worn off and left a dark line around his neck. The dog tag is still in great condition and my only disappointment is the necklace's poor quality. I will have to purchase another necklace for him to wear on his birthday.

👤The metal on necklace part started turning very quickly. The pendant has held up well. If you purchase this, I would recommend getting a better necklace.

👤Purchase this necklace for my daughter. I am very pleased with how beautiful it is. The pendant is easy to read. I just bought another one for another family member because I was very happy with it. Excellent quality at an inexpensive price.

👤The tag is heavy and solid. We'll see what an active 13yo does to the chain.

👤These were gifts for our kids. They love these! They both were very excited. Our 1yo loves jewelry and our 6yo loves his dog tags. Well made, very shiny. It's easy to put a chain over a person's head.

👤The nylon cord is covering the crystal pendant. There is something on the cord. I tried to remove it. It is not giftable now.

👤The product is good and the text is uplifting. I ordered three of them. Came quickly and well packaged. Will order more.

👤The tag was made well, but the chain was a bit cheap.

7. Yoosteel Necklaces Layering Paperclip Personalized

Yoosteel Necklaces Layering Paperclip Personalized

The gold chain necklace with 18mm coin initial pendant is engraved with a heart at the reverse side and is suitable for most women and girls. It is sweet to layer other necklaces of your cherish jewelry with separate clasps. The necklace has a shiny protective High-finish. No lead and nickel. There is no Hypoallergenic. No Tarnish. It's safe to wear on your daily life. Dainty retro and personalized. When you wear the name initial paperclip chain necklace, you represent yourself, your loved ones, and the closest name of yours, no matter what. Perfect gifts. This elegant and stylish product is beautifully packaged and ready for giving to a wide range of people, from mothers on Mother's Day to grandmas on Christmas. The 60-Day No-Risk Return Policy applies to after sales service. Do not copy products.


👤My daughter loves this necklace set and wears it daily. My sister liked it. I got it for her birthday as well. It looks nice for a relatively inexpensive piece of jewelry. Not fake looking. A tip I use for non real gold jewelry is to give it a light spray to keep it from turning. I don't know if this piece would turn on daily wear, but I've seen inexpensive gold look jewelry and daily wear before, and it has been the case. Just lay it on a piece of paper towel or a cloth spray and let it dry.

👤It will be April-present on June 9. It made my neck black. The clasp and end chain have been damaged. The main necklace is starting to lose its gold color. The charm has remained gold. It was not enough to recommend.

👤The description says it doesn't have nickel. I broke out in angry red hives on the back of my neck after wearing this for an hour. It comes in a nice package. It's shiny and cheap, but it's nice if you're not sensitive to cheap jewelry. I have to come back.

👤You wouldn't think it was less than 14 if you looked at this set. I get nice comments every time I wear it. It was also in cute packaging.

👤This set is beautiful. It's worth the money. I am very happy.

👤I was looking for a necklace that had an initial on it, and this is the one I ended up buying. It has a cute little heart on the back of the initial pendant and is very durable. This comes with 2 necklaces and is amazing for the price.

👤The cuter is in person. Better than expected. The package is beautiful. It's great for gifts.

👤My sister gave me this necklace as a birthday gift. She picked it out. I wasn't going to get it. I thought $12 was too cheap for a necklace. I thought it would be bad quality, but after reading many positive reviews I decided to buy it. It arrived quickly and nicely packaged. It looks pretty good in person, my sister loved it. Her husband thought it was more than it was. It was a good purchase. It's important to keep it away from water.

👤I guess you get what you pay for.

8. CDE Necklaces Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

CDE Necklaces Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

Mother's Day gifts for women come in a CDE mom jewelry gift box. There was no need for wrapping. It's perfect for gift giving. An angel will protect you for me, that's what the pendant says. There is a matching earring in their store. White gold is plated. Hypoallergenic, Lead-Free, Nickel-Free, passed Swiss SGS Inspection Standard, no harm to health. A+ Stones seem to be set. This women gifts for Mothers day are made with Austrian Crystals and will not fall off easily. The Pendant is 1.45 inch(L)/1.61 inch(H)/0.27 inch(W) and has a weight of 0.42 ounces. The combination of heart shape crystals add an irresistible sparkle to your daily look. It's a perfect match for cocktail dress, wedding dress, blouse and jeans.

Brand: Cde

👤The necklace is pretty in person. I was happy with the gift I received. It is beautiful. The packaging is well packaged. I didn't have to put it in a different box. The design has great detail. The back of the necklace is unique and could be worn in a different way.

👤This necklace pendant is gorgeous. Pictures don't do justice. It will take your breath away. I purchased this and am very happy. The yellow tone reminds me of my husband's birthstone and I purchased this in his memory. I will wear this every day.

👤My mom liked this necklace. It is beautiful and came in a nice box with a warranty card and a cloth to clean your crystals. Definently worth the money.

👤This is beautiful. It's more purple than blue. The box is a gift and I wish it was nicer. The box does not say Swarovski. When you buy a necklace, the chains only come in 18. The pendant is pretty.

👤I knew I had to get several of them when I read the sentiment attached to this item. The stone has an angel within it. The recipients of these gifts were touched by the message I sent about the artist's inspiration to create this.

👤She took it out of the box and the junk clasp broke.

👤The picture is absolutely gorgeous.

👤This is beautiful. The stone is not purple. It was a little disappointing. It is very pretty.

👤I can't see an angel in the crystal, but the metal is black and not silver, so it's not bad. I'm sending it back.

👤Ahora, con brillo mu particular,luce una caja hermosa, recomendable.

👤La calidad e los materiales no se aprecia, la piedra al centro del dije tiene un orificio. La cadena is daa. The relaciona calidad is baja.

👤It's a pretty necklace. I got a rash after it turned my neck green. This is not for people who are sensitive to fake jewelry.

👤Ce pendentif est beau. I est a regardé. J'en commande un fille.

9. CDE Necklace Sterling Birthstone Necklaces

CDE Necklace Sterling Birthstone Necklaces

The pendant and chain are made of sterling silver with high-cost rhodium or rose gold. These safe materials are resistant to oxidation. CDE 2020 double heart pendant necklaces symbolize love for each other and are suitable for a variety of occasions. The open heart necklace is engraved with the words "I love you for always and forever", which expresses love for mother, commitment to a loved one or friendship for a friend. The center of the pendant is inlaid with a gem-quality 5A cubic zirconia. The 5A cubic zirconia is the highest grade in zirconia, which is elaborately selected from the 3A zirconia, with accurate size and cutting, reflecting the dazzling light like a diamond. There are 12 different colors of gemstones that correspond to the month. The color can be chosen based on the birth month. Ruby in July means passion, kindness and dignity. In August, olivine means happiness. September is sapphires month and it means love, honesty, virtue. It means joy and peace in October. In November, it means friendship and hope. Good luck and success can be found in December. The Pendant Size is 0.83”x1.02” The size of the Zirconia is 0.22”x0.32”. The chain length is 15.7” The gift box has an elegant design. There is no need for wrapping. 90 days after sale service, you can get a full refund or a free replacement. If there is a problem with their product, please contact them as soon as possible. They will do their best to satisfy you.

Brand: Cde

👤The wife is very happy. She paid back her trade very well.

👤I bought silver because the gold wasn't there. Arrive on time, nice packaging. My wife liked it, but I was not happy with the inscription. Unless you have the same vision ability as the camera, the pictures give you a false impression that others can read it. She's keeping it.

👤It's nice looking. I bought it for my wife. She put it on about an hour ago. She likes it a lot. The pitfall is that you can't read the inscription with a magnifying glass and smaller scuplture. The total cost was 92 cents. It's not worth the cost. Walmart has jewelry in the section. I ordered a similar necklace last year for around 15 bucks. I'm not going to return it because she's happy. I wouldn't recommend this necklace to anyone else.

👤It is made on china and costs 89 dollars. I requested a gift package and a dedication note, but never received them. Very disappointed.

👤My wife is getting a necklace for her birthday. I liked the material. It is still so shiny and beautiful almost a month later. The stone at the locket was her birth month. My wife has to struggle every time she wears it because it is so small. I am very happy with my purchase. This product is very good.

👤The description makes this look very nice and if it looked like that I would be very happy. It's not close to the size depicted. You can't read the inscription unless you use a magnifying glass. The picture is not what it appears to be. The chain is very short, it barely fits around my wifes neck. I will need an extension for it to fit. I expected more for the amount of money. I will return the one that is closer to the picture. I don't like having to return a gift.

👤Very pretty. Excellent quality for a good price. The inscription is not black. It looks better without the black lettering. It is recommended.

👤When my wife was asked what she wanted for Christmas, she said jewelry and a necklace. So okay... I know how to keep married. She only wears necklaces to Church and rotates them out. She can't see it all, but I like it. I bought a very expensive necklace for her as an engagement gift. There is a The text is too small for my eyes to read, but the sentiment is there. It's pretty nice. You could do worse.

👤The pendant was small. It's barely visible when worn.

👤Better than the advertised gift.

👤I bought this item for my wife as a gift and she seemed to like it. The small clasp makes it difficult to put on.

👤My partner loved it. It was a great value and quality for the money. The chain isdainty, but it's size is not surprising. Don't be surprised! I uploaded a picture. It is a great gift.

👤THe satisFAite de mon achat. . The coeur du collier est trs gros et j'adore. D'oreilles soient de la grosseur. Les boucles d'oreilles sont petits, p avoir le choix j'aurais payer.

10. Fettero Pendant Necklace Handmade Hammered

Fettero Pendant Necklace Handmade Hammered

You will get a gold karma circle necklace in a wonderful small box. It is easy to store and give a gift. The pendant is 17 feet long and 2 feet wide. 14k-gold-plated-brass with a shiny lifetime protective finish but a hammered lifetime protective finish big circle pendant is the quality material. Tarnish-resistant can't be faded for a long time. It's safe to rest on your neck. The big circle charm pendant is very delicate. The best gift for her. The "karma circle necklace" is a perfect gift for women. It's for the popular. If you have questions about their products, please message them first, they will usually deal with them in 12 hours.


👤Since I got this necklace, I wear it almost everyday. It is so much. Doesn't change colors. Holds up well! I have worked out in the pool. The things have been through. It is a bit big on me so the pictures are not as loose as they should be.

👤It's very delicate and comes with a clasp. It's perfect for every day wear. This necklace has been through showers, jogs, and the fact that I'm a mom of a little girl who likes to grab at things. It's one of the best buys I've ever made. If it can break, I will break it with the way I wear my jewelry, and this baby is not broken. There is a method for this.

👤I love this necklace. I have worn it in the pool, lake, river, shower, summer water balloon fights, all the works, and it has not turned green at all. There is no sign of a rash or allergic reaction after I wear nickel sensitivity. The length of the chain is something I am hesitant about. The necklace is very dainty and close to a choker length. If you really wanted that change, it would be easy to adjust or add a few links. I am impressed with the quality that comes with the price. BUY IT if you've been thinking about it.

👤It works great. Love the look and size. It's a perfect dainty choker.

👤I got my necklace today and I love it. It is exactly what I hoped it would be.

👤I love this necklace! It is a perfect size. I have worn it while working out.

👤The necklace is pretty. One of the styles I bought was packaged nicely in a pink box, but the other was not displayed on the card to keep it from tangling, and it arrived tangled. I will either return or gift my young nieces because quality is not great.

👤I have worn this since I bought it for a witch costume. It is cute! The necklace is in like-new condition after weeks of wear and showering, but my skin tarnishes a lot of inexpensive jewelry. The packaging was cute. This was a good purchase.

👤Love it. Exactly what I wanted. The quality and price are great.

👤I contacted the seller and they said they would send a new one because I got a fake. No problem. I haven't received it yet, but they had great customer service. Don't waste money on garbage. It's cheap jewelry. The blue box was gross and not a pretty pink box. There was a bag in the box. The pendant has a hole in it that the chain doesn't show in the picture, and is cheap and flimsy. I'm really disappointed. They say this is handmade. There was a wooden fish on a rope in the box.

👤I thought the necklace I bought for myself was gold plated or at least sterling silver, as it was described on Amazon. It feels like cheap plastic material to me. It will turn my neck green in a few days. I don't want to wear it. I am afraid it will irritate my skin. I want my money back or a real necklace, I am very disappointed. Don't buy it, it's a waste of money.

11. Turandoss Layering Necklace Hammered Pendant

Turandoss Layering Necklace Hammered Pendant

LaYERED NECKLACE: The necklaces have pearls, bar, and a hammer disc. The necklace is in gold. The necklace is 14K gold plated and nickel free. It stands out among other plain necklaces. There is an elegant free gift jewelry bag, pearls beaded necklace, bar necklace, hammered disc pendant necklace. You can wear one of them or all of them. Perfect gifts. You can send this necklace to your friends in festival, wedding, engagement, Christmas class, dating, home, office and daily life. The 60-Day No-Risk Return Policy applies to after sales service.


👤I wear this necklace a lot. It is the perfect accessory to almost everything I wear. I wear the piece by myself a lot. You can do any of the pieces in a different way. I initially didn't know if I would like it because I have several necklaces that are all one piece and they are convenient to put on, but I am loving this option! The pieces are light and do not rub or pull on the neck. The longest necklace tends to slide around showing the clasp throughout the day, so I have to make sure it doesn't show. I will buy a necklace again to make sure I have an extra on hand for myself or a gift.

👤This necklace is for love. It makes me feel sexy. It's comfortable and hasn't faded yet. I wear this at least once a week and I am still in love with it.

👤Absolutely love these necklaces. They are well made and pretty. The pearls are real. I didn't think they would be so surprised. One of the two sets I love is this one. Love them! I wonder if they have them in silver as well. Wyd will definitely buy them. You will not be disappointed!

👤I wanted the long dangling piece of the necklace, but I didn't get it. Very disappointed. I needed it the next day for some events. I don't buy jewelry in those stores and I could have gone to the beauty supply store or local rainbow for something better. It was very cheap and did not layer well. I wore them on different nights. I feel like this is worse than what you can buy at a local store. If you can go into a store, just go there because I made it work.

👤It's actually two separate necklaces. I assumed the necklaces were attached, but they are not. I can wear either one or the other. I haven't worn them yet, but I'm sure about anything else. They looked good and were packaged well. 2 necklaces for the price of 1! I'll probably buy another set. I wanted to wear these with a black dress. The necklaces compliment the dress.

👤Cute little necklaces! You can mix and match if you wear 1 or 2, which is great for matching different outfits. They are dainty enough to still look nice. The smallest necklace fits like a loose choker, and the longest necklace lands right about the breasts.

👤It usually shows when you buy cheap jewelry. The necklaces are cute. I don't know if the material will tarnish, fade, or turn purple, but if you only wear it occasionally, I can see it lasting. The chains are cheap, but they don't look as cheap as others I've seen. It's a pain to have 4 necklaces, but it's also good because you can adjust. I like these. The packaging was very nice, all 4 were packaged in a little black velvet bag. If I had the choice to pay less, they could have kept the bag for someone else. I'll reuse the bag and give it back.


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What are the best brands for baking necklace for women?

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