Best Baking Oil Flavors

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1. LorAnn Artificial Flavoring Butter Bottles

LorAnn Artificial Flavoring Butter Bottles

The butter rum flavor is creamy smooth with a hint of spice. It has a caramel-like flavor. And. You will crave decadence. A little goes a long way. LorAnn's flavors are four times stronger than typical baking extracts. When substituting extracts with super strength flavors, use 14 to 12 teaspoon. Hard candy, general candy making, cakes, cookies, frosting, ice cream and a wide variety of other baking and confectionery applications are typical uses. Made in the USA.

Brand: Lorann

👤I thought it would taste like butter rum candies. I was overwhelmed with a very alcoholic smell when I poured out some. It was a small amount in the recipe. The muffins tasted like rum. I will never cook with it again after my daughter and I got beyond the rummy taste. It is great if you are looking for rum extract. This isn't what you want if you're looking for butter rum.

👤I thought the Butter Rum oil was like the old ones. The old Watkins flavorings were strong but did not have alcohol in them. If you bake a cake with alcohol, it will bake off, but don't use this type of flavoring in smoothies. The bottle was clean and delivered in a timely fashion, but not what I had expected.

👤The value per volume and speed of delivery was great, but I threw out the frosting that was made with it because it tasted artificial and not the subtle birthday cake frosting that I am used to. I might be to blame as I order butter rum flavor when I can't find rum butter flavor. Guess they are not the same.

👤I wasn't sure if buying a food item online was a good idea. I was impressed. When you first taste it, you get a hint of butter and rum. But not overpowering. I am making fudge with rum and homemade caramel. I think I'm going to use the buttered rum in the caramel. The package arrived on time. I will buy again. Thank you!

👤It does not smell like butter rum or taste like nail polish, but it does have a main ingredient. It is ineligible for return.

👤This is terrible. It tastes like poison and smells like paint thinner. Don't buy.

👤This particular flavor works well in my smoothies because I'm not a big fan of coffee.

👤I tried a brand other than Watkins. The cost and size was small, but the consistency was thin. The flavor was not the best.

👤It's a small bottle with a wonderful smell and adds nice flavour to syrups and such. It's too bad it costs so much. It was nice to try it.

👤Usually Lorann Super Strength flavours exceed expectations, but this one was not. It tastes like chemicals.

👤It's been used to flavour coffee so far. I like being able to make my own sugar. Everything is very sweet for me. Great smell.

👤I like the flavours of these extracts.

2. Nutiva Organic Steam Refined Nutrient Rich High Heat

Nutiva Organic Steam Refined Nutrient Rich High Heat

It is refined for neutral odor and flavor for use in any recipe that does not include an avocados flavor. It has a higher smoke point at 500f and is perfect for frying and sautéing. To deliver food that is good for you and good for the planet, Nutiva partners with organic farmers to source the world's finest fresh, organic avocados. The packaging of nutiva organic avocados oil is safe and convenient. The oils are made from organic avocados with high levels of vitamins K, C and E.

Brand: Nutiva

👤Ethiopia is starving the Tigray region, killing mothers in children in the process. I'm stopping my regular order.

👤The product was packaged perfectly and arrived intact. It comes in a glass bottle. I was happy to find an organic oil. We all know that avocados are not part of the dirty dozen but they can be processed with chemicals. I've never seen an oil like that before. I made the most delicious black beans with it. Add some chopped onions and garlic to the avo oil, and then add some organic black beans, chili powder, smoked paprika, and salt and pepper. Fry for 15 minutes. Wow!

👤I put it in my hair instead of using it for food.

👤The color of the oil is not like any avacodo oil I've ever used.

👤I like having an organic option, but I wish it was less expensive. It's impossible to know if it's worth the high price, given that no one ever reports the level of pesticides in their products. It tastes good, cooks well, and seems high quality.

👤This brand is the best so far, I started using it a few months ago. The flavor is delicious. I cook with it. I use it to make salad dressing. I've stopped using olive oil because it's so good. I've used coconut oil for a long time. I like the company. They have good products.

👤I don't know how it will work out. I've been a fan of this product in the past. It was delivered frozen.

👤I cook with a variety of oils. This was a good replacement.

3. LorAnn Super Strength Blueberry Natural Flavor

LorAnn Super Strength Blueberry Natural Flavor

Kosher, vegan, vegetarian, grain free, fat free, and sugar free. Think of a family picnic with homemade pies or pancakes. Add their natural flavor to other family favorites such as salt water taffy. There are so many possibilities. A little goes a long way. LorAnn's flavors are four times stronger than typical baking extracts. When substituting extracts with super strength flavors, use 14 to 12 teaspoon. Hard candy, general candy making, cakes, cookies, frosting, ice cream and a wide variety of other baking and confectionery applications are typical uses. Made in the USA.

Brand: Lorann

👤I tried to make a flavor of cbd oil but it wouldn't mix with my juice and it made my tincture funky. I would like to see a list of oil based products that are plain to see. I need a carrier oil to monitor my blood sugar and my results.

👤I received this package today. I opened it and it was broken. There were glass shards and flavoring in the package. The bottle was not in the bubble wrap. It looks like they put it in the envelope. See the pictures. This was a waste of money. I return it or replace it. It is not eligible. This was useless. I don't recommend. If possible, would have given it zero stars.

👤I love using this. My muffins were perfect for the flavor of the blueberry. The muffins I made last week were disappointing. I immediately looked for the extract. The bottle is small. Half of what is called for in the recipe is needed. I was pleasantly surprised after reluctantly testing that theory. Great product!

👤This product is not a concentrate. It isn't as strong as products found in the grocery store. It is mostly alcohol and propylene glycol. The dram products by the same company are much stronger in the grocery stores. I feel like this product isn't represented. When seller states that it is stronger than most other flavorings, it leads to believe that it is the same product that is in the dram bottles. It is not close to being the strength of the bottle of flavoring. I have to pay return shipping if I want to return it. I am at a loss because of unscrupolous advertizing. Don't buy from this company. I should not have to spend money because of a bad product. The price for alcohol and propylene glycol is high. I would have known not to order this product if it was stated as contents. The description is missleading. I don't want to buy this as it is a discount. There is a deflation useless product.

👤It smells like a berry. It tastes like benadryl.

👤I did not like the flavor of the berry, but I used the amount I wanted.

👤I like Lorann oils, but they are not well suited for candy-making. Several batches were discusting.

👤This was disappointing. I tried this one because Amazon was out of lime oil. I've used LorAnn Blueberry Emulsion and liked it. This was gross. It smelled like lime Tootsie Pops, but it was also like a lime-scented cleaner. I tried a small amount of yogurt and it tasted like it smelled. I asked for a refund.

👤LorAnn Blueberry Super Strength is a really great flavor enhancer. I will try the other flavors.

👤Jai user pour ma epen et quelque goute sufie pour 1g.

👤The product was used for cake, icing and syrup.

4. Pam Butter Flavor Cooking Spray

Pam Butter Flavor Cooking Spray

All natural and fat free. It helps you pull it off.

Brand: Pam

👤What do you think about PAM? It is a classic and I love the flavor. I can use less of this product and still get the same results. It lowers the fat and calories in my food. Butter PAM is great to use for sauteing veggies, cooking fish, and baking. My mother would butter up a pan when she was going to bake. I would unwrap a stick of butter and try to get it into the corners and crevices of the pan. Those days are over! Baking cookies with Buttery PAM give them a delicious taste, they don't burn on the bottom, and they slide right off of the pan. This has many uses and I have found myself using it more than the original PAM. I have bought this product many times and have never been disappointed by the quality. De-lish!

👤I had purchased this product to use as an additional oil source to the olive oil I use when popping popcorn on my stove, however, after just two weeks the spray nozzle stopped working and would not release any of the product, I had no choice but to throw it. I will no longer purchase spray oils.

👤I spray my popcorn with this to make it moist and the salt sticks to the popcorn because it goes to the bottom of the bag. I'm very happy.

👤It's better to spray on air-popped popcorn than butter. It's a good idea to have a taste of butter when frying. I could not find this flavor in my store.

👤The spray was good. My roommate made candy out of it. I became vegan. I believe that all food should be pesticide-free.

👤It's great to just spray a bit on popcorn, toss it and use a tiny bit of popcorn salt.

👤Man is viel Sprhen. Im Geschmack ist ok, man is in a good mood. Ihren richtiges Braterlebnis ist es.

5. Carrington Farms Hydrogenated Unflavored Packaging

Carrington Farms Hydrogenated Unflavored Packaging

Traditional oils such as vegetable, olive, canola, and corn oil can be found in cooking oil alternatives. This oil is rich in Medium Chain Triglycerides, which is used by the body for energy production and helps burn calories. The good and necessary fats needed in all diet are found in their liquid coconut oil. Incredible quality. Their organic coconut oil is free of trans fats and is in a bottle that is free of the harmful effects of BPA. The benefits of coconut oil are retained, but it does not have the flavor or smell of coconuts. Traditional virgin coconut oil has less calories than organic liquid coconut oil. The smoking point is high. Their liquid coconut cooking oil burns at a higher temperature than traditional olive oils so it's perfect for cooking, sauteing, and baking. It's great for cooking in high heat. Your purchase will help feed kids lunch three days a week. The children are part of the local communities where they source their NON-GMO Project Verified liquid coconut oil.

Brand: Carrington Farms

👤It was yellow and milky. I have purchased many bottles from the same company and use this product frequently. It is always clear and odorless. I won't touch it because it's yellow and milky, which is an indication that the product was not stored in a safe way or that it has been contaminated. Unless it is realllllly cold, these should be clear and white. This review is meant to reflect on the product that I received, not the money that was returned by Amazon. The product is usually 5* and the service is usually 5*.

👤Pro: This brand is not refined, but instead a cold expeller process is used to eliminate the solid acids that are solid at room temperature, and retain the liquid at room temperature, which has 4 times more of the healthy Medium Chain Triglycerides. Hypothyroid people feel less cold because of the increase in metabolism. I am disappointed in how little my Levothyroxine prescription has helped in this regard, and so I have looked for some healthy foods like this one that can help boost my not-so-well thyroid and my metabolism. -- The distilling process used no solvent and the container/bottle has no harmful chemicals. The coconut oil does not have a coconut taste to it. This oil can be used to cook food up to 350 degrees F, which I prefer to food product from China. Some people enjoy starting their day with a small amount of coconut oil in their coffee, and others only eat BPC as their only breakfast in order to get the benefits of intermittent fasts.

👤I bought it at Walmart. I thought it was a good choice. I use it in my coffee a lot. I ordered two from Amazon on the auto delivery every other month. This would be a good way to make sure I don't run out. The first two bottles looked great. I have read that the oil has gone bad and that the next two bottles were yellow in color. I returned the oil after cancelling the auto delivery. I still use the first bottle, but when I looked at the other bottle in my pantry, it was yellow. I'm afraid to use it because it's pale yellow, not as dark as the new shipment. I'm going to buy one bottle at a time from Walmart or try a different brand. This product was very disappointing.

👤I received coconut oil. It was cloudy/milky in color and not sure if it's rancid. The bottle has an expiration date on it. I've bought this brand before and it doesn't look like what I received today. The two bottles are being compared. It's not sure if this is safe to cook with and use for essential oil.

👤I like to add Fractionated coconut oil to my drinks. The brand doesn't specify how much more coconut oil is in it than regular coconut oil. I use coconut oil in the morning because it helps with my mental clarity by crossing over the blood-brain barrier. It is less likely to be absorbed as body fat if I eat less. The energy from fat is more than the energy from carbs. I gave it 4 stars because it is 100% coconut oil and non-GMO, but it does not list the level of MCT's I would think it is at the low end. This is a good value for the money because it costs more to get the higher end.



A little goes a long way. LorAnn's flavors are four times stronger than typical baking extracts. What is a Dram? A small bottle is the perfect size for a small amount of homemade hard candy.

Brand: Lorann

👤The lemon oil and orange oil were not used in my lipgloss. They smell amazing. I didn't want someone to have a bad reaction because of the acidity. They melted my styrofoam plate. All in a product and size.

👤I love it! It makes my lip gloss smell great. Will buy again.

👤These are small bottles. When I received my order, I was disappointed but I was not sure what I was thinking. Cotton Candy and Bubble Gum were in the lot I bought. The drams do not come with droppers. I used disposable plastic droppers from a previous purchase. I made my own chapsticks and used the Cotton Candy and Bubble Gum flavors to make them smell delicious. I used up both bottles and only got 14 chapsticks. I already have the other flavors in other bottles that last me several uses, so I don't think I'll need Watermelon, Strawberry or Peach anymore. The version of LorAnn oils that I give a four-star rating is not worth the money. I'll buy LorAnn oils again if I recommend them. I will go for bottles and not drams.

👤The scent is amazing. The flavor doesn't come through in lipgloss. The bottles are very small.

👤These are not good. Don't waste your money. Do not try the flavors that are listed.

👤You can smell the scent of the flavors, but you have to use enough flavor to get the taste. I haven't tried it yet. I bought them for shakes because I was having trouble drinking plain water after my surgery. I didn't have the strong taste in fewer drops, so maybe I am using wrong, or I don't know what's going on.

👤I thought the bottles were expensive when I first saw them. I plan to order more flavors after making taffy and using strawberry and watermelon. A small amount of this goes a long way. The flavors are great. I would like to have an eye dropper that fits the bottles. I split a taffy batches in half and used a small amount for each of the two batches for a total of 100 pieces.

👤The scent really does last a long time. Over all okay.

7. BetterBody Foods Organic Naturally Refined

BetterBody Foods Organic Naturally Refined

BetterBody Foods can boost your energy. Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) are found in Naturally Refined Organic Coconut Oil. The increase in energy can be helped by these MCTs. BetterBody Foods has a flavor saver. The neutral flavor and aroma of Naturally Refined Organic Coconut Oil makes it a good choice for any dish. It won't change the taste of your food. Butter cooking oil margarine or shortening can be replaced with Naturally Refined Organic Coconut Oil from BetterBody Foods. You're going to love changing! BetterBody Foods Naturally Refined Organic Coconut Oil is Kosher and Non-GMO certified so you don't have to worry about it in your recipes. The Naturally Refined Organic Coconut Oil from the Philippines and Indonesia is packaged at their company headquarters in Utah.

Brand: Betterbody Foods

👤The jar looks like a worm or cigar.

👤The coconut oil is good. The amount you get for the price is amazing. For the people who are giving it a bad review because of the color? You need to research. Coconut oil has a yellow-ish color in liquid form. It will not taste like coconut. It is white when it is solid. It will most likely be in liquid form when you receive it in the mail on a hot summer day. It will not be melted when you buy it in an air conditioned supermarket. If you don't get that, then coconut oil is probably not for you. It's not right to give a bad review for something that is supposed to happen. 5 stars.

👤This is a substitute for lubricant. I put it in a glass on the end table. I enjoy our intimate time more than when we were using sticky lubes. Coconut oil is great for self-pleasure and I suggest it in the bedroom. It's a good thing. This brand is healthy for your pH levels, unlike any of the other brands. Will order from them again and again. It was a great bang for your buck.

👤The packaging was broken and the product was just as described. The lid was shattered when it arrived. I'll keep the coconut oil because the seal was intact. Amazon needs to package items better. This isn't a reflection on the makers of the product.

👤I use coconut oil for everything. I use it for a lot of things. This was a good price for a large, organic batches. The smell is great and the quality is good.

👤I'm still trying to figure out which neighbor's porch is in the picture my order was delivered to, but thank God for honest neighbors! Someone put it on my porch. I had two Amazon orders delivered to the wrong house. I love cooking in coconut oil because it crisps the food without being oily. It is almost impossible to find neutral coconut oil in your area. I'm very happy I was able to get it off Amazon, but I hope they can deliver future orders to my house and not some unknown neighbor's house!

👤I've bought smaller jars in the past and decided to buy the big one this time. The lack of scent is what I like best about this brand. I like coconut oil as a moisturizer, but I don't want to smell like coconut. I can use essential oils or mix them with them. I use it to remove makeup, put on a warm bath, and other things. The product was factory sealed and came in tact, but the lid cracked in shipping so it wasn't properly screwed on. Within 36 hours of contacting the company, I received a response and my new lid arrived! Excellent customer service.

👤I got this for someone else. I have used Coconut Oil before, and it has multiple purposes, which is really cool. One key thing to point out is that the consistency changes with your body temperature. If you don't like using it while it's still in its solid state, I would suggest trying to melt it a little, which is rather simple to do, and doesn't take a long time.

8. LorAnn Cotton Candy Flavor Bottle

LorAnn Cotton Candy Flavor Bottle

It's perfect for making macaroons. The county fair is fun in your kitchen. Adding cotton candy flavor to cookies, cupcakes, cakes, frostings, drinks, and ice cream will make it sweeter. The lighter-than-air flavor takes you back to a time when care-free days were filled with sunshine, laughter, and treats made of spun sugar. A little goes a long way. LorAnn's flavors are four times stronger than typical baking extracts. Poke cake, Pinwheel Cookies, Candy Apples, Rainbow Dust, Milkshake are included in one flavor five ways. A small bottle of Dr Tackam is the perfect size for a small amount of homemade Hard Candy. Most of the flavors are available in larger sizes. A bottle has approximately 6 ounces. 16 ounce and gallon are also available. Hard candy, general candy making, cakes, cookies, frosting, ice cream and a wide variety of other baking and confectionery applications are typical uses. Made in the USA.

Brand: Lorann

👤I wanted to flavor a cake. The cotton candy smell doesn't scream. The flavor was also disappointing. I used both bottles in 1 cake mix and couldn't taste the faintest hint of flavor, even though the label claimed the formula was "super concentrated". This was a flop for me.

👤The 3 stars I gave were for quick shipping and great packaging. After buying two of these on Amazon, a local grocery store started selling them. I bought 2 more Lorann's Cotton Candy oils from the local grocery store because I thought I'd gotten a bad batches. I bought 4 of them, which turned out to be a waste of money, because I wanted a true Cotton Candy scent. There is a All 4 bottles were the same. It's not the fault of my local grocery store. These do not smell, taste or resemble cotton candy. It's a sweet scent, but it's not close to cotton candy. Those pink and blue clouds of cotton candy that you get from a fair, circus, amusement park, etc., should immediately come to mind. Not even close! There is a In my view, it was a big disappointment. All of the bottles were tightly sealed and had expired dates. My conclusion is that the scent and flavoring is too far away from Cotton Candy for me to buy it again, or recommend it to anyone. I usually like Lorann's oils, but this one was a failure.

👤I used this in my cake and frosting and it didn't add anything to the flavor. There was no cotton candy taste. I put a whole bottle into the cake after adding more drops. There is no cotton candy flavor. Some of the other flavors might be better. This is not the fault of the company I bought it from. I ordered from a company that was fine. It was packaged well so the bottles wouldn't break, and it was on time.

👤The cotton candy flavor was disappointing. It didn't have a strong smell or taste. I was looking forward to something different and it was a huge disappointment. The product is a huge disappointment. It has a mild taste of cough syrup but not a candy flavor. Will not be buying this flavor again. This flavor is a huge waste of money.

👤The cotton candy oil tasted amazing on my cake. Although the reviews were mixed, I thought I would just head and order. I used both of the amount you get and the one I got for a cake with cotton candy icing. The recipe I used called for more but with this oil it was enough. I think I could have used less. The price is not very good for what you get but for two bottles. Couldn't find it anywhere else but Amazon.

👤I didn't like these. Most of the flavors of Lorann oils have the same smell, so I use them to scent my lipglosses. The one I smelled was very sweetly scented and didn't smell like cotton candy at all. I did not add any kind of sweetener to them, so you may want to use something else for the smell.

9. Lorann Oils Grape Ounce Flavoring

Lorann Oils Grape Ounce Flavoring

Made in the USA. The Grape Candy Flavor is a favorite among purple kids. It's appropriate for use in chocolates. If you experience some of the above, add liquified coconut oil or cocoa butter to thin/smooth. A little goes a long way. LorAnn's flavors are four times stronger than typical baking extracts. When substituting extracts with super strength flavors, use 14 to 12 teaspoon. Hard candy, general candy making, cakes, cookies, frosting, ice cream and a wide variety of other baking and confectionery applications are typical uses. Made in the USA.

Brand: Lorann

👤There is nothing real in this bottle. The ingredients are as follows. I don't want to drink artificial chemicals. I thought it might be ok when I saw it listed askosher. Don't buy it.

👤A drop or two in a glass with water ice is all it takes to make a great drink. Can't believe how good this flavor is.

👤The first time I used this oil, it tasted terrible. I used too much oil. Sometimes we learn from our mistakes. I added 20 drops to a 30 liter bottle of juice. Way to much for this powerful stuff. I cut it back to around 5 or 8 depending on my other flavors. A little goes a long, long, long way. I like mixing it with marshmallows. It was a smooth velvet cloud.

👤This is very good in a vape. Is it deep black in color? I know it should be purple. They used too much dye. I would have preferred it to be lightly colored. Loranne wore purple.

👤LorAnn flavorings are my favorite and I order them often. The flavor of this one is great, but I had to use white frosting because I didn't know it had purple dye in it. It's terrible! All the other flavors I have ordered have been clear. I changed my cake design to accommodate the purple color, but it should be clear.

👤Lorann has wonderful flavors, especially the grape. I wish they were all clear. I like to make candy apples, but don't want them to always be purple. White is one of the different colors I do. The grape flavor limits my colors. I made sky blue, but they were more denim blue. I used luster dust to make them look better. Had it been clear, I would give it 5 stars.

👤This is a great product. The flavor is good and goes a long way.

👤It was disappointing to see artificial dye in this oil.

👤My grape flavour e-liquid has a stronger scent and flavour than this concentrate, it is dark purple and good food colour, but no scent or flavour. I would pay double if I got what they were selling.

👤I use this to make cana gummies.

👤It's perfect if you know how to use it.

10. Nutiva Non Dairy Gluten Free Plant Based Replacement

Nutiva Non Dairy Gluten Free Plant Based Replacement

A delicious butter alternative with coconut oil is perfect for homemade popcorn, baking, and spreading. You can enjoy the creamy and rich butter flavor made from pure organic plants, including coconut and mint, when you heat up to 400 F. The organic steam-refined coconut oil and organic, non-GMO botanical extracts from Nutiva give you a rich oil with high concentrations of lauric acid and mtc without the use of dangerous and harmful chemicals. It's ideal for Whole30, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free diet. To source the world's finest non-GMO, sustainable grown, and naturally processed Southeast Asian coconuts, Nutiva partners with certified organic farmers.

Brand: Nutiva

👤I was always looking for ways to eat better. I tried this for a while before I convinced the husband to give it a try. It is not the same as real butter and you can not substitute it for everything. We prefer real butter on our toast, grilled cheese, and vegetables. It's awesome. Our parrot can eat it because it is mostly coconut oil. I've converted our household to use this instead of butter. We use Nutiva for a lot of things. It is a good brand.

👤The store near me does not carry this anymore. I came here to replenish. I like the change from plastic to glass. The color is suddenly yellow, the only thing I have noticed. It looks like a light caramelly or cooked butter color, unlike my past 3 containers which were almost clear when melted with just a hint of yellow. I compared the new oil with the old one I had left and I suspected they added more of the annatto. Why? Trust me, you don't need to do that. Please take it out completely. There was no need for an antidote. I hated Dutchman's for using a color called beta-carotene that was too orange for me to like, and for their flavor on popcorn, because it tasted better than my taste buds could ever imagine. I'm wondering if I should keep buying Nutiva because of the annatto... It's really bad. Why are we so obsessed with looking like butter when the vegan oil tastes just as good?

👤I was hoping that I could use something other than butter. This stuff smells great. I was satisfied with how the potato tasted. I was almost doubled over with stomach pains and sweat within an hour. I felt like I was on fire. I lost what I had eaten and spent a lot of time in the bathroom with other bad reactions. My stomach was sore for 2 days after all the pain. I have had a few stomach issues since I ate butter flavoured coconut oil. This item is in a twin package. I don't have anyone that I could give it to. Hopefully no one else will have the same reaction. I have eaten coconut manna by this company before. It was a hard and painful lesson learned.

👤Real BUTTER! I still like to eat real organic butter. I bought this to put on my Orville Redenbacher air popped popcorn. I was surprised and amazed by my buds taste! It tastes like butter. It has no dairy in it. The butter taste comes from plants. The vegan "buttery flavor" is made from pure non-GMO certified organic, ferment, gluten-free plants including coconut and mint.

👤Oh my gosh! One of the hardest foods to give up was raw butter, as I have been dairy free for years. I use coconut oil daily but I didn't like the flavor of butter on toast, sweet mashed potatoes and broccoli. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this oil and I was going to give it a try. The first thing I did was open the jar and smell it. Oh my gosh. It smelled great. I made a piece of toast from the ezekiel bread I had in the freezer, and took a bite of it. My. I can't say what happened to the first piece of toast, but I had to make another piece to make sure my taste buds weren't lying to me. I think that's correct. It's awesome. I wish I had it a long time ago. I am very happy that I have it. There is a If you can't eat butter because you love it, give this a try.

11. OliveNation Bacon Natural Flavor Ounce

OliveNation Bacon Natural Flavor Ounce

Olive Nation gives food bacon flavor. It is perfect for vegetarian dishes. Any liquid-based food application can add the bacon natural flavor from Olive Nation. You can use bacon natural flavor to make batters, icings, frostings, filling, and beverages that taste like bacon. It can be used in making beer and wine. It works best in food applications that have liquid.

Brand: Olivenation

👤I've used many different OliveNation extracts and am always pleased with the quality and value. The bacon flavor is the same as before. I replaced the vanilla extract with bacon and chocolate chips to make "Bacon Tollhouse" cookies. Out of this world.

👤This is more than a taste. OOO flavors are very smokier. I can definitely taste bacon in this extract. This is better than Flavor God's bacon lovers, which are more like a burrito than bacon. They stopped making their bacon flavoring, but it is almost as good as Capella's. This is my new product.

👤The saltiness could be fixed. It is not vegan from the ingredient listing. The actual lable would be a good place to put the ingredients. You have to experiment with the flavor and see if you like it. Keep notes. If you start with what you think is correct, it will be gross after heating the food.

👤It's like bacon bits. The bacon flavor is fake. I wanted to add a bacon maple Porter to my beer. The salad bar had bacon bits in the 90s. It was gross!

👤Couldn't use it. It tastes like chemicals. I like this one better, it's great on popcorn and eggs and veggies.

👤Good price. It tastes alright. It is close to real bacon.

👤Doesn't smell like bacon. It smells terrible. I am afraid to try it.

👤I made bacon flavoured cotton candy and it was a hit.

👤Not good. It tastes like chemicals.


What is the best product for baking oil flavors?

Baking oil flavors products from Lorann. In this article about baking oil flavors you can see why people choose the product. Nutiva and Lorann are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking oil flavors.

What are the best brands for baking oil flavors?

Lorann, Nutiva and Lorann are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking oil flavors. Find the detail in this article. Pam, Carrington Farms and Lorann are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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