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1. Airtight Containers Vtopmart Organization Chalkboard

Airtight Containers Vtopmart Organization Chalkboard

Imagine waking up every morning and walking to the kitchen to make breakfast and finding everything is neatly organized. You can get everything you want quickly now that you're no longer messy. They will make it easy to organize the pantry. One set contains 7 containers. There are 2 Medium containers, 2 Small containers, and 2 Mini containers. It's perfect for storing flour, sugar, rice, grain, nuts, beans, snacks, pasta, coffee and tea. Their air tight containers are shatterproof and made of high quality material. The plastic of these containers is very clear, so you can identify the contents without opening them. You can open or close their plastic containers with only two fingers. Simply flip the ring to open or close. The labels will help you not confuse flour with baking powder or baking soda. You can change contents whenever you need.

Brand: Vtopmart

👤I noticed a few scruff marks on two of the containers after I purchased them. I was happy. Vtopmart offered to send two containers and lids to me at no cost after I sent an email to them. I have great things to say about this company and product. I love it!

👤These can't be alright. They put a thin rubbery piece that should fit into a grooves at the bottom to keep in place, the more you try to fit it in, the worse it gets. The video and pictures show the issue. I opened to look at 4 of the 7. There is a If you're not worried about the weather, then you could probably use them. I will be back soon. Maybe I got a dud batches, but they are useless to me. The quality is alright, I suppose. The lid is held on with the clear pop up that comes off as you squeeze down, then an inner spring with another piece made of sand material as top, then a thin silicone thing sits off the grooves to get pushed up for an airtight seal. That doesn't work.

👤The look is clean. I need bigger ones for things like flour, chips, and cereals. Several of them have started cracking and I have had them for awhile now. The hinges on the "air tight" lids are breaking. It took me a long time to decide to spend the money and they are past the return date. I spend a lot of money and am very careful with it. I wouldn't recommend them.

👤These aren't 100% safe. The water started to leak when I put it in there. Not worth the price.

👤I gave this to my wife for Christmas. She's been upset in the past because of my tendency to give her things that are more for both of us. Even though I organize it often, our pantry was in complete disarray. I haven't even reorganized yet, but things are already better with the new containers. The quality is good and the sizes of the containers are good. Adding in 6 more containers is a very solid deal because we love the tall pasta container and it's more than half the total cost here. We haven't used all the small containers yet, but one has bubble gum balls in it, and there's plenty more candy around the house we could throw in. The closure systems are very nice and easy to use. We are both very happy with the gift.

👤They work hard. My messy cupboards are not as messy anymore. I need more.

👤I'm not sure how many good reviews this has. They are small. If you're using them for baking, you can't use a measuring cup. They have a strong plastic smell when you wash them. The plastic liner on the bottom doesn't come out easily because it fills with water. There will be mold inside the lid piece eventually. It said "do not sell if seal is broken" when I came with the broken seal. I really regret buying these. Especially for the price. I think you could find a better quality for the same price.

2. NETGEAR Wi Fi Range Extender EX3700

NETGEAR Wi Fi Range Extender EX3700

It can connect up to 15 devices, including laptops, phones, speakers, cameras, and more, and it has a range of up to 1000 sq ft. The AC750 is a dual-band and patented FastLane technology that provides up to 750Mbps of performance. It works with any wireless or cable modem. Plug in game consoles, streaming players, or other nearby wired devices using the one 10/100M port for maximum speed. WEP and WPA/WPA2 are wireless security protocols. Simple to set up. Press the button to connect. The NETGEAR app can be used for optimal location.

Brand: Netgear

👤If this review doesn't convince you to avoid NETGEAR, read the reviews from other customers. If you purchase a NETGEAR product after reading those, you will get what you deserve. I thought NETGEAR would be a good choice for an extender and was completely unprepared for the big scam attempt that happened. My goal is to warn people away from NETGEAR at all costs, so I will give 1 star for this device. After 30 years as a Database Specialist, I am tech literate enough to setup a simple device. The setup requires that the extender become aware of your router so that it can extend your signal. The booklet that comes in the box with the device has a page titled 'Connect with Web Browser Setup'. The photo is attached. Step 3 tells you to click on the New Extender Setup button on the page. You are on a page that looks like a NETGEAR page, but there is no new info on the extenders or a support chat. I am amused and surprised at how bad this support is, but not suspicious, until shady tech calls. He tries to trick me into giving him access to my computer by pretending to be a legit tech company. Is that true? He tried to defend his actions after I confronted him. The origin of this transaction was the NETGEAR Quick Start Booklet, so I was not on my guard. I am pretty sure lots of people get hooked on this and see The Sept 2018 1 star review telling the same story. NETGEAR is not a legit tech company as they do not know this is happening. Amazon is responsible for some things. Do you want to avoid NETGEAR products? I tried a number of ways to get in contact with someone at NETGEAR, but it was not possible. I went in circles for over an hour. If you still want to buy NETGEAR, read the 6-14-19 review by Chu, 9-23-18 by Miller, 6-11-19 Monteith, 2-21-19 Hughes or 10-5-18 with 'Beware' in title. One person says that SCAM tech support left them with a non-functional PC.

👤The 2.4g channel has stopped working on all devices after about 9 months of light use. After 90 days, they want you to pay for support, so they only offer complimentary support on this product. I found several posts with the same problem after researching this issue online. The settings are correct after a factory reset and a firmware update. A paid subscription is required to get a return authorization number, which can only be obtained through technical support. This doesn't seem right. I would not buy this product, but I will definitely consider other manufacturers for future purchases.

👤I bought this because I read that it could increase the speed of the internet up to 750 Mbps, and that it could increase the speed of the internet up to 100%. The gem on page 7 of the user manual is that data traffic routed through the extender is inherently slower than traffic routed directly from the network. The results of the speed test with internet service. 156M is down and 42M is up. 122M is down and 41M is up. The range extender is close to half the speed. Total waste of money.

3. Stalwart Pink Storage Toolbox Compartments

Stalwart Pink Storage Toolbox Compartments

The sewing storage box has a spot for everything you need to keep organized, with a main section that is perfect for holding bigger items like tools. The pink tool chest is portable and travel friendly with its convenient carrying handle. There is a plastic cover that keeps the drawers contained and secure. Sturdy design, made from high-impact polypropylene, is what makes this jewelry making organizer and included storage compartment trays rugged. This craft tool box is perfect for a small parts organization for hardware like nails, screws, and bolts, or bead storage, fishing tackle, jewelry, and crafting supplies. It is the only spot storage solution you have been looking for. The product is made of Polypropylene. The dimensions are: (L) 11 x (W) 7 x (H) 10. The color was pink, black, gray and clear. There are 4removable parts organizers.

Brand: Stalwart

👤This is the third time I have bought this item and I expected a pink and dark green case with individually spacing clear internal boxes and they must have switched the product and never changed any part of the description or any of the pictures. I'm angry. The individual spacing options on each row are useless. It doesn't match any of the pictures on the site, it's not the right color, and you have to rip the front panel off because of the poor design. There is no way to know what they are sending you. It's a scam.

👤I often have small packets or tubes of beads here and there. I wanted to order one of the storage solutions that I use to see if it would be useful. I love it! It's well-made, and even after I dropped it, every bead stayed in its own storage compartment.

👤Very small and cute. I would like the size to be in the heading. I was trying to avoid getting a bigger tool box because I could buy it cheaper at Home Depot. It was cute for crafts, but not what I thought it would be. It seems to be very durable. The size is next to a small laundry soap bottle. I think so.

👤This is not the same as my previous unit. I need all 18 of them, but the one I received only has 13 of them, because the front rows of the trays have no divider capacity. The front of each compartment is not sloped as shown in the current photo. It's difficult to remove small items because it's a flat-bottomed 90 degree edge. The front cover has a different latch system. It has a plastic notch at the top of the cover that is difficult to open, unlike the grey hinged latches. It would take more time to find a different unit than it would for me to jerryrig/tape the 6 compartments in the front rows. I wish I had paid more for the yellow one and gotten the cheaper one. They need to change the photos and description to match what they're selling now.

👤I wanted to get them all sorted, I've recently started to buy more for kimberly and I wanted to organize them. I will return the organizers since they don't suit my needs but for someone looking for something for smaller items it's good. It is small, but not as small as I was looking for, because it does not include dimensions that I was looking for. This is a good product for other projects.

👤I was expecting it to be larger, but I'm not sure if it's the angle of the stock photos used in this listing or what... I can't put all of my jewelry making supplies in this chest. I like the vibrant purple color of this box and it seems sturdy. If you're looking to keep your child's Lego pieces in one place then this is the perfect set, it's $33 and it's more like it.

4. Airtight Food Storage Containers Organization

Airtight Food Storage Containers Organization

High Quality: Made of high-quality food grade plastic, it's easy to store when not in use, it's durable enough for long- lasting use, and it's free of harmful substances. The set comes with four Airtight Storage Containers, 20 chalkboard labels, and a marker pen, which will allow you to organize your kitchen and pantry like never before. It's easy to keep track of how much food you have left. Each storage container has a four-sided locking system that keeps your cereals dry and fresh. The food containers are made of non-toxic plastic and can be used for a long time, the high quality make them easy to clean with hand wash or top-rack dishwasher safe. These containers are ideal for storing food such as flour, sugar, rice, nuts, beans, cereals, snacks, pet food, pasta, coffee and tea. You can keep the snack at any meal. These square storage containers with the modular design are easy to fit into your fridge, freezer or cupboard and will allow you to get the kitchen organized and frees up space in the pantry.

Brand: Paincco

👤I live in Hawaii and we get ants if anything is left open or out, so these containers are great to keep those tiny boogers out. I love the labels that come with the product, they have a cute doted boarder and a chalkboard marker that works great. I like that you can easily remove and reuse the stickers, just wipe them off with alcohol, and rename them. I had to forcefully remove the rubber seal from the plastic lid after washing it because the area between the plastic lid and the rubber seal does not dry very well.

👤I bought these thinking they would be ok, but they turned out to be more than that. They are air tight. Our family loves them so much that I ordered more. They are very easy to clean. I like the way they look in my pantry, it gives it a better look than those store bought boxes that the food comes in and they are easy to crab. I don't have to worry about messes if my toddler drops it because the lid is sealed all the way down.

👤These are standard air tight containers. They serve their purpose well. We are buying more products to store. The lids may seem hard to fit. You just have to work with them. They fit perfectly.

👤These containers are great for storing food. It's easy to stack and keep your pantry organized. I like that the contents are easy to see, but labels make it even easier to organize. Convenient and tight! It's a good thing.

👤I wanted to organize my snack cupboard. They are great! You can put a bag of chips in it. I am very pleased with the containers. I will buy more.

👤They are great. It is very sturdy, seal tight and look good.

👤Excellent set! My pantry needs to be organized.

👤It was what I was looking for and it matched my other containers. It was easy. Good quality for the price.

5. Honey Can Do Rolling Storage Organizer Plastic

Honey Can Do Rolling Storage Organizer Plastic

We will make it right if you don't like it, just let them know and they'll make it happen. Purchase your nifty kitchen canisters today and start organizing your pantry this weekend. It's ideal for home, classroom, crafts or art studios. Large storage drawers that are semi- transparent for easy viewing. When needed, locking wheels provide stability. Can be used as an additional workspace. Assembly tools and instructions are included. The product is 25”W x 32”H and the drawer is 11 W x 5.5 H. Small-11 W x 2.75 H x 15 D inches. The drawer is about 12 feet in diameter and has depths of 2.6 and 5.1 feet.

Brand: Honey-can-do

👤The quality of the cart is what I expected. I sliced my knuckle open about two seconds into putting it together. That is not acceptable. The edges of the slides were left with a raw edge from manufacturing. That is lazy and negligent. It could hurt a child. I'm changing my rating to a 1 star. The plastic drawers on one side of the cart are too small for the track. I wish I'd noticed that I could return the dumb thing for a refund. I'm not happy with this thing.

👤I was hesitant to purchase this unit because of the reviews about the difficulties in assembling, broken drawers and inability to open-close drawers. It's sharp enough to shave plastic from drawers. I just put this thing together and haven't loaded anything yet. That's it: 1. The assembly took 35 minutes to finish. 2. The Allen wrench was enough to assemble the main frame. 3. Without a screwdriver, straight head screws can be tightened. The screwdriver was not supplied with the kit. I didn't need one to secure drawer knobs. 4. Make sure to wash the inside of the two outer frame pieces during the main frame assembly. They are shown in the diagram. The sides are too close together and it will be hard to push in and out. I think some people didn't install the washers correctly. As you install the screws, do not tighten them. Before you install the framing screws, make sure the washers are installed, and then tighten the screws until all the screws are SNUG. If you tighten too much, the frame tubing will collapse and ruin it. 5. Once everything is tight, turn the frame over and put the caster inserts in the legs. These are plastic pieces that can hold the caster. Make sure they are all the way in by pressing in as hard as you can. It was out a little ways. I used a hammer and gave 3 of the more stubborn inserts a quick pop, so they sat easily. 6. I put the caster into the inserts. Make sure that the front or side of the lock are where you want to access it. You will have a booger of a time getting them out. Yes - That is why I am telling you this now. It was 7. The drawers should be in the slides. It was easy for mine to slide in without force. I recreated what I read about stuck drawers, hard to operate, cocked in the tracks, and cutting the plastic by putting the spacers/Washers in initially. The problem was solved after I performed a self-induced slap forehead procedure and backed the frame screws out one by one. There are 8. Put the top on after you tighten everything up again. It has curved sides front and rear. I put the front of the top in position, then pulled the rear of the top and it popped into position for me. The unit is strong. The load specification for the cart is 50 pounds. I will keep things as evenly distributed as possible to equalize loading. I will put a thread lock on the screws if I have any issues with them coming loose. The drawers slide in and out and are in their tracks. It is made of very thin wall metal with chrome coating. I can see how someone handling the edges of the rails for the drawers could cut themselves if they weren't careful. Be careful. After a week or so, I will provide an update on the unit's stability, frame flex, etc., and I will load it up with my wood ship modeling tools. I am okay with the unit. Not impressed by anything, but not disappointed either. I was relieved that my unit came with all the parts, I didn't have to cut my fingers off, and the drawers didn't have to be adjusted. It is in line with my expectations. I will update after a while.

6. Pack Airtight Food Storage Container

Pack Airtight Food Storage Container

There is a container and lid. The food storage container set keeps your food dry and safe. The airtight lid protects your food from pests. A practical design helps maximize your space and keep items organized. It's great for countertops, pantry shelves, refrigerators, freezers, cabinets, closets, cupboard. And more. It's ideal for storing dry goods in the pantry such as cereals, flour, sugar, coffee, rice, grain, beans, nuts, snacks, pet food, baking supplies and more. Made of high quality plastic that is food safe. It's easy to clean and organizes your kitchen cabinet or pantry. The set includes 6 x-large containers, 6 large containers, 6 medium containers, and 6 small containers. The measuring spoon set and chalk marker have free bonus labels. The set includes 6 x-large containers, 6 large containers, 6 medium containers, and 6 small containers. The measuring spoon set and chalk marker have free bonus labels.

Brand: Seseno

👤These are not clear plastic containers.

👤I opened my package. I don't think I would need to be a body builder to get these things apart. You need someone with strength to pull them apart. Maybe call on Mr. T or even the superhero. It took me 20 minutes to get them out of each other, and I broke one. The kids don't just snap on, these are different and take some getting used to. I am exhausted from the workout and haven't put anything in them yet. So far it's been good.

👤I was excited to receive this and organize our pantry as we redo it. It's only a matter of time before some of them start tearing because 2 of them have flaps that are falling off and at least half of them have small tears on the corner of the lids. I sent a message to the seller asking if they would send replacement lids or where I could get them, but have yet to hear back. It's going to be a huge pain to empty them and send them back, but I'm going to have to replace them soon anyways. Don't recommend!

👤It makes my pantry look organized. One of the containers was shipped around the edge, so I gave it 4 stars. I didn't feel like I had to return it for a new one. I had some issues trying to snap the lids down. Hopefully my 11 year-old doesn't have any problems closing it. I like it, but only if it's not that.

👤The packaging was very good. The product is good.

👤Two of the canisters were damaged and one had a crack. The shipping box was torn and the canisters did not fit to close. It is an awful item.

👤These are amazing. I wish I had seen this deal before buying a smaller set. Food can be kept fresh with these plastic containers. Highly recommend these!

👤Estn prcticos, ciertamente el plstico no es transparente. Lleg empacado y en las condiciones.

👤The tall ones are in the same amount as the rest sizes. The containers are usually 1 or 2 large. The package includes everything in equal numbers, measuring cups, labels and a nice touch.

👤The cantidad de recipientes is very easy to understand. hay un tamao para cada necesidad de almacenaje.

👤Son un caso es un plstico de la tapa, pero se romperan pronto.

👤Buen tamao. Muy resistente. The materiales are excelentes.

7. Vtopmart Airtight Storage Containers Pieces

Vtopmart Airtight Storage Containers Pieces

The towels are machine washable and maintain an excellent quality even after many washes. Will not shrink or minimize lint. These towels can be used over and over again. Reducing the use of paper towels is aided by this. It is advisable to wash your towels before using them for the first time. The kitchen storage containers set is perfect for different storage. The ideal size for a bag of flour and sugar is a 3.3 quart container. Medium containers are 1.5 quart and are perfect for storing a small box of cereals. They can be used to store baking supplies,oats, pasta, rice, coffee, tea, snacks, nuts. Topmart pantry storage containers are made of plastic which has a longer life than other plastic containers. You can easily get what you want without opening every container if you have clear containers. The plastic storage containers will make use of every inch of your home kitchen. If you have a large or small pantry, these nice looking containers will help you organize your kitchen and pantry better. The containers are airtight to keep food fresh. The tight storage system will keep your food fresh. It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. You will receive 24 pieces of labels, which will help you not confuse flour with baking powder or baking soda. You can change contents whenever you need. Peel and Re-stick can be changed with a damp cloth.

Brand: Vtopmart

👤I got these for my wife as a Christmas gift, as our pantry was a mess, and I had written about it in a previous review. These are not the same plastic as the other set I got, but they are great. The sizes offered here are very large. They are smaller than you might think, but we used the 2 large ones for flour and sugar, and the fact that they are smaller than you think, actually works in their favor. We are very pleased with these. I spent over an hour looking at all the different brands and options, and I'm happy we went with the ones we did.

👤They have a good seal which makes me believe they are air tight. I would have liked to have gotten them sooner.

👤I am writing this review immediately because I was so excited. I wanted to organize my life and home this year. I've been looking for cheap places. Well made containers to hold my food. I have found it. These are strong. The clasps feel like they are going to break immediately after I purchased others like this type. These are close and strong. I dropped a full container of trail mix off the counter as I was filling the other containers and it stayed closed and didn't break. I am not getting anything for this review, just to help others.

👤I jumped on the Marie Kondo train and bought these. I like them. They are very sturdy and they stack easily. I ordered a second set in case I needed more food. I like them. I love my pantry. They are amazing.

👤I liked these. Cleaning the lids is one thing I don't like about them. They have a blue band on the top of the lid that makes it hard to clean and trap water if they are not completely dry. These are great and I recommend them.

👤I was surprised I could only buy one set because I was planning on buying enough for the pantry redo. Do you want to make money? I bought more containers to finish my project. The items are very nice and well made.

👤I wanted to replace my Tupperware that was not safe. Tupperware that is 10 years old is not safe. There is a This was a great choice. It has the highest rating for plastic. The pantry is clean and organized. The size of my pantry essentials is great.

👤The opening and closing of the lids are very easy. They stack neatly and give the cupboard an orderly appearance.

👤Endlich, in meiner Kchenschublade, alles wichtige griffbereit! Keine Angst ist hier zum Lebensmittelmotten. Ich hatte in der alten Kche, die in der Dosen! Im Eindruck ist die bekanntige Mann, aber so solls ja. In the gr. In the locker is 2 kilogram Mehl and in the Zucker is 5 kilogram Zucker. I alles Jetzt. I am griffbereit! Dosen.

👤I decided to get these after a lot of searching and reading. I was happy that I did. I got a measuring cup, 6 containers, 3 sheets of chalk stickers, and a chalk pen. You get 2 large containers which I filled with plain and self raising flour and 1.5 kilo bags which fit in easily. There is a I put icing sugar, caster sugar, raisins, and soft brown sugar in the other containers. All of these fit in as well. All containers are locked up. The chalk pen is very good at writing on the stickers. The measuring cup has a good fit. It's much easier to see what I want to use with all the stack on top of each other. It's better to use a peg to fold the flour. I don't intend to use leakproof for liquids so can't give an answer, so I haven't tested it with water. A good product and will recommend it.

8. MDesign Plastic Food Storage Organizer

MDesign Plastic Food Storage Organizer

Each measures 10.06 x 6.2 x 5.2 high. Store and organize. This bin is great for creating a clean and organized refrigerator or pantry, and it's also great for keeping small packages of nuts. There are four divided sections. The built-in dividers make it easy to separate and organize your items, and the container is small enough to fit into a small kitchen cabinet, cupboard and pantry shelves. It works well on the counter, in cabinets, pantry, and more, and it can be used in any room of the house. Easy Care is made of shatter-resistant plastic and is not dishwasher safe. Each measures 6 x 10 x 3.5 high.

Brand: Mdesign

👤The item came quickly and was not broken. These are sturdy without being ridged. She bought something similar fromBB&B and dropped it. I wouldn't overload them because they have a little give. The compartments are great for storing my spices, noodles, and baking items. I use the baking things to hold chocolate chip bags, food coloring, other chips, yeast packets, and cookie bags. I used this to organize the snack portion of my pantry. My husband and daughter would leave things in my pantry. They can see what's available if they keep things organized. I save money because they can see that I still have some of it. The only thing that would make this better is if it came with a slide rack. I'm short, blessing and curse, but I don't feel like I would be picked on. I will definitely be buying more of these in the future.

👤It's perfect for my metal stencil and cutting dies. It's much more fun to be creative now that I can see everything. Very strong. I'm glad I got these.

👤The light gray design I purchased was light gray, so that's bad for me. I thought the images were white when I bought them. When they arrived, they were much darker than I had expected. They lean more towards gray than they do white. They make my pantry look more organized.

👤These containers are great for the fridge and pantry. It's so affordable.

👤I use them in my craft room. They are great to store my stamps and dies. They are clear to see. I love them! There are multiple uses for them.

👤I should have figured out the compartment size of the organizers, they are small for chip bags, which is what I was hoping to use them for. It's great for organizing small snacks around the house.

👤I had a bunch of little packets in the frig that were spilling over, looking horrible and taking up room. These organizers did a great job tidying up my frig. I used one in the bathroom drawer to tidy it up since I didn't need 4 in the frig.

👤We have been remodeling our house and I want to organize everything in our pantry, kitchen cabinets and bathroom. These bibs are great for small items, like spices, dry salad mixes, and bathroom items. I will probably order more.

👤Sirve para cosas pequeas.

👤I was very pleased with these. I have never been disappointed with the mdesign product I have purchased. Very strong. Highly recommended.

👤A clean organized look is provided by high quality and the dividers.

9. BINO Refrigerator Organizer Transparent Container

BINO Refrigerator Organizer Transparent Container

Kitchen space can be maximized by organizing fridge, freezer, or pantry shelves for easy access. The design is portable. The cutout handles on the storage bin make it easy to lift, slide, and transport it. It is possible to see the contents of the bin without removing it from the fridge or high pantry shelves. There is a multi-PURPOSE. A multi-purpose bin is great for storing things. It's great for pantry, cabinets, or office storage. There is ice cream, meat, produce, condiments, and more in the kitchen.

Brand: Bino

👤I wanted to organize my freezer. The bags of frozen veggies were all over the floor when I opened the door. I can store meat in one bin and everything else in the other. The handles make it easy to put one bin out and see what I have left, without having to re-arrange the freezer. The price for 2 pack is great.

👤I used one in my fridge and one in my pantry. I would like to order another set. They are expensive. The material does flex a little. I hope they don't break easily.

👤I saw a similar design on The Home Edit and ordered these. The price of the product was great. It was in excellent condition and I was looking for it. If you are trying to keep things organized in a pantry you need to be able to see what is in it and write on it with chalkboard markers. chalkboard markers can be erased when you need to change something. If you're looking for a great deal, buy this product.

👤I will have to return the item. My house was beat up when I arrived. It looks like these bins were already used and not taken care of in general. They are thick and sturdy, but look like garbage in the way they were brought to me.

👤I would be very upset if I had paid more for 2 large ones because they looked like we had beat them up from use. These bins are not protected from warehouse and shipping abuse, so if you don't mind them looking beat up, you can still use them. Blood is leaking from meat packages in the fridge. If you want to get a container brand that is better at arriving new looking, it may be best to buy it in person at the store. I can't rate these more than 3 stars because of the heavy wear and tear on the bins.

👤I use these in my freezer. My freezer has wire shelves so I was looking for large plastic bins that could hold a lot of stuff. The bins are made of plastic and bend easily. I'm not sure how well they will hold up to frozen food being thrown in. They are smaller than I thought, just a few packages of frozen food fills them up, that's my fault since the size was stated in the product description. They may work well for a fridge freezer, but they were not what I was looking for. I will use them, but I need a bigger freezer bin.

👤There was a big melted spot in the front of the containers. They're still functional after being cleaned up, but it's frustrating that they came like that. The shape of the containers is nice, you can put items with square edges in them. If the seller makes a change, the review will be updated.

👤These are fine for lightweight use, but I don't think they will last in the industrial setting for which they were purchased. In the first week, we cracked one. If you want something to last, I would suggest Rubbermaid, with M and Interdesigns being better. If you want a simple box for your fridge or closet, I think you will be satisfied with these.

10. Pristine Bamboo Adjustable Kitchen Organizer

Pristine Bamboo Adjustable Kitchen Organizer

It's Measures 6.12" x 6.6" x 3.7" high. The perfect storage solution. The silverware tray has a variety of compartments and side dividers that can be expanded to 25 inches wide. Their bamboo drawer organizers has extra capacity to hold multiple eating and cooking utensils. The kitchen divider is easy to use and reliable because it has a notch and a reinforced base. A partition can hold larger cookware. There is a natural scissor-resistant CONVENIENCE. Their kitchen drawer storage is made of 100% organic Moso bamboo without the use of toxic MDF bottom. It won't fit in your drawer and it won't hold up in the humid environment of wood utensil trays. Go beyond the kitchen. You can use this tray set in other home areas as well. Their bamboo organizers can hold other small items. It's free to shop. They highly recommend that you measure your drawer before ordering to avoid any problems. It's great for storing small items like hair ties, safety pins, and paper clips that tend to get lost. It's free to shop. They highly recommend that you measure your drawer before ordering to avoid any problems. It's great for storing small items like hair ties, safety pins, and paper clips that tend to get lost.

Brand: Pristine Bamboo

👤I'm pretty angry. I researched bamboo organizers. I settled on this one because of the reviews. I've only been using it for 2 months and it's already coming apart. I regret my purchase. I think you get what you pay for, but it's not the case in this instance. After only 2 months of use, the dividers are being used in multiple places. It should hold up to the use of a drawer that is highly used in a kitchen. I don't recommend buying this product.

👤An embarrassing drawer to show the world. What a great recovery from chaos. This was delivered today. It was the best purchase so far. I wanted to get my act back together this year. This was packaged well. If drawer organizers can be beautiful, it's absolutely beautiful. I will take that any day and twice on Sunday if it gets organized. I knew it would be bigger than my drawer, but I knew it would work out. I can make it my own. I didn't fit everything back in the drawer, but some of the items should not have been there in the first place. I did not get rid of the duplicate items because I was afraid the griller husband would attack me. I need to finish this quickly so I can order the next two. You can't go wrong buying this organizer. Absolutely love it.

👤This is one of the things I have purchased off of Amazon. It fit my drawer perfectly and the little bit of room left over was used for other items, but it still looks like a utensil tray! The material in my kitchen is easy to clean. It arrived on time. Great product!

👤This expands to fit my kitchen drawer. It seems well made. There was 2 inches of spare room, so we put some blocks behind the tray to keep it from moving to the back. There are slots for my silverware. I love it!

👤I read a lot of reviews on diff utensil organizers and was really happy to get this one. I was a little more than I wanted to spend, but it was worth it. The bamboo is on the bottom and the "wings" are wide. I wanted one that would fit a pizza cutter on the side. We have one wing that is open to maximize space. The dividers are in place. Do some people put their utensils in the water? Water warps wood, so maybe that is how these things are developed. I am loving this item.

👤This was bought to hold my utensils. I needed a large one to fit in the cabinets I added. This fit is perfect. It's very sturdy, holds a lot, and doesn't slide around in the drawer. The wood is not as smooth as I thought. It was difficult to wipe it down because the wipe kept sticking to it. Over time, I could see this being an issue with collecting dust.

👤I love this! It fits the drawer well. I wish it was a little longer. We have to pull it forward when we open and close the drawer. We have standard depth cabinets and have always had this problem with the organizers. A thought for future models.

11. Chefs Path Airtight Storage Container

Chefs Path Airtight Storage Container

The madesmart 2-tier organizers are made with high quality plastic and feature dry-erase labeling on the baskets and dividers. The topnotch kitchen organization has food containers. These organizers will keep your pantry cabinets neat, organized, and ready for anything you need. 2 extra large containers, 4 large containers, 4 medium containers, and 4 small containers are included. The containers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The 4-hinge locking system of these food storage containers with snap lids forms an airtight, watertight seal between container and lid to ensure no spilling! The Superior bundle is a good one. The perfect gift for yourself or someone you care about, this set of 14 premium Tupperware canisters and chalkboard markers will help keep everything organized. chalkboard labels are an extra bonus. If the product isn't working out or worth the investment, they'll give back all the money. You can keep the great products. If the product isn't working out or worth the investment, they'll give back all the money. You can keep the great products.

Brand: Chef's Path

👤These are nice quality and can hold a lot of food. The picture shown makes them appear to be clear plastic, but it is not as clear as the photo. That makes sense. It is not clear if the plastic is clear or white. I am just being picky and they are fine. The quality is great and they work for what I need.

👤The ROLLS ROYCE of food storage. Absolutely love these containers from Chef. I have been looking for a good set for a long time and am happy I found them. The containers are of a higher quality than others and the price is more affordable. I like the fact that the lid handles are made of plastic and that they are easy to stack on top of each other. The locking mechanism works well and is not difficult to open. The pen, chalkboard, and measuring spoon set are great additions to the set. Everything you might need for organization has been provided. The sizes of the containers are perfect for my needs. I like the fact that the company contacts you by email after purchase to make sure you're happy, and I feel like these are going to hold up well over time and serve as great staple pieces in my pantry. I would definitely buy this again, and am already thinking about ordering more to make my pantry even more organized.

👤Absolutely love these containers. I like the smell of plastic. They don't have a smell, and are keeping everything fresh. The box they can in was very organized. Highly recommended and will definitely order again.

👤I would give this a zero rating. They had more good reviews than bad. I should have listened to the reviewers that were bad. I was excited to use these after cleaning my pantry. These are all small containers. There is a photo of Pasta in ContatIner. I don't know how to get the lid on without breaking the pasta. I'm out $45 because they can't be returned. They smell and are hard to close. I think that's the reason they have a no return policy. My husband told me to make sure that I return it before I buy it. You can get some from the dollar store for less.

👤They do not have a full bag of flour or sugar.

👤The company and the customer service are great. The containers are of high quality. The kids fit well. It is a great value for your money. We looked at several containers online and thought they were the best value. We were a little worried about what we would get but we could return them if we didn't like them. What a pleasant surprise! The containers are perfect in size and thickness. We love them. This company's customer service is off the charts. They pride themselves on their customer service. We received a message from the Co-Founder assuring us that everything was good and that we loved our containers. He promptly answered our questions when we replied back. I thought we didn't get what we ordered because my wife ran off with containers. The Co-Founder went above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied. There is a place on the home page of the company to send messages. They welcome your comments and their contact info is right there, no digging through pages or searching for it. Many companies could learn from their customer service. I highly recommend their products.


What is the best product for baking organization box?

Baking organization box products from Vtopmart. In this article about baking organization box you can see why people choose the product. Netgear and Stalwart are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking organization box.

What are the best brands for baking organization box?

Vtopmart, Netgear and Stalwart are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking organization box. Find the detail in this article. Paincco, Honey-can-do and Seseno are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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