Best Baking Organizer Storage Cabinet

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1. Cutting Chopping Organizer Kitchen Countertop

Cutting Chopping Organizer Kitchen Countertop

This kitchen cabinet pan organizer rack can be set up in a minute and requires no tools or complicated installation process. The pots and pans organize under the cabinet is easy to clean and will give you more space in your kitchen for years. The round edge design helps protect against scratches, and the anti-skid backing keeps everything firmly in place. Their cutting board stand is a multi-functional one that can hold a variety of items. You can use it on the kitchen counter. Extra tools are not required for this cutting board rack organizers to stand on a flat surface. You just need to put the dividers into the frames. The storage rack's size is 5.7''Lx4.92''Wx8.46''H, which can fit your cutting boards or lids sizes between 0.85-1.2''W. The storage rack can hold chopping boards, pot lids, plates, and other items at the same time. You can save more space by keeping them neat in the cabinet or on the countertop. You can use this rack to hold your books, discs or files. The storage rack can hold chopping boards, pot lids, plates, and other items at the same time. You can save more space by keeping them neat in the cabinet or on the countertop. You can use this rack to hold your books, discs or files.

Brand: Hllbrc

👤This item can be used many different ways. It can be used for items like books, tablets, notebooks, etc. It is well packed and not heavy. The counter area in the kitchen should be kept more organized.

👤This rack is great for storing cutting boards. It's easy to get the one you want.

👤I wanted to keep my cutting boards easy to reach. It works well.

2. Vtopmart Airtight Storage Containers Supplies

Vtopmart Airtight Storage Containers Supplies

The patent is for the "Dimension 17.375''W x 13''D x 13.75'' H". It's perfect for pantry organization. The small containers in this set are perfect for storing a small box of cereals. They can be used to store baking supplies, cheerios, oats, pasta, cereals, rice, flour, sugar, coffee, tea, snacks, nuts. These containers are made of a type of plastic that has a longer life than other plastic containers. Clear containers make it easy to see what is inside. The plastic storage containers will make use of every inch of your home kitchen. If you have a large or small pantry, their containers will help you organize it. The containers are airtight to keep food fresh. The tight storage system will keep your food fresh. It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. There are 24 reusable labels. These labels will help you avoid confusion between flour and baking powder. You can change contents whenever you need.

Brand: Vtopmart

👤I threw them into the dishwasher to see if they would do okay without being washed by hand. I'm really liking the thick plastic that came out. They're air tight, no leaks, and the labels are cute. I will order some larger ones from this brand.

👤People who never bought this product answer questions from people who are interested in it. There are 30 pieces for those who need numbers. Each container was put in a plastic bag and packed in a retail box. The first time you place the lid on top, you have to press on the rubber to lock it up, because it is well made. I never had any issues with the containers. I keep trail mix, nuts, and cereals. There is no problem of being stagnant with any. Highly recommended.

👤It works perfectly inside the shelves. I was looking for something smaller than the other boxes. You can reuse the water and wipe the stickers off. It was very tight and easy to open. I love the product.

👤This is what I was looking for. We stopped allowing boxes,packages, etc into our home after COVID-19 Hit, and we needed some organization in our pantry. I was hesitant to buy these because of the reviews, but we have had no issues with them. These are easy to clean. These are my favorite color and they are ideal for storing beans,pasta,quinoa,brown rice,Macaroni and taco shells.

👤The smell is similar to burnt chemicals. The smell is so bad that you can smell a ton of bricks when you open the box. I washed and soaked them. I put my food in it because it smelled like chemicals after they dried. I thought the smell was outside when I took a bite, but it was really bad and now I have to throw my food away. There is no way that this is safe to eat or breathe. There are other reviews that say the same. Buy from another seller and save your money.

👤The containers are large enough to hold two bags of beans. I have a lot of beans and grains, so I bought them. They're easy to use and the seals are good. I'm buying bigger ones for flour, sugar, and other things.

👤If I wasn't in a rush to organize my pantry cabinet and do it on a budget, I would have bought better quality containers. I bought a set of large, cereals and medium container sets with rubber seals and plastic lock in place tabs. I would not recommend purchasing this size for the fact that the larger containers are easier to lock in place than the medium ones. I decided to hand wash all of these after reading other reviews. I used containers for organization and didn't need an air tight seal. I ordered another set of the largest size, and I like how much of these hold, more than my glass containers do. I ordered the containers by Simply Gourmet because they wouldn't fit any of the noodles I ordered. The containers are okay, but not easy to seal, since I don't have the funds to upgrade, I will be keeping all that I have ordered. I would like to replace Simply Gourmet with the Oxo brand in the future. They arrived yesterday. I don't know how they will hold up.

3. Spectrum Diversified A50078 Kitchen Organizer

Spectrum Diversified A50078 Kitchen Organizer

The style is inTRODUCE modern. The clean lines of the organizers inspire a fresh and contemporary look. The modern finishes complement a variety of kitchen styles and color schemes, showing off your style in the best light. You should organize your cabinets. Pots, pans, and lids are secured. The rungs on the cookware and dish rack make it easy to grab a skillet or lid without disrupting a stack. There is an organization called sylish. 3 storage spaces for your kitchen dishes are created by 4 rungs. The sleek design and modern finish add to the kitchen organization. You can display your kitchen décor in your cabinets or on the counter. VERTICAL STORAGE: Use vertical storage space to save space. Stack pots, pans, lids, muffin tins, cake pans, cookie sheets, and more on the short end of the organizers. You can grab what you need without moving pots. The dimensions are 10 L X 7 W X 6 H. To clean, wipe down with a damp cloth. As needed, wipe down the steel to remove dirt.

Brand: Spectrum Diversified

👤I couldn't use it on a shelf because it would come down with the dishes I used to organize. I used it to hold manilla folders on my desk, even though it didn't work for what I wanted. Disappointing.

👤I wanted to separate the baking trays/tins in the kitchen cupboard. It works perfectly. Very happy with the purchase.

👤It's perfect for a skinny cupboard to separate cutting boards and cookie sheets.

👤It is a little bigger than I anticipated and some of my cutting boards didn't fit on the rack, but I am fine with that and it fits the space I intended.

👤This is perfect for holding my sheet pans.

👤I use a cabinet to hold trays, baking sheets, etc. It's great!

👤Smooth metal surfaces make it easy to clean.

👤I have cutting boards in my cupboard.

4. Heavy Organizer Storage Holder Holds

Heavy Organizer Storage Holder Holds

Other organizers' dividers might lean because of heavy pans. 5mm thick wires are inserted into the stand to keep pans organized. You can stack smaller pans and skillets within one slot to save space, and the pan rack is 13” high with three 2.5” slots and one 3.5” slots to accommodate your larger saucepan. Make sure to keep your cast iron pans organized and hold your heaviest cookware in a heavy duty metal construction. There is a non-slip silicone point at the bottom of the rack. The pot rack won't slide back and forth when you put it on the countertop. If you need better anti-slip effect, you can put 3 Non-slip tube buckles on the ring of each layer. It's a perfect accessory for your kitchen. Pan organizers can be placed vertically or horizontally to fit your space. There are three slots and one slot in the dimensions of the W and H. There are three slots and one slot in the dimensions of the W and H.

Brand: Reeqmont

👤It seems to be sturdy but is smooth. It holds my lodge cast iron skillets. It is barely bent when holding cast iron, but I am not sure if it will last. It is not a problem for my normal pans. It can't hold a pot since it's designed for pans and lids.

👤Unless you have the right pans, this is not a good place to store pots and pans. It is not strong because it only stores on one side. It is hard to imagine that the stand is not leaning over in the picture. If you have light aluminum pans and need them to fit together without being too deep, this might work for you.

👤This is a great pot and pan stacker. My pots and pans are easy to grab and it fits in my cabinet. This product is very strong. Great purchase!

👤Sturdy holds my skillets. It looks good holding them. Don't buy a tall dutch oven. Buy another. I bought this one because of this. I didn't want a bottom rack that looked like it was waiting for a big pot. I only use this to hold skillets. Very happy. There were no complaints. There was no assembly.

👤The pot storage solution works well in a small space. If you need to store deep pots, this is not the best place to store them. This is very sturdy and great for frying pans.

👤At first, he was awesome and heavy. The non-slip tube buckles are noted in the package. It isn't level because they are missing. We heard large crashing noises from pans sliding off after we held strong for a month. It was worth a try.

👤If you have cast iron pans, every home needs this. I was skeptical if it would hold up under the weight. This would make a great gift.

👤It's ideal for storing iron skillets. All my skillets are there. I know where they are.

5. Spectrum Diversified Organizer Cutting Bakeware

Spectrum Diversified Organizer Cutting Bakeware

The elegant classic style is called Channel. A uniform look celebrates form, function, and style. The modern lines and classic finishes create a traditional look. It was designed to coordinate with the rest of the home. Keep your cutting boards, baking sheets, cookie sheets, muffin pans, and more contained and organized in this kitchen essential. You can put the kitchen organizers on the inside of a cabinet door, on a pantry wall, or anywhere you want to keep your cutting board. The stylish design makes it look good wherever you put it. WALL-MOUNTED STORAGE. Attach the organizers to your wall or cabinet door. Simply secure the rack with screws and a pre-drilled hole in the wall, then tighten the screws until the rack feels firmly fastened, because the brackets are built into the design for easy and straightforward mounting. There is mounting hardware included. Alternative surfaces may require specialized hardware. Take dead space. Open space in cabinets can be used for storage. You can keep bakeware, cookie sheets, cutting boards, pot lids, and more inside your kitchen cabinets. To clean, wipe with a damp cloth and towel.

Brand: Spectrum Diversified

👤I knew what I wanted to put it in when I got this. I had to attach it to my cabinet. When I opened the sealed packaging, I saw that it had two longer screws for the wall and two shorter screws for the cabinet doors. Someone removed the screw package and ripped apart the cardboard. I have been trying to get the screws that were supposed to be included. I need to contact the seller through Amazon's customer service, even though it was a Prime purchase. That led me nowhere. There is a I have a package that is not worth my time to bring to the post office to get it back. My son in law may be able to find screws that will work. I have never received an incomplete package while shopping with Amazon. This appears to be a returned item that was re-packaged.

👤The holder was great for the inside of the cabinet door. Make sure that the mounting hardware you use is appropriate for the material you are installing. You need different types of screws and wall anchors. Pre-drilling a small pilot hole is required if you are installing a cabinet door. I was looking for a way to maximize storage space inside a kitchen cabinet, but cutting board holders are pricey. This was a great product.

👤The hardware is good, but the screws they sent with it were ridiculous. I took it down because you can't use the screws with the item. Who heard of two of them breaking while installing? The day was saved because we have real screws that worked. It's difficult to install inside of a cabinet door, but make sure you have the right amount of space for your largest board. The board may lean forward to prevent a close. If you have your own installation hardware, I would recommend the product.

👤I took a star away because the base is very awkward to stack. The front of the board leans forward as the bottom slides down. Command hooks were used to attach it to one of my cabinets.

👤Kitchen storage is very rare in my Victorian home, which is stunning. I decided to go vertical for storage and was looking for a cutting board holder that didn't go on the side of the cabinets. This is easy to install and holds a lot of cutting boards. Everyone asks where I got it after over a month. It makes the space look cleaner and easier to access. I would like to see other colors, but silver doesn't look bad. I would recommend it.

👤The product concept is great. The screws that came with the product are terrible. They are probably made of cheap metal. I had to shear off the screw head and leave a hole in the wood in order to take it out. The stripped screw heads became very difficult to work with. You need to make pilot holes in order to use soft screws. Measure the thickness of your cabinet door first. The shot screw is good for the central thin panel because it is fastened to the thick door edge. The space needed to close the door makes the bottom two vertical slots too high. There are better instructions to give for installing this product. It is too small to fit in the "Progressive Over-The-Sink Dish Drainer". The ref is "od_aui_detailpages00?"

6. Vtopmart Containers Canisters Organization Dishwasher

Vtopmart Containers Canisters Organization Dishwasher

It is easy to clean and store containers. The lids are not dishwasher safe. The containers and lids are made of the same material. Imagine walking to your kitchen or pantry and finding everything is neatly organized. You can get everything you want quickly now that you're no longer messy. The containers will make use of every inch of your kitchen pantry cabinets. The kitchen storage containers set comes in 4 different sizes. There are 4 large containers, 6 medium containers, and 4 small containers. It's perfect for storing spaghetti, baking supplies, cereals, flour, sugar, oats, pasta, rice, coffee, tea, snacks, nuts and other dry goods. The side-locking lids with Silicone gasket make these storage containers airtight, and the top flips open easily. The tight storage system will keep your food fresh. All of them have the same lids that make it easy to wash and reuse. Topmart pantry storage containers are made of plastic which has a longer life than other plastic containers. You can easily get what you want without opening every container if you have clear containers. You will also receive 24 labels if you have 15 containers. You can change contents whenever you need. Peel and Re-stick can be changed with a damp cloth.

Brand: Vtopmart

👤I was thrilled with the cheap price of my order, and I imagined the more rigid, clear plastic that I wanted. I realized it was more opaque than Tupperware when it arrived. I had thought of larger containers, but they were not as large as I had thought. I didn't unpack it, but it looked like it was going to be sealed. It was probably a quality product, but not what I was looking for. I returned it.

👤This product was very disappointing. If you look at the picture of the containers advertised, they are made from a very thick plastic that you can't see, and the sizes are not the same as advertised. The containers are small and will be turned over to Amazon.

👤I'm suspicious of the number of positive reviews after I received the product. Many reviewers said that the bins are smaller than they appear in the pictures, and that they are not as clear. It was difficult to put the lid on. They can't easily click in place. It couldn't be done without holding a bin upside down in my arms and pressing very hard, not practical when it's full of sugar. The thin plastic hinges that held the tabs in place would not last long like this. This leads to a bigger complaint for me. I got a message that it was not eligible for a return when I initiated a return. I was surprised that it was a Prime purchase, but I couldn't find a return policy on the page of the product or the seller. It seems dishonest to me. I was able to get in touch with an Amazon representative who gave me a refund after an hour and a half, but I feel bad for the other people who didn't have time to fight for their refunds.

👤I didn't read all of the reviews. My in-laws were going to visit. I was in a rush to get my cabinets organized. I ordered these because I thought they were similar to the before and after pantry photos you can find on the internet. The containers are not clear. They are frosted. They are just tall Tupperware. The labels are ok but the white marker doesn't have a sturdy tip so it doesn't look clean and sharp. The labels are not the same for someone as anal as I am. Consistency and cohesiveness are what I like. I wanted them to be clear. I kept my order despite being in a bind. I saw a lot of reviews that said they got a box with small containers. I think I thought the same. They are stacked inside one another. They appear to be small. I assure you that they are not. You have to unpack it and you will see they are all in the same place. They keep my coffee, almonds and granola easy to find. The containers don't fit in your cabinets because of their shape. The containers are not lined up side by side like books on a shelf because of the bulky lids. Eh.

7. SimpleHouseware Cabinet Organizer Holder Silver

SimpleHouseware Cabinet Organizer Holder Silver

The minimum required for regular cans is 15. Please measure the basket before making a purchase. The Over the Door height is 18 inches. There are over-the-cabinet, inside cabinet door-mounted or wall-mounted installations. Hardware screws are included. A great place to keep bathroom supplies, cutting board, bakeware pan, cookie sheet, and plastic food wrap. The hook is padded to fit the cabinet door and protect it from scratches. Sturdy steel made with a coat of silver and used for cutting boards.

Brand: Simple Houseware

👤I used Command hooks instead of screws because my cutting board was too long for the over the door hooks. It's holding up great! The width is large enough to hold 5 cutting boards.

👤My cabinet won't close all the way with this on, but it might be the type of door I have. When you close the door, you have to make sure there is enough space in the cabinet. It wouldn't work in a few of my cabinets. I'm happy with the purchase and I love the space it saves.

👤It was put on the side of the cupboard to hold the large cutting boards. It's sturdy and perfect.

👤I gave this product a one star rating. The basket was secured with incorrect set of screws or a faulty product. Dealing with the company has been less than helpful. The screws that came with the product didn't work, so I contacted the company. I was pleasantly surprised that the company responded quickly. The company became unresponsive when I reported their proposed solution didn't resolve my issue. I bought this product because of the product review, but I am very disappointed.

👤This is a good storage solution for things like cutting boards and cookie sheets that take up a lot of room when stored upright, and fall over when stored flat. I didn't want to drill into my new cabinets so I used the over-the-door hooks. If you choose this option, you will run into the same issues that I have. The brackets that hook over the door are too wide and do not fit over my cabinet door. To make them fit better, I took a couple of mounting squares, folded them in half, stuck them together, and trimmed them to fit. I did this for both sides. I stuck the backing paper back on the side that touches the wood so it wouldn't stick permanently. The organizers flopping around when I shut the cabinet was stopped because of this. The issue is the sound. When opening and closing the cabinet, it still moves. To solve the problem, I put the Command Adhesive Small Wire Hooks over the horizontal wire at the bottom of the cabinet door, and stuck them to the door with the command strips. I didn't have to damage the wood by putting the thing in place because the organizers is firmly in place. The organizers is a smart idea. There are several cutting boards and cookie sheets in it. I'm considering buying a second one to hold my cooling rack, roasting rack, and serving trays, despite the modifications I've had to make. If I could make a suggestion to the manufacturer, it would be to include optional shims in the package, so the hanging brackets can be used on narrower cabinets. I only gave it 4 stars because it doesn't have a way to adjust the depth.

👤The over the door option didn't work on my cabinet so I chose the flush mount. It works well for my liquor cabinet. It looks like it was made for them.

8. MDesign Plastic Kitchen Organizer Cupboard

MDesign Plastic Kitchen Organizer Cupboard

It's Measures 11 x 11 x 3.5 high. The 4-tier robbery is more serious. The compact tiered design provides plenty of storage space and is perfect for storing herbs, spices, curry, seeds, garlic salt, onion powder, cinnamon, baking supplies and more. You can maximize your space by creating more space in cluttered kitchen cabinets, shelves and pantry with this very functional tiered shelf organization; items are within easy reach, but out of view, keeping your kitchen looking organized and clean. Functions and quotient: It's perfect for storing nail polish, perfume, lotion, body sprays, makeup, lipstick and other cosmetics in the bathroom, and it's easy to locate and quickly grab what you need. Easy Care - clean with mild soap and water - is made of shatter-resistant plastic and is food safe. It's 11 x 10 x 3.4" high.

Brand: Mdesign

👤My item was in excellent condition. I needed a new spice rack because my old one had been reallocated. This one is definitely an upgrade. I like the look and size. The inside of my cabinet is much cleaner and neater now that it has clear acrylic. My old one had a lip on it to hold the containers in place, which was an issue. Things were falling. There is a lot of room to hold containers. The size of the containers is very specific with the lip. There is no room for over hanging. The inside of the shelves is small. The salt and pepper shakers fit, but not the glass sea salt bottle and the cardboard Morton's salt container. I'm willing to work with that. I like my new rack with lips front and back. I could not be happier.

👤The tiers are nice and the clear shelving is easy to clean. The shelving doesn't have a lip or edge to stop things from falling off, which is the reason I'm giving this only two stars. 3 people tried to pull spices down over the last couple days, and every single time they fell off the shelf. This is incredibly annoying and messy. We broke a bottle of spices and had to clean them up on the counter and floor. I will take it back out and leave the spices in the shelf until I figure out what to do with it, but if I can use it to organize cleaning products under the sink, I will most likely return it.

👤I like the "side rails" because they don't fall off.

👤The shelves on this unit are large enough to hold larger items than the typical spice jar. When used, no assembly is required and it disappears into the background.

👤The 16 inch rack is out of the box, but it happens to all of us sooner or later. It has glass bottles. The top tier is the most prominent. It needs some help. I had the 11 inch and bought the longer one to fit more seasonings.

👤The spice rack is really good. The bottles are raised so I can see the ones in the back.

👤We fall out from back fronts on different levels. Things will stap put if they have a little lip on fronts. The front row of spices can't be seen.

👤These shelves help to organize the spices. Well made and would purchase again.

👤I bought this to store my personal care items, it is great and allows me to see everything as soon as I open the cupboard. Good quality and sturdy.

👤Not suitable for a wall unit. We use it in the pull out larder because it's too deep for my kitchen units.

👤It's nice and it's sturdy.

👤The product was great and the delivery was quick.

9. Updated Organizer Cabinet Adjustable ORDORA

Updated Organizer Cabinet Adjustable ORDORA

The pot and pan organizers for the cabinet can be adjusted to keep their balance, and the U-turn part provides a better footing for smaller kitchen tools, so that you won't have to worry about them sliding off. Excellent pots and pans organizer rack under cabinet is easy and fast to assemble in 3 ways: vertical on both sides, vertical on one side, and horizontal on one side. It's easy to install the dividers into the slots of the rack. The pot rack is made of heavy-duty iron and is easy to clean. Adjustable 8 Tiers Fit All Pans/PotsORDORA pot and pan organizer is great for every pan, pot in your cookware collection, large or small; you can easily adjust the tiers to accommodate 8 or more. If you want to give your kitchen an upgrade, you should stack your cookware on this rack, eliminate countertop clutter and get all your cookware within each reach as you cook. If you want to give your kitchen an upgrade, you should stack your cookware on this rack, eliminate countertop clutter and get all your cookware within each reach as you cook.

Brand: Ordora

👤There are no dimensions given to me. In the User Instructions as well! Their website didn't help in regards to dimensions. I took a chance. Nope! It wasn't in the largest cabinet. You know, the one by the stove that is supposed to hold pots and pans. I'm here to help you. The Main Frame is 16 and 5 1/2 inches. If you use the Main Frame vertically, you will need 21 and 9/16 inches. The pots and pans are not included. The rack of pots and pans is not shown in the drawing. I put a photo of our pots and pans in the rack so that you can see how much space is needed for a full rack. I put it on top of the KALLAX shelving unit. The supports are dipped in vinyl. I am happy with it even though it didn't fit where I wanted it to. Excellent quality and flexibility in use. I can use it with another person. The main frame would be horizontal at the bottom. Cookie sheets, cutting boards, and lids would make good homes there.

👤This is an organizers dream! It is easy to assemble. We can help you organize your pots and pans.

👤This wasn't the one we wanted for us. The metal pieces seem well made, with a protective plastic coating over the metal ends that will come in contact with your pots and pans. It is incredibly unstable, as you remove and replace items. The plastic coating to protect your pans is problematic because it doesn't allow items to slide in and out easily, and the small pieces of metal that hold the shelves in place cause the rack to collapse. We tried for two days to figure out a way to make it work, but every time we pulled a pan or went to replace a shelf the rack collapsed. The current design of the rack is not usable.

👤It holds my cast iron well. Save space by displaying Them. I can use my art on a daily basis. The farm house is in my house decor. I have several cast iron and dutch ovens. It's hard to store when you don't have a lot of space. If you have wide deep lower cabnets, this is a great solution because it is easy to hide and display. You don't have to pull all your cookwear out to get what you need.

👤The kitchen has a limited amount of cabinet space. Our pots and pans cabinet is just one large open space, so all of our pots and pans are stacked on top of each other. I saw this rack and knew it would resolve our issue. All of our pots and pans fit together very well. The space in the cabinet was increased.

👤Would definitely recommend. This storage rack is very versatile because of the great options for set-up. It's a little shaky but not enough to deter use or purchase. Smaller pots and lids can be placed to one side of the loops or the other, but not as a deterrent, as the loop design claims. The function and ease of getting pots and pans in and out is something we are happy with.

10. Expandable Organizers Organizer Protection 2 Adjustable

Expandable Organizers Organizer Protection 2 Adjustable

No tools or installation are required for one minute set-up. The pots and pans organizer has 12 dividers that can be adjusted in half-inch increments to hold plates, pans, small cutting boards, and cookbooks. The rack can be used as a pot rack for under the cabinet or as a pot rack for individual pots. ADVANCED SCRATCH PROTECTION Silicone padding on the top of the rack base will protect your kitchen essentials, plates, pot lids, glass containers, Pyrex bake-ware or baking dishes, non-stick pans, small cutting boards, recipe books. Collaborative &TILE STORAGE SOLUTION The pot and pan organizer for cabinet has 2 small pan rack and 12 U-shaped dividers, which make it very practical and space saving. Home cooks love this easy to use pan and organize. SturDY CONSTRUCTION The base on their pan rack organizers is made of heavy-duty Silicone and can hold cookware of all sizes, including small to medium Cast Iron skillets. Their pot rack organizer is an excellent addition to any kitchen, helping to organize any mess. QUICK ASSEMBLY You can set up this kitchen organizer for cabinet in under a minute. Attach the 4 silicone pads, install the anti-skid feet, and insert the dividers. 2 Small Racks, 12 Dividers, 4 Silicone Strips, 6 Non-Slip Small Feet, 2 Non-Slip Large Feet, and their one-of-a-kind Scratch Protection Silicone Padding are included. QUICK ASSEMBLY You can set up this kitchen organizer for cabinet in under a minute. Attach the 4 silicone pads, install the anti-skid feet, and insert the dividers. 2 Small Racks, 12 Dividers, 4 Silicone Strips, 6 Non-Slip Small Feet, 2 Non-Slip Large Feet, and their one-of-a-kind Scratch Protection Silicone Padding are included.

Brand: Better Things Home

👤I can only say that this is worth every penny you spend, I suggest all households get one! I have been looking for one for a long time, but never found it. It is very easy to assemble and use the lid rack. I love these! It would be much easier if I found it earlier.

👤I received the product today and it was the same as before. I used the rack to organize the pans. I separated the rack into two pieces because of my cabinet space and height. You can only stack 4 lids per rack if you use this as two separate racks. If you get creative, it could be 5. I was able to rest on the divider at the end. The product is 4.55 out of 5, but I think it works and is well made. The product would have been better if the bottom rack had more weight to hold the organizers. When I am in the kitchen, I always open multiple cabinets and put things away. If I don't take out the bigger lids quickly, the organizers will shift around a bit. If you prefer to have the thin/regular lids stand upright instead of being slanted at angle, then you will need to buy the extra wires. It is under $32 and 40% of the price for this organizer. It is possible to buy a second unit if you need it.

👤Right beside my pans, my lids are organized. There were previously lids floating around in cabinets. I could fit them inside pots or pans. They were difficult to navigate and to find the right one. The simple stand changed everything. It takes a bit of real estate to make the pan and lid stands accessible. Great product. The dividers are metal and strong, but the lids are not strong enough to bend them back. The pan rack's dividers have the same rubber buffer as the dividers for the lids. Not an issue for me or my glass lid yet, just want to note that for clarity. My reviews of the pans and lids products are the same as mine, because I bought and am using both of them.

👤I bought this after the kitchen renovation. The lids are no longer shifting in my cabinet. It's easy to grab the lid.

👤I browsed Amazon for other options before purchasing this. I'm very happy that I gambled on this one. It's built very well and works as described. Installation was a bit of a pain because you have to take the metal prongs and squeeze them together to fit into the base from the inside. That's the only downside I can think of. I highly recommend this if you're looking for a storage option.

👤I've had a problem with these for a long time. The pans and lids were in a mess. I got fed up with digging and clanging through the mess when I wanted to cook. The Better Things Home pan and lid organizers were the most versatile storage solutions I researched. I'm happy! They expand to fit my cabinets and put every square inch of space to use. I put my heaviest cast iron pans side-by-side without any problems. I can easily see my pans and lids now. The Better Things Home products are an excellent value and I would purchase them again.

11. Puricon Organizer Dividers Expandable Cookware

Puricon Organizer Dividers Expandable Cookware

It can seem like finding the perfect storage solution to organize and de-cluttering your kitchen is not easy. They are happy to help. It is possible to maximize the space usage of your cabinet and counter tops, perfect for pot and pan lid, fry pan, cutting board, cookie sheet, bakeware, cast iron skillet, roast pan, baking sheet and more. One-minute set-up, no tools required, because the dividers are deep and large enough to hold all shapes of pans or pots more steadily. Two individual ranks or just as one rack that can be expanded to 22.25” in length can be used, allowing for the same levels of secure and convenient storage, meet your personalized storage needs. Heavy duty metal, more durable and holding heavy weight cookware, is a solid construction safe material. 8 rubber feet and 4 ukulele hooks are included to protect your countertop surface and keep your cooking utensils, towels or other stuffs out of sight.

Brand: Puricon

👤I use this to store pots and skillets. My goal was to store the pots with the lids, but where the 2 sections overlap, it doesn't work out. Extra parts that aren't accounted for in the instructions and diagrams were received. I discovered that they forgot to finish parts of the instructions, such as naming the diagrams and saying which diagram goes with what piece of instruction. I wrote them in to include here.

👤I had a large cabinet with my pots and pans in it. I could not find what I needed because I was always pushed to the back or the bottom of the pile. That was ended by this organizer. I can find my stuff and my pans are not getting scratched.

👤It was very easy to put together. You can place the spacers wherever you want. It can be used in one row or separated for more flexibility. There is no more stacking and unstacking skillets.

👤My previous rack had brackets that were attached to the base with plastic clips. The plastic clips would break as the dividing brackets slid. This is much stronger. There are more brackets when the clip is in place. The bottom rack is 1 inch higher and I now have 3 frying pans that sit too high and hit the top of the cabinet drawer opening. The attachment of the racks may need this. The pans would sit lower if the rails were further apart. I had to remove the pan and brackets so that the 3 wider pans could lean back.

👤It's pretty easy to use. Can be used for pans. The bottom line helped me organize the pans, pots and all the lids.

👤A good organizer. I used it in two sections, one on top shelf and the other right below. The rubber cylinder feet are great but hard to use for my thumb joints. The metal is just right at the price point. Good value and holds well.

👤This product is great for organizing kitchen pans. You can replace a pan multiple times without any problems, and you can have other problems with the other items you have stacked beside it. A very useful product.

👤It is very easy to assemble. Set up quickly. There were four dividers left over. I used it for pots. You will have plenty if you use for lids.

👤The included instructions are not very helpful at first, but once you figure it out you are fine. If you extend it to full length, double the amount would be ideal as you can only use half.

👤It's ideal for storage of oven trays, being able to change the width of the gaps surprisingly simple to put together, and well impressed with the look.

👤Endlich die herumrutschenden Topfdeckel. Alles gut sortiert. Ihren Haltbarkeit ist erst erhalten. Weil es zum Schben waren, sollte es in die Schben schaffen.

👤Tena de sartenes, ordenar, y todos los organizadores. I caben todas en el cajn y con la altura justa. Y parece. The resumen was perfecto.


What is the best product for baking organizer storage cabinet?

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What are the best brands for baking organizer storage cabinet?

Hllbrc, Vtopmart and Spectrum Diversified are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking organizer storage cabinet. Find the detail in this article. Reeqmont, Simple Houseware and Mdesign are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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