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1. Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial

Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial

Sides can be easily separated when done cooking. It is easy to remove cake or food without using grease or flour. Baking Quality Steel Pans Cook Perfectly For A Thick And Firm Cake. Every time. Every time you bake, natural aluminum's superior heat conductivity ensures consistent, evenly brown results. It is made to resist years of baking and will not rust. Professional grade pans are the preferred choice for bakeries and home kitchens. Straight-walled sides are available in 6 diameters.

Brand: Nordic Ware

👤I ordered another pan because I liked it so much, I had this exact pan for over a year. The pans are an excellent value for the price, they're sturdy, made in the USA and bake evenly. Nordic Ware has modified their line of baking pans to include a large, raised corporate logo on the inside of the pan. It's more difficult to clean this because it causes sticking. If you make an inverted recipe, the top of your cake will have a mirror image Nordic Ware brand imprint. You would think a bake ware company would understand the importance of a smooth baking surface, but it appears that aggressive corporate branding has won out. I contacted Nordic Ware to see if I could swap my new pan for my older one, but they no longer have those. It's not nice to see a marketing decision decrease the utility of a nice line of bake ware.

👤Nordic Ware is the gold standard in bakeware. It is made in the USA. I decided to remove China from my kitchen after learning about the dog food scandal. Our pets and our food. They added toxic Melamine to the dog food imported here so they could sell it for more money. I found Nordic Ware when I was younger. I changed out my baking sheets. I'm in awe of their natural aluminum line. They have a coating, but it isn't needed. These are solid, cannot warp orbuckle in a hot oven, and can't be thrown off the floor. They wash like a dream. A short soak in the sink is all that's needed for most burned-on food. I'm still working on replacing my cake pans. Can't afford to do it all at once, but this is a great example of how you pay for what you get. There is a I would like to remind people that if they get cheated by sellers who send them fake wares, they need to Negatively review the seller in these product reviews. If you want it to be right for you, report it to Amazon.

👤The seller gave me a used pan and a brand new pan. I ordered two on April 12 and they were delivered on May 4. I can't go through the drama of returing a used pan because I ordered new ones. I will tell a story about how this used pan traveled the country through hairy turns and scary twists, winding its way to my kitchen where it was loved for the rest of its days.

👤Oh my goodness! It was not known that a cake pan would make a difference. This is the first time in over 40 years that I have made a visually perfect cake. No need to cut the tops off to get an even top. The cake came out very moist and good crumb. Very happy with the product. I used oil spray and precut paper to clean it up.

👤Nordic Ware is my go-to brand for affordable bakeware. I've been replacing my cheap pans with the "Naturals" line equivalents and have not been disappointed. The cake pans are thick and will not warp in the oven. A simple butter/flour coat will allow your cakes to slide out of the pan. Everything I've baked in them comes out perfectly, with no odd peaks or cracking in the middle. I love them! The pans don't stack inside each other nicely for storage and bakes tend to take a little longer in them due to the heavier build. I've found that extra bake time is generally about 30% more than a standard pan. These are not issues for me.

2. Far Stainless Non Toxic Healthy Dishwasher

Far Stainless Non Toxic Healthy Dishwasher

Muffin Pan, 12 Cup were included. E-far layer cake pans are made of pure steel without toxic materials and are healthy for your daily baking use. Tier cake pans are constructed by premium-grade and heavy gauge steel to avoid deformation, Rust resistant and sturdy for a long- lasting service life. Straight-sided design for making stacked cakes easily, a mirror finished surface for an easy and clean release, and evenly heated steel for your baked goods, are all part of crafter. There is a multi-PURPOSE. This small cake pan set is great for baking cake, quiche, deep dish pizza, fruit cobblers, flan and gelatin molded desserts, and is also great to steam food, store snacks. These round baking pans are ideal for Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, housewarming and other special occasions and are handy and versatile to meet most of your baking needs.

Brand: E-far

👤I was worried that it would be cheap, but they weren't. The cakes slipped out of the heavy metal. I needed them for my sister's wedding. She and her husband liked the cake. The guests did the same.

👤I made a layer cake for the first time and it was nice even cakes that easily popped out.

👤I make sticky buns for the family at Christmas. Some families are down to 2 people, so I usually use 9 cake pans. I wanted smaller pans. The pans worked well. The size was perfect for the pan. The Carmel sauce didn't stick to the pans. It was easy to clean up. I am going to purchase the E-Far cake pans to replace my Maker's Secret pans.

👤These are better than aluminum pans. Straight walled cakes pop out.

👤These cake pans are gorgeous. These were affordable, but not cheap. Grease them after I line them with parchment. I have never had a cake stick. That's saying something because I do baking that's free of wheat. I found cake pans that are more affordable than the ones in the store. 100% recommended. Dry with a hand wash. They will last a long time.

👤The pans are perfect for the smaller cakes. The layers are baked without drying out. Baking time is reduced by 1/3 because of their size.

👤I used a piece of paper in the bottom to hold the cake in place. They are a good thickness, can't comment on how that impacts baking as I have a convection oven, but seemed to be even.

👤They used all three to make a cake. It worked out perfectly. I used all three pans to make two cakes for my birthday. It turned out great.

3. CHEF Stainless Layer Cake Pans Pressure Dishwasher

CHEF Stainless Layer Cake Pans Pressure Dishwasher

Reuse or recycle. After a baking session, don't clean up glass pie tins. Borrowing dishes from neighbours. Their disposable tins are perfect for home bakers. When done, just use your dish, enjoy the pie, and recycle. The P&P Chef cake pan set is made of pure steel, which is healthy for your daily baking use. One-PIECE CONSTRUCTION - Full sides all around help to keep food contained without any leakage and ensure cakes perfectly come out, The cake pans are solid constructed to avoid deformation, Ensure rust resistant, Spread heat evenly, Sturdy and durable to last for a long service life Matching every style of your kitchen, smooth edge without sharp angles for comfortable holding, 2-inch straight side is good for uniform cakes for easily cutting and making layer cakes. Functions - 8. It is necessary to cut naked embryo cake into several tiers to make tier cakes, but the round baking pan is sufficient for this. The dishwasher is safe. The round cake pan is dishwasher safe and easy to clean, as shiny as new after washing.

Brand: P&p Chef

👤I'm going to use these pans for the first time. I felt a rough spot on the bottom ring as I washed them. I noticed that it had a crack. I'm not happy. These pans were of good quality. I don't know how long they're going to last. I'm hoping there are no health risks with the material. If I find out there are other problems after I bake my cake, I will update the post.

👤I have never baked anything before. I thought I would do something special for my wife. She backed her cake with these pans. They baked great. They did a great job cleaning up. I could not have been happier. If you fill these to bake to the top of the pan, that's one thing. My cake was about 10 inches tall. It was very impressive to look at. I was a cake baker. That's right!

👤The cake pans are wonderful. I used them the same way I use my older pans. There was no need to trim the edges of the cakes because they were perfectly baked. The cakes and pans were clean. They look brand new after several uses. I put them in the dishwasher to see if they worked. Some of my other pans don't come out clean and need a hand washing, but there is no sticky spray oil left.

👤The pans worked well for my cake. I was looking for a bigger size. It was covered with icing and perfect!

👤I made a small cake with these pans and it turned out great. I was worried about the bottom of the pan and the sides, but when I lined the bottom with paper and padded strips, everything worked out.

👤These may be the best cake pans I have ever had. The cake slipped out after they baked it well with no depression in the center. The sides are straight and easy to frost. I used cheap cake pans when I was a child. I'll be buying other sizes of this pan when I need them.

👤I was making a desert for Christmas and needed 8 inch round cake pans. They were delivered early on the 24th. I like that they are made of steel. I bought the liners with the tabs. My cake turned out perfect because of the pans.

👤The product was great. My wife used it the day after christmas to make a great cake. It's easy to clean and it looks classy.

4. Good Cook Inch Round Cake

Good Cook Inch Round Cake

The built bake toUGH is built to last through daily use in both the home kitchen and commercial establishments. The coating is heavy duty and easy to clean.

Brand: Good Cook

👤I bake a lot of bread, so we bought a few of these pans. I've used it for both bread and meatloaf. The pan is useless because the coating has bubbled off. This is not acceptable.

👤I have a loaf of bread in this pan. The sesame candy is in the other pan. These pans are really nice. Good Cook, you're probably losing sales because you say the pan is 8 x 4. The measurement is 8 1/2 X 4 1/2. I was looking for 8 1/2 X 4 1/2 pans, so I almost didn't buy this pan. I bought one pan and then ordered another.

👤After cooking a meat loaf, the non-stick surface is coming off. Don't buy.

👤I was frustrated to leave part of the bread in the pan because the breads using coconut or almond flour just seemed to stick to my glass bread pan. The pan turned out great on the cooling rack. The pan is small. I am very happy to have purchased this. I think it will last a long time after it was cleaned up.

👤I have some time on my hands now that I'm retired. One of them is making bread. My first attempt was with Krusteaze mix. The loaf was a blob of eight inches across and two high-not really sandwich making material. I bought this loaf pan because it was cheap. I didn't expect much more than a disposable pan. Imagine my surprise when I saw it was strong and well-formed. The label was stuck to the bottom with some kind of sticky stuff. They were printed in a very small style. It must be 1point or less. No way my eyes are reading that. I washed it by hand. The dough was dumped in the loaf pan and had a nice looking loaf of bread 24 minutes later. The bread fell out when the pan was turned upside down. The pan was almost as clean as if it hadn't been used. The cheapest metal pan I could find was bought by me. It worked perfectly and was well made. It was worth five stars. I made seven loaves of bread in this pan. It's in great shape. The non-stick coating shows no sign of rust or corrosion. You can't beat that.

👤I don't think it should be happening. I use them to hold water in the oven for steaming and to bake bread. This has been going on for a long time. I no longer use them in the oven for steaming. The pictures are going to the trash. Did I get my money back? I don't think so. I don't think it should be happening.

👤Don't buy these pans if you want to ruin your food and have money to waste. Pans should not be used to cook. The center is very watery. wasted money on ingredients. It was very disappointing. Plus, they're terrible. It's reasonable to give back my money and pay for 2 desserts. The company's customer service is just as bad as the product. I reached out to them to let them know about the pans, and they responded by saying it was me. I bake a lot and the only thing that was common was these Good Cook Springform pans. I don't know why the pans wouldn't work unless you used the same mix, we are a distributor and you can get a refund through Amazon. I can't tell you what brand of pans you have. Bradshaw Home 9409 Buffalo Avenue is located in Rancho CuCAMonga, California.

5. Hiware Non Stick Springform Removable Bottom

Hiware Non Stick Springform Removable Bottom

Zulay guarantees no hassle with a lifetime guarantee on the Cheesecake Pan. If there are ever any issues with this product, please contact them and they will make it right. This product will live up to your expectations if you order now. If it does not, they have your back. Chances are, you won't need to reach out. HEALTHY COATING. Their non-stick coating is a food grade safety coating. The cake can be easily removed with the double layer coating. If you make it difficult to clean the cake, it will leave a lot of cake mess. The STAINLESS SPRINGFORM BUCKLE is easy to release. The cake will be pulled out perfectly with little effort because of the upgraded springform buckle which is stronger and easier to switch. If you are a fan of traditional baking, you should include 50 pieces of parchment paper. If you want to prevent the cake from sticking to the chassis, combine with other designs to remove the perfect cake while also sucking away excess oil. OVEN-SAFE UP TO 450F. The premium material allows the pan to heat up quickly and evenly during the heating process on the stove or in the oven, with a heat resistance of up to 450F, the food can be baked safely and presents a perfect look. If you love baking stuff like cheese cake, yogurt cake, mousse, coffee cake, lasagna, quiche, paella, cookies, then this is the best tool for you. It's also a great gift for your friends. It is recommended to wash your hands.

Brand: Hiware

👤I ordered a pan to use in my pot. I was worried that the pan would be too large. If you have your heart set on the 6in, I think this is a great choice, even though a 7 in wood has been the perfect size. The non-stick surfaces are smooth and the pain feels sturdy. I wanted the 7in. I bought a 7in pan at Target that looked similar and cost $5 more than the one I got from Amazon, but I didn't want to wait. It blows aardvarks. I'm going to order another one in the 7-inch size on Amazon.

👤The pan leaked batter into my iPot and made a mess. The metal folded rim was hard to clean. Food got stuck under the rim because it wasn't sealed. There is no way to clean. It smelled like a cat box two days after I used it.

👤This is my first experience with a pan. It fits perfectly in my InstantPot. I used a sling to help with the removal. I am not sure if it was my fault that the pan leaked, but I did not snap it together well enough. Next time I use it, I will put the bottom in foil. I am giving it a 4 stars because it had a bit of food debris in the dishwasher and still had the bottom on.

👤I love this pan. I always make a lot of batter and wanted something smaller. reassembled easily. I wrapped the bottom in foil for the water bath so I'm not sure if it leaks, but it cooked beautifully. I like the paper inserts.

👤This might work well for traditional cheesecake, but not for Basque cheesecake or batter only recipes. I cover the bottom of the Basque cheesecakes with aluminum foil. Getting the bottom lip clean is difficult because of the construction of the pan. I decided to keep the pan as I have a lot of work to do.

👤I got 2 cheese cakes last week. One in the instapot and one in my air fryer was better than the other. If you take care of it, it won't rust, but you can't use a dish washer. I put it in the oven at 200 degrees for 3 minutes to dry it out, just remember a magnet will not still to STAINLESS STEEL if you are unsure, just hand wash it and then put it in the oven.

👤Some customers claim that these rust are dried off. Knowing that helped me wash them and dry them quickly. I have not seen any abnormal wear or rusting so far. I would buy the pans again because they made a perfect little cake.

👤I bought this because of the outbreak. I wanted a small cheesecake, but I had larger pans. I never take a chance on leaking. I use foil or paper to line the bottom of the pan to make sure it doesn't leak. This one works just as well as any I've seen before.

6. Inch Round Foil Disposable Aluminum

Inch Round Foil Disposable Aluminum

PANS are made in the USA. NYHI disposable foil food containers are made in the USA to ensure the highest standard of quality. They will give you a full refund if you are not completely satisfied. No questions were asked. Baking, serving, and storing in one convenient place with little ones: Their disposable 9” cake pans are perfect for convenience. MontoPack makes food service an enjoyable experience. Straight-edge dishes encourage even cooking and fit more food per container because of their deep, slanted walls. It is possible to bake pies with strong, flat bottoms. HeAVIER-DUTY ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTION. It doesn't mean disposable is wasteful. Their foil cake tins with lids are made of thick, high-quality foil and are strong enough to be used again and again. They are easy to grip and hold. The 9-inch pie pans with lids help to reduce your carbon footprint by saving money while handling all your soups, salads, cakes, cookies and other light fare. The kitchen is clean. Clean conscience. If you want to keep your party going, skip the cling wrap, heavy glassware and expensive party plates. The 50-pack of aluminum pie tins lightens your load. Prepare food for an army.

Brand: Montopack

👤I wanted to put pies in the pans. We decided to sell pies to people at my work because my girlfriend is a chef. When I took the last order, we had almost 40 pies to make. My girlfriend makes pies that are not $5 special. The standard disposable pie dishes are not deep enough to hold each pie. These worked out perfectly. We made the pies smaller to fit, but we didn't have to scale back. These were great for Lemon meringue ice cream pie, French silk pie, pumpkin chaffant, and Dutch apple crumb pie. They held up well, and we made a small amount of money, and the price point allowed us to stretch our money a little better. It was a great experience and I'm glad we found these and will be using them in the future.

👤These took a long time to arrive. I received them. They stuck a large name sticker on the bottom of the pan. I am not sure if I will be able to return them because they are stuck on stickers.

👤These are sufficient when a crust is used. I had to hold the edges of the pans while pressing to make sure the pans wouldn't bend. The pans and refrigerated crusts were sturdy once we were in them. I like the covers. That's an issue with pies. You have to use plastic wrap or aluminum foil if you don't have a covered pie plate. The pans and lids will be useful for more than just pies. I will buy more when I need it. Two thumbs up from me.

👤These are a great deal for disposable pans. I bought these to make holiday pies for my friends and family. The only thing I can say is that it's not a pie pan because the sides don't have a slant to them as typical pies have, it's more of a cake style pan. I have made a lot of holiday pies and they came out great.

👤I needed two raised things for the project. I was hoping to find a hinged covering on a base, but no such thing as that size is available. When I stumbled across your item, I was able to use 2 of your pie-tin covers for the project, which I've been too busy to work on at the moment. There is a Wow! The price for 50 pie tins with covers is amazing. I had to use a tin with cover to take bagels to a friend in the hospital. They were heated in the microwave and then put in a tin and cover. He had to stop and pick up his mail. The bagels were kept warm by the tin. I bought them for my project. I wouldn't have had a way to keep the bagels warm. A cook is in our complex. She will get the remaining tins and covers. She'll use them well. The man is named Terrell.

👤The disposable pans had a lid. I bought these for my bake sale and gifts. I made some pies which turned out great, so no problems withstanding the oven temperature. I could put a label on the pie tops because of the lids. The lightweight foil design arrived in tact and held its shape when adding ingredients for baking, because the order arrived quickly and well packaged. They keep their structure well even though they are lightweight. Good purchase.

7. Hiware 8 Inch Nonstick Parchment Dishwasher

Hiware 8 Inch Nonstick Parchment Dishwasher

We will give a free replacement for any faulty products. Let them know what happened. You are important to them so they offer daily customer service. They won't settle for anything you don't love so they want to help you hit pause. Unless you are, they are not happy. The pans are made from heavy-weight carbon steel and have a reinforced wire rod rom that prevents warping. For years to come, it will be Rust-resistant, sturdy and durable. It's perfect for making pizza or cakes. 90 count Precut Parchment Paper is made from natural wood and is oven safe to 450F. Non-ToxIC and non-BPA-free. It's safe for food. The non-stick bakeware has an easy release, Silicone based coating which is PFOA, Teflon, andBPA free, and provides quick and easy release of all baked-goods. Extra thick, even-wall construction creates superb heat distribution for your batter, which ensures your cake rises both level and flat. These professional cake pans keep baking temperatures. It's easy to clean, but hand- washing is recommended to prolong product life. Let them know if you're not completely satisfied and they'll give you a prompt replacement or refund.

Brand: Hiware

👤There is no mark on the pans. Also made in China, but not in the description. No FTC required labeling or data to back these claims. Without a marking on the pan, there is no trace of its true origin. Who knows how safe this coating is. One of the pans has a strand of lint/dust embedded in it, which is dried into the coating. If I was paying a cheap price, these would cost less than a pan made in the USA. One reviewer had a peeling coating, I'm sure the defect in mine will peel as well. Not going to endanger my family's health. They are going back.

👤The coating on these pans is starting to rust after two uses. Goodness knows what is in the coating, but I don't want to eat it.

👤These are okay. My husband's boss has a birthday a few days away. I'm known in their office for my baking, so I'm expected to make a cake for my husband's birthday. I wouldn't have bought them if I hadn't taken enough time to think about them. The pans are black. Even with a cake that had way more moist in it, the temp turned down and the baking time was longer. I bought these because they came with the rounds of paper, but they are not great. The side flaps that they intended to help you lift the cake out need to be cut off or they will ruin your round. I would have given this two stars if it had been difficult to clean.

👤The pans are chipping after a few uses, similar to a few other people. I worry about it being eaten because I saw the little chips getting mixed in with the batter after I had used it. I have noticed that some of the pans are starting to rust in their inside circle line at the bottom of the pan despite the description. The cakes are easy to wipe down and the baking is not bad. I hope it is an isolated incident. I don't think I'll be buying again enough to find out. I will update if things change for it too.

👤These pans were used to bake cakes. The liners were great, just make sure you spray the sides so that the tabs stick to the pan and not the cake.

👤The pans were perfect. The inserts were great. It was easy to remove the cakes from the pans because they stayed in place. The pans and sides came out great after I sprayed them with a light spray.

👤I bake for a small business and use many different pans, these are the only pans that give me a hard time. The cakes don't bake evenly, so you have to make sure you put them in the oven at the right angle, which I don't have to do with other pans, so it's not my oven. The pans burn the sides of the cake. The sides burn sometimes, but the top comes fine. My return period is over so I wish I could return these.

8. Anolon Advanced Nonstick Bakeware 9 5 Inch

Anolon Advanced Nonstick Bakeware 9 5 Inch

It is suitable for all kinds of cake, such as pie, cheesecake, dessert, ice cream cake, etc. It is a great gift for beginners. ANOLON STRONG: The heavy gauge steel construction resists warping and provides heat distribution. There is a nonSTICK FLUTED MOLD. When baking with the fluted mold, the nonstick surface provides optimum food release. It's easy to handle. The wide rim and rubber handles of the mold pan give it a comfortable grip. Bring on the heat. The pan is oven safe at 450 degrees.

Brand: Anolon

👤I love everything about this pan. It is solid, conducts the heat evenly, has silicone handles for easy lifting when hot, and it makes bundt cake baking a dream!

👤The pan is the best. It is not thin like most bundt pans. The handles make it easy to flip the hot pan over and turn out the cake. The price is reasonable and worth it. A high quality pan.

👤This is great! It was recommended by a recipe on line and it is the best baking pan I have bought in a long time. It is heavy enough but not to heavy. The handles make it easy to handle. A great purchase.

👤I bought it to make my brother a very dense chocolate bundt with a cream cheese cake filling, and it baked beautifully and slid out of the pan. I followed the directions of the recipe writers by using a light spray oil. I love it!

👤A pan that performs beautifully is finally here! I have made two cakes that came out perfectly without a crumb in the pan.

👤This is an amazing pan. I make one of the cakes about 2 times a month. This pan is the best non- stick pan on the market. I use a small amount of coconut oil to make the cake mixture. The cake stick was never used. A plate over the top of the pan is a must if you want it to come out quickly. I love this pan.

👤This pan is amazing. No more broken or stuck bundt cakes. I already bought another pan because I love this one so much. I sprayed a normal amount of spray after the cake slid out. This pan is for sale.

👤This pan is very heavy. It doesn't stick. I am amazed. I am very happy. Usually they stick even when it says non stick. When you pick it up, you know it is quality.

👤I use it almost daily. The delivery was fast.

9. Chicago Metallic 5233128 Professional Non Stick

Chicago Metallic 5233128 Professional Non Stick

The 3-PIECE SET includes cake pans of various sizes. This cake pan can be used to create multi-layer cakes for all types of celebrations. The non-stick finish makes it easy to release. It's made from heavy-weight carbon steel to evenly distribute weight and heat for consistent baking results. The dishwasher is safe but hand wash is recommended.

Brand: Chicago Metallic

👤My daughter will be learning to bake. She cut her fingers when she picked one up. The edges did not go all the way over. They want me to return and pay for shipping when they are unsafe and should be thrown away. I don't recommend. Buy nicer ones if you spend the extra.

👤The pan is sturdy but the lip is not completely curled under. I sliced my finger tip while cleaning it. The coating did not last very long. Everything stays the same now. It's a pity.

👤The pics don't show that "Chicago Metallic" is on the bottom of the pan. Everything you bake will have their logo on it. It's a pain to clean because you can't just wipe the bottom out, food gets stuck in that stupid logo! I would return them if I didn't need them for my daughter's birthday. Very upset!

👤I sliced the top off of a cake and it was cheap. Do not recommend.

👤These pans are not the same as a standard pan. The pans are on the left compared to the right in the pic. The ones on the left are very narrow and the one on the top has a lip. Not the standard depth, in my opinion. I did not remove them from the packaging. They were very sturdy. I will be back.

👤Do not purchase. The pans were completely useless for cakes. They were supposed to be round, but have now been damaged. My item was damaged when it was 3 days late. I thought these would be perfect, I needed new pans and thought they would be perfect. How will someone who bakes frequently hold up for weekly use if they can't hold up through shipping? I can't send out an order with these pans because I make and sell cakes. It's a complete and total waste of time and money. I don't like the pleasure of sending these pans back, and I don't like losing time and money. Do not waste your time.

👤I asked for a replacement because my first one was faulty. I think it was hit very hard. The middle sized one has too many scratches and the package was ripped, which was holding 3 pans. I think there is a chance that you get damaged ones, and that it can be difficult to return it.

👤The smaller pans have been used a few times by me. They worked well. It was easy to clean. No complaints til... I had no idea that the pan's lip was not bent all the way under until I opened it and saw my finger open. There was blood on my cake and counter top. If this is a random manufacturer error, check your pans when they arrive. I have been happy with the pans.

👤An no tienes, tienes. No me haba visto comentarios, pero no me haba tocado hasta ahora.

👤The material es bueno, pero el traslado para la entrega del producto.

10. Flunyina Silicone Release Non Stick Bakeware

Flunyina Silicone Release Non Stick Bakeware

Stackable design. The professional non stick baking set has a space-saving design for convenient storage. It is compatible with both standard and convection ovens. It's suitable for oven, refrigerator and freezer. Flunyina Silicone round cake pan included 4 packs of Silicone round layer cake pans. It is easy to cleane. A long search for the perfect bakeware resulted in the Flunyina cake pan set. It can go from the oven to the freezer and back again. A great bread pan is also designed as a cake pan. The Flunyina Silicone oven dish can be used at temperatures from -40F to 420F. The flexible silicone cake molds for baking allow to remove and quick release of baked goods and desserts, stain and odor resistant. It's ideal for quick and easy school-night dinners and sides, such as meatloaf, lasagna, mac and cheese or a pot pie for birthday parties, Mother's Day, weddings, friends gatherings, festivals, birthdays, and other festivals.

Brand: Flunyina

👤I use these for mini cakes and cheesecakes to sell but also to practice on and I love them! I have ordered them twice.

👤The walls were made of flimsySilicon and created circles that were half way filled.

👤I will use Silicone bakeware for the first time. You can put them in the dishwasher.

11. GEEKHOM Springform Leakproof Cheesecake Removable

GEEKHOM Springform Leakproof Cheesecake Removable

Everyone, everywhere, every day, has innovative products. There is a lot of inspiration. There is fun in the kitchen. This has been at the center of what they do for nearly 90 years. Whether you need to bring a special treat or host a party, they have it covered. Three non-stick cake pans are included in this set. This is the perfect baking tool if you want a round cake pan of different sizes. You can get it if you bake a small cake for a romantic dinner for two or if you bake a family-sized cheesecake. The non-stick coating on the cheesecake pans is made of strong and durable high-carbon steel. GEEKHOM round baking pans work perfectly in an instant pot pressure cooker of 6 quarts or 8 quarts. Baking is free from confusion and easy to clean with a tight leak-proof seal on Springform pans. The cake can be easily released with the help of theremovable bottom and non-stick coating. The cake will always be perfect. The bread baking pan is very easy to clean, and it's safe. Hand washing prolongs service life. Use mild detergents and avoid using sharp tools to protect the coating. It is suitable for all kinds of cake, such as pie, cheesecake, dessert, ice cream cake, etc. It is a great gift for beginners.

Brand: Geekhom

👤I almost returned the cake pan because I didn't like it. I gave it a leak test and it leaked water. I tried it again with the actual batter and no leaks. I love the pans now. You can make an array of cakes with it. The no stick coating works. I don't need broken cakes out of the cake pan anymore. They bake evenly. It comes with 2 spactulas that can be used for icing. I don't like that they are hard to clean in the cracks. Ypu need to get in the cracks for a thorough cleaning. I would recommend this set to anyone.

👤The pan coating came off when I made a cheesecake for the first time, leaving ugly grey pieces on the sides. I am afraid to even serve it after removing it. The sizes of the pans are not included in the order. I will request a refund.

👤The non-stick coating was peeling off when I used it. I did not recommend this one.

👤When I test it with water, it leaks, but when I add batter, it's fine. I've used all three pans and they did their job. I have to use a toothpick to remove the remnants from the crease closer to the bottom, it still didn't get rid of it all.

👤I was a little nervous about making my first cheese cake. I thought the piece of paper was big when I cut it down. I prayed around the corner with the flower in it. Then put the cut down into the pan and spray the corner with Pam. The edges of the paper were covered. Other mixed ingredients were baked. The pan opening was easy and perfect after being cooled and pulled from the fridge. I felt good.

👤I have one wish from the manufacturer of these pans. Please make a pan that is at least 10 inches in diameter. This is my favorite pan. I have to use a bigger pan to make a full crust New York style cheesecake because my recipe requires a bigger pan. There are bigger pans being sold, but I just love this one, it is non-stick and well made.

👤I think every spring form pan is going to leak at some point. It should be on a cookie sheet. Problem solved. There are many fun things that come with this. I love the liners. I think it's a great deal and I hope you will too.

👤The pan is supposed to be 8 inches in diameter. I'm baking a cake that needs an 8 inch dia. The cake pan is spring form. I'll look at a different company for a replacement, but I'm not returning it. Liked Wilton!

👤I've used them a few times for cakes and they haven't leaked. The liners are very convenient.


What is the best product for baking pan round?

Baking pan round products from Nordic Ware. In this article about baking pan round you can see why people choose the product. E-far and P&p Chef are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking pan round.

What are the best brands for baking pan round?

Nordic Ware, E-far and P&p Chef are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking pan round. Find the detail in this article. Good Cook, Hiware and Montopack are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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