Best Baking Pans Sets Nonstick Glass

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1. OXO Grips Freezer Oven Baking

OXO Grips Freezer Oven Baking

Extreme temperature changes without the risk of cracking or shattering are protected by strong borosilicate glass. It is easy to clean glass. Generous handles provide a secure grip. You can bake with the right size with the convenient markings. It's microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe, freezer-safe andBPA-free.

Brand: Oxo

👤Poor quality pans are extremely dangerous. I have never put them on the countertop while it's hot. Yesterday when I picked up the pan to put away after it had been washed and dried, it cracked in half and sliced my arm open. The cut required a trip to the ER and 9 stitches. Purchasing a higher quality pan will save you money in the long run, and you will also avoid going to the emergency room. Don't buy if you're warned.

👤The product broke after 2 months of use. If someone was holding it while it broke, it would be dangerous. I'm very disappointed in the product and will not be buying it again.

👤We had this for a while. It split in two while we couldn't tell. There wasn't a big temperature change. One minute it was in one piece and the next it was in the middle. This is the first time that something like this has happened to me, and I have a lot of other borosilicate glass cookware.

👤I was very excited to receive this product. The product was not faulty but there is an issue with the design. I wanted to have a way to store my pies and quiches in the fridge. This would have been like a Tupperware type thing. It wasn't. There are large vent holes on the lid. It's almost like a microwave plate cover. If they wanted to vent the lid just in case you wanted to re-warm your food, then you could store it in the fridge to keep it fresh without letting air in. I would have never wasted my time or money if I had known about the vents. Sorry OXO.

👤Don't waste your time on this product. Two of the baking dishes we bought do not handle thermal stress and break when removed from the over during cooling.

👤This was given to us for our wedding. We use it a lot. The glass shattered in my hand about a year after the wedding. I took it out of the cabinet and was going to use it for dinner. I did not drop it or anything like that. We trust Oxo so I bought another one and hope it was a mistake. Do be careful with it. If this one breaks on us, we will know it's just poor craftsmanship.

👤It was used once and used in the dishwasher. When I took it out of the dishwasher, it had a big crack. Very disappointed.

👤I should have looked at the other reviews when I bought this, I made sone cheese ranch potatoes last night and after 30 min at 350 this piece of trash exploded in my oven.

👤The dish exploded when I tried to bake chicken wings. Would not recommend.

👤Baking chicken at 400F for 40 minutes was the first thing that was broken on. Shattered. Avoid at all costs.

👤The lid broke when I tried to take it out. I don't like a product that falls apart before I get a chance to use it. This dish is not safe for broiling, according to the glass itself. I guess it shatters if it's too close to the heat source. I'm going to try to return it and get a pyrex dish with a lid.

2. CasaWare Grande Lasagna Roaster 3 Inch

CasaWare Grande Lasagna Roaster 3 Inch

It was designed for performance. The bakeware set is oven safe to 450 degrees F and includes all the essential bake pan shapes. The muffin pan is ideal for cupcakes. Cookie pans are great for sheet pan dinners and round cake pans are great for roasting. The jumbo roaster is perfect for turkeys, roasts, lasagna and large casseroles. It has the capacity and stability for large portions. Baking/Roasting can be improved with ceramic non-stick technology. The European Union approved ceramic coating. The Ceramic coating is made of Cadmium, Lead, PFOA, PTFE and PFOS Free. The Pan is free of aluminum. This pan has a ceramic coated easy release baking surface. This bakeware is both high fashion and high function because of its rich metallic copper and brown dots. The exterior of the pan is covered with a red granite finish. Long LastingDurability and Scratch Resistance are provided by the double coated ceramic surface. No peel off or blisters in high temperatures. It is very easy to clean. The food slides off easily if you wipe or scrub softly. It is recommended that you wash your hands. Do not microwave. Refer to the product description.

Brand: Casaware

👤We cook a lot of chicken since we rescue and rehabilitate Irish Wolfhounds. We needed a roasting pan that was easy to clean. This sounded like what we were looking for. Two large chickens fit in it and they cooked evenly. The pan was easy to clean and held up well. After nine months, even after following the provided directions perfectly, I started to notice a few small particles coming off the pan. The number of flakes increased at a rapid pace. I explained the problem I was having to the distributor. They agreed to send me a new pan after two emails. Their customer service was excellent. The repairman ran over the delivery package in the driveway. The pan was bent into a very interesting shape, but it was no longer usable. I ordered a third pan to see if it held up better than the first one, because we liked the original one. We use that third pan weekly to cook lots of chicken, because it was undamaged when it arrived. I will review this pan again after six months to see if it is as durable as the original. I have done a lot of cooking and it is still good looking. After another round of intensive use, the second pan has begun to peel off and food is sticking to the bottom of the pan. It might be because of the constant use of 450 degrees to cook chicken. I am not happy with the lack of durability.

👤The non-stick surface is ruined when the coating comes off, and most likely isn't very healthy to be eating. I was concerned to only use wash clothes on this pan, since I ruined a similar skillet by using the scraper pad. It didn't make a difference. The coating is too thin or delicate to hold up to washing. I can't recommend this to anyone. I really liked the size.

👤We bought this pan in March of 2020. My husband uses it once a week to make homemade dog food. Nothing else is cooked in this pan. Around August, small pieces start chipping off. A wooden spoon is used to stir the food and it is soaked and cleaned with a non-abrasive sponge. We didn't see the red specks in the food, so we didn't think much of it. The red specks were large and visible. The purpose of allowing him to eat the non-stick coating is lost since we are making his dog food a healthier alternative to the stuff in the store. We are throwing the pan away.

👤I needed a pan that was affordable. I was surprised at how light it was. Not necessarily a bad thing. The deal breakers for me were the design flaws. It can't be used under a fire. Non-stick cooking spray ruins the finish and voids any guarantee. This limits it's usefulness. It can't earn its keep for the space it takes up. I had to return it.

👤The paint began to come off after one use.

3. Stainless CHEF Rectangle Vegetables Dishwasher

Stainless CHEF Rectangle Vegetables Dishwasher

There are seven different models to choose from. Hand wash. The baking pan set can be used in regular ovens and can be adjusted to fit different sizes. Baking pans with lids are made of pure steel and food-graded plastic, no harmful coating chemicals or non-toxic substances into the food, even baking heating helps food cooked quickly, Heavy gauge steel keeps your baking pan for long- lasting using. The 2-inch capacity of the lasagna pan is SAFE, it is not easy to hide dirt in a pan, and the rounded corner is not easy to clean. It is easy to open and close, the clear lid helps find the food quickly, and it is lighter than other material lid. The large cake pan can be used as a lasagna pan for a large group of people, and the medium cake pan and small baking pan are suitable for the person who lives alone or few people.

Brand: P&p Chef

👤My kitchen has changed due to the use of STAINLESS STEEL bakeware. I used to struggle cleaning those pieces, but now they are replaced by stainless. Better baked goods and a quicker clean up.

👤My order arrived quickly. I am happy with the sizes and quality, but the lid on my pan was cracked in the corner. It probably won't last long. This is not good on a new product.

👤I like these. They are great!

👤The items arrived undamaged. The lid is very tight. Pans are made of steel. Would recommend.

👤I am moving away from aluminum and I like the quality of the pans.

4. Wilton Recipe Non Stick 9 Inch Square

Wilton Recipe Non Stick 9 Inch Square

There are 12 different shaped discs and the cookie press. The coating is non-stick and easy to clean. Heavy gauge construction spreads heat evenly. The 9 x 9 is 22.86 cm. For the best results, wash in warm soapy water before each use. 2 pans total

Brand: Wilton

👤I started baking as a side hustle. It's because of carbon dioxide. I decided to buy these in January because I had been fussing with random pans. I picked these because they were a set, had lids, and looked good, and they were the most affordable. They are rad. Some people have left reviews, but I have comments on them. Some people leave reviews too early or buy something and don't know what they're doing, without sounding like they know what they're doing. The aluminum pans bake things differently than glass or silicone. It can brown things quicker. If you switch to an aluminum pan because it is cheap on Amazon, your bakes will change. A dark aluminum pan is different from a light aluminum pan. You can find out how to adjust for different styles of pans with a simple search. There are two more Most metal cooking pans have a lip edge. I worked in kitchens for over a decade. They are not going to be smooth like glass because they need to be bent and shaped. If you clean up your spilled batter before it goes in the oven, it will not get stuck in the pan, and you will be able to wash it thoroughly. Do not use steel wool or a scrubby sponge that is harsher than a scrubby sponge. There are 3 more The last comment is tied into this. You can use any kind of bake you want. Nonstick pans are easy to clean. If you want to cut something but also store it in the pan with the lid, lift the bake out of the pan with the parchment, cut it up, and then lift it up by the paper sides to put it back in. These will last a long time if you keep them away. A quick search on the internet will show you the best way to bake. They are non stick. They are not Silicone. If you want to have a smooth clean up, you should switch to food-safe quality silicone. The pans stack nicely for transport in my thermal bags, and the lids keep my stuff from getting old after almost a week. I will be buying more of these for my friends this year because they are superb quality.

👤I make brownies. I replaced the aluminum one with these and it browns them much faster. I had to shorten the cook time.

👤These pans are very nice. Sturdy, well made, with nice covers. The outside dimensions are actually 10 1/2 x 9 7/8. I own a Panasonic flashxpress and the largest pan that fits in it is 9 1/2 x 9 1/2. I should have realized that the flange was too large. I am purchasing an 8 x 8 to make sure the pan fits, and will not return, since they are very nice, and I'll use them in my regular oven.

👤I have been using these for a couple months and am still loving them. I like the cover. I don't need to remove the brownies from the pan to preserve them. I use the pans for dinner as well. This set is definitely recommended by me.

5. Elbee Patented Storage Nonstick Bakeware

Elbee Patented Storage Nonstick Bakeware

The space saving baking set includes everything you need for your kitchen, one large roasting pan and 8 in. baking. There are two muffin pans, a square cake tin, and an oven tray. There are cake tins and an oven tray. This all-in-one baking set is a good start to your baking ambitions. You won't have to look for missing baking pans again because all the pieces fit into a single box. Everything in the Space Saving Baking Set is made of aluminum coated carbon steel and are dishwasher safe, rust-proof, and up to 400 degrees. The perfect gift for any young couple's wedding registry, anyone moving into a new apartment or home, or anyone who has a passion for baking.

Brand: Elbee

👤These rust so bad that it's easy to clean off hand washing. A stream of rust pours out after you wash them out of the dishwasher.

👤The large flat pan has been used twice by me. The first time, it started to rust. I've never put it in the dishwasher. I was trying to remove it from the oven when it folded. These pans are flimsy. If I could, I would return them. The surface was not hard. That's all.

👤These pans are okay. Its non-greasy. The bottom of the pans burns easily because it is not made of the good non-stick material. I only used them once and will post an update after a lot of use. I am not excited about them.

👤We live in an urban area and we don't have a lot of space. The way these stack and disappear in our oven drawer is amazing. Baking utensils are high quality. Very happy.

👤Used twice and burned on 350.

👤For the last five years my wife has been complaining about the lack of cabinet space. She's happy now! I'm happy! She loves her new bakeware and I am enjoying more delicious treats as she tests each piece. Her acclimates thus far have included heavy duty, non-stick, easy clean and more. We bought a set of pots and pans. After disposing of her old cookware, she now has enough space to put her new cookware in her cabinet. You could offer a coupon for a gym membership with your product. It's funny.

👤I was expecting a bigger set of compacts, but they were a bit smaller than I was expecting. The non-stick has allowed for a very easy clean up.

👤Excellent quality for the price. Not heavy but not flimsy. When I cut pies or cakes, I will use things that don't scratch. I like that way with my cookware. I wish it had a loaf pan.

6. Anchor Hocking 3 Quart Baking TrueFit

Anchor Hocking 3 Quart Baking TrueFit

It's safe to use the microwave, dishwasher, and freezer. There is a 3-quart baking dish with teal TrueFit lid in this set. Glass made in the USA is a healthier choice than metal bakeware because it does not warp, stain, or retain smells. The dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, freezer, and other items are dishwasher safe. The TrueFit lids seal in freshness and allow easy transportation.

Brand: Anchor Hocking

👤This product has been discontinued after a long call with Anchor Hocking. They mentioned that it was counterfeit because it was not an authorized distributor. I couldn't figure out why things were getting old after using mine for a while. The lid wasn't always locked on. I noticed that the non-handle sides were bowed in. One side was really bad and the other somewhat. The handles are pushed out a bit, not being straight. I'll update this after talking to Anchor. Purchase Pyrex inSTEAD!

👤The oven isShattered while roasting veggies. It still shattered after preheating, so it made a huge mess. It was really disappointing.

👤The glass pan is not flimsy and doesn't stay on.

👤I was put off by the price of the cake pan. I always wanted a heavy, deep, easy to clean glass cake pan. I ordered them after I stumbled on these from Anchor Hocking. I am speechless because they just arrived. What a great deal for less than the cost. Pyrex costs $42 for 2. I saved myself about $25 because I paid $8.50 each for these. I don't know how you could beat this. Airtight lids! I will bake a caserole if I use one. From the oven to the fridge. Can't beat it! It would be a great wedding present idea.

👤This is my favorite baking dish for brownies and cornbread. Every time my food comes out perfect, I don't know what is different about this glass. The sloped sides make it easy to remove baked items.

👤The product is what is advertised. It cleans up easily. The problem was with the packaging. There was nothing else in the box. There was no tissue paper around the dish. It was moving around inside the box. The product arrived safely and in one piece, but it was odd to open the box and see no packing material to keep the glass dish secure. Someone handling the package might have been injured if it had broken.

👤The lid isn't snug around the dish. You can put your finger in the dish. The glass top is not perfect. It rocks when placed on a flat surface. It slides on the dish. It does not have the same type of seal as other years-old bakeware. There are a few cuts outside of the glass bottom that you can feel with your fingers. I worry that this is a viable bakeware item. Others said that their item exploded. I will return this item as I am not looking forward to that type of lost or clean up. I'm not happy with the quality of this item. It was made in the USA.

👤I used this once and it was hard to clean. I liked the lid. I put it away in my pan cupboard and it was ruined when I took it out. There was a big chunk missing from the inside, and there were tiny glass shards all over the cupboard. I have Pyrex and Le Creuset dishes that have no chips. Next to those, this was stored. I have jars from Anchor Hocking. This was an exception. Wow, that was a mess!

7. Wilton 2109 6836 Non Stick Multipack Assorted

Wilton 2109 6836 Non Stick Multipack Assorted

It's dishwasher safe for easy clean up. Ready, set, bake. The great bakeware sets from Wilton start the process of making delicious cakes, brownies, and casseroles. You can make more with this multipack. Every day and every circumstance: bakeware. The steel construction of the cake pans provides long- lasting durability and allows for even heating so food cooks thoroughly and also prevents warping. Non-stick. The non-stick and scratch-resistant coating on their cake pans makes it easy to pop out your food when you're done. Busy cooks need non-stick bakeware sets. Quick clean up. The best way to wash the cake pans is with warm soapy water. These should be a staple in your kitchen if you're a frequent baker. There are two baking pans, 9 x 13 inches. The baking set has a limited warranty.

Brand: Wilton

👤The first couple only use it and then everything sticks. The pan in the pics is washed and doesn't come off.

👤Would not recommend it. It is not a non-stick substance.

👤I wouldn't know if these pans are good for baking in because I melted mine trying to make a forge. I'm still willing to give them 5 out of 5 because of how well they held up.

👤They are great for brownies. It was almost completely cleaned by looking at it. We did a round of cinnamon rolls and left 888-353-1299 I don't think that's a good sign as it will accumulate over time. I tried soaking in water overnight but it wouldn't come off. I left it because messing with it would damage it. I think it will last a long time before we have a problem with brownies. The second pan died, but that's on me. I thought I could bake two chicken breasts in it. Don't do that. I would recommend them for cake and brownies. I'm sure they will last as long as any good non-stick pans do. I will stick with glass because I don't have to watch for the kids damaging the non-stick with metal utensils.

👤These pans are wonderful. The price is worth it. They are easy to clean up. The cook did not make a mistake. False advertising is the problem. How can it be dishwasher safe, come with a 5 year warranty, and then tell you not to use it in the dishwasher because thepods will damage the finish? They should not be allowed to put that on the front label because it is not dishwasher safe.

👤There is an update. I did not cook in the pan at the time I wrote the five star review. I only used it one time to make brownies and used a plastic spatula to remove them, but I noticed that some of the coating was already coming off the bottom. That is not acceptable. I don't know how much will come off, but none of it should be coming off. I am changing my review. I thought they sent me the two pan set when I unboxed it. I thought there were two pans stuck together when I ordered the single pan. I have not baked anything in it yet, but it looks very sturdy and definitely for the price of $5.67 you could not find that anywhere of this quality. I will update if there are any issues, but it doesn't seem like there will be. I am not a major cook. It is not like I am used to high end cooking equipment, but it looks very sturdy and more than I would need. If you are a gourmet cook with $200 cooking equipment, I don't know how you would feel about it, but I don't see how anyone would feel that it wasn't nice.

8. 15 Piece Baking Pan Set Professional

15 Piece Baking Pan Set Professional

The NutriChef 15-piece bakeware set has everything you need for baking, cooking, and roasting. 2 round pans, 2 cookie sheets, square pan, roaster pan, loaf pan, and 12-cup muffin pan are included. Non-stick coating is made from carbon steel metal and it eliminates the need for butter, oil, or cooking spray. It doesn't emit any weird odors or smell, so it's perfect for quick and effortless food release. It's ideal for baking a number of tasty baked goods or pastry if the oven is heat safe up to 446F. The most delicious chocolate fudge, cookies, cupcake, brownies, and can be used as a serving tray. The roofing Sistine hands are heated. The blue handles on the restaurant quality bakeware prevent accidental burns. It's easy to clean and dishwasher safe, but hand washing is recommended to extend pan life. Stackable design. The professional non stick baking set has a space-saving design for convenient storage. It is compatible with both standard and convection ovens. It's suitable for oven, refrigerator and freezer.

Brand: Nutrichef

👤The bake wear in my kitchen was getting old. I decided to get a new set for myself. This set has everything. I didn't need to put down any paper to cook two dozen cookies because of the two cookie sheets. The cookies were cooked nicely. I can make banana bread in the two loaf pans. The pan has a plastic lid. It is easy to cover after baking with it. It comes with 2 round pans, a square pan, 2 cupcake or muffin pans, and 12 cup holes. A whisk, 2 spatulas, and a blaster are some of the essential tools. I have all the bakeware I need. Silicone handles make them easier to hold, which makes them less likely to get burned. There is a neatly stacked cabinet. It is a great set and is completely worth the price.

👤I can't wait to bake cakes after lent is over.

9. Farberware Nonstick Bakeware 10 Piece Cooling

Farberware Nonstick Bakeware 10 Piece Cooling

The set includes two 8-in. There are one round cake pans and one medium loaf pan. There is a cake pan and a muffin pan. Baking sheet EndURING PREMIUM NONSTICK BAKING: No more cake tins that have been scrapers, long- lasting and easy to clean. The Solid-gauge steel bakeware construction resists warping and dinging for years of baking and roasting. The conveyor cooling rack is included. A cooling rack is included with the baking tins set. The 10-piece cake pan set is oven safe to 450 degrees for making cookies, roasting vegetables, baking bread, and more. The Farberware 46650 Nonstick bakeware set has a cooling rack and includes steel cookie pans, layer cake pans, loaf pans, and muffin pans.

Brand: Farberware

👤At least they looked good. You notice issues once you use them and wash them. 1) The sheets warp at low temperatures. Some of the food can be over cooked. There are two more The coating is terrible. Everything sticks. There are 3 more When I go to dry it off, it leaks rust colored water from the dishwasher. It is very poor construction.

👤The bottom of the cookie sheet was burned in my oven at 400 degrees. Every time. time. Since they are so thin, they probably won't last well. They do stain, but they don't stain easily. The top will stay clean after use. This is not always an option. The cookie sheets are stained. I want better to replace these with. Would not recommend it.

👤Thank goodness, the weight is lighter than steel. Enchiladas slid off the pan. No scrubbing required, just a small amount of soap and a sponge. You're done with the clean up. Absolutely love this set. This is perfect because we were looking to get away from aluminum. The pans don't require oil, and are made of the same stuff as my cookware set. Nothing sticks! Enough good things about this product!

👤I followed the instructions that came with the pans and washed them in the dishwasher. I washed them in the dishwasher and took them out to dry. After one wash in the dishwasher, the pans are all ruined. I'm going to try and return them.

👤I won't go into details about each item, but I will say that I'm glad I got this set. The "non-stick" is easy to clean. The pan assortment is very good. The only thing you can do is look at the pan rim and see if it is rolled over at the edge. I used to leave the pans in the dishwasher for the weekend. When I took them out, I noticed that the pan can rust if you leave it sitting too long, and if you wash it upside-down, it can collect in the rolled lip. Make sure you pull them out of the washer and drain the water out, and don't leave it in the sink under similar conditions. The set is great value.

👤I have been using these at least twice a week for almost six months and have no complaints. The pan I use the most from the heat is discolored but it's hardly noticable. I was very pleased with my purchase.

👤I didn't use all of the pans because my oven is a half oven. tiny apartment The 9x13" pan is easy to clean. The bees knees are non-stick and so far they are holding up well. I don't need to grease the pan for it to be non-stick as the coating works wonderfully.

👤I waited a long time to give a review. I only own half of the original set after about a year of basic use. The rest had to be thrown out because it was no longer safe to eat. I don't think you should buy this if you can't afford top quality products, but it does work if you do.

10. GreenLife CC002429 001 Bakeware Ceramic Turquoise

GreenLife CC002429 001 Bakeware Ceramic Turquoise

dishwasher and microwave safe The set includes a loaf pan, 2 round cake pans, full cookie sheet, half cookie sheet, 12-cup muffin pan, and measuring spoons. Their ceramic coating is free of lead, PFOA, and other harmful substances and is easy to clean. It was made from heavy-duty steel. The strength and stability of the Reinforced Rims are enhanced. Every time, it's designed to deliver perfect results and easy release. The oven is safe up to 450F. Baking pans can only be washed. Utensils are dishwasher safe.

Brand: Greenlife

👤I have a better idea of the quality after a year of use. I use a sponge and soapy water to wash the pans. The manual that comes with the package has all of the directions. Even though I have used it carefully, there are still more scuffs on the pans. It is something that people should be aware of. The set looked sturdy, well-made, and true to color at first glance. I washed everything and let them dry. The cupcake pan has some rust on it, and I suppose there was a small amount of water left. A small amount of water. I have been able to wipe it off, but it is a tight area. I might try to get the rest with a q-tip. The cupcake pan has small marks in a few places. I didn't think that was a big deal because it happens over time. It really bugs me that this has rusted so soon after I got these.

👤I used the baking sheet for the first time. The description of the product says it can be heat resistant up to 450 degrees. When I put the sheet in the oven at 400 degrees, I heard a weird noise, and when I looked at it, it was warped. Don't buy this product!

👤I was excited when I ordered these pans but they have been in my possession for 8 months and they are terrible. I have never put them in the dishwasher or use metal utensils in them, but every single pan and pot has been scratched, stained, and are no longer non-stick anymore! I would recommend saving your money for something better, because I followed all the instructions and they should have lasted much longer than this. The cookware set and the baking set are equally bad.

👤I don't recommend this product. It is difficult to clean and get it dried because their edges are bent. It accumulates water and rust very quickly. The space is small and it is hard to clean and remove the rust. There is no need to open those edges.

👤The material clangs together like metal, not ceramic. I am disappointed at the false advertising but will return.

👤I was hoping the pans would be a bit heavier because they are ceramic coated, but they are not. The first time I used a cookie sheet, it bent in the oven. I was trying to avoid scratches on the colored and ceramic sides, as they are starting to show them. They work well for everyday use.

👤I just ordered these for someone and they were the house warming gift. He was happy with the set. These pans will last forever if you don't use metal utensils. Get some wood.

👤My daughter received this bakeware set for Christmas. I bought a few bread pans from this company and love them. The pieces are strong and do not chip off. She was very happy with her new bakeware.

👤I have had these pans for a few months and they are completely burnt. The pans which used to be a nice aqua color have turned to what is seen in the pictures and the burns do not come off with washing. I paid a lot of money for these pans and am very disappointed.

11. GreenLife Ceramic Non Stick Cookie Turquoise

GreenLife Ceramic Non Stick Cookie Turquoise

Their ceramic coating is free of lead, PFOA, and other harmful substances and is easy to clean. It was made from heavy-duty steel. The strength and stability of the Reinforced Rims are enhanced. Every time, it's designed to deliver perfect results and easy release. The oven is safe up to 450F.

Brand: Greenlife

👤I bought this because it matches my cookware. Cookie sheet is completely different. I have had it for about six months. I bought it just for cookies, which I make about once every two weeks, washed it, and it is getting stained badly for being used just to bake cookies. Even though it was placed on the oven rack, it was all scratch up. I wish I hadn't bought it.

👤The first time I pulled out one of the cookie sheets, it got scratched from the Pyrex dish that was on top of it. Not impressed at all. I used this pan to bake cookies and to heat a frozen pizza. There are scratches on the front and back. Don't spend your money on these pans. I would like to get a full refund.

👤The ceramic finish is not great, there are many flaws in it, and when running your hands over it, there are a lot of nicks and bumps. A hair was found underneath the coating. The coating seems cheap and will chip easily.

👤The heat from the oven caused this baking sheet to warp and buckle in the oven and while being pulled out. The sheet is made of two different materials which expand/contract differently when exposed to heat. I'm not sure if it's the metal used or the coating. It's the last thing you want in a baking sheet. I heard a loud bang while roasting veggies and when I looked inside the oven, the pan looked like it had been hit by a car. All were unlevel. When it cooled down, it flattened out. I flung hot food all over the kitchen when I used it again, because it popped when I pulled it out of the oven. Thank goodness for oven mats. I really wanted to like this baking sheet but it's a really messy and dangerous tool to have in a kitchen.

👤I used this for baking cookies, with a mat on top. The green color on the bottom of the appliance has been chipping away at the corners since it was put in and out of the oven. I was not excited when I realized this item was not dishwasher safe, but I wish I'd just stuck with some good old steel. I would be returning this if I hadn't thrown away the packaging.

👤The GreenLife pots and pans are a beautiful color and the appeal of healthy cookware had me buying them. I used them for a week and they fell apart. I gave two stars because of the color. Here is a list of things that can go wrong when using the pots pans and bakeware together. 1. The turquoise finish left a turquoise covering over the top of my gas stove after a day of use. After a wash or two, the exposed aluminum rusted terribly, even though it was only a cosmetic and disappointing sight. This rust is frightening because it can harborbacteria. 2. The plastic spatula provided in the set with these began to wear off after a few weeks of using them. Our tortillas were torn and stuck to the bottom of the pans because the coat had lost so much of it's non-stick coating. The particles that are peeling off are going into your food, so please be aware of this. I have to worry that the aluminum bases of these pan may be in my food as well. 3. The "Stay- Cool Bakelite handle with soft touch" only stays cool to the touch until it burns, smokes, and char at the exposure of heat from the flame. The smell and fumes of burning plastic fill my home and sets of the smoke detectors are almost always used. The handles start smoking when boiling water. Burning plastic can cause dangerous emissions. Toxic chemicals are being released into the home and air way when these handles burn. I was sorely disappointed and out of money after purchasing this entire 14 piece set with 2 of their matching cookie sheets, loaf pan, casserole dish, and 12 cup cupcake tin. I wouldn't recommend buying these until they make some serious improvements. Once I have contacted the seller and requested a refund, I will update.


What is the best product for baking pans sets nonstick glass?

Baking pans sets nonstick glass products from Oxo. In this article about baking pans sets nonstick glass you can see why people choose the product. Casaware and P&p Chef are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking pans sets nonstick glass.

What are the best brands for baking pans sets nonstick glass?

Oxo, Casaware and P&p Chef are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking pans sets nonstick glass. Find the detail in this article. Wilton, Elbee and Anchor Hocking are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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