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1. Bobs Red Mill Resealable Baking

Bobs Red Mill Resealable Baking

WholesOME GOODNESS: Baking soda is the gold standard in many recipes, including cakes, cookies, flatbread and more. They built a separate facility and a test in their quality control laboratory to assure the integrity of their products. The person is friendly. It's suitable for people who follow a paleo diet. State of readiness They have always been committed to source raw materials that are not modified through genetic engineering. Bob's Red Mill is the idea that keeps their stone mills grinding to fill every bag with wholesome goodness.

Brand: Bob's Red Mill

👤I ordered a box of baking soda. The product is great, however, frustrating. The package of baking soda was sent by Amazon. I tried to get the rest of the order but they called the order complete and sent me a package of baking soda. For 2 packages of baking soda, you will get $16 more than the 4 promised. I can't get the rest of the order and I can't return the product. The good and trustworthy service used to be provided by In the past 2 months, has made 1 mistake that cannot be fixed. I am not happy with my account. I love the product. The baking soda is good. has failed.

👤I paid $17 for one bag of baking soda and it should have been four bags.

👤This listing is incorrect. Only one bag comes with the 4 pack. The buyer should beware.

👤This is a must do. Just take a little bit of water and a little bit of heartburn is gone. I only purchase this brand because I can't imagine my home without it. If anyone tells you to be careful with the brand that doesn't have aluminum, just laugh at them because they don't have baking soda. They say that thinking makes them sound smart. You can use any baking soda, but I prefer this method. I drink it before meals.

👤A zip lock closing that works. Bob's Red Mill used a zip lock seal. It works without a problem even with something as powdery as baking soda. Only companies that used this type zip lock would use it. My first time buying this brand of baking soda. I like it. It is worth the extra money.

👤The reason I am giving this 2 stars is because I only received one order of baking soda. I received an order of some oats. The baking soda that I got was for the purpose that I needed.

👤Amazon fixed it by sending me the full order. Thank you Amazon! This description needs to be changed. I thought I paid for four bags, but only got one. I can see that others are doing the same thing. There's nothing wrong with the product, but just buy another brand with better advertising.

👤When he has indigestion, the husband takes a half to one-half-cup of liquid. He said it works better than Tums. It's a great value to buy in bulk. The same thing is sold at my local supermarket for $4 a bag.

2. Rumford Baking Powder 4 Ounce

Rumford Baking Powder 4 Ounce

Baking powder is a great leavening agent used in all types of delicious baked good recipes. Consistency can be achieved with their double acting formula. Non-GMO verified ingredients are made from Project. The plant base is plant. The baking powder is vegan.

Brand: Rumford

👤Finding aluminum-free baking powder was a challenge. I am happy I was able to find it here. It was convenient and it was a bit more expensive than regular baking powder. I use an aluminum-free coating on my food. It doesn't have the metallic taste of regular baking powders, but it does allow for a crisp coating on air fryer chicken wings. The secret is to not use too much.

👤I ordered this because there was no mention of Halal in the picture of the product. The company put a sticker on the product. I don't want to support Halal.

👤I needed baking powder for a recipe and didn't want to go to a store, so I ordered it from Amazon prime. It worked well in my recipe. I ordered it in June of 2021. I only buy baking powder every few years so I'm not sure how much it costs locally.

👤This is my favorite baking powder. I've tried many others, even some that TV bakers recommend, and I was never happy with them. I come back to Rumford. After opening, there is no weird taste or mouth-feel. Always happy with the result. I don't like taking chances with baked items once I have a set recipe. It's not worth it for a few cents. I always use the product that does what I need it to do.

👤The product is very expensive. At the grocery store, I paid less than two dollars. I canceled my order about 30 minutes after purchase. Came anyways.

👤This product does not clump. If you ever buy a brand that clumps, you will know my pain. We went back to Rumford and no more problems came up.

👤She made a cake with it.

👤Product was great and delivery was good. Works well. I've been using this company for a long time.





3. Yupik Organic Powder Kale Ounce

Yupik Organic Powder Kale Ounce

High in vitamins A and C. Add to healthy meals and beverages. All-natural, non-gmo, vegetarian, vegan, and sulfite-free. Kosher and organic are certified.

Brand: Yupik

👤It's easy to put 1-2 capsule worth of powder on a spoon and swallow it with some water, it's almost like a strong green tea taste. I think it's helping my skin as well, and it worked great for breastfeeding. I didn't realize how beneficial moringa was until I was looking for natural breastfeeding support. It can increase how much milk you produce. I saw a thicker layer of fat separation on top of my milk, and my son has started to start toChunk up wheras before he was lean. I used to make skim milk before I made whole milk.

👤The product arrived within the promised time. I opened it immediately because I was on the last tea spoon. The package had an amazing smell. I am very disappointed to see so many small and large lump in the pack. I am very sad and perplexed by the number of people present. I will be returning this product soon.

👤This was the first brand of moringa that I have tried. You will see the benefits after just a few days of use. I use it for a couple of days and then I will take a break. I only make it in hot tea with ginger and turmeric and a little bit of honey after a few months. It is very gentle for my GI, hypertension and Fibromyalgia. So delicious!

👤I only take 1tsp because it causes mild nausea. In general, moringa can do that. It doesn't give me any noticeable energy, I take it for its nutrition. The product label does not tell you much about the nutrition of the product, so you have to do your own research. I wish it did give an energy boost but I will keep buying it because I think it will give you energy.

👤The flour from a different brand is smooth. Even after I mashed all the powder out, it still has bits in my teeth. I use it to make muffins. I will not be buying it again. It might be okay for something else, but not for baking.

👤I was excited to start using moringa. I'm a little underwhelmed after using it for over a month. It can be hard to mix with juice. It's the same temperature as the fruit if it's kept in the fridge. It's okay, other than that.

👤The carob is pale in color. I've been using carob for many years and it's almost tasteless. Would not order again. I would love to send it back.

👤I watched a medical show on tv and the doctor talked about how the moringa plant can help you lose weight and lose belly fat. I didn't feel any change right away, but it will be a long time. I didn't like the taste of it. It isn't like the taste of tea. I found this plant fresh in an Indian grocery store and it tasted better than the powder one.

4. Bobs Red Mill Baking Powder

Bobs Red Mill Baking Powder

One, 14 ounces. The bag is.75 lbs. Kosher Pareve; vegetarian; vegan. R5-ELISA was tested for gluten free. No aluminum ingredients.

Brand: Bob's Red Mill

👤This is not your mother's baking powder. This is my second purchase of this, and you will have baked goods and pancakes that are more fluffier than you can imagine. You may want to add a little more liquid to your pancake batter. Once it is blended together, resist the temptation to stir your batter more. This batter poofs up big time if you use a larger bowl. Our pancakes are about an inch thick and taste great. I am not supposed to eat pancakes anymore. It's great in biscuits.

👤A damaged bag was placed in a clear bag to catch the spilling contents. When I filled out the information for the replacement, I didn't know if it was non-returnable. The contents are not usable. Who ships open food items?

👤Bob's Red Mill Baking Powder is a double action baking powder that is free of aluminum and has no wheat in it. This baking powder has proved to be the best I have ever used, because I bake with it. My baked goods retain a fresh taste and it provides an excellent rise. When using aluminum based baking powders there is no sour taste. Bob's Red Mill Baking Powder is a must have for baking.

👤When I found out how much baking powder is in the store, I was amazed. I bought this as a replacement after tossing it. It works just as well as the toxic powders that are sold in grocery stores. I can't tell the difference between it and banana bread. I don't know why they make the toxic stuff.

👤America's Test Kitchen reviews of baking powder made me buy this. I put my can in the can so that I wouldn't notice that it came in second. The non-GMO corn that is used in the cornstarch is different from the one used in the #1 pick. I love baking powder. It tastes great and bakes up tall. I highly recommend it.

👤It works well for my food. The packaging is not normal. There is a sticker at the bottom of the package with an expire date of Jan 2022. Not really why. This will be used with my weekly bake. The results are very good after it was tested on my scones. Not sure about biscuits. It is a little pricey, but I think it is better than nothing.

👤That should be the norm. The package would be the one I could change. I prefer a container with a lid, so I throw the package away.

👤The product arrived on time. It was open and had baking powder in it. The plastic was falling apart and it looked like it had been sitting in the sun for a while.

👤It works as it should. Good value for a large pack.

👤What I wanted for pancakes.

👤Baking powder with no aluminum. Good taste in all backings.

5. Rumford Aluminum Baking Powder Canisters

Rumford Aluminum Baking Powder Canisters

Baking powder from Rumford. There is a pack of 2 canisters. The quick-acting formula ensures that your baked goods are consistent in quality. You can achieve a crumb structure that will melt in your mouth and leave your family wanting more. Double acting, Kosher, Pareve and has zero trans-fat.

Brand: Rumford

👤The product was not what was advertised. There is a difference between aluminum free and regular baking powder. The product was the same as regular baking powder. Don't buy it.

👤I just got this and I'm angry. The same thing is on the shelves of both Wal and Krog, but it costs less than $2 a can. When it arrived here, I looked up the UPC and it was the same one at both stores. Got taken again. I'm so angry at myself.

👤It has no aluminum in it. Most of them have it. I can't imagine anyone using aluminum in baking powder. My baking projects were helped by a away. Will buy again.

👤Baking powder is not easy to find in the grocery store, so you have to coat your air fryer wings with it. It makes the wings more crisp. Don't change the taste.

👤The Rumford Baking Powder is not aluminum free. The above picture is my actual Rumford Baking Powder. I kept it because I couldn't find a replacement for it. The ingredients on mine are different from those on the fake aluminum free. When a product's head is a lie, it should be allowed to be a reFUND. There are people who were misled and cheated.

👤It has a better taste than other brands. Some brands have a bitter taste because of the aluminum in it. Everything tastes better because of this.

👤Good evening power and good night.

6. 365 Everyday Value Baking Soda

365 Everyday Value Baking Soda

Whole Foods Market's products give you that dance-down-the-aisles feeling. Their huge range of choices with premium ingredients at prices you can get down with makes grocery shopping so much more than tossing the basics in your cart.

Brand: 365 By Whole Foods Market

👤I use baking soda to wash my hands. I like the fact that it didn't have clumps and I use baking soda for everything.

👤The Arm & Hammer baking soda is better quality than the baking soda365, but it's a great value. Baking soda is a staple for cleaning and freshness around the house and I rarely use it for baking. I sprinkle the baking soda in the dishwasher, drain and mix it with the cat litter to eliminate odors. I can keep the drains free of obstructions if I use it along with white vinegar. I make a paste with baking soda that is great for my kitchen sink and pots and pans. It's not the best for baking because it leaves a metallic taste.

👤The campus washers didn't clean my clothes. They came out smelling bad. Baking soda comes out normal now that I use it in every load.

👤I put a box of this in the bath to get her extra clean and she likes using it in the bath.

👤I buy baking soda because I bake a lot. I found a large tear in the box when I opened the package. To be on the safe side I won't be using it for baking. It's great for my stovetop, so I will use it for cleaning.

👤Take out the delivery bag with care. Baking soda spills when it's closed. Place a sandwich bag in front of the opening. You can leave it in that bag and open it. I put the baking soda in my fridge because I want it to freshen the air.

👤Baking soda is what I use for everything. It is a very useful natural cleaning product for pregnant women. I like the price on this brand. I don't have to worry about running out quickly because I can get multiple boxes for an affordable price.

👤I never noticed a difference between the brands. The substance is useful for a lot of things, I use it to help with dishes and shower messes.

7. Navitas Organics Cacao Powder Bags

Navitas Organics Cacao Powder Bags

The Cacao Powder is grown and processed to benefit its farmers, their planet and help your body thrive. The chocolate taste is rich and bold. Simply swap 1 for 1 for regular, unsweetened cocoa powder in smoothie, shakes, hot chocolate, brownies, and more. The cocoa powder has 25% DV magnesium, 10%DV iron, 19%DV fiber, and 195MG of flavanols per serving. They are proud to invest in cacao co-ops, farmer field schools, and just labor practices in Sierra Leone, where they grow their Cacao Powder. Kosher, vegan, and non-GMO are included. All products are tested to verify quality and nutrition, 45 Servings.

Brand: Navitas Organics

👤I use it daily. You can use cocoa powder in place of Cacao, but it is not a cocoa powder. It's important to read up on it. My kids love chocolate banana. The rich chocolate flavor masks a lot of the nutrition I like to add. I know. I have a blend that includes a ripe banana, a few frozen mini plantains, and 3 tbs of cacao powder. Blend away and serve cold. Greek yogurt can be added if you want. I like to stay dairy free. They are good for you and your offspring. If you know that cacao has caffeine in it, you should keep it in mind for yourself and your children, as well as the time of the day you have it. I partake in ceremonial grade cacao morning, noon or night, so it doesn't affect me as much, please read about the benefits of cacao and enjoy!

👤I drink it every day. I mix it with sugar-free coconut milk and live cultures. I make chocolate pudding with chia seeds, coconut milk, dairy-free yogurt, and I put it in the fridge until it's set up. If it doesn't set up, drink a drink. It was delicious! You can add fresh strawberries or fresh raspberries and get some guilt-free goodness.

👤How do I start? The product is delicious. I used it to make amazing hot chocolate. I was so happy with the drink that I found a small line on the back of the packaging that said it may be harmful to the baby. Someone planning to have a baby wants to know the kind of chemicals. If you don't plan to have more kids, then this line will not matter to you. For young people who haven't joined the club, the brand should make the message obvious so people are aware of what they are consuming.

👤I had to buy two from Amazon because I found this exact brand and volume at the same store as I did, but they haven't brought it back into their stores yet. I thought I could live without it, but I realized it was not possible. This product works well in hot chocolate. I would like to thank you for reading my review.

👤This is my favorite add to my coffee because I put a lot of supplements in it. Coffee makes it taste delicious. It tastes like a Starbucks drink. The product was packaged well and arrived fresh. There is a lot in this package. I use a small amount of coffee in the morning and it will last for a couple months. Coffee is perfect with a little cinnamon, yacon root powder, and cream.

👤I liked the taste of this product before, but when I looked on the internet, I found out that warnings may cause birth defects and that heavy metals may be in some chocolate. I bought this chocolate for my health. YIKES! It could potentially be very dangerous. They hide it from us by not showing us the back of the bag on Amazon. Its going back.

8. Double Acting Aluminum Baking Powder

Double Acting Aluminum Baking Powder

The new product has many new features. 100% recyclable container; aluminum free. Double acting is kosher.

Brand: Argo

👤I got the aluminum free instead of the aluminum free I ordered. A picture is shown. Where is the container that says aluminum free? I will not be buying again.

👤I used to bake homemade biscuits and shortcakes. Baking powder is required to make these properly. They always ended up with a bitter aftertaste, no matter how much sugar I added. My go-to supermarket baking powder was the culprit. I would always grab the one that was cheapest. Most people do this and are not aware of it. I was looking through different baking websites a few months ago. I was given a small amount of information that led to the light above my head. Most baking powders have aluminum in them. All I needed was to use a better ingredient, because I had suffered all these years. My baked goods have been 100% better with no bitterness, without an ingredient that's really not good to eat. I checked the use-by date when I received my container of baking powder. The date was past a year. If your baking powder isn't fresh, you'll end up with flat, hockey puck type biscuits and other baked goods. I put a reminder on my calendar about a month before the date that I'll know to reorder it. I would hate to be caught off guard, where my efforts to make a great meal would be ruined. The lid of the baking powder is useful. There is enough room to allow a small measure. There's a leveler after that. You know you're getting the correct amount.

👤You can fit a spoon in and out of the lid of this baking powder, it is a 5+ star baking powder. You are getting robbed by ordering here. You are paying six times more than the supermarket. I have been a Prime member for at least 4 years. I want this baking powder, but I need to go to a supermarket. I am embarrassed that I paid for this to be delivered. You will hit yourself in the head when you see it.

👤The item received is not the same as the item ordered. The sticker on the container states that it is aluminum free. Something I could print and stick on myself was not a factory label. The item was not shown as an option and would be returning it. It wasn't a major purchase because it isn't an option. It's not crazy to just throw away $5. Being misled is something that really SALVAGEDATA Since, has made me rethink a number of purchases.

👤I don't know where it says aluminum free on the label. When I tried to pull the main label off, it ripped the main label under neath off, because there is a sticker of some kind placed directly over the ingredient list. You can't read the ingredients. I found it in my grocery store for less money, but I didn't know it had aluminum, so I hope this one is the same.

9. Trader Joes Baking Powder Aluminum

Trader Joes Baking Powder Aluminum

Trader Joe's Baking Powder is free of aluminum.

Brand: Trader Joe's

👤The picture and description show that the baking powder is aluminum free. The cans I received didn't say aluminum free. I brought this to the attention of the seller before I wrote this review, and I received a note that said Trader Joe's baking powder is aluminum free. It does not say that on the cans I received. Don't buy from this seller.

👤The picture on Amazon shows the product is not aluminum free. Misleading!

👤I received something that did not say aluminum free. The buyer should beware.

👤I was concerned when I read reviews that the can was not aluminum-free, as shown in the picture of the can in the listing. The front of the label didn't show it was aluminum-free when I received it. The ingredients list doesn't show any aluminum. I have Trader Joe's "Aluminum-Free" Baking Powder in my cupboard, and the ingredient list is the same as it is in the can. The manufacturer made a huge mistake by changing the label and not showing aluminum-free on the front. The ingredient list shows there is no aluminum. I've used Trader Joe's Baking Powder for a long time.

👤I had to buy the two pack because each container has 383 serving. I can't use the contents of a container for a year because each container's expiration date is 11/2019. Very disappointed.

👤Our store is not very good. They stopped carrying the baking powder. I had to look somewhere else. I'm too far away from Joe's. I found this on Amazon. They were so happy to have it. There is no weird taste from it. There is a It is not as toxic.

👤Trader Joe's Baking Powder is free of aluminum. Rumsford isn't always in stock, but is the only equivalent product in our market. Trader Joe's product fits my needs, even though I have a strong prejudice against baking powder.

10. Birds Custard Powder Ounce Canisters

Birds Custard Powder Ounce Canisters

Bird's is the original custard brand and has been loved by generations ever since.

Brand: Bird's

👤If you live in the states and you want to occasionally eat some custard without making it from scratch and consuming all those calories from cream and yolks, then you should put this in your cart and buy it. On a dull Sunday night when it was raining and you had a school project to hand in on Monday morning and dinner was all watery and boring, you'll get all emotional, but then mum brought out a steam pud and custard. Y'know?

👤I bought this product because I wanted to. Corner Gas is a Canadian TV show. They were eating "Nanaimo-style" bars. I searched for the recipe after watching the episode. It was made from this mysterious powder. I had to buy it. It is a great product. It makes great "Nanaimo-style" bars, but it also makes a great custard pudding. I hope you did, you have gotten to the end of the review. It's a great product and you can try it.

👤I can have it whenever I want. We used to love snow pie made by my great grand. It was the most amazing thing to a 5 year old, she'd make her own custard. I wanted to make popovers with custard in them. This is very good. I will keep it in stock. If you are a first timer like me, you should mix the milk with the sugar and put it in the saucepan on the stove. Put the pan on the stove after the powder mixture is smooth and well blended. I like the smooth and creamy texture of my custard. It takes about 3 minutes to start whisking, just keep whisking until you get the way you want. I used whole milk. There is 2 heaped of custard powder. It took about 10 minutes from the time that the sugar was cooked to the time that the milk was cooked. When I tried a small amount. There was 2 ounces of powder. It was too sweet.

👤It is so plain, it doesn't even taste like vanilla, so it is not a good idea to follow the directions on the back. Just a little bit of milk. I think this item is better in a recipe that adds special flavors to it. The pudding texture was a bit runny after being chilled overnight. I covered the custard with a wax paper to prevent a film from forming, but that may have caused the water build-up. I tried to make a taiyaki filling out of this custard, but it was a mess and I had to stop breading. If you're going to use the custard as a filling, you should use a recipe that will solidify the custard enough. I only give this two stars so that people who are looking for more of an "instant" dessert will notice this review and look elsewhere. I'm sure it's fine for baking with the right recipe.

👤I have spent many hours making both the stirred and baked versions of custard. Bird's Custard powder is a really good flavor of soft/stirred custard. I have never had a problem with the stirred variety. I hope other Americans like it as I do. I use 3 to 4 ounces of powder instead of 2 ounces because I like thicker custard and prefer it over the recipe makes. I use less sugar. Bird's allows flexibility in thickness and results that are excellent.

11. Rumford Baking Powder Ounce Count

Rumford Baking Powder Ounce Count

Rumford baking powder is double acting. You can make your favorite foods with the ingredients. Two 8.1 ounce cans are included. USA is the country of origin. Non-GMO corn starch, monocalciumphosphate, and sodium bicarbonate are ingredients.

Brand: Rumford

👤I opened the package so it wouldn't be returned. I wanted it to be free of aluminum. I threw out the containers because I didn't read the description right. When I searched for aluminum free, Amazon pointed me to this product.

👤The producto Dulce de ALUMINIO, which is a liquid of a metal, is a product of Buenas Noches. Tengo un envase de LA MISMA MARCA. NECESITO POR FAVOR. No, I'm not stirring. ESPERO SU PRONTA. COLOQUE UNAACIONESTRELLA, PARA QUE ME PERMITIERA ENTVIARLES. Not a thing.

👤I use baking powder all the time. I use this brand's powder to make a variety of food. It's satisfying to get tall biscuits and scones. I can rely on the results. It doesn't clump like a clabber girl or something like that. rumford is aluminum free and always looks fresh and smooth, giving me great results. The measuring part of the lid is helpful. I always have a spare can in my pantry. I ordered these on Amazon for my sister in Santa Barbara, her Vons by her house only has that other brand I mentioned that I grew up using with my mother. I thought they put the aluminum in there to stop it. I used it at her place and got sad little scones. It could have been an oven that is out of whack. I had to order her the good stuff and an oven temp sensor. I threw out her gross baking powder and left her my recipe, and she came back a week later and said that her oven ran 25 degrees hotter than I got, and her scones came out fluffy. The best on the market is Romford. It is mostly organic in my cooking. When I spend a lot of money on ingredients, I don't skimp on quality. You can find it at a grocery store that caters to quality foods, not bulk or processed foods with low prices. I buy mine for $3 a can. It's worth having a back up. Many recipes call for a small amount of powder at a time. Cans can be used to make toys for toddlers. When I finish with the powder, my boys love getting the cans. Hope this helps.

👤The new packaging doesn't include the words "aluminum free" because Rumford baking powder is now aluminum free.

👤I needed baking powder for the many yeast-free breads I wanted to make in my new zojirushi mini, but there was no aluminum-free baking powder at my local supermarket so I ordered the rumford. I like having a spare in the cupboard, and it's a much better powder than others I've used. I will try it in irish soda bread soon. Each has been better than the last. I'll order when I'm low.

👤If you haven't tried it, go to the search and put it in your cart. It's also at your favorite grocery store. I have been making pancakes for 30 years. I ordered this and used it in my pancakes, and I couldn't believe how much they started rising on the griddle! No more pancakes that are flat. If I left the batter in the bowl a few minutes while the griddle was warm, I would have to punch it down before I could pour it out. It's amazing. It's a good thing that aluminum is free. It arrived on time too.


What is the best product for baking powder organic?

Baking powder organic products from Bob's Red Mill. In this article about baking powder organic you can see why people choose the product. Rumford and Yupik are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking powder organic.

What are the best brands for baking powder organic?

Bob's Red Mill, Rumford and Yupik are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking powder organic. Find the detail in this article. 365 By Whole Foods Market, Navitas Organics and Argo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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