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1. NOBONDO 12 Pack Bib Apron

NOBONDO 12 Pack Bib Apron

The uniform cloth apron is made of 5% cotton. The Unisex apron with 25" string suits most people, whether a man or woman, fat or thin. It is safe for you and your family to use healthy material. Easy care resists wrinkling and shrinks. The apron doesn't fade and it dries quickly. It's perfect for home or business use and comes with 2 pockets in front of the apron. It's well-suited for the kitchen, garden, or craft table. It's perfect for the home entertainer or gourmet.

Brand: Nobondo

👤I've owned a restaurant for almost 20 years. Positive reviews made me gamble with this one. The material is very transparent, as you can see from the picture provided by the seller. The neck strap is not close to the picture. The top of the apron is close to my chin, making the waist straps around my ribs. The waist strap ripped off the apron as I was tying it. The thread on the waist strap ends is unraveling. I would return them, but the shipping would be more expensive than it is worth, so they will be donated to my kids' art class. If you are looking for child size, disposable black aprons, then spend a few more dollars and buy a different product.

👤I used these for my mom with dementia. She had a hard time getting food to her mouth, and caregivers often did not help her. It wasn't a big deal since they washed easily. I knew that my mom would never appreciate a bib, but I decided to put one on her because she was so independent. I told mom to wear it so she could help. She forgot to help when we got to the meal. My mom could relate to the aprons she wore when cooking. These were a victory. I insisted that these were for her dignity and the caregivers used them often. Thank you for the low cost of multiple changes. For a person in memory care, mom liked that they were a pretty color, that it seemed like the same color every day, and nice. Seeing the opportunity to review made me think of how grateful we are to you for making her life a little better by saving her dignity many times. Please keep making them affordable and make life a little better.

👤I made aprons for cookie day. They are well made and light weight. I used an easy press set to hold up HTV.

👤The fabric is not perfect. My sewing machine was used to reinforce the ties around the entire garment. My 96-year-old dad doesn't have to wear a bib to eat, he just wears aprons, which make him look so cute, and it's perfect for my need. Other seniors in his area wish they had them. He lives in an assisted living facility and tosses the apron into the wash. I'll buy more when they wear out. Don't expect them to wear forever. Perfect items are for my needs.

👤They are comfortable and decent quality. I used one of the aprons for 5 out of 7 days for work, I spray painted car parts, and it came clean, after I washed it. I don't have to throw it away after every couple uses.

👤I ordered these for a painting party and they were great. The material is just right for basic crafting fun.

👤This pack was bought to personalize and gift. It was easy to iron on a logo, the material was sturdy, and the size was good for young teens.

2. Hyzrz Vintage Kitchen Fashion Patterns

Hyzrz Vintage Kitchen Fashion Patterns

The aprons are made of cotton. The fabric is soft. It was chic. Fashionable and practical with pockets. The aprons are washed and dry. Won't fade or tear. The neck strap has an adjustment. It's a good idea to recommend slim and medium height girls and women. The width is 69CM and the height is 71CM. The weight is 200g. It's perfect for the home entertainer or gourmet. This apron can also be used as a work apron. A good gift for your spouse.

Brand: Hyzrz

👤I use it for Halloween costume, but I love cooking with it. I wash it a lot but it is still in great shape.

👤They talked about making aprons for bustier women on the show. I can see why. It's cute hanging up. What's not cute? The guests were greeted with a side boob. It's nice if you don't mind.

👤It seems well made and won't fall apart. The material is hard so it might be softened after washing. It's not for a plus size. The straps you tie around the back are not very long, maybe it's because I am plus size. I can tie it, but it would look better with longer straps. You have to tie the neck straps behind your neck. If you are busty. The top Potion is so small that it only keeps the middle part of my chest clean. The bottom half of my clothing is wide enough to protect the lower parts. There are pockets that are very convenient. It fits my 13 year old perfectly. I will use it, but it won't protect the parts of my clothing that I need to cook in. I will look cute. There is a If you are looking for something cute to have on when you cook, I would recommend this and make sure you check the measurements.

👤I wore a cheap apron in black that had dye on the front of my red knit dress. If you choose to wear black underneath, I would recommend it. You get what you pay for.

👤I like it. I'm 156 pounds and under 5'. It fit right.

👤I wear a women's size six or eight in dresses and pants. The apron was too small for me. My breasts didn't fit in the breast area. The material was cheap, but I would have liked it if it fit me.

👤The apron is very functional and darling. It cleans up very nicely when I use it. I was initially worried that it would fade with washing, but it hasn't. The ties are pretty cool. It is not a typical wrap around. It's one continuous piece that adjusts the height and lengths at the same time. Very cool. The pockets are deep enough to hold items as you work, and look like bows. How cute! If you have yoga pants and an old shirt, this apron will get you in touch with your inner Donna Reed or Lucy. I like the retro look of it. It looks decorative hanging on the hook when not in use.

👤The apron is made well. ironing the frill part of this apron could be difficult, so I check the fabric before buying it. I like taking care of clothing, but I don't like ironing frills. Customer reviews helped. The apron is fine. I wore this at the party and received a lot of praise. I feel good cooking and doing housework in style because I want to enjoy doing daily things instead of doing things that I have to do. This apron is cute and makes a difference.

3. Xornis Kitchen Pockets Adjustable Daughter

Xornis Kitchen Pockets Adjustable Daughter

The style is classic. There are pockets in the middle of the apron that are useful for holding things. You won't believe how much you use this. High-quality printing. The queen of the kitchen. There are funny words on the apron. Print text and pattern are visible when printed with a professional screen print. Birthday gifts for friends, wedding gifts, housewarming gifts, Christmas gifts, and funny gifts for family members. The wear is comfortable. Pure cotton fabric does not irritate the skin. In the summer it will not feel too hot, and in the winter it will be warm. The design can be changed. The neck strap has a double buckle. It's suitable for anyone to wear. There are two pockets in front of the apron. Wide and long coverage. The bib apron keeps your clothes from being dirty and food stains. Multiple uses. This apron is very practical and good looking and can be worn no matter what you do in the house.

Brand: Xornis

👤It was a great fit. It seems like it is really durable. The ties are long enough to tie in the front.

👤The pocket design was well thought out and it fit us both.

👤It was described as advertised. It looks great and I bought it for a gift. I like that it has pockets and the straps are adjusted around the neck. I would highly recommend it.

👤It's beau, it's robust, it's OS, tel it!

4. Resistant Adjustable Cooking Kitchen Restaurant

Resistant Adjustable Cooking Kitchen Restaurant

It is waterproof and oil-resistant, and they have added a layer to make it more comfortable to wear. The QUEEN is a funny design. 70 cm x. The height is 90CM and can be washed up to 40 degrees. There are large front pockets in the middle of the apron that are easy to hold. It's ideal for both professional and commercial use.

Brand: Mayee

👤Excellent quality! It was large enough to protect my clothes. Really cute.

👤I bought this as a gift. She loved it.

👤It's very sturdy and good for wiping food off.

👤Good apron. The first wash was good.

👤The pockets are the best, it's easy to clean them. I will argue with anyone who tells me I am not a chef while wearing it.

5. DUSKCOVE PCS Plain Aprons Bulk

DUSKCOVE PCS Plain Aprons Bulk

The cotton is 98% cotton. Sturdy and light. The aprons are made of cotton and are machine washed. They are much easier to wash than cotton aprons. It's pretty standard for most people. The set includes 12 kitchen aprons of 30" x 25" with ties that are suitable for different body shapes, whether a man or a woman, child or adult. There are 2 pockets in the aprons that are perfect for all sorts of occasions. Can be used to protect clothing when cooking, baking, crafting, gardening, serving BBQ or anything else that could make a mess. Excellent value for money. You will not be disappointed to get such commercial chef aprons at such a low price. The material is healthy. Aprons are free from harmful chemicals and made from natural materials.

Brand: Duskcove

👤I immediately sent the aprons back after I opened the package because I bought them for a volunteer event. There were grease spots on one item. All of them were poorly sewn. The fabric was stiff for some and softer for others. They looked cheap and poor. It was better to send them back and order others.

👤I am very pleased with the quality and price of these aprons, I ordered them for the family reunion and they were perfect.

👤I don't want to see someone serving in these aprons in a restaurant. The construction is bad.

👤Adding a logo to aprons is a great idea.

👤Well constructed, would buy again.

👤When I got them, I didn't open them until after my return window had closed, and now I know they are not the size shown on the model. The aprons are stiff and short. I will probably donate them to a school to use as art aprons so someone can use them.

👤The first order had an apron with a small hole. There are 2 aprons with holes in this replacement order. I have passed the return date after I noticed it. Make sure to check your merchandise very thoroughly. I missed them until I needed to use them.

👤The apron is made for children. It's small. The fabric has a stiff feel. If you have to throw it out after use, you don't have to worry. A pack of money. You get what you pay for. Don't expect much. So. It's ok that you get value for the money. It was cheap.

👤Gave them away. Average adult ties were not long. Was looking for a softer type of cottom. This was not for what we were looking for.

👤Good quality for price, butties too short to wrap around and tie in front. A little thin is all it takes to last in a resto kitchen. It's perfect for home and crafts.

👤They were easy to clean. There is a job in a restaurant. There was a lot of sauce on them. They came back black. Surprised me. My other ones had stains on them.

👤They look good and will be perfect for work. This is a pleasant thing, so wont get overheated, but it is thin.

6. Kitchen Cooking Pockets Birthday Christmas

Kitchen Cooking Pockets Birthday Christmas

It is a perfect birthday gifts for women, Mother's Day gifts for women grandma, gift for mom,grandma gifts,aunt gifts,baking gifts for women who love to bake. It's mandiles para mujer, great for regalos para mujer. "Queen of the Kitchen apron" is a funny apron that can be used as a womens apron,mom apron,grandma apron, and definitely will catch everybody's eyes and bring some laugh and topics to your. They can keep cooking kitchen accessories that can be used during cooking. Baking apron, grilling apron, cooking apron for women can be used with their funny apron. It's ideal for birthday party, hostess gifts, Mother's Day, Christmas, white elephant, Thanksgiving Day, camping trip, cooking class or baking party.

Brand: Perrific

👤I don't like fabric because it isn't like plastic made.

👤No me specificaba, era de plstico.

👤It was bought for a shower gift. It was a big hit. The girls wanted to know where I got it.

👤The fabric and string attachment was a great gift idea and my wife loved them.

👤My kids enjoyed it and they are definitely him and her.

👤Hated the material. It is plastic.

7. Set Adjustable Childrens Kitchen Cooking Painting

Set Adjustable Childrens Kitchen Cooking Painting

There is canvas,Polyester,Cotton. The kids apron and hat set are made from cotton canvas. The full size kids apron is 18 inches wide x 28 inches tall with an elastic band at the back for perfect fit, the child apron and hat set is suitable for children aged 6 to 14 years old. A chef hat and apron for children to keep them away from stains when they help cook or bake. There is a pocket in front for children to keep small cooking or baking accessories. The kids chef hat apron set is perfect for kitchen study, painting class, Halloween costumes, art birthday party, and can be decorated with fabric marker, paint, iron on or embroidered. There are wonderful holiday gifts for children. The machine wash has some colors. Do not wash or dry. Save you time and energy.

Brand: Aurya

👤I took a picture of myself wearing an apron to see the size. I am almost 5 years old. I am giving this to a young girl. I wanted her apron to be small so she could grow in it. This is the right size. Perfect length. The apron is cute. I compared this apron to a Williams Sonoma one. This is actually cuter than the other two. Love it!

👤This is amazing. It is a great product, and it is still a good product after the wash and dry. Learning a new skill is important with kids out of school. My child is excited to cook with me because of this apron and hat.

👤I liked the orange color more than the picture showed. The set is cute, but my 10 year old son is thin and small and this was too small. The apron is too tight in the neck strap and the hat is too small. The apron straps are very short. I would not order this for a child over 7. I ordered this based on the reviews that showed it was appropriate for small adults. I think this has wide variation and you may not know what you get. I liked the set and the material. I am going to give an apron to a younger family member and buy something else for my son.

👤The description said the apron would fit a 14 year old. My nephew is 11 years old. There is no way this fits him. I think this would fit a thin 6 or 7 year old child. It is 8 inches in the front and 28 inches in length and 18 inches across at the hem. The purpose of an apron is to cover up clothing so that it doesn't get dirty. It's not possible with only 8 inches across the chest. I had to buy something locally for this Christmas gift. I will return the apron. The quality is really good, apart from the fit issue. I would give it to a smaller child. I don't, so back it goes!

👤I bought this for my budding chef. She likes to dress up and make dinner with us. She's about 4 feet tall and weighs 75 lbs. It works great! I've washed it a few times and it seems to hold up.

👤I bought this for my grandson who is just starting to bake. He seems to like wearing the hat and apron. Chef's name was embroidered on the apron.

👤I bought two sets of these. They have a good fit. My kids have liked them.

👤This was perfect for my son's costume. The apron will come in handy, we only used the hat.

👤I live in the UK so we don't have BBQ weather, but my Grandson loves it and would use it everyday if he could.

8. Syntus Pack Adjustable Waterdrop Resistant

Syntus Pack Adjustable Waterdrop Resistant

The kit is made of premium materials, is more durable, and comes with a cleaning brush to help you clean and maintain the product better after you use it. When you open the package, the cake decorating tips, bags, and scraper are at the bottom of the cake turntable. Soft Touch is made from a uniform cloth that is free from harmful chemicals. One Size Fit Most is a unique design with a neck strap. Long ties can be changed to fit most sizes. Wrinkles and shrinkages are resistant to machine wash. Dry cleaning and tumble drying are not allowed. Two large pockets in the middle of the apron are used for easy holding meat thermometer, grill slips, recipe cards, etc. The large bib apron that covers from chest to knee provides great coverage and protection from kitchen grease, spills and food stains. apron should not be placed near heated cooking ware or flame.

Brand: Syntus

👤There was an update. I bought the 2 pack of aprons almost a year ago. They have been worn almost daily. I didn't follow washing instructions. I can dry my hands on the bottom of the aprons because they have softened enough. I need to sew them back on after the pocket stitching came out. I'm ordering 2 more on May 10. The aprons ended up in the dirty clothes basket. I have to wear a dirty apron until I can get laundry done. I should have ordered 2 pairs. I will be in another month or two. I will be able to change daily. These are exactly what they were promised. I'm 5'3" and about 220 lbs. They cover my knees and sides. I don't wipe my hands on my front while I bake. I can read the directions for the care of the fabric. Water runs off of them. Water resistance will not last long if proper washing and care directions are not followed. A good product and what I needed in a pinch for a good price. My 8 year old grandson decided he needed to wear 1 while helping me cook so I need to order more. The ties don't tie in front with me being as round as possible. I'll change that later. Update... I wear these aprons daily. They were washed not according to directions. I use warm water and a brand of laundry detergent. The aprons are now conforming to my curves. Even though the towel at my feet is very wet, my clothing does not get wet. I love these aprons.

👤I don't understand why there are negative reviews on aprons. I am a baker at the cafe and I dirty up my aprons a lot. I needed more aprons because I was tired of alternating between two and trying to keep up with washing them. I was expecting them to be stiff and hard after reading some of the negative reviews. They are light and durable. It's not soft, but it's not supposed to be a blanket. It is water resistant, but not waterproof, as it says in the description. I wash the stains and mess and they clean up. The only thing I would change about these is that the pockets are just one big pocket. I carry my phone around so that I can have music going and read recipes, and having the phone in the vertical pocket makes kneeling or bending over difficult. I can't complain. The best part is that they don't look dirty when they're dirty.

👤The reason I am giving a 3 star review is because I received a cotton apron and a polyester apron instead of the cotton aprons I purchased. They look and feel the same, even though they are made of different materials. I decided to keep the aprons because it was too much work to return them at the post office. I will review the differences of the materials after wearing them for a while.

9. Lovely Kitchen Cooking Pinafore Vintage

Lovely Kitchen Cooking Pinafore Vintage

Aprons are machine washed in a way that resists shrinkage. Use chilled water for washing and avoid using harmful chemicals. 100% Cotton is made of high quality material. The length is 72.50 cm. The waist width is 53.5 cm. It's a good idea to wear this appron when cooking or cleaning. The neck strap has an adjustment. It was designed to fit most sizes. It's a great gift for Christmas, Mother's Day, Dinner Parties, Birthdays and so on.

Brand: Hyzrz

👤It is perfect. It is a very nice material that is thick and not cheap. This is perfect for me because I am plus size. I wear 24-26 clothing and only 5'4" so this goes a little past my sides. It's amazing. I'm going to get one in each color. In love.

👤Cute! The material is thick and nice. If you're a "plus" sized gal, I'm not sure how well it will fit. Buy this! The sides of the apron lay toward my back with plenty of length left in the ties. Please, the pocket, come on. There is a If you love Hello Kitty and you're a messy cook like me, you'll love this.

👤So cute! Everyone loves it! It would be better if it had two pockets instead of one. The bow is detached with a pin. The bow might lose its shape over time, so it's removed. I was satisfied with my purchase.

👤It was very cute and well made. The material is very thick. It is exactly what you would expect in a kitchen apron, but it is a little small in the chest area for something advertised for women. My wife is not a very tall woman. She is also Asian, so we will give you some reference if we get some comments about this being Asian sizes. I bought her this because we both thought it was cute and to protect her while cooking. She would be well protected as well as her clothing, or so we thought. She spills out on either side of the top panel when it closes, because it almost closes like a skirt in the back. While it wouldn't be a problem to make salads or cut vegetables, it's a big deal to cook and fry it. If the top panel was a bit wider, it would be better for the apron to protect clothing and skin from cooking dangers. It is still cute and usable, but you have to wear a top that you don't mind getting oil on at either side of the panel. That is why the 4stars. We are still thinking of buying another in a lighter color, but not for cooking, because of the major flaw. She says it is very cute.

👤It's really cute. I wear size 22 clothes. The tie is long. Hello is very cute. The waist is a little high. If you are tall, this might not work. I'm just 5'2".

👤The apron is adorable. The material holds up well in the washing machine. It fits any size from a teenager to a plus sized woman. It's my new favorite apron. This is a good buy. I paid full price for this product, and it was worth every penny.

👤Love it! The delivery was fast. Beautiful and cute. I am a big girl and it fits. My girlfriend is an extra small size and she loved it. It was small on her, but not bad. I think it's perfect for S-XL sizes. I was very happy with my purchase.

10. Homgaty Princess Bowknot Painting Parent Child

Homgaty Princess Bowknot Painting Parent Child

Wrinkles and shrinkages are resistant to machine wash. Dry cleaning and tumble drying are not allowed. There are aprons for child and adult. You can put cooking utensils, cloth, oven mitt inside of the pocket in front of the apron, which makes it convenient while you bake or cook. The size of the APRON. The aprons have long waist ties and neck ties to fit a child aged 2 to 4 years old. A nice gift for Monday is a work apron, it is convenient and practical for work and home use. The apron is made with cotton and has a bow and frill. The apron is great for the little helpers. It's perfect for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Cotton cloth andsimulation silk cloth. If you received a incomplete set, please contact them directly, they will send you a new one.

Brand: Homgaty

👤These are perfect! My daughter liked it. She had a neck strap that could be adjusted to fit a younger or older child. I am five feet tall and the apron was a little long, which I was expecting. My husband thought it was cute.

👤A sweet set. The world became a perfect place when my granddaughter and I wore them to make lasagna.

👤This set is very cheap. The size comparison is correct.

👤The toddler has an adjustment around the neck. The adult one doesn't need to be. My daughter is 4 years old and very tall. She's 6 years old. It fits her well. We love them! I will say that they smell weird. It was weird to see bug spray or something along those lines. That was the only problem I had. You should wash before you wear.

👤Wife and granddaughter love their aprons, well made and a perfect fit, it's fairly priced with fast shipping.

👤My three year old daughter loves wearing these aprons and insists we wear them every night. The child apron neck strap can be difficult to put down.

👤The aprons shrunk at the first wash/dry. They are still usable, but feel tight now. The aprons fit perfectly.

👤I was going to give this to my granddaughter but my daughter was jealous. I gave her mine. It's funny. They are so cute that I am not sorry. I will probably buy another one for her. When she wears it, she says she is a big girl.

👤These are either great or terrible depending on what you want them for. I bought these for my daughter to use with the play kitchen we bought for her. They seem to be fantastic for this purpose. If you're buying them as functional aprons to use in an actual kitchen then you may be disappointed as they aren't made from durable, hard wearing fabric. I'm not sure how well they wash after unpacking them. I'm around 5'4" and average build, so the adult one fits me well. The child one looks like it will fit my little girl, she'll be 16 months at Christmas. I think it will fit children up to the age of 5. They're pretty dress-up aprons that can be used for play.

👤The apron is for mother and child. It's a good fit for my 2yr old to be fit with lots of room for years to come and a good fit for me as well. The design is lovely and the quality is good. Would recommend.

👤These are the perfect accessory because my daughter got her own wooden kitchen for Christmas. Fit both of my kids! Would definitely recommend!

👤A friend gave it to her daughter and she liked it very much.

👤I added names to them for the child and grandparent. They looked very cute.

11. Saukore Cooking Adjustable Anniversary Engagement

Saukore Cooking Adjustable Anniversary Engagement

Making gift for baker Surprise your girlfriend, wife or mother as a birthday gift, holiday, mother's day gift or Christmas gift. This couple aprons set is designed for couples who love to cook. Add some fun and romance to your cooking experience with this custom print funny couple aprons set. Perfect gift ideas. Perfect Gifts for Couples include wedding anniversary, bride showers, housewarming party, engagements, anniversaries and valentine's day. This funny couple aprons set will be perfect for a romantic cooking party. One size fits most. Each apron is 28.6 W X 31.5 L inches, with an elastic neck strap and extra long waist ties that can wrap around and tie in the front, covering size adjustments of up to XXL. Multi-PURPOSE is a very soft and comfortable to wear, Machine-washable, fade-proof, and resists wrinkling. Designed for use in the home or outdoor grilling, baking, cooking, restaurant, kitchen, garden or craft table. The novelty gift bag makes it easy to bring the apron to the party, shower or wedding. Now is the time to give your loved one a big surprise.

Brand: Saukore

👤I bought these for a bride and groom, they are a little thin, but they are great for two slender people. The materials are cheap but the stencil is cute. If you are going for a more economical gift, I would recommend it.

👤50 years ago, this was a gift for friends. They wear them a lot. They said they're easy to clean and soft to the touch. The design is still there.

👤The aprons look good, but I wish the material was heavier. Very light and thin.

👤They are not too heavy to be a problem while cooking. The tie is long enough to go all the way around and so far it seems to be quite durable.

👤Cheap and thin. It's not long enough for big people. I wouldn't buy it if I had to do it over.

👤The fabric looks sturdy.

👤Excellent aprons! They are light and easy to wear. Everyone should have one.

👤It's ideal for a novelty gift for a couple.

👤There are no washing instructions on the aprons.

👤The. aprons. We are. Not. As. I was expecting that. Poor. Quality. There is a fabric. For. The price.

👤It's a little on the thin side. It does the job.

👤I bought them as an engagement gift and they were well received. They only need one, so they don't need to add anything to their already existing stock.


What is the best product for baking queen pink apron?

Baking queen pink apron products from Nobondo. In this article about baking queen pink apron you can see why people choose the product. Hyzrz and Xornis are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking queen pink apron.

What are the best brands for baking queen pink apron?

Nobondo, Hyzrz and Xornis are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking queen pink apron. Find the detail in this article. Mayee, Duskcove and Perrific are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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