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1. Amazon Basics Adjustable Shelving Organizer

Amazon Basics Adjustable Shelving Organizer

The storage unit is great for kitchen, office, garage. Each shelf can hold up to 350 pounds with leveling feet and up to 120 pounds with wheels in motion. The max load weight is 1400 pounds with leveling feet, 440 pounds with wheels when not in motion, or 353 pounds with wheels in motion. It's ideal for storing and accessing tools, appliances, workshop materials, cleaning supplies, and more. The wire shelf height can be adjusted in 1-inch increments. The dimensions are 36 x 14 x 57.75 inches.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤I use a wire shelving unit on my porch to keep trays out of the sun. It works well. I use a mesh nylon to line the shelves at home improvement stores. In the green house, I have about 9 of these shelves that are used exclusively outdoors. They are easy to assemble and hold up well. If this review helped you, please click "yes" below since reviews take time and thought to write in a meaningful way and to photograph the product's usage. Thank you so much!

👤I was paranoid because I was seeing reviews and complaints about how flimsy this is, how it arrives damaged, and how the parts don't connect or close completely. The shelf sleeves that hold each shelf don't close completely. I thought about the design after I looked at online and videos. Why do you want them to close? You don't! When the shelf is forced lower by the weight of what you stack and by the taper of each sleeve, the engineering behind it is to create a tight compression. If you had something big enough to close completely around each leg, you wouldn't have this tightness and you would have long-term problems with the shelf collapsing. This product is very durable because of the manufacturing error. Don't believe the complaints. This shelf is for sale today. See my picture as proof. It is likely over 50 lbs with car tools and parts alone.

👤I ordered the shelving units because I don't have a proper pantry in my kitchen. There is a lot of space on these shelves and they are far better than I expected. If you use the wheels, they roll very well under load, as the Casters they provide are in line with the strength of the rest of the unit. I am not sure how they can make a unit with these features for 50 bucks. The wires are a bit far apart for small items, which is my only criticism of these shelves. I would recommend getting liners for them if you plan to use them. These posts are long and difficult to deal with. The instructions state that they should be assembled a different way. If you assemble them alone, it will be difficult to assemble the shelves with the posts together or the wheels on first. Do not put the wheels on the posts first. If you have a table to work at, open the box completely and leave it on the table as protection. Put the plastic wedges on the lower posts where you want the lower shelf and make sure the ridges on the wedges are the same on all legs. If you want to pass the posts up through the shelf without having to hold them, place the bottom shelf on the table with one side hanging over the edge. The shelf should be flipped around to install the two legs. Next, put the shelf on the table and then put the next set of wedges on the posts. Lower the next shelf over the posts. The unit will be much easier to assemble if there are two locked shelves. If you are going to put the wheels on the unit, lay it down on its back and remove the leveling feet and install the casters, keeping in mind the set of caster with the cardboard on them have the wheels that lock. Attach the top portion of the posts and the final 3 shelves to the unit on the ground. It takes less than 15 minutes to assemble a unit in this way.

2. AmazonBasics Expandable Hanging Organizer Wardrobe

AmazonBasics Expandable Hanging Organizer Wardrobe

2 hanging rods that can be moved up/down in 1-inch increments are included in the closet organizers. Each shelf can be raised/lowered in 1-inch increments. The slip sleeves are made of steel wire and plastic. The assembly includes plastic shelf liners and wall-mounting hardware. The unit is 14 by 58 to 63 by 72 inches.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤It's easy to assemble, great function, and affordable. The missing shelf mats don't sit against the wall due to warped metal. I live in a studio without a closet. The ability to modify shelving space is something that I am impressed with. It is a product that you pay for. The two sides are not sitting evenly with each other. It's not ideal, but not a big deal. I am happy with the product and would recommend it to other people who are looking to maximize on storage space.

👤I'm generally a positive reviewer. It takes a lot to leave a review. This thing is garbage. I took my chance after reading about the bent shelves in the other reviews. Took everything out of the packaging and inspected it all. Half of the zip ties that were supposed to hold the bars together were already cut, so it had been open before. I inspected all of the shelves and only one was bent, so I didn't bother with it. I began to assemble the unit. I'm a handy person, and this is the 7th storage rack of this style that I've assembled in my house, so I'm not a complete idiot. I put this stupid thing together for about four hours. It's easy if you've put together this style shelving unit before. It's taking so long because nothing is straight. After assembling each tower, it is bent and not standing straight. I had to sit and try to bend it straight. I finally got it close to straight after an hour and a half, but the two top shelves don't line up, not a huge concern to me... The two towers are not straight. There is no locking mechanism to keep the rod from collapsing back together. I might buy a different stable to replace it because I don't like that. I only planned on using one of the rods because I bought it. Since the other rod was not drilled correctly, I can't even use the provided screws. It's a wasted piece of metal. It's my fault that this is only 14 inches deep, it's not wide enough to fit a large jacket without being smooshed up against the wall. I have to keep it close to the wall. I didn't return it because I don't want to deal with taking it apart and putting it back together.

👤I was hesitant to purchase this because I didn't think it would hold the weight of my cloths, but once everything was put on it seems extreamly sturdy! All parts were undamaged and easy to follow. I used zip ties to connect the two top pieces since I didn't need to expand it. I used old shower curtain hooks to hang additional things that are a pin on the shelf. It was really helpful to use with my bedroom closet.

👤When the shelf ripped out of the wall, my closet exploded. I got a set of shelves to replace it. I have shelves to organize my purses and shoes, and all my hanging clothes got back up on a rack. I'm not worried about the shelves falling down because it looks better organized.

3. Casual Home Kitchen American Hardwood

Casual Home Kitchen American Hardwood

Solid wood top for increased durability and longevity contrasts with the clean white finish. The drawer pulls have a handle to keep your kitchen essentials out of sight. There are two spacious lower shelves that can hold your kitchen essentials. A towel rack is a good place to hang your towels. The dimensions are 36.5 inches high x 20 inches deep and 40 inches wide.

Brand: Casual Home

👤I purchased this item after spending weeks looking for a work table to use as an island in my kitchen. The table is reasonably priced, but everything else was expensive. It arrived very quickly and was packaged well. The back panel of the drawer was a little tricky because the holes were drilled in the wrong place, but the assembly was quick and easy. You will need a small screwdriver. The L-wrench is in the package. The chrome hardware that comes with the table was replaced with burnished bronze hardware. I used knobs instead of a towel bar to hang pot holders. I am very pleased with this item and have already received a lot of positive feedback. It's not too heavy for me to carry. It works well in my kitchen because it is a bit taller than my countertops. One of the photos is before a hardware store.

👤It's a good place to live. I put them side by side. I have a nice kitchen island for under $300.

👤Poor fit and finish. The frame of the table is made of wood. The frame cracked when the screws never fully "bite" while assembled. The leg height is not uniform. The drawer is stuck after you insert it, all you can do is pull the table by its handle. For more information, see the video.

👤I don't have time or patience to pack it back up for a return, and this is a complete waste of money. I can't get the drawer to fit. The directions don't have enough photos to show me if I made a mistake, and the holes don't line up. I am very disappointed. The product is cheap and poorly designed. There is no doubt in my mind that the reviews are fake. There is no way that a product of this flimsy quality can get such positive reviews. I would like to see Amazon take action against fake reviews.

👤This table is very sturdy and high quality and can be used as an island and storage module. Assembly was very easy. The drawer is a decent size, but doesn't feel like it could hold more than 5 lbs. It glides nicely and stays on the track. There are two Shelves for storage. They can fit a cookie sheet on its side. Overall, very satisfied with this. I paid 150 for this item, which was a very good value for this type of item, since I had been shopping for an island for over a year. It took nearly two months to arrive due to back order. It was worth the wait. Look at photos of the drawer.

👤I love this cart. I bought it for my brother. We were able to fit his appliances on the counter. The drawer is large and tall. It was easy to assemble. One tip when installing a counter top is to not tighten the screws all the way.

👤I should have looked at the dimensions more closely. This isn't a kitchen island, it's a full on workbench. It reached the upper part of my rib cage at 5'4". It towered over my regular countertops and my pub table, and I felt like I was 12 years old. The bar height table is made of wood. It's too big. There is a It's also an odd weight situation. The bottom part is cheap. The pre-drilled holes are barely big enough for the huge screws that come with it. The top is so heavy that it's like a block of cement. The top is a piece of solid wood and the bottom is garbage. Like one or the other. Don't think about it when you put the top on the bottom. I don't know how many people have done it. You can barely get a tool in underneath the base to get at the screws to screw them in to the underside of the top. It's another thing to have an ice bath ready for you when you're done, because of the pre-drilled holes and tight spaces. I don't have an electric screwdriver so it was useless for getting into some areas.

4. AmazonBasics Bakers Rack Wood Chrome

AmazonBasics Bakers Rack Wood Chrome

Kitchen baker's rack is ideal for heavy-duty storage. The counter top is made of chrome-plated steel. 3 full shelves, 1 upper half shelf and a hanging bar; height can be adjusted in 1-inch increments. The total weight capacity is 880 lbs., with half shelf 30 lbs, hooks 10 lbs each, wood shelf 270 lbs, and lower wire shelves 540 lbs each. No tools are required for easy assembly. The dimensions are 14 x 36 x 63.4 inches.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤It is amazing. It was much better than expected. Place taller small appliances on the top shelf. Look at photos. I tied a power strip to the side to make appliance access easier. Discreet and functional.

👤Perfecto! I spent $300 on a fake looking bakers rack that took me 5 hours to build, so I bought this bakers rack. I returned it the next day. The bakers rack is not functional and ugly, but it is amazing. Only $50 bucks is what a difference it is. It took me 15 minutes to put it together. It looks great and it is functional. I'm in love. I was looking at another one for $150 but decided to go with this one and am very happy about it. What a deal. I will post a picture of the one I kept and the one I returned. It is amazing. If you like it, buy it. Don't spend more than you need. The butcher block is counter level and I can finally have my appliances out for use. This product is very good. I think I was lucky because nothing was damaged. The bakers rack is amazing. My floors are not wobbly. The other one was very unstable and heavy. Thank you Amazon! Lisa

👤I received a package. It looked like the delivery man kicked it. Half the box was ripped after it was beaten to smithereens. Half of the black caps that they put on for shipping were broken when they opened the box. The parts were definitely knocked around, but they didn't seem that bothered. Not in the right places. The zip-tie that was supposed to hold the package in place was broken before I opened it. It was rattled a lot. The chrome look and feel in my hands is great, but the four legs were different lengths. I put the legs next to each other when I screwed them all up. They were all different heights, but they should have been designed and engineered the same way. Even if you were at the 4th from the bottom, they were still up to half an inch off each other. I got to work after I busted out a tape measure. I slid my first rack on after putting the plastic caps in position. The plastic slid down with the rack and it took several attempts to get it on the right path. I put the wooden block on the top after the rack is assembled. The block is warped from here to the Mars Exploration Program. It is more than a see-saw. It doesn't line up right with the poles, possibly because it's warped. I'd be scared to put something on that block because of the fear that it would break. I'm going to return the product. Very, very, very disappointed. I'm posting pictures from this show. The bottom of the box was shown. I did not remove any of the caps. 2. The wooden board doesn't line up on the top. 3. The zip-tie doesn't look threaded. And 4. A video shows a wobble.

5. Amazon Basics Adjustable Shelving Organizer

Amazon Basics Adjustable Shelving Organizer

A 4-shelf shelving unit is needed in your kitchen, office, garage, and more. Each shelf can hold up to 350 pounds and the max load weight is 1400 pounds. No tools are required to adjust the wire shelves. The steel construction has a chrome finish. The product is 36 x 14 x 54 inches.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤This shelving unit is great for people who need to be humble. It will make you cry as you try to lift and lower the shelves onto the plastic puzzle pieces that are supposed to hold them up. Will the plastic things stay in place, or will they fall to the floor, forcing you to start over? Will they stay in place, but leave you with a shelf that isn't level? Will you be forced to look at that shelf every time you want to make something in the microwave? The shelving unit is more than just a shelf. It is an exercise that builds character. You will learn to live with "good enough" if you confront your need for perfection.

👤I am confused by the reviews that talk of frustration. It was easy to put together. 30 minutes, tops! We had to decide how far apart we wanted our shelves. To all of the reviewers who had trouble with assembly, I offer you this insight. The plastic pieces are not supposed to fit around the pole. 2. The shelves are designed to slide over the plastic pieces like a sheath. 3. If you don't follow the instructions on the plastic pieces, you won't get this unit assembled. When you put the plastic pieces in the grooves of the pole, you just slide the shelves over top of them. The plastic pieces will fit inside the collars on the shelves. I am certain that some reviewers didn't know how to assemble it after reading the negative reviews. We liked the first one so much that we bought a second. I decided to wait it out this time. A person is from box to completely built in less than 18 minutes. Unwrapping and opening bags are included. Some people misunderstood how to put it together, so don't be afraid. This can be assembled easily. By yourself. Less than 30 minutes.

👤Where to start? A nice, heavy box arrives, open it to find sturdy metal shelves and poles, and instructions that are simple and easy to follow. The quality is worthy of a 5 star review. Until you start to assemble the unit, using the cheap plastic collars that are supposed to snap together and the metal shelves. First of all, they won't snap together, they will just meet. This will make sure that if you try to put a shelf on that at least half of them will pop off, forcing you to try and get them all connected, which will fail again and again. You will get them all together, put the shelves on them, and think you are home free. Oh, silly person. The cheap plastic collars on the shelves will fly off once you start loading them, but this time with the stuff on the shelves slipping and sliding off. The small pieces of plastic are supposed to support hundreds of pounds of weight, and are what holds up every shelf. Let that sink in. Thin plastic that supports hundreds of pounds. Why would Amazon make this shelf cheap when it needs to be sturdy? It would not have cost much more to make locking metal collars that would support the weight required and stay where they are supposed to be. If they had done that, this would be a sturdy unit and a 5-star unit. While it is currently together, I have low expectations that it will stay that way, and am only storing extremely light, unbreakable things on the top two shelves. I will be looking into other ways of stabilizing these shelves, at which point they will serve the purpose I ordered them for, but at a higher cost and far more trouble than I wanted. If you put your name on something that is pretty worthless, you should fix it quickly.

6. VASAGLE Microwave Oven Metal Frame Wire Basket Mini Oven

VASAGLE Microwave Oven Metal Frame Wire Basket Mini Oven

The smell of freshly baked pizza and a glass of red wine can be found in your kitchen, and you can create the perfect atmosphere with their industrial furniture from VASAGLE. The baker's rack is high time if the mixing bowl has to be placed on the stove or the kettle on the floor. There are many shelves for storing baking utensils. The microwave oven can fit on the work surface. The kitchen rack has engineered wood shelves resting atop steel tubes that hold 176 lbs of cookware, plates, pasta boxes, pots, pans, and more. 6 S-shaped hooks are included for holding ladles, spatulas, and towels, while a pull-out wire basket is perfect for measuring spoons, or a whisk. The ALINRU Collection includes a Baker's rack, 4 storage shelves, a wire basket, 6 S-shaped hooks, and an easy-to- follow instructions.

Brand: Vasagle

👤I am very happy with this purchase. It has a lot of storage. It is not real wood, but the veneer is really nice. No complaints!

👤We bought this cart to put a home freeze dryer on because of the reviews we read. There are two issues with the cart. The little wrench that was included does not fit the nuts. It works okay at first but when you put too much pressure on it, it slips off. That is useless. A crescent wrench can't fit in the narrow space between the nut and the bottom of the cart. That was very frustrating. Had to use a needle nose to get in. The second concern is something I worry about a lot. I don't feel comfortable putting a freeze dryer on the cart because it is skewed after assembly. The cart failed and I can see it hitting the floor. It's nice looking. I don't think it will last for long at 60 lbs. This was not a good purchase for me.

👤After spending 30 minutes opening the box and laying out all of the pieces, I started by putting the first leg in. The first leg tore sideways out of the wood as I moved the top with the leg attached to install the other legs. I won't buy from this company again. The wood is not real.

👤I love my kitchen appliances. The stand saved the day. My rice cooker, crock pot, and stand mixer never have to be moved. I have an electric kettle and burr grinder under the tray and it's perfect for holding my tea. The person was in the assembly for about 30 minutes. The picture instructions are easy to follow and include both a wall-tether and spare parts. The product was thought out by the manufacturer. I'm very happy!

👤Solid table. The other reviews are correct that the wheels don't work. They drag instead of rolling on the floor. We went to Lowe's to get replacement caster wheels. It rolls like a charm now. The shelves were not the right height so we drilled different holes and used them for what we needed.

👤1. I bought this to hold my PC. The top shelf was supposed to be real wood. I found out when I received the unit that it was a wood suck onto a composite. 2. I bought this unit over the darker stained one because it was supposed to come with feet that I could screw into the bottom instead of using the wheels. The unit did not have feet. I called the company to see if it would come with feet. 3. The bolts and nuts don't have the same thread so they don't work together. 8 of the bolts and nuts won't screw into each other. I need to buy new bolts at the hardware store to make sure they work. 4. Extra items can be put on the wire mesh shelves. I put pressure on them with my hand to see how strong they were, and I noticed that the welds that keep the mesh attached to the frame were starting to break. I had to buy shelving material at the hardware store to make the mesh stronger and to protect myself and my belongings from the sharpness of the shelves. I kept the shelves because I needed something and I didn't want to go through the hassle of returning, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else. I wanted this unit to work. I was very excited by it. It has been one let down after another.

7. Finnhomy Shelving Adjustable Shelves Leveling

Finnhomy Shelving Adjustable Shelves Leveling

13"D x 23"W x 31"H Extra storage space can be used as a 6 tier unit or two tier units. Convenient access and diversified storage are what they want. The thicken pole wall and steel wire gauge has a leveling fee of 250 pounds per shelf. No-tool assembly, wire shelves that can be adjusted in 1-inch, and leveling feet for even floor are some of the features of the 6 tier unit. Superb rust proof and abrasion proof capacity can be provided by the super quality of the nan plated material. It is easy to match furniture color and hard to show stains. Anti-rust steel has a 10-year service and meets.

Brand: Finnhomy

👤I'm pretty sure a lot of people don't understand the instructions. They come with two sets of 4 top and two sets of 4 bottom poles that are tied to two different shelves. To attach the full height shelf, you have to take off the entire threaded insert that holds the leveling feet from one set of bottom poles. You need to remove the black plastic cap from the poles. Four double threaded connections join the capless tops to the bottomless legs. They've been very strong for us so far. You can get 8 shelves with a "bonus" compartment shelf between the lowest shelf and the floor with a count of 8 section lines. It makes shelves that are perfect for quart jars. I've bought two so far, but might need another.

👤The shelving unit is better than the description. The chrome is attractive, the material is sturdy, and the assembly was a piece of cake. There is no wire used in the term "wire". It has a chrome finish. I am happy that I made the purchase. The price was good for the quality. I am 80 years old. I know a thing or two.

👤The true dimensions are 58x23x13. I am aware that this won't be an issue for most buyers of a product like this, but I needed the exact 60x 24x14 for active electronic equipment and I planned my purchase accordingly. My items won't fit so I will use another unit. I needed the extra shelve and settled on this one because I was looking at other versions. Extra shelving is a good thing, liners are flimsy, but they all probably are.

👤I ordered a second pair because I love them so much. They are easy to put together and are a smaller size. They also include the precut shelf liners. I put them in the large storage closet for my sewing and quilting supplies in my new apartment. It was double boxed so there was no damage. The shelves and hardware are tightly stacked inside the box and the hardware is packaged separately and tied to the shelves so they are not loose. They are strong enough for their size, but don't store your cement blocks on them. I will probably buy a 3rd set from them. I received my third set of these but ordered the 8 shelf set again, still very pleased with this purchase. They are great in my laundry room. These are not comparable to the higher priced heavy weight shelves so keep that in mind.

👤I think that all the 5-star reviews were written by employees of Finnhomy. This is a cheap knock-off of an excellent rack. It is weak, flimsy, and smaller than advertised. The rack rim edge is points down instead of correctly up, which is a major flaw. This is the way it must be put together. It's overpriced for the size. Another Chinese ripoff.

👤It is easy to put together. It was a nice size. It comes with shelf liners. The purchase was made because of that.

8. Wheels Commercial Bakery Racking Aluminum

Wheels Commercial Bakery Racking Aluminum

Premium welded aluminum is a durable and safe material. The edge is roundly handled to protect your hands. Large and Practical Storage can hold up to 10 full size or 20 half size sheet pans with 33 lbs capacity per sheet, which is enough for baked or other prepared food. The clearance is important to make sure the air can circulate. 4 set 5" caster and 2 set 5" caster feature brakes that make them easy to move during the loading or unloading process. It makes it easier to store in your kitchen or bakery. It can be settled in your kitchen, bakery, cafeteria, pizzeria, bar, restaurant, school or any other commercial setting and can be regarded as a perfect storage rack. The customer has a 24 hours reply and 30 days refund. Don't worry about the quality of their products. They pay the most attention to your experience.

Brand: Hally Sinks & Tables H

👤I use this as a cart for art supplies. It was loaded with half sheet pans.

👤We bought the same type of rack. The first rack we put together was great. The stabilizer bars on the second rack were different from the ones on the first. The rack is wobbly. I would like to return it in the worst possible way. I will have to absorb the cost of mailing it back and I will have to pay a fee for it to be returned. I am very disappointed. I was hoping the company would reach out to me to make the right purchase. This is a problem that you should be aware of.

👤This item arrived quickly. It came with no instructions. There is no picture of the rack on the box. We looked at the Amazon listing to see how it should work. My 13 year old granddaughter figured it out and it was assembled in about 30 mts. It is easy to move and roll the large wheels. It is being used in our cookie decorating business and it has made a huge difference in the amount of space on the counter tops. Would buy again.

👤This space saving rack is wonderful. It was the best buy for a small home baker.

👤The rack was very sturdy and arrived quickly. It takes about 30 minutes to put together. It's very sturdy and the wheels are large and heavy. I'm happy.

👤I use this cart as a craft cart. It works and is strong. No smells came with this one.

👤I bought this rack to cure candles. Works well.

👤Fcil transportar los panes de un otro.

9. Kitchen Utility Microwave Workstation W5s F

Kitchen Utility Microwave Workstation W5s F

If there are any problems with the product, please contact them immediately and they will offer a solution in 24 hours. The wood panel has a high glossy finish and is easy to clean. Heavy duty metal materials are powder coated. The X frame design makes the rack more stable. L*W*H is 32.7 inches. The measurement may be 1 inch different since it is hand measured. Hope you don't mind it. Extra basket can hold fruits and vegetables or small kitchen necessities. The hooks make it easier to hang cooking tools. It's perfect as a kitchen baker's rack, microwave oven stand, kitchen storage shelf, spice rack, baker's rack, microwave stand, kitchen workstation shelf,office storage rack. It's in the home and kitchen.

Brand: Soges

👤This was a great addition to my kitchen. Being able to put smaller appliances on here freed up my counter space for cooking. I was able to put it together in under an hour. It holds a lot for taking up a small amount of space. Quality for price is not bad. The side hooks don't work for coffee mugs. I would buy this again.

👤I don't have much storage in my kitchen. I needed something that I could put my essentials in, so I could have more space on my countertops and cabinets. This worked for me. It was worth it for the storage and the fact that it was slightly longer than I needed. It is very strong and well made. The instructions were not great, but it was easy to install. It took 45 minutes to put it together. It looks great!

👤This rack is very good and what we were looking for. It's perfect for our kitchen and the perfect height. I'm attaching pictures and a video to show what I'd like to say. It was easy to assemble. It took my husband less than an hour to put it together. It's the right height for us and it's very sturdy. The person standing next to the rack is 5' 5 1/2'' tall. The surface is strong and stable. In the video, the person taps/knocks on the surface to make noise. It is a very sturdy piece. I'm happy!

👤It does the job it's supposed to do. The listing said it was black, but it was white with brown shelves. I'm ok with the dark shelves. It is easy to put together. You should plan on and hour or so. It has jagged edges that can cut you. There were some scratches and scuffs on the shelves of the package. I'm pretty sure it wasn't caused by shipping. It does have a slight wobble, but it seems sturdy.

👤This is something that I love. It is what it is described to be. It makes the whole place look better because it is needed for my tiny kitchen. If you need more room for smaller appliances, this is the place to go.

👤We needed this to hold our kitchen stuff in our new office space. It came out exactly as I imagined. It was easy to assemble. It is easy to figure out because there are not many pieces. I had to press down on it to get the final two screws installed because the top was a little bow to it. I have barely enough room to use the tool to turn the screws on the shelf, so I am attaching it to the already assembled sections. The rest of them are fine. The product was good for the price.

👤I was surprised at how easy it was to put together. The instructions were easy to follow and the little pieces were nicely packaged. It only took me 45 minutes to assemble my furniture, thanks to a drill that I have learned is much easier to use. The looks of it helped us save counter space. Great purchase!

10. Whitmor Supreme Bakers Removable Cutting

Whitmor Supreme Bakers Removable Cutting

Heavy duty storage and additional kitchen workspace are provided. A butcher's block can be used as a shelf. The hanging bar has chromed hooks for dish towels, pots, pans and more. The dimensions are 14 x 36.25 x 55.25 inches. No tools are required for easy assembly. The lower shelf has a 250 pound capacity and the shelves on the rack adjust in 1 inch to accommodate cookware of various sizes.

Brand: Whitmor

👤The problem is that Amazon still allows multiple products under one ASIN and therefore the star ratings here are averaged over multiple products. The small kitchen cart was terrible. The cutting board was warped, the metal legs were not straight, and one of the wheels did not touch the floor. A disaster, so jankety! I had to return the cart by the time I put it together. Won't buy again. The star ratings for different products are BS. Amazon needs to stop this.

👤It was exactly what I needed for the long kitchen in my city apartment. I tricked them out a bit with some lighting and what is turning into a successful little kitchen herb garden along the top there. I like that the rack is not too high. They are sturdy, easy to put together, and can be easily taken apart and moved. I am really happy with this purchase.

👤I bought this for my dog. No seriously. I need the space for a dining area in my apartment kitchen because her stuff is taking over. She needed a raised platform for her food and water bowls, and a spot where I could keep her toys. It fits perfectly, is very sturdy, not too big or small, and the shelves are flexible, so you can fit anything you need on this rack, exactly where you need it. The best price was found on multiple sites with Prime. It was annoying that my Prime delivery did not include the weekend. There are days but nothing else. I am in love with this item. The box it comes in is large, so be careful. It's heavy to carry. It's not so big once you set it up. It took about 15 minutes to put it together.

👤I have no complaint about the size of the cart, it is well built. It is the same dimensions as the cart I already own and I am trying to replace it to fit my microwave oven. The dimensions of the box are listed on the Amazon website but they are not the actual dimensions. After subtracting the pole, the real dimensions of the tray are only 19 X 13. The microwave oven won't fit in my house. I have to look for a new cart because it's too heavy to return. I will buy local so I can see it. Why does the manufacturer list the wrong size? People are not paying more because of it. The price is based on quality and the size that people want.

👤I bought five of them. I used only one of those, but realized they were perfect for my windowsill width, for more space for my indoor plants. And so, ordered another 4) I would find a way to stack them. I did. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the right size metal dowel screws, which could join the two pieces together. Adding a thread underneath the black rubber caps is a good idea. The rest of the hardware may include 4 of those dowels. That would increase your customer base. The next best thing is I got a couple of long 5/16" X 48" wooden dowels at Home Depot, cut them to size and stacked on top of each other, as much as would fit inside both "leg" tubes.

11. Amazon Basics Microwave Adjustable 175 Pound

Amazon Basics Microwave Adjustable 175 Pound

The lower shelf has a 250 pound capacity and the shelves on the rack adjust in 1 inch to accommodate cookware of various sizes. The kitchen cart has caster wheels and is ideal for a microwave, mini fridge or extra storage. Each shelf can hold up to 50 pounds and the total capacity is 175 pounds. Easy assembly of chrome shelf heights in 1-inch increment. 4 chrome hooks offer hanging tool storage, each hook supports up to 25 pounds. Measures 15 x 21 x 36.7 inches and weighs 26 pounds.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤The posts and shelves are made of solid metal and are very strong. The wooden top has no support other than the rubber pegs on the top of the post. It cracked within 24 hours of being on it. I think it's too risky to use a microwave as a general purpose prep station if the feet are resting near the edges.

👤I got a similar cart about a year ago, but it's not known if it's a brand new one. I wanted a slightly smaller one to fit in a corner and I really like the first one. I couldn't find a brand name for the first one. The reviews for this one were positive. I bought it a few days ago and it arrived today. The wheels roll well. There were pieces. The instructions were pretty decent. It seems pretty strong. The top was cracked on arrival and the corner broke when they attached a foot. I turned that to the back and it left the front showing. The black plastic clips don't fit together. It was more difficult to assemble than my first cart. The middle shelf or hooks never showed properly on the plastic. I can get two or three that seat if the top is warped. Right. The other ones pop back out. The edge of the shelves is bent. I turned that part to the wall again. The wires to the corners of the shelves end in mid air. If they were attached, it seems less study and lower quality. The wooden top has a hole in it. The brakes on the locking wheels are difficult to disengage. I'll try to take pictures of the crack, shelf corners, and bent edge soon. I'm not sure if I'm good enough to document the warped top. I guess I'll keep it since the corner doesn't break off when I put something on it. I wouldn't buy another one. I've added photos of the crack, shelf corner that ends in limbo, the bent shelf edge, and the amount of black feet on each corner of the top board, so you can tell what I mean. There is a crack in the board that wraps around three sides: the short end of the cart, the underside of the board, and the long side of the cart.

👤I was hesitant to buy this because of the reviews that said it was hard to put together. I am happy that I bought. It was very easy to put together. It took me 15 minutes to put it together. I used a rubber mallet to get the shelving on tight, but other than that, I only needed what was in the box to assemble. It works well for a coffee station. I could see many uses for this cart. The shelves can be adjusted to where the user wants them.

👤The cheap chrome coating was peeling off. I didn't know it was chrome. I thought it was plastic. I was trying to decide if I needed stitches after it slashed my thumb. I couldn't believe how thin it was and how much it hurt. I had tiny particles in my foot after the coating was strewn on my floor. I wanted to own this cart. It seems sturdy. I was shocked by the quality. They couldn't care less when I told them.


What is the best product for baking rack with wheels?

Baking rack with wheels products from Amazon Basics. In this article about baking rack with wheels you can see why people choose the product. Casual Home and Vasagle are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking rack with wheels.

What are the best brands for baking rack with wheels?

Amazon Basics, Casual Home and Vasagle are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking rack with wheels. Find the detail in this article. Finnhomy, Hally Sinks & Tables H and Soges are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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