Best Baking Roller Handle

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1. Wooden Rolling Professional Cookies RollingPin

Wooden Rolling Professional Cookies RollingPin

An essential tool. Rolling Pin is a favorite of bakers. Premium quality solid beech wood is durable and resistant to water. The smooth construction makes it easier to roll the pins. The best burning technology. The burnished surface wouldn't Harbor trace, it was easy to grip. Better control, easy to clean, feel free of the dough as you roll, requires less effort with its non-stick technology. It's great for rolling out Pasta, Cookie Dough, Pastry, Bakery, Pizza, Fondant, Chapati, and more. It's totally safe in use. To wash it, wipe it with a clean cloth and dry it. Money back or repayment is a possibility. They back their Wooden Rolling Pin with 100% money back or resend because they take pride in the quality. Buy with confidence and enjoy the award winning design. If you are not happy with it, they will give you a full refund.

Brand: Ipstyle

👤This is similar to a chair leg or something. I have never seen a rolling pin with varnish on it and I am not sure if it is safe.

👤The quality was a little disappointing. The varnish is thin and not applied evenly. It looks like a kid's first woodshop project. The biggest issue for me is the cracks, which can be caused by food and water. They send it with an industrial sticker on it which is a pain to remove and seems to take off some finish as well.

👤The rolling pin I received is not the same as the one pictured, ends are unfinished, the surface is not smooth, and the Chinese sticker is stuck to the actual pin. I decided I would try it out on the pasta dough I had waiting for my delivery and even after I cleaned it up and started rolling it out, the dough stuck all over the pin. This is not worth the price I paid. Purchase something higher quality if you want to save money.

👤I bought this for a craft project. My sister and I attend barre classes together but she lives out of country. You can sign the barre at the studio when you hit certain goals. She wasn't in the same place long enough to sign the barre. She wanted to hit 30 classes while she was home for the summer. This was not a studio milestone. It was huge for her. I made her own barre to sign. I used glitter glue, paint sharpies, and mod podge and it looked great. I was worried that the art supplies wouldn't stick to the barre, but they did! This product is multi functional and could be used for a lot of things.

👤The natural pit in the wood will be difficult to clean and will fill up with dough. I thought about returning the product, but since I'm only going to use it to roll out small flatbreads, I'll use the better end. The lack of Quality Control rears its ugly head again. It could be a sign of the times. Big sigh here.

👤One of the first purchases I made was a sturdy rolling pin. I had to follow my mother's example and use a wooden one in order to make better cookies. I feel like a little girl when I help my mother roll the dough and bake it. The memories...

👤This was used and sent back. I don't see a point in returning as I am worried it would be repacked and sent to another customer. It has remnants of the previous users craft on it, as well as a large crack. Very disappointed.

👤I'm looking for a rolling pin. I found a very inexpensive rolling pin. It costs six or seven dollars. It was found to be a little damaged after it was received. Give it four stars. It shouldn't be a quality problem. It's cheap, so that's not a problem.

👤There was a small bruise on it. It takes only 5 minutes to get it off. When rolling very thin dough for gyoza or pelmeni, even 1mm bumps is not ok.

2. Lasten Pastry Baking Rolling T Shape

Lasten Pastry Baking Rolling T Shape

Poor quality ones are carefully selected and removed before packaging. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions. Their service team will be happy to serve you. They want to guarantee the quality of everything they sell. The wooden rolling pin has been oiled so it is smooth for rolling. You can use the dough roller safely, it is beech wood with no paint or wax. You can put the baking rollers in the dishwasher or hand wash them. The pizza dough roller is made from premium hardwood. The small rolling pin is great for rolling out pizza dough.

Brand: Lasten

👤I am a professional baker. I broke my wrist a year ago and it's making it difficult to shape loaves. It saves a lot of time by using this, because it doesn't have to pound the dough to knock the air out. I think it will hold up well for a home cook if it can be used for several hours a day. The metal seems very solid and the roller doesn't wobble at all. The two screws used to hold the handle on are slightly raised since the hole in the metal wasn't countersunk. It works for me.

👤The Lasten Maple Wooden Pastry and Pizza Roller is reviewed. The LastenĀ® Maple Wooden Pastry and Pizza Roller, Rolling Pin, Dough Roller is easy to handle and suitable for smaller hands. It's not clear if Amazon made the change or if the seller forgot which company they were supposed to be for the sale. I received a product that looked similar to the one in the link above, but it was not the same product as the one that was delivered to me. The product appears to be working according to the description. When I received the product, I looked on Amazon and found the Yangli version, but I couldn't find it on Amazon anymore. It has functioned well in limited use and I took the precautionary measure of applying a light coat of food grade mineral oil to the wood surfaces for over 24 hours prior to the first use. The smaller sizes of the roller allowed me to stretch out the pizza dough more evenly. The smaller roller works well in the skillet. I have washed with dish soap and air dried and so far have not seen any problems. There is good information in the product description about the proper period maintenance. The rating would be higher if the product wasn't the same as the manufacturer.

👤I enjoy the free wheeling. I use them when I am making food. I make ground beef Jerky that I roll out in slim strips. The right size. Pizza dough we have rolled out works well for that, it's the same thickness all over, something I can't get with fingers. Highly recommended. I would buy again. Jim Bell is a man.

👤I bought it because someone said it was made in Taiwan. It is made in Chin and looks very cheap. When it is new, the metal part seems to oxidize.

👤I thought it would be bigger. The handle portion between the rollers is too narrow for me to fit my hand in comfortably. I have to hold it at an angle. The product packaging says it is dishwasher safe, but after running it through the dishwasher, the roller portions fell out of the handle. It was disconcerting that they were able to reattach, but only by pushing them back in.

👤I don't know how many times I've used this. I thought it would be a good candidate for the junk drawer. I keep it where I can easily reach it. Ground meat, dough, and other items.

3. Rolling Pin Pastry Mat Set

Rolling Pin Pastry Mat Set

The perfect size is 17 inches with handles and 13.8 inches without handles, and it's lightweight and comfortable, making it the better option for experienced bakers and novices alike. When you cook, have fun with their pink miniature rolling pin and pastry as a toy. This is a great craft to use in the kitchen. Best value is premium quality. The rolling pin is eco friendly. The non-stick feature makes it easy to glide through all your kid baking fun with no extra flour and wooden curved handles, and ensures perfect control over dough. You don't have to keep it in a coat or cover to prevent it from cracking. Non Stick - easy to use - easy to clean - it's not a problem with the playdough roller. The rolling pin is easy to use and grip with a wooden curved handle for children, and it's also free of BPA. The clay roller is very durable. The essential gift box is a small rolling pins for baking that every baker should have. It is a perfect gift for your loved ones and their toddler. Share your happiness with your loved ones and give them a pretty utensil kit as a present on their special days. You can combine the pink rolling pin and pastry mat set with this small one. Customer support is FULL SATISFACTION. They are here to help you. If you have a circumstance that you don't like, contact them and they can fix it.

Brand: Mase Home

👤My 3yo granddaughter is able to use this on her own. I don't have to do it for her. She uses cookie cutters to make designs. It's perfect for her small hands. Cute. She can roll out the dough because it is very sturdy and heavy. Not too heavy to break a toe. Not cheap plastic! The family was impressed with the quality and efficiency of this little rolling pin. A good purchase.

👤The process of rolling dough is quite easy because it doesn't stick to the roller. A simple rinsing is what Cleanup is. The spatula was helpful in smoothing the pizza dough in small areas. This product is true to its advertising. The pastry mat can be used. There is a I don't see a pastry roller as a gift item, so my giftable rating is average. It may prove to be a good gift for a baking enthusiast.

👤This set was expensive. I bought it because it was so cute. The baking mat is better for rolling dough and measuring cut dough than it is for baking. The shape of my baked good is changed when this mat is buckled while baking. It's still cute and can be used, but it's not a full time job as you can get some use out of it.

👤I like my new rolling pin because I had a little girlie pink in my baking accessories. The size is just right for baking and storing. It's easy to clean up with the silicone covering.

👤I liked my purchase of the roller and pastry mat. I was able to pick up and flip my dough without having to put flour on each turn. The shapes on the mat made it easier for me to make chocolate for cakes and pastries. This set will allow me to make more dough's, pastries, and crust's. The mat was clean and did not become damaged. It was a great buy and a chance deal. The product is amazing.

👤This rolling pin is awesome! The feel of a wooden roller is all you can get. It is a dream to clean up a nonstick roll. A non stick mat is perfect for rolling dough. There are helpful measurements printed on it. I bought that on Amazon as well.

👤The wooden ends are not attached correctly. They're on an angle and it won't roll properly. Also rolled in dirt. It's notusable. The box was 4.5 feet long and 3 feet wide.

👤I have many rolling pins, but this one is my favorite. It's easy to clean and doesn't stick to anything.

👤Excellent quality. Fast delivery.

4. Wooden Rolling French Baking Roller

Wooden Rolling French Baking Roller

The smaller roller is easy to use and clean, and it is 888-282-0465. It's perfect for rolling your dough dumpling and storing it away. For a lifetime of smooth rolling, the finished Waxed barrels are hand crafted. To clean the Rolling pin, wipe it with a clean cloth. The water can hurt the wood if it's soaked or run under it. If the dough is stuck to the pin, flour it lightly, then brush the flour and dough off the pin with a towel. Use a soft brush to clean. Great kitchen utensils gift for bakers and chefs. It is made for a long time.

Brand: Smells

👤Completely incorrect description. This is a poorly cut piece of wood. There are visible saw marks on the ends of the unfinished wood, and there is nothing to distinguish it from a piece of round wood taken from a hardware store and cut to length. The dough in the wood grain would splinter if someone tried to use this as a rolling pin.

👤Tjis is small. No need to come back. Didn't pay much.

👤I love this find. I thought I had bought the wrong thing and that it was too short. I was making tortillas. But man... This thing is amazing. I don't have to worry about handles. I roll away.

👤The rolling pin is good for dow. I used it to make pasta. Make sure you clean this item right away because the dow sticks a little too much on the rolling pin, so make sure you clean it right away. This product has a feature that I liked about it, which is that it dries very fast. The thickness is good. I think it's too short to handle a medium size dow. This item is very good, even if it is only for the price in Amazon prime.

👤You will get what you expect if you read the product specifications. It is made in China. It is thick and long. The ends are smooth. I think it is beech wood. Not something you can get at the hardware store. I got it with an Amazon coupon. I think the little roller is pretty nice.

👤I find traditional rolling pins harder to clean. A basic round ended. I like the size. I don't do a lot of baking that requires a larger size. I like it. It was perfect for me.

👤It's what it said it would be. Good weight, good circle. rolling pin! Definetly works for rolling out dough. It's as big as I thought.

5. Joseph 20085 Adjustable Removable Multicolored

Joseph 20085 Adjustable Removable Multicolored

Simple to set up. Press the button to connect. The NETGEAR app can be used for optimal location. The rolling pin evenly flattens the dough. Solid beech construction with a measurement guide. It is easy to roll to a desired thickness with 1/16, 1/6, and 3/8-inch discs. It's great for pies, cookies, and more. Measures by 16 inches.

Brand: Joseph Joseph

👤The rolling pin is very good. I like it. I'm rating it low because, honestly, what kind of jerk would put his name on a rolling pin so that every pie crust or cookie dough has his name on it? They don't mention that in the description. I'm going to tell Joseph what I know. Joseph was jerkface. Raspberries. To be fair, it's pretty good.

👤There are a couple of things to know about this rolling pin, but I'm mostly joking. I wish Joseph Joseph would have sealed the wood with a food-safe wax before boxing it because the wood comes dry as a bone. The care instructions state that you should dry the wood part with a towel after washing it so that it doesn't absorb water and then desiccate as it dries, which would cause it to split. Pay attention to that. They told you to oil your pin. It needs to be out of the box. I oiled it and left it for about four hours, because I don't own a Boos Block board. I added another dime and left it overnight because it absorbed the cream and still looked dry. There was barely a hint of wood on the paper towel when I wiped the excess off. I think that is where the complaints of splitting come from. The uploaded pictures of split pins look very dry. If your wood is not white, it is not dry. It takes about 30 seconds to oil your pin, board, or wooden spoon, so it's definitely worth it. I wish Joseph Joseph had sanded the wood with a nicer finish. It is a clever, functional, and attractive design.

👤I can't say I love it; it is only a rolling pin. I took one for those who were interested because the size of the depth rings was not clear in the pictures. The rings come out easily if you remove the end screw for each set. Should you choose to use them that way, the threads will only allow one depth ring at a time. The others are kept clean for later. The markings do not affect the surface of the dough as they appear to be laser etched. If you want to see the markings that are easy to read in the depth of your choosing, the image is here.

👤I was excited to use the rolling pin this weekend for Christmas baking, but I couldn't use it because of the large cracks in the wood.

👤I have been using the same rolling pin for many years and it was passed down to me by my Mother. She probably got a 10 dollar rolling pin at Wal-mart. I have been given several others as gifts, but I didn't like them. I've heard about how Joseph and Joseph get all the cookies to the same height. I didn't have high hopes for my purchase, but I made it. It wasn't nice to not have the handles on the end to hold on to, but once I got the hang of it, it was worth it. All of my cookies are the same height. This helps them bake evenly. I recommend this purchase to anyone in the market for a new rolling pin because I am completely satisfied with it. It was easy to clean. The ends are sealed off from the rest of the rolling pin so you don't have to worry about water getting into the rolling pin. The quality of this rolling in will last for many years. This is a great design.

6. SIPARUI Rolling Premium Polished Non Stick

SIPARUI Rolling Premium Polished Non Stick

At Craftit Edibles, they want to make sure that their products are easy to use and have a professional touch. After years in the kitchen making everything from classic meals to beautiful wedding cakes, they set out to create their own innovative cookware that is of the highest quality. The smooth surface and cool property of the natural marble dough roller makes it a great choice for rolling. Each rolling pin has a unique color and pattern, which can perfectly decorate your kitchen, due to the natural color change of natural marble. It's close to 4.5 pounds and has a wooden base and handles. The bearings and handles are easy to use. The marble roller and handle can be protected from damage with the rubber ring. It's great to roll out pizza dough. It is easy to clean because it won't absorb oil or water. After it dries quickly, it can be used. It is easy to clean and use. There is no need to worry about cracking, odor or deformation. They are committed to cost-effective products and services so that you have a better shopping experience and high-quality after-sales service.

Brand: Siparui

👤I wish I had found one a long time ago. The marble rolling pin is great. It looks great on my kitchen counter. I don't need to push down as much because it's heavy. It sheds the dough with no sticking after I've cooled it in the refrigerator. It's easy to clean, just wipe it off after use, but don't use the dishwasher or immerse it in water as it could be damaged. The rubber seals on the handle shaft keep the inside of the pin dry and clean. The wooden handles are comfortable. If you can find this rolling pin, you should get it. You won't be disappointed.

👤The marble was nice, but the handles could break under the pressure of rolling dough. It's not made for large hands as you will drag your knuckle on whatever you roll out. Maybe it was a bad one. If you have the same issue as I did, I wouldn't buy with out free returns.

👤The packaging was not suitable for the product. The wooden handle was jutting out of the corner of the box. The product was not damaged.

👤The handle was not bent. There were a couple of chips in the marble surface. It wasn't a perfect item, but it wasn't a hundred dollars either. I think I got what I paid for.

👤I bought this for my wife. She says that it's very easy to use. It takes a lot of work to roll dough for pies, cookies and other things.

👤I purchased this rolling pin because I read the reviews and they were all good, but I was very disappointed when it arrived. One of the handles on the roller was bent. I sent it back.

👤The roller is nice and I like the handles, but it was supposed to be black and I got a white one. It was a gift and I am disappointed.

👤For my sister's birthday, I bought this for her. I love my marble rolling pin. It's so versitile!

7. Stainless Tenderizer Non Stick Moldproof Cleaning

Stainless Tenderizer Non Stick Moldproof Cleaning

Good rolling pin is an important tool for cookies, pies, fondant, biscuits, pizza crusts, pastry, ravioli, tortillas, and baking. Their rolling pin is also used for grinding spices, crushing ice or nuts, muddling herbs, mashing boil potatoes, smashing garlic, tenderizing meat and so on. The baking roller is made from food grade 304 steel and has a non-stick surface. It's lightweight and sturdy enough to roll all kinds of dough. It was easy to use. The handles-free design of the rolling pin allows it to cover a larger surface area, making it a good choice for rolling out any type of dough. The dough roller is smooth and seamless, without color or taste. When rolling dough, you could measure the size with the dimensions on the surface. You can check the size to make sure you have the food you want. This food grade steel is durable, safe and healthy. Place the rolling pin in aventilated place after it has been cleaned and dry. Non-stick and easy to clean. The rolling pin is comfortable to hold and smooth. No special maintenance, not absorbing any odor.

Brand: Hettor

👤I use this rolling pin for pizza crusts and it works great as a traditional rolling pin but also has other great features. I am not much of a measurer, but if you are, it has a yardstick etched into the side. The spikes on the end are great for pizza, I don't understand the science but it works better when I use it. I didn't know what it was until I picked up a pizza and watched them do the same thing. It makes a difference. This tool is easy to clean, it can be thrown in the dishwasher.

👤This is great! I used to have a wooden roller that was hard to clean. I had to use a knife to remove the flour from the surface because it got stuck on it. You can't put wooden tools in the dishwasher. This is a rolling pin that is more sanitary. It looks more modern than traditional wooden rollers. I can either put it in the dishwasher or soak it in water. It's not too heavy, but also has a weight to it so it's sturdy. The meat beater is a plus. I can use it to tenderize stake and many other foods.

👤I ordered rolling pins for evaluation. I liked the pin design. They feel light and packaged well. The rolling pins need some work. 1. The measurement marks are not correct. See the photo. When the marks show 4 and 6 inches, it's time for the measurement to be done. 2. It is on the small side. It's about an inch in diameter. It would be better if it was 1.5 inch in diameter. 3. Even though the rolling pin is inside the sealed plastic, it still smelled like cutting fluid out of the paper package. I have another 18 inch polished French rolling pin that doesn't smell like that. I returned the pins. Even if they are a few dollars more, I will keep looking for better ones.

👤I was pleasantly surprised when I got this. I was expecting something heavy but not that heavy. It is light weight and fits in my hand. I don't like traditional rolling pins because they are so heavy. This thing is easy to use and sleek. I like that it is more sanitary. I might buy the bigger one.

👤I was very excited to try out my new rolling pin. The size and weight is right for rolling out circles and the measurements on it are great! The dough was easy to clean. I used the meat tenderizer end to mincing my garlic and ginger root. I highly recommend you try it.

👤We are tying to get away from plastic and get into metals because of our health and the environment. We needed a meat tenderizer and I was never in love with our current rolling pin. We decided it was a perfect upgrade after seeing this. We are giving our old rolling pin to someone else so they can use it. I didn't like how short it was. We cook from scratch as often as we can, so this steel French rolling pin is great for when I make my own pie shells, or anything else for which I will need a rolling pin. The meat tenderizer is sharp enough to tenderize the occasional meat that we make. The rolling pin is recommended because of the following reasons. 1) It's longer than a rolling pin. There are two more It's safer to use than it is to use something that will come off over time. There are 3 more It's thinner and better fit in our drawer. There are four It's safe to use. Have fun cooking.

8. Fistukit Marble Rolling Stainless Handles

Fistukit Marble Rolling Stainless Handles

A must have kit for baking and cookware. Good for your holiday baking and children fun, a wonderful baking kit gift, house-warming present, birthday or party gifts. There is a set of Marble Rolling Pins for Baking. There is a Dough Roller with Handles and a Wooden Base. There is a fancy gift box. Heavy and solid. The Marble Pin Roller Baking is weighted so that it has less downward rolling force needed to roll cookies, pizzas, fondue, and cakes. Non-STICK: The Dough Rolling Pin Marble is made of natural marble stone and it doesn't hold onto the dough. It is easy to clean. The Marble Roller Pin is easy to clean and maintain because it isn't absorbent. The total length of the Marble Rolling Pin for Baking is 18 inches. The roller is 10 inches long.

Brand: Fistukit

👤I rollo de amasar, I am very proud of it. No se pega la masa al amasar. Muy fcil de limpiar, es tan lindo. A todo el mundo.

👤The marble roll pin is fantastic, we love it, we make all our favorite dough and bake together. Game change for baking world.

👤All pieces arrived in perfect condition, and this roller was packaged well. It feels very sturdy with the handles.

👤The product is very solid. Baking after a long absence. The products of my youth have been upgraded to the extent that this one is. I love it!

👤I don't write reviews that are good or bad. The way this company deals with their customers is unbelievable. They took care of my issue quickly. I recommend this company and product to everyone. Excellent

👤The one that was used was not good and had dough on it from who ever sent it back.

👤Silicone Rolling pin with comfortable metal handles. A wooden base stand is needed to keep the rolling mat in place. The marble rolling pin makes it easy to clean up your dough or creation. The silicone mat has a lot of helpful information. The scraper can help cut the dough. If you put it in a drawer for storage, the wooden stand will ensure it doesn't roll off the counter. The set of the White Marble Rolling Pin with the Baking Set is a good gift for someone. It is quite impressive.

9. Navaris Stainless Steel Rolling Pin

Navaris Stainless Steel Rolling Pin

There is a non-kstic. The non-stick nature of the material makes it great for rolling out all types of dough. ROLL: easy The smooth barrel makes it easy to roll out doughs. The pin rotates from the handles to make it more comfortable, so you can roll dough in one smooth movement. There is a steel rolling pin and natural rubber wood handles in this package. Wooden hands. The rubber wood handles give excellent grip to make rolling out dough as easy as possible, while the steel rolling pin has a classy look. Adding finishing touches to the design. There are things to note. The rolling pin is not dishwasher safe. Before use, they recommend washing.

Brand: Navaris

👤I love this pin. Nothing sticks, it is very smooth. It is not too heavy. The width of the roller is enough for a pie. I can chill the rolling pin in the fridge. I don't have to touch the metal since the handles are wooden. I can wipe the dough down to clean since it doesn't stick to it. The GreenOlive Rolling Pin Guide Ring Spacer Bands were also purchased by me. The bands are shown in the picture. They fit perfectly and work well to ensure an even thickness when rolling dough. They fit right to the edge of the rolling pin, covering the edge and allowing almost full width for the rolling surface. I have a great tool for baking.

👤I am very happy with my new pin. I wanted a rolling pin with a non-stick feature and it did not disappoint. The price I paid was excellent. I would buy this pin again if needed.

👤The measurement is from the end of handles, not the rolling part.

👤I am happy I bought. It is very lightweight and does the job.

👤I love this roller. I bought it to make puris. It does not fail. Highly recommended.

👤The metal roll needs to be grinded down. The edges are sharp. When I cleaned them, I cut my hand.

👤Rolls are easy, light weight and work well.

👤It's a really good one. I liked it. It is easy to clean. Will not stick things.

👤I have had a wooden rolling pin for a long time but the end fell off so I bought this one that is easy to use and clean.

👤I needed light and easy to clean, and that's what I got.

👤I can't say if it was a good or bad gift.

👤Good weight for its intended use. Hopefully it will last as well.

10. Rolling QUELLANCE Silicone Pastries Cookies

Rolling QUELLANCE Silicone Pastries Cookies

The rolling pin and pastry mat set is easy to use, it is easy to roll the dough of any size you need. The long rolling pin can be used to create any mixture you can imagine, such as pizza, bread, biscuit, pie and so forth. You will enjoy baking with your family at a Christmas party. The wood rolling pin has an original European design. It works well with non-stick baking mats. The design of the dough makes it easier to roll. You will be able to roll with minimum effort. Most wood rolling pins in the market are not well burnished or made of raw material without safe covering, but their rolling pins, featuring remarkable burnishing and covering technique, with no visible small gaps or dents, which can effectively avoid being stuck with flour, can be used. The rolling pin is 16 inches in length and made from solid beech wood for long-term use. You can use a pastry rolling pin to roll a lot of things. It is easy to clean and care for. The rolling pin cleans like a dream. The dough doesn't stick to the rolling pin because of its non-stick surface. It will be easy to clean with a damp or wet cloth. You can wipe the wood finish with mineral oil. The measuring pastry mat is used in the best baking set, and the size of the baking mat is very suitable. You are able to roll the dough even if it's big. It is easy to clean.

Brand: Quellance

👤A nice roller, perfect size, and the mat is really useful as it has sizing templates and measurements. It's easy to clean. Reviewers complained that the roller was rough, but I found that not to be the case. The roller was smooth. It is not noted on the packaging, but it is from China.

👤I had to replace a rolling pin. I absolutely adore this one. There is nothing to break the solid wood piece. It is easy to clean. The mat is used to help size the dough. Both items are dishwasher safe.

👤I had to sand the rolling pin to make it easier to roll dough, and the mat is a bit thin. The price is perfect and the items serve well.

👤I am very impressed with the pad. I am new to baking and used the rolling pin. The pin is nothing new and nothing special, but the pad is impressive. The diagram of measurement for those who need to know the size of their bake is provided, as is the quality of the pad. Sturdy and non slip. I recommend this to any bakers who need them.

👤The Rolling pin has some small pits, but is smooth except at the ends. There is green. I can't get off the pit. It's necessary to process replacement. Will add review update. The replacement pin still has small grooves, wood stain, and print marking, but it is better than the original. There is a serious lack of QC. Will be returning both. It was reduced to 1 star. A person feels frustrated because pins in these conditions are not appropriate for food processing.

👤The rolling pin and the mat are of great quality. I have checked pins to make dumpling skin and bake pizza with. It did a good job.

👤I didn't expect wood chips in my cookies. I took the rolling pin get out of the wrapper and noticed the ends were unfinished. It's like the manufacturer didn't finish the job. I wanted to love this roller, but it's unfortunate.

👤I need to get basic tools to start my bakery. I've been looking for a baking mat and rolling pin set for a while and found it recently. I was happy to see the quality. The wood of the rolling pin looks good and the baking mat is non-slippery, although there was a bit of smell when I opened that up, it was gone after a few times of cleaning. The measurement on the baking mat is in inches and cm.

👤Silicone is very thin, and I ripped in the middle after a few washes. The rolling pin is light, so it may need a bit of elbow grease to roll out thicker dough.

👤Have to get used to not having handles. Bigger than I anticipated.

11. Good Cook 23830 05717000817 Classic

Good Cook 23830 05717000817 Classic

Quality assurance is guaranteed. One piece barrel construction. There is genuine hardwood with nylon bearings. It is made in the United States.

Brand: Good Cook

👤It's not as well-built as the one my mother used to beat me with, but I don't have any kids of my own. I think it works well for the pie dough.

👤Haven't used it yet. I'm trying to think of a non-toxic way to remove it after the company Scotch-taped a label to the rolling pin and the tape stuck to it. Maybe lemon oil? Who tapes a label onto the wood of a utensil for cooking? There was no need for tape because the plastic around the pin was vacuum sealed. The oil did remove the glue.

👤I don't have a lot of time to use this pin. This is a light weight but functional. The handles are fixed to the roller body when I press them down. If you are going to be using this for heavy duty kitchen work, you might not need the rolling pin that you need. It's fine for my purposes. I agree with some of the comments about the sticky tape used to fix a label thing directly to the roller and I think the manufacturer should address them. I was able to get rid of the sticky mess by soaking the roller pin in water with lemon juice and white vinegar for a couple of hours, then using a dish pad to rub it off.

👤When my husband gets out of line, I use this to beat him. It works just as well for rolling dough.

👤The pin was packaged with a stripper on it. You have to use a lot of chemicals and products to remove the sticky mess from the baking pin. The packaging is flawed. It was horrible to put a sticker on this wood surface. It is in contact with food. I would ask the owners not to put a sticker on the wood because it works, but it is a cheap pin.

👤Don't buy this stuff. The center metal pin handles bend downward when you apply pressure on it. It's broken after three times making past. It's bent, but not snapped. I'm not related to Arnold. I didn't think much of a $7 roller. Get something better for less.

👤A good old fashioned wooden rolling pin. I know there are rolling pins and marble. The wooden one is still my favorite. Food can stick. That's a good sign that you need to add something to your dough. Rub a little flour on the pin to get the dough out. Clean up the same as any other utensil. You don't need a rolling pin to get the job done.

👤I needed a wooden roller for my foot exercises which the physical therapist recommended so this is a good value for the money and if you're dealing with a foot injury and need one this is the perfect roller to do it because it's shaped perfectly in rolls. The dog likes to play it for 4 hours on end.

👤The product had a cracked handle.

👤The rolling pin does the job and it doesn't take a lot of space. I tried to roll out a dough that was a bit harder to handle for a gingerbread house and the rolling pin didn't seem very sturdy. There are better ones out there, but for the price, it's fine. It's a good purchase if you don't bake that often.


What is the best product for baking roller handle?

Baking roller handle products from Ipstyle. In this article about baking roller handle you can see why people choose the product. Lasten and Mase Home are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking roller handle.

What are the best brands for baking roller handle?

Ipstyle, Lasten and Mase Home are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking roller handle. Find the detail in this article. Smells, Joseph Joseph and Siparui are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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