Best Baking Roller Pin

Roller 29 May 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. CHEFMADE 18 Inch Rolling Non Stick Approved

CHEFMADE 18 Inch Rolling Non Stick Approved

There is a lifetime warranty. They offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects for their products. The marble is made of 100% natural marble in gray and white, due to natural variations in the marble, the color may differ slightly from the images. The dough or butter should be spread evenly. The Rolling Pin is 18 x 2.4 Cool and smooth surface, easy to clean. Only Natural wood handle and resting base, stable material, comfortable touch, non-slip out of the hand.

Brand: Chefmade

👤The rolling pin is beautiful and shows well on the counter between uses, which is ideal if you have limited storage space. I love it because it is light and thin and makes great pizza and flatbreads. The marble is easy to clean. I see no sign of wear after use for several months, but it's nice to have the backup.

👤The handles are strong and the axle is stout. The marble on the roller feels a little pitted, but the finish on the handles is nice. I hope the tiny pockets don't trap food particles because that may be unavoidable. One handle moves smoothly while the other bobs up and down, because the hole through the center is not lined up correctly. The wooden cradle is nice so the heavy thing doesn't fall onto the floor. It's a little rough, so it's likely to be lightly sanded to make it easier to clean. It has a nice heft and feel, but needs more attention to the details. It is made in China, so getting something great was never expected.

👤They have the best loaf pan. The first thing my husband asked when he got the box was "did you order bricks online?" I think that's correct. The rolling pin is made of marble and it's heavy. The overlook of this rolling pin is pretty nice. I put it next to my stand mixer and it looks good. The marble rolling pin made it easier to handle oily stuff. I'm very happy with the purchase, and will return again for more.

👤There is a marble and wooden rolling pin. It's good for cookies. pros: Sturdy You just have to hold the side handles. Accurate to size is 18 inches. Around 2300 grams. It has a beech stand.

👤The 18" measurement reflects the entire size, which seems to be a sturdy well constructed rolling pin. The roller is small enough for some pastries but not for large doughs. The ad needs to be more clear.

👤I've been on the hunt for a sturdy rolling pin for years, always picking them up and testing them out in various stores. I was given an Amazon gift card for my birthday and thought it would be a great gift for myself. I don't have to exert any force while rolling out chilled dough because of the weight. This rolling pin has been one of my favorite purchases over the last few years, I bake from home and cut out several hundred cookies each month.

👤My first pin was lighter than this. I decided to give it away for a wooden one with no handles. What a mistake. I stopped baking as much because I was in for a struggle to roll the dough wide and flat, and it took me forever to do it. I decided to return to the traditional roller. The pin is light and easy to roll out, it doesn't stain, and it makes short work of rolling the dough out, mostly because of its heavy weight. The included pin stand is a bonus.

2. Rolling Adjustable Stainless Baking Fondant

Rolling Adjustable Stainless Baking Fondant

The total length of the Marble Rolling Pin for Baking is 18 inches. The roller is 10 inches long. The package is included. The rolling pin set includes a 17inch steel rolling pin, a 24 16 inch measuring silicone pastry mat, 3 shapes cake smoother, and a spatula. The Rolling Pin is high quality. The metal rolling pin is made of 304 STAINLESS STEEL and is food grade. The rolling pin has a smooth surface and is easy to grip. The rings are easy to assemble and disassemble, and the rolling pin is used to knead the dough to the expected thickness. The pastry mat is made of premium silicone and glass fiber. They have a non-sticky property that makes it easy to roll dough, suitable for making desserts, cookies, dough, pizza, etc. This rolling pin kit can be used to make a wide range of items, from biscuits, pasta, cookie dough, pastries, egg tarts, bread, pizza, waffles, dumpling, fudge and pancakes, or as a special gift for Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas. Rolling pins are a great tool for baking and cooking. Baking with your kids at the same time is fun.

Brand: Yunko

👤My son received this as a gift. He wants to learn how to make butter rolls. I will take pictures.

👤This set is great for making products.

👤I made my own fondant and it was perfect.

👤The starter kit is great. Everything you need is in a bundle.

👤Getting the right thickness for the dough is the most difficult part of baking. If you are not a professional baker, you can't use the laminating machine that gets a perfect thickness. This rolling pin has Silicone add-ons that allow for an exact thickness. There are 4 levels of thickness to the rings, ranging from 2mm to 1 cm. I would have hoped for between 4mm and 5mm. Is it 3mm or 6mm? There is a wooden rolling pin that I don't know what to use it for. A metal scraper is useful for me. There is a Silicone mat with round displays that can be used to figure out the best shape. All this is for less than $20. I am very happy with this set. 5 stars.

3. KitchenAid KO318OHERA Gourmet Rolling 22 Inch

KitchenAid KO318OHERA Gourmet Rolling 22 Inch

If there are ever any issues with their products, just contact them and they will make it right. This product will live up to your expectations if you order now. The extra wide carbon steel barrel is ideal for rolling doughs that are large enough to be used in pies or cookies. The rolling pin has a non-stick coating on the barrel. The nylon 66 is off set. The off set handles give perfect grip clearance. There is a hole in the handle that allows you to hang storage. Hand wash with warm water and a mild detergent; rinse and dry immediately. There is a rolling pin included.

Brand: Kitchenaid

👤The KitchenAid Gourmet Rolling Pin is a gem. The best I have ever used. A nice bin. I was happy to throw the wood pin. This one will not be. It is so nice to use. It is much easier with the longer handles. Not a pie crust has stuck to it. It works well. My husband uses it to tenderize meat. It is heavy duty and solid. It is not too heavy for my hands or arms, but it is expected. The coloring is nice. It is easy to clean in the dishwasher. It is as if it is brand new. A good investment. I don't think I'll ever need another rolling pin. My pictures are summaries of my words. I think this is a great idea. It would be a great gift for someone.

👤This isn't made for heavy duty daily use anymore. The first one I received had something rolling around inside and I returned for a new one. The new one was better until 2 months of daily use, but now it seems to be wearing out. I had a kitchen aid rolling pin for about 5 years before it started to wear. The new manufacturing was very disappointing.

👤I found this to be well made and attractive, and I got the roller yesterday. It is heavy. The handles are sturdy and I like their ergonomics. The main reason that I spent a higher price for this was that I needed a non-stick rolling pin for cookie and pie dough. My wooden one kept pulling out chunks that made it hard to work with the dough. I was quite disappointed to find out that this one is not better, I think it might be worse. I will have to find a way to use the roller more, or just use less sticky dough, since I was trying to avoid it.

👤The order I received should have had a rolling pin. There was a plastic bag with a rolling pin in it, but no rolling pin in the package. This is amazing!

👤This is a great pin. The weight is just right and you can roll. It is great. I use it to make Christmas Eve dinner. It can't find anything negative about it.

👤I give this product a five-star rating because it is a quality product, non-stick, cleans up easily, and has the weight to roll the dough adequately.

👤I like this. It is a great weight and gets the job done.

👤This is the longest and smoothest rolling pin that has ever been seen. The materials are very sturdy, and I didn't expect it to weigh so much. Wooden rolling pins were a part of the 'old days'. The rolling pin barrel is sleek and seems to be made of steel. Impressive size and bulk is what so far is.

👤Hola, super recomendado el rodillo Kitchen Aid. He llenando, con artculos de la coleccin color rojo, pero mucho para extender la masa de hojaldre. Cmpralo! No te arrepentirs. It's a good thing. Ayude el comentario.

4. Fistukit Marble Rolling Stainless Handles

Fistukit Marble Rolling Stainless Handles

A must have kit for baking and cookware. Good for your holiday baking and children fun, a wonderful baking kit gift, house-warming present, birthday or party gifts. There is a set of Marble Rolling Pins for Baking. There is a Dough Roller with Handles and a Wooden Base. There is a fancy gift box. Heavy and solid. The Marble Pin Roller Baking is weighted so that it has less downward rolling force needed to roll cookies, pizzas, fondue, and cakes. Non-STICK: The Dough Rolling Pin Marble is made of natural marble stone and it doesn't hold onto the dough. It is easy to clean. The Marble Roller Pin is easy to clean and maintain because it isn't absorbent. The total length of the Marble Rolling Pin for Baking is 18 inches. The roller is 10 inches long.

Brand: Fistukit

👤I rollo de amasar, I am very proud of it. No se pega la masa al amasar. Muy fcil de limpiar, es tan lindo. A todo el mundo.

👤The marble roll pin is fantastic, we love it, we make all our favorite dough and bake together. Game change for baking world.

👤All pieces arrived in perfect condition, and this roller was packaged well. It feels very sturdy with the handles.

👤The product is very solid. Baking after a long absence. The products of my youth have been upgraded to the extent that this one is. I love it!

👤I don't write reviews that are good or bad. The way this company deals with their customers is unbelievable. They took care of my issue quickly. I recommend this company and product to everyone. Excellent

👤The one that was used was not good and had dough on it from who ever sent it back.

👤Silicone Rolling pin with comfortable metal handles. A wooden base stand is needed to keep the rolling mat in place. The marble rolling pin makes it easy to clean up your dough or creation. The silicone mat has a lot of helpful information. The scraper can help cut the dough. If you put it in a drawer for storage, the wooden stand will ensure it doesn't roll off the counter. The set of the White Marble Rolling Pin with the Baking Set is a good gift for someone. It is quite impressive.

5. Joseph 20085 Adjustable Removable Multicolored

Joseph 20085 Adjustable Removable Multicolored

Simple to set up. Press the button to connect. The NETGEAR app can be used for optimal location. The rolling pin evenly flattens the dough. Solid beech construction with a measurement guide. It is easy to roll to a desired thickness with 1/16, 1/6, and 3/8-inch discs. It's great for pies, cookies, and more. Measures by 16 inches.

Brand: Joseph Joseph

👤The rolling pin is very good. I like it. I'm rating it low because, honestly, what kind of jerk would put his name on a rolling pin so that every pie crust or cookie dough has his name on it? They don't mention that in the description. I'm going to tell Joseph what I know. Joseph was jerkface. Raspberries. To be fair, it's pretty good.

👤There are a couple of things to know about this rolling pin, but I'm mostly joking. I wish Joseph Joseph would have sealed the wood with a food-safe wax before boxing it because the wood comes dry as a bone. The care instructions state that you should dry the wood part with a towel after washing it so that it doesn't absorb water and then desiccate as it dries, which would cause it to split. Pay attention to that. They told you to oil your pin. It needs to be out of the box. I oiled it and left it for about four hours, because I don't own a Boos Block board. I added another dime and left it overnight because it absorbed the cream and still looked dry. There was barely a hint of wood on the paper towel when I wiped the excess off. I think that is where the complaints of splitting come from. The uploaded pictures of split pins look very dry. If your wood is not white, it is not dry. It takes about 30 seconds to oil your pin, board, or wooden spoon, so it's definitely worth it. I wish Joseph Joseph had sanded the wood with a nicer finish. It is a clever, functional, and attractive design.

👤I can't say I love it; it is only a rolling pin. I took one for those who were interested because the size of the depth rings was not clear in the pictures. The rings come out easily if you remove the end screw for each set. Should you choose to use them that way, the threads will only allow one depth ring at a time. The others are kept clean for later. The markings do not affect the surface of the dough as they appear to be laser etched. If you want to see the markings that are easy to read in the depth of your choosing, the image is here.

👤I was excited to use the rolling pin this weekend for Christmas baking, but I couldn't use it because of the large cracks in the wood.

👤I have been using the same rolling pin for many years and it was passed down to me by my Mother. She probably got a 10 dollar rolling pin at Wal-mart. I have been given several others as gifts, but I didn't like them. I've heard about how Joseph and Joseph get all the cookies to the same height. I didn't have high hopes for my purchase, but I made it. It wasn't nice to not have the handles on the end to hold on to, but once I got the hang of it, it was worth it. All of my cookies are the same height. This helps them bake evenly. I recommend this purchase to anyone in the market for a new rolling pin because I am completely satisfied with it. It was easy to clean. The ends are sealed off from the rest of the rolling pin so you don't have to worry about water getting into the rolling pin. The quality of this rolling in will last for many years. This is a great design.

6. NASNAIOLL Adjustable Thickness Measurement Stainless

NASNAIOLL Adjustable Thickness Measurement Stainless

Natural wood handle and resting base, stable material, comfortable touch, non-slip out of the hand. The Rolling Pin is made of 100% food grade STAINLESS STEEL. Pin is no stick, no crack, and no bend. It is easy and durable. To clean. There are four different sizes of detaching rings on each side of the pin. It becomes like a regular rolling pin when all the rings are removed. The STAINLESS STEEL ROLLING Pin is your ideal tool for home cooking. As a partner for baking and cooking. You can also give this gift to relatives and friends. It's easy to clean, just put it in the dishwasher or wash it by hand and towel dry, it's elegant and stylish, and it's very easy to clean. If you don't like the Rolling Pin, you can get a free replacement or a full refund, they will be happy to help.

Brand: Nasnaioll

👤I use this to get uniform sizes on everything I bake. I have only once run into a recipe that called for a rolled out dough thickness that was not included in the set, and it was a weird one. I blame the recipe. It is easy to clean and not big to store. It's perfect for consistency. The cons would be that I sometimes use my French rolling pin for larger pies because this one can only roll to a certain size. The plastic part that the rings/screw go into came unglued from the inside of the rolling pin after about 9 months. I think the product is worth buying because it is easy to fix at home.

👤It's perfect for crackers and cookies. I watched The Great British Baking Show and didn't know tbis tool existed. I love it!

👤The rolling pin has rings that can be removed. The wood of the rolling pin has a crack which is about 1/3 of the length. Hopefully, it will last even with this flaw. I didn't want to come back.

👤It is very easy to clean. I think investing in one is a good idea. I have used them in projects such as a car club member cake, Selena cake toppers, and Joo Siwa cookies. Highly recommend buying!

👤The rolling pin is the best baking tool I have ever bought. It was helpful to make sure the cookies were the right size. The pieces are easy to use.

👤Great product. I like the fact that I can make either dough for dog biscuits or crafts. You can roll out the same thickness for the entire dough. Great idea. This is something that I love using.

👤I love this pin. It's so easy to roll any dough, it should have been purchased this year.

👤I think this is a great idea. I used it to make sugar cookies. It is very easy to clean.

7. Gorilla Grip Adjustable Beechwood Professional

Gorilla Grip Adjustable Beechwood Professional

We back this up with a lifetime guarantee, because they love and take pride in their balloon whisk. They will make it right if you contact them. This product will live up to your expectations if you order now. They will cover you even after the return window. Chances are you will not need to reach out. Discs measure.375 and are used to help ensure consistent, uniform baking. If you want to choose which disc is the right size for your dough, remove all the discs and return to the standard, straight rolling pin. Solid beechwood is a more durable option and is suitable for long lasting use. The convenient measurement guide is etched into the pin so you can easily measure dough to help ensure uniform pieces when preparing recipes. This pin is versatile and can be used to make cookies, pie crusts, pizzas, or more. The perfect size is 17 inches with handles and 13.8 inches without handles, and it's lightweight and comfortable, making it the better option for experienced bakers and novices alike.

Brand: Gorilla Grip

👤I use the Gorilla Grip rolling pin to roll out slabs of clay that I need to have at a precise thickness. It works well and can be thick or thin. I look forward to exploring its options and it seems to be a good, sturdy tool.

👤A cool concept. The wood is strong. The plastic on the one side warped, which means the dial doesn't sit flush to the wood, which defeats the purpose of the rolling pin, which is to create a level of dough. There are two possible reasons for this defect, one of which is the plastic warps. This rolling pin is a cheap option. I would recommend looking for a roller with metal parts over plastic.

👤It was dirty. This was used and dirty when it arrived. How does this happen? It was very disappointing with an epidemic going on.

👤The caps at the end are hard to take off, but this is a great piece. I tried to turn it left and right. No luck. I don't know if my force is strong enough. It is ridiculous that it is so hard. If I can't open it. I might return it.

👤I use this when I bake cookies or pies. It would be great if it was a little longer since I don't want to use it for pie crust very long. I have to be very careful with the dough. It also needs instructions about prepping the roller, and cure before use, but the box or packaging didn't have any instructions.

👤I was worried about the negative reviews, but it turns out this is a great rolling pin. We make a lot of pizza that is free of wheat. We figured the problem was that it was too thick. The pizza we made was the best we have ever made. I rolled it with the blue ring and it was too thick. The white ring was perfect. The plastic screws are the subject of some negative reviews. They are strong. I don't think I would have a problem with them. Even if you did, it has a 10 year warranty. Really like this pin.

👤The black knob on the end broke when I screwed it in.

👤One of my worst purchases was on Amazon. The ring was supposed to be held together by a screw. The ring isn't centered on both ends so it's useless for rolling.

👤I ordered this and it broke. I was sad because I was going to make cookies today. It looked like it could have been promising if it was functional.

8. Pastry Rolling Time Saver Kitchen Cooking

Pastry Rolling Time Saver Kitchen Cooking

Package is a term used for a collection of items. It's perfect for family daily use, such as baking, cooking and so on, with one pieace pin per package. There are two rollers in the shape of T and H. The H roller is designed for adults. The T roller can offer a unique experience for children. Material The rollers are made of beech and are free of oil paint, wax, pollution or smell. They have a natural color of wood. The H roller is larger by 4.13 x 1.22 inch and the T roller is larger by 5.04 x 1.57 inch. Different shapes and sizes can be used when you are cooking. The wooden rollers are easy to use. They are smooth, so they can roll easily, and you can save your strength as well. The rollers can be used to make a wide range of food.

Brand: Wacar

👤I needed to replace an old pastry roller. It has worked well. These are great if you make a lot of press in pie crusts. I put some plastic wrap over the dough and rolled it out. It works better than using the bottom of a measuring cup.

👤I use a 2 handed rolling pin to make kiffles and it hurt my body when I used it, but I would recommend this roller to anyone.

👤Three rollers can be found from three inches wide up to six inches wide. They roll easily. I use them to roll out the butter layer in forms to make the croissants.

👤Pizza dough can be rolled in the pan. Simple design and easy to use.

👤It fits my hand perfectly. The pastry is nice and smooth.

👤I wanted these for the boys who like to make pizza with their mom. It's easier for their hands to use.

👤I love this set. They are easy to clean.

👤It's great for rolling pizza and pastries. It is easy to use and clean. The price was nice and I was very happy with my purchase.

👤The quality is good. I would recommend them. The shipping took a bit longer than had been estimated.

9. Inch Kids Wooden Rolling Pins

Inch Kids Wooden Rolling Pins

A great gift idea for the kids. Kids will be happy to receive all the baking tools that are just their size and they will be proud to bake with their own hands instead of buying at the store. There is a pack of 6 - 7.5INCH ROLLING PINS. The wooden rolling pins for kids are 7.5" in length with red handles on each side. 6 rolling pins that can be used in the kitchen for small cooking projects, arts and crafts or creative and imaginative play are included in every order. There are endless points of interest! With their mini rolling pins, young children can roll cookies or pizza dough in the kitchen with their parents or they can make arts and crafts with their imagination. They are lightweight and durable. It's the perfect size for children and preschool. The rolling pins are adapted for little hands because they are smaller than the standard size. They are a great way for young children to get into the kitchen and help their parents bake. The wood construction is of high quality. JoyServe mini rolling pins are made from real wood and come at an affordable price that is sure to fit into even the tightest budget. The roller is easy to clean with warm soapy water and is perfect for small kitchen projects and arts and crafts. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, JoyServe will take back your product, no questions asked. They are here to make you happy and to provide the best customer service.

Brand: Joyserve

👤These are so cute. I covered the pin part with a stamp. The paper is called the designer series. And. They will be a perfect gift for those attending the Cookie Exchange. If you do a kitchen themed tree or decorate your kitchen, they are cute to use as ornaments, but not sure on how functional they are to use the traditional way. How much room do I get here to type? I think that's correct. You will love them!

👤These aren't very well made. The rolling pin can be reached from the handles. Some of these have a large space between the pin and handle. The sticker on the rolling pin is difficult to remove. I have to mark where the sticker was to remove it. See the second photo.

👤There were a couple that were warped and unusable. Handle fall off as well. They are not suitable for crafts.

👤The wood in all of the sets was splitting. I threw them out because I didn't want my kids to get splinters.

👤Great purchase, the kids love them.

👤The wood rod in the center was warped. When I made homemade play dough to play with my two year-old granddaughter, I was so disappointed that she wouldn't use a rolling pin for the first time that I made her use rolling pins that didn't roll well.

👤They are easy to use and clean.

👤These are cute craft projects.

10. Adjustable Thickness Measurement Flexible Smoother

Adjustable Thickness Measurement Flexible Smoother

The cake decorating supplies come in a cute box. You will be happy to give it as a present. There are 32 numbered nozzles in the gift box, as well as 2 couplers, 10 extra-thick pastry bags, and 2 reuseable silicone piping bags. There is a cleaning brush, flower lifter and nail. There is a perfect storage box with all this in it. All the baking kits meet US Food-Grade standards, made of high quality food-grade 304stainless Steel, silicone and plastic. It is safe for family making. The combo set includes a Dough Roller Pin, a Pastry Baking Mat, a bench scraper cutter, and a set of cake scrapers. Save your precious time to do the things you like and you will save at least $20 in this combo set. Premium silicone and glass fiber make up the MIKULA Pastry Mat. It is soft and durable. The Dough mat is easy to clean, flexible and stretchable. The measuring pastry mat is about 24 inches in length. You are able to roll the dough even if it's big. The Rolling Pin has four different sizes of rings that can be used to knead the dough to the expected thickness easily. The rolling pin can be used to create any mixture you can imagine, such as pizza and pie, egg tarts, bread, cookie, dumpling, pancake, pastry and other foods. You can teach your children to bake with it. The baking tool set is multi-functional, such as dough scraper, cake server, pizza cutter, food remover, dough cutter / chopper, etc. Kitchen counter are clean of crumbs and dried dough. Use cake scrapers to create your own cake shape, and smooth out frosting/cream on cakes, divvy up butter and much more. You can hang them from a hole. The Poller Pin and 2 in 1 bench chopper are the best partner of the Pastry baking mat. If you are a professional cook or a new cook, you deserve a better rolling pin, pastry mat and scrapers set that will make you more comfortable in the kitchen. You can save time and money by getting a complete set of dough mat set.

Brand: Mikula

👤A handy and reasonably priced bunch of goodies! When handling dough that is difficult to bake, a non-stick rolling pin can be cooled in the freezer ahead of time. You can get whatever thickness you need with the plastic rings. The large, clean, non-stick surface of the silicone mat makes it easy to clean. The dough scraper and dough cutter are non-stick and have the same measurement on them. The set of cake smoothers allows you to make iced cakes with either a smooth surface or patterned one. What else would you like? Maybe someone will bake for you.

👤I noticed that one of the red rings is 3mm larger than the other one. I am not sending the whole set back, just for this, and it's not a big deal for me. I will check to see if I can get a set of rings. I am looking forward to making pasta from scratch tonight because the whole set is very nice.

👤This is a great product. It does everything that is advertised. The shipping container is beyond expectations. I need a half inch adjustment for certain items. I couldn't find two 1/2” wheels for the roller. There is currently no way to make affordable plastic wheels with a 3D printer.

👤The rings that I need for crackers are completely useless because we don't correct them. Update! The seller sent me the new ones after I reached out. I am very happy with this set. Thank you.

👤What a great idea. I have been able to keep the dough on both sides. The different sizes of rings make me happy. Enjoy using the additional items in the bundle. If the items were bundled together, they probably wouldn't have purchased them. I have used them all and found them useful.

👤It's a nice kitchen tool. I wouldn't recommend submerging it in water. It's not water tight so it will fill up. The mat and other tools are plastic and can get ruined easily, so they wouldn't rely on them.

👤Everything was perfect until I tried to use it and discovered that one of the pieces I needed the most was in a different size. I only got the 2mm and the other one has the same color but is 3mm. I needed that measure for my cookies, because I couldn't use it. I can't use the roller pin, so at the end it was a waste of money. I didn't need all those things and everything else is perfect. I haven't been able to use this.

👤This Dough Roller is not 14 inches long, which makes it a big difference when rolling items that need to be at least 14 inches in diameter. The rod should be described as suitable for projects less than 13-14 inches.

11. Rolling Silicone Spatula Basting Brushes

Rolling Silicone Spatula Basting Brushes

There is a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Feel free to contact them if there are any issues with their product. They will give you a solution that is satisfactory. This combo kit is an essential for every baker, it includes a rolling pin, a large pastry mat, a spatula, a brush and two cookie cutters. You have the means to make any dessert you can think of, right in your kitchen. There are great sizes for family fun cooking. The baking set has a large 15” as well as a small 9'' rolling pin to allow you to tackle large and small jobs well. The wooden handles and non-stick dough roller on the rolling pins make them easy to use. Excellent for family cooking, fun learning, and Play-Doh for younger families who don't have baking basis. Non-STICK, easy cleaning, and resilience are some of the qualities. The extra flexible kneading mat is high heat resistant and prevents dough from sticking. They are very durable after your use and can be stored in a utility drawer. Perfect gift and multi-purpose. The rolling pins mat set is a good gift for your baker. It's extrally star- Kids enjoy playing with cookie cutters that are heart-shaped. It's ideal for French fondue, pizza cookies,pie,roti, etc. You need to get your baking adventure right now. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They will give you a 24 months warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don't like it, they will replace them or give you a full refund. They will not let you down. You can get the combo kit from ielek Official today and use it to make your new baking a winner.

Brand: Ielek

👤I expected that when I saw the 17 inch rolling pin. Really disappointed. The large one is only 15 inches. As pictured, so not at all. My stick was definitely not non stick. The dough stuck to the pins. The pin has a Silicone sleeve over it, so not sure how well it will hold up over time if you use it a lot. I would imagine something would get under there. I will return it. This isn't the set for you if you need something to make pie crusts or roll outs.

👤Like the brushes and the mat. I didn't use the small rolling pin. I used the pin twice. The first time I used it, it was too small. I should have looked at the measurements more carefully. The cover moved away from the edge during the first wash because it isn't set. The dishwasher is not in the sink. I removed it because I couldn't get it back on there. It isn't strong enough to roll certain types of dough. This kind of pin is not good when you have to roll a lot. A wooden one would have done better. They don't suggest dishwashing because it "dries off the wooden handles", but I thought, I don't care about the handles and dishwashed it the following time I used. It's full of water. They didn't say not to wash it because it would fill up with water, but they did say not to do it because the handles would dry out. I need a new pin. I'm thinking of a wooden one.

👤The set is a great value. The rolling pins are light and perform well. The mat is very easy to clean and store, but I like that it sticks to the counter. You don't have to worry about it slipping while you're working. I don't want to waste money on more expensive competitor products.

👤I was looking for a 12 inch rolling pin, which was the measurement of the actual rolling part, but this is 12 inches from end to end of the handles. It's very light weight and takes a lot of rolling and pressure for stiff dough like noodles but it works, although I don't know how long it will last. The small rolling pin and cookie cutter will be great for a 6 year old to play with.

👤Fast delivery, colors are fresh, and the accessories are a good size. My granddaughter thought the cookie cutter was small, but they are a good size. The counter has a mat on it so it doesn't move. The small spatula can be used to get the last bit of peanut butter or shortening. Everything is easy to clean.

👤The 9” red rolling pin was missing from the package and we were excited to receive it. The replacement we received the next day did not have the red rolling pin. This was advertised as being included and it was frustrating. We returned with a full refund. We will look elsewhere.


What is the best product for baking roller pin?

Baking roller pin products from Chefmade. In this article about baking roller pin you can see why people choose the product. Yunko and Kitchenaid are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking roller pin.

What are the best brands for baking roller pin?

Chefmade, Yunko and Kitchenaid are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking roller pin. Find the detail in this article. Fistukit, Joseph Joseph and Nasnaioll are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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