Best Baking Roller Plastic

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1. KitchenAid KO318OHERA Gourmet Rolling 22 Inch

KitchenAid KO318OHERA Gourmet Rolling 22 Inch

If there are ever any issues with their products, just contact them and they will make it right. This product will live up to your expectations if you order now. The extra wide carbon steel barrel is ideal for rolling doughs that are large enough to be used in pies or cookies. The rolling pin has a non-stick coating on the barrel. The nylon 66 is off set. The off set handles give perfect grip clearance. There is a hole in the handle that allows you to hang storage. Hand wash with warm water and a mild detergent; rinse and dry immediately. There is a rolling pin included.

Brand: Kitchenaid

👤The KitchenAid Gourmet Rolling Pin is a gem. The best I have ever used. A nice bin. I was happy to throw the wood pin. This one will not be. It is so nice to use. It is much easier with the longer handles. Not a pie crust has stuck to it. It works well. My husband uses it to tenderize meat. It is heavy duty and solid. It is not too heavy for my hands or arms, but it is expected. The coloring is nice. It is easy to clean in the dishwasher. It is as if it is brand new. A good investment. I don't think I'll ever need another rolling pin. My pictures are summaries of my words. I think this is a great idea. It would be a great gift for someone.

👤This isn't made for heavy duty daily use anymore. The first one I received had something rolling around inside and I returned for a new one. The new one was better until 2 months of daily use, but now it seems to be wearing out. I had a kitchen aid rolling pin for about 5 years before it started to wear. The new manufacturing was very disappointing.

👤I found this to be well made and attractive, and I got the roller yesterday. It is heavy. The handles are sturdy and I like their ergonomics. The main reason that I spent a higher price for this was that I needed a non-stick rolling pin for cookie and pie dough. My wooden one kept pulling out chunks that made it hard to work with the dough. I was quite disappointed to find out that this one is not better, I think it might be worse. I will have to find a way to use the roller more, or just use less sticky dough, since I was trying to avoid it.

👤The order I received should have had a rolling pin. There was a plastic bag with a rolling pin in it, but no rolling pin in the package. This is amazing!

👤This is a great pin. The weight is just right and you can roll. It is great. I use it to make Christmas Eve dinner. It can't find anything negative about it.

👤I give this product a five-star rating because it is a quality product, non-stick, cleans up easily, and has the weight to roll the dough adequately.

👤I like this. It is a great weight and gets the job done.

👤This is the longest and smoothest rolling pin that has ever been seen. The materials are very sturdy, and I didn't expect it to weigh so much. Wooden rolling pins were a part of the 'old days'. The rolling pin barrel is sleek and seems to be made of steel. Impressive size and bulk is what so far is.

👤Hola, super recomendado el rodillo Kitchen Aid. He llenando, con artculos de la coleccin color rojo, pero mucho para extender la masa de hojaldre. Cmpralo! No te arrepentirs. It's a good thing. Ayude el comentario.

2. Rolling Pin Classic Professional Fondant

Rolling Pin Classic Professional Fondant

Poor quality ones are carefully selected and removed before packaging. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions. Their service team will be happy to serve you. They want to guarantee the quality of everything they sell. The K Basix wooden rolling pin can be used for a lot of things. It's perfect for making Asian food such as chapati, tandoor, and roti. There is a non-STICK and squishy surface. Their wooden rolling pins for baking with ball bearings are non-stick and have a smooth surface. Smooth bearings prevent the pin from sticking to dough. The K Basix classic roller pin is built to last. The bread roller is better than other pizza rolling pins. Chefs around the globe suggest K Basix rolling pins. K Basix has gone beyond to provide its customers with Premium Quality at a low cost. High quality material and skilled craftsmen. Their rolling pins are smooth and non sticky, and are shaped like a circle. The rolling is better because of the nylon ring at the joint. Their pins are very easy to use by restaurant cooks, home chefs, kids, teenagers, men, and women. It's very easy to wash because of the super finish and high quality material. After it is washed under the water, they advise you to clean the surface of the rolling pin with a soft cotton cloth. Mineral oil can be used to bring back the wooden rolling pin's beautiful finish.

Brand: K Basix

👤I wanted a rolling pin that would roll freely. This one was perfect. It rolls smoothly and feels well made. It rolls over a bigger area because it is fat. It is well polished and has a very even surface, which means that it makes a smooth and uniformly rolled out dough. It's about 9 inches long without the handles. I hope it lasts for a long time.

👤I'm not happy with the quality of this pin. I expected it to be more finished. It feels rough and has a knot in it. I bought it as a gift and have not used it. I don't want to use it myself so I will not give it to you. I will purchase a rolling pin at a brick and mortar store so I can see and feel it before buying it. I should have known the low cost was indicative of low quality.

👤I bought the K Basix Wooden Rolling Pin to give as a gift, but I didn't know much about rolling pins. I received a wonderful call from them stating that this rolling pin was what they needed and that the description I chose was what they received. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a wooden rolling pin that was classic in design and function.

👤The handle constantly pops out of place. Garbage will be going to William-Sonoma. I wouldn't recommend purchasing anything. We used to make pizza dough.

👤I love this pin. I used my old wooden one after throwing it in the drawer because I was a creature of habit. My daughter liked it so I thought I would try it with sticky buns. I will never use any other kind of rolling pin again. It is light and easy to carry. I thought it might be awkward using a different style. Try it if you are on the fence.

👤A rolling pin is not a round one. Other reviewers have stated that the egg is shaped like a dog. I made wooden objects on a lathe when I was a kid. The same issue with other buyers is given poor quality control. Will return it.

👤I needed a rolling pin for pies because I only recently started baking. I ordered this off of Amazon and am very happy with the product I received. The seller provided great service after it arrived, and it came packaged well. The pin is easy to use and rolls smoothly. The design is great, but it's made from solid wood. It's easy to clean out when I'm done. I've only used it for baking, but I think it would be great for making Indian bread.

👤I bought this as a gift and have an old one. It makes rolling pastry and other stuff much easier. It's easy to clean, nice to look at, better than plastic pins.

👤It looks like a high quality roller. The job was very good and the price was good. Don't buy it, if your wife stays behind the door after hours waiting for you to come back, this will brake your head for sure.

3. SIPARUI Rolling Premium Polished Non Stick

SIPARUI Rolling Premium Polished Non Stick

At Craftit Edibles, they want to make sure that their products are easy to use and have a professional touch. After years in the kitchen making everything from classic meals to beautiful wedding cakes, they set out to create their own innovative cookware that is of the highest quality. The smooth surface and cool property of the natural marble dough roller makes it a great choice for rolling. Each rolling pin has a unique color and pattern, which can perfectly decorate your kitchen, due to the natural color change of natural marble. It's close to 4.5 pounds and has a wooden base and handles. The bearings and handles are easy to use. The marble roller and handle can be protected from damage with the rubber ring. It's great to roll out pizza dough. It is easy to clean because it won't absorb oil or water. After it dries quickly, it can be used. It is easy to clean and use. There is no need to worry about cracking, odor or deformation. They are committed to cost-effective products and services so that you have a better shopping experience and high-quality after-sales service.

Brand: Siparui

👤I wish I had found one a long time ago. The marble rolling pin is great. It looks great on my kitchen counter. I don't need to push down as much because it's heavy. It sheds the dough with no sticking after I've cooled it in the refrigerator. It's easy to clean, just wipe it off after use, but don't use the dishwasher or immerse it in water as it could be damaged. The rubber seals on the handle shaft keep the inside of the pin dry and clean. The wooden handles are comfortable. If you can find this rolling pin, you should get it. You won't be disappointed.

👤The marble was nice, but the handles could break under the pressure of rolling dough. It's not made for large hands as you will drag your knuckle on whatever you roll out. Maybe it was a bad one. If you have the same issue as I did, I wouldn't buy with out free returns.

👤The packaging was not suitable for the product. The wooden handle was jutting out of the corner of the box. The product was not damaged.

👤The handle was not bent. There were a couple of chips in the marble surface. It wasn't a perfect item, but it wasn't a hundred dollars either. I think I got what I paid for.

👤I bought this for my wife. She says that it's very easy to use. It takes a lot of work to roll dough for pies, cookies and other things.

👤I purchased this rolling pin because I read the reviews and they were all good, but I was very disappointed when it arrived. One of the handles on the roller was bent. I sent it back.

👤The roller is nice and I like the handles, but it was supposed to be black and I got a white one. It was a gift and I am disappointed.

👤For my sister's birthday, I bought this for her. I love my marble rolling pin. It's so versitile!

4. Adjustable Thickness Measurement Flexible Smoother

Adjustable Thickness Measurement Flexible Smoother

The cake decorating supplies come in a cute box. You will be happy to give it as a present. There are 32 numbered nozzles in the gift box, as well as 2 couplers, 10 extra-thick pastry bags, and 2 reuseable silicone piping bags. There is a cleaning brush, flower lifter and nail. There is a perfect storage box with all this in it. All the baking kits meet US Food-Grade standards, made of high quality food-grade 304stainless Steel, silicone and plastic. It is safe for family making. The combo set includes a Dough Roller Pin, a Pastry Baking Mat, a bench scraper cutter, and a set of cake scrapers. Save your precious time to do the things you like and you will save at least $20 in this combo set. Premium silicone and glass fiber make up the MIKULA Pastry Mat. It is soft and durable. The Dough mat is easy to clean, flexible and stretchable. The measuring pastry mat is about 24 inches in length. You are able to roll the dough even if it's big. The Rolling Pin has four different sizes of rings that can be used to knead the dough to the expected thickness easily. The rolling pin can be used to create any mixture you can imagine, such as pizza and pie, egg tarts, bread, cookie, dumpling, pancake, pastry and other foods. You can teach your children to bake with it. The baking tool set is multi-functional, such as dough scraper, cake server, pizza cutter, food remover, dough cutter / chopper, etc. Kitchen counter are clean of crumbs and dried dough. Use cake scrapers to create your own cake shape, and smooth out frosting/cream on cakes, divvy up butter and much more. You can hang them from a hole. The Poller Pin and 2 in 1 bench chopper are the best partner of the Pastry baking mat. If you are a professional cook or a new cook, you deserve a better rolling pin, pastry mat and scrapers set that will make you more comfortable in the kitchen. You can save time and money by getting a complete set of dough mat set.

Brand: Mikula

👤A handy and reasonably priced bunch of goodies! When handling dough that is difficult to bake, a non-stick rolling pin can be cooled in the freezer ahead of time. You can get whatever thickness you need with the plastic rings. The large, clean, non-stick surface of the silicone mat makes it easy to clean. The dough scraper and dough cutter are non-stick and have the same measurement on them. The set of cake smoothers allows you to make iced cakes with either a smooth surface or patterned one. What else would you like? Maybe someone will bake for you.

👤I noticed that one of the red rings is 3mm larger than the other one. I am not sending the whole set back, just for this, and it's not a big deal for me. I will check to see if I can get a set of rings. I am looking forward to making pasta from scratch tonight because the whole set is very nice.

👤This is a great product. It does everything that is advertised. The shipping container is beyond expectations. I need a half inch adjustment for certain items. I couldn't find two 1/2” wheels for the roller. There is currently no way to make affordable plastic wheels with a 3D printer.

👤The rings that I need for crackers are completely useless because we don't correct them. Update! The seller sent me the new ones after I reached out. I am very happy with this set. Thank you.

👤What a great idea. I have been able to keep the dough on both sides. The different sizes of rings make me happy. Enjoy using the additional items in the bundle. If the items were bundled together, they probably wouldn't have purchased them. I have used them all and found them useful.

👤It's a nice kitchen tool. I wouldn't recommend submerging it in water. It's not water tight so it will fill up. The mat and other tools are plastic and can get ruined easily, so they wouldn't rely on them.

👤Everything was perfect until I tried to use it and discovered that one of the pieces I needed the most was in a different size. I only got the 2mm and the other one has the same color but is 3mm. I needed that measure for my cookies, because I couldn't use it. I can't use the roller pin, so at the end it was a waste of money. I didn't need all those things and everything else is perfect. I haven't been able to use this.

👤This Dough Roller is not 14 inches long, which makes it a big difference when rolling items that need to be at least 14 inches in diameter. The rod should be described as suitable for projects less than 13-14 inches.

5. Fondant Impression Embossed Cobblestone Chocolate

Fondant Impression Embossed Cobblestone Chocolate

A rolling pin is a great tool to roll cookies, pies, fondant, biscuits, pizza crusts, pastry, ravioli, tortillas, and more. It has a variety of uses like grinding spices, mashing potatoes, and garlic, to tenderize meat, and muddling herbs. Great gifts for bakers. The mats are made of high quality plastic and can be used as templates for frosting. The brick impression mat is 14 x 7 x 5 inches. There are 10 classic patterns, which include brick wall, stone wall, mayan sun, flower vine lace, diamond, grid, tree bark fondant mold and more. Impression molds are textured and Embossed to give your cakes and home made bakes a unique design. Roll out your dough or icing and place the brick mold on top of it, textured side down, and roll over with a little sugar, using a rolling pin for the pattern to be imprinted; repeat for larger pieces or alternate between the 2 designs.

Brand: Qicfrk

👤The blue stamps are great for clay work. I only bought this set for two of the patterns, so I wish you could buy them individually. I have not used the clear plastic ones. I wish the blue ones/patterns were the same size as the clear plastic because it is difficult to align side-by-side.

👤I use these for decorating pottery and they work very well.

👤The blue plastic presses were difficult to use. It is difficult to use on large pieces of fondant. I already had the large clear plastic ones. The set was bought for the little ones. Had to open and use the cakes that should have been returned. Unfortunately for me.

👤This is an update to the earlier review. I tried them out and they are great. You can't beat the value for all that's included.

👤There are a lot of choices to use. It's easy to clean up. Very happy with the use.

👤I thought they were on the smaller side, but they were not. The job was done.

👤I haven't tried the big clear plastic ones yet, but they work great.

👤Facil uso, un poco mas pequeo de lo.

6. Rolling Silicone Spatula Basting Brushes

Rolling Silicone Spatula Basting Brushes

There is a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Feel free to contact them if there are any issues with their product. They will give you a solution that is satisfactory. This combo kit is an essential for every baker, it includes a rolling pin, a large pastry mat, a spatula, a brush and two cookie cutters. You have the means to make any dessert you can think of, right in your kitchen. There are great sizes for family fun cooking. The baking set has a large 15” as well as a small 9'' rolling pin to allow you to tackle large and small jobs well. The wooden handles and non-stick dough roller on the rolling pins make them easy to use. Excellent for family cooking, fun learning, and Play-Doh for younger families who don't have baking basis. Non-STICK, easy cleaning, and resilience are some of the qualities. The extra flexible kneading mat is high heat resistant and prevents dough from sticking. They are very durable after your use and can be stored in a utility drawer. Perfect gift and multi-purpose. The rolling pins mat set is a good gift for your baker. It's extrally star- Kids enjoy playing with cookie cutters that are heart-shaped. It's ideal for French fondue, pizza cookies,pie,roti, etc. You need to get your baking adventure right now. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They will give you a 24 months warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don't like it, they will replace them or give you a full refund. They will not let you down. You can get the combo kit from ielek Official today and use it to make your new baking a winner.

Brand: Ielek

👤I expected that when I saw the 17 inch rolling pin. Really disappointed. The large one is only 15 inches. As pictured, so not at all. My stick was definitely not non stick. The dough stuck to the pins. The pin has a Silicone sleeve over it, so not sure how well it will hold up over time if you use it a lot. I would imagine something would get under there. I will return it. This isn't the set for you if you need something to make pie crusts or roll outs.

👤Like the brushes and the mat. I didn't use the small rolling pin. I used the pin twice. The first time I used it, it was too small. I should have looked at the measurements more carefully. The cover moved away from the edge during the first wash because it isn't set. The dishwasher is not in the sink. I removed it because I couldn't get it back on there. It isn't strong enough to roll certain types of dough. This kind of pin is not good when you have to roll a lot. A wooden one would have done better. They don't suggest dishwashing because it "dries off the wooden handles", but I thought, I don't care about the handles and dishwashed it the following time I used. It's full of water. They didn't say not to wash it because it would fill up with water, but they did say not to do it because the handles would dry out. I need a new pin. I'm thinking of a wooden one.

👤The set is a great value. The rolling pins are light and perform well. The mat is very easy to clean and store, but I like that it sticks to the counter. You don't have to worry about it slipping while you're working. I don't want to waste money on more expensive competitor products.

👤I was looking for a 12 inch rolling pin, which was the measurement of the actual rolling part, but this is 12 inches from end to end of the handles. It's very light weight and takes a lot of rolling and pressure for stiff dough like noodles but it works, although I don't know how long it will last. The small rolling pin and cookie cutter will be great for a 6 year old to play with.

👤Fast delivery, colors are fresh, and the accessories are a good size. My granddaughter thought the cookie cutter was small, but they are a good size. The counter has a mat on it so it doesn't move. The small spatula can be used to get the last bit of peanut butter or shortening. Everything is easy to clean.

👤The 9” red rolling pin was missing from the package and we were excited to receive it. The replacement we received the next day did not have the red rolling pin. This was advertised as being included and it was frustrating. We returned with a full refund. We will look elsewhere.

7. HSOMiD Roller Household Time Saver Lattice

HSOMiD Roller Household Time Saver Lattice

Non-stick and easy to clean. The rolling pin is comfortable to hold and smooth. No special maintenance, not absorbing any odor. A kitchen utensil that is made to form the criss-crossed or diamond-shaped patterns for the lattice topping of a pie or pastry is a must have for enjoying life. Give your pies and pastries a classic homemade look with their professional lattice rollers and wheels. Their collection of easy to use lattice cutters can give you many design options to complete your recipe with the right look. When you receive this cutter, you can't wait to bake a pie. The wheel roller can work lattice top crusts. These rollers are perfect for professional pastry chefs, home bakers, restaurant equipment, and thoughtful gifts for lovers of baking. Professionals use this nifty tool to create uniform pie tops. You can make a stunning pie top in seconds. The high quality lattice dough cutter was used a lot. It's ideal for making biscuits, cookies, chocolate, bread, pie, cake, pizza.

Brand: Hsomid

👤I read bad reviews and I think it's wonderful. It was very difficult to remove the wheels. The wheel will pop out if you tilt it slightly. The wheels don't always spin. I tried cutting on top of the dough and they did a great job. I needed to give them a quick lesson. If food messes with the wheels and they stop spinning, give them a quick wipe and you'll be back in business. This saves me a lot of time. I wanted a plastic wheel cut on my kitchen island, but I was worried it wouldn't work. The product was great for the price. You will not be disappointed if you just play with it a little.

👤I tried cutting pasta dough with this, but was disappointed. I tried several combinations of wheels. Adding more than three wheels left one wheel not spinning freely enough to cut the dough, which resulted in the wheel tearing it's way through rather than cutting. Can't recommend.

👤I've spent money on Amazon before, but this is the worst. I was hoping to use it to cut dough. The disc's are hard to open and exit. They aren't sharp enough to cut the dough when they don't turn, and with no turning it makes a big mess. I tried on doughs from.25 to.64 in thickness. The dough wouldn't cut or the wheels wouldn't turn. It's cheap and doesn't work. Don't waste your money.

👤I thought it would work better for the price. The cutting blades are hard to remove. You have to hold down the ends when rolling the dough. The cuts are even and there are different shapes for the edges. It's easy to clean, but wouldn't work for high volume usage.

👤There is another item in my drawer. I tried to use it to cut pasta dough, but it wasn't sharp enough and the wheels didn't turn fast enough, so it tore the dough. I almost cut the board when I tried to use it to cut pie crust into strips. A good idea doesn't work as it should. Very disappointed. It's hard to change out the wheels.

👤I took the wheels out, washed them, dried them, reassembled them, and sprayed them with no stick spray. I think it helped the wheels. I pushed down hard on my noodles and they were fine. I will try food grade silicone next time.

👤De cambiar los discos, un poco difcil. Hay alguna técnica para pasarlo.

👤This product is used to make small dog training treats. I used the straight pasta cutter to make small squares after rolling out the dough. I used my other hand to keep the dough from sticking to the cutter, so this worked very well. I will be using the cutter to make pasta and lattice pie crusts.

8. Professional French Rolling Pin Baking

Professional French Rolling Pin Baking

Non-stick Silicone is dishwasher safe. Their rolling pin is dishwasher-safe and made of 304 steel, which makes it the perfect rolling pin for baking. The metal rolling pin will keep your kitchen safe and clean. The French rolling pin design has an ergonomics that lets you know how much pressure to use. The cookie rolling pin has a smooth surface for perfectly rolled dough. The brushed matt finish metallic surface of the best rolling pin will not stick to your dough and will not absorb odors, colors or flavor, which makes it the best rolling pin. 16 inch long is easy to store and use, which is very suitable. You are able to roll the dough even if it's big. Do not waste time maintaining or oiling your pin. Throw it in the dishwasher for fast and effective cleaning or wipe it clean in the sink. A rolling pin is a great tool to roll cookies, pies, fondant, biscuits, pizza crusts, pastry, ravioli, tortillas, and more. It has a variety of uses like grinding spices, mashing potatoes, and garlic, to tenderize meat, and muddling herbs. Great gifts for bakers.

Brand: Quellance

👤The rolling pin is a waste of money. Straight out of the box, it is not smooth. The dough is rippled due to the flat areas. This was not a shipping damage issue. There is no quality control as it is in a brand X box with only "Made in China" on one end. The thin, sticky silicone pastry sheet feels like rubber glue. I can only imagine how it would be to clean, since it was stuck to the paper.

👤The rolling pin is the best I've ever used. I was asked to write a review on this product by Amazon, but I have never received the Sicilian king mat. I thought something was missing. I have not realized yet. My video was in a black paper box with a plastic cover, like the one shown in the reviews. Is there a way to get that now?

👤I've been using a French-style rolling pin for years, but this is the first one I've used. It can be thrown in the dishwasher. No water will get in because it's completely sealed. I like that it can be put in the freezer to keep it cold. I thought it would be harder to use than the old one, but it is. Highly recommended!

👤This pin is awesome. The old wooden pins were better. It's better to keep in the freezer. I leave mine in there all the time when I need it ready to go. I bake all the time. It works great if you put it in the freezer before you use it. The dough is kept from sticking. Leaving in the freezer is a personal choice. It's easier for me because I forget to put it in the freezer, so I just left it there. It has a nice weight. Not heavy. This one is better than a wooden one.

👤Excellent, well made, high quality. There were no sharp edges. A modern look that is smooth and pleasing. Straight design is better for consistency. This thing is better than my old style wooden rolling pin. I threw the old one away when I started using this one. It doesn't seem like this design should make a difference, but it does. I have used this thing several times already in the short time that I've had it, and it has made the process of rolling dough very easy. Highly recommended. This is a no-brainer for the price.

👤The met is so thin it is useless, I have a very nice thick met already, but for someone who is looking for a usable met, this product is not. The roller is tapered, but it is not for my application, I am sure it is okay, but it is just a personal preference.

👤I broke my antique glass rolling pin. I wanted to replace it with something more durable. This rolling pin is long enough to roll out and transfer a pie. It is light and easy to clean. It works better than expected when flouring. I'm very happy with this pin.

9. HusMait Silicone Rolling Pin Premium

HusMait Silicone Rolling Pin Premium

The pizza dough roller and kit is great for bakeries and pizzerias. husMait's rolling pin is made from silicone. This baking rolling pin can be used to roll cookies, pies, biscuits, pizzas, and more. The rolling pin handles have been designed to be easy to grip and to last. The rolling pin is easy to clean and should be washed. It is lightweight and has a hanging hook that makes it easy to store. The pin is 21 x 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches. Place an order for the best rolling pin today.

Brand: Husmait

👤Disappointing. I expected a quality product from one of the more expensive Silicone rolling pins. No luck. The rough trim hangs over the edges on both sides of the silicone as shown in the pictures. The plastic underneath the roller is shabby. The handles are not connected securely. The rubber insert on the connection allows the metal rod to wiggle and not go through the hole on the roller to get into the hollow tube. Very unfortunate. I would keep it if it was $10 but not $23+.

👤My mother owned a wooden roller that I use to roll out homemade pizza dough. It did the job. You had to coat it with a dusting of flour and even pieces of dough would stick to it and create holes as the dough began to thin out. I researched this one and tried it out last night, thanks to everyone who left reviews here. It made the job so easy that I couldn't believe it. I'm happy about the length of time I've lived without it. I made a pizza last night with sliced cremini mushrooms and pepperoni.

👤It's a little too light, slightly bigger than expected, it does the job but requires a little more effort, and overall it doesn't feel right in use. If you're going for that, you're not going to thunk down on the dough if you don't have heft and rubber. I don't think others will be as sensitive around their rolling pins, but my old wood pin would look at me and judge.

👤I took up baking during the lockdown. I haven't owned a rolling pin in 25 years. I'm glad I got it, I don't know why it stuck out to me. The surface works well to keep things from sticking. I made a great pie crust the first week I used it, and I'll make another this weekend. If I'm going to get big and fat during this thing, I'm glad to have the best tools to get me there.

👤The handle broke less than six months after I gave this product a five star rating. The rubber split. I don't do a lot of baking so it wasn't as if this item was being used daily or weekly. I preferred the weight of the pin over the wooden or marble ones I've had. The handle should never split when used correctly. Rolling bread dough shouldn't cause it to split. Maybe the handles should be made of wood. I was very disappointed in the product.

👤I have owned an old wooden rolling pin for over 25 years and thought it was time to trade it in for some bakeware and a mat since I recently bought some Silicone bakeware and a Silicone mat. I can't believe I waited so long. The pin and mat were perfect. It was the right weight for rolling cookies. This product is very good.

👤The handles were curved for easier use. I love it! It is larger than I thought, which is great for rolling out large amounts of dough. It would be a perfect gift for the baker.

10. Joseph 20085 Adjustable Removable Multicolored

Joseph 20085 Adjustable Removable Multicolored

Simple to set up. Press the button to connect. The NETGEAR app can be used for optimal location. The rolling pin evenly flattens the dough. Solid beech construction with a measurement guide. It is easy to roll to a desired thickness with 1/16, 1/6, and 3/8-inch discs. It's great for pies, cookies, and more. Measures by 16 inches.

Brand: Joseph Joseph

👤The rolling pin is very good. I like it. I'm rating it low because, honestly, what kind of jerk would put his name on a rolling pin so that every pie crust or cookie dough has his name on it? They don't mention that in the description. I'm going to tell Joseph what I know. Joseph was jerkface. Raspberries. To be fair, it's pretty good.

👤There are a couple of things to know about this rolling pin, but I'm mostly joking. I wish Joseph Joseph would have sealed the wood with a food-safe wax before boxing it because the wood comes dry as a bone. The care instructions state that you should dry the wood part with a towel after washing it so that it doesn't absorb water and then desiccate as it dries, which would cause it to split. Pay attention to that. They told you to oil your pin. It needs to be out of the box. I oiled it and left it for about four hours, because I don't own a Boos Block board. I added another dime and left it overnight because it absorbed the cream and still looked dry. There was barely a hint of wood on the paper towel when I wiped the excess off. I think that is where the complaints of splitting come from. The uploaded pictures of split pins look very dry. If your wood is not white, it is not dry. It takes about 30 seconds to oil your pin, board, or wooden spoon, so it's definitely worth it. I wish Joseph Joseph had sanded the wood with a nicer finish. It is a clever, functional, and attractive design.

👤I can't say I love it; it is only a rolling pin. I took one for those who were interested because the size of the depth rings was not clear in the pictures. The rings come out easily if you remove the end screw for each set. Should you choose to use them that way, the threads will only allow one depth ring at a time. The others are kept clean for later. The markings do not affect the surface of the dough as they appear to be laser etched. If you want to see the markings that are easy to read in the depth of your choosing, the image is here.

👤I was excited to use the rolling pin this weekend for Christmas baking, but I couldn't use it because of the large cracks in the wood.

👤I have been using the same rolling pin for many years and it was passed down to me by my Mother. She probably got a 10 dollar rolling pin at Wal-mart. I have been given several others as gifts, but I didn't like them. I've heard about how Joseph and Joseph get all the cookies to the same height. I didn't have high hopes for my purchase, but I made it. It wasn't nice to not have the handles on the end to hold on to, but once I got the hang of it, it was worth it. All of my cookies are the same height. This helps them bake evenly. I recommend this purchase to anyone in the market for a new rolling pin because I am completely satisfied with it. It was easy to clean. The ends are sealed off from the rest of the rolling pin so you don't have to worry about water getting into the rolling pin. The quality of this rolling in will last for many years. This is a great design.

11. Adjustable Rolling Thickness Chapati Stainless

Adjustable Rolling Thickness Chapati Stainless

Net Weight: 327g, Wooden Handle Ordinary aluminum Rolling Pin is prone to rust and damage, while the Quellance STAINLESS STEEL ROLLING PIN is made of perfect 430 STAINLESS STEEL. A high-quality brushed finish for long life. The perfect homemade helper has four sizes of rings: 1/16, 1/6, 1/2 and 3/8 inch. The rolling pin is perfect for baking and cooking. It's easy to make dough for a novice or an old hand. It is easy to roll the dough if you have the right measurement. It is very easy to clean after kneading. Enjoy home cooking. You can use the rolling pin to make any mixture you want, such as bread, soft sweets, pizza, biscuit, pie and so forth, and you can teach your children to bake with it. It will become an original straight rolling pin if all of the rings are removed. The rolling pin is a great tool for baking and cooking. If you are a professional cook or a newcomer to the kitchen, you need a better Rolling Pin that will make you more comfortable and enjoy cooking.

Brand: Quellance

👤I've never thought of a metal rolling pin while baking. I usually use my french rolling pin for whatever dough I need it for, or my old standard wood rolling pin with handles. I saw this deal one day and decided to try it out. I'll never use my others again because I used it several times for pie and cookie dough. Everything I roll with is perfect. The thickness of the rings make it easy to roll out dough. I could achieve this with my old rolling pin and near to impossible with the french pin. I can't ever make enough chocolate covered butter cookies. Either family members take them on sight or friends steal them and take them home. Everyone has told me that they are better than before. I know the reason is because the dough is a perfect thickness before I bake them. It's easy to get them to a perfect thickness. The mat that came with the pin is a plus. I've seen them on Amazon before, but never thought they were necessary. I see why bakers like them now that I've used it. Nothing sticks with a little flour. The mat sticks to the countertop, never moving an inch. It is easy to clean up. Everything wipes off. I roll it up and leave it there until next time. This was a good deal for $20 bucks and change.

👤Excellent customer service! I would like to express my gratitude to the person who took care of my issue in a timely manner. A new rolling pin was received from Quellance. The reason I got a mismatched colored ring was because the first batches of their products were not confirmed with the factory. The 3mm and 2mm rings have different colors in their photos and the actual product has different colors.

👤The pins that hold the guides came out after use. I can still use it, but it comes apart at will.

👤This is the best rolling pin I have ever owned. Rolling dough is easier when it is very solid. It comes with a mat so you can get a perfect pizza, and not have a stick to counter. Great product.

👤I am a good cook. I cook in our house. I do it all from the grill or the oven. I branched out into pies and cobblers because of a friendly family competition. The crusts have always been a problem for me. It's always either too thick or too thin. That is not a problem anymore. I get perfect crust with this rolling pin and pastry mat. Use the correct size spacers. The pin is made from high quality materials. If you chill it before you use it, you won't get stuck. The silicone mat is easy to clean and lay on your countertop. You have to keep it clean. Silicone can be sticky to the dough. I like how my pies and cobblers come out. This is a good product. Five stars.

👤It's so much easier for the kids to use when they have different size rings to choose from. I've been using an old rolling pin for years and when the kids help things come out lighter or darker on one side due to the inconsistencies of rolling without the measurements in place. If you are doing a lot of batches of dough this will decrease the time you spend getting them all even. Definitely recommend!


What is the best product for baking roller plastic?

Baking roller plastic products from Kitchenaid. In this article about baking roller plastic you can see why people choose the product. K Basix and Siparui are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking roller plastic.

What are the best brands for baking roller plastic?

Kitchenaid, K Basix and Siparui are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking roller plastic. Find the detail in this article. Mikula, Qicfrk and Ielek are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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