Best Baking Ruler 18 Inch

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1. Allinone Plastic Flexible Inches Measuring

Allinone Plastic Flexible Inches Measuring

Accurate Markings are perfect for schools, offices, home schools, architects and engineers. One ruler is 16 x 2. The ruler size is 30 and the range is 6 inch to 15 cm. 2 cm 5mm in thickness, measure range from 12 inch to 30 cm. The inch scale is on one edge of the ruler and the centimeter scale is on the other. The plastic straight ruler is made of good quality plastic and is easy to use. The translucent color rulers allow for a clear view of numbers and letters on the page, and the clear Mathematics ruler allows for easy measurement. The plastic clear ruler is a useful measuring tool for artists, designers, architects, Engineers, students and so on.

Brand: Allinone

👤They are in great shape a day after they arrived. Some reviewers were broken, but mine are not. They are easy to see through and are flexible. I ordered two sets since they were so cheap. I got all four of them. I noticed that the inches were shown on the lower half of the ruler and the numbers were right side up when I looked at other rulers on Amazon. If you want to keep the numbers right side up, you have to put the ruler above what you are measuring. The inch numbers are in reverse order if you turn the ruler to measure underneath the item. That's not how rulers in the US are usually described. It's a matter of preference. rulers were labelled that way.

👤These rulers are made to look better than they are. They're thin and don't feel sturdy. Think of poster-board thickness as opposed to foam-board thickness. The plastic was blemished right out of the packaging. The measurements seem to be accurate when compared to other rulers.

👤I can see through it.

👤As soon as I took the big ruler out of the package, I checked to make sure it was the same bendy shape as the picture shows. It wasn't.

👤I have to use rulers that are transparent. This works well.

👤I wanted the ruler to be in my pocket as others have broken it. They may bend a little more than a plastic ruler, but thats it. Would not want to test as sure as possible that they would split. I will not be coming back as it is not worth the effort, but I will invest in something better next time, which I think will be very soon. They are 2 plastic rulers.

👤No es tan flexible, de hecho es plstico duro.

👤It works well with bible verse and other crafta.

👤Correct, j'ai eu mieux ailleurs.

2. Alumicolor Stainless Steel Ruler Cork

Alumicolor Stainless Steel Ruler Cork

There are blue, green, and red. The measuring tool length is 18in. cork backing keeps ruler in place. Measurement and inch calibrations will not rub off over time. The ruler is made of STAINLESS STEEL and has a cork backing. ALUMICOLOR is made with the highest quality materials and printed with exact calibrations that will stand the test of time.

Brand: Alumicolor

👤It was marked with 16th inch and millimeter. I learned in art school that the cork is essential for stability and provides an inking edge so ink won't roll under the ruler and ruin your work. My other rulers are not suitable for my journal. This one fills the bill for my writing.

👤I didn't see that it was flexible, and it wasn't what I wanted, but it was worth the shipping to send back. I have been using it and it works. I spray it off with a hose when I get it wet, and so far the numbers are holding up. The cork backing is helpful on paper, but I just bought it to measure stuff. It has metric on one edge and inches on the other. The ruler is very thin. If you want a straightedge that will conform to curved surfaces, this is the way to go, but if you don't want it to wiggle and wave, you should look for something else.

👤If you're looking for a ruler that's long and you use it often, this is a great one and it's a great price.

👤The ruler is light duty and good for my use. I think it is too flexible for other uses. I am using it for Christmas Wrapping Paper straight edge. I use my exacto knife to cut the wrapping paper straight. It is working great so far. Even though I hold it tightly, the cork on the back keeps it from moving when I am cutting.

👤You would get the same high quality rulers at an art supply store. The same brand and everything. They are not cheap. If you ever used one in an art class, this is what you are used to.

👤I was looking for a ruler with both inch and metric markings, and this ruler is exactly what I was looking for. It is light and easy to read. I'm happy with it.

👤This knife is not a ruler. My child was working on the floor and left the ruler. I didn't notice it was there when I was walking, it cut my fingers and bled badly. This is very sharp.

👤I like the ruler. I chose this one because the picture didn't have a company name on it. I chose this one because it didn't have a company name on it. I use a ruler to take pictures. It can be covered, but I wanted a plain ruler. This is a good ruler if it is not an issue for you.

3. Haozcl Silicone Scraper Supplies Mat(Blue)

Haozcl Silicone Scraper Supplies Mat%EF%BC%88Blue%EF%BC%89

Silicone piping bags are used to decorate cakes or cupcakes. It's ideal for decorating cake, cupcakes, cookies, candy, fondants, and pies. It's perfect for large baking projects. The mat is made of food grade Silicone. 1PCS Dough Scraper, 1PCS Kneading Mat, and 1Pcs Dough Scraper are included in the set. It's perfect for dough rolling mat, kneading mat, pie and fondant mat. It can be used as a table mat. The baking mat has two measurement methods. The pastry mat has a measurement in imperial. The size guide will help the least experienced bakers. Simply wash the baking mat with water or place it in the dishwasher to clean. The back of the pastry mat is polished and has strong adsorption, which helps the mat lie flat and hold the counter top well. When you roll out dough, it is non slip. The silicone baking mat can be used for baking in temperatures from -30C to 200C. A bun/bread. Also for thecountertop mats. The mat is a must-have accessory in the kitchen. It can be stored in a drawer or cupboard.

Brand: Haozcl

👤There were a couple of features I hadn't considered that turned out to be favorites, such as protecting my counter top and being handy for rolling out dough and kneading bread. This mat is very easy to clean and hang over the shower curtain rod to dry and it folds up to store in a small space unlike a board or other solid prep surface. You don't want to cut on it with a really sharp knife.

👤This is great. I have been using this to make bread, mix in my bowls and roll out pastry. I dump the bits in the bin. It's easy to wash. I hang over my oven door handle once it is mostly dry. It's easy to fold up. It takes a quick process to clean up.

👤I bought them for rolling out dough and for my great-granddaughter to use with her play dough, but haven't had a chance to bake with them. My counter is white tile with white grout and this mat is the perfect protection from water color paints, play dough, crayons and color markers. It is not slippery. It feels a little tacky to the touch, but it stays in place. The design has all the measurements included. It's easy to clean. I used the tissue paper to roll up my mat before storing. Definitely recommend.

👤It's easy to remove the dough for cookies. The dough is rolled out and laid flat. It's easy to clean. It's easy to keep all the flour and crumbs in a Rolls up. For easy storage, roll up small. The color is bright.

👤It's perfect for my baking needs. It will go through easily if you don't press too hard. It's easy to clean.

👤I use the baking mat to make flour almost every day. The mat is easy to clean and put away.

👤These work well for rolling fondant. It is great to stick to your surface. The person doesn't stick to it.

👤My husband loves using this to make bread because it is easy to clean and it keeps the counter clean. He's able to nail the bread without using as much flour and without making the bread heavy with extra flour to keep it from sticking on the calendar.

4. KitchenBasix Adjustable Rolling Multicolored Removable

KitchenBasix Adjustable Rolling Multicolored Removable

We want to make the best choice easy. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If their product doesn't meet your standards, you can contact them for a replacement or full refund. The team is dedicated to your satisfaction. Premium quality wood is natural. The K Basix Rolling Pin with thickness rings are made of high quality hardwood which is durable, does not crack and lasts long. The wooden rolling pins are made from low quality materials. There are different sizes and colors of holiness rings. There are four different sizes of Rolling Pin guides. The disc is easy to clean and convenient to use with the dimensions. It makes it easy to roll. It is easy to clean. The rolling pins for baking are not dishwasher safe. Hand wash. After each use, store in a dry place. Direct sunlight can be harmful. The water can hurt the wood so don't run it under water. There is a multi purpose. The wooden rolling pin thickness ring can be used to make a variety of food items. It works well as a pizza roller. You can create baking doughs that fit your recipe if you leave the guesswork out of measuring your dough width; measurement guide, marked with both centimeters and inches, and etched into the pin. You can use their tool to make sure you get the right size pastry.

Brand: K Basix

👤After 2 uses, it started to splinter. The seller told me to shoot him pictures and he would send a replacement. He apologized for the issue, but instead of sending a replacement he told me to place a new order. I didn't do that because it seemed a little off to me. I liked the product before the splintering. I rolled the cookies in layers of paper and it never contacted food. I washed it after each use to make sure it was safe.

👤I think some of my frustration was that I didn't have a rolling pin before. This takes the guess work out of the thickness. It's very easy to use. You just remove the caps and the discs will be the size you want. The discs will be in place if the endcaps are put back on. Make sure the ends are tightened. There is no gap between the pin and disc. This makes rolling out dough for cookies, crescents, and other pastries much easier than with a non-adjustable rolling pin. There is a When you're done using the pin, it's a snap to clean it. It's hard to rinse each piece with no crevices for food to hide once you take it apart. I would not have a problem letting my child use it for play dough rolling because it is so easy to clean. I have retired my heavy marble rolling pin since I tried this pin. This one is very easy to use.

👤Excellent concept and inferior quality. The wood was cracked when it arrived. There is a shiny area near the crack on the right side. There are cracks in the rolling pin and I will not be able to keep it sanitary. I have covered the items in plastic wrap, so they won't be used for raw dough.

👤I don't make my own dough often but this is a great rolling pin and I like it. The dough is rolled out nicely with some weight on it. The different rings on the ends of the rolling pin allow you to get a uniform thickness over the whole dough and gauge the thickness you want for the dough. It's easy to get the thickness you want without having to keep doing it. I think this should last for a long time.

👤I ordered one after my friend recommended it. I like it a lot. It does take a little getting used to using a rolling pin without handles on the sides, but other than that it works like a charm. I make a lot of cookies in the wintertime and pies in the summer so this will be a great tool for making all kinds of homemade goodies.

👤The rolling pin is great. I needed to make a lot of cookies for a party and wanted an easy way to get them all the same height. The one that did the trick was this one. It worked great on fondant. Some of the cookies had a logo on them. If you want to leave them plain, it can be an issue.

5. Inches Plastic Straight Measuring Student

Inches Plastic Straight Measuring Student

The Inches and centimeters are labeled the same way. 2 Pack plastic clear ruler has a range of 12 inches to 30 cm and a size of 30.9 x 3.2 cm. The inch scale is on the other edge of the ruler, which can be used for different measuring needs. The plastic straight ruler is made of good quality plastic and is easy to use. The translucent color of the rulers allows for a clear view of numbers and letters on the page. A wide application is a useful measuring tool for artists, designers, architects, engineers, students and so on.

Brand: Eboot

👤I've been looking for a ruler that would give me accurate measurements of paper. I got two. The plastic is clear and can bend. It's 12 inches long. It was perfect for the task.

👤The half inch and quarter inch marks are the same size. These were supposed to be used by my students, but I can't even read them without looking at it.

👤I ordered these 2 because I couldn't find any rulers. It's absolutely necessary for home.

👤I accidentally clicked on it when it popped up on my front page, so I am only reviewing them.

👤How much are you expecting from them? I needed rulers after my old one broke. The rulers have a slight bend to them and feel very sturdy. These are not cheapo rulers you can get from a dollar store, and the price is a little high. I expect rulers to hold up for a while, but you can't gush over them.

👤I have been using my new rulers for a long time. They are transparent and allow me to see what I'm doing. They are durable because they are thick. I love that they came in a two pack, so I can have them in multiple places around the house.

👤The kids are able to see the object that is being measured.

👤My 6 year old had a hard time reading this. Maybe because it is clear. He was missing problems on his tests until I bought him a ruler. He couldn't seem to read the numbers because they were just measuring inches/.5 inches.

6. Silpat Premium Non Stick Silicone Baking

Silpat Premium Non Stick Silicone Baking

Turn any pan into a non-stick surface. The highest quality food grade silicone and fiberglass mesh provides consistent heat distribution and promotes even baking. Silpat is the original non-stick baking mat and has stood the test of time with use by the most demanding chefs in the world. The mat is made for a pan of 13 x 18. It is possible to use a freezer, microwave, and oven-safe at different temperatures.

Brand: Silpat

👤Very disappointing. This is a fake product, not the real Silpat made in France. I compared this product with my original Silpat that I bought several years ago and there are hints that it is a fake. Amazon needs to do a better job of checking its sources.

👤I used it for the first time yesterday for my Christmas cookies with an oven temp of only 300 degrees and part of the silicone melted onto my new cookie sheet. Not happy!

👤The first time I used it, it was in the oven for 15 minutes at 350 degrees. It melted in the oven and left a white powder covering the inside of the oven and a pile of ash outside. I've had some before, but never like this. I'm not sure if this is a knock off or not, but my oven is a disaster, and then smoke/ash got into the fan unit, and I'm not sure what to do. It's a terrible thing.

👤When I ordered my Silpat, I bought new baking pans. I roasted some veggies at 350 and the Silpat melted onto the pan. The pan and mat are ruined. I am disappointed that the veggies didn't stick to the silpat, but I am even more disappointed that my new baking pan is ruined.

👤The reviewer warned about counterfeits. I got what I paid for after taking the cheaper price. It is going back. It is almost certain that it is a knock off.

👤The product is not authentic. The product I received was wrapped in brown packing paper and had a knock off website listed on it. See the photo. I'm coming back. Be careful.

👤I think the rave reviews are from people who don't own an authentic Silpat baking mat. I ordered this because I was curious about the low cost and wanted to compare it to the one I already owned. I could tell it wasn't right when I took it out of the packaging. The baking mats were supposed to be folded in half. They were meant to be stored in rolled or flat form, so no care was taken in shipping it. It felt more like a light plastic than a Silpat. The construction appeared to be a cheapened replica. I returned it immediately, so it could still be a useful baking mat. If you are looking for an authentic Silpat, I would encourage you to purchase it from a trusted retailer. Bed Bath & Beyond, Williams and Sonoma carry them.

👤It melted onto my baking pan when I used it to bake pastries. There is a photo for the pan. I have a melted silicone sheet and a ruined baking pan.

👤As soon as I opened the box, I knew something was wrong. It was clear that I had a fake when I compared the mats I received with the one I already owned. The edges of a fake are wrapped in plastic film and rolled into a cardboard sleeve and feel rough when you run a finger over them. The logo and lettering are shiny, but the strands themselves are not tightly woven. The letters are printed on the silicone. Be sure to inspect what you receive because they have very crisp edges. I might have been deceived if I didn't have an authentic one to compare the fakes with.

7. Officemate Classic Stainless Measurements 66612

Officemate Classic Stainless Measurements 66612

The hang hole is ideal for convenience storage. It's perfect for home, school or office. The measure is Inches and metric. The backing of the cork prevents slippage. Flexible steel.

Brand: Officemate

👤The ruler is the best in the universe. It reminds me of George Jetson's space car. The back of the cork is elegant. You can take it to ball games, restaurants, or walks in the park. You can measure stuff with it.

👤A ruler is a person. Unless someone showed up to work drunk that day, an inch is an inch on any ruler. It's nice to have 15 inches compared to 12. I would rather have 16 inches but that is fine. The cork on the back of the metal doesn't go close enough to the edge so I am giving it a 4 start review. It's great for measuring but not ideal for drawing lines. It is possible to draw a non straight line with a pencil under the metal and in front of the cork if the cork is elevated slightly. Extending the cork all the way on one side would be a nice solution.

👤I bought two of these rulers for an unusual purpose, and they are working perfectly. I need a TV antenna that can receive all of the broadcast channels. Several of the networks are broadcast on their old VHF channels in the Los Angeles basin, which is located within 10 miles of the towers on top of Mount Wilson. Most of the antennas sold today are designed to only receive the UHF channels. The plastic patch with metal foil conductors allows the antenna to be smaller. Despite my high signal strength, they don't pull in the channels that I know. The wavelength for channels 2 through 6 is long, and a useful antenna has to be big enough to capture it, because the classic rooftop TV antenna was huge. At least one element is similar in size to half the wavelength. There are more than one design. The antenna design is black. I'm just dabbling here. The antenna can be a lot smaller if you only worry about channels 7 through 13. After the conversion to digital broadcast, none of the stations that used to be carried in the low VHF band chose to stay there. Only those in the high band remained. I thought it would be possible to make an antenna that would capture the high range and ignore the low. The simplest antenna design to try is a half-wave dipole. The total size of the antenna is half a wavelength long, and it has two identical arms. The high VHF band has a wavelength close to 29 inches. I need two pieces of metal that are shorter than 15 inches. I wanted something a little more finished, so I used a wire coat hanger. A wider bar would make the antenna work better. I discovered that the rulers could be removed from the shelf. They come with a hole drilled in one end. My antenna has two rulers attached to the terminals of a VHF balun, isolating the arms from the shield of the cable that leads to my DVR device. I can tune in to all of the stations using channels 7 through 13, but I also have good reception of the rest of the stations broadcasting on the UHF channels from Mount Wilson.

8. Fiskars 12 87567097J Acrylic 3 Inch 18 Inch

Fiskars 12 87567097J Acrylic 3 Inch 18 Inch

It's perfect for indoor or outdoor measuring. It's ideal for cutting fabric strips or small squares. It is made of flexible material. There are blue, green, and red.

Brand: Fiskars

👤Excellent product. It's clear which makes lining up a straight cut very easy because it doesn't have any marks, and there's also a measurement along the top and bottom edge. It's thick. I expect it to last until I buy a new one or accidentally run it over with the car.

👤The ruler I like the most is that it allows you to see through it and crease or fold items exactly where you want. The numbers are easy to read and the ruler has a nice weight.

👤I bought this ruler for an art class that recommended it. It's accurate not only in the numerical markings along the edges, but also with the multiple guide lines running along the entire length. If you align the horizontal lines within the ruler with the side of the drawing, you can measure the length more accurately. It doesn't fall! It's hard to draw a straight line when the ruler slips midway. Great product!

👤I like to use a guide when cutting. I need darker print to be able to read things easily. My mistake was that the ruler should have been black.

👤This ruler is very good. It is strong, it doesn't bend, and it keeps straight the line. There are cheap sewing rulers, but they don't compare to the quality of this ruler. I will look for the same vendor if I buy other sewing rulers.

👤I've been using this ruler for a year and I love it. I have never had an issue with it bending out of place or snapping while sewing. It's clear because of the one inch guidelines that I use for seam allowance or parallel lines. The numbers run up and down so that I can use either end. I think it's a great ruler and I'll probably use it for a long time.

👤This is perfect for any crafter. The see though effect is nice. It makes crafting much simpler. I had to admit that I couldn't just look at a straight line. I'm glad I bought this.

👤I was expecting a ruler that was thinner. Maybe this is better for holding fabric? Will try to see how it works. Keep looking if you are looking for a thin, bendable ruler.

👤It's clear and sturdy, ideal for smaller projects.

👤Everyone knows about the Fiskars brand. I wanted to use a ruler with my cutter. The rulers are clear and good for seeing. The thicker brands allow the blade to roll smoothly. I was expecting a thicker ruler to be used. I use metal rulers and this ruler is not much thicker. I'm disappointed with this. It's not worth a return for the price.

👤18 pulgadas en acrlico de 3mm. til para las labores de corte. Un poco flexible, la diferencia radica, encontrars de otras marcas. A un menor costo con buenos acabados, de las lin de medicin.

👤La rgle is simple. Je reue simplement envoyée. Pendant le transport et aurait tellement. La manutention. La mienne est intacte.

9. Westcott 10416 Stainless Steel Office

Westcott 10416 Stainless Steel Office

ALUMICOLOR is made with the highest quality materials and printed with exact calibrations that will stand the test of time. It was etched with 1/16 and metric markings. It is flexible for measuring curved surfaces. There is no slip cork backing. It's perfect for indoor or outdoor measuring.

Brand: Westcott

👤A rectangular sticker on the back of a car. It requires duct tape to remove. If you want to remove a paper sticker, masking tape, electrical tape, doublestick tape, and magic tape are not enough. If this ugly sticker is not removed, some of the cork will be removed together with it, which will thin the cork layer by 2%. If you have to, soak the sticker in vegetable oil and rub it with the part of a finger that is still growing. Fingernails can't be used in this situation because of the damage they can do. There is a The ruler is made out of a steel alloy that is high in iron and low in nickel. If you want to use a wall magnet instead of a hook, this is a great advantage. If the dust that falls on it isn't wiped away, low-chromium steel can rust.

👤I was surprised. I should have known that it was too good to be true. I expected the brand to maintain its quality. The ruler is awful. If you can lay it flat, this ruler will draw a straight line. It is thin, thin and thin and thin and thin and thin and thin and thin. I have rulers in different sizes. The rulers are stable. This ruler is weak and bowed.

👤When buying anything, build quality is always important to me. If it isn't built, it can be a new phone, a new pair of headphones, or a lightning cable. I don't usually buy it. This rule applies to rulers as well. If you need a ruler, I would highly recommend buying a stainless steel one. The Westcott ruler is very durable and won't snap in half as easily as a plastic or wooden ruler. The wooden ruler is marked up nearly as much as a plastic one, and the STAINLESS steel ruler will last a lot longer. You can wipe the ruler off with a paper towel if you say to get marker or ink. The bottom of the ruler is made of cork, which makes it easier to get precise measurements. I don't see how a hole on one end would be of use to me. The sides of the ruler have dark marks on them. On one side there are metric and on the other there are imperial. The ruler is longer than a typical ruler at 15 inches. I won't take off a star for it because some people may prefer the extra length. I would highly recommend this ruler. The Westcott is a relatively inexpensive product, and it is made from a high quality STAINLESS steel. Pros: - Non-slip cork base - Dark marks. If you found this review helpful, I would appreciate it if you clicked the "helpful" button. Thanks!

👤I thought this ruler would be great. I have a ruler that is solid in the hand and won't cut skin. The graduations will be removed by finger oils or a pencil eraser, making it useless. I asked if that would happen with the new one. My old aluminum westcott ruler is 0.057 inch thick by the dial caliper and the cork adds 0.027 more for a total of 0.084. When held by the end, it doesn't flop or flex. The Westcott I am reviewing is made of steel and is a bit thinner. It is 0.020 inch thick. Less than half the thickness of aluminum. The cork is the same as the other one. The aluminum and steel are held together by their ends and the aluminum is rigid and does not droop. It is floppy. I still recommend this steel ruler, but I suggest care if you want to avoid bending it or slicing your fingers.

10. Mr Stainless Centimeters Drawing Measuring

Mr Stainless Centimeters Drawing Measuring

The thickness of the edges should not be sharp. The set has 4 different sizes of steel rulers. It's made from 1/32 inch. It's a thick steel. It was inch. The cm measurement was etched with marking up to 1/64 inch and 1/20 centimeter. The back of the rulers have a conversion table. Accurate Markings are perfect for schools, offices, home schools, architects and engineers.

Brand: Mr. Pen

👤The ruler does not start at the end. METRIC is not on the ground. The ruler started on the metal end of the picture, because Metric was on the top. The 1/2mm marks make the ruler unreadable. I will be returning the $8 purchase. The Mr. Pen company reached out to me and sent me a new set of rules that are exactly what the picture shows. Mr. Pen sent me a new set of rulers and they did not charge me for fixing the problem. I decided to update this post based on the new ruler set because Mr. Pen asked nothing of me in return for fixing the problem. The markings start at the edge and the metric measurements are on the top. The first 5 centimeters are hard to read with old eyes. The Mr. Pen Company has good customer service.

👤The inches on the bottom and lower side of the rulers are left to right. There are different fractional units of measurement within each inch segment. I had a problem with the 14" ruler, it was cut short and it was off. I contacted the company to let them know that the ruler was off. I was offered a refund and suggested a replacement ruler as the others were fine. The new ruler is accurate and I received a new set. They gave me a refund because of the quick response. Thanks again.

👤Only two rulers were received. Next day, Amazon sent a new set. The new ones were definitely new and the packaging didn't look new. I'm sure I'll get a lot of use out of these. Smaller crafting will be easier with the small ones. The holes allow you to hang them out. These are a great value and I recommend them.

👤I have rulers, shapes and templates. A good ruler is hard to come by. I bought another set after liking these so much. These are not end rulers. Markings don't go to the rulers. You can't set the height of a saw unless you take into account the gap. All of them have a conversion table with a fraction to millimetres. The tic-marks are 1/16ts, 1/32ds, and 1/64ths in the ruler's sections. If you want to be more accurate, you can stack one ruler on top of the other, and it will be much more accurate. That is part of why I love this set. They're all the same lengths. The width is the same and easy to stack. I always have access to a bigger scale measurement. The opposite is also true. On the 12 inch ruler, 3-4 is in 64ths and 1-2 is in 32nds. If I want 16ths in that area. Line up the tic-marks with a stacked ruler and I get an accurate measurement. I haven't written about the metric side. I'm starting to use it to set the height and width of the cut. The minority is called SAE. We have access to a lot of different products. Many of them are metric. I've found that a metric setting on my woodworking equipment can be more accurate. There is a The tic-marks on the metric side look really dense. A tenth of a millimeter. You can use the other end or stack the rulers. I will probably never use that end. A magnifying glass is needed. I will use my needle gauge or steel bar set if I need to be accurate.

11. VINCA SSRN 18 Stainless Drawing Measuring

VINCA SSRN 18 Stainless Drawing Measuring

The quality service of the NanaHome pastry cutter will stand the test of time. Add to cart and enjoy it. The range is0-18" and 45 cm. OCr13 is a long lasting steel. The back side of the measurement has a cork base. It was finished with a graduation. The picture frame matting is ideal for marking.

Brand: Vinca

👤I didn't have to keep going back and forth to grab my ruler because I bought this. I wanted something that was good but affordable and I wanted it to have a cork back to protect my photos. It seems sturdy and well built. After cutting, I realized that the zero mark does not start at the front edge of the ruler. I understand that some companies do this to keep the measurement accurate, because of marks or bending the front edge. I needed something that started from the edge and not a small amount. It would have been nice to have that in the description since it isn't obvious in the pictures. It was my fault for not paying attention. It should be specified. It's time to find one that starts at the edge.

👤This ruler is very nice. I wish the inches and cm ran in the same direction. I bought this so I could do easy conversions, but their running in opposite directions doesn't help me at all.

👤I needed a ruler to measure how much oil or water is in a pan. I wanted it to be just steel and not have a cork backing. This fit my needs and has been great. It's easy to wash and doesn't take a lot of space. Sometimes a 12 would be better, but for the most part it's not a big deal.

👤I use this ruler for moles and lesions during physical exams. I decided to purchase this model over the miltex because of the cost. I will be relegating this ruler to desktop use and buying miltex instead because there is enough difference. I don't want to poke my patients because it's too heavy and the corners are a little bit sharp. I'm pretty sure this ruler would be perfect for almost any other application except for patient care.

👤It is nice to make sure the cork does not slip. The metal ruler is nice when cutting against it with a knife because it doesn't cut or get cut.

👤I'm always trying to get a read on things if you like me. I measure everything. You'll be right as rain if you stick one of these in a plastic pocket pen holder. Don't forget your glasses.

👤The ruler has horizontal marks in the metal about every 50mm. I had hoped that the rule markings would be easy to read.

👤It's easy to use-- better heft than plastic or wood, which tend to drift around while you're trying to measure. I need to measure to get accurate drawings.

👤This review is about a ruler. I bought this because I wanted to work on my guitars with accuracy. They differ by approx. when measured against a professional builders set square. At 20 or 50 cm, 1/32-1/64" or 1.0 -0.5mm. This could be the instrument's fault. The edge of the ruler looks a little rounded, which is probably a precautionary measure against it being too sharp, but I wasn't sure if a little was taken off the end. You might want to check if super accuracy is your requirement. The ruler is thick enough to be stiff and the numbers and divisions are nicely etched. The scales can be used to convert from one system to another. I'm giving four stars because I'm not sure about the end.


What is the best product for baking ruler 18 inch?

Baking ruler 18 inch products from Allinone. In this article about baking ruler 18 inch you can see why people choose the product. Alumicolor and Haozcl are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking ruler 18 inch.

What are the best brands for baking ruler 18 inch?

Allinone, Alumicolor and Haozcl are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking ruler 18 inch. Find the detail in this article. K Basix, Eboot and Silpat are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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