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1. Visson Graduation Accumulate Reduction Multifunction

Visson Graduation Accumulate Reduction Multifunction

The "PCS" function enables you to count pieces, the "T" function will provide a net weight, and the Power start function will allow you to start self-checking. When there is no operation, the grams scale will shut down in 180 seconds. It was certified by the CE. Buy at ease. The food scale has 4 high precision sensor systems that can provide you precise weight graduation. The range is between 1oz to 18 lbs. The surface of the scale has extra-sensitive touch buttons that make it easier to measure food weight in grams, ounces, pounds, kilograms, and liters. The tare function and memory function allow you to subtract the weight of the plate or container, making it easy to achieve accurate readings of ingredients. You can see the history of measurement with the memory feature. You don't have to re-weigh it if you forget. It is possible to accumulate or reduce the value and weigh it continuously to save cooking time. The need to replace batteries is eliminated with the use of theusb cable. If you have an issue with their digital food scale, simply reach out to them by clicking into their store and ask a question, they'll get back to you 7/24 and provide a satisfactory solution.

Brand: Visson

👤It is light and compact. It is the right size. It does not take up a lot of space. I like the multiple weight settings. If one forgets to power it off, it will shut it down. It has a memory feature that will let you know if you forget how much something weighed so you don't have to weigh it again. It doesn't hold a good charge, the only problem I have found. I tried to use it in the morning, but the charge didn't last. I had to plug it back in. It works well, other than that. I hope that after I charge it again it will hold a charge so I can use it without it being plugged in.

👤The scale is great. The design is very modern and easy to use. Even the smallest amounts can be measured on the scale. You can see how much you have weighed and changed the unit of measurement in your history. Would buy again.

👤The scale was advertised as reading 0.1g. It doesn't. When you turn it on it doesn't show a point but only a weight. It shows the points for pound, ounce and kilo. The product is nicely made and has other features that I want, but the advertisement is completely misleading. Sending for a refund.

👤The scale was pretty sick initially. It has a sleek look and is wireless, which is rare in the food scale world. This was refreshing because I hate replacing batteries. It's accurate and has a weight history for up to 10 items. Not sure. The wireless aspect is cool, but it only works for a short time, and then it fails, I'm not sure if I got a faulty scale. I plug it into the wall when it starts flashing rapidly. It's really weird. If the charging cord was shorter than 5 inches, I wouldn't care so much. 99% of the outlets in my house are too tall to use with the scale and they are all flat. Also it's a computer. It's not like I just have a spare. The scale is wireless, but almost never works when not plugged in.

👤My scale didn't have the same precision as advertised. I contacted the company to see if this was a setting that was changeable, and they said it was an issue caused by product quality issues. I was not satisfied with the solution because I already have a 1g scale, but I was happy with it. The scale is very nice and I would recommend it to anyone who doesn't mind rolling the dice with precision. It is small, sleek, lightweight and rechargeable, and it has a number of convenient features. The scale doesn't cut off until over a minute of inactive time so you won't lose your progress while sorting ingredients, even if you don't check the measurement history. Some of the more advanced features are not easy to understand since the scale interface has many different buttons. It is not easy to remember how to perform more advanced tasks like adding multiple weights, so you need to keep the instruction sheet handy. The design of the scale is not nice, it has grooves that can only be cleaned by running the scale under water. The end of the world is not a smart design for the product. The scale is very functional and aesthetic.

2. Nicewell Kitchen Measures Accuracy Function

Nicewell Kitchen Measures Accuracy Function

It's ideal for decorating cakes. An essential tool for bakers. It can be used in many different areas. The digital kitchen scale has built-in precision sensors. It's accurate to 0.1g, 6.6lb capacity. The 1g can be accurately weighed, making it easier to cook and bake. Simple and sleek design is suitable for your kitchen work and also a stylish space decoration. It's time for it to be the top assistant in your kitchen. The food scale has two units for you to switch: g and oz. The button at the bottom can be used to switch the unit. The measurement should be on a hard surface. Press the tare button on the food scale to reset it back to zero, and then weigh the contents of the container. This scale is simple and fast to use. Your new scale can weigh a lot of things. For convenience, batteries are included. Material and workmanship defects will be solved for you, since it is a lifetime warranty.

Brand: Nicewell

👤This product is easy to use and mounts to a wall. There is a bright display.

👤This is a large scale. There are small and quick readings. The seller sent me an email before the item arrived to let me know to ask any questions. I like that.

👤I placed the empty container on the scale. The numbers would start climbing and then fall to zero. I have tried many times, the numbers keep moving. I can not use it.

👤I like my scale. The price is a great value.

👤The scale is easy to use.

3. KOIOS Rechargeable Graduation Waterproof Tempered

KOIOS Rechargeable Graduation Waterproof Tempered

If the main parts of the scale are broken, directly replace the new machine, and you have any questions, please feel free to contact them, they will reply to you in time. RECHARGEABLE & ENERGY-SAVINGKOIOS food scale uses rechargeables which are extremely efficient in lowering carbon impact. The digital scale has a long battery life of up to 3 months, so no batteries are needed. The 33lb large weight capacity kitchen scale has been upgraded with a full plate sensor and four built in high-precision load sensors for stable and accurate results in different places on the scale's surface. Whether it's a small amount of seasoning or a huge piece of meat, accurate responses with 1g/ 0.1oz increment meet your diverse needs. The range of measurement is between 0.1oz and 33 lbs. You can switch between 6 different measurement units with the unit button. You can subtract the weight of the plate or container with a single push of the tare calculation button. Couldn't it be simpler? In order to make measuring food easier and more precise, a digital food scale with an automated overload and low battery warning was designed by Koss. The auto shut-off function shuts off the food scale after 10s and the digital kitchen scales after 2 minutes of not being used. The sleek design of the premium glass panel makes it easy to clean. It feels secure under the tap. The portable digital kitchen scale is easy to use. An attached hook saves space in the kitchen.

Brand: Koios

👤This scale is very nice. I've never bought one before. Its sleek and accurate.

👤A food scale became a necessity for my wife after she decided to go on a strict diet. I was looking for a food scale on Amazon and found one by Koios, a brand I had already purchased a masticating juicer machine from. I knew this white scale would be perfect for the machine since it had worked perfectly for almost a year now. The results of this scale have been very good so far. I can fit a saucer or a bowl on the large surface and still be able to read the numbers. It has a large capacity for a food scale. My wife can do it if she needs to, but I can't think of what kind of food she would measure. The scale has an ON/OFF button that you can use to turn it off and on. It has a charging cable and a rechargeable battery, which is awesome. I don't need to buy batteries every now and then. I would highly recommend this scale to anyone.

👤The original review was very sleek and stylish. I ordered another digital scale but was dissatisfied. The scale is large. Not so large that it can't be stored yet not so small that you can't see the weight when a bowl is on it. It was very unstable when I used it the next day. I used the scale to compare since I had not returned it. Who is correct with their weight results? The scale started jumping numbers while I fed my starter. I had hit the Tare button to zero out and then dug into my bag of flour, but I couldn't see the scale. It was very frustrating. I went to a local store and picked up a scale since I was so desperate. I compared them back home. They are not in line but due to the fact that Koiso has just whole weight. Sending it back.

👤I like the flat rectangular shape of this scale more than the small round one I used to have. I am hoping the larger surface area will hold up to daily use, and I am glad it has a warranty just in case.

👤I am enjoying the features of the food scale. It is easy to store in a drawer. There is no cord in daily use. A bright panel. The button is Tare. The on button is off. The button moves the units through the system. OZ. There is a person named ML. G. The range of capacity is 33 lbs. The glass is easy to clean. I find it difficult to read because of my poor eyesight. Part of the readout. The numbers are large and bright. I have memorised the position where each type of unit appears.

👤It was on time and as expected. It was very easy to use. I've stored it in many places. I will recommend this to my friends.

4. Marsno Digital Food Scale 22lb Kitchen Scale Units LCD Display Food Weight Scale Cooking

Marsno Digital Food Scale 22lb Kitchen Scale Units LCD Display Food Weight Scale Cooking

The sleek design of the premium glass panel makes it easy to clean. It feels secure under the tap. The portable digital kitchen scale is easy to use. An attached hook saves space in the kitchen. This digital kitchen scale can provide you with accurate weight when you add ingredients. The range is from 0.1oz to 22 lbs. The 4 units measurement and convention can be easily switched by pressing the UNIT button. The scale is for better cooking, baking, tracking, and weight loss. The function of TARE is to allow you to subtract the weight of the plate, bowl or container, making it easy to get accurate weight of ingredients and meets your cooking and baking needs. The sleek glass design is easy to clean with a wipe. It allows you to store it in any cabinet or drawer when not in use, saving space for other kitchen essentials. 2 x 1.5VAAA batteries are included. They offer a 12 months warranty for quality issues. If you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact them.

Brand: Marsno

👤My wife loves trying new recipes. Adding ingredients of specific weight is what they usually call for. She was looking for a food scale that would serve her purpose and this one was great. Within 3 days, it reached. The packing was easy and good. The manual makes you understand everything. The package also contains a battery. As a new kid, we opened it and he started weighing almost every single item around the house, but it couldn't weigh more than 6 grams. The seller apologized for it. He said it can't weigh more than 5 grams. We can do tare weight with some utensils and subtract the weight of that. That is the reason for 4 stars. It is good, working right on spot. The scale cannot weigh on the carpet and will give a false reading.

👤I bought a Marsno Digital kitchen scale to replace our analog scale. When we were looking for a scale, we were looking for a simple design with no frills, yet still a good-looking design to leave on the counter. This scale hit all of our requirements. The scale is solid black so that it doesn't stick out on the counter. The brand name and two buttons are the only things you see when it is off. The name is bigger than the two buttons combined, but it is not a dealbreaker. The display is bright enough to be seen in full light, but not too bright to be annoying. The numbers are easy to read and the unit button makes it easy to set the scale to the unit you need for the recipe. The on/off and tare button is easy to use, and the auto-off feature makes it nice if you are measuring messy things, so you don't have to try to hit the button with dirty fingers. The top of the scale is sleek and easy to clean with no buttons, thanks to the tempered glass, which makes it easy to clean. This scale is for all intents and purposes a scale. It does its job well, and looks good doing it.

👤The old scale was hard to keep on zero and to reset it was a pain, but this one is so easy to use, it is ready to go whenever you need it. It is ready to use. My husband is the chief cook in our house and he loves cooking. I use it as well, and I absolutely love it. I sell things online. I need to know the weight of the items I am mailing so I have to print out shipping labels. I weight it, print out the label, get the package ready to send and take it to the post office, and it has been spot on every time. It's worth the money. If you need a kitchen scale for any reason, get this one, it will be money well spent. If you want to put something in a bowl but not weight it, you can use the tare button on the scale to take away the weight of the container and then weigh it. That feature is awesome! This is a great scale and clean up is easy, just wipe the glass top and it is done! It is an awesome addition to your kitchen and I would recommend this scale to anyone. It's a nice size of 8 x 6.5" (20 x 16 cm) and it looks nice too. It is packaged nicely and comes with the 2AAA batteries so you can take it out of the box. This is definitely a small scale. I can't say enough good things about it. I like it. I know you will as well.

5. KUBEI Upgraded Digital Precision Electronic

KUBEI Upgraded Digital Precision Electronic

The bowl is dishwasher safe. The upgrade design will ensure that it can meet the needs of more people who love cooking. The KUBEI kitchen scale can be used to remove the weight of the container in order to get the exact weight of the object. The mode button and counting functions are on it. The quality is high. The digital kitchen scale pan is easy to clean. The weighing is stable because of the four-corner anti-skid base. There is a waterproof keyboard sticker. Scales can be used to weigh a wide range of items. The digital kitchen scale has double trays that can be replaced depending on the different objects, large and small, suitable for a variety of scenarios, can be used as a dust cover. POWER There are three upgrade charging methods for this digital kitchen scale, and two ways of automatic and manual shutdown. There are two batteries and a cable for charging them.

Brand: Kubei

👤I tested it with a 500g weight. It was well outside of the tolerance. After calibrating it with a 100g weight, it seemed to measure correctly. I noticed a serious additional accuracy problem. When you add small amounts of weight to the scale, it ignores the weight. A piece of paper weighing 0.8g was set onto the scale as a test. It was zero. I think that this is due to some sort of software that increases the accuracy of the scale. I will return the item because it is a design flaw.

👤This is a decent scale. I replaced it with a bigger one. I was worried that it would take up too much counter space in a small kitchen. The weighing capacity is also greater in the larger size. I can put a full-sized dinner plate or empty tea kettle on the scale platform and press "tare" to zero out the weight. It saves me from having to weigh in a larger container. There are some issues that I'm not happy with. The large display is hard to read. The blue background is not a light. I don't understand why manufacturers use displays with black characters on a dark blue background. Just like the text on the Amazon page, it should be black with a white backlight. There was good contrast and good clarity. There is a second issue where you have to weigh a lot of small objects like coffee beans and then remove some to reduce the weight. Sometimes the scale reading does not decrease. The scale's reading doesn't change when objects are added or removed.

👤It's not clear why it's called a larger size kitchen scale, it's smaller than the two other kitchen scales we own, but it's not a negative due to the way it's built and the two trays it comes with. In every aspect, it beats both. I love the scale because it doesn't need batteries. There is no waiting for the result. The result stays the same no matter how often I put the item on the scale. User instructions are brief. You will need to provide the adapter to plug in. Unplug. Turn around. Use. There is a smile. Turn off. I never thought I'd be gushing over a kitchen scale. You learn to appreciate the value of a scale that is precise, highly responsive and doesn't need batteries when you use a kitchen scale.

👤At first, I loved this scale. The plastic trays were great for measuring out food and making it easier to clean up. I would put vegetables in the larger tray and use the smaller one for meat. I knew I wasn't overdoing it on broccoli and carrots. I loved the 0.1 gram accuracy because I like to weigh things in small amounts. The scale hasn't been working as well lately. It takes a long time to turn on the "HELLO" message. When on, the number changes. I'll tare it and I'll see the number on the scale go up and down at random. I don't know if the number I'm seeing is correct, that makes the scale useless. I am in search of a new scale that will meet my needs.

6. AmazonBasics Stainless Digital Batteries Included

AmazonBasics Stainless Digital Batteries Included

We design and produce high functioning kitchen scales, but they value the positive impact of a purchase on a global level. They only partner with ethical factories and ensure a portion of every sale is given back to a charity that matches the nature of what you will be using. The side tab has short videos about how they give back. The digital kitchen scale has a screen. Minimum of 2 grams of food is weighed. The advanced sensor technology can deliver quick and accurate responses. The results are displayed in ounces, grams, and pounds. The tare button subtracts container weight from the scale so you only measure what you want. It is approximately 8.7x7.1x1.6 inches. Two batteries from Amazon.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤I've owned scales that were designed to do things that would drive you crazy, but this one has been designed to do things that will not drive you crazy. It can be turned on with something on the scale. - It's not annoying to have a delay before automatic shutoff. - The tare function has a history function so you can work backwards if you need to. When weighing large objects, like plates, the readout sticks out far enough that you can still read it. It doesn't use hard-to- find batteries. Reliable, intuitive, and inexpensive. The only way to improve this scale is to increase its accuracy.

👤The scale is a bargain. I set my weight on it and it was spot on. It is easy to tare and switch to other measures. It's a nice, small size. It is well made and can be used for a long time since it is pretty new. I have other scales that seem better built. Highly recommended.

👤I was very happy with the scale and its performance. After two uses, it shut down mid-use. It takes about 3 minutes to make pour over coffee. If the scale balance doesn't change, the automatic shutoff feature in this scale will only be used for 2 minutes and 15 seconds. This seems to be faulty as it will shut off automatically when I am pouring coffee. It doesn't happen at 2 min, 15 min but sooner.

👤I wanted to make pour over coffee. Even if the weight on the scale is changing, the scale can't be relied on to stay on for 3 minutes at a time. Sometimes it would stay on for a while, sometimes it would turn off. Sometimes the reading would drift by a few grams. It wouldn't stabilizing. I'm pretty disappointed in this scale.

👤The item does not fit in a container. We thought the weights looked low for the amount of food. We found that the low weights given by the scale were consistent when we weighed items with weights on the packaging. You can see the weights on the products if you zoom in.

👤These suckers are very cute. They die quickly when water gets in them. I just order a new one because they are so cheap. The display is easy to read. The scale is accurate and has some nifty functions like being able to show the weight of what was added and then show the whole. It's easy to do.

👤The scale didn't read any weight being added. I was trying to add an additional 8 grams of ingredients, but the scale was still in place and suddenly changed to a 15 gram increase. In the middle of using it, the scale shuts down. The auto shutdown is one of the longest delays that I have seen, but it's 2 and a half minutes no matter if you are adding weight or not. During the addition of ingredients, the scale has shut down 3 times. That is a good way to ruin a recipe.

7. Digital Touch Pocket Scale 0 01oz

Digital Touch Pocket Scale 0 01oz

It's a great addition for anyone who cooks ingredients while they're cooking. Measure different things. It is the perfect gift for cooks who like a combination of style and precision. ACCURACY: Moderate. Measure with resolution up to a weight range of 3000g to 105oz. The button added a key tone and increased interactivity. There is inverse functionality. Quickly convert measurement results between g, oz, ozt, dwt, ct, and gn with their precise touch control panel. Count and Calibrate have a piece counting function. The tare function deducts the weight of the containers when measuring liquids or multiple ingredients at once. Simple robbery. A reinforced platform strength is provided by a STAINLESS STEEL build. The platform and scale cover can be used like two trays. It's smart inDICATION. Users are alert for low battery power. The batteries were powered by 2. 2-year warranty.

Brand: Tomiba

👤This product is garbage. I have used scales in my life, but this is the worst I have ever used. The whole point of measuring in Grams is to be accurate. I would love to have some target practice if it wasn't for the return and getting my money back. The data was used for a 20 gram weight. You get the picture. There are no factors that would contribute to inaccurate data. The 10 gram weight is 9.9%. Straight trash is using the 1 gram weight. 1.1 Yup... Straight cheeks! Before and after reseting batteries, no weights are used and followed all instructions: 0.0 / 0.4 / -0.4 / 0.1 / 0.0 / (random spike to 1.0) / 0.0. There is no A/C on. No fans, no room temperature, nothing. When you start weighing items, the more you do it, the worse the data gets, so you have to pull out the batteries. Save your money and time. The biggest issue is this. When you turn it on, you should say "hello" because it's a piece of junk. As I type this part, the scale is 1.9 grams and randomly going up to 2.1 grams. Don't use this product. You don't want false informative readings.

👤The scale did not meet the claimed accuracy for weights over 200gm/7oz. The seller acknowledges this in his notes. I sent him my testing results. The average error in grams is 0.05%, which can be as high as 2.7gm for the maximum weight of 3,000gm. The seller's claims of "metiCULOUS ACCURACY" should be removed. The scale measured 0.9gm at a weight of 1.0gm, which is within the claimed tolerance of 0.1gm, but is an unacceptable error rate. I only recommend this scale for weights between 2 and 200 grams.

👤I ordered scales for home, work desk and shop. One of theobbles on it's rubber feet doesn't cause the unstable warning. It weighed a tenth of a gram more than the other scales. The scale is protected by a case, but is not fully closed, so keep the box, as set up is easy. I had to change the measuring type because I weighed in grams. The scale remembers what it has been set for, but Grams is the last option. If I had to reset the scale, I would return it. The touch buttons are terrible on all three scales. The scale turned on with a gentle touch. The second needed a centered press. At first, the third one wouldn't turn on. After fiddling with it for a while, and being close to thinking it didn't work, it turned on with a very powerful, centered press. The scale that wobbles is the one that I use, and it shows a slightly higher weight on anything I test. I was testing the scales on a wood top table. The wobbling scale is on the table. I had to change the scales to continue my test. The one that wobbles and shows a higher weight did not show a higher weight when I moved it's position. I found that the touch buttons worked differently on the scales. It takes a lot of determination to change the weight type on all three scales. Sometimes the scales turn on and off with a gentle tap, other times I have to press the button repeatedly to get them to turn on or off. The platform is large. My test items weighed the same regardless of where I placed them, which is a good thing because I weigh a lot of awkward shapes. It's good to know that you don't have to balance an oddly shaped item in the center of the platform as the instruction book suggests. These are fine for the price. I'm worried about the touch buttons. Push buttons seem to work better on the scales I've used before.

8. Digital Multifunction Personal Nutrition Included

Digital Multifunction Personal Nutrition Included

We offer a 2 years warranty and lifetime tech support for this cute digital scale, full day service by their Fuzion support team. If you have a problem, please contact them through the Amazon order page. The kitchen scale has a high precision sensor system, which will give you accurate measurement from 0.1g to 3000g. The T button on the food scale can provide a net weight. The button on the PCS is used to count pieces of items. You can change the measure modes by pressing the M button. The auto-off function can save energy. The gram scale is lightweight and easy to store. It is convenient and optimal to have a stable weight measurement. Measure your job with this scale. The digital kitchen scale is made from high quality materials and is fairly durable. There are two sizes of trays that can be used as containers. If you don't like the scale or the warranty, you can get your money back in 30 days. They will help you with any problem.

Brand: Fuzion

👤I need a scale to process coffee in Hawaii. My wife didn't like me borrowing from her. I did not look at the dimensions when I ordered this one. I needed a cheap scale. The scale base and the two plastic trays are smaller than I thought. It works very well and any bin, cup, or basket which can balance on the weighing plate will work. A test of a known weight showed that the scale was accurate.

👤Some of the negative reviews that I read said the scale was inaccurate. I tested it when I got it. The 20 cent coins have a weight of 2.5g. The scale shows 50g. The second picture has 8 nickels and 24 cent coins, and the scale shows 100g. The scale is as accurate as it can be. I found a one cent coin with a weight of 3.1 g, so I can't be sure that the coins will live up to their specifications. I had 24 other coins that weighed 2.5g and it wasn't the scale that was the problem.

👤I use this scale for home coffee making. The speed with which it reads off new changes to the weight is the best feature. When weighing out grounds into a portafilter or trying to track espresso output, both are helpful. Its accuracy is a plus. The scale has a great deal to offer, but the digital screen has limited viewing angles. You have to be at the right angle to read off your weight when you sit on the espresso machine's tray. You can't get a better scale that measures to the tenth of a gram. If you want to make espresso at home, skip the acaia, skip the brewista, and skip the hario.

👤I have a Fuzion pl50 that is supposed to be more accurate, but this one seems to work better in some respects. This one works out of the box, even though it isn't as accurate. I didn't have to calibrate it or wait for it to heat up. I have to calibrate the pl50 almost every time I use it, and I have to wait until it warms up before I get an accurate reading. I used a 50 gram weight on the scale and it said 50 gram. I am very happy with the scale. I use it to weigh 10 ounce silver bars. I like how sturdy it is.

👤I use 1 g dye to 100 g yarn. I need to be able to measure both dye and yarn accurately because I use multiple colors on one skein. The larger tray is used for cakes of yarn and the small tray is used for dye. Red and blue were equal on my previous scale. A range of volumes would be recorded as one gram. My colors mix true after I bought this scale. I had not expected it to hold that value in memory when tared. It is very affordable. It will measure 3000 g. Someday, I'll see if I can put 30 skeins of yarn on it. I think I need a bigger tray.

9. Bowl Gifts Baking Cooking Weight

Bowl Gifts Baking Cooking Weight

The blue backlit display is clear in any light setting with a low battery and overload indication. The minimum measurement is 1g. 1000g, 0.1g, and 1000-5000g are unique dual Increments. The practical bowl has a flip up and down mechanism. A space saving protective cover can be used to measure without the bowl, and easy storage in small size can be used to store free mix ingredients. There are various unit options that weigh up to 11 lbs and 5 lbs across 5 units of measurement. Clear Results: The large back-lit display offers increased visibility, so you can read your results more easily. There are multi-functions. Satisfy all your measuring needs from large meat, beef, pet, cat/dog food, hair color to small coffee, mail, postage, letter, jewelry, seed, drug, and more.

Brand: Etekcity

👤The scale is more accurate than I expected. Wow! I was completely frustrated with the Polder scale that we bought. Baking can make a big difference when the scale is less than 2 grams. The old was slow to register and expensive. Wow, this new scale. It's cheap, it's fast, and it's accurate. How accurate? A member of our family works in a lab and has access to reference weights. The scale was tested with 1 g dead on, 2 g dead on, 10 g dead on, 20 g dead on, and 50 g dead on. The scale that costs less than $20 is unbelieveably accurate. If I could, I would give this scale more than 5 stars.

👤The scale is malfunctioning, the batteries are dead when I use it again, and the scale is turned off. This has happened three times now and it has eaten 6 batteries. I replaced the batteries because I thought they were the ones that came with the scale. It happened again. I took the batteries out after each use, but it got old quick. I was hoping that it would be okay to leave them in once. Dead again. I don't know if that scale is turning on somehow, or if it's just a weird issue that causes it to drain the batteries even when it's off, but whatever. I am not sure if others have had this issue or if I am just the lucky one, but either way you have been warned to buy at your own risk.

👤I received a kitchen scale a few days ago to replace the one that had been there for 14 years. My old scale weighed in at 1g up. I wanted a scale that could do what my old scale did, so I tried a few other scales. The scale does a better job than I anticipated. It weighs from 1g to 0.1 gram, but there is a catch, as you can see in the pictures. If you have something on it that already weighs 1g, it will be 0.1g better. In one of the pictures, it reads 299.9, and in the next one, it reads 300.2 after I added yeast. I made a poolish for may artisan bread and only needed a small amount of yeast, so this was perfect. This scale is recommended by me. The reason I didn't give 5 stars is because the scale around the two buttons is not "sealed" as it should be. If you drop flour, you can clean the cracks with a brush. Some always get stuck there. I put cling film on that spot. You can still use the buttons, but wipe off any ingredients that might fall on them. The manufacturer should look into this issue. It would be 5 stars to me.

👤If you are looking for a scale that is precise, I tested it with a 500g calibration weight and it weighed in at 501.2g, which is close to what you would get from the box. You can't calibrate the scale because it's not exact. It is easy to use, but I wish you could calibrate it to make sure it is accurate.

10. Upgraded Accuracy Measures Function Batteries

Upgraded Accuracy Measures Function Batteries

It's easy to clean, just wash your hands, don't put in dishwasher, and wipe with a damp cloth. The kitchen scale uses a high-precision sensor with an accuracy of 0.1g and a weighing range from 0.5g to 3000g, allowing you to weigh more accurately. It is suitable for many occasions, such as weight loss, cooking, weighing herbs, and so on. The mini scale is easy to store and takes up less kitchen space than a full scale. Put on the container and press down the skin button screen display return to zero, then put on the item. The scale uses a very smooth and shiny countertop, it is easy to clean, and can be used as a small container, 2*AAA battery, can be used directly after receiving. If the main parts of the scale are broken, directly replace the new machine, and you have any questions, please feel free to contact them, they will reply to you in time.

Brand: Yoncon

👤I love it! It's easy to use and set tares. The 2 dishes fit on the unit so they can sit on the countertop without getting dirty. I use it to quickly measure my turtles.

👤Skyforce95 Pros: simple, easy to use The features you would expect are backlit screen,stainless steel top, quick readings, and protective plastic pieces.

👤A good value for the money is a small scale. The two trays are nice. The trays make it easy to keep the scale platter clean. I have two other digital scales and all of them are within a tenth of a gram of each other. The scales were off in the same direction. If there is a discrepancy, I will report it. A good buy for people looking for a small scale that is easy to use and accurate is this one.

👤I like this scale. It helps me achieve my portion control goals. It is very easy to fit in a small space.

👤The scale is stored in the trays that are shown in the images. I don't know why but it makes me happy. It seems to be very protective of the unit. I keep this scale in my tool box because I use it in my garage to weigh engine parts. The engine parts need to be balanced.

👤It is easy to use and works well. If you put them on really slow, it will glitch and show the hello screen.

👤There is nothing I dislike about this scale. I was skeptical when I opened the box. I wasn't sure if this device was going to work. I was certain that it would be limited use. I am pleasantly surprised. I have only had accurate readings. The tare function is a time saver and the device is easy to read. The plastic pans that come with this product are used to protect the scale mechanism when not in use. I plan to use a rubber band to keep the pans attached to the scale when I carry my bag or purse. This scale is cute. Its small size doesn't deter it from its function. It's easy to travel with the small size, in case you plan to measure your meals during travel or eating out. This is sleek, pretty, and cute. I am very happy with the purchase.

👤Each time, it gives different weights for the same amount of coins. I will keep it as a kitchen scale.

11. LEVIN Digital Graduation Stainless Tempered

LEVIN Digital Graduation Stainless Tempered

The CR2032 batteries are included. Before use, install or remove the insulation tab. The maximum weight of food on the kitchen scale is 33lb/15kg, satisfying your diverse needs. You can see the weight on the high-quality display if you weigh a small amount of seasoning or a heavy cut of beef. 5 weight units for convenience. The digital food scale has 5 weight units, which is great for your kitchen life. A square meal is made with 2lb salmon, 5oz lemon juice, 3g wasabi, and 100ml wine. 33lb maximum weight and display. The kitchen scale can weigh food from 2g to 33lb. You can see the weight on the high-quality display if you weigh a small amount of seasoning or a heavy cut of beef. 4 advanced weighing sensors are distributed evenly at the corners. The food scale gives you precise weight graduation to 0.1g/0.05oz. Whether you want to control the amount of seasonings or the amount of cake ingredients, it's perfect! Many products have one-Press TARE and side switch buttons. The scale separated the tare button and switch button, which made it easier to choose the right function. The switch button is on the front side. After 90 seconds, it switches off, saving energy and eco-friendly. The scale surface is easy to clean with just a wipe. They have a 180-day Refund policy. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Levin

👤It's odd that all these great reviewed are clustered around the same date, May 28 - June 3rd, 2020. People were waiting in line to get this hot product. It's odd that almost everyone leaves a lot of pictures and glowing comments. It's odd that reviewers buying the same weird products like "FRETREE Jump Rope" bought by Shripple Krak and Aidan LeMay at the exact same date. You get my drift, I can go on with comparison. This is in violation of professional and ethical standards.

👤It seems like a pretty nice, simple and straight forward item that I just received. The only thing that people need to know is that the scale I ordered was purple-y silver, with a clear blue peel off sticker over the top, which may matter to some buyers.

👤I use this to weigh my packages.

👤If you're worried about the scale's accuracy, you may need a higher end scale, but for this gal, it will be much easier to read, and it will be a slight fluctuation from the front, middle and back of the scale.

👤I dao una produccin de panadera. No da el Peso is real. La presicion es nula. Devolvi.

👤The scale will probably do the job if you buy it. It is not suitable for scientific measurements, medicines, or accurate measurements of less than 5g. For a very light object, the scale would be between 3 and 5g. It seemed to allow the object to settle down if you pressed on the scale and released it. For small quantities, give the scale time to settle. It did not seem like it would react quickly to changes in weight, which could be a problem if trying to add an ingredient by pouring. I put a 10lb dumbell on the scale and it showed 10lb., 5oz, which roughly agreed with another scale that showed 10lb., 5oz. The error is only 3%, which is good enough for cooking and baking, but not good enough for science, medicine or commerce. Inexpensive. Easy-to- clean top and modes for lbs, oz, grams, and Kilograms. This is a con, but 33lb (15Kg) capacity is sufficient for weighing big turkeys or roasts. It doesn't take up a lot of space. You can see 20oz or 1.25lb, but not 1lb, 4oz. * It takes a second to get used to the fact that the display goes crazy when you press the buttons. * This is also a pro. It has the capacity to weigh a large turkey, but good luck getting the bird on the platform and still being able to read the display.

👤This is the best scale I have ever used for cooking and dieting. I have tested others that were 15% off and they were very accurate. Even accurate at light values under 10g is possible. Oh well. Looks great! The buttons are easy to use and responsive, they are black, and the price point is black. If I had to give a cons. Tare and power buttons are not the same. Americans don't use pounds and ounces. It gives ounces or pounds. 19 ounces instead of 1lb 3oz does give milk and ml.


What is the best product for baking scale 0.1g?

Baking scale 0.1g products from Visson. In this article about baking scale 0.1g you can see why people choose the product. Nicewell and Koios are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking scale 0.1g.

What are the best brands for baking scale 0.1g?

Visson, Nicewell and Koios are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking scale 0.1g. Find the detail in this article. Marsno, Kubei and Amazon Basics are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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