Best Baking Scale Digital Grams and Ounces

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1. THINKSCALE Digital Accurate Features Back Lit

THINKSCALE Digital Accurate Features Back Lit

The kitchen scale is powered by 2 xAAA batteries and comes with a 15-year warranty and friendly customer service. The digital food scale has multiple high precision sensors, which help you measure baking, cooking, milk, and ingredients with refined accuracy. Max. Weighing: 11 lbs 5 lbs, Increments: 0.1oz/1g, Min. weight recommendation: 3 g. The cooking scale has a bowl with pouring spout and graduated scale that can be used for accurate measurement of water, milk and solid foods. It is easy to store and flips up and down to save space. The tare button allows you to subtract the weight of the bowl to get the net weight of what you are weighing or clear all of them. The food scales for kitchen have a calibration feature. The digital scale grams and ounces can be changed from kilogram to ounce by pressing the switch on the back. There is a large back-lit display that can show numbers. There is a 2 year warranty and lifetime support provided by Thincline. You can contact them at any time if you have a problem with your food weight scale. You can get compensation if you're dissatisfied within 30 days.

Brand: Thinkscale

👤I need an electronic scale. It is able to control the dosage accurately. The dessert will not fail because of the incorrect dosage. This product is very cheap, and it also has a bowl. You don't have to buy batteries. As soon as you receive it, you can start using it. It's cheap and worth it.

👤This helps me measure the weight I need. It is very easy to use and I can easily clean it up.

👤I bought this scale for the top tray design. I don't need to use another bowl to hold things because it can hold most of the food I need to scale. It's very convenient. It can scale a range of 5 kilogram things. It can hold a large glass bowl, and I use it for bakery. The top tray is plastic, which is a concern. If you have concerns, please note.

👤I use this product to make some snacks. The scale is small so it is easy to store in my kitchen.

👤The product is good for people who want to excise. I have been trying to control my diet by calculating my food and calories. I feel great about myself. I can probably get fit in two months.

👤I don't like this scale as it gives me different numbers when I try to measure out certain items in the kitchen.

👤I bought this scale as a must have for baking and I am very satisfied with the purchase. The scale is easy to use and the material is easy to clean. I have used it for two weeks and no one has complained.

👤So far, it's pretty good. It is easy to turn it on or off. To change units, press tare. It has batteries and a bowl. The scale is made of plastic. Baking and cooking are normal in the kitchen. It can take up to 11 lbs so it's good for me.

2. Multifunction Measures Graduation Stainless Tempered

Multifunction Measures Graduation Stainless Tempered

The digital kitchen scale requires two batteries to power it. If it isn't operated for 120 seconds, it will auto off. If there is a problem with the scale, please contact them. The digital kitchen scale has a precise weight of up to 22.06 lbs (10,200 grams) with a graduation of 0.1 ounces (1 gram). The range is 0.1oz to 22 lbs. The automatic unit button instantly converts between 6 units of measurement and displays results on an easy-to-read screen. The digital weight scale can be used for a lot of things. The tare button makes it easy to calculate tare using the weight of the plate or container. The food scale is designed with glass for strength and sleek steel for anti-fingerprint and easy clean for convenient storage. All light configurations can be seen with backlight. Which is friendly to the environment. Lifetime support is hassle free. 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have a problem, please feel free to reach out to them, they will address it promptly. Your help for living with healthier living. You have found an inexpensive scale that is easy to use. Order now with no risk.

Brand: Back Ktcl

👤This scale is amazing! I don't think it's a good idea to measure the weight of food ingredients. I bought it for the purpose of weighing our puppies after they are born. The puppy will weigh the same weight each time I take it back to back. I like that I can weigh the puppy as it gets older and bigger, because I can zero out say a bowel. It makes it easier to weigh puppies. The scale is much more accurate and cheaper than regular puppy or infant scales. You will love this scale if you are weighing food or four legged friends.

👤I was offered $20 to remove my negative review. Business practice that is despicable! There is a I have received daily+emails from the vendor and they are offering a $50 bribe to remove the negative review. If they are not allowed to be read, what good are reviews? I will never purchase from this vendor again and suggest someone else to buy the kitchen scale from. I'm sorry if it's a small business. They're giving people $20 to make a better product. I use mine to measure cat food. It is important to measure to the gram accurately. The scale does not do that. It takes a long time to register a change as I am adding portions and it doesn't zero out without hitting the button multiple times. I have to restart it to start over. I get different readings if I take a plate off and put it back on. It is beyond frustrating and everything one would not want to happen in a kitchen scale. The precision ends there. I will send it back.

👤The scale died after 5 years. I went to put in new batteries for the first time. I fiddled with the batteries and it worked again, after I tried and it didn't turn on again. Oh well. The scale is easy to use and sturdy. I don't know what the pull-out plastic tab is for. Turns on and off in a flash. It remembers the last unit you used. There are options from top to bottom. If the Ikea one kicks the bucket for good, I will use this to weigh packages in the kitchen.

👤The scale is a decent size and items placed on it do not block the screen. The clean sealed design allows it to be cleaned without damaging the unit. The buttons on the scale allowed water to intrude which shorted out the scale. It is well worth the price because it is simple to use, easy to read and looks great on my counter. You would not get any more then what this scale offers, if you were by a scale 2 or 3 times as much. I would recommend it to you.

👤I have been measuring my portion sizes for years. I decided to start weighing my food because I am serious about losing weight. The scale is easy to use. The readings are accurate. I found out by weighing my food. My guess was underestimation. I am eating larger portions and eating more food than I should. I am very pleased with this food scale, it is easy to use and clean, it does not take a lot of counter space.

3. MPBEKING Digital Kitchen Multifunction Stainless

MPBEKING Digital Kitchen Multifunction Stainless

The service is warranty. They will give you a refund within 30 days if you don't like the scale. You can use it more easily with a two-year warranty. They will reply to your questions in time. Four high-precision load sensors and upgraded sensors can accurately measure from 0. Up to 176.4oz/5000g. The weight will show a clear display if it is weighing a small amount of seasoning or a heavy cut of meat. Their food weight scale is waterproof and protects against spills and food damage, making it easy to clean. Multifunction Scales - Various Unit Options- Easy TareMPBEKING scales digital weight support weigh up to 11 lbs / 5 lbs across 4 units of measurement The tare function subtracts the weight of the plate or container to get accurate readings of ingredients. The small scale size is easy to store and can be used for weighing various ingredients, it won't take much space in your countertop. The scales are small and cheap. TheMPBEKING Group has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have a problem, feel free to contact them.

Brand: Mpbeking

👤The scale has a large area to scale dry ingredients and liquid ingredients with different settings. The large screen looks very clean and matches the color of the kitchen. You should turn off the auto turn off after 180 seconds. A great purchase.

👤I was surprised at how lightweight and portable this scale is, I needed a good scale at work to avoid transporting my home scale back and forth. The value is great. I would buy again.

👤The tare is hard to set and the power switch is difficult. Would not buy again.

👤I like the sleek and thin design. It is thin enough to fit in a lunch bag or a drawer. The numbers are large and the light is bright. I would recommend it to a friend.

👤The scale is not perfectly leveled when I put my counter top on, but it doesn't affect scaling.

4. Digital Multifunction Personal Nutrition Included

Digital Multifunction Personal Nutrition Included

We offer a 2 years warranty and lifetime tech support for this cute digital scale, full day service by their Fuzion support team. If you have a problem, please contact them through the Amazon order page. The kitchen scale has a high precision sensor system, which will give you accurate measurement from 0.1g to 3000g. The T button on the food scale can provide a net weight. The button on the PCS is used to count pieces of items. You can change the measure modes by pressing the M button. The auto-off function can save energy. The gram scale is lightweight and easy to store. It is convenient and optimal to have a stable weight measurement. Measure your job with this scale. The digital kitchen scale is made from high quality materials and is fairly durable. There are two sizes of trays that can be used as containers. If you don't like the scale or the warranty, you can get your money back in 30 days. They will help you with any problem.

Brand: Fuzion

👤I need a scale to process coffee in Hawaii. My wife didn't like me borrowing from her. I did not look at the dimensions when I ordered this one. I needed a cheap scale. The scale base and the two plastic trays are smaller than I thought. It works very well and any bin, cup, or basket which can balance on the weighing plate will work. A test of a known weight showed that the scale was accurate.

👤Some of the negative reviews that I read said the scale was inaccurate. I tested it when I got it. The 20 cent coins have a weight of 2.5g. The scale shows 50g. The second picture has 8 nickels and 24 cent coins, and the scale shows 100g. The scale is as accurate as it can be. I found a one cent coin with a weight of 3.1 g, so I can't be sure that the coins will live up to their specifications. I had 24 other coins that weighed 2.5g and it wasn't the scale that was the problem.

👤I use this scale for home coffee making. The speed with which it reads off new changes to the weight is the best feature. When weighing out grounds into a portafilter or trying to track espresso output, both are helpful. Its accuracy is a plus. The scale has a great deal to offer, but the digital screen has limited viewing angles. You have to be at the right angle to read off your weight when you sit on the espresso machine's tray. You can't get a better scale that measures to the tenth of a gram. If you want to make espresso at home, skip the acaia, skip the brewista, and skip the hario.

👤I have a Fuzion pl50 that is supposed to be more accurate, but this one seems to work better in some respects. This one works out of the box, even though it isn't as accurate. I didn't have to calibrate it or wait for it to heat up. I have to calibrate the pl50 almost every time I use it, and I have to wait until it warms up before I get an accurate reading. I used a 50 gram weight on the scale and it said 50 gram. I am very happy with the scale. I use it to weigh 10 ounce silver bars. I like how sturdy it is.

👤I use 1 g dye to 100 g yarn. I need to be able to measure both dye and yarn accurately because I use multiple colors on one skein. The larger tray is used for cakes of yarn and the small tray is used for dye. Red and blue were equal on my previous scale. A range of volumes would be recorded as one gram. My colors mix true after I bought this scale. I had not expected it to hold that value in memory when tared. It is very affordable. It will measure 3000 g. Someday, I'll see if I can put 30 skeins of yarn on it. I think I need a bigger tray.

5. Etekcity Kitchen Digital Cooking Stainless

Etekcity Kitchen Digital Cooking Stainless

Food, ingredients, milk, grains, button, drugs, chemicals and pet are all versatile. It's perfect for food portion, diet, weight loss and meal prep. The minimum measurement is 1g. 1000g, 0.1g, and 1000-5000g are unique dual Increments. Functionality includes weighing up to 11 lbs/ 5 lbs across 5 units of measurement, as well as changing between milk and water density. The 2.5 x 1 in/6.3 x 2.5 cm display gives you more visibility to read your results. The battery-operated design makes things simple with easy storage and controls. The EK9000 is an attractive addition to any health enthusiast's kitchen with its slim, stylish design.

Brand: Etekcity

👤My company sells baked goods in stores like Whole Foods and HEB. I make my own recipes at home and sell them in these stores. I've had scales that were more expensive on Amazon and at places like Williams-Sonoma, but this is far more reliable and sensitive. I highly recommend.

👤Over the past 30 years, I've owned 5 digital scales. I use metric to weigh everything from liquids to dry goods. Water, beans, and cream can be used for coffee. My scale is turned on/off at least 25 times a day. When you go by weight, your recipes come out great. My criteria for a kitchen scale is that buttons and display must be protected from spills. The scale has no protection. You can see gaps around the buttons by looking closely at the pictures. The buttons are plasticy compared to all my previous scales. The exposed buttons and display were the main deal-breaker for me. Glass tops are not allowed, only durable plastic or STAINLESS are preferred. I shattered a glass I bought a year ago. Never again. The On/Off button must be present. The Tare button turns on the scale. Hold the Tare button for 3 seconds or 2 minutes to turn it off. The auto-off is for 40-50 minutes a day and the battery is likely to change weekly. It wasn't a deal-breaker for casual use, but it was for me. Fast On and Tare are functions. The scale I bought in 2012 turns On and Tares in 1 second. The scale takes 3 seconds. Slower than my previous scales. It may not seem like much but for me it's a step back in technology. I'm adding ingredients that make it slower to respond to weight changes. Disappointing. The 2012 scale is perfect. Just wanted a bigger platform. The scale has a nice size platform. It's a plastic platform with a thin surface. It has 11lb capacity and is fairly durable. The buttons are not spill protected and are questionable for long term use. The display is not the same as the one in the picture. This is a good scale for dry goods. No, as a kitchen appliance. You will spill liquids. On it. Trust me. I do it several times a week. You'll be happy if you stick with my criteria.

👤This scale is digital, measures accurately, and is useful for us American's who don't know much about metric based weighing systems. It is so accurate that if you add 0.1gm too much to a recipe, you will struggle to get exact measurements as you subtract a bit of ingredient, add a bit, nope too much. If you're here, you know what I'm talking about. Great scale, does what it claims. It doesn't hold up well to direct or even indirect flame, hammer blows or violent tossings. The briquets should not be weighed with this thing. If you're tempted to see how much you weigh, this item doesn't hold up well to standing on one foot.

6. BROMECH Digital Capacity Stainless Included

BROMECH Digital Capacity Stainless Included

TheMPBEKING Group has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have a problem, feel free to contact them. It can provide you with a 0.1oz/1g graduation capacity. The scale has 2 models of gram andlb:oz to switch between imperial and metric measuring units. The food scale and bowl are made from 202 STAINLESS STEEL. The large bowl is easy to mix and pour and can accommodate bulky food items. It is not easy to damage. The kitchen scale has unique features. You can easily measure your recipe ingredients in fluid ounces or liters by water volume or milk volume. The taring and auto-zero function allow you to subtract the weight of the bowl, dish, or container from the weight of the food. To ensure food safety, you can use multiple-sized bowls. A large display with a white backlight can show the reading more clearly than a small display. 2 x batteries are included. A 2-year warranty is provided.

Brand: Bromech

👤It looks nice and works as advertised. If you're trying to add up weight in a container as you prepare, the system will sometimes shut off and lose its weight. There is a There are areas on the display that are constantly lit up. Like the bottom row. It doesn't make a difference for reading it, but it makes you question the quality of parts used. If you need that in your kitchen, this isn't the guy for you.

👤The scale I bought was at the end of August. It worked well before Christmas. I wiped the scale down and it got error lights. They were over-weighing everything once they cleared the scale. I received a new scale that weighed 97 grams, which was more than the 163 grams that the old scale weighed. The scale appears to have no issues but is no longer usable. It was a bad purchase for me. We will see if the scale holds up. I am an avid bread maker and use the scale a lot. The random failure and continued over weight issue rendered it a paperweight. The seller of this scale is amazing. They sent me a new scale to fix the problem. I am thrilled to have a working version of this scale again and I was very pleased with the seller's diligence.

👤If you put a plate of bowl or something that overlaps the scale, it blocks it. Have to use something that fits it evenly.

👤It is Rechargeable. It's true! Where have you been my entire life? Tired of changing batteries in my food scale, my husband told me to find a rechargeable one. I loved it for a week. When you turn it on, you have to go through modes to get ounces, grams, and liters. My old scale was not a deal breaker. Yes, I love it.

👤It is accurate. The scale worked after I washed it. It is hard to use. It's not possible to start with the unit I use the most. It always starts with a ball. I need to press 3 times. It turns off quickly so you have to set the units again. The touch buttons stop working when it is completely dry. Only if being waterproof is important to you.

👤You have to press the unit button multiple times to get the weight back to grams on the scale, as it will display weight in pounds each time it is powered on. Retaining the last units setting is a feature that should be included. It's worse because the scale emits a loud noise when a button is pressed. For the price, I was expecting better.

👤The scale doesn't work with any of the standard ones. The auto-off only dims the screen when the battery is low. The money was wasted. In 5 days, the company has not responded to email.

👤I bought this for work and it's done great so far, but the display was messed up, but it works.

👤Lleg ha funcionado.

7. Escali P115PO Precision Lightweight Lifetime

Escali P115PO Precision Lightweight Lifetime

Before washing the scale, make sure the charging port cover is in place. The scale has a capacity of 11 lbs and can be used with the following units: ounces, lbs, and g. The buttons are sealed for protection against spills. The operation is easy. Tare is a feature that subtracts a container's weight.

Brand: Escali

👤I've been using this for a long time. I use it a lot. It is useful. You can use less dishes with an accurate scale and get more accurate measurements. I bought a set of little weights from 1g to 500g in order to figure out if the scale is accurate. It was. I tested the scale again yesterday and took those weights out. After six years of daily use, I didn't think it would still be accurate. It was completely accurate. The scale says 1g if I put 1g on it. The scale says 393g if I put it on. It's pretty impressive. I decided to write a review after that.

👤The scale shown in the image is the one I was expecting to buy and searched for. The item I received was a generic white kitchen scale. I requested the product be resent when I received the mismatching order. The second shipment arrived. The generic food scale is in a banged-up package. Not happy at all.

👤The scale is accurate and consistent. I'm happy with it. I won't put food directly on the scale because I don't trust the finish or paint. The scale showed 1 gram for the weight, but I used a 1 gram calibration weight. I kept the scale on, turned it off, and re-weighed different objects multiple times, and each object's weight was consistent. Plastic is the material of scale. It is chrome-colored. The scale is a single piece. If something spills on the round top, you just wipe it. You have to wipe the scale to make sure you can't just put it in the dishwasher. There are no nooks or crevices that are hard to get spills out. The round top where you weigh things has a chrome finish that looks and feels like something I wouldn't want to put food directly on. What is the finish of the paint? I asked the manufacturer if there was any lead in the paint. But... I wouldn't put food on the scale. I decided not to buy the add-on for the scale because the manufacturer pointed me to it. I Tare function is convenient. I don't use it often, but I do use it to weigh the container I'm using for food, and then subtract it from my head. If you want to see the weight of the food on the scale, put whatever empty container you don't want included in the weight of the food on it. You can just add the food that you want to weigh into the container. If you want to add something to the container, you can take it off and put it back on the scale. Click on the tare button again if you want to tell the scale to stop using the tare. If you turn the scale off and have something on the scale, the scale will subtract the weight from the scale. When you turn it on, you want to not have anything on the scale.

8. Weight Cooking Baking Candle Making

Weight Cooking Baking Candle Making

Tare is a feature that subtracts a container's weight. The tare option T is easy to use, just put your measuring on it and press "T", which will let you measure in a variety of formats. It is easy to clean. A damp cloth is all you need to clean up liquid fouling. The same time, cut down on the amount of dishes you need to clean after cooking because you only need to use one bowl and add the amounts you need with the tare button. The food scale is easy to store because it is flat. It has made your life easier because you can bake a lot with this scale. After you remove the item from the scale, it shuts off. You can choose between grams, milliliters, ounces, and pounds on the scale, which has an easy to read display. It is small and light enough to be left on the counter top, but large enough to weigh most food items. The high point: The food scale has high precision sensors to guarantee the accuracy of weighing. Allow for max.22lb 10k in weight and 0.05oz/1g in deviation with their kitchen scale.

Brand: Xdfewfjh

👤I like it. The food on the scale doesn't block you from reading it because the display is offset forward.

👤When trying to weight less than 5 Oz it is hit or miss whether it will pick up any measurement. I am not sure if it is possible to change it. When trying to pre-measure ingredients for a cookie recipe, it would not always be the same as what was on the scale. Sometimes it would work if I put a heavier container and clear the TARE. Sometimes I had to leave the full weight of the dish and add the small ingredient to calculate the measurement of what a 1/2 or 1 tsp salt should be. Then deduct the TARE manually. It made me wonder if it was correct every time I use it, and it was very frustrating. I used cups, spoons, and grams to verify when it was correct. It was made for double work.

👤The batteries only last for 10 days even though the scale was only used occasionally. I used 3 sets of batteries in a month. I had to return it for a credit.

👤I use mostly to weight my horses feed.

👤The scale is simple to use. I bake a lot of bread.

👤I wanted to weigh my snakes. It is a nice scale. I have to use a tray on the scale in order to hold the snakes but the display is covered by the tray so it is difficult to read. It won't be a problem for weighing items that don't move.

👤The price is not worth it. My old scale was over 50 years old and my husband bought me a new one but it is not very good. I don't think it does weight accurately. When I put a small bowl on the scale and zero it out and add food it doesn't seem to give an accurate weight. I'll either give it away or throw it away. I'm going to buy something else. I wish they would make them like they used to.

👤At a class at King Arthur Baking in Vermont, I learned that using a scale instead of a measuring cup for flour, sugar and many other items is very accurate. The scale is great for the job. The button cancels the weight. After you weighed the flour, you would use this. You can add sugar if the scale is back to zero. Continue until all the ingredients are in the bowl. You would still use a measuring spoon to measure salt. The best measurement for King Arthur's recipes is grams.

9. AmazonBasics Stainless Digital Batteries Included

AmazonBasics Stainless Digital Batteries Included

We design and produce high functioning kitchen scales, but they value the positive impact of a purchase on a global level. They only partner with ethical factories and ensure a portion of every sale is given back to a charity that matches the nature of what you will be using. The side tab has short videos about how they give back. The digital kitchen scale has a screen. Minimum of 2 grams of food is weighed. The advanced sensor technology can deliver quick and accurate responses. The results are displayed in ounces, grams, and pounds. The tare button subtracts container weight from the scale so you only measure what you want. It is approximately 8.7x7.1x1.6 inches. Two batteries from Amazon.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤I've owned scales that were designed to do things that would drive you crazy, but this one has been designed to do things that will not drive you crazy. It can be turned on with something on the scale. - It's not annoying to have a delay before automatic shutoff. - The tare function has a history function so you can work backwards if you need to. When weighing large objects, like plates, the readout sticks out far enough that you can still read it. It doesn't use hard-to- find batteries. Reliable, intuitive, and inexpensive. The only way to improve this scale is to increase its accuracy.

👤The scale is a bargain. I set my weight on it and it was spot on. It is easy to tare and switch to other measures. It's a nice, small size. It is well made and can be used for a long time since it is pretty new. I have other scales that seem better built. Highly recommended.

👤I was very happy with the scale and its performance. After two uses, it shut down mid-use. It takes about 3 minutes to make pour over coffee. If the scale balance doesn't change, the automatic shutoff feature in this scale will only be used for 2 minutes and 15 seconds. This seems to be faulty as it will shut off automatically when I am pouring coffee. It doesn't happen at 2 min, 15 min but sooner.

👤I wanted to make pour over coffee. Even if the weight on the scale is changing, the scale can't be relied on to stay on for 3 minutes at a time. Sometimes it would stay on for a while, sometimes it would turn off. Sometimes the reading would drift by a few grams. It wouldn't stabilizing. I'm pretty disappointed in this scale.

👤The item does not fit in a container. We thought the weights looked low for the amount of food. We found that the low weights given by the scale were consistent when we weighed items with weights on the packaging. You can see the weights on the products if you zoom in.

👤These suckers are very cute. They die quickly when water gets in them. I just order a new one because they are so cheap. The display is easy to read. The scale is accurate and has some nifty functions like being able to show the weight of what was added and then show the whole. It's easy to do.

👤The scale didn't read any weight being added. I was trying to add an additional 8 grams of ingredients, but the scale was still in place and suddenly changed to a 15 gram increase. In the middle of using it, the scale shuts down. The auto shutdown is one of the longest delays that I have seen, but it's 2 and a half minutes no matter if you are adding weight or not. During the addition of ingredients, the scale has shut down 3 times. That is a good way to ruin a recipe.

10. Fuzion Digital Function Nutritional Included

Fuzion Digital Function Nutritional Included

30 days money back for no risk, after-sale service team support for any of your problems, is part of the 10 years warranty. You can contact them whenever you need. PrecISE MEASUREMENT: The gram scale has a high precision sensor system. The 500 gram max weight capacity is perfect for weighing jewelry, food, powder, cooking, baking, and preparing coffee. The button calculates the net weight of your ingredients by subtracting the weight of any bowl or container. The buttons count the pieces of items like beans and coins. Pressing the button will change the measurement modes. 180 seconds auto-off for energy saving is the smart indication for Overload/ Low Batteries/ Unstable. COMPACT DESIGN. The scale is portable and easy to store. It is convenient and optimal to have a stable weight measurement. This small scale is easy to use. High quality materials. The digital food scale is fairly durable and compact due to its high-quality platform and plastic frame. There are two sizes of trays that can be used as containers. They offer a 2 years warranty and lifetime tech support for this cute digital scale, full day service by their Fuzion support team. If you have a problem, please contact them through the Amazon order page.

Brand: Fuzion

👤The scale is worse than the LB 501. The information in the title and general description is accurate. The product information states "Accuracy: 0.03g" but it is hidden at the bottom of the information. The resolution is terrible. It is very difficult for minor alterations because of the requirement for detection. I understand that the price of an LB 501 is half the price, but the lies and false claims are terrible. If you want to spend more money, I would recommend buying a better overall scale for more money or finding a different budget option.

👤I already had the company's x.x gram scale, and that worked well enough for me to get a second scale from them. The gram is accurate. I wanted a scale that looked nice, but also accurate, and could handle a large weight. The x.x gram scale has 3000 grams and the x.xx gram scale has 500 grams. The scales are the same size so they stack nicely. The auto off feature lasts longer than my last scale which was too short before turning off. The type of weight is the only thing that matters with these scales. I might accidentally switch types when measuring, so I'm nervous. Since I will never want to change the measurement, I marked it with a sharpie. The scales are the size of a minimal wallet, yet they cover from a hundredth of a gram up to 6.5 pounds.

👤It was cheap and consistent. I am happy with it. I bought the OXO for around 45 dollars. It was annoying. Even if you add coffee, it won't register the new weight unless you remove the container and replace it on the platform several times. It annoyed me that the item could be a few tenths of a gram off on different weighings. The scale does not have any of those issues. I only used it for a short time. The hundredth is a gram version. It is consistent to the 0.02 or 0.01g level. I do not calibrate it. I don't know how precise it is. It is precise because it almost always register the same weight for the same item. I only use it to measure coffee grounds. Not for weighing things or timing coffee. It works well for me and is cheap. My version can handle up to 500g. It would be cheap to buy another one if there is an issue. If I leave the coffee to grind on its own and forget about it for too long the scale turns off, the auto turn off is a little too short for my usage. I lose my tare. Not resistant to water. Coffee scales like the OXO are not as nice.

👤I needed to weigh some printer cartridges that are 2.625" x 1.75" I refill them after I clean them. Their weight needs to be between 13.6 g and 14.0 g before they can refill. I have a small scale that I use but it is difficult to weigh the cartridges as it is not big enough. I have to balance the bowl with the cartridges. It takes a lot of work to weigh something. I bought a larger scale with a table that was large enough to hold my Cartridges and it would measure down to a minimum of one tenth of a gram. I had to do some hunting because there were a lot of gram scales that measure in one gram. It took some looking to find a scale that was less than 10ths of a millimeter. I found this scale. It's the right size, measures to one hundredth of a gram, and was accurate. I am anxious to weigh the cartridges to see if they are dry, sadly they aren't. They agreed after I checked it against a smaller scale. I adjusted the small scale. I knew it was correct. Yeah! Everything is going well as I get busy weighing the cartridges. I ordered a set of weights. I could check the scale occasionally. I started to calibrate the scale, following the instructions. If the measured weight matched the weight on the screen, it shows the pass. My weight set had enough weights to add up to 100, and the screen showed the required weight. The scale didn't pass. The scale did not show the result was within the margin of error, but it should have. The scale was shut off and I tried again. When I put the 50 g weight on the scale, it briefly displayed 100 g and then passed, and then 200 g, but it was only for a short time. I was thinking that the procedure needed to be done with a second weight and not a 200 g weight. I weighed the 50 g calibration weight after exiting. It was dead. 100 g. If you divide by two, it's dead on. When I ran the calibration routine again, I thought it was over, but when I put the 50 g weight on the scale, it displayed 100 g and then PASS. I turn it off and then clear anything that might be causing it. Every computer manufacturer tells you to shut the computer down and restart. It is what tech support for any electronic device requires, even if you have already done that 3 times. If it works for computers, printers, and monitors, why not use it? I don't know why it didn't work. I went to the second thing tech support has you do, plug the device in and see if it works again. I put the 50 g weight on and turned the scale on after I removed the batteries from the thing, because it didn't have a plug. I am sol because there is no tech support number or email. This thing displays twice the weight of the object placed on it and is very accurate. I have no patience for you to divide by two. I have to check to see if it's worth it. It's worth the effort if I get free shipping and a full refund. Oh well. I would like to thank you for the story of woe. The package arrived intact. The scale is in the big tray and the small tray is over the scale table. It was easy to use. It's easy to read. It was a great day and the weights were good. The weight of the object is now displayed twice.

11. Greater Goods Capacity Kitchen Scale

Greater Goods Capacity Kitchen Scale

3 minutes without operation, a digital scale with energy-saving automatic switch-off, and 2 xAAA batteries already included. Please contact them if you have any questions. Within 24 hours, they will reply to you. A premium choice is going above and beyond on all the qualities you need. Enjoy a large, ultra-accurate, single sensor weighing platform; responsive, touch buttons; and a sturdy build, ready for any accidents that might come its way. A kitchen scale that weighs up to twenty-two pounds will never let you down. If you need to measure the weight of an object, use bulk food to do it; this little guy can handle it. Everything you could possibly need for a food scale. A tare function for zeroing the weight of objects on top and a hold function will keep the screen on for longer. Don't let a kitchen accessory ruin your style again. The sleek design of the bulk food scale fits right in with the decor of thetrendiest space. Thanks to the hi-def VA LCD display and some bright chrome accents, your counter will look better than ever. Their friendly team in St. Louis are ready to help you with any questions you might have about your food scale. They want you to have a great experience with their work.

Brand: Greater Goods

👤The Greater Goods glass digital kitchen scale is a great upgrade over the one I had before. My two year old dropped the last one and cracked the glass so we were going to buy another one, but we saw this newer model and decided to give it a try. It was difficult to read the weight on our old scale when using a bowl to weigh ingredients. There is no problem with this scale. The display is clear. It is a great upgrade and it is nice to leave on the counter.

👤The scale for the kitchen is not limited by weight limitations of the usual scales. I like the design of the greater goods products and their donations to charities. The only scale you need in your kitchen is this one. It has double the weight capacity of the normal kitchen scales, it looks beautiful, and the display is easy to read.

👤I have used a kitchen scale for over two years to measure recipe ingredients. I have been using a scale that was not up to par. The bowl on the scale makes it easy to see the Greater Goods scale. The display size and overshadowing of the digital display were things I disliked about the old scale. The design and function of the Greater Goods scale are quite nice.

👤The scale has the capacity to weigh up to 22 pounds. It's easy to use, as it only takes two buttons to operate, and it has large, clear, illuminated numbers that make it easy to read. If you don't use a scale in your kitchen, you'll be surprised at how much time you can save.

👤What a large scale. It is small and sleek, but has a high capacity to handle heavier tasks. I used to use a couple of scales. One for the lighter weight items and one for the heavier ones. I only need this one. The display is clear and crisp and I can read it. Greater Goods, thank you.

👤I like the size of this scale. It's small and doesn't take up a lot of space. It is easy to read with the large digital numbers. I can put items in a bowl. The scale has a capacity of 22 lbs. I like this scale.

👤The scale is small for the kitchen. The counter is small enough that I can keep it. It has the option to weigh fluid ounces and can weigh an item up to 22 lbs. The scale is light and easy to read. Greater Goods are always positive!

👤The scale has a large weight capacity. I leave it on the counter because it is so small and looks nice. The bowls or pots are perfect for the platform to be used. The readout is easy to read. I like Greater Goods products. They never fail to impress. The scale is a great product and highly recommend it.


What is the best product for baking scale digital grams and ounces?

Baking scale digital grams and ounces products from Thinkscale. In this article about baking scale digital grams and ounces you can see why people choose the product. Back Ktcl and Mpbeking are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking scale digital grams and ounces.

What are the best brands for baking scale digital grams and ounces?

Thinkscale, Back Ktcl and Mpbeking are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking scale digital grams and ounces. Find the detail in this article. Fuzion, Etekcity and Bromech are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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