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1. GDEALER Digital Kitchen 0 001oz Stainless

GDEALER Digital Kitchen 0 001oz Stainless

The customer service is unsatisfactory. The INEVIFIT Digital Scale comes with real USA customer support, and their products include the industry leading quality. You can be sure that you will get the ultimate INEVIFIT experience. The scale has a wide range and high sensitivity gravity sensor. The scale may be less accurate if the weight is less than 3g. The scale is light and durable thanks to the frame and plate. It is possible to see it at night. There is multi-function. The counting feature can give you an accurate count. The net weight of your ingredients is calculated by the precision tare button. The transparent plastic cases are perfect to weigh items. GDEALER offers a 1 year warranty for all food scales. If you have issues or have advice, contact them via the Amazon message box.

Brand: Gdealer

👤I thought the scales were designed for back alley or the passenger seat of a vehicle, but they are more than capable of weighing kitchen items and accessories. I was surprised that the scales fit in my pocket, so I can weigh my oregano on the run. If we could agree that the oregano has been weighed, my day would be better. That's where the bad boys come in. Sometimes I will go to a friend's house and we will weigh some oregano, and it appears that the scales are too small to measure a few ounces without having to split it up. into smaller amounts. It is not practical to write down how much oregano we have weighed on a piece of paper if we have been sitting around for a few hours and have had a lot of it. The creators of the scales have thought of everything and the surface can be used as a mini whiteboard so you can keep track of how much oregano you have weighed.

👤The video says it all. It is easy to use scale. If it lasts a year or two, you are ahead of the game. Don't spend your money on something that's more expensive. At work, I have a 600 dollar scale. I had the same results as this scale so I'm saving you money. I did not receive any compensation for this review.

👤The scale is very accurate and precise. It measures objects up to 502.00 grams in 0.01 gram intervals, with a margin of error of about 0.1%. It does a great job of measuring the mass of smaller objects. I use it to measure the mass of tea leaves I use, and I found out that I had been using more tea leaves than I should. My tea tastes better now. It's great if you're trying to measure food portions, since most people don't know what x grams of food looks like. The units of measurement are grams, ounces, troy ounces, dwt, carats, and grains. If you're trying to count a large amount of small objects, you can place 25 to 100 of them on the scale. It took about 2 minutes to get the scale to count the pills, which was confirmed and verified by a hand count, which took 17 minutes. The scale has a tare function, which is a basic function, in case you don't want to measure the mass of the scale. The scale comes pre-calibrated, but you should order it with a set of weights just in case, for its normal intended uses, I recommend the HFS Scale Balance 8 Piece Set With Case. The 0.03 grams error is only an issue with objects of greater mass because of the degree of sensitivity of the scale. The objects to be measured should be placed on the center of the scale.

👤Excellent recommendation! There is a product. I am using it to measure coffee. If you need a scale for a small amount, you don't need a better product.

2. THINKSCALE Digital Accurate Features Back Lit

THINKSCALE Digital Accurate Features Back Lit

The kitchen scale is powered by 2 xAAA batteries and comes with a 15-year warranty and friendly customer service. The digital food scale has multiple high precision sensors, which help you measure baking, cooking, milk, and ingredients with refined accuracy. Max. Weighing: 11 lbs 5 lbs, Increments: 0.1oz/1g, Min. weight recommendation: 3 g. The cooking scale has a bowl with pouring spout and graduated scale that can be used for accurate measurement of water, milk and solid foods. It is easy to store and flips up and down to save space. The tare button allows you to subtract the weight of the bowl to get the net weight of what you are weighing or clear all of them. The food scales for kitchen have a calibration feature. The digital scale grams and ounces can be changed from kilogram to ounce by pressing the switch on the back. There is a large back-lit display that can show numbers. There is a 2 year warranty and lifetime support provided by Thincline. You can contact them at any time if you have a problem with your food weight scale. You can get compensation if you're dissatisfied within 30 days.

Brand: Thinkscale

👤I need an electronic scale. It is able to control the dosage accurately. The dessert will not fail because of the incorrect dosage. This product is very cheap, and it also has a bowl. You don't have to buy batteries. As soon as you receive it, you can start using it. It's cheap and worth it.

👤This helps me measure the weight I need. It is very easy to use and I can easily clean it up.

👤I bought this scale for the top tray design. I don't need to use another bowl to hold things because it can hold most of the food I need to scale. It's very convenient. It can scale a range of 5 kilogram things. It can hold a large glass bowl, and I use it for bakery. The top tray is plastic, which is a concern. If you have concerns, please note.

👤I use this product to make some snacks. The scale is small so it is easy to store in my kitchen.

👤The product is good for people who want to excise. I have been trying to control my diet by calculating my food and calories. I feel great about myself. I can probably get fit in two months.

👤I don't like this scale as it gives me different numbers when I try to measure out certain items in the kitchen.

👤I bought this scale as a must have for baking and I am very satisfied with the purchase. The scale is easy to use and the material is easy to clean. I have used it for two weeks and no one has complained.

👤So far, it's pretty good. It is easy to turn it on or off. To change units, press tare. It has batteries and a bowl. The scale is made of plastic. Baking and cooking are normal in the kitchen. It can take up to 11 lbs so it's good for me.

3. OXO Grips Stainless Pull Out Display

OXO Grips Stainless Pull Out Display

Great support. If you reach out to them for a product problem, they will solve it to the end. It is smudge and fingerprint resistant. Zero function for weighing the scale before taring it. The screen has large numbers. A platform for cleaning. The pull-out display prevents shadow from large plates. The button measures in ounces, pounds, gram or kilogram.

Brand: Oxo

👤If you set the scales to measure in grams, they will remember the unit of measure you used the last time, which is why I bought the new version. The previous version always returned to pounds and ounces regardless of the latest unit of measure. The change may be a welcome relief for frequent users who may find the old way a little inconvenient. There is no mention in the instructions about removing the scale platform. The instructions don't say how to do it. The platform can be removed by lifting up on the two opposite sides of the scales and popping the platform from the two pop in fasteners holding it to the main body. Once cleaned, the platform can be popped back into place. The new features are nice but not game changing, the lighted display is easier to read than the previous passive display, and the tare function is now part of the on/off switch. One change that I don't like is that you have to depress and hold the on/off switch down for a few seconds in order to turn the system off. The Tare function is now simple to use. The scale is the same as before. Sometimes the scale can be off by a gram if the weight is placed directly in the center of the scale or slightly off-center. If your accuracy requirements require less than a tenth of a gram, use scales such as the Smart Weigh Digital Pro Pocket Scale. If you are still a pounds and ounces kind of person, you should stick with the old version. A new purchase is not essential for us grams.

👤I like this scale, but I had to measure the spices in grams to make sure they were all right. Anything under 10 or 15 grams is unreliable. I tried to set the scale to 0 with a bowl, but it didn't work. The scale stayed on 0. I tried to move the bowl around and get a reading, but it kept changing if I took the bowl off and put it back on. I tried to put the ground spices on the paper. I didn't trust it if I put it up as small as possible. I used the measuring spoon equivalent for the first three spices and it would give me the correct reading when I added more. Ounces have not been a problem. I don't know where else I would use grams so I thought I would put it out there.

👤I have purchased scales in the past two months. All of them have broken. Two of them stopped working after two weeks and the third after a month. Two of them didn't weigh anything and stayed on 0. The batteries wouldn't work after we replaced them. The third one died yesterday and won't turn on anymore. This is really disappointing. I have older models that are still working. We will have to keep looking for a better scale.

👤My wife uses this scale daily for sourdough, but after it killed 2 packages of high-quality rechargeable batteries and still won't hold a charge long enough to make 3 measurements, we are looking elsewhere. We heard the version that was good, but it seems that this one is not as good.

4. Etekcity Multifunction Stainless Batteries Included

Etekcity Multifunction Stainless Batteries Included

If you're looking for something different and not traditional, this funny apron is a great gift. It is a great gift for birthdays, housewarming, office parties, Christmas gift and more. They will do their best to help you if you have quality problems with the product you received. When adding ingredients, the Etekcity digital food scale has 0.05oz/1g increments, which is a high-precision weight. The scale can easily convert units between ounces and pounds. You can measure different types of food and ingredients. Tare function is used. The tare function can help you get an accurate reading for food and ingredients. The scale has an auto-off function, which will turn off the scale after 2 minutes to save battery. The platform is food safe. Their team in California Anaheim is ready to help you with any questions you might have about your kitchen scale.

Brand: Etekcity

👤I bought a scale to weigh my puppies. It's great so far. I put a plate on it and then put a puppy on it. It works like a charm. I would definitely recommend it. It's very nice looking. If you're buying it for the kitchen, it's great.

👤This scale works well for us. You can't beat the price. The scale helps achieve an accurate measurement if you cook and bake a lot. This scale is easy to use and accurate, it's convenient when a recipe calls for an ingredient in grams and you don't have the tools to measure. In our video, you can see it quickly turn on. The unit can be changed while the item is on the scale. Within seconds, it turns off. We've used this scale many times over the last few years and we still use the same batteries. The scale has small grips on it. It's a great price and scale.

👤The scale is terrible. You pay for what you get and I only paid $8. The weight reading is moving. I used a scale that was side by side and weighed 4 grams. The other scale gave exactly 4 while this one went back and forth from 3 to 5. I wish I had spent more money. I work in law enforcement and need more precise weights.

👤The scale is easy to use, pretty accurate, and sleek, but I had an issue with the actual read out. If you place a bowl or plate on top of the flat top, it will block the screen. You have to look under the curve of the bowl or place a thinner box on top of the bowl to see if you can push back the bowl. The scale would have been 5 stars, but the fact that you can't see the display without going through a mission is pretty annoying. It was the larger version that was sent free of charge after I gave it 3 stars, which negates the issue I mentioned above. The newer version of the one I was sent has the read out to the side which seems more practical. I had to raise my initial 3 stars to 4 for customer service.

👤I had a hard time figuring out how to rate this product. It is designed to weigh small amounts of food. It is well designed. That is all it does to deliver on its intended function. The zero function is coupled to the measuring function. When you put a dish on the scale then zero the display, the resulting value will include the weight of your finger pushing the button. The product doesn't measure the weight of food as advertised. The designer is not an engineer. I would recommend a different product. I will return this and find a better product. I will update this review with my findings when I do. I gave it two stars because. It looks nice.

👤Not sensitive to low weights. The scale is useless for measuring out items that are in the low single digits of grams. You can only work around it by putting something heavy on the scale, then putting the measuring paper on top of that, and then pouring the ingredient. The scale I bought from Amazon did not have this problem. The scale is not perfect, on the order of 10-20%. If you put a cup on the scale and measure a significant amount of ingredients, it can be tested easily. Remove the cup and put a different cup on the scale and pour in what should be 20 grams from the first cup. It will be different. The scale is trash. The last scale I bought was accurate to less than 1%.

5. INEVIFIT Accurate Multifunction Stainless Batteries

INEVIFIT Accurate Multifunction Stainless Batteries

The cooking scale can convert measurement results between in g, tl, oz, ct, and gn in seconds. The trays can be used as protectors or scale trays. Measure different things. To meet your fitness goals, you should use the brushed platform to easily weight your meals and track your nutrition. The batteries are included. Weighing foods and small items should be simple and convenient. From the kitchen to everyday life, the Multifunction capabilities allow you to measure liquid volumes and even postage outside the kitchen. It is easy to clean and durable because of the best quality materials. Be proud of your new digital scale. They have used a larger backlit display to make it easier to read, and designed it to look sleek and elegant in Southern California. It can now weigh up to 13 lbs in precise 0.04 oz ( 1g) increments thanks to their fine craftsmanship and upgraded sensor. The customer service is unsatisfactory. The INEVIFIT Digital Scale comes with real USA customer support, and their products include the industry leading quality. You can be sure that you will get the ultimate INEVIFIT experience.

Brand: Inevifit

👤I needed a new food scale to replace the one I have had for years. I was looking for one that was durable and accurate. I bought the INEVIFIT DIGITAL KITCHEN SCALE based on reviews. I was surprised at how light it was and worried that the button area wouldn't hold up. I put the batteries in the numbers. I had the same problem when I switched batteries. The manufacturer advised that the product was damaged during shipping. I returned the scale because I didn't think it would be durable. It was the same price and had great reviews. The Accuweight scale is more durable than the Inevifit. The buttons are sturdy. It is easy to zero and accurate. I hope the review makes your next food scale decision easier.

👤It's a very accurate scale and I was hoping that we would be happy with it. The scale has a backlit display and easy to read display, but when you add a full size plate to it, it becomes an issue. To see the weight and screen they use, you have to look at an angle. You can't tell the weight on display. It is an awesome scale but not having the visibility in a prime use is a major disappointment.

👤I needed a cheap scale for weighing my pet bird. It's important for us to know her weight. I just got the scale and I love it! The scale showed the exact same weight for each item as it did the first time I weighed them. P.S. The US nickel is 5 gr. The scale is proving it. 10 gr. is the number of nickels that is 1 nickel and 2 nickels.

👤I used the scale twice last week because I was waiting for my other stuff. I encountered a problem with this scale. For example, I had to measure 2.45oz and it kept jumping from 2.43oz to 2.55oz back and forth for at least several minutes and the scale shut off. It started all over again, so I turned it back on. It kept jumping from 2.17 oz to 2.21 oz. I would not recommend this product. It is.

👤Very happy so far! The buttons are on/off/tare and lbs/oz/gram and fit in my drawer nicely, and the backlit display is well worth the extra few bucks. It's accurate to the best of my ability, and it's nice looking. We keep it in a drawer, but we leave it out on the counter. Large bowls and plates can obscure the display, can't see a way around this with the slim design. I knew it would happen. The backlit display helps with this. It depends on which feature is more important to you. Had it less than a month. Will update later on how it goes.

👤I received this scale and have only been using it for a few days, but I already love it and hope it will live up to the many positive reviews, which is why I chose it. The product is nice and the company has great customer service. I hope they will live up to their reputation. The display is easy to see. The tare function is very useful. It appears accurate and gives you enough time before the self-shut-off feature turns it off if you don't use it. I feel like I can weigh everything in the kitchen. There is a I think it is worth the investment, even though it was a few dollars more than others I was considering.

6. KOIOS Rechargeable Graduation Function Waterproof

KOIOS Rechargeable Graduation Function Waterproof

2 xAAA batteries are included. Enjoy lifetime support. They will solve the problem for you as soon as possible if you contact them at any time. Press once to turn on, long press 3s to turn off. The food scale will turn off if the weight stays the same for 4 minutes while the backlit turns off in 10s to save battery life. The premium glass panel is waterproof and protects against spills, food and water damage, making it easier to keep clean and maintain. The user experience is vital during cooking, baking or meal prep and extra-sensitive touch buttons make it easier to use. The Easy TareKOIOS digital food scale can weigh foods up to 33 lbs (15 kilograms) and has a min weight of 1g/ 0.1oz. g, oz, lbs, ml, milk The Tare function can be used to get accurate readings of ingredients. It has enough platform for weighing various ingredients and won't take much space in your countertop for easy storage and slide into a cabinet, making it the perfect size and easy to store. Measure out your ingredients in a large glass bowl and then use it to make a piece of cake. Free 2-year warranty with a 90-day money-back guarantee and lifetime support by Koios. If you have a problem, please contact them, they will resolve it in 24 hours. Buy with confidence.

Brand: Koios

👤This scale is very nice. I've never bought one before. Its sleek and accurate.

👤A food scale became a necessity for my wife after she decided to go on a strict diet. I was looking for a food scale on Amazon and found one by Koios, a brand I had already purchased a masticating juicer machine from. I knew this white scale would be perfect for the machine since it had worked perfectly for almost a year now. The results of this scale have been very good so far. I can fit a saucer or a bowl on the large surface and still be able to read the numbers. It has a large capacity for a food scale. My wife can do it if she needs to, but I can't think of what kind of food she would measure. The scale has an ON/OFF button that you can use to turn it off and on. It has a charging cable and a rechargeable battery, which is awesome. I don't need to buy batteries every now and then. I would highly recommend this scale to anyone.

👤The original review was very sleek and stylish. I ordered another digital scale but was dissatisfied. The scale is large. Not so large that it can't be stored yet not so small that you can't see the weight when a bowl is on it. It was very unstable when I used it the next day. I used the scale to compare since I had not returned it. Who is correct with their weight results? The scale started jumping numbers while I fed my starter. I had hit the Tare button to zero out and then dug into my bag of flour, but I couldn't see the scale. It was very frustrating. I went to a local store and picked up a scale since I was so desperate. I compared them back home. They are not in line but due to the fact that Koiso has just whole weight. Sending it back.

👤I like the flat rectangular shape of this scale more than the small round one I used to have. I am hoping the larger surface area will hold up to daily use, and I am glad it has a warranty just in case.

👤I am enjoying the features of the food scale. It is easy to store in a drawer. There is no cord in daily use. A bright panel. The button is Tare. The on button is off. The button moves the units through the system. OZ. There is a person named ML. G. The range of capacity is 33 lbs. The glass is easy to clean. I find it difficult to read because of my poor eyesight. Part of the readout. The numbers are large and bright. I have memorised the position where each type of unit appears.

👤It was on time and as expected. It was very easy to use. I've stored it in many places. I will recommend this to my friends.

7. Nicewell Digital Stainless Graduation Tempered

Nicewell Digital Stainless Graduation Tempered

The EK7090 partners with you to improve your lifestyle and give you the precise measurement you need for a concentrated diet. The digital food scale has 5 unit conversions and can measure up to 10 kilogrammes. The large display is easy to read. The Nicewell kitchen scale has enough platform to weigh food, which is better than other small scale. The hook design is easy to store. The food scale has a separate tare button for calculation, you can easily subtract the weight of the plate or container and get the net weight. Don't wash the scale in water or wet the display screen to prevent malfunction. The design of the food scale makes it easy to clean. Try not to use metal containers for weighing. The digital kitchen scale requires two batteries to power it. If it isn't operated for 120 seconds, it will auto off. If there is a problem with the scale, please contact them.

Brand: Nicewell

👤I reached out to customer service because the scale I received would sometimes vary the weight measurement by up to 2 grams. I gave them a video I took from my phone. They apologized and asked me if I wanted a replacement or a refund for the hassle. I received a replacement two days after I asked for it. Completely free of cost. I didn't have to return my first purchase. The best customer care I have received has been provided by the customer service representative. If there is a flaw or issue with the product, they will send a new scale for no extra cost. If it is preferred, they will give a refund. The scale is great. Absolutely worth it.

👤The scale is nice. The company is very deceptive. Nicewell is a front trademark for a Chinese company. Amazon should be ashamed of itself. I researched the best made in America. I paid more for this than other products. Nicewell is an American made company.

👤It's perfect for the kitchen or eBay. The scale has bright blue numbers that are easy to read. The shiny white face is similar to an Apple product. I have a scale that is perfect for measuring coffee at an accuracy of.10 gram. This one is equally impressive for a larger scale, reading to.10 ounce. It is thin and easy to store. It can read up to 22 pounds. If I decide to go on a diet, I might just hop on for a ride. It is a high five rating.

👤I like the solid glass top and the fact that there is no food in the working controls. The light stays on for a long time. I am happy that the ounces only go to tenths of ounces, instead of hundredths of ounces, because I want to control my weight. I only had one time when I put something on the scale and it turned off a second later. I bought some scales. I only used these for one day, but I am happy. I was happy to know that there is a lifetime warranty. There is an update. I've been using these for about a week now. I love them! Great purchase. They work well. It's easy to clean. Couldn't be happier. I'm telling them to friends already. This scale is for sale! There is an update. I've been using this since the fall of 2020. I could not be happier. I've never used a scale like this before and I've bought five or six. I bought a third one just in case.

👤In January it started acting up and wouldn't weigh, tare, turn off, etc. The batteries were changed per other reviews. Send an email to the service department with the order ID and a picture of what it was doing. They responded within hours and shipped a new scale. It is working perfectly after it was received a day later. They made it right with the service.

👤My scale broke. A new one was needed quickly. The scale is easy to use. It has a separate tare button. I was looking for a scale that would do the weight of the liquid and this one has that option. Very happy with the purchase.

8. Etekcity Kitchen Digital Backlit Stainless

Etekcity Kitchen Digital Backlit Stainless

DURABILITY. The plastic body is reinforced. Food scale sensors offer reliable and instant readings. The minimum weight recommendation is 3g-5g. The weight can be up to 11 lbs / 5 lbs across 5 units of measurement. The EK7090 features an ultra-clearLED screen, which makes it easier to see at all angles. The scale is simple and intuitive with easy-to-navigate controls. The EK7090 partners with you to improve your lifestyle and give you the precise measurement you need for a concentrated diet.

Brand: Etekcity

👤I wanted to weigh the dough. It's a nice scale. It is easy to clean with a very sleek and low profile. The buttons are on the scale. I chose a scale that uses standard batteries instead of button batteries so it won't be difficult to replace. This one fits the bill. Two quarters round off accurately to 11 grams because a quarter weighs 5.67 grams. A dime is 2.268 grams. The scale reported 1 gram for a single dime but 2 dimes at 4 grams. It did not register accurately starting at 1 gram, but it is accurate enough for my use since I am not using to weigh crack.

👤This was useful for measuring food for a while, but last night when I tried to use it, it was all over the place, giving me different weights for the same items. I ordered it in October and it's December. It stopped working quickly but I can't do much about it. The seller reached out to me after my previous review and sent me a new one. I appreciate the attention to customer service since I have just started using it, but I'm not sure if I'll have the same issue again. So far, so good.

👤I track my calories on a daily basis. Everything that goes into my body that has calories is entered into an excel sheet that shows calories eaten and calories lost over time. I had an issue with how rough some of the numbers were before I got this scale. It probably didn't matter if the errors were more or less consistent over time, but it was always a pain to try to decide if the banana was in the small, medium, or large size. I noticed that the volume serving size listed on the nutrition label wasn't as close to the weight numbers as it should be. I have no idea how many cups a package contains, but I have noticed that the cups per package they claim is correct is far from being correct, and I can now confirm that with this scale. I eat a lot of cereals, so having the calories/protein/carbs numbers be wrong by 50% with every bowl matters, so this scale really helps with accuracy there and I'm sure for many other products as well. Tracking calories is easier now that I have a scale, and I feel more confident that it's also a lot more accurate. Drop a banana on the scale and get the number of grams. Put a bowl on the scale, press the reset button, pour cereals, and count the grams. I don't need to use a measuring cup with my coffee anymore because they have an option to weigh fluid ounces of milk. Put the cup on the scale, set it to milk ounces, pour the milk, and read off the number. Some reviewers have had problems with the scale not staying at zero, but I have had no problems with that. It's always at zero when I turn it on. When I put a dish on it, it always goes to zero. Some reviewers said they had a problem with the plastic tabs on the unit, which were not required to be removed before use. I don't know if they updated the model or not, but the one I got was just about ready to go out of the box, but I had to pull out the plastic protectors from the battery compartment, which took two seconds.

9. OXO Grips Scale Pull Out Display

OXO Grips Scale Pull Out Display

100% satisfaction guarantee, 30 days or 1 year, free replacement, lifetime customer sale after service. If their scale doesn't meet your expectations, please let them know at the beginning so they can try to give you the best shopping experience. The Food Scale measures in ounces and grams. The display pulls away from the base. Scale before adding additional ingredients. Large digital numbers with optional backlight are on the easy-read display. A convenient meter shows how much capacity remains. Thin profile allows for simple storage. FourAAA batteries are included in a cord-free setup.

Brand: Oxo

👤I have a food plan where I weigh and measure all my food. In the last several years, I have had every type of food scale, and I always go back to this one. OXO is a great brand, and the fact that you can pull the screen out when a plate is large, is important. The old version didn't allow me to turn it off without holding down the button, that's the only thing I don't like about it. I think it may run out of battery sooner now, but I think it's good because it doesn't turn off when you're weighing something. I will get used to turning it off when I am done, the food scale is still the best I use.

👤Why one person? Doesn't stop. It will be about a couple months before batteries need to be changed. To turn off, press power. Fix auto off and you'll get a 5 star product. The previous model only had batteries changed once.

👤The scale doesn't stop after 30 seconds. The ability to weigh larger amounts is what I love about the pull out display. This is a winner in the wild.

👤It needs an auto-shutoff feature to be rated higher than a 2. I use my food scale a lot, but I don't always remember to shut it off. Even though I've gotten better over time, I still get 2 to 3 weeks of use out of regular alkaline batteries. I use the batteries for 4 months, but I have to turn them off 80% of the time. When it starts to get low on battery, the display goes off, so you think you've turned it off, but, in fact, you haven't and then it drains much more quickly. You won't regret it if you get the scale that is a little more expensive.

👤The scale would be perfect if it was able to measure grams in a single tenth of a gram. Sometimes seasonings count to a half gram when cutting a recipe in half. I have to use my coffee scale to measure the fractional grams. The scale is good.

👤I've been on an eating plan where I lose weight. This is the third scale I have purchased since I started and it is a great one. I like the pull out display because I can see the plates. It seems very accurate. It is easy to clean.

👤Well. You have to remove batteries in between uses. The batteries can die. What were they thinking?

👤The scale remembers the previous weight for a short time so you can continue with the task even if you remove the container from the scale. It was easy to use. The measuring device that moves away from the scale area so you can put a large dinner plate on, zero it out, measure out a protein serving, reset it to 0 to measure veggies, and then measure whatever else you want to measure, is awesome. Superb for anyone measuring grams or ounces. Highly recommended.

10. Amiloe Kitchen Measure Function Precision

Amiloe Kitchen Measure Function Precision

Enjoy a free option to extend buyer's assurance by one more year, and lifetime support from their customer team. 33LB CAPACITY & HIGHLY ACCURATE- The scale can weigh ingredients up to 33 lbs and is sensitive to small changes in weight. The kitchen scale is multi-functional. You can choose between 6 different units of measurement for multiple uses. The great design of the 9.1 x 6.3 x 0.7 inch compact makes it easy to slide into a cabinet. The scale can be hung on the wall with a hidden hook. This kitchen food scale has an accurate ruler on it, which can measure up to 8 inches in length, which is very convenient and practical. There are many functions, such as Sensor touch button, Step-on functiuon, Auto-off, Overload& Low power warning. WATERPROOF & DURABLE- The high-quality glass panel is waterproof and has excellentDurability, so it can be easily handled without threat to the scale. It is easy to clean and anti-fingerprint.

Brand: Amiloe

👤I love it! I can put things on it. Great for weighing food and making soap. I don't have to worry about batteries because it has a plug. I wouldn't buy one that only works with batteries.

👤It seems like the scale is accurate. I wrote to the vendor about missing and inaccurate information. I gave it 3 stars because there was no reply after a week. The manual suggests that if the number is unstable after zero, you should press the reset button. There is no button labeled reset on the scale. The manual describes a process. The process didn't work. If there is a battery low indicator, the manual says not to use it, but fails to say what that indicator is.

👤I waited a while to leave the review because I wanted to make sure I used the scale correctly. I had problems with it right out of the box. The scale is not accurate. I placed a bowl on the scale. I turned around to get the food I was measuring. It was 40 grams when I turned back. I added my food after taring it again. The weight would register immediately with some additions to the bowl. I stopped adding food when I thought I needed to, but when I came back to the scale, it was more than it was when I stopped. If you are looking for a scale that is close enough, this is the one for you. If you are looking for accuracy when measuring your food for weight loss, spend the money and get something better.

👤I have two of them. They work well with some quirks that look like they would be fixed by a competitor. It's the best scale I've found so far. I'm not saying there is an opportunity to make any changes to this, just that there is an opportunity to charge $5 more and sell 50% more product. The scale industry needs to solve some issues. There is one When a plate is on the scale, the switch pad in the lower right corner needs the readout to the right and the switch to the left to be covered up. It would help us to use a portrait format instead of a landscape. The importance is 7 out of 10. There are two To turn the scale off, I have to hold the on/off/tare combination button and count to one thousand one, one thousand two. Sometimes that doesn't work so the process has to be repeated again. It was very frustrating. The on/off switch needs to be an actual switch that clicks when touched. I know it's on or off. The tare function should be removed from this switch. Tare should have its own switch because it is used constantly. There are three I have to cycle to get to the unit that I want, because the "units switch" has 6 units represented by one switch. It doesn't happen if I can do this once and stay there. 5 more pushes are needed to get the units back to where I started after I realize that it's not correct. This is a constant problem. I'm on this and I think it's a good idea to remove the measurement from the scale because it's not a weight measurement. Tell people to use the gram units, that's crazy. It's not possible to measure both water and honey on a scale because volume can't be measured by a scale. There are a lot of issues with these multi-function switches. If the units were reduced to 4 being grams, kilograms, ounces, and pounds with a 2-second hold, most of the problem would be solved. Or make a switch. The importance is on top of it. I don't understand why a company can't recognize these simple issues if they were only used by people in the company. Designers don't interact with users. It will probably take the Japanese or the Chinese to follow through on these changes, but I hope that one of these scale companies is willing to make them.

11. AmazonBasics Stainless Digital Batteries Included

AmazonBasics Stainless Digital Batteries Included

We design and produce high functioning kitchen scales, but they value the positive impact of a purchase on a global level. They only partner with ethical factories and ensure a portion of every sale is given back to a charity that matches the nature of what you will be using. The side tab has short videos about how they give back. The digital kitchen scale has a screen. Minimum of 2 grams of food is weighed. The advanced sensor technology can deliver quick and accurate responses. The results are displayed in ounces, grams, and pounds. The tare button subtracts container weight from the scale so you only measure what you want. It is approximately 8.7x7.1x1.6 inches. Two batteries from Amazon.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤I've owned scales that were designed to do things that would drive you crazy, but this one has been designed to do things that will not drive you crazy. It can be turned on with something on the scale. - It's not annoying to have a delay before automatic shutoff. - The tare function has a history function so you can work backwards if you need to. When weighing large objects, like plates, the readout sticks out far enough that you can still read it. It doesn't use hard-to- find batteries. Reliable, intuitive, and inexpensive. The only way to improve this scale is to increase its accuracy.

👤The scale is a bargain. I set my weight on it and it was spot on. It is easy to tare and switch to other measures. It's a nice, small size. It is well made and can be used for a long time since it is pretty new. I have other scales that seem better built. Highly recommended.

👤I was very happy with the scale and its performance. After two uses, it shut down mid-use. It takes about 3 minutes to make pour over coffee. If the scale balance doesn't change, the automatic shutoff feature in this scale will only be used for 2 minutes and 15 seconds. This seems to be faulty as it will shut off automatically when I am pouring coffee. It doesn't happen at 2 min, 15 min but sooner.

👤I wanted to make pour over coffee. Even if the weight on the scale is changing, the scale can't be relied on to stay on for 3 minutes at a time. Sometimes it would stay on for a while, sometimes it would turn off. Sometimes the reading would drift by a few grams. It wouldn't stabilizing. I'm pretty disappointed in this scale.

👤The item does not fit in a container. We thought the weights looked low for the amount of food. We found that the low weights given by the scale were consistent when we weighed items with weights on the packaging. You can see the weights on the products if you zoom in.

👤These suckers are very cute. They die quickly when water gets in them. I just order a new one because they are so cheap. The display is easy to read. The scale is accurate and has some nifty functions like being able to show the weight of what was added and then show the whole. It's easy to do.

👤The scale didn't read any weight being added. I was trying to add an additional 8 grams of ingredients, but the scale was still in place and suddenly changed to a 15 gram increase. In the middle of using it, the scale shuts down. The auto shutdown is one of the longest delays that I have seen, but it's 2 and a half minutes no matter if you are adding weight or not. During the addition of ingredients, the scale has shut down 3 times. That is a good way to ruin a recipe.


What is the best product for baking scale oxo?

Baking scale oxo products from Gdealer. In this article about baking scale oxo you can see why people choose the product. Thinkscale and Oxo are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking scale oxo.

What are the best brands for baking scale oxo?

Gdealer, Thinkscale and Oxo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking scale oxo. Find the detail in this article. Etekcity, Inevifit and Koios are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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