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1. INEVIFIT Accurate Multifunction Stainless Batteries

INEVIFIT Accurate Multifunction Stainless Batteries

The cooking scale can convert measurement results between in g, tl, oz, ct, and gn in seconds. The trays can be used as protectors or scale trays. Measure different things. To meet your fitness goals, you should use the brushed platform to easily weight your meals and track your nutrition. The batteries are included. Weighing foods and small items should be simple and convenient. From the kitchen to everyday life, the Multifunction capabilities allow you to measure liquid volumes and even postage outside the kitchen. It is easy to clean and durable because of the best quality materials. Be proud of your new digital scale. They have used a larger backlit display to make it easier to read, and designed it to look sleek and elegant in Southern California. It can now weigh up to 13 lbs in precise 0.04 oz ( 1g) increments thanks to their fine craftsmanship and upgraded sensor. The customer service is unsatisfactory. The INEVIFIT Digital Scale comes with real USA customer support, and their products include the industry leading quality. You can be sure that you will get the ultimate INEVIFIT experience.

Brand: Inevifit

👤I needed a new food scale to replace the one I have had for years. I was looking for one that was durable and accurate. I bought the INEVIFIT DIGITAL KITCHEN SCALE based on reviews. I was surprised at how light it was and worried that the button area wouldn't hold up. I put the batteries in the numbers. I had the same problem when I switched batteries. The manufacturer advised that the product was damaged during shipping. I returned the scale because I didn't think it would be durable. It was the same price and had great reviews. The Accuweight scale is more durable than the Inevifit. The buttons are sturdy. It is easy to zero and accurate. I hope the review makes your next food scale decision easier.

👤It's a very accurate scale and I was hoping that we would be happy with it. The scale has a backlit display and easy to read display, but when you add a full size plate to it, it becomes an issue. To see the weight and screen they use, you have to look at an angle. You can't tell the weight on display. It is an awesome scale but not having the visibility in a prime use is a major disappointment.

👤I needed a cheap scale for weighing my pet bird. It's important for us to know her weight. I just got the scale and I love it! The scale showed the exact same weight for each item as it did the first time I weighed them. P.S. The US nickel is 5 gr. The scale is proving it. 10 gr. is the number of nickels that is 1 nickel and 2 nickels.

👤I used the scale twice last week because I was waiting for my other stuff. I encountered a problem with this scale. For example, I had to measure 2.45oz and it kept jumping from 2.43oz to 2.55oz back and forth for at least several minutes and the scale shut off. It started all over again, so I turned it back on. It kept jumping from 2.17 oz to 2.21 oz. I would not recommend this product. It is.

👤Very happy so far! The buttons are on/off/tare and lbs/oz/gram and fit in my drawer nicely, and the backlit display is well worth the extra few bucks. It's accurate to the best of my ability, and it's nice looking. We keep it in a drawer, but we leave it out on the counter. Large bowls and plates can obscure the display, can't see a way around this with the slim design. I knew it would happen. The backlit display helps with this. It depends on which feature is more important to you. Had it less than a month. Will update later on how it goes.

👤I received this scale and have only been using it for a few days, but I already love it and hope it will live up to the many positive reviews, which is why I chose it. The product is nice and the company has great customer service. I hope they will live up to their reputation. The display is easy to see. The tare function is very useful. It appears accurate and gives you enough time before the self-shut-off feature turns it off if you don't use it. I feel like I can weigh everything in the kitchen. There is a I think it is worth the investment, even though it was a few dollars more than others I was considering.

2. CHWARES Waterproof Rechargeable Stainless Ingredients

CHWARES Waterproof Rechargeable Stainless Ingredients

The portable food scale is lightweight and compact, meaning it won't take up much space in your kitchen or pantry. If you frequently diet, it is important to weigh the food you consume and count calories accurately. The battery has a built-in charging port. High precision sensor system provides you with instant and accurate results. It's perfect for measuring ingredients, water, milk, and letters. It's easy to clean and use, making it an ideal choice for homes and kitchens. An instant and automatic tare function is included in the multi- function. With the press of a single button, you can quickly and conveniently convert measurement results between g, oz, lb, ml, kg, milk ml. Digital kitchen scale weighs between 0.1g and 3000g and can be adapted to a variety of items. There is a backlit display. The design of the electronic food scale is stylish. You can get the accurate readout with the clear and large display. There is an energy saving with the use of theusb charging and theusb Rechargeable. The low battery indication and auto-off function helps to preserve battery power and efficiency. It is possible to charge once for one or two months.

Brand: Chwares

👤A great little guy. I got it because I only use the kitchen for a short time. Weighing coffee grounds for a golden cup is the best way to accurately bake and share a recipe. American cooks need to get more involved with this form of measurement. The scale is small, but I knew it from the description. It has a couple of plastic covers that can be used as small dishes and scales. Zero-out any containers is easy. It's not dead. I wanted a scale that I wouldn't have to wonder if the battery needs to be replaced if I don't use it for months at a time. It can be put in any micro-usb cable charger. It's pretty basic. It is easy to change between measurement units. It was cheap. Cheers!

👤The size of the scale should be emphasized more clearly. My fault is that I took it at face value. The pictures show my hand and phone. It does work and I hope it is accurate, however, the portions are small and I don't trust it to measure large batches of bread doughs.

👤I couldn't calibrate this because I couldn't get it to work. It's impossible to find information or a manual online. I don't exist. I had different weights for weighing the same item.

👤The scale is small but accurate and comes with two small trays and a charging cord.

👤I bought this for coffee making. It was the perfect size for my espresso machine and it was rechargeable. It keeps going up and up and up, even though it doesn't register the weight correctly anymore.

👤This scale is perfect for a small kitchen. It's easy to use and doesn't take up much space. It's small, 5x4 inches, so it's easy to store in my kitchen counter space, which is 2 square feet. The heaviest thing I've needed to weigh so far was 2 pounds. It is as accurate as I need it to be, weighing in at the hundredth of an ounce and a tenth of a gram. The weighing surface is small, but it's still very usable because it stays on long enough to weigh multiple portions or ingredients. I've been using this for a couple of weeks and I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

👤It was much smaller than I expected. My mistake. I turned it on and it said 0.0, then climbed up to 0.8 and then down to 0.5, with nothing on it and no change in position or movement. The tare button went to 0.0 after I hit it. I weighed an English Muffin and it was way below what the package said it weighed. I would have liked to have bought the Weight Watcher. I had one before. I will try it again tomorrow after 24 hours of charging. I will return it if not. I will have more pictures and results tomorrow. The grapefruit should weigh at least 200 grams. I was weighed by this scale.

👤It took some getting used to but I figured it out. It does the job, is compact, lightweight, and best of all, it was able to be charged!

3. Etekcity Nutrition Kitchen Digital Stainless

Etekcity Nutrition Kitchen Digital Stainless

Smart Weigh is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction and offers a 2 year warranty on all products. The Choice Smart Nutrition Scale is the perfect upgrade to any kitchen. You can set your own nutrition goals with 19 nutrition metrics on the free VeSync app. Scan your food barcode to add it to the Nutritionix database. Nutritionix's extensive nutrition database is where VeSync gets its food data. The scale has a display with measurement units highlighted. You can remove the units you don't use in the VeSync app from the scale. You can sync your nutrition data with Apple Health if you share your progress with friends. You can change the auto-off time in the VeSync app to be anywhere from 30 to 300 seconds. The max weight is 176.4 ounces / 11 lbs / 5000 g / 5000 mL and the 1- gram increment is between 5 and 5000 g. There is attention. The barcode scanner is only accepted in the US.

Brand: Etekcity

👤I bought a scale to weigh my puppies. It's great so far. I put a plate on it and then put a puppy on it. It works like a charm. I would definitely recommend it. It's very nice looking. If you're buying it for the kitchen, it's great.

👤This scale works well for us. You can't beat the price. The scale helps achieve an accurate measurement if you cook and bake a lot. This scale is easy to use and accurate, it's convenient when a recipe calls for an ingredient in grams and you don't have the tools to measure. In our video, you can see it quickly turn on. The unit can be changed while the item is on the scale. Within seconds, it turns off. We've used this scale many times over the last few years and we still use the same batteries. The scale has small grips on it. It's a great price and scale.

👤The scale is terrible. You pay for what you get and I only paid $8. The weight reading is moving. I used a scale that was side by side and weighed 4 grams. The other scale gave exactly 4 while this one went back and forth from 3 to 5. I wish I had spent more money. I work in law enforcement and need more precise weights.

👤The scale is easy to use, pretty accurate, and sleek, but I had an issue with the actual read out. If you place a bowl or plate on top of the flat top, it will block the screen. You have to look under the curve of the bowl or place a thinner box on top of the bowl to see if you can push back the bowl. The scale would have been 5 stars, but the fact that you can't see the display without going through a mission is pretty annoying. It was the larger version that was sent free of charge after I gave it 3 stars, which negates the issue I mentioned above. The newer version of the one I was sent has the read out to the side which seems more practical. I had to raise my initial 3 stars to 4 for customer service.

👤I had a hard time figuring out how to rate this product. It is designed to weigh small amounts of food. It is well designed. That is all it does to deliver on its intended function. The zero function is coupled to the measuring function. When you put a dish on the scale then zero the display, the resulting value will include the weight of your finger pushing the button. The product doesn't measure the weight of food as advertised. The designer is not an engineer. I would recommend a different product. I will return this and find a better product. I will update this review with my findings when I do. I gave it two stars because. It looks nice.

👤Not sensitive to low weights. The scale is useless for measuring out items that are in the low single digits of grams. You can only work around it by putting something heavy on the scale, then putting the measuring paper on top of that, and then pouring the ingredient. The scale I bought from Amazon did not have this problem. The scale is not perfect, on the order of 10-20%. If you put a cup on the scale and measure a significant amount of ingredients, it can be tested easily. Remove the cup and put a different cup on the scale and pour in what should be 20 grams from the first cup. It will be different. The scale is trash. The last scale I bought was accurate to less than 1%.

4. Nicewell Digital Graduation Stainless Tempered

Nicewell Digital Graduation Stainless Tempered

Two batteries from Amazon. PRECISE WEIGHT The digital food scale has four high-precision load sensors that can respond to 0.1oz/1g when adding ingredients. The large scale platform and large display can be used for easy reading of g, kg, lbs, oz, and ml. The digital weight scale can be used for a lot of things. The design is called a progressive design. The food scale is made with glass that is strong for bearing and sleek for clean, with a hook for convenient storage. EASY TARE / ZERO OUT tare calculation can be accomplished with a tare button that allows you to subtract the weight of the plate or container. There is free support. If you have a problem, please feel free to reach out to them, they will address it promptly.

Brand: Nicewell

👤The scale does not weight anything under 3 grams, but it does in the description. Once you are over 3 grams, it will weigh in one gram. If you hit tare on the dish, it will weight items under 3 grams. I put a bowl on it and hit the tare to make it 0, then I went from there. Give it a few seconds to register the weight of the item because it is very sensitive to movement.

👤I like the scale. cheap plastic ones are good I wanted to get something more accurate for sourdough making. It has a tare feature. Simply put, whatever container you are measuring into, place it on the scale first. "tare" is out of the scale. You are measuring your items, not the bowl. You don't have to do the math to figure out the true weight of your contents with this method. The scale reads '0' after the Tare button is touched in the picture. It can be set to grams or ounces. I don't want to have to guess grams or ounces when I see a European recipe online. I don't have to. The scale can be used to measure from 0.1oz to 22 lbs. Not bad! This scale is perfect for the home chef.

👤Nicewell Customer Support contacted me and arranged to send me a new scale after my previous review of this scale. The batteries seem to work better so far than the brand GP. The company's customer service is excellent. I would recommend you to try this scale. A soft touch of the ON/OFF button makes it turn on or off. The scale has a sleek design and is very light. The numbers are easy to see at night and day. I like the fact that most parts are made of wood, something I try to avoid as much as possible. I received my new scale a few days ago. It had two new GP batteries. The numbers kept changing when I used it. I got different results with every object I weighed. The results were off by a lot when I compared them with another scale. I thought my scale was malfunctioning. I replaced the GP batteries with Energizer batteries. Problem solved. Reliable batteries can save your day.

👤This is a scale that I love. It is replacing a unit that is very similar. The thing has a few small differences that add up to a nicer user experience. I like the back-lit display. If I had a large pot or bottle on the scale, the shadow caused by larger vessels would sometimes make the readout hard to see. My old unit used a big watch style battery, this one uses ubiquitousAAA batteries. It's much more convenient to replace when needed. My old scale only went up to 11 lbs, but this thing doubles that. If I'm making a large amount of something, I don't have to measure out half of it in one vessel and the other half in another. If I want, I can mix everything in one vessel.

5. KOIOS Rechargeable Graduation Waterproof Tempered

KOIOS Rechargeable Graduation Waterproof Tempered

If the main parts of the scale are broken, directly replace the new machine, and you have any questions, please feel free to contact them, they will reply to you in time. RECHARGEABLE & ENERGY-SAVINGKOIOS food scale uses rechargeables which are extremely efficient in lowering carbon impact. The digital scale has a long battery life of up to 3 months, so no batteries are needed. The 33lb large weight capacity kitchen scale has been upgraded with a full plate sensor and four built in high-precision load sensors for stable and accurate results in different places on the scale's surface. Whether it's a small amount of seasoning or a huge piece of meat, accurate responses with 1g/ 0.1oz increment meet your diverse needs. The range of measurement is between 0.1oz and 33 lbs. You can switch between 6 different measurement units with the unit button. You can subtract the weight of the plate or container with a single push of the tare calculation button. Couldn't it be simpler? In order to make measuring food easier and more precise, a digital food scale with an automated overload and low battery warning was designed by Koss. The auto shut-off function shuts off the food scale after 10s and the digital kitchen scales after 2 minutes of not being used. The sleek design of the premium glass panel makes it easy to clean. It feels secure under the tap. The portable digital kitchen scale is easy to use. An attached hook saves space in the kitchen.

Brand: Koios

👤This scale is very nice. I've never bought one before. Its sleek and accurate.

👤A food scale became a necessity for my wife after she decided to go on a strict diet. I was looking for a food scale on Amazon and found one by Koios, a brand I had already purchased a masticating juicer machine from. I knew this white scale would be perfect for the machine since it had worked perfectly for almost a year now. The results of this scale have been very good so far. I can fit a saucer or a bowl on the large surface and still be able to read the numbers. It has a large capacity for a food scale. My wife can do it if she needs to, but I can't think of what kind of food she would measure. The scale has an ON/OFF button that you can use to turn it off and on. It has a charging cable and a rechargeable battery, which is awesome. I don't need to buy batteries every now and then. I would highly recommend this scale to anyone.

👤The original review was very sleek and stylish. I ordered another digital scale but was dissatisfied. The scale is large. Not so large that it can't be stored yet not so small that you can't see the weight when a bowl is on it. It was very unstable when I used it the next day. I used the scale to compare since I had not returned it. Who is correct with their weight results? The scale started jumping numbers while I fed my starter. I had hit the Tare button to zero out and then dug into my bag of flour, but I couldn't see the scale. It was very frustrating. I went to a local store and picked up a scale since I was so desperate. I compared them back home. They are not in line but due to the fact that Koiso has just whole weight. Sending it back.

👤I like the flat rectangular shape of this scale more than the small round one I used to have. I am hoping the larger surface area will hold up to daily use, and I am glad it has a warranty just in case.

👤I am enjoying the features of the food scale. It is easy to store in a drawer. There is no cord in daily use. A bright panel. The button is Tare. The on button is off. The button moves the units through the system. OZ. There is a person named ML. G. The range of capacity is 33 lbs. The glass is easy to clean. I find it difficult to read because of my poor eyesight. Part of the readout. The numbers are large and bright. I have memorised the position where each type of unit appears.

👤It was on time and as expected. It was very easy to use. I've stored it in many places. I will recommend this to my friends.

6. Multifunction Measures Graduation Stainless Tempered

Multifunction Measures Graduation Stainless Tempered

The digital kitchen scale requires two batteries to power it. If it isn't operated for 120 seconds, it will auto off. If there is a problem with the scale, please contact them. The digital kitchen scale has a precise weight of up to 22.06 lbs (10,200 grams) with a graduation of 0.1 ounces (1 gram). The range is 0.1oz to 22 lbs. The automatic unit button instantly converts between 6 units of measurement and displays results on an easy-to-read screen. The digital weight scale can be used for a lot of things. The tare button makes it easy to calculate tare using the weight of the plate or container. The food scale is designed with glass for strength and sleek steel for anti-fingerprint and easy clean for convenient storage. All light configurations can be seen with backlight. Which is friendly to the environment. Lifetime support is hassle free. 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have a problem, please feel free to reach out to them, they will address it promptly. Your help for living with healthier living. You have found an inexpensive scale that is easy to use. Order now with no risk.

Brand: Back Ktcl

👤This scale is amazing! I don't think it's a good idea to measure the weight of food ingredients. I bought it for the purpose of weighing our puppies after they are born. The puppy will weigh the same weight each time I take it back to back. I like that I can weigh the puppy as it gets older and bigger, because I can zero out say a bowel. It makes it easier to weigh puppies. The scale is much more accurate and cheaper than regular puppy or infant scales. You will love this scale if you are weighing food or four legged friends.

👤I was offered $20 to remove my negative review. Business practice that is despicable! There is a I have received daily+emails from the vendor and they are offering a $50 bribe to remove the negative review. If they are not allowed to be read, what good are reviews? I will never purchase from this vendor again and suggest someone else to buy the kitchen scale from. I'm sorry if it's a small business. They're giving people $20 to make a better product. I use mine to measure cat food. It is important to measure to the gram accurately. The scale does not do that. It takes a long time to register a change as I am adding portions and it doesn't zero out without hitting the button multiple times. I have to restart it to start over. I get different readings if I take a plate off and put it back on. It is beyond frustrating and everything one would not want to happen in a kitchen scale. The precision ends there. I will send it back.

👤The scale died after 5 years. I went to put in new batteries for the first time. I fiddled with the batteries and it worked again, after I tried and it didn't turn on again. Oh well. The scale is easy to use and sturdy. I don't know what the pull-out plastic tab is for. Turns on and off in a flash. It remembers the last unit you used. There are options from top to bottom. If the Ikea one kicks the bucket for good, I will use this to weigh packages in the kitchen.

👤The scale is a decent size and items placed on it do not block the screen. The clean sealed design allows it to be cleaned without damaging the unit. The buttons on the scale allowed water to intrude which shorted out the scale. It is well worth the price because it is simple to use, easy to read and looks great on my counter. You would not get any more then what this scale offers, if you were by a scale 2 or 3 times as much. I would recommend it to you.

👤I have been measuring my portion sizes for years. I decided to start weighing my food because I am serious about losing weight. The scale is easy to use. The readings are accurate. I found out by weighing my food. My guess was underestimation. I am eating larger portions and eating more food than I should. I am very pleased with this food scale, it is easy to use and clean, it does not take a lot of counter space.

7. Visson Graduation Accumulate Reduction Multifunction

Visson Graduation Accumulate Reduction Multifunction

The "PCS" function enables you to count pieces, the "T" function will provide a net weight, and the Power start function will allow you to start self-checking. When there is no operation, the grams scale will shut down in 180 seconds. It was certified by the CE. Buy at ease. The food scale has 4 high precision sensor systems that can provide you precise weight graduation. The range is between 1oz to 18 lbs. The surface of the scale has extra-sensitive touch buttons that make it easier to measure food weight in grams, ounces, pounds, kilograms, and liters. The tare function and memory function allow you to subtract the weight of the plate or container, making it easy to achieve accurate readings of ingredients. You can see the history of measurement with the memory feature. You don't have to re-weigh it if you forget. It is possible to accumulate or reduce the value and weigh it continuously to save cooking time. The need to replace batteries is eliminated with the use of theusb cable. If you have an issue with their digital food scale, simply reach out to them by clicking into their store and ask a question, they'll get back to you 7/24 and provide a satisfactory solution.

Brand: Visson

👤It is light and compact. It is the right size. It does not take up a lot of space. I like the multiple weight settings. If one forgets to power it off, it will shut it down. It has a memory feature that will let you know if you forget how much something weighed so you don't have to weigh it again. It doesn't hold a good charge, the only problem I have found. I tried to use it in the morning, but the charge didn't last. I had to plug it back in. It works well, other than that. I hope that after I charge it again it will hold a charge so I can use it without it being plugged in.

👤The scale is great. The design is very modern and easy to use. Even the smallest amounts can be measured on the scale. You can see how much you have weighed and changed the unit of measurement in your history. Would buy again.

👤The scale was advertised as reading 0.1g. It doesn't. When you turn it on it doesn't show a point but only a weight. It shows the points for pound, ounce and kilo. The product is nicely made and has other features that I want, but the advertisement is completely misleading. Sending for a refund.

👤The scale was pretty sick initially. It has a sleek look and is wireless, which is rare in the food scale world. This was refreshing because I hate replacing batteries. It's accurate and has a weight history for up to 10 items. Not sure. The wireless aspect is cool, but it only works for a short time, and then it fails, I'm not sure if I got a faulty scale. I plug it into the wall when it starts flashing rapidly. It's really weird. If the charging cord was shorter than 5 inches, I wouldn't care so much. 99% of the outlets in my house are too tall to use with the scale and they are all flat. Also it's a computer. It's not like I just have a spare. The scale is wireless, but almost never works when not plugged in.

👤My scale didn't have the same precision as advertised. I contacted the company to see if this was a setting that was changeable, and they said it was an issue caused by product quality issues. I was not satisfied with the solution because I already have a 1g scale, but I was happy with it. The scale is very nice and I would recommend it to anyone who doesn't mind rolling the dice with precision. It is small, sleek, lightweight and rechargeable, and it has a number of convenient features. The scale doesn't cut off until over a minute of inactive time so you won't lose your progress while sorting ingredients, even if you don't check the measurement history. Some of the more advanced features are not easy to understand since the scale interface has many different buttons. It is not easy to remember how to perform more advanced tasks like adding multiple weights, so you need to keep the instruction sheet handy. The design of the scale is not nice, it has grooves that can only be cleaned by running the scale under water. The end of the world is not a smart design for the product. The scale is very functional and aesthetic.

8. Nicewell Digital Kitchen Graduation Tempered

Nicewell Digital Kitchen Graduation Tempered

The digital food scale has 5 unit conversions and can measure up to 10 kilogrammes. The large display is easy to read. The Nicewell kitchen scale has enough platform to weigh food, which is better than other small scale. The hook design is easy to store. The food scale has a separate tare button for calculation, you can easily subtract the weight of the plate or container and get the net weight. Don't wash the scale in water or wet the display screen to prevent malfunction. The food scale is easy to clean and durable. White elegant design and sensitive touch buttons are the best choice for kitchen helpers and gifts. The digital kitchen scale requires two batteries to power it. If it isn't operated for 120 seconds, it will auto off. If there is a problem with the scale, please contact them.

Brand: Nicewell

👤I reached out to customer service because the scale I received would sometimes vary the weight measurement by up to 2 grams. I gave them a video I took from my phone. They apologized and asked me if I wanted a replacement or a refund for the hassle. I received a replacement two days after I asked for it. Completely free of cost. I didn't have to return my first purchase. The best customer care I have received has been provided by the customer service representative. If there is a flaw or issue with the product, they will send a new scale for no extra cost. If it is preferred, they will give a refund. The scale is great. Absolutely worth it.

👤The scale is nice. The company is very deceptive. Nicewell is a front trademark for a Chinese company. Amazon should be ashamed of itself. I researched the best made in America. I paid more for this than other products. Nicewell is an American made company.

👤It's perfect for the kitchen or eBay. The scale has bright blue numbers that are easy to read. The shiny white face is similar to an Apple product. I have a scale that is perfect for measuring coffee at an accuracy of.10 gram. This one is equally impressive for a larger scale, reading to.10 ounce. It is thin and easy to store. It can read up to 22 pounds. If I decide to go on a diet, I might just hop on for a ride. It is a high five rating.

👤I like the solid glass top and the fact that there is no food in the working controls. The light stays on for a long time. I am happy that the ounces only go to tenths of ounces, instead of hundredths of ounces, because I want to control my weight. I only had one time when I put something on the scale and it turned off a second later. I bought some scales. I only used these for one day, but I am happy. I was happy to know that there is a lifetime warranty. There is an update. I've been using these for about a week now. I love them! Great purchase. They work well. It's easy to clean. Couldn't be happier. I'm telling them to friends already. This scale is for sale! There is an update. I've been using this since the fall of 2020. I could not be happier. I've never used a scale like this before and I've bought five or six. I bought a third one just in case.

👤In January it started acting up and wouldn't weigh, tare, turn off, etc. The batteries were changed per other reviews. Send an email to the service department with the order ID and a picture of what it was doing. They responded within hours and shipped a new scale. It is working perfectly after it was received a day later. They made it right with the service.

👤My scale broke. A new one was needed quickly. The scale is easy to use. It has a separate tare button. I was looking for a scale that would do the weight of the liquid and this one has that option. Very happy with the purchase.

9. Lansheng Rechargeable Digital Graduation Stainless

Lansheng Rechargeable Digital Graduation Stainless

We provide lifelong consultation and customer service for this food kitchen scale, which is based on their stringent quality system. The scale is digital. The new digital food scale is made of plastic. The precision food scale has a margin of error. The efficiency has improved with the latestusb usage mode The Measurement Unit is needed to satisfy all your demands. The digital food scale has 7 measurement units to meet all the food weight you need. The range is between 0oz to 11 lbs. The kitchen scale has a high power battery and a constant power consumption chip. The time can be extended and more eco-friendly. It can be used by charging it or plugging it in with a cable that is less than 6V. TheGram Scale is an excellent design and makes measuring food easy. Automatic auto-off lets you enjoy the kitchen scale without worry. The food scale has a clear display and large digital numbers that you can easily read on a large screen. Special service after sale. They love making their customers happy. They offer a 30 day replacement and a 5 year warranty. If you have a question about their product, please contact them.

Brand: Lan Sheng

👤I am very impressed with this scale. It is a huge bonus that the batteries come with it. I liked the sleek design of the scale. It doesn't come with a bowl to hold food, so be aware of that. The easiest way to solve this is to place the measuring container on the scale before touring the scale on. This will keep the weight at zero until you add the food. The read out is easy to read and the "hello" message made me smile. It measures down to 1/100 of an ounce, which is impressive for someone who counts macros. See the pic. I would recommend it.

👤This is an excellent scale for home use. I bought it for use in a restaurant. I wasn't interested in spending more than $25.00 just for one scale because we have a couple of older Edlund scales that are unfortunately reaching their inevitable demise. This scale is excellent for the cost, works as expected, and greets you with a lovely 'Hello' message upon startup. I have two complaints about this scale. It's housing is made of plastic which is not as durable as it could be. It's more difficult to clean because the weighing platform can't be removed. I would not purchase this scale again for heavy use.

👤I was skeptical about the food scale, but now I love it! The scale is very easy to use and compact, so it doesn't take up a lot of room. The box is perfect for storing the scale when I'm not using it. Product reviews and seller info are all accurate. The buttons are easy to read and understand and you can weigh in multiple units. The TARE function is my new favorite because it adds a bowl, hits tare and zero's out. You can add food to the bowl. I am trying to make sure my portions are accurate. I have never thought about a food scale. The scale comes with a charging cord and batteries. I definitely recommend.

👤I wanted a scale that used AA batteries. It was difficult to find a scale with the range and resolution that I wanted. The internal battery on this scale works great and you don't need to install the included batteries. The scale is small at about 0.2 grams. It is about 0.1 grams of repeatability. The display is about 0.1 gram. The tare function works. The function requires you to weigh at least 25 pieces. The display can be changed to any of the following units. The scale has an internal battery that is more than I hoped for. My wife saw it and now we own two of them.

👤I was skeptical about buying a scale that cheap, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it was consistent. I don't know how good the accuracy is, but it does a good job, because absolute weight is not as important as ratios when making a French Press coffeemaker. The scale can be powered by three different sources. The internal rechargeable battery has a capacity of 2. The batteries are 3ea AA alkaline or NiMh rechargeable. The micro-USB socket on the side has an external 5V power supply on it. The scale is easy to use. The buttons are too sensitive, that's the only issue I have found. The button only needs to come very close to your finger. If the water drips onto the panel and gets in contact with one of the buttons, it will cause a problem. The water will act like a lever. I was pouring hot water into my French Press this morning. I pressed the Tare button after adding the ground coffee. There is a The display suddenly changed to "25" while I added the water. I had no idea what had happened, but I accidentally changed the display to read 'Pieces'. If you want to count pieces, this feature is useful. I removed the pot from the scale and reset it without knowing what had gone wrong. I had to estimate the amount of water I needed to add because I lost the tare weight of the pot. I noticed that a small amount of water had dripped from the kettle as I was pouring into the French Press. The scale changed to that mode after that drop of water landed on the 'Pieces' button. I keep a note of the weight of my French Press so that I know how much water to add if the scale needs to be reset. My advice to anyone who owns this scale is to make sure that they don't allow liquid to get onto the panel while measuring. The Lan Sheng Digital Scale is an excellent value.

10. Rechargeable Graduation Tempered Platform Function

Rechargeable Graduation Tempered Platform Function

It's safe for your skin and furry friends. Formulated with no sulfates or gluten. It's gentle for sensitive skin. It was made in Korea. The digital food scale has built-in four high-precision load sensors that give you precise weight graduation to 1g. The weight will show clearly and accurately on the high-quality display if it is weighing a small amount of seasoning or a heavy cut of meat. The Smart digital scale Unit Button instantly converts between 6 units of measurement and displays results on the screen. The baking scale makes portion control easy. The food scale is easy to read at any time. It has a low battery reminder, uses twoAAA batteries, and uses two power supply methods, which are very convenient to use for your daily life. The easy-cleaning and one-press tare function is available. The digital kitchen scale is made of strong glass and anti-fingerprint steel. The scale is easy to clean. tare calculation can be accomplished with a tare button that allows you to subtract the weight of a plate or container. The hanging design is 8.66x6x0.79 inch. It's small size allows you to store it in a cabinet or drawer when not in use, freeing up room for other kitchen essentials. The attached hook design of the small food scale makes it easy to store it.

Brand: Sudugo

👤The product is very good, except for the fact that it will run off of the unplugged one after a short test run, and then I will use it the next day. It is dead. I have to use the AA batteries. The warranty activation card does not show how it was activated or how to contact the company, it goes to the website.

👤Measures accurately and works very well. Attractive and well built.

👤The directions are very difficult to use. I will be back.

👤Incorrect. Depending on the location on the scale, it could be off by as much as a tenth of an ounce.

👤The scale is perfect for me. I am on a very strict diet and I need a scale that is accurate. Each time I weighed the same items on other scales, they had a different weight, which made it hard for me to understand. I have not had an issue with this scale yet. I was surprised that it can be hung on the wall. The scale is the best I've purchased so far.

👤It is easy to use, but it cannot measure in a small amount.

👤This product is great. It's very easy to use. It has battery backup, so no wires are needed. There is a good range of weight options. Would definitely recommend this product.

👤When using pounds and ounces, most others scales as 1lb4ozs. If you know that there are 16 ounces in a pound, it will say lbs 1.25, which is fine. It's not much to know that 1oz is 6.25 percent of 1lb. A firmware upgrade is a good idea.

👤The scales are very practical and look sleek as well. There is a charging cable and batteries. It was easy to use. Press on the button to turn it off. Touch the button on the right to change the measurement. It is easy for my son to use measurement readings. A good size for putting dishes on and also for storing is needed. It's easy to clean the actual scales. You won't be disappointed with the purchase.

👤You wouldn't believe it, I have tried so many scales. These are brilliant. It's easy to switch between measurement units and the weight readings are stable. You only have to brush the platform to make them switch on. I would buy again if I could.

👤It is easy to use and clean. The scales are easy to store in my kitchen cupboard. The product is time saving and works exactly how it is written in the description.

👤Looks great. There are lots of different units to choose from. It was very easy to use. The display is very bright when you charge the scale. It can weigh a lot. Thank you so much.

11. KUBEI Upgraded Charging Electronic Accuracy

KUBEI Upgraded Charging Electronic Accuracy

FourAAA batteries are included in a cord-free setup. The grade design. The maximum weight of the digital kitchen scale can reach 1 kilogram. The small size of the product is convenient to carry, occupies small space during use, and is convenient for storage. Scales can be used to weigh a variety of items. The double trays on the digital kitchen scale can be replaced. VERSATILE: The tare function on the scale allows you to get the exact weight of the object. Their scale has a conversion function. The quality is high. The digital kitchen scale pan is easy to clean and durable. The four corners of the scale have a non-slip design. A waterproof keyboard sticker is included. POWER There are three upgrade charging methods for the electronic kitchen scale, and two ways of automatic and manual shutdown. There are 2 batteries and a cable for charging them.

Brand: Kubei

👤It's very handy to start on Grams so you don't have to switch it. Zeros-out on start up, after weight is removed and if it finds an error. You don't have to zero it out. Very accurate. I have a set of standards that have been certified. I used my Lewis And Clark nickel to show the scale and it read exactly 5.00g, it was tested against the 5.000 standard on multiple scales. -- The size is perfect. Sometimes I have to use a paper plate for material, and it always frustrated me that I couldn't see the weight on my other scale without moving the plate or using my mental prowess to see beyond the plate. It's very easy to see the plate on this scale because it's bright. -- My scale shuts off quickly and can't be set. The scale lets you set it, which makes it funnier than the limitation. -- The scale lets you charge it. -- There are two trays. One over the scale and one over the platform. The platform tray is very smart and protects the platform from being smashed. The larger tray is very large. The initial weight shown is always correct, but sometimes after about 30 seconds, it dips or climbs back again. I don't think it applies to me because I think it's measuring the difference in waves. No problem. This scale is everything I could have asked for. Thank you so much!

👤I like the scale's features and design, but I got a bad unit. It will power itself at random intervals. I've tried adjusting the timeout feature, adjusting time via Mode, and adjusting Power to read PASS, but none of the setting values make a difference. I can't finish the procedure fast enough before it ends. I've tried a lot of different combinations of battery and cable for power, but nothing has worked. It's worthless to me because it will power off before I'm done pouring and I don't want that to happen to me. I don't have a return option anymore because I discarded my packaging. Very disappointed.

👤The 500gr version has an issue with the T button and I decided to go with the other one. 1000gr with a resolution of 0.01gr is a pros. The label is perfect for water proofing the buttons. The clearance for fitting a tall up under the portafiler is good because of the low profile. Sometimes, the scale goes below zero when I remove the weight from the scale, and quick tare fixes the problem. There are two things that I don't like about the one with timer and 3 kilogram with 0.1gr resolution. People reported that they are very responsive and that it's not a deal breaker. It may be a problem for using it under the portafilter.

👤Features, function and quality are improved over the other models. The max weight was above specifications. It didn't overload until 1100 grams. It is easy to use. It comes with a cable. The buttons have a plastic sticker over them. Liquid in the buttons killed my previous scale that looked like this scale. The sticker is not flat. It has buttons that fit over the dimples. The sticker over the buttons partially obscures the decimal point on the number display. I have to look down from the top to see the decimal point, but it's not a problem.


What is the best product for baking scale rechargeable?

Baking scale rechargeable products from Inevifit. In this article about baking scale rechargeable you can see why people choose the product. Chwares and Etekcity are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking scale rechargeable.

What are the best brands for baking scale rechargeable?

Inevifit, Chwares and Etekcity are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking scale rechargeable. Find the detail in this article. Nicewell, Koios and Back Ktcl are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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