Best Baking Set for Kids

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1. Vanmor Cooking Baking Little Silicone

Vanmor Cooking Baking Little Silicone

It's a great gift for little chefs in training. Become the ultimate MasterChef Junior by collecting all 5 sets. A basic cooking set for kids. The kids cooking set includes kids aprons for cooking, toddler chef hat, oven mitt, hot pad, rolling pin, wooden spoon, hand mixer, brush, cake smoother tool, 5 colors measuring spoon, 6 different cookie cutters and 4 silicone baking cups. The essential baking set for kids ages 4-7 is to use the whisk and spoon to stir anything, use the rolling pin and cake cutter to make cake basic, use the spatula and brushes to make unique cake patterns, and use the baking cups to finish the cake. Kids cooking set for boys are the necessities of being able to play baker and chef, pretend baking set for kids is perfect for the aspiring baker easy bake in home life or classroom There is a cute dress up set for kids. The apron for toddler dress up is blue and blue. To fit with room to grow, you need enough strap to tie around neck and waist. The elastic band at the back of the chef's hat helps it stay on. The heat resistant mat has the same pattern as the cooking mitt. The cotton and linen material is safe. The role play chef costume set can be thrown in the washing machine with a pass safety test because they are made to last with cotton linen material. The chef apron set makes the kitchen play experience more fun for the kids. Kids chef dress up kit encourages creativity and role play, and teaches kids about food cooking or cake baking. Their kids chef set is fun for kids to play in. Give her something that she will remember and enjoy.

Brand: Vanmor

👤I wanted my son to help make Christmas cookies. He loved it. It fit him perfectly. He loved how you can use most of these items to bake and it looked like the things mom was using. The material did its job. I would recommend your chef to you.

👤This is a cute little set. I bought it for my daughter so she could help her grandma bake. She loved it so much that she wanted to wear the apron the entire weekend and beyond. We hid it so we could wash it. The apron is very thin.

👤I wanted to get him started with items his size for helping, so this is exactly what I was looking for. The quality could be better, but it's a great start for little ones in the kitchen.

👤My 4 year old grandson wanted a chef's hat and jacket, so he got a nice little set. I told him that he would have to earn the apron and jacket as he learned how to cook more. We did use the cookie cutters, but this set is only for play cooking.

👤My granddaughter will be able to bake with her mom. The tools look nice. I gave it 4 stars because the apron and oven mitts are more blue than aqua. I am very happy.

👤This is the perfect set for my niece. The rolling pin and cutters are good quality and fit her well.

👤My great niece and her GG are in the kitchen and they are happy with this. GG was in need of something so it was a birthday present.

👤My three year old granddaughter loves this set and uses it a lot.

👤It is cute and well priced, but it was bought as a prize and it was old.

👤My toddler loved it. Everything is good. Thanks!

👤Small accessories are not useful.

2. BBplusDD Kids Baking Cooking Sets

BBplusDD Kids Baking Cooking Sets

It is a perfect gift for friends and family. Baking kits are a great gift for friends and family. Whether it is a birthday gift, a way of encouraging a love for baking or some other occasion, baketivity is a gift they will appreciate. The Perfect Kids Cooking and Baking Kit is for kids. The set includes a chef hat, cookie cutter, measuring spoon, cake cutter, large jar spatula, rolling pin, and bursh tongs. The starter kit is perfect for a mini baker. The design is great quality and perfect. The outfits are made from premium material. The apron can be adjusted to fit any size child. The elastic band on the chef hat makes it more comfortable. All of their children's baking utensils and accessories are made from food grade material that will not cause harm to your little chef, and they are heat resistant up to 450 degrees. The chef cooking set has activities for young chefs. Provide hours of interactive family fun and help kids learn healthy eating habits. The gift of hands on learning and creativity is perfect for Little Chef. The baking kit is perfect for birthday parties, family gatherings or any day to connect with mom and dad in the kitchen.

Brand: Bbplusdd

👤My granddaughter will be 2 next Saturday and she loved her gift. She stopped opening gifts to get everything out of the box. She was fascinated by all of the ideas that came with the kit. She had a party. The utensils were really nice and I could use some of them.

👤My son wants to be a chef. Hes 4.5 The utensils are perfect for small hands. Everything from this kit is in a rolling cart. The work is great. I lost money and had to use these to get a metal pizza pan out of the oven. Didn't feel the heat. He used these tools to make a bath of cookies. He loves them. When our daughter is old enough, I'll buy another set for her and my family. If you have kids who love to cook, you need this kit.

👤It was a Christmas gift for my granddaughter and she absolutely loves it. Everything is her size.

👤We were surprised that all the little tools and accessories were built to a high standard. Great purchase.

👤My niece's daughter loves to help in the kitchen, so I gave her everything.

👤This is worth the value of the items you got in the set. My daughter loves cooking with her mom and grandma, so it makes sense to have her own cooking tools.

👤My granddaughter loved everything in this set. Customer service is amazing.

👤I got this for my grandson so he could cook with me. It is a cute little set. His mamaw had lots of utensils, cookie cutters, baking cups. This set is recommended by me. Some memories can be made with a little one.

👤The mini juego de cocina, excelente calidad, and diseo est padrsimo!

👤My granddaughter loves baking with her mom. The size for her hands was good.

👤Fue un regalo al nio le encanto y buen material.

👤SI tiene un juguete, pero todos los utensilios tienen.

👤ha gustado mucho, ya se quieren para otros regalos de nio

3. Cooking Baking Utensil Recipes Curious

Cooking Baking Utensil Recipes Curious

Great gift idea! The Pretend Playset is perfect for little kids that love playing in the kitchen. It's great for holiday gift or any other occasion. The box is well designed. The perfect kids own baking set, IELEK 46-piece Kids Cooking Set provides the ultimate baking experience for kids. The kids baking set comes with everything, including a chef hat, olive mitt,Rolling Pin, spatula, and a kitchen brush. The little chef is excited to have their own baking set. Being a parent ourselves, they know that safety is your top priority. They made sure that their children's cooking utensils and accessories were made from food-grade materials. It comes with everything you need to encourage your children to venture forward and boost their love for cooking. It's easy to hold and clean for kids. The quality time and life skills of the kids real baking combo kit is just the right stuff for your new crock in the house. It helps kids build confidence, learn how to follow instructions, and practice kitchen safety. Baking cupcakes for birthday celebrations, or cookies for holidays, is just one of the many ways to celebrate. A great way to teach children to bake. Their premium kids baking set comes in a stylish box that makes it a great choice for a birthday gift, Christmas gift, Halloween gift or any kind of gift. The best smiles are just there for you. It's suitable for kids 4 years old to 48 months old. The best product and top service are what they aim to provide for each customer. If you are not satisfied with the size, functions, or anything else, just reach out to them and they will be happy to resolve any problems you may face to make you happy.

Brand: Ielek

👤It arrived before Christmas. It was a success with my niece.

👤My daughter uses it to bake cakes.

👤This set is great for kids, but there are plenty of usable kids-size utensils, and the vegetable peeler is included. Before giving this to a kid, make sure you remove this and some of the pastry tips.

4. ELitao Cookie Play Food Kitchen

ELitao Cookie Play Food Kitchen

The temperature is safe from -40 to +446 degrees Fahrenheit. There are 16 pieces of pretend play food that are perfect for kids to play with. The quality and safe materials are made of high quality plastic, Toxin-free paint, and small pieces that are suitable for a 3-year old child and over. Play Food for Kids and Best Gift is a gift that will help your child socialize and let them learn to make and share food. Children's enlightenment, Role-playing and creativity help raise children's awareness of colors and food shapes, and stimulates children's imagination. It should be used with adult supervision between 2 and 3 years old.

Brand: Elitao

👤The donuts barely cover my thumb, even though the pieces look large in photo. A 50 cent piece is not larger than that.

👤My two-year-old loves playing with food and tea. We already had the cups and saucers and a cute little dessert stand and this is what we needed to have first class teatime.

👤I bought the ice cream set and a taco set for my neighbors twin girls' birthday and they would each have something cute to use for their kitchen that they could also share. I was shocked by the difference in quality. The set looked like it would be good at the Dollar Tree. There was no chance that I was giving one gift to both twins. I went back to the internet and found the ice cream set that was worth more than the $20 I spent. This is nowhere near $18 quality, so save your money.

👤The quality is great. They are soft and not hard plastic. It was a real life feeling.

👤My toddler loves it! This is a good choice for toddlers with an interest in baking. The pieces are large and light, and good quality. My toddler is learning to pick things up. I am glad I bought this.

👤This little set was great. My daughter is obsessed with cupcakes. This was perfect. You should beware of the size before you buy. It has small pieces.

👤It's good enough for us with a toddler who likes to stuck stuffs to our oven toaster and pretend he's the muffin man, now he has something to put in there. I would like to see a neutral or blue color alternative for the pinks.

👤I bought it for my granddaughter because it was the right size for her hands and the colors were appealing.

5. Baking Cooking Complete Utensils Accessories

Baking Cooking Complete Utensils Accessories

The best product and top service are what they aim to provide for each customer. If you are not satisfied with the size, functions, or anything else, just reach out to them and they will be happy to resolve any problems you may face to make you happy. INCLUSIVE BAKING SET FOR KIDS. The Complete kids baking set includes real accessories and kitchen utensils for a family fun baking experience. The cooking supplies set includes real baking accessories such as a kid apron, whisk, silicone spatula, cookie cutters, rolling pin, mixing spoon, pastry brush, measuring cups and spoons, silicone cupcake holders. Start your hobby of cooking and baking right away with the cookbook included. A full recipe booklet with easy to follow instructions for your junior chef is included. They already included these parent-approved recipes in the cooking kit for kids, so there is no need to look for a child-friendly recipe. Their children's kit is 100% safe and tested. The kitchen accessory set is made from non- toxic plastic and has an easy grip for both children and adults. Their baking tools are sturdy enough to be used in a kitchen setting and also for dress up, thanks to the premium selection of materials. Education and fun. The Kids Baking Kit will make your kids curious. It's a great way to teach them the basics of cooking while giving them confidence and self-accomplishment. The kit comes with a chef apron for both your boy and girl to wear, and is all inclusive. Quality Assurance. Their ultimate goal is to make you happy. If you are dissatisfied with the dress up chef set, they will give you a 30-day money back guarantee.

Brand: Keff

👤Our 2 1/2 year old granddaughter loves to cook and bake. She likes having her own baking utensils. Her parent loves the carrying case that comes with it. We were her grandma and grandpa, so we really scored with this gift.

👤My 10 year old grandson loves baking so this was great for him.

👤My 5 year old has recently gotten into baking with me, so when I found this set I was excited because she can bake with me and have her own supplies. It comes with a storage box for everything so you can keep it neat. Can't wait to see her reaction on Christmas morning!

👤The granddaughter was very excited about the gift.

👤My daughter loved this. She is asking about doing more with it. She wants to learn to cook.

👤My son was very excited to receive this gift. Would definitely recommend it.

👤I think she'll like it. I'm looking forward to her reply.

6. Melissa Doug Baking Play Set

Melissa Doug Baking Play Set

A wonderful gift is a cooking starter set. It is a smart way to encourage learning. Adult supervision is required for 3 aged + child. It's time to bake! Children will pretend to bake with this set. Anything they can think of! The kitchen has creativity in it. The 20-piece set includes an oven mitt, measuring spoons and cups, whisk, spatula, mixing bowl, muffin tin, cookie cutters, rolling pin, spoon, and cake pan. The pieces in this play set are dishwasher safe and made from heavy-gauge STAINLESS steel, solid wood utensils, and plastic. Play and learn. The set encourages play and motor skill development. A great gift for ages 3 to 8. The Let's Play House Baking Play Set is a great gift for kids. The screen-free play experience is enhanced by the addition of the Play Kitchen accessory Set - Pot & Pans. For more than 30 years, the creators of imagination- and creativity-sparking products have been called the gold standard in early childhood play.

Brand: Melissa & Doug

👤They have never failed me in their product. And this one too. Every item is very realistic for a child to practice baking. My girl loves baking since she got this set. All the items are okay with cool stuff, but not for real baking since they are notBPA free. The mold and tray are not made for heat resistance. We baked the doug using real mold. The spoons are made to look like the real ones. It's meant for a kid to play. Delivery is fast and quality is great. I am looking for an oven to complete the set. They are so cute!

👤My daughter loves this set. She'll flatten it out with the little roller after we give her a piece of bread. She will use the cookie cutter on the bread. I put everything on the top rack of the dishwasher, except for the metal sheet pan and the whisk. I have not had any issues. The child will make as much noise as possible with whatever they have, but the amount of noise that can come from these is the only downside. My daughter likes to put water in all of the pieces and leave them on the floor.

👤If you have a hard plastic type kitchen, I would say negative. The cookie pan doesn't fit in the oven so I may send it back.

👤I thought this would be a great gift for my daughter because she likes to help me bake and she had a lot of fun helping me measure and put ingredients during the holidays. She is always mixing up new treats for me. She has a pretend oven mitt. I like the quality of everything except the roller. It seems cheap and might break. It feels rough when it rolls. It would have been better if they had made it one piece instead of the rolling middle. My roller is just one piece. The rest of the kit is good for kids and educational.

👤I was able to show and explain to my 3 year old granddaughter how to use the items in the kit by following the cake recipe. She likes it. We've baked brownies and cakes using the bake ware.

👤The baking kit is perfect. My girls are 2 and 3 years old. They are very passionate about what their mom does. They can make scrambled eggs for themselves in the morning.

👤A good baking set for a child. We added this to the granddaughter's play kitchen. She got a rolling pin. She has used the items in baking with her mother.

👤The muffin/cupcake baking pan rusted after being used. The bottom of the pan states that it is dish washer safe. After the kids played with pretend cupcakes, we only washed it with water.

👤Kids rate it a lot.

👤The child loved it when they bought it as a gift.

👤My 3 year old loves this set. It arrived way earlier than expected.

7. Real Cooking Baking Set Kitchen

Real Cooking Baking Set Kitchen

It's a great gift for children's birthday Christmas to enjoy the cooking time and funny toys. The junior baking set is for kids who want to make fun baking adventures. It's good for kids to learn how to cook. Each piece is designed to fit for little hands and give them protection. The set includes Silicone Pastry Mat, kids rolling pin, spatula, muffin brush, measuring spoon, cookie cutter and vegetable peeler. The cooking set for kids is made of high quality food grade silicone. It's easy to clean with a non-stick andBPA free. It will be stylish and fun to have a toy kitchen where kids can play and feel like a chef in the kitchen. The kit includes everything kids need to get baking and cooking, and it's fun for the whole family. It will be fun to play with Mom and Dad at the same time. Baking cupcakes for a birthday or making cookies for holidays is fun for the kids. A functional kid baking set is a great gift idea for kids. The kids cooking set is a great gift for a birthday or holiday gift for a friend or relative. It's suitable for kids 4 years old to 48 months old. Their satisfaction is their continuous momentum. They will give you a 30-day money-back guarantee. A brand-new product or a full refund is just a few clicks away.

Brand: Ielek

👤I gave this to my niece who loves bakery and she was so happy that she could use it for real.

👤They are functional and cute.

👤The perfect size for our 6 year old.

8. Handstand Kids 17 Piece Junior Recipes

Handstand Kids 17 Piece Junior Recipes

It's a great gift for little chefs in training. Become the ultimate MasterChef Junior by collecting all 5 sets. The Junior Baker Set from Handstand Kids is the perfect set for every child who is ready to bake. Everything you need to bake an assortment of tasty treats with your children is in the complete 17-piece set. There is a spatula, pastry brush, mixing spoon, silicone loaf pan, 6 baking cups, 1 rolling pin, and 5 recipe cards. The set's components are sturdy enough to be used regularly, and are small enough to be used by older children and adults. Match the set with aprons from Handstand Kids for even more fun.

Brand: Handstand Kids

👤The wood on the products is very dangerous for kids to hold onto. Cheaply made.

👤A little on the cheap side.

👤My daughter wanted a baking set from Santa. This was the thing. She already has things like aprons in other sets. The items in it are tiny versions of the full size adult thing. Santa was happy to get my daughter something affordable.

👤My 4 year old grandson will love these child's kitchen tools. He loves using them and is happy with his tools.

👤There was no recipe for the red loaf pan. It isn't a standard size a scaled down recipe already planned out would make sense.

👤My granddaughter loved this set. Lots of pieces in the kit. She used the recipe card in the kit to bake cookies. Very good!

👤Our grand daughter loves helping in the kitchen. She is excited to have her own tools.

👤I got this for my four-year-old on her birthday. She is very happy with it.

9. GIFTINBOX Complete Utensils Accessories Ultimate

GIFTINBOX Complete Utensils Accessories Ultimate

This is a great gift. Baking supplies inspire children to play the role of chefs, improve their sense of responsibility and project management skills. The children made cakes and graphics with cookie molds. Children's imagination can be used without restriction. Children like dinosaurs. It is a good gift for children over 3 years old. The real kids baking set is a great toy for kids of all ages. It has real cooking utensils and baking supplies. Includes an apron and chef hat with rainbow color, heat resistant oven mitt, rolling pin, whisk, spatula, scrapers, cookie and cupcake molds, cake decorating tools, recipe card and so on! The kids couture is unique. The chef hat and apron of the kids cooking sets are made of the latest design patterns and colors. The pattern of fish scales and rainbow colors on the aprons is pretty and will make the little chefs shine. It's safe for little hands. Every parent is concerned with children's safety. The utensils and kitchen accessories included in the kids chef set are made from food-grade materials, which are completely safe for your child. With the Kids Baking Kit, you are able to help inspire healthy eating habits and teach basic life skills to your children. Children enjoy playing a role of a chef in the kitchen in the easy bake activities. The best baking gifts for girls and boys can be found in the gift box cooking set. Give your little chef a fun and engaging present. If you are looking for a birthday or Christmas gift for your child or grandchild who loves cooking and baking, look no further than their complete and fun kitchen set for kids.

Brand: Giftinbox

👤I like this product. My daughter thinks she is a chef when she plays with this. It has everything you need. The products are strong.

👤My daughter and I loved this kit. We had fun making real treats with it.

👤This was a great gift, but I wish it was more durable.

10. Supplies Container Childrens Equipment PERLLI

Supplies Container Childrens Equipment PERLLI

We aim to provide the best product and service for their customers. If you are not satisfied with the size, functions, or anything else, just reach out to them and they will be happy to resolve any problems you may face to make you happy. As parents, safety is their #1 priority. Non-toxic materials are used in the making of the utensil and accessory. Every item is tested to make sure it is safe for little hands. This set includes everything your child needs to make their own delicious masterpieces in the kitchen. It includes an apron, cutting board, measuring cups and spoons, knives set, kitchen timer, rolling pin, egg brush, scooper, whisk, spoon, spatula, recipe cards and a container to store everything inside. The gender neutral cooking and baking gift set is fun and friendly in orange and white and makes it exciting for girls and boys. Your children will love to cook and bake and will learn to experiment with different flavors. The set includes 5 delicious and simple recipes that your little one can do on their own. The recipes are easy to follow. Great gift idea! The Pretend Playset is perfect for little kids that love playing in the kitchen. It's great for holiday gift or any other occasion. The box is well designed.

Brand: Perlli

👤I bought this for my granddaughter, so we have not yet used it. The items in the kit are very well-made. The whisk has a handle. Everything is very sturdy. Can't wait for her to use it.

👤The item arrived broken. It was a returned item from someone else. It is cheap junk. Purchase something else and save your money.

👤The girls got one each. Love everything about it.

👤A gift for a child is good for his mom.

👤I bought it for my seven year old daughter and she loves it. It's perfect for kids in the kitchen and adults as well.

👤It is useful in the kitchen.

👤I have a 2 1/2 year old. The dough scooper seemed to have sharper edges than the metal. The set has everything a kid needs to start in the kitchen. My toddler is in the kitchen and already chopping fruit. This would be a great gift for a kid who wants to get in the kitchen. The items in the kit are of the highest quality. I was impressed with the kit. As my child grows, I see it being used for many years.

👤It was purchased for a young child. The knives scared me. It's great to have kids help in the kitchen. Everything is small enough to fit in their small hands. My daughter loved the bright colors. The recipe cards are disappointing, with fruit kabobs and sandwiches. It's a start. A kids cookbook is a great gift for a budding chef.

11. Set Real Cooking Supplies Accessories

Set Real Cooking Supplies Accessories

bake with style and flair! They made sure that the entire baking kit matches the accessories that were in it. No clashing or mix-matched! They offer a beautiful and unified baking set. The 35 piece kit contains everything kids need for the ultimate cooking experience. If you want your kids to eat what you cook, make it fun for them by having something like the around and having them involved in the process. Children have the ability to create any dessert they want in your kitchen. Excellent quality and dishwasher safe. The baking set is easy to hold and clean. The kids baking set is made from food-grade materials and is not like the other play-dough toys. Your kids will love having their own set of cooking items with all the colorful and bright tools. Family bonding. My son loves helping me cook in the kitchen and now he feels like he's doing all he can to help make his dinners. This is what a mother said. The kids cooking and baking set is the right stuff for your new appliance in the house. A way to teach children about baking and measuring. The parent-child relationship has improved. A perfect gift for a beginner chef. Their premium kids baking set comes in a stylish box that makes it a great choice for a birthday gift, Christmas gift, Halloween gift or any other kind of gift. There is nothing like a home cooked dinner to bring people together. Wrap this kit up right away. It's suitable for kids 4 years old to 48 months old. They want to make sure that your kids baking set is up to date. Let them know if you are not happy with its construction or performance and they will give you a full refund. This all-inclusive kids baking set by IELEK is a great way to encourage your kids to venture forward and boost their love for cooking.

Brand: Ielek

👤My niece and nephew are receiving this kit. There is a I noticed a couple things while pulling the box out. The positive is 1. I love the included prints. 2. My niece and nephew can use these items. 3. Great particulars were included in the kit. The negative is 1. Everything is the right size for a child. If an adult uses it, the spatula may break. It doesn't feel strong. Who knows? 2. I bought separate aprons just in case, because the apron is itchy and the oven mitt is thicker than Walmart's. 3. The cookie cutter are attached to each other and have to be snapped apart. A sharp nub is left behind. If you clip it smooth, it's easy to remove. Happy baking! Can't wait for Christmas.

👤My child loves this. It was a great gift. The tools seem to be strong. There are some cute recipe cards included.

👤I bought this for my daughter so she could help me make cookies. She likes it. She loves the hat and apron. The pieces work well. It was difficult to use the rolling pin when making pizza. It would work well on small pieces of dough. Very happy with the purchase.


What is the best product for baking set for kids?

Baking set for kids products from Vanmor. In this article about baking set for kids you can see why people choose the product. Bbplusdd and Ielek are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking set for kids.

What are the best brands for baking set for kids?

Vanmor, Bbplusdd and Ielek are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking set for kids. Find the detail in this article. Elitao, Keff and Melissa & Doug are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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