Best Baking Set Silicone

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1. Silicone Nonstick Dividers Accessories Dishwasher

Silicone Nonstick Dividers Accessories Dishwasher

TILE SHEET PANS. It is possible to use non stick sheet pans for cooking as a serving tray. Once ordered, their kitchen baking pans set is guaranteed for a lifetime. It is possible to make different flavors of ingredients at once, meet different taste needs and reduce cooking time with pan dividers. You can arrange the cooking times of foods to get the most appropriate heat. It's perfect for families with picky eaters. The sheet tray divider made of premium silicone is easy to clean, it is non-stick, so baked goods can be easily released from it, only a small amount of oil spray is needed. They are easy to clean and can be washed with warm water. You can clean the corners by flipping it over. Brand Silicone bakeware is thick enough on the bottom and sides to handle temperatures from -50 to 220 degrees. It can be safely baked and heated in ovens and microwaves, and then served as a plate, and the leftovers can be put into the refrigerator. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. The silicone sheet pan can be used over 5000 times. It's friendly to the environment to not waste tin foil or parchment paper. They don't produce an odor even after a long time of use, and are stackable to save space. You will receive 2 small and 2 large trays that can be nested in a 10*15inch bakeware, and they are also perfect for larger bakeware or even air fryers. Silicone baking tray dividers can be used to store different food items and can also be used to enjoy the meal directly. Please contact them if you have any questions about the product.

Brand: Xomoo

👤I would like a bigger set. I think it will work, but it is too small for what I wanted. It will take more time. There is a coupon inside the set that I am editing. I filled out the forms online. The set was supposed to be shipped in a few days. I tried this twice after buying two sets. I haven't seen the free sets. A big scam.

👤Dinner guests who don't like spicy things will need to keep some food separate from the sauce. I only received 3x small and the description says they are 1.25” deep.

👤I use them in my air fryer. Silicone trays are used to make breakfast, lunch and dinner. They clean very well. I think they're a good choice.

👤The sides are sturdy and the silicone is strong. I like how I can use these in different ways in my kitchen.

👤I purchased a dual air fryer and was looking at all the options for the tray area. I looked at recipes, videos, and what others said. I tried foil, ceramic baking dishes, and even bought metal pants. All of these had success, but still required: oil, detailed Cleanup or frankly created waste. The pans were too big to allow air flow. I was looking for a way to prepare items in advance. TADA... These pans are brilliant. Two small pans fit in each drawer so they can be used for smaller batches. Good air flow around them is important, and the larger ones hold more and narrow. They are important when removed. It is a good idea to have a cork,Silicon, or wood trivet near your fryer to set the hot items on. I brushed my home fries with olive oil to make them taste better, I have tried several recipes using the Silicon pans. I knew I could use the double set elsewhere. The Instant air fryer is larger than the ninja fryer. Many of the other accessories won't fit. These babies are great! I've tried a lot of different mixes to create recipes in these pans. I can make a small sample of different flavors for everyone or cook enough for myself or kids in the dual drawer fryer. I am very happy. The double set was purchased. It's true. I bought a box of foil sheets that are used in beauty shops to highlight hair and will be testing and reviewing them. I recommend the purchase of these.

👤Silicone is easy to clean, but food/grease/sauce that bakes onto the pans requires a Brillo pad to scrub off. The sides should be half an inch taller. They are bendy but still durable. Make sure to grasp both sides of the long trays when removing heavier foods from the oven/air fryer.

👤These are easy to wash. I use them to cook greasy food. It's difficult to wash out the interior of the oven. I would buy it again despite the fact that it was a bit too narrow for my Ninja oven.

2. Silicone Nonstick Bakeware Cupcake Beginner

Silicone Nonstick Bakeware Cupcake Beginner

The set includes a non-slip pastry mat with a size of 25" and a Rolling Macaron Baking Mat with a size of 16x11-5/8. Pizza mat and 3PCS Silicone storage band are a gift for you. All in one set, Silicone mat for baking, toast loaf pans, and muffin molds. There are six different donut pan styles. If you bought them alone, this bakeware set would save you more. There is a mathematical calculation for viability quotient. These baking sheets contain a variety of cupcake liners that will serve almost all of your dessert needs, such as donuts, cupcakes, puddings, and more. It will be easier to pop out food from a baking mold if you brush it with oil. The temperature could be used on the oven-Microwave-Freezer-Dishwasher. They can be used from baking to freezing. PREMIUM QALITY MATERIAL- It is a perfect gift for any occasion, from a hostess gift to a kitchen gift for the kids. It's easy to clean. Silicone baking pan sets are easier to clean than metal ones. Warm soapy water is what you should use after use. Any crumbs left over will be washed off with a soft cloth.

Brand: Wepsen

👤The Customer Service team reached out to me after the review was posted. I have increased my rating to 5 stars. Feel free to buy with confidence if you like Customer Service. The product was received in a timely manner. The cupcake pan had a hole in it. I bought this set for the large and mini cupcake pans. The only thing I didn't like was the rust in my kitchen. Everything else is in good shape. I can't give 5 stars because of this defect.

👤I was very excited to get this set. It took a little bit longer than expected, but I understood. Everything was neatly packaged when unboxing the set. I washed and cleaned everything. I was ready to use them after letting them dry. I used the donut pans and the baking cups in some of the recipes. They came out ok, but they were not as "non stick" as other Silicone products that I've used. After soaking the pans and baking cups in hot soapy water and scrubbing them, I still find pieces of muffin and donut in them. It seems impossible that I have cleaned them twice. I've never had an issue with the products sticking to it. They were a good value for the amount of things you get. The non stick aspect was what drew me to them. I will try spraying them lightly before I use them again so that they don't stick to it, hopefully after I scrubbed them and got them clean.

👤I tried to bake some donuts. A test was done, with half sprayed with butter and the other half not. After a cool down, the half that was sprayed came out great. Most of the donuts were stuck in the forms, the half that was not sprayed after a cool down did not. Birds liked them! Cleaned up well. Cleanup was easy after I made a loaf of bread. I spray them to be safe, but I liked them so far.

👤I have been contacted many times by this company to remove my review because they are a small company and will refund the purchase cost if I did. That is a bribe. They want my review removed because they have changed manufacturing companies. I told them no because my review was honest and they shipped me the product. I don't recommend buying from them. If you spend a little more, you can get a quality product. The harassment from an honest review of that product and the heart ache of thin silicone ruining your baking is not worth it. The silicone is thin and flimsy, so I thought this would be a good value. I don't know how it will hold its shape when it collapses on itself while sitting on the counter. Thankfully I bought a stand alone Silicone muffin form from another vendor at the same time, and that one seems much higher quality and does hold its' shape! I wouldn't recommend buying this set.

3. GRIDMANN Pro Silicone Baking Mat

GRIDMANN Pro Silicone Baking Mat

Making accessories for a baker. Their sheets provide consistent heat distribution for bakes and no soggy bottoms. Kitzini is a small British business that brings professionally styled baking tools and accessories to your kitchen. This two-pack set of baking mats is made from food grade silicone that is oven safe to 480 degrees F, and is the ultimate convenient and healthy way to upgrade baking and roasting. Eliminate fat, grease, messy sprays, and expensive parchment paper by turning any half-sheet pan into a non-stick surface. Better baked goods: Designed for use in all types of ovens, these professional-grade (BPA Free) mats can be used with pans or sheets to improve overall heat distribution and air circulation, for even and consistent results, with no burned or undercooked spots. The mats are eco-friendly and can be used again and again, saving money on sprays, oils, and butter, as well as eliminating waste after use. These mats are great for baking cookies, sticky caramels, smilng bread, or even baked fish. They are a baker's dream to prevent messes, catch drips and spill over from pies. Unlike other pans and baking sheets that are prone to scratches and wear, the mats are resistant to metal spatulas and utensils without damage. It's easy to clean with these mats that don't stick to food, and you don't have to worry about scrubbing baked-on foods. Also dishwasher safe.

Brand: Gridmann

👤I wanted a baking mat that would survive high oven temperatures in a dutch oven and would easily separate from the bread, not like paper. I placed the mats on the cookie sheet in the 480 degree oven because I read a few reviews about them smoking in the oven. They smoked up the kitchen for about half an hour and then stopped. I suggest that you bake the mats in the oven before using them. I put them in my bread basket. The bread baked on the mats was fine. No need to use any more paper. If they didn't smoke in the oven, I would give them 5 stars. I'm curious why the vendor doesn't bake them after the manufacturing process.

👤They work well for non stick. We made cinnamon rolls from scratch and there was a funny smell. I put them back in the oven after washing and drying them. It wasn't nice to smell them. The stinky cloud came out when I opened the oven. I'm returning them.

👤They came out of the oven smoking and set my smoke alarm off. Chemicals would be in my food because of the smoke. They are non-stick, wash easily, and fit my baking sheets perfectly, so I gave them two stars. Due to their reaction in my oven, I have decided not to use them anymore and will switch to parchment paper.

👤These are great! I was skeptical if the mats would cause the food to be soggy and if they worked at all. Thankfully, they work well. I used them for the first time to make cinnamon rolls and they were the best I have ever made. The bottoms are usually burnt by the time the top portion is cooked. The mats allowed everything to cook uniformly. I am very happy to find something that works.

👤I recently purchased these and am returning. I had to wash the top of the mat, bottom of the mat, and the pan because the grease from cookies went through the mat. Silicone baking mats are new to me, but I consulted with my friends to make sure they are not porous and only need a wipe down after use.

👤The mats are a good source of material for burner liners.

👤I threw one away because it was too hard to clean. The other is on some kind of supervision. I only recommend these for non-greasy foods. They are hard to clean if you cook them greasy. When I pull them out of the drawer, they're slimy and greasy, and I scrub them out, wipe them dry, and then I put them back in. I'm not sure but I'm thinking about going back to the aluminum foil. These are good for baking. I use them all the time if I'm not cooking anything greasy or oily. It keeps the pan from getting dirty and keeps me from using a lot of aluminum foil. Grease will leak through if anything is greasy. It is easy to clean up. You have to wash them with soap and not just rinse them off.

4. Good Cook Premium Nonstick 15x10 5

Good Cook Premium Nonstick 15x10 5

A basic heavy duty kitchen set is a great gift for a college student. There are 4 baking prep and mixer bowls. The pieces are made for cleaning. It's great for crisping bacon, chicken wings, fries, chips, and more because it has a wire rack and a baking pan. The ring is rusty. It can be used to cook food away from the tray, and can also be used for drying, cooling, or glazing baked goods. The non-stick cooking sheet has a PFOA-free coating and is metal utensil safe. The cooking sheet and the baking rack are dishwasher safe and can be used in the oven. It is made with heavy duty carbon steel to resist warping and offer high quality baking for years to come.

Brand: Good Cook

👤I need a pan with a rack for my oven. The pan with rack is 15x10.5. It is not. The pan is large. The rack is small. I can't use it because of the 2 inch difference. Other pans give you a diagram showing the actual sizes. This did not happen. I have to return it because it is too large.

👤The rack coating is coming off after only two times. The non stick pan seems to be of good quality, but I only used it 2 times, so I'd like to get a replacement or a refund.

👤I like to cook bacon in the oven. I cook it on this pan at 350 degrees for 25 minutes and it comes out perfect. I put the pan in the dishwasher after pouring off the grease. If you use a spatula, you can move the bacon onto a paper towel before it cools. I have to throw it away after a few uses because the coating is coming off the rack.

👤The screen and depth made this product stand out. The first time we put it in the dishwasher it rusted. It would be fine if you washed it. We're a busy household. I need to buy an aluminum one to avoid this happening again.

👤The pan warps in the oven at a low temperature.

👤My food didn't stick, that's nice. I always add butter when I can.

👤Exactly what I was expecting. It is easy to clean and quality is good. 5

👤My husband is the self proclaimed chef of the house and he is picky about cookware. When I told him that he would hate this pan, he assumed it was because he wanted to review it. He couldn't say anything after cooking his first batches of bacon, but thanks makes it easier to cook bacon and clean it up.

👤It is easy to clean up.

5. 3 Piece Silicone GUANCI 2 Rolling Reusable

3 Piece Silicone GUANCI 2 Rolling Reusable

We back their products with a lifetime warranty. They offer the food grade Silicone for many years. The baking mat is made of reinforced fiberglass and food grade silicone. The finished baking mat won't smell or smoke under 482C, and the white fiberglass won't turn yellow after 4 hours at High Temperature 540C Vulcanization Process. The best NON-STICK baking mat is made of food grade Platinum silicone, which is anti-slip and easy to clean. A little soap and water is all you need to clean it, no scrubbing or soaking, even burnt sugar and fat falls off of it. Please dry it before you store it. The Silicone baking sheet is almost double thicker than the PASTRY mats which are too thin and soft. The kitchen bread mat is thick and hard to move as you roll out the dough. The pastry mat is double-side using. There is a kitchen mat with a size of 16 x 11-5/8" and a thickness of 0.7 MM. Silicone baking mats are heat- resistant and are suitable for dishwasher/oven/microwave oven/freezer.

Brand: Guanci

👤The baking mats look like a standard cookie sheet. I was disappointed when they arrived. The manufacturer didn't lie when they looked at the actual measurements.

👤It's not the best stuff. It was hard to clean after the first use. The mats are dark in color and feel dirty. I only use them for baking because I have to scrub them every time. I was not happy with my purchase. It's possible to go back to the original paper.

👤I was excited to bake the cookies. When I got them, I washed them and baked them. All of the smoke detectors in the house went off within 5 minutes of them being in the oven. All. Of. They are them. I have used them twice and this has happened. I had to go back to parchment paper for my hearing and now have these in a drawer. Maybe they don't go in the oven because I'm at fault. If not to bake on, what is a Silicone baking mat?

👤I thought to get some because they are much smaller than my daughter's. Smaller portions can be cooked in the microwave. They were great for our needs.

👤Will buy other sizes.

👤It's more convenient and easier to use these to bake macaroons.

👤I've bought them before, but not with the circles. They were perfect to know what size to wear. It's easy to take baked items off.

6. Meichu Non Stick Silicone Bakeware Madeleine

Meichu Non Stick Silicone Bakeware Madeleine

The Blue Muffin Pan is on the packing list. Food grade unsalted Food grade silicone is used in the baking silicone molds. You can carry the baking pans set without a sippery and roll them up for convenient storage. Non-STICK and heat-resistant are used. If you could brush some oil before using, the demolding effect would be much better. The bakeware set Silicone mold are Oven-Microwave-Freezer-Dishwasher Safe and temperature safe from -40 to +446F/ (-40 to +230C). It is easy to clean. It is easy to clean and separate the baking dish from the cake. Silicone bakeware is much easier to clean than traditional metal or aluminum bakeware, simply rinse with hot water or use the dishwasher. The mold for baking is great for doughnuts, muffin cupcakes and breads, as well as for preparing birthday cake, layer cakes, cheesecakes, coffee cake, cornbread, and more. They are great for birthday party, holiday party, or wedding and will be a hit with your guests. There is a 6-PIECE set included. The cupcake baking molds have a muffin pan, Madeleine pan, Baguette pan, toast loaf pan, round cake pan, and square cake pan.

Brand: Meichu

👤I wanted a set of bakeware that had all the pieces I needed, so I bought this one. I baked a cake and the pan did what I expected it to do. It released my cake in a smooth and easy way. I am very happy. Oh yes. My cake was golden brown too.

👤These pans were a waste of money because I can't use them. I really wanted to like these pans, but they set off my smoke detector each time I used them in the oven. I have tried them in 2 ovens, and it happened with both. I can't use them, that's the biggest issue. Other problems include 1) They were discolored after roasting vegetables. There are two more The pans are floppy and hard to remove from the oven. My muffins were easy to remove, but they were not worth the headaches of the smoke detectors in my apartment building.

👤This is the first time I have tried baking pans. So far, so good. I thought the cupcake pan would yield full size cupcakes, but other than that I am very happy.

👤It was very surprised at the quality. I got it as a gift for someone I didn't use it myself, but by just seeing it, it looks like it might be good.

👤These are really great. They are easy to clean and no more disgusting than cookie sheets. I ordered two different sets and used them all the time.

👤This set makes baking much easier for kids because all of the pans are full size.

👤They're not strong. I have to put a baking sheet underneath them so I can pull them out of the oven without making a mess. They do a good job of cleaning up.

👤As you give it a twist, Pops the food out. I haven't burned anything since I started using them. Highly recommended.

👤There is no support in this product. When full, using two hands is not feasible. Do not recommend this purchase.

👤These were not in good sizes. I returned it.

👤It was too small. It was not easy to use. I still like the traditional mental tool. Returned it.

👤This set is easy to store. Can't wait to use everything. Only used the muffin tray so far.

👤The quality is really good and I like it.

7. Silicone Nonstick Supplies Bakeware Tiramisu

Silicone Nonstick Supplies Bakeware Tiramisu

Silicone baking mats are heat resistant from -40F to 480F, making them safe for the oven, stove, microwave, and even the dishwasher. This makes it easy to clean up. They offer a 3-year extended warranty. If you get a full refund, you'll be happy. 100% food grade silicone, no worry about them breaking, fading, or getting scratched, is easy to use. The temperature is safe from -40 to 6F. tasteless, safe for oven, microwave, dishwasher, fridge, freezer. It's easy to enjoy healthier desserts with family and friends. 15pcs baking mode set, Toast pan x 1, 12 Cup muffin pan x 1, Pizza crisper x 1, Round cake pan x 1, Square cake pan x 1, 7 Hole donuts pan x 1, Tiramisu dish x 1, Bonus: Basting/Pastry brush x 1, Spreader x 1, spatula It's perfect for baking muffins, pizzas, and breads. They are great for occasions of birthday party, holiday party, or wedding.

Brand: Aschef

👤I'm loving my new baking pans. I've always been afraid to try Silicone pans, so I've never used them before. I've heard stories of them being floppy when they were filled and difficult to get into the oven. That is not the case with these. These are made with high grade silicone that is sturdy when filled. I'm enjoying using these instead of my old pans. The loaf pan and mini muffin pan are my favorite pans and are the most versatile. You can do a lot with these pans. I've made banana bread in the loaf pan and mini cheese meatloaves in the mini muffin pan. Both turned out great. Everything comes out of these pans in no time. I was surprised at how little time I spent cleaning the pans. My metal pans usually have to be soaked for a little while, but not these. It took less than 5 minutes to clean both. Wow! If it's going to save me a lot of time washing dishes, I'm sold on Silicone bakeware. The set includes 7 pans, a pastry brush, spreader spatula, small spatula, and a set of measuring spoons. This is a good set at a good price. It's worth the money. It would be a great present.

👤This is probably the most disappointing of the hundreds of orders I have placed on Amazon. The pans are not non-stick. They don't wash off in the dishwasher and require a lot of scrubbing. The muffin pan had brown spots that didn't wash off after one use. After one use, like permanent stains. It was corn muffins, baked well below the maximum temp, with no food coloring or anything. I made garlic bread with another pan, something that shouldn't stick. It left a sappy mess that won't come off in the dishwasher or after intense scrubbing. It will be difficult to scrub these pans because they are floppy. It's complete waste of money. I've never been upset with a purchase before.

👤I bought this cookware to keep our food free of aluminum foil. They are terrible. They don't clean up after turning colors. They are hard to hold when you take them out of the oven. You need a pan to hold them. My husband hates them because I do the cooking. They look messy. I wouldn't recommend this cookware to anyone. They are a waste of money.

👤trays were burned after being used. Not worth it.

👤I am very disappointed in this product. If I could, I would give 0 stars. I followed the instructions. The food on the bottom has burned and the silicone is stained. The silicone is flimsy and has no structural integrity. I almost spilled my food when I moved the pans. A pan had a peach cobbler that almost flowed over the sides when it was put in the oven. The return window is closed because I didn't cook with it right away and didn't focus on trying them right away. I spent a lot of money and now have lost it. Don't buy this item, do yourself a favor.

8. Stainless Decorating Silicone Disposable Bags 21pcs

Stainless Decorating Silicone Disposable Bags 21pcs

Is your woman a baking enthusiast? You could give her this lovely piece of jewelry. She will enjoy baking with it. This is a must-have tool for bakers. There are 8 disposable decorating bags, 1 brush, 4 Silicone Baking Cups, and 4 frosting bags ties. Cake Fans Tips are made of food grade 304stainless steel and are dishwasher safe. Their tips are 0.4mm thick, other common tips are 0.2mm thick, and the tip shape is standard. It can be used again without fear of breaking. Baking cups and frosting bags ties are Silicone. You can create many kinds of flowers and patterns on cakes, cupcakes, pies and cookies with their Cake decorating kit tools, it's also a great way to spend time with your friends and kids. WIDE APPLICATION The frosting piping kit can be used for cakes, cupcakes, pies and cookies. They can provide 18 months after-sales service and 30 days free return and replacement support. If you have a problem, you can contact them and they will solve it for you within 24 hours.

Brand: Cake Fans

👤Exactly as described by the seller.

👤There are a few bigger tips that are great for decorating cupcakes.

👤You get your money's worth with this purchase. The items are of great quality.

9. Silicone Macaron Macaroon Nonstick Coupler

Silicone Macaron Macaroon Nonstick Coupler

The baking mat is perfect for no-mess cooking and cleaning. It's a good idea to put it in the bottom of the baking tray. Food removal without waste is possible with the non stick surface of the baking mat. The baking mats can be washed by hand or washed in warm soapy water and put in the dishwasher. Save on baking sheets and pans with the Macy mat. The macaron mat is made of the highest quality food grade silicone and is designed for use in all types of ovens. The template helps you apply the right amount of batter for perfect macaroons,cookies. The food grade silicone macaron mat reduces calories in your meal and reduces intake of cholesterol,cancerogenic substances produced by cooking oils subjected to high. Improve the macaron mat and it will create fat free dishes and keep your family healthy. Save money and reduce waste by not buying expensive paper. MACARON MAT VERSITILITY&DURABLE REUSABLE- The baking options are endless with the macaron silicone mat, including sticky caramels, gooey bread, or even baked fish. You can use a pastry mat for rolling dough. Silicone baking sheets are tear resistant and can handle metal spatulas without damage. There is a 100% money-back guarantee on all of the items in their gift box. Their customers love their mats. If you are not completely satisfied, they will give you a 100% money back guarantee. You can return them anytime for a full refund. Your complete satisfaction is their priority. Their premium silicone baking mat kit is perfect for weddings andwarming parties.

Brand: Angadona

👤After my favorite bakery closed, I became interested in learning to bake at home. I tried to wing it my first few times, but I could figure it out. I decided that having a bit of specialized equipment couldn't hurt, even though they worked. This set has helped me with my consistency. The circles make it easier for me to get them the right size every time, the piping bags/tips are handy and sturdier than just clipping a corner off a ziploc bag, and overall my results end up looking more like I know what I'm doing. I would like a slightly larger round tip, but it's not that bad. It's a good value if you want to try baking these little guys more than once. I realized that I missed the size 12 tip when I made another batches. I had a slightly larger tip that I wanted in the review. I thought it did help.

👤The piling bags and tips are great. This was my first attempt at baking. People who say these cause sticking are either under baking or not letting the macaron cool all the way before removing. This kit is very good.

👤I flipped my cookie sheet upside down because I knew they weren't going to fit in my mat. It worked out perfectly. I was concerned because my first batches of macarons were sticking, but it wasn't the mat, it was because I needed to keep them in a little longer. The mats and paper are cooking. The mats will make the cooking process easier and it will be fine.

👤These mats have been helpful in helping me make macarons. It helps my baked goods to bake evenly.

👤I wanted to save money when I threw a baby shower for my friend. I wanted to try making my own food. I got a kit that would require less work because I had no idea what I was doing. The kit has everything you need to make the perfect dessert. The perfect template is provided by the silicone sheet. It is easy to clean and hold up. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to make their own macarons.

👤The kit includes 2PCS of baking mat, a half sheet baking pan, 2PCS of piping bags, 10PCS of disposable cake decorating bags, 2PCS of Silicone bag ties, and 4PCS of piping tips. I use a baking mat that is round and heart shaped, it is easy to clean, just rinse it in soapy water. We don't need to use parchment paper anymore. The cake decorating bags are thick and flexible. A slip. It's very easy to clean, like the piping tips,rust resistant, without bend out of shape,seamless welding. The picture of the open star design will be shared with you later. The couplers made it easy to switch tips. It's easy to swap out the tips. The egg divider is very effective. The rubber spatula and silicone brush is one piece design, no food will get trapped, more sanitary, and dishwasher safe, with the silicone brush. I roll it up with the bonus silicone storage snap band and keep it there. A must have for bakers. I will buy a gift for my friend.

10. Muffin Pan Silicone Brownie Molds

Muffin Pan Silicone Brownie Molds

You never miss this cupcake baking pan. Premium Silicone Pinch is a 100% food-grade silicone mold, you just make a pinch, if it turns white, it is not. Silicone muffin pans are European standards. The muffin pan set includes mini 24 cups, regular 12 cups Baking Muffin Tin and a rectangular loaf pan. You could save time and money by baking more treats. There is a multi-FUNCATION. It's great for making Egg Muffin Cakes, Tart, Bread, Mousse, Jelly, Conditioning Food, Brownie Cupcakes, Chocolate, Custard, and much more. It's safe for the oven, microwave, dishwasher, fridge, freezer. Silicone baking molds are easy to release and clean, they are tasteless, impermeable, and durable. F to 446F. To order is worry-free. You never miss a chance to enjoy healthier treats with your family and friends.

Brand: Caketime

👤Eggs were dried out and stuck to the pan when I made them last week. It took a lot to clean the pan. I wanted to throw it away. I chose these bakeware when I started researching them. 1. These don't turn white when twisting. 2. I didn't grease the cupcake pan before I added the eggs and they slid out of the pan! I was happy. It was 3. The "pan" was wiped out with a paper towel. I can't wait to use these again, they were a great purchase.

👤I am dropping my review from five stars to two. We only used these pans a few times, after having them for a few months. A white powdery mould starts growing on them when we clean them. Silicone is supposed to be antimicrobial, but it doesn't seem to be the case here. We wash each pan thoroughly with soap and hot water, and within a day the whole thing is covered in patches of white mould. These pans are going to be thrown away. Silicone muffin pans are great! I can make regular sized muffins, bite-sized muffins, or mini-loaves because I like the variety. All come out great. Push up from the bottom of the mold to pop muffins out of the tray. The mold's cups should be folded out for easier cleaning. I have only experienced one downside to my muffin mix. It's still functional. There will be a lot of use for these pans.

👤Absolutely perfect non-stick baking pans. These things are just as useful as your rear pockets. The price is correct. It's worth whatever you pay.

👤I would recommend them. They are easy to clean and they get the job done. The food doesn't cook evenly so I only give 4 stars. The cups in the middle cook more than the cups in the outside. It's not a big deal, but it's worth mentioning. It didn't occur to me that these are not hard plastic, because I've never used silicone molds before. They are floppy and bendy. I have to set them on a cookie sheet to get them out of the oven, otherwise the molds will bend and everything falls out. I won't make another mistake. Live and learn.

👤I like these bakeware a lot. I bought them because they were small enough to fit in my regular oven, but I have used them in my regular oven as well. Since receiving these, I've made many cakes and muffins. The brownies I make are rectangular. I don't have to worry about getting my bakeware out of it because I like the taste of coconut oil. I baked some oatmeal banana muffins without using any cooking spray. My little girl is having fun. I filled the bakeware with water and froze it. There were fun shaped ice cubes that popped out. The metal cookie sheet under the bakeware isn't a problem if you put it in the oven. Silicone doesn't heat up like a metal pan so it will take longer for your things to bake. Adding more time in the oven will be added when using these.

11. 10 Piece Kitchen Oven Baking Pans

10 Piece Kitchen Oven Baking Pans

The item shape is rectangular. The most popular pans are included in the real cook starter kit. It is a great gift for an aspiring chef. It includes a large roasting pan, a loaf pan, a small cookie sheet, a large cookie sheet, a round pizza pan, and a square pan. There is a variety of pans in both square and round shapes. There is a pan in here to match every dish out there. These pans are ideal for all kinds of cooking, including cooking, baking, frying, roasting, sautéing, steaming, and stir-frying. There is a safe non-STICK material with heavy-GUAGE CARBON STEEL. The baking supplies are made from top quality carbon steel and have a non-stick coating that allows food to slide on and off and eliminates the need for cooking spray. Unlike other cookware. Proper pans and utensils are what distinguishes a professional chef. The smooth metal base of these baking sheets makes them a feast for the eyes and palate. Each non-stick baking pan in this bulk set provides even heat distribution, helping your dish become a restaurant worthy delight. The collection is compatible with standard or convection ovens. The sheets are easy to use and hold handles that offer an outstanding grip when transferring from the oven to the surface. After each use, wash them with warm water or pop them into a dishwasher for easy cleaning. Store in a dry place. Blue Diamond Ceramic coating is inside and outside.

Brand: Nutrichef

👤I decided to donate my old baking pans to a relative of mine because I recently renovated my kitchen and I wanted to get a brand new set of baking pans. I've done some research online and found that the name brand products were too expensive for me. I decided to look at Amazon and see what I could find, and I found these beautiful blue with Silicone handles that were perfect for my new kitchen decor. Most other pans I was interested in was at least twice or three times more, so the price was in my budget. When I received the pans, I immediately noticed the texture and thickness of them, which is a good sign for a good pan. I didn't recognize the brand so it wasn't too high. I was so glad I bought these because I decided to give it a test the next day since I was making cookies. I decided to use one of these pans and another baking pan that I already own, and by the picture I showed, my old pan had left a lot of mess from my cookies sticking to it, but with these pans, the cookies came right off and didn't leave any mess. I decided to throw out the old pan. These pans are easy to clean. I didn't have to spray them with cooking spray and I was very pleased that they wiped so easily. I used my deep roasting pan to make bread and it came out easy to clean and the silicone handles help me hold the pans out the ovens. I have had many pans in the past and they were so thin that I got a good year or two with them. I know these pans will be used for a long time because of how well they are made. I have used these pans for about a month now and they are non sticking and will not rust. I have not seen any signs of rust. I have no idea how the handles work, but they have a smooth feel and are heat resistant, but I accidentally took the handles out of the oven and they were not even hot to handle. I knew I had the right pan set. I love how well the pizza pan fits a large frozen pizza and cooks it evenly, it's one of the reasons I like the pans. I think these pans were made for professional kitchens in restaurants because they are that good. These baking pans are the last pans you will ever need. Definitely exceeded my expectations.

👤I wanted to love these pans as the reviews were great and I've never been disappointed with a product that has such high reviews. I bought these on February 10th, 2021. One of the round cake pans was damaged when the package arrived. I contacted the company to see if I could get one cake pan, since I didn't want to send all ten pieces back for one cake pan. They told me that shipping is very delayed right now due to the Pandemic, but they would send me a new one. I never said anything because I was aware of the impact the Pandemic has had on shipping. I contacted them in June to inquire about the pan and they told me that my shipment is still in the queue and has not been shipped yet. I decided to use my flat pans while I waited for my cake pan, the main reason I bought the set. I put them in the dishwasher to see how they washed. I washed them moving forward to ensure longevity. The beautiful blue has started chipping, the blue grips have bubbled, and they have rusted, as you can see by the pics. I don't know if my well water is an issue, and I never let them sit in water, even though I washed them without submerging them in water. I take good care of my products and these pics show how they look. I contacted Amazon to see if there was anything I could do to make it better. I took a $10.28 loss, but that was more than compensated for by Amazon's generous offer of a partial refund. Reviews don't always meet expectations. I wouldn't recommend this product.


What is the best product for baking set silicone?

Baking set silicone products from Xomoo. In this article about baking set silicone you can see why people choose the product. Wepsen and Gridmann are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking set silicone.

What are the best brands for baking set silicone?

Xomoo, Wepsen and Gridmann are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking set silicone. Find the detail in this article. Good Cook, Guanci and Meichu are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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