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1. Baking Professional Nonstick Bakeware 10x15in

Baking Professional Nonstick Bakeware 10x15in

3-piece set includes 9-inch x 13-inch baking sheet, 10-inch x 15-inch baking sheet, and 11-inch x 17-inch baking sheet. Cookie sheets for baking are made of heavy duty gauge steel,resists warping,bending,even in high heat, and they are long- lasting. The battered sheets are Micro-TEXTURED. The baking sheets set includes a 9x13in small cookie sheet and a 10x15in jelly roll pan. Non-stick technology is super. Baking sheets for oven are made with a premium coating layer and a protective layer that is PFOA free. The baking sheets are safe to use in the oven. It is easy to clean. Hand wash is recommended for the nonstick surface inside and out of the cookie sheets. A long rolled edge with a high side for rimmed cookie sheets is sturdy. TILE SHEET PANS. It is possible to use non stick sheet pans for cooking as a serving tray. Once ordered, their kitchen baking pans set is guaranteed for a lifetime.

Brand: Joho Baking

👤The product buckled in the first 5 minutes in the oven. If you don't use non-stick spray, everything sticks and it doesn't clean well. Not worth the price. Very disappointed.

👤I use these pans several times a week. I was surprised that one of the pans warped after only 25 minutes. Has not been completely flattened.

👤Cookie sheets are much smaller than they appear in the photo. I'm not sure if it'sDurability, I received it today.

👤Don't buy. They can't go in the dishwasher. They rusted even though I washed and dried them. There are small pits of rust in the metal.

👤The cookie sheets are in excellent condition, but they are smaller than I expected. They are in 9x13 and 10x15 pans. They will not be put into the dishwasher. I think it's worth mentioning because I usually do mine that way. I haven't tried baking on them yet, but they look like they will do great with the raised pattern on the bottom of the pans to let heat bake from underneath.

👤There is a tiny grid pattern. There is something in there that won't be cleaned off. I used scrubs and brushes.

👤After a few uses, these pans became stained and rusted. The food stuck to the pan after the grease leaked under the paper. Will not purchase this brand again.

👤The only complaint is the size. I wish they were bigger. They are exactly as advertised.

2. HKJ Chef Stainless Toaster Rectangle

HKJ Chef Stainless Toaster Rectangle

You can contact them if you are not happy with it. After you buy it, their excellent customer service will make you very happy. The baking sheet are made of pure 18/0stainless steel, rust resistant and durable, they are a good replacement for the aluminum pan. The cookie sheet baking pan with super mirror finish, which can reduce the risk of food sticking, always stay shining and easy to release food, smooth edges and rimless design, would no cover dishwater and foster germs, healthy and safe for your daily cooking needs. The baking pans tray cookie sheet is made of 18/0 steel and is not warp or dishwasher safe. Baking tray sheets spread heat quickly and evenly. Keeping your oven neat and keeping food contained are some of the benefits of using a nonstick baking pans tray. After using the dishwasher, it can save you time and labor. Even in hand-wash, it's easy to clean up. Excellent food release and easy cleanup are what the cookies pan is for. Baking pans are versatile. Food can be heated evenly and come out perfectly on the baking sheet. Baking and cookies sheet can be used as a cookie pan or baking pan for your regular oven or a toaster oven.

Brand: Hkj Chef

👤Baking sheets are easy to clean and would be fine if not for the loud pop they make after heating the oven. If you cook chicken wings with grease, you can end up with a mess if they bend upwards on one side. At first, they bent a little. The issue has gotten worse over time. Find a better product.

👤I ordered the 12 x 10 sheet because it would fit my oven. The sheets do not fit because the edge of the sheet is at an angle. The width of the sheet is not 10in as it says. Disappointing.

👤Will try to get a run for the money. They are great and UPDATED gave them a run for their money. Very strong. If anyone says that they are non-stick, then buy some chemical coated pams. You can use non-stick items. Know how to care for your pans. We love them.

👤They are nice pan, they do pop/twist, the one does pretty bad, but they have nice high sides, so it's not too much of a problem for me. They fit great in our tiny oven and clean nice.

👤I have been looking for 10 inch pans for hours on Amazon, and I finally found some pans that said their pans were 10 inches wide, but I am going to show you this photograph that they are not. If I can get a ride toUPS, I will return the pans that were listed as false. You can't add a picture. Well of course! These pans are 10 and 1/3 inches and will not fit in a ten inch oven. I made the tray fit after applying pressure to the tray to make it fit, as it seems like these are hospital medical tools trays, not oven trays.

👤I bought them for my new oven. They are easy to clean and bend in the oven. If you need to cook something flat that could be a problem. It is fine for most of the time. If you want a quality piece, I would keep looking.

👤Excellent quality, heavy steel. I am very happy with the pans. I use them for both ovens. The perfect size for 1-2 people is small, so be sure to check the measurement before buying.

👤I bought these because I thought they were larger, but now I don't know how I would do without these cute little pans. I can fit 2 of them on one oven rack, so I use them frequently. I love these and recommend them. They are heavy duty and have been cleaning. They are allowed to store it.

3. Elbee Patented Storage Nonstick Bakeware

Elbee Patented Storage Nonstick Bakeware

The space saving baking set includes everything you need for your kitchen, one large roasting pan and 8 in. baking. There are two muffin pans, a square cake tin, and an oven tray. There are cake tins and an oven tray. This all-in-one baking set is a good start to your baking ambitions. You won't have to look for missing baking pans again because all the pieces fit into a single box. Everything in the Space Saving Baking Set is made of aluminum coated carbon steel and are dishwasher safe, rust-proof, and up to 400 degrees. The perfect gift for any young couple's wedding registry, anyone moving into a new apartment or home, or anyone who has a passion for baking.

Brand: Elbee

👤These rust so bad that it's easy to clean off hand washing. A stream of rust pours out after you wash them out of the dishwasher.

👤The large flat pan has been used twice by me. The first time, it started to rust. I've never put it in the dishwasher. I was trying to remove it from the oven when it folded. These pans are flimsy. If I could, I would return them. The surface was not hard. That's all.

👤These pans are okay. Its non-greasy. The bottom of the pans burns easily because it is not made of the good non-stick material. I only used them once and will post an update after a lot of use. I am not excited about them.

👤We live in an urban area and we don't have a lot of space. The way these stack and disappear in our oven drawer is amazing. Baking utensils are high quality. Very happy.

👤Used twice and burned on 350.

👤For the last five years my wife has been complaining about the lack of cabinet space. She's happy now! I'm happy! She loves her new bakeware and I am enjoying more delicious treats as she tests each piece. Her acclimates thus far have included heavy duty, non-stick, easy clean and more. We bought a set of pots and pans. After disposing of her old cookware, she now has enough space to put her new cookware in her cabinet. You could offer a coupon for a gym membership with your product. It's funny.

👤I was expecting a bigger set of compacts, but they were a bit smaller than I was expecting. The non-stick has allowed for a very easy clean up.

👤Excellent quality for the price. Not heavy but not flimsy. When I cut pies or cakes, I will use things that don't scratch. I like that way with my cookware. I wish it had a loaf pan.

4. Chicago Metallic Commercial Non Stick 9 5 Inch

Chicago Metallic Commercial Non Stick 9 5 Inch%C2%9D

PFOA is made in the USA from globallysourced materials. It's possible to make multi-dishes. The Chicago Metallic Non-Stick Baking Sheet is perfect for all types of baking. You can bake a variety of items, including bars, cookies, and one-sheet pan meals. Continuation of heat distribution. The baking sheet is made from heavy-weight aluminized steel to evenly distribute weight and heat for consistent baking results. It's suitable for all oven types. The Commercial II Non-stick bakeware has an exclusive grade of dual-layer, diamond-quality finish. The non-stick coating is easy to clean up. The perfect size is the baking sheet. The wire rod reinforced rim is on the sheet. The outer dimensions are 13 x 9 x 1 and the inner dimensions are 12 x 8 x 1. Space storage. This non-stick baking sheet is easy to store and can be stacked within other baking sheets, making it a great space saver. The baking sheet is dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean up, but hand washing is recommended to prolong product life.

Brand: Chicago Metallic

👤These pans are very strong. I burned the bottom of my pizza due to having to cook it at a high temperature after my other baking sheets warped under the heat. I made my pizza dough after I ordered 2 of these on Prime. My pans were on the way when my pizza dough was rising in the fridge. The pans were so heavy and thick that I could feel their quality immediately. I bought nore of these pans in other styles because my pizza came out perfect. The thickness of the pan holds its shape, so they don't warp under the heat.

👤Over the years, I have purchased several of these and have been very pleased with them. It's really easy for my kids to use the oven because they use it so much. We have had to replace them because of misuse. They are wonderful pans. I accidentally ordered the regular pan from Chicago Metallic when I replaced this. After the first wash, I had to throw it away because it was completely oxidation. These pans can go through the dishwasher on a constant basis and never oxidize. They are wonderful.

👤I agree with many of the other reviewers that these are thick pans. They are great from that perspective. They are not non-stick. The food sticks are what I use to cook with. Every time. I threw out a set of similar pans because they were not non-stick, but I bought pans that claim to be non-stick, and most definitely are not. I have worked with these pans for over a year now, so I know them well, but I am going to have to try another brand in order to find a non-stick pan.

👤I was surprised at how heavy the pan was when I pulled it out. I bought this because of the claim that it doesn't warp at high oven temperatures, which my other pans do. I had no problems cooking at 450 degrees yesterday. Some reviewers complain that the finish isn't non-stick. If you scratch it with metal utensils or wash it with soap, that will compromise the finish. The finish is peeling off. It can happen if you wash it in the dishwasher or use harsh pads. I saw a couple of customer images that looked like that. 5 stars for now, it seems to be a high-quality pan. I will update the review and rating if there are any future problems.

👤I own a Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven 1800-Watt Convection Toaster Oven that I think is the best quality and built in the world, but I also own other accessories that will fit inside the oven, which is why I think it's the best. I wanted to buy something that I could use to make cookies. The 13 inch pizza plate and boilerplate that came with the oven did not come with a cookie sheet, so it was difficult to find one that would fit in the interior of the oven without being too large. This is my first purchase from the manufacturer of this pan. I am very pleased with the thickness of the pan and its heavy weight, but I have not had a chance to try out the coating that the manufacturer uses, but if it is half as strong as the pan itself, I will definitely buy it. I was happy to find pre-cut cookie baking paper that fits this pan almost perfectly, and I also purchased Reynolds Kitchens Cookie Baking Parchment Paper Sheets (SmartGrid, Non-Stick, 22 Sheets) per box, which are precut at 12” x 16” sheets. I will update my review if I find that the pan has any problems in the future, like the coating coming off or not working correctly. I hope this helps someone make an informed purchase decision. Don B., best regards from Kenai, Alaska.

5. Metal Products Company ProBake Nonstick

Metal Products Company ProBake Nonstick

There areTILE COOKIE SHEETS. Non stick cooking sheet for oven is perfect for baking, cookies,biscuits, other desserts,sheet pan dinners, even use as serving tray. Their kitchen baking pans are guaranteed for a lifetime. It is possible to maintain confidentiality. The ProBake Nonstick Medium Cookie Pan can be used for a variety of baking functions from baking batches of cookies to making sheet pan dinners. The ProBake Nonstick Medium Cookie Pan is coated with a Teflon Xtra finish that is designed for high performance making it an ideal pan to endure the wear and tear of everyday use. The release chemistry is superior. There is no need for grease, cooking sprays, or costly paper liners. Cleanup is quick and easy because food will release easily and there is no sticky mess. The steel construction isdurable. The pan is made with professional weight steel and has no hot spots for baking. Quality Assurance: The ProBake Nonstick Medium Cookie Pan is backed by a 10-year limited warranty.

Brand: G & S Metal Products Company

👤Those of us with smaller ovens are very sensitive to the measurement. I came within a hair of having to return the cookie sheet because it was too long. I have to cook with the sheet pushed and slanted by the closing of the oven door because my oven can only handle 17 and 17.5" I need two cookie sheets next to one another in the oven so I can bake two sets of mini loaves at the same time, so the "lengthwise" or longest part of the cookie sheet goes from the back of the oven to the front. The seller should give the full lengths and width of the item, since they are a good price.

👤It is bigger, heavier, and thicker than I had thought. The pan was in my oven when it warped. I heard a loud noise and looked at it and it was warped and asymmetrical. It is a decent sheet pan for the price, but it is not perfect. It weighs around 2 lbs. It is also non-stick and I like to use foil, but when you wash it you can feel it slide.

👤The pan warps badly when heated much higher than 350 degrees, but it flattens out quite well when cooled.

👤I'm giving this five stars because a lot of other reviewers had bad things to say about this product. I've used it at 450 several times without any issues. Maybe they have improved the product. Inexpensive and getting the job done gets five stars from me.

👤I don't know if the item was sent the wrong way. The actual measurements are not listed and are useless for the purpose of my counter top oven.

👤I was looking for something that was sturdy and not too large. It is easy to clean and resistant to high heat. The price is a plus.

👤I know what I'm talking about. You get what you pay for. I roasted some vegetables in the oven. The vegetables were crowded to one spot because the baking sheet twisted so badly. The recipe says to give the veggies plenty of space. I think I will use it to catch drips. Very disappointed.

👤As described. I use this pair to open my bees' food supply. I put a brick in the middle of the water filled one and then put the second on top of it. ants can't get to the sugar syrup and pollen. These two worked out as I did.

6. Baking Carbon Toaster Replacement Heavy Gauge

Baking Carbon Toaster Replacement Heavy Gauge

Stackable design. The professional non stick baking set has a space-saving design for convenient storage. It is compatible with both standard and convection ovens. It's suitable for oven, refrigerator and freezer. Their small cookie sheet is made from high-quality food safe carbon steel. The material is easy to clean. It's ideal for one-person dinners, bars, and cookies, but can also be used to make one-person pan meals, roast vegetables, and reheat leftovers. The small baking tray is ideal for a pan that needs to be replaced. The perfect kit gives you options of toasting in one and baking in the other. If you have two replacement trays, this is useful. It is safe to wash dishes. The small metal baking sheet is easy to clean. Run through the dishwasher or rinse under water. This will save you time in the kitchen. Service is what it is. You can contact them if you're not happy with it. After you buy it, their excellent customer service will make you very happy.

Brand: Walooza

👤I used these to cook in my Instant Vortex Air Fryer. They fit nicely on the rack, but are actually sheets so I can make stuff like bread sticks and focaccia. It's nice to be able to make something special for the two of us, even if we only have two of us in the house. The pans are perfect. The thickness is very thin and they heat very evenly. It was nice and nice.

👤The tray was used to hold food in my oven. The original tray was square. The replacement is rectangular. It is easy to clean. I wash my hands and dry them. Put it back in the oven and heat for a minute. No rust has been experienced so far.

👤The first one was too big. These are easy to clean. You loose the bottom of biscuits and cinnamon rolls if you use Pam. I like these better than the one that came with the oven. They don't stain from the spray because of the coating.

👤These were purchased for use in the oven. I use the oven a lot. I haven't had this set in a while. They were stained at 350 degrees. To get off food marks, you have to use an abrasive. Good non stick pans should be able to be cleaned with hot water and a sponge or cloth. I apologize for wasting my money. It's $12.00 right now.

👤How did I make meals without these pans? I use many ways. Baking crescent rolls, cookies, roasted asparagus, string beans, and much more. I reach for one or both pans a lot.

👤Even though they have a no-stick coating, I put a piece of tin foil in them to cook fish or anything else. I don't need to clean the tin foil after the food is cooked. After they cool down, put them in the kitchen drawer. They never accumulate the grease spots.

👤I didn't measure the oven because I was surprised by the size. This was a good mistake. If I want a smaller serving size of french fries, I can only use one of the two pans inside the oven. Good quality so far.

👤It is easy to use and clean. It is very sturdy and perfect for small portions. It's perfect for our regular oven as well as our toaster oven.

7. KnmyLife Baking Stainless TrayToaster Dishwasher

KnmyLife Baking Stainless TrayToaster Dishwasher

If you want the best results, wash with soft cleaning rag and neutral detergent and dry the water before use. They are always at your service if you have any questions about the product. Premium is made of high-quality pure 18/0stainless steel, rust resistant and durable, without chemical coating or any other materials. Can replace the pan. No aluminum in your food is safe. It isdurable: The baking pan is heavy-duty and not easy to bend. A high-quality baking pan can be used for a long time and will not rust over time. The baking sheet is a small oven pan with a rectangular size that can prevent juice and sauce from spilling into the oven. It's for most small household ovens. It is easy to clean. The small oven tray can be easily released and cleaned with the smooth mirror finish. It can be cleaned by hand. Warm family chefs need a baking tray. If you put their baking pan in the dishwasher, you can save time and manpower, and it will make it easier for you to focus on cooking delicious food.

Brand: Knmylife

👤I bake burgers for one person. The roasting pan that came with the oven range was just right. The aluminum pan that smokes up the house every time has become non- cleanable. Take care.

8. Stainless Toaster Rectangle Dishwasher KnmyLife

Stainless Toaster Rectangle Dishwasher KnmyLife

Pizza pans are great for baking pastry, pizza, cake, sandwiches, sausage, patties, steak and more foods, so you can have a taste of these delicious food easily and conveniently. The small baking sheet is made of high-quality pure 18/0 steel, without chemical coating or any other materials. Can replace the pan. The perfect cooking combo is here. The rectangular size of the baking sheet is 9.3 x 7 x 1 and it's width is 8 x 1 inches. It works most small household toaster ovens. The small baking tray is not easy to bend and sturdy for a long service life. The surface of the baking sheet is designed with a mirror in order to reduce food adhesion. The edge is smooth to avoid scratching fingers. It is easy to clean. The smooth mirror finish makes it easy to release the baking tray. It can be cleaned by hand. It is easy to clean and safe to use the dishwasher.

Brand: Knmylife

👤It's a perfect size to hold a small casserole dish. It's perfect for a small serving of fries. Good size for two people.

👤I put them on the rack in the oven for individual items. Good quality. Will edit if opinion changes.

👤The items were damaged before they were packed.

👤It works well in my oven. I like these.

9. Baking Nonstick Walooza Replacement Toaster

Baking Nonstick Walooza Replacement Toaster

This sheet is the perfect size for almost any recipe, and the design is so sleek that you can use it for its intended purpose as a baking sheet, or even as a serving tray. The Shrink Kit includes 2 baking sheets, perfect for your regular oven and toaster oven. The set of two gives you the option of toasting in one and baking in the other. Walooza heavy gauge steel baking sheet is a great replacement for aluminum pans. No toxic chemical coating or other materials. It is resistant to rust and durable. These pans are thicker than normal thick products and have a thickness of 0.8 MM. With deep full sides 1 inch all around to hold more food and roll edges with no sharp spot, the parallel lines are dense to keep food from falling through anywhere. The baking sheets are easy to clean. Run through the dishwasher or rinse under water. After you buy it, you will get Excellent Customer Service. Please let them know if you are not happy with its construction or performance.

Brand: Walooza

👤This is a very good product. It is sturdy, heavy metal and fits my oven well. Good quality for the price. It off-gassed a horrible chemical smell the first few times I used it. Wow, disgusting. It is warm enough to open all the windows for a few hours, so make sure you use it first. Otherwise... When a poor kid threw up in the cafeteria, the maintenance staff threw some powdery stuff to soak it up. That smell.

👤This pan is a good size for an oven, microwave, or toaster oven. The copper color is striking. They are made from heavy gauge steel. Cleaning is their only weakness. One pan developed streaks from an unknown source, I had a few items that needed to be removed with a plastic scraper. I am very happy with these pans and would purchase them again if I needed more.

👤I was a little worried about the rose-gold coating when I bought these, but they were the cheapest baking sheets at the time in a size that fits in my oven. I decided to chance it. I've used one of the two trays at least 25 times since purchasing, and it still looks brand new. Really impressed with the quality. There are some small marks on the underside of the oven grate, but they are fine lines and don't show any signs of chipping. There is no stain on the thing yet. Would definitely recommend.

👤The baking sheets fit perfectly in my oven. The gold non-stick has performed as expected so far. I have baked cookies many times and they always turn brown on the bottom of the sheet. I baked a pot pie. The filling bubbled over onto the sheet and was completely burned by the time the pot pie was done. I put some water on the sheet and let it soak for a while, and the burned filling lifted off with no effort. Yes, non-stick! I cooked bacon. The gold non-stick is typical of the sheet that was slightly discolored. The slices didn't stick at all and the discoloration faded with use. I'm happy that these have a clean surface. Several name-brand manufacturers have gone to putting an logo on the baking surface of their sheets, which is a complete deal-breaker for me. I docked one star because of the warp in my sheets. I haven't had anything move on the sheet when it happens. It doesn't bother me. The gold coating on these sheets behaves the same as other gold non-stick I own. If you don't know how to treat them, you should read about it. One reviewer mentioned something on her sheet. You can't use cooking spray with propellants or flavorings on gold non-stick. It will leave a mark. You can't use sprays that are not oil. I do a lot of cooking and baking and am completely satisfied with this purchase.

👤The pans fit perfectly in my air fryer. They are not non-stick. The first couple of uses were ok, but within a week everything was sticking. I always hand wash my non-stick cookware, I don't touch them with metal, and I don't put them in the dishwasher. They're hard to clean. I'll use them for a while, but I will definitely look for another brand to replace them.

10. Nonstick Baking Sheets Silicone Handles

Nonstick Baking Sheets Silicone Handles

Baking pans are versatile. Food can be heated evenly and come out perfectly on the baking sheet. Baking and cookies sheet can be used as a cookie pan or baking pan for your regular oven or a toaster oven. Baking sheet - bake with ease: Prepare your favorite desserts and staple dishes the convenient way with their kitchen essentials. You can get 3 non-stick baking pans with each cookie sheet set. Their baking sheet set is made from carbon steel and non-stick grey and can stay with you for many years. They are guaranteed to be oven-safe up to 490 F. Baking sheets are designed to delight you, and are available in a set of three. Silicone handles make them easy and safe to handle. Baking pans are a great gift for bakers. It comes in a gift- ready packaging that is both stylish and sturdy. Their baking tray sheet pan pack is 100% risk-free and designed to make meal preparation a more delightful experience for you. Contact them if not.

Brand: Benicci

👤Silicone handles will be helpful, I love these baking sheets. I need pans to replace my baking sheets. They have other goodies on the website. I'm always looking to support local and small businesses, I was unaware this was a family owned business.

👤I was happy to find it on Amazon, and I was also happy to know that the items in the oven are from a small family.

👤These sheets are very nice. They're easy to clean. I have only had them a short time, so I can't vouch for their longevity, but they seem to be well-made.

👤The dents were there before I used them. It looks tacky since I just bought these. The rest of my review was well packaged. There are dents in the large tray in the Amazon box. I will post pictures of them because they look new but have dents in the bottom of the tray. I might return them. The red handles are as hot as the tray. This is a false advertisement. I had my oven at 350 and these Silicone handles are hot. It's ridiculous. The stars are false advertising and the trays are damaged. I want to love them.

👤The handles are easy to clean. One came out of the oven, but they are a bit thin. After cooling down, it might be heat related due to the material. It could be problematic to be cautious with what you are baking. The small one was the only one I had that problem with. I really like them.

👤I was very excited to find a set of non-stick baking sheets that were affordable. I didn't know this was a small family owned business until I saw the postcard insert in the package. When I tried to wipe it off with Dawn, warm water, and a soft plastic bristled brush, the non-stick coating began to wipe off with it. I didn't think I needed to spray it with Pam. The non-stick coating is a good purchase, but it will not last very long. A customer service representative apologized to me after I posted the review. They offered to send me a new product or give me a refund, and I received one. I have adjusted my review from 3 to 4 stars because of the concern they had.

👤I like the handles. It's easier to get the sheets out of the oven. I use the old ones since I am not the only one who cooks, but the newer ones don't get the papers since some people can't follow directions. I recycled my old ones.

👤This is a nice set of pans. The diversity of sizes is the main reason I chose this set. I have more opportunities to bake multiple pans of something at the same time with 3 different sizes. I can use the smallest pan in the RV oven. I love this set.

11. CrockerSet Non Stick Cookie Baking Sheets

CrockerSet Non Stick Cookie Baking Sheets

The cookie sheets are 1-15.25 x 10.25 in. There are 38.7 x 26 cm and 11.75 x 11 in. The pans are 44 x 29.2 cm. There is a 5-year warranty. The set of 3 baking sheets. The Nifty baking set comes with three cookie sheets to bake your favorite foods. Handling them is simple because they have 4-sided great grip edges. Kitchen supplies are made to endure all your baking fun or cooking. They can be baked up to 500 degrees and still be exactly how you want them. The dishwasher is safe. You can clean these baking sheets after cooking. The non-stick coating on the pan's top makes it easy to clean, either by hand or the dishwasher. DIMENSIONS The bakeware set comes with three sheets of carbon steel to be used for all your baking jobs. The large is 17 inches x 11.5 inches, medium is 14 inches x 10 inches, and the small is 13 inches x 8.5 inches. A high quality product. Nifty Solutions has high-quality and practical products. Baking sheets are made to last and are easy to clean.

Brand: Nifty Solutions

👤I had these sheet pans for less than six months. I love the 3 sizes but the sheet pan I pulled out of the oven was peeling off and bubbled up. It was on a normal temp, not under the broiler or on an open flame area. I will have to throw them out to prevent a hazard to our food. Don't waste your time on these.

👤I decided to get a pack of different sizes of baking sheets. I think they are good for the price, but I don't think they will last as long as the ones I replaced with. Rust ran out of the edges of the dishwasher after the first run. I have to wash them. It's not a big deal since I have to wash my cookware. You can see where I've baked previous things on the surface of one of the pans, even though it hasn't had anything stick it yet. The other two haven't shown that yet. They're easy to wash and handle, they're decent for the price, and they're easy to get out of the oven. I don't think they will last for a long time. If you don't bake a lot, they're still a good buy for all 3 of them.

👤The Good Cook brand was very worn and I ordered these to replace it. These were advertised as the same size as my previous ones, but they were a bit smaller on the cooking surface. No biggy at all. They were thinner, but not bad. I've used them 3 times to keep them newer looking, but the coating is peeling off. I used them for a temp of 350. I wouldn't order again because they weren't very expensive, but not a huge loss.

👤I thought they were too small, but I use the smallest one the most. A handy little person.

👤We bought these in addition to the silicone baking mats to replace some very old cookie sheet pans. The mats are made of Silicone and they keep them from getting messy but I like the sizes and they have served us well in the short time we've used them.

👤I like having a set of lightweight pans for heating up frozen rolls or veggies or putting smaller baking dishes on to make them easier to move, but I have a pair of heavy duty pans that I use for more serious baking/ cooking. I like the sizes included in this set. They're light but not cheap. The rim goes all the way around. I can grab the pan from any side. I haven't seen any wear on them after several months.

👤A nice set of sheets. All my pans are easy to clean because I use Silicone baking mats. These are good quality.

👤These are the right size to fit in my small oven. They are dishwasher safe. The set of 3 has a great value.


What is the best product for baking sheets small?

Baking sheets small products from Joho Baking. In this article about baking sheets small you can see why people choose the product. Hkj Chef and Elbee are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking sheets small.

What are the best brands for baking sheets small?

Joho Baking, Hkj Chef and Elbee are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking sheets small. Find the detail in this article. Chicago Metallic, G & S Metal Products Company and Walooza are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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