Best Baking Soda Bulk 10 Lb

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1. Arm Hammer 33200 01670 Baking Shaker

Arm Hammer 33200 01670 Baking Shaker

Baking soda has the gentle scrubbing power of a hammer. The container is water resistant. It's ideal for areas with high levels of water. Arm & Hammer baking soda has a gentle scrubbing power. The country of origin is the United States.

Brand: Arm & Hammer

👤I ordered this at a 12 pack. The buyer should beware.

👤Baking soda is used to wash fruits and vegetables. The action is very effective in removing dirt. The plastic container is easy to use and doesn't get damaged when wet. I use the other cardboard box style at the sink.

👤I put an open can in the door of my fridge to absorb odors. There was no spillage or messy boxes. It's easy to mix with vinegar to clean sinks, tub, and showers.

👤Baking soda can be used in the bathroom and traveling. It is similar to cardboard box baking soda, but it is more expensive. White powder leaking in luggage or in an un labeled storage container is not something the TSA would like.

👤The bottles are small. It is easy to use when cleaning. Don't hesitate to buy.

👤It is a good idea to use this every day with toothpaste. I love it! Love the dental check ups as a result.

👤These are the most convenient. As we purchased them, they were cheaper in bulk. They are used for everything. Laundry, refrigerator, and cleaning. One is under every cabinet.

👤The containers were nice but not cheap. I buy bulk baking soda. I will be buying again since my s/o and kids have a habit of trashing them.

2. Nutricost Baking Soda LBS Deodorizing

Nutricost Baking Soda LBS Deodorizing

Baking soda is 5 pounds per bottle. Baking can be done with this high quality powder. Even Toothpaste! It's a great place to deodorize - try the fridge, garbage cans, carpets and more. Use for cleaning include pools, kitchen sinks, pots and pans, bathroom Tubs, and much more. Third party tested for sgma and sgma-free.

Brand: Nutricost

👤I paid $19 for 5 pounds of baking soda, but I didn't think about it. I bought it from the store for four bucks.

👤It's cheaper than the granular, but took care of my needs.

👤I was very disappointed that the lid couldn't be removed.

3. Arm Hammer Fridge N Freezer Baking Ounce

Arm Hammer Fridge N Freezer Baking Ounce

A box of Baking Soda Fridge-n-Freezer Odor Absorber. FLO-thru technology The only baking soda brand that has dual panel vent for maximum odor control. It helps food in the fridge or freezer taste better by absorbing and deodorizing food odors. Each month, use a box to help food taste fresh, one for the fridge and one for the freezer. America. No.1 trusted baking soda brand. Pure and natural.

Brand: Arm & Hammer

👤I got 10 of them for a good price when I bought them. The seller has gone crazy and decided that this stuff is the new gold so they are charging a ridiculous amount. Put them on a watch list until the seller comes to their senses, if you can't go to WalMart for a few of these. They work well, but they are not worth much. It's funny.

👤I thought it was one box and the price was high. I figured I would give it a try. The design was great and the boxes were huge. My new dilemma is where to store it. It's funny.

👤I use baking soda to wash my hair. I had to buy some online because there wasn't any baking soda in the stores. The baking soda was a good price for where I live. The box says it's not for baking. I didn't buy it for that purpose, so that's not a problem for me.

👤I decided to buy the twelve boxes because I have used this style of box before in my fridge and freezer and liked it. There were only four boxes of baking soda in the package I received. The market sells four boxes of baking soda for just 99 cents, but the fancy box costs $20 at the store. I read the description right, but they only sent four boxes, so I re-read it. I will start a ticket because I figured we all make mistakes. Maybe they will send out the missing boxes. I will be responsible for return shipping and a restocking fee, even though I have been approved for a return. I don't know why I should be charged for an error in shipping or an inaccurate product description, it's just poor customer service. This box is neat. I can't recommend this seller.

👤Baking soda is a high-pH powder that is used to release carbon dioxide gas into chocolate chip cookies so that they are fluffy rather than flat. This product! It doesn't have an opening for the spoon. When this exposed box is put into your refrigerator, the smells don't check out, because the cloth mesh on both sides has come off. I don't know if it's the carbon dioxide or the pure white perfection of the inner powder, but this is really handy when you forget about that brief stint into taxidermy back in 2004. It is amazing.

👤I've been using Arm & Hammer packs for a long time. I tore open the top lid of their regular boxes. I think they work to reduce odors in my freezer and refrigerator, and I recommend them. If you've never used them, they are much easier to use than a regular box, and a lot less messy, because no baking soda is ever lose to spill out. You just tear the box apart, revealing the mesh underneath that keeps the baking soda completely contained, and place it in your refrigerator or freezer. If you have a fresh box of baking soda around, you can use it to bake. The 12-pack of these costs about the same as the $1 box at Target, but you can get them for $10 on Amazon. I don't have to worry about it for a few months because these are delivered right to me. It takes a bit more pantry space, but not as much as they are. I recommend these for the price.

4. Arm Hammer Pure Baking Soda

Arm Hammer Pure Baking Soda

A gentle cleaner. Environmentally sensible. It's safe for baking, cleaning, laundry and pools.

Brand: Arm & Hammer

👤I use this product in so many ways, from brushing my teeth, to scrubbing floors, to washing laundry, to soaking tired feet, to taking all of the dry skin off. People don't know how many ways you can use baking soda.

👤The box is heavy so I love home delivery. Baking soda is in my kitty litter box.

👤I am responsible for overpaying for this product. Save yourself the embarrassment and buy 2 / 13.5#'s for less than I spent. Never again!

👤Needed for the upkeep of our pool.

👤The package was large. The product is used for the pool.

👤It is easy to use and handle packages.

👤I bought this by a recommendation of a house wife friend, I love it.

5. ARM Hammer BKG SODA 13 5

ARM Hammer BKG SODA 13 5

Cleans sinks, countertops, microwaves, fridges, pots and pans, toilets, pools, laundry and more. Grease, waste receptacle, and drain should be sprinkled to eliminate odors. The country of manufacture is the United States.

Brand: Arm & Hammer

👤I don't know how this is possible, because the baking soda in my bag was completely clumped up, and it was supposed to be pure sodium bicarbonate. jabbing at the clumps won't break them up. It's very frustrating. My bag is hard to carry. How did this happen? My best guess is that something made it into the manufacturing process. How do you misplace NaHCO3?

👤The product is hard as a brick. I went to Amazon to return the item and it was nonreturnable. $17 We have something we can't use. Don't buy this product online. We wasted $17.

👤I used this in my laundry for a long time. When you put your laundry in the machine, add it. Add equal parts of water and peroxide. This will remove the stains and smell them out. I like to wash my sneakers with this. They will be clean and clean. As your feet get hot, lots of time detergents leave a scent.

👤I bought this large bag of baking soda to change the alkalinity of my pool. This is more cost effective than buying "alkalinity" from a pool store. There's no need to pay a higher price for something you can buy in bulk from here, because there's no pool alkalinity increases that need to be paid for. Why pay $30 for 10lb of baking soda from a pool store when you can get 13lb of baking soda for $20? That's just throwing money away.

👤I needed a large bulk buy of baking soda. This was a good purchase. People complain about clumps. It's silly to complain about clumps breaking apart when they are normal. You buy this consistency and it can happen with salt or something else. Baking soda is fine for all of the things it is used for.

👤It works well for my litter box. I don't notice an odor and my cats like it. I sprinkle it around and it lasts a long time as I don't need much per sprinkle.

👤Baking soda is a beverage. I use the larger bags for my goats. It helps prevent Bloat. The shipping was fast and the price was good.

👤I used it to clean the house. My family has a tradition of using Arm & Hammer. It's the secret of putting g in the fridge. My dad used to brush his teeth with it. It's easy because it's powerful. There are blessings.

6. Nutricost Baking Soda LBS Deodorizing

Nutricost Baking Soda LBS Deodorizing

Baking soda has 2 pounds of it per bottle. Baking can be done with this high quality powder. Even Toothpaste! It's a great place to deodorize - try the fridge, garbage cans, carpets and more. Use for cleaning include pools, kitchen sinks, pots and pans, bathroom Tubs, and much more. Third party tested for sgma and sgma-free.

Brand: Nutricost

👤I don't leave reviews but I can't open this thing. I tried everything. I sliced my finger open. Baking soda shouldn't be hard to open. It's ridiculous.

👤Baking soda has a smooth texture and is less salty than the other ones.

7. Arm Hammer 01110 Baking Soda

Arm Hammer 01110 Baking Soda

Pure Bakig Soda 1 Lb is 454g. America's #1 brand of baking soda.

Brand: Arm & Hammer

👤Only one box arrived. 12 for a box of baking soda.

👤You can buy a box of baking soad for less than $2 at the supermarket. It was a rip-off.

8. Pounds Arm Hammer Baking Total

Pounds Arm Hammer Baking Total

There are two huge bags per order. The net weight is 13 pounds per bag. The total amount of 27 pounds. America's #1 brand of baking soda. The ingredient is Sodium Bicarbonate. It's great for pool maintenance, laundry, scratch-less cleaning, household deodorizing.

Brand: Arm & Hammer

👤The product was received like this, with one bag spilling to the bottom of a box retapped multiple times, and not being eligible for return exchange or refund value, paid too much would have been unacceptable.

👤Baking soda is one of the mostunderappreciated items in the world, it is so versatile from your kitchen to your fridge raider cleaning countertops of the top of a non-scratched stove in your bathtub in your laundry and one simple product the basic product will do all of these things. He recommend this packaging and it was a great deal.

👤A very inexpensive and easy fix for killing moss on my roof is to plant pachysandra under the roof. Sprinkled some on the heavier covered areas. I have a solution to roof moss.

👤If you have a membership at Sam's club, you can buy it. It would be much cheaper.

👤After a hard rain and a fresh fill, I dumped 5 lbs in my pool. It was where I wanted it to be. I can't ask a product to do what it's supposed to do.

👤I work in a battery R&D lab. Acid spills. We have a proper acid neutralizer on hand, but we bought this to also use and it works great, especially for spills in areas we don't want to add more liquid to.

👤Baking soda is simple and pure. It's cheaper than name brand chemicals for pools, and it's chemically identical.

👤This can be used for many things. No need for dryer sheets. It's a soft scrub and there's no smell for those with allergies. No streaks are allowed, rinses off without them.


👤12 kilogram.

👤It is all around used.

9. Fridge N Freezer Pack Baking Unscented Powder

Fridge N Freezer Pack Baking Unscented Powder

It helps food retain its taste. A cloth filter prevents spills. Environmentally safe.

Brand: Arm & Hammer

👤Everyone should have a fridge and freezer.

👤The product removed odors from my fridge.

10. Sodium Bicarbonate Eco Friendly Packaging Pharmaceutical

Sodium Bicarbonate Eco Friendly Packaging Pharmaceutical

It's great for cooking, baking, and cleaning. Freshens air in the kitchen. Can help with indigestion. Use aluminum-free to make bath bombs or whiten laundry. 100% pure: never any added or altered.

Brand: Pure Organic Ingredients

👤I love this product for baths and it reduces the body's acid burden. I would choose the brand of Molasses + Baking Soda over the mainstream brand if I had the choice. I believe Molasses + Baking Soda can be effective because it increases the core metabolism and also alkalizes the terrain. I've been looking at human health as it relates to physics since I got sick 10 years ago. If we are behind time and too dense, we can't use copper and iron for electricity and magnetism. We accumulate copper in our tissues when we are too dense. Iron accumulates in our tissues in a form that is not magnetic. If you're interested, there's more at Welcome to Heaven dot com. It's a good thing.

👤I drink at least 2 glasses of water with organic lemon juice a day. I used to use Arm and Hammer. What a difference. This is a great product.

👤My family has gout, arthritis and inflammatory conditions. Over the last 3-4 years, I've had a few gout flare ups but usually they are few and far in between but recently they have started attacking with a vengeance. The one thing that is related to me is acidity and heart burn. My joint issues are related to my heart burn. I started trying to bring some balance to my acidity after reading a lot, and I include some things like salt and cherry juice. I used the classic arm and hammer but it was not great and didn't taste great. I decided to give this brand a try. If only for the taste, this is a winner. It reminds me of the hard well water that we had growing up. I take 1/6 of a cup of tea in the morning and one in the evening before I go to sleep. I've increased my water intake. I've been turning the corner. I look forward to drinking my 16oz of water mixed with a serving of this sodium bicarbonate instead of avoiding it because I feel better. 5/5

👤I have a lot of chemical sensitivities. I'm sensitive to many odors, but I'm also bothered by cleaning chemicals. Baking soda is often used as a non-noxious cleaner, and also to absorb smells in certain circumstances, and it's important that the baking soda be pure, and not already full of absorbed volatiles! The packaging on almost all baking soda is not adequate, and allows smells and VOCs to get absorbed by the baking soda. Baking soda is often stored near laundry or other cleaning products in stores and warehouses, so it has even easier access to noxious fumes. I've purchased almost every container of baking soda I've ever seen, and almost every container has been full of stinky, bad, and useless baking soda. Except this one. There is a secret in the packaging. The bag this product comes in is made from paper and foil and has a strong, reliable opening. The metallized interior acts as a barrier to the smells and fumes of its surroundings. The baking soda arrived scentless and pure, as I am very careful about the way I seal the top, and it has stayed that way. I had this happen with one bag, and I should note that the exterior of the package could still bother you, depending on the ambient conditions. I put some of the powder into a clean ball glass quart jar with a cleaned canning-jar seal lid and added some tyvek-packaged silica gel packets as a backup in case the bag seal fails. The metallized foil interior is still worth it to protect it from baking soda odors. Is it expensive per pound? Yes. The metallized foil packaging makes it worth it if you really want to get baking soda that is pure and doesn't stink. Baking soda is denser than you think, and you will be surprised at how small this bag is. It's worth it. The Pure Organic line of products are packaged in paper bags and all of them have been metallized, too.

11. ARM HAMMER Baking Soda POUND


For over 170 years, the solution is versatile, effective and affordable. Baking, cleaning, deodorizing and more can be done with this use. Baking soda can be used to wash machines. Add a cup of detergent to your laundry. It's free of harsh chemicals and gentle to use. There are hundreds of uses for the fresh box.

Brand: Arm & Hammer

👤There is a picture of a 12 pound bag. The item is shipped in 1 pound boxes.

👤The image is not accurate. The title says 1lb bags totaling 12 lbs, but the picture shows one bag of baking soda. The image did not match the description and I was responsible for that. What you see should match what you get. The product came in a box of 12 individual 1lb boxes. The boxes smell like laundry detergent. My living space is now smelling like laundry detergent. I don't know if I want to use this baking soda for baking.

👤I buy baking soda in the store. I wish it came in the bag instead of the individual boxes.

👤I was sent one box and the description said I should get 12 boxes. Returning.

👤I thought I was getting my baking soda in a sealed bag when I ordered this product. The product was in 12 small boxes when it arrived. It was a huge deal for me, even if it wasn't a big deal for some people. I have a lot of allergies. I need to be able to rinse off most things before using them, and the boxes aren't sealed. During the packing and shipping process, the baking soda can easily fall out of the box and enter the box. This is a no-no for me. It's something to look out for the people like me who have any health issues, and I wanted to help bring awareness to those for whom it matters. The description says it is boxed, but it is actually baking soda. I think they should use a picture of 12 small boxes instead of a big bag of baking soda. It does matter to some people.

👤I'll keep the 12 -1LB boxes. Some of the fine powder will leak out of the boxes during shipping. They have changed the words from "bagels" to "boxes" since I ordered them to do so.

👤The description says 12 1lb boxes. I only received one box. I sent the box back.

👤Not what I was expecting. Read the fine print. Several boxes were leaking. I was expecting a large bag. The product should be represented better by the seller. Thanks for the information!


What is the best product for baking soda bulk 10 lb?

Baking soda bulk 10 lb products from Arm & Hammer. In this article about baking soda bulk 10 lb you can see why people choose the product. Nutricost and Pure Organic Ingredients are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking soda bulk 10 lb.

What are the best brands for baking soda bulk 10 lb?

Arm & Hammer, Nutricost and Pure Organic Ingredients are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking soda bulk 10 lb. Find the detail in this article.

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