Best Baking Soda Fridge Filter

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1. EveryDrop Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter

EveryDrop Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter

The square pizza pan is heavy duty and can hold a lot of food. The aluminum is hard enough to maintain proper heating and cooling. This needs to be entered into your refrigerator model number. Everydrop Filter 1 is the only one approved by the brands. You and your family can benefit from being certified to reduce 99% of lead. There are 28 contaminants, including lead, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and waterborne parasites. The packaging may change due to a refresh. The packaging may change due to a refresh.

Brand: Everydrop

👤I test the water filter to see if it works. I used the test stick with my water pitcher. I tested the water from the TAP. I tested the water through the refrigerator water filter and it was 243 only a change of 10 PPM. I ran 2 gallons of water through the water system in the refrigerator, thinking it might be time to take a break. The family has been using the new filter in the refrigerator for a week now. 243 PPM is still only a small amount. The test stick came back with 000 PPM after I ran the water through the ZERO water filter. This is a scam. I did a test to see if the filter worked, but I don't think most will do it again. I needed to make sure it worked. It failed miserably. If it came back with 150 PPM, I would be happy, but it only changed 23 points. No. I sent it back. Zero water doesn't make a refrigerator water filter.

👤Don't buy from this source. These filters are malfunctioning. I replaced the old filter with the one I received from Amazon and it made a grinding motor sound and barely dripped water. I re-installed several times. I went to Home Depot and bought the same filter that worked perfectly on the first try. They are selling things. Don't buy from this source.

👤This is a replacement for the W10 295370 or W10 295 A. The fit of P4RFWR, W10295370(A) and EDR1RXD1 is the same. Time will tell how well this one performs, but it is expensive for a filter.

👤I think everydrop is a good product, but it is expensive like a refrigerator filter. Our daily water need is quite high, we have a big household with two dogs. When everyone gets home around the same time and all want ice water, the water flow with filter 1 takes a long time to fill a cup. I recommend that any household over four buy a water filter system instead of relying on the water through the refrigerator. The Waterdrop reverse osmosis water purification system is under the sink. The system is expensive, but it satisfied our water need and the replacement filters are cheap. The system takes very little space and is stylish. My family loves the coffee and fresh OJs that I make with the water from the filters. The water after the system is not hard because the system reduces a great percentage ofTDS in the original water. I no longer have to deal with the ugly white scale deposits that pile up on my kettle because of the RO system.

👤Product came in original packaging and works well. The hammering sound came from 12 March Update #2, which went for more water. The paper towel I used to pad the cartridge is soaked. When I went back to check on it a couple hours later, the paper towel was wet again. Just submitted a request for a refund. I will try to buy from a brick and mortar store to see if I can find an alternate option. Will check out what works! I had issues when I installed it. The water wouldn't flow after I got a hammering noise. I searched high and low, but found a video on the internet about how to fix it. When the filter compartment lid was closed, the smallest of the two cartridge I received was making a complete seal. I put a folded piece of paper towel in the door and the video said it worked. Water flows freely and there is no hammering noise. If this changes soon, will update again.

2. Arm Hammer Fridge Refrigerator Filter 4 3

Arm Hammer Fridge Refrigerator Filter 4 3

It is easy to clean with mild detergent and warm water. The model number is CDC. Place the cups near the source of odors. Eliminates odors so food tastes better. The flow-through design was used for baking soda exposure.

Brand: Arm & Hammer

👤This may have helped a little, but not enough to make a difference. I bought a small fridge from someone and after a few hours it smelled like fish. I left this Arm & Hammer product in the fridge for a week and it still smelled terrible. It's really sad.

👤I remember when these were sold with double-sided tape for mounting to a wall. I haven't had a problem with mine staying in place because of this new design. I like the design because it doesn't take up a lot of shelf space. I like the price on Amazon. My last purchase was in June of 2016 and it was being sold for $3.05 as an "add-on item", which is good for any order over $25 I would like this to be available in Amazon's "Subscribe & Save" department so I could subscribe as a reminder to replace this regularly. The back of the package is being uploaded along with a few photos that show the mount on the back of the fridge.

👤The bad smells in the fridge were gone.

👤It's better to use the inside of the door or wall than the shelves. If we could keep the housing and replace the baking soda bag for less plastic waste, it would be great.

👤The name of the game is "hunting for the value where we can get this product under $3 a package." I just keep the cups in the fridge and change them out every 1 to 2 months.

👤It's better to have an open box of A&H in the fridge. I have to change it because it is so strong. Enough said.

3. FRIGIDAIRE PAULTRA Frigidaire Air Filter

FRIGIDAIRE PAULTRA Frigidaire Air Filter

Installation instructions should be followed to ensure the proper fit and function of the appliance part. The package color may be different. It is easy to install. Pull the window out, mark the installation month and place in the fridge. Push the slide filter into the housing until it locks in. Carbon technology absorbs odors and clears the air. Baking soda is more powerful and effective than this one. Saves you time on monthly replacements and keeps your food fresh for 6 months. It should be replaced every 6 months. No tools are required for installation. Pull the window out and place it in the fridge. Look for their new genuine filters seal in their packaging and you will know if your filter is authentic. Look for their new genuine filters seal in their packaging and you will know if your filter is authentic.

Brand: Frigidaire

👤It gets a "3." What does it do? I don't know how it can be called a filter since there is no air in this thing. There is no hole in the back of the box that allows air to go through it. How can that be doing anything at all when it's hanging on the side of the fridge? I will not be replacing this thing in the future. The warning light should be reset.

👤It's not an air filter. The cardboard box has one side open to expose a piece of paper folded accordion style. There is no way for air to pass through it and no way for your refrigerator to push or pull air through it. Look for yourself, no fan motor or vent in the compartment. This is a slide out holder for a piece of paper. You can fill a piece of pantyhose with active carbon by buying cheese cloth or grabbing a sock. The option I offer will last you a life time for the price of one of these air filters. Misleading! It should be called an ODOR Absorber. Baking powder does the same thing. Save your money!

👤It's not known if it reduces smells. The replacement display on the fridge is timed. It says replace every 6 months. Replacing water and air filters can be costly. The display should be reset for a longer period of time.

👤I have been using genuine replacement filters for water and air since I bought my first refrigerator 8 years ago. I used to buy them at the local store but found a better price on Amazon. Great purchase for sure!

👤The filters are in a cardboard box. I'm going to make my own, even though it's what Frigidaire uses.

👤The off brand filters that I had purchased last time were too thin and were a flat surface. The new ones that are Frigidaire brand fit snug in the filter holder/sleeve and have a fan fold surface which increases the surface area of the filter material as well. Will only need 2 per year, so the extra cost is worth it.

👤I like the convenience of having the water filter delivered every 6 months. I don't have to remember to order one when it's time. It took over a month for the filter to arrive, so that was a problem, but it did eventually arrive. This is the first time this has happened. I think there was a glitch.

👤A little pricey for a tiny filter, not sure about replacing it every 6 months. Maybe every year. I write the date on it, it's easy to install in the fridge. I don't forget when I change it.

4. Arm Hammer Baking Soda 16

Arm Hammer Baking Soda 16

For over 170 years, the solution is versatile, effective and affordable. Baking, cleaning, deodorizing and more can be done with this use. It's free of harsh chemicals and gentle to use. There are hundreds of uses for the Fresh Box for Baking.

Brand: Arm & Hammer

👤Baking soda was used for life needs before everyone realized how amazing it was. This is my honest review. You will thank me later! I can't think of a bad thing about baking-soda. Not being able to mix with the other stuff. I use it for a lot of things, including: laundry, cleaning, normal stuff, teeth Whitening, and even working out to reduce lactic and even my PH. H20 is the same as when suffering from gas, pain, or even if you are pregnant. Trust me! I have been putting in my son's bath water due to his sensitive skin and allergies. He has helped reduce the symptoms of thrush that can come on quickly, his hair looks great, he has gotten into a bath, and I wash him off with his soap and water before he plays in the water. It keeps my skin looking good for a few days. I clean my dishwasher. Have always fixed a sink problem. Removes any orders from cleaning with a little bit in the sink. Add my tomato soil for a sweeter taste. My grandpa was a landscaper. Clears canker sores right away. It helps to soothe the throat with salt. If you get a new-sting, spider-bite or mosquito bite, immediately make a tiny paste on the bite, let it dry and boom, the bumps gone too! A manicure hack is to soak your hands in a warm H20 & BalingSoda mix. Do you need a new hairbrush? If you can help it, place the bush portion only if you can help it, and mix up a bit of shampoo, baking soda, and a bit of detergent, and clean as much as you can from your brush. The hot water will give you a good mix and the heat for the soak. If you don't notice much, put the old sponges in the microwave for 30 seconds and watch it for 45 seconds. If necessary, use a new mix in the bowl. Once you are done, wipe your microwave out and you will have it all done. The same thing works for white grapevine. There is more! I have a bag of Arm & Hammer OG Baking Soda in my house, and I have 4 of these boxes around.

👤I started using baking soda and vinegar to clean my washing machine to get rid of the smell. This works well. I added two cups of baking soda. It works well in the washing machine dispensers. I cleaned the washer myself. The smell is gone! This has worked better than anything else I have tried. The Arm & Hammer is versatile. I put it inside my freezer and refrigerator. I pour it down my disposal to make it sweeter. It is cheap to use and works well. I hope this is helpful.

👤The price was less than a dollar for a pound. I was shocked. I was going to buy 10 of them. It didn't let me. It only allowed four. I wish they would have given more. Baking soda is my favorite. It is used for laundry and to whiten my teeth. I use it for everything at home. I have an obsession. I gave 3 stars because the box spilled all over my couch when I opened it. As soon as I find the pics, I will post them. It was really cheap, so I didn't want to complain. Didn't want to go through the hassle. I am thankful to both seller and Amazon.

5. Frigidaire Electrolux FRIGCOMBO ULTRAWF PAULTRA


For the best results, the filter should be replaced every six months. Replacement fridge filters and water and air filters should be replaced every 6 months. Genuine replacement part is made to work with Frigidaire refrigerators. NSF Standard 42 is certified to reduce chlorine, taste, and odor; 53 are certified to reduce health related contaminants such as lead, volatile organic chemicals, and asbestos; and 401 are certified to reduce emerging chemical compounds. It is compatible with Pure Air Ultra and Pure Source Ultra. Installation instructions should be followed to ensure the proper fit and function of the appliance part. The package color may be different. It is easy to install. Pull the window out, mark the installation month and place in the fridge. Push the slide filter into the housing until it locks in. Installation instructions should be followed to ensure the proper fit and function of the appliance part. The package color may be different. It is easy to install. Pull the window out, mark the installation month and place in the fridge. Push the slide filter into the housing until it locks in.

Brand: Frigidaire

👤I installed the replacement water filter for my Frigidaire within a few days after buying it. We noticed that the water in the fridge was leaking from the filter, which connects to the fridge. Water pooled under the bottom drawer of the fridge and this was going on from the beginning. I tried removing and reinstalling it a few times, but it didn't fix the problem. I thought the o-rings were faulty because they looked fine. I bought a replacement at a big-box store. I noticed that the o-rings were bigger on this one. I installed it and it didn't leak again. I have to eat the cost of the faulty filter because I'm past the 30-return policy deadline. I like shopping online. I won't be using Amazon anymore.

👤We did a 6 month replacement in December, after the water started to trickle, and then ice and water production stopped. We had a maintenance call because we thought it was the whole fridge. We should try another filter because nothing was wrong. In January, I ordered another filter. The problem was solved by replacing it. But no. The water bottle was taking a long time to fill. My son stopped trying to use the slow trickle of water for water. The return date for Amazon is only 30 days after purchase, so I tried contacting Frigidaire. So... I went back to looking for non-brand name filters. My water bottle is filled in 30 seconds. I will not be buying a brand of water filters. The waste was for the 2 replacements.

👤This is the worst filter I have ever tried. It took two people almost a minute to get a cup of water from the filter, which was slow in the second month. Most filters last 3-6 months. The difference between this and other filters is night and day. I will not buy a filter from the same company again. This thing is not better than any other filter. It would be cheaper to pay for bottled water and bags of ice with the way it works. My ice cubes would come out half the size they normally do because it took so long for the water to get to them. The filter was slow from the beginning. I thought it was a problem with my water lines, but after I replaced the filter with a different brand, the water came out at normal speed again. The filter is garbage.

👤The original authentic product was on time. I was worried that it would be a fake since a lot of products are sold by different sellers but this one is the real deal. This product is recommended by me. I am very detail oriented and skeptical but this product didn't fail me. Enjoy it. I hope this will help other consumers.

👤This is the second time I have ordered this kit. Everything was perfect the first time. I ordered ahead of time. The wrong filters were sent after I opened the box. The window to return was closed when I needed to open the item. Huge disappointment. I was careful to match the numbers when I ordered so my mistake was not checking that I received what I ordered.

6. Arm Hammer 33200 01710 Baking Fridge

Arm Hammer 33200 01710 Baking Fridge

Environmentally sensible. It should be placed virtually anywhere. Eliminates odors so food tastes better. The replacement indicator shows when the unit needs to be replaced.

Brand: Arm & Hammer

👤It is odd to write a review for an item that we are familiar with, but I bought a pack of these days ago. The paper that holds the baking soda inside was damaged and the products were weak. The baking soda got all over the products. Why should I have to tape up the holes when I can just remove the cups and wash them? I think I have purchased these before and had no issues. I can return them but I have to open 3 of them to see if they were damaged. The paper may be weak because they are old. I am not sure. I am not excited to say the least. I didn't have time to do a whole photo shoot, so I had to show the baking soda on these photos. I did my best. Hope this was a one time issue.

👤This is an alternative to the traditional open box of baking soda. The container has high exposure and is easy to move out of the way. I usually use it for 3 months before changing, but it depends on the odors in your fridge. I open the plastic container when I'm done using one of these. I put the packet in the garbage disposer and ran water into it to make it fresh, then I recycled the two halves of the container.

👤You can buy air filters anywhere. I like buying them in bulk on Amazon for a good price. I use them in the laundry room. It's good for places that need to be refreshed. I've been using this product for a long time. I would definitely recommend it.

👤The cup holds up well. I was surprised that it was stuck solid even though they slam the door hard. The products are good size. You can get an idea of the size of these big ones by looking at the smaller one. I put the other seven in a plastic tub because they are sealed in their own packages and it keeps them fresh.

👤All of them arrived out of its packaging. Either glue on the cardboard that keeps the plastic sealed or open it. They don't work, I put them in my drawers to get rid of the weird smell in my closet, and in the cabinet where I keep the garbage can. The smells are still there. I'm going to use the ones that require you to puncture it open. It feels like it will not stay up after a few minutes. It fell after a few minutes after being tried on wood.

👤All of these aren't even sealed, I realized outside of the return window. They're essentially worthless because they haven't been working for me. Very disappointed.

👤I can't use any products that have fragrance. I put one of these in my car and it works very well. They are used in my fridge and closets. You can hang it from the mesh bag if you remove the packet from the plastic holder. I would like A&H to sell the inner packets in bulk so there would be less plastic waste.

7. IFlyMars Cleaner Deodoriser Freezer Freshener

IFlyMars Cleaner Deodoriser Freezer Freshener

The refrigerator cleaner is made of Cool moma and is Healthier than to use chemical cleaner. Cool Mama will do the work if you fill with baking soda. It keeps your fridge smelling fresh and it makes food taste better. It keeps your fridge smelling fresh and it makes food taste better. Fresh foods are protected when the replacement indicator shows it's time to replace the unit. Cool moms is a great gift for any occasion and is a great addition to the office kitchen.

Brand: Iflymars

👤It takes up a lot of space. It's easy to clean, but hasn't been dumped over yet. The arm sticking out adds to the bulk, it's a little bigger than a pound of butter.

👤It's the best way to make frig smell good.

👤It's easy to use and clean, and it keeps me from getting all those tiny boxes.

👤It didn't work for me because it couldn't be put together correctly.

👤The product may take up too much space in a smaller fridge.

8. Arm Hammer Fridge Fresh Filter

Arm Hammer Fridge Fresh Filter

Absorbs food odors. It helps keep the food fresh. It's easy to apply a cup to a fridge. The flow-through design is for odor control. For the best results, replace every 30 days.

Brand: Arm & Hammer

👤It seems to be effective at the task at hand, as I have been buying this regularly for a while now on a subscription. There was something removed from the purchase options that was disappointing. I was offered the option to have it professionally installed when I first ordered it. It's a bargain, right? Is it possible that I did it? No. I thought I was pretty handy. I can install a cup on a flat surface. Was it correct that I was wrong? Not really. What if I missed something? What if there was a better way to install it? Maybe it would have been better if I'd turned up my nose at the expert installation. I think experts should be trusted, and I think it would have been worth it to learn from the pro. It's too late now. No such pros are available. I will attach it to the cup with the hope that it will be effective. Is it really? I don't know for certain.

👤My husband left a half gallon of milk in our cottage for 4 months. The fridge smelled horrible. I washed out the fridge and it still had a scent. We couldn't find these anywhere in the small town where the cottage is, so I turned to Amazon. The smell in the fridge was absorbed in less than an hour after they were put there. Thank goodness! These really work.

👤I use them for about 9 months now and they work, they are a bit expensive but they work, I still use the first ones I used, the spare parts are good for other things such as replacing screens on tablets, but this product really does.

👤I bought two of these and both arrived open and were stored near something that was heavily scented. They smelled like air. Baking soda that has already been opened and already absorbed other smells is a problem because I am allergic to fragrance. I put baking soda in the fridge because it was damaged, but I can't say if this would have been better. Like most things delivered by Amazon. Very disappointed.

👤I have one in the freezer part and one in the fridge and it seems to keep the odors away, so I thought I would give it a try. If you just put water in the part that is going on and stick it on, it will be too dry. It will not stick to the fridge.

👤The cup doesn't work. I tried in 3 different fridges and it didn't stick to the walls. I can't find a place for it in the fridge because of the packaging. They say it's not eligible after I tried to return it. Don't buy.

👤The product has been used for many years. It is better to put the Baking Soda in a bowl or glass in the fridge to keep it fresh in the air inside of the fridge. The Suction-cup on the back does not hold well and frequently falls down, so it is only a 4. It seems like it is made of a different type of plastic. The price on this product has gone up too much. Not just with the Vendors on Amazon, but in the stores as well. I might go back to the old fashion way.

9. Chilly Baking Freezer Absorber Freshener

Chilly Baking Freezer Absorber Freshener

The package includes a fridge deodorizer. You don't need to buy hard-to-get charcoal. Baking soda can be added whenever you want. Mother's day and other festivals are a good time to give an excellent gift. Just fill the fridge with baking soda and let Chilly-Mama do the work. It keeps your fridge smelling fresh for a long time. Fresh foods are always protected by the replacement indicator. Fresh air flows out of bad odors. It is dishwasher safe.

Brand: New Metro Design

👤I used activated charcoal instead of baking soda. My freezer no longer smells funky after I was in there for a day. I let it make new ice after pouring out all the use and it didn't smell like fish. I put my hand in the photo to see if it was bigger than expected.

👤The product was suggested to me in a Facebook ad. This seemed like the perfect solution to a problem I had run into and I usually don't purchase things in those ads. I bought it without thinking about it. We all share the fridge in our house. We just had a new roommate. There have been some bumps in the road to a roommate. I have lived in this home for over three years and have never had a more stinky fridge. The newest of us likes garlic. It's cool, garlic is good for you. The individual likes to leave their bag of garlic open for the rest of the food to eat. I had to send a tub of ice cream to the grave. R.I.P. charms ice cream. I was not disappointed when I received the fridge and odor Absorber. She is a bit larger than I had 888-276-5932s. She is a representation of how I feel when I open the fridge. I was able to put her together and place her without any explanation. My hope is that the presence of garlic and entitlement will diminish under her watch. I might update this later.

👤I bought this because I was going to clean my house for Christmas and New Year's and my fridge was nearly 20 years old. The freezer has been smelling funny and horrible. I can tell you that activated charcoal kicks butt. The smell of rotten meat and dairy could knock you out. After cleaning, I put the Chilly Mama in with activated charcoal and it was gone in hours. Not masked or lightened, but gone. It works well in the freezer as well. I am looking into the microwave cleaner version of this thing. She is bigger in person.

👤So what is a "chilly mama"? My wife mentioned this product before, and it holds baking soda that you can put in the fridge to help with smells. Most of us have used baking soda boxes in the refrigerator for a long time, and sometimes we have to replace them. I knocked over the box of baking soda after I argued about buying mama. I spent the next 20 minutes cleaning up the mess. I told my wife it was time for mama. It makes us smile when we open the refrigerator and see her quirky frown. It has a small dial on top that allows you to change the month at a moment's notice, and it holds just the right amount of baking soda. It works as well.

👤Baking soda boxes always worked for me and I never cared for the Mama type tools. I ordered a fridge and freezer because I didn't want to open my fridge and see the orange arm and hammer box in my peripherals. I was not surprised by how large these are, thanks to the review that showed the mama up against a hand for scale. To help others, I have included a photo with a Coke Zero can and a Nos can so you can judge the size for yourself. Several of the reviews suggested using activated charcoal, but none recommended a brand, so I am including a photo of the one I used. Cooks magazine suggested the chunkier the better for odor removal as it allows more air to pass through. It made sense to me when they explained it. The wig is easy to open. The carbon chunks I used were held in the Resoviour inside. If Mama is large and stable, it is more likely that the contents will spill out than if it is small. It will be easier to clean up if I stick with the chunkier carbon. They are in the freezer and fridge. I couldn't be happier. Sunbasket deliveries come in a container that leaks odors into the fridge and makes me angry. I think they will help eliminate odors and I am looking forward to using them.

10. Deodorizer Refrigerator Freshener Reusable Purifier

Deodorizer Refrigerator Freshener Reusable Purifier

Food safe andBPA free plastic fridge cleaner. Cool Mom keeps the inside of your fridge or freezer smelling fresh and clean for a long time. The cute refrigerator deodorizer can make your refrigerator look better and make it smell better, so that it is always protected from odors. It keeps your fridge smelling fresh for months and eliminates odors so foods taste better. It doesn't take up a lot of space. Mom's tough. She will never complain and will tolerate dropping, banging, spilling or squeezing. It's easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The fridge odor absorber is about 5 feet tall. The package includes a fridge deodorizer. You don't need to buy hard-to-get charcoal. Baking soda can be added whenever you want. Mother's day and other festivals are a good time to give an excellent gift.

Brand: Fygain

👤I was expecting magic from the reviews. This is the same thing as when I put a cup of water and a cup of vinegar in my microwave and used that to clean. I didn't notice that it made it easier to clean my oven. I have a microwave. I followed the instructions. I added a splash of lemon and water and microwaved for 7 minutes. It was over-boiled and steamed. I will tell you that this thing stank to high heaven while cooking, but I did notice steam after a while. I used the remaining liquid to wipe out the oven after it was done. There were some spots that needed to be cleaned. We clean the oven about once a month. I thought it would be easier for the kids to do it. I could give up this task. If you use it, save your money and use a cup of water and a cup of vinegar because you will get the same results. Unless you like the look of it. It might make my kids do the job because they think it's cute.

👤Didn't work well. The money was wasted. Stoops up my house. It's hard to take off hair.

👤This was the first time I tried it. It was difficult to take apart but it was done in a few minutes. It took 7 minutes to be placed in micro. The steam only goes up to the ceiling. Not enough steam was used to steam the sides and door. For a second time. You can use a bowl of water with the liquid.

👤She is a keeper. This is a great microwave cleaner. She got everything sparkling and clean after a little bit of water and a little bit of vinegar popped into the microwave. After I used the angry mama, I had to wipe it down. The kids don't like covering up food when they cook. The angry mother makes her happy.

👤This is a simple way to clean your microwave. If you want your kitchen to smell nice, you should add a squeeze of lemon or something similar. It took less time than scrubbing alone.

👤The Angry Mama is a great tool to clean your microwave. Pop her in and let her steam do the trick. No cleaning required. Her arms are cool for safe removal. Highly recommended!

👤The angry mama cleaner makes it easier to clean the microwave. It is easy to use the instructions. We use her in the microwave as we cook a lot of bacon and it can make a mess. The process of cleaning the microwave is much easier than it would be if it was a magic item that would make it shiny and clean when it was done. This purchase is a great one because of the price and the time saved. The box had a red and blue Angry Mama, but we received a yellow and brown color. Just wanted to let you know.

👤It's a great idea to clean microwaves. When you microwave it, you just need white vinegar and water. When you wipe the inside with a towel, all the stuck food comes off.

11. GE Appliances XWFE Refrigerator Filter

GE Appliances XWFE Refrigerator Filter

Look for their new genuine filters seal in their packaging and you will know if your filter is authentic. The GE fit is compatible with some GE side-by-side and bottom-freezer refrigerators. 6 months is the life of the filter. Premium filters are certified to reduce chlorine-resistant cysts, lead, select pharmaceuticals and 50 other impurities. Lead is tasteless and odorless in water. This under-sink system can reduce lead. Reduces select pharmaceuticals, including atenolol, trimethoprim, and fluoxetine. Impurities are not necessarily in all users water. The reduction of PFOA and PFOS is called PFOA/PFOS reduction. The reduction of PFOA and PFOS is called PFOA/PFOS reduction.

Brand: Ge

👤I received this item today and immediately noticed that the label was applied crookedly and that there was another label underneath. I'm returning it because I'm not taking a chance on it. I will buy my filters from GE.

👤I thought I was buying a genuine part. The box, label, etc., were all items that appeared to be genuine GE parts on Amazon. I thought that the tag on the side was a bit odd, but I installed it anyway. I had an error code on my fridge. I swapped it in and out 2 times and the new filter didn't work for the fridge. How can this be on Amazon when it says it's from the GE Store? Amazon will get the message if you buy replacement from Home Depot or Lowes.

👤The product was compared to the original filter that my fridge came with. I noticed that the Amazon one had a serial number on top of the original one, while the Amazon one had a serial number on the bottom. The design of the Amazon filter was different from the original. I did not install because I was very skeptical. I will be back.

👤The water turned a dark black after I followed the instructions. It is a dark grey now and cannot drink it. Very upset!

👤I bought this to replace my old one. It caused error codes and shut down the ice making component of my fridge, which was the first change of the filter.

👤It was over priced. They do a good job. The knock off version is not as good as the real thing. I went back to the GE brand. The price on the Amazon site is the same as on the GE site. But is much faster.

👤The GE XWFE GE XWF Refrigerator Water Filter works well. I wish they were cheaper.

👤Amazon has cheaper and faster shipping than the hardware store. Don't buy off the brand. Look up a video about the differences. The extra ten bucks is worth it. You can trust GE, not a random brand.


What is the best product for baking soda fridge filter?

Baking soda fridge filter products from Everydrop. In this article about baking soda fridge filter you can see why people choose the product. Arm & Hammer and Frigidaire are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking soda fridge filter.

What are the best brands for baking soda fridge filter?

Everydrop, Arm & Hammer and Frigidaire are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking soda fridge filter. Find the detail in this article. Frigidaire, Iflymars and New Metro Design are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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