Best Baking Soda Odor Absorber

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1. Arm Hammer Fragrance Refillable Eliminator

Arm Hammer Fragrance Refillable Eliminator

The solution is 100% SATISFACTION. If you're not completely satisfied with their products, please contact them. Click the "add to cart" button now. You will be happy you did. Arm and Hammer refillable Moisture Absorber and Odor Eliminator attracts and traps excess humidity. The convenient and effective way to prevent humid air from causing unpleasant odors in your home, office or storage space is to use a refill tub. It's ideal for use in closets, laundry rooms, and mud rooms, where stagnant air and excess humidity can be a problem. For up to 60 days, one 14-ounce tub has long lasting freshness. The duration will be determined by temperature and humidity. There are 3 tubs. Remove the plastic lid and replace it with a foil cover. If the water is still absorbing moisture, discard it and refill it.

Brand: Arm & Hammer

👤I don't like the way they are sold. One is supposed to be able to purchase refill for the leftover plastic. The refill cost is more than the entire device. Why would Arm and Hammer, a company that is supposed to be "environmentally correct", refuse to provide replacement cartridges at a reasonable price when we are trying to cut-back, lower our carbon footprint, and renew?

👤This thing collects and traps a lot of water. This is a must for any small space that has little, poor or no air flow because of the hot and humid climate. I use these for my laundry room, which is a sealed off small room accessible via my outside patio, so I can imagine the type of hot box it can become without management. I use these in my 10x10 storage unit because of the poor circulation in my bathroom and the fan that does relatively little. The liquid can be seen in the bottom of my laundry and storage after a few days. The one in my bathroom began to accumulate liquid within a week. I have noticed that the humidity in these areas has improved when using these absorbers. Since I don't have outlets accessible in the places I need these things, it's great that you don't have to plug them in like most dehumidifiers on the market. They are easy to use, you don't have to keep up with it, and they are not expensive, so always recommend them to everyone. It's great for under sinks, storages, garages, bathrooms, sheds and laundry rooms. I don't want to sound like a sales representative. Even though these things work for a long time, I will continue to purchase more as needed even though I have had one for almost a year. Even though it looks like it is going to be thrown out, it is still working. There is a If you're looking for dehumidification, get this. The benefits are visible and the proof it is working can be seen.

👤I was surprised at how quickly this worked. I have been fighting the musty smell in my basement apartment for years. I bought an air purifier that can only do so much, but with these I feel like there was immediate change. I plan on buying more to place throughout the apartment because it completely mitigated the smell in my bedroom. It was worth it.

👤A bad storm caused a smell in the basement. I used this product while trying to find a company to do mold remidiation. The central area of my basement is 25'30'. I used all three, although one or two would have worked. It was necessary to have mold remidiation and repairs. These worked well in the interim.

👤These things are amazing. The musty smell was gone when I put all three in my basement. Highly recommended!

👤I've been using this for a long time. It's the best product I've ever used for odor absorption. You will be happy with this product if you give it a few days.

2. Home X Freezer Absorber Freshener Refrigerator

Home X Freezer Absorber Freshener Refrigerator

The innovative and fun way to keep your hair fresh. The Cool Mama is an easy way to keep the inside of your refrigerator or freezer smelling good. This Cool Mama is an excellent gift for a new homeowner, a friend who has recently moved, or a neighbor. Cool Mama can do the work if you fill her with baking soda. Baking soda keeps your fridge smelling fresh for months and eliminates odors so foods taste better. High fat foods like butter are more likely to absorb odors, so don't let the "good stuff" go to waste. The Cool Mama has a replacement indicator that shows when it is time for fresh baking soda. The fridge, freezer and food are protected from odors. The new details are here. The Cool Mama is dishwasher safe, so it is easy to clean. The cleaning tool is about 6 inches high and 4 inches wide. Home-X has a wide range of products perfect for the home or office. Home-X has gadgets to simplify cleaning, cooking, or hosting, or just a decorative touch for the bedroom, bathroom, living room, break room, or kitchen, and more. Simply Home Solutions has a trademark called Home-X.

Brand: Home-x

👤This item is a good idea. It would have been better to hang it on the wall of the fridge, but it can't be returned.

👤The box in the refrigerator is better. spills keep a clean smell

👤It helps to keep my frig fresh.

👤It works well at eliminating odors.

👤This was a gift for my mom and the Angry Mom microwave cleaner. When she sees her gift, I will wait to see her.

👤Does what I was expecting. The little holder is cute. A large size. Make sure it's in a spot where it doesn't get tipped over.

👤A box of baking soda in the refrigerator looks worse than it is.

3. Pack Freshenbag Freshener Eliminator Deodorizer

Pack Freshenbag Freshener Eliminator Deodorizer

It doesn't take up a lot of space. Bill's tough and it's a high impact container. He'll never complain and will be able to handle dropping, banging, spilling or squeezing. The odor absorber is made of bamboo charcoal. You can place it in your car, refrigerator, bathroom and pet litter box areas. It doesn't fill the environment with chemicals. Air freshness and metabolism enhancers. Micro-porous activated bamboo charcoal is used to make air fresheners. They clean the air by absorbing excess water. The 75g bag is convenient and provides 50% more absorbency than the standard 50g bags. A ring on top of a sealed linen bag makes hanging on a hook easy. It's perfect for shoes, skates, gym bags, under car seats and other small areas. Long lasting. The life of these air fresheners can be extended by up to 2 years if you place activated bamboo charcoal in the sun for 2 hours a month. It is guaranteed that the SATISFACTION will be positive. They are proud of their OLIVIA & ADEN Freshenbag Travel-Size Air Fresheners. If you are not completely satisfied, please contact them for a replacement.

Brand: Freshenbag

👤It was great that there were so many but they didn't work. They were bought to be put in an old drawer and it still smells the same. I have two in each drawer for a week and a half and they have not done anything. I was disappointed!

👤I don't wear socks in the summer because it results in stinky feet. I tried every spray and powder on the market to dull the smell, but nothing made a difference. After just one night, I could tell the difference in the smell of these bags. You could not smell my feet after 2 days. I keep one under my kitchen sink to keep it from getting stinky.

👤This pack is awesome! You can't beat it for the price. Every shoe in the house can have one. No more stinky shoes! I have one under the garbage bag in the bathroom. The bag doesn't give off a smell, I have seen other reviews that were negative. It isn't supposed to. It does a great job at absorbing smells and water.

👤These are amazing! My daughter plays basketball and her shoes smell bad. I couldn't ride in the car with her. I did some research after the car ride. I didn't want to put a bunch of chemicals on her feet. I thought it wouldn't hurt to try the low cost route. Guess what? They worked better than anything else. I've recommended them to everyone. It is amazing and well worth the cost. I would have paid double for the effectiveness.

👤I love this product. I wear a custom made device. They stink after a long day of wearing them. They can't be wiped clean. I've tried everything from air outside to febreeze, but nothing gets the smell out. I tried them in my shoes. I couldn't believe it. The smell and moist was gone. There was no mess or chemicals. It's also friendly to the environment. It's easy to reuse. It takes 1 hour in the sun for it to be ready to go again. This product is great for all shoe wearers. Sports, work and everyday shoes are used.

👤I wanted to see if the bags worked before I wrote this. The furniture we have is made of real wood and has a strong varnish smell that makes our clothes smell. The packs I bought were supposed to be put in the drawers. Since the 17th they have been in the drawers. The drawers can now be opened without the smell of rotting food in the air. I think these work well with the amount of odor we had. The slight odor will be gone with a little more time.

👤This is defiantly worth your money. I bought these because I had a weird smell in my room for months and I MzE I sweat a lot which makes my room smell strange, but my room has never felt fresh. I've been using a device to cover the smells. I don't have to turn it on in a day or two, just put em in hot spots in your room and you'll be good to go. It works like a charm. It was worth it to get rid of that musty smell.

4. Fresh Wave Odor Removing Gel

Fresh Wave Odor Removing Gel

Fresh Wave Gel can be used in your kitchen, bathroom, or any other room. It removes odors from food and trash. Their odor eliminator gel works well as a pet odor eliminator and as a bathroom odor absorber. The strongest odor to remove is the odor absorber. The Fresh Wave works on cigarette smoke odors. Fresh Wave Gels have earned a label from the EPA. They're safe for people, pets, and the planet. Synthetic perfumes, alcohol, and phthalates are not allowed. It is manufactured in Rising Sun, Indiana. Fresh Wave's plant-based ingredients include pine needle, lime, clove, anise, and cedarwood. The scent of the gel will disappear as it leaves the air, leaving your space smelling clean and fresh.

Brand: Fresh Wave

👤This stuff is amazing. ... I rescue and foster dogs, and right now I have 4 very large dogs, one small dog, and 6 tinny puppies, so my house can end up smelling at times, and it drives me crazy. I am a very clean person and this is something that I can not put up with. I've tried everything on the market, from essential oils to cleaners, and nothing really takes away the smell, so I just mask it with another strong smell. When I live in Florida, I can't just open doors and windows to let air out of the house, it makes my house smell like a pet. I can't get rid of the food smells when I cook. I was going to have to remove all my carpets and tile my house to make it smell better, but I found this product that would do the job. I put them around the house after opening them and noticed a big difference. The smell is not overpowering like most things on the market. I love the fact that this product actually absorbs and eliminates odor, it doesn't just mask it. I only have 2 at this time, but it has already made a huge improvement in a few days. I no longer have to smell dogs when I walk into my house. I am very satisfied. As soon as I can help more, I will be ordering more for upstairs. This is a must for people with pets or smelly teenage boys. I highly recommend one for your laundry room, kitchen, bathroom, or any place that tends to have a strong odor. This will leave your house smelling great. I will order more when I can, and I recommend you to do the same, instead of masking the odors with strong smelling products. You will love it.

👤There are animals in our home. My dog still smells like a wet dog after a bath in which half of the dog wash is applied. The cats make the most noxious smelling litter pans. Let's not forget the humans I live with. Feet, gases, and the overallteen smell are all present in my home. I live near water. Construction is going on in my crawl space. It is like the perfect storm. Crawl space stirred all up, in addition to being opened up, has caused my home to be overrun with Stink. One of the construction guys is a smoker. I am not making this stuff up. I am living in the middle of a nightmare. I put a dehumidifier in my crawl space. Helped, but not enough. It was in about 25 Bath and Body Works scent things. All the doors and windows were opened. Nothing really removes the odors, just covers them up. I reached out to my friend, Amazon, and searched for help after I lost my mind and was living in a tent. The Fresh Wave Gel is magic. That is magic. Within 12 hours, I placed a jar near my crawl space entryway. There was no stink. Within less than 12 hours, I put another upstairs in my living room behind my couch. It sounded like it was happening in here. A pleasant smell. My teen is sitting on the couch next to me. I can't speak to him. Do you know how wonderful that is? I don't smell the smoke smell, the must, the cats, the husband's feet, or the wet dog. I smell good. My brain will not burst. I have been saved. This magic is for sale now.

5. Munchkin Baking Cartridge Powered Lavender

Munchkin Baking Cartridge Powered Lavender

Arm and Hammer lavender scented baking soda is pre filled. It is compatible with the STEP and PAIL. The original diaper pail is not compatible with diaper pails. For the best results, replace every 60 to 90 days. Can be used in garbage cans, diaper bags, and more. Can be used in garbage cans, diaper bags, and more.

Brand: Munchkin

👤The original puck took about 3-4 months to get. I decided to replace it. I got this one in the mail and switched it out because I was expecting great results since we were well passed the lifetime of the original puck. My wife and I didn't notice any difference after replacing it. I would expect more, as these are pretty expensive. I've been using a trick that I've been doing to help with the smell: every morning after I brew coffee, I dump the used coffee grounds into the top of the Munchkin pail, then the next time we add a diaper, it will push them down into the bag. Coffee grounds absorb odors, and I have noticed a difference in smell. Hopefully this helps someone else.

👤I've been a fan of the Arm & Hammer brand for a long time. I was certain I had to have a diaper pail as a feature in order to control unpleasant aromas, because the need for a diaper pail recently entered my life. It's simple to stick the disc to the puck and then to the lid. Problem solved, right? Unless it will stick to one side or the other. It fell into the pail and mingled with the other bags when I opened the lid. Guess what? It doesn't work there. I am alternating between holding my breath and gagging while fishing around for it so that I can attempt to remount it. I used a hairdryer to make the two surfaces better, but it didn't help. I will need to replace it when it is time to make it stay, but I will use real E6000 to make it stay. Is I happy? Not in the least. I got less than I expected. I am using scented trash liners, activated charcoal, puppy poop bags, and disinfectant spray, and I wanted the puck to contribute to my efforts. The most effective change was when I started using the poop bags. The lid can't be open for long.

👤We got these on Amazon, which fit perfectly in the diaper pail they were made for. I think they would do well in other places. There are no alternatives to these diaper pail pucks. I was expecting $3. I can see that the freshener is disappearing quicker than advertised. I bought a few command wire hooks to hang the charcoal packets around the bag. I am satisfied with the no-hands diaper pail. We put most of the diapers in doggy poop sacks. It's a waste of money, but it has a better smell than using them for diaper rash. The snap and seal bags work well for us. Since the first sample ran out, I have not tried the other type. The snap and seal goes directly into a large kitchen bag and outside to the dump. I have a good sense of smell, and even expensive pucks need some help. I keep a few extra on hand because I consider them our front-line smell absorbers. One reviewer said that going just a few days without it made a huge difference. I will take her word for it. I would love to find these pucks at a better price.

6. Arm Hammer Fridge Refrigerator Filter

Arm Hammer Fridge Refrigerator Filter

The reduction of PFOA and PFOS is called PFOA/PFOS reduction. It should be placed virtually anywhere. Eliminates odors so food tastes better. The baking soda can be put up into the air flow and closer to the source of odors with the help of the super grip cup. Fresh foods are always protected by the Replacement Indicator, which shows when it's time to replace the unit.

Brand: Arm & Hammer

👤I bought this as a four-pack. I got one. I asked that the one be fulfilled correctly. I was only shipped one time. The reason for the return is not being paid attention to.

👤They were so lazy. It would have been nice if they made these refillable. It doesn't have to sit on a shelf. You can only use it upright. I really wanted to use this on my trash can lid, but it won't stick. I don't want the perfumed ocean breeze to stick on my house. Since I bought 4 of them, I am going to have to put something up to get it to stick in there. The boxes still hold first place.

👤This is a staple in our household. The box of Arm & Hammer is bulky, so these are more convenient. Attach the attached cup to the inside wall of your fridge and forget about it. It is time to change it out until the 30 day use is up. We don't notice a bad result when we change them out more often. These are completely mess free. Not that these have happened to us, no more accidentally knocking over an open box or box bursting open.

👤I couldn't figure out what the smell was from my new fridge, so I cleaned it out. I ordered these because I wanted them to help it. It has a cup so you don't take up shelf space. I put it in at night and it smelled great the next morning. I expected it to take a few days but it took less than 12 hours and my fridge was smelling new again.

👤I would like to see a box of replaceable inserts for something that you're supposed to replace once a month. If you snap it apart, the plastic housing can be recycled.

👤Hey, it is. Nat. The fridge and freezer were refreshed with these. We would hear the cups fall from the units. We propped them up in different places. I had a hard time being around the fridge and freezer while I was pregnant. We keep a clean fridge and freezer, but they didn't take away the smells. If you are really trying to rid your units of smells and dirty units, these won't help at all. The name brand product line was expected to have more.

👤The arm and Hammer deodorizer with the cup is better than the box in the fridge. The loft in the box sticks to the glass shelf. I can't find them at my local store. Glad to have them on Amazon.

👤The description said 4 packs. Only one was received. Send it back to Amazon.

👤Every self respecting person needs to have one of these in their fridge.

👤They probably won't work because they were all delivered open.

👤The pack of 4 dice is equivalent to a unrobo.

👤I bought this because my fridge had a slight smell and I had to put them in the fridge on time.

7. Refrigerator Deodorizer Eliminator Absorber 10x Effective

Refrigerator Deodorizer Eliminator Absorber 10x Effective

All fridge and freezer drawer organizers are dishwasher safe and clean by hand with mild detergent and water. 5 x 8. " W x 4 H" is a narrow drawer. 75" L x 4. W x H is can drawer 13. 25" L x 5. " W x H" is the name of the drawer. 50 x 4 37" W x 3" H. Carbon neutral product is more effective than baking soda as a fridge smell eliminator. Groceries fresher removes food gas and controls humidity to keep produce fresh. Natural activated charcoal is used to remove odors from the fridge. It can be used in the refrigerator, freezer, cooler or lunch bag. It lasts up to a year and can be done in direct sunlight.

Brand: Ellis Harper

👤We had a snack in the fridge. The smell leaked out of the container even though we tried to seal it. Fruits tasted terrible because of that. I put this in my fridge. The odor is almost gone on the next day. It took 2 days for it to be completely odor free, but I am very happy with it. No more fruits that are gross.

👤I had to clean out my fridge before the power went out. Even after I cleaned out my fridge and freezer, there was still an odor. It wasn't strong, but it was there. These worked well. I am so angry. I will continue to use this produce.

👤These really work. My fridge smelled like a hole in the wall because we were sharing it with our dog who was on a raw meat diet. He has a mini-fridge in the garage. We got these and within 12 hours the smell was gone and my fridge smells clean and fresh. You get two. It is worth the investment and the peace of mind. I don't like when my food smells like the fridge. Do us all a favor and get this. You're welcome.

👤I gave the product 5 stars because I didn't think it was necessary to change the ratings because of something I might not have done. My fridge is a worst case scenario. catfish bait was once in the outside refrigerator. The smell in the fridge is not noticeable, but everything in it absorbs the most obnoxious smell. The cartons are made of cardboard. The plastic has a smell in it. I've had two units there for a while. I did the sniff test today. The boxes smell terrible. Anything that smells can enter. And still does. My hope was that some of the reviews were true. The worst case scenario and the benchmark for the product is what this review is about. The bait was stronger than the bamboo for me.

👤One of the chores my husband has is trash. Pulling food from the fridge is part of that. We left some sushi at home and it sat. Three weeks go by. I tell him to get it out of the house even if he just puts it in a bag. Doesn't happen. By week 5, my fridgereeks know what smell I'm talking about. He had to remove the fridge of anything out of date that could be contributing to the smell. Shutting the fridge down for a deep clean at the beginning of summer is the worst idea because we live in FL. I shake baking soda in a bowl when I open the fridge. I searched for ways to remove the smell without shutting it down and found the recommendation for activated charcoal. I go to Amazon. I liked the small size with the rush order a set. The smell was gone in a couple of days. The fridge had no smell. I can take them out and put them on the window seal for some sun time to help keep it going. One of my best buys has been easily handed down. I might buy more to help with rooms with smells.

8. HAMMER Litter Deodorizer Activated Baking

HAMMER Litter Deodorizer Activated Baking

Eliminates odors very quickly. An odor free-free home starts here. The #1 brand of cat litter. It helps lift hairs when you vacuum.

Brand: Arm & Hammer

👤Directions are easy to follow and work well. There are two litter boxes on the 1st floor and two litter boxes on the 3rd floor. When I change out old litter, I sprinkle the deodorizer on the bottom before adding new litter. I blend it with the scooper once a week. I breathe through my mouth when I smell strong. It only takes a few seconds and is better than a stinky litter box.

👤The bad first. I don't like the scent that comes out when you sprinkle it, but the cat will eat it in a few minutes. Here is how I use it. I sprinkle over evenly after each litter box change. If needed, I will top up with more cat litter. I only empty my cat litter once a year. High quality cat litter is not organic. It means that when they urinate, it makes a brick and all the liquid and poop comes out when I scoop and what is left is almost completely unused cat litter. The cat litter is required for my system.

👤The liter box is in my bedroom. I have to scoop every 3 days at the minimum, but I have gone 4 days before. I don't smell anything with this, even if I go for 4 more days. I scoop, put down a layer of litter, and refill it. It doesn't bother him because it doesn't mess with the liter. I worry about changing his litter because he spent a lot of time with one of those new lightweight litters. This did not have any effects. I use the 4 pack twice a week.

👤The litter box used to be used with plain baking soda. It is pleasant and neither the people in the house nor the cat have an objection to it. Each time the litter box is used, the small granules mix very easily with the litter so that it is distributed throughout.

👤We use a litter robot for reference and have 2 cats. We have it in the corner of our office, but the smell of pee and poop would ruin it. The room was no longer usable unless we emptied the robot regularly which defeated its purpose, the litter robot's 'filter' is garbage, but that's another matter. We tried another product, but it only added a faint chlorine smell while masking some of the odor so that it wasn't quite as strong. I like the scent of this product, but I find it to be pleasant and not too intrusive, and it has cut the smell from the litter. The smell isn't bad when we clean the tray. The cats have not missed a beat since we started using the product. This product has changed the way we work and given us our office back.

👤The litter box needed help. The second room left a deposit, so we could be a couple of rooms away. The litter-box deodorizer saves the day. You would never know it was a litter box if I sprinkled some over the litter after cleaning. One of our kittens is waiting for the sprinkle before he uses the box. The only funny thing about the deodorizer is that it smells like Arm & Hammer laundry detergent. The kittens mistook our baskets of clean laundry for a litter box.

9. Arm Hammer Booster Purifying Waters

Arm Hammer Booster Purifying Waters

Deodorization plus freshness. Arm & Hammer Baking Soda is pure. Add your washer before your clothes for a fresh laundry experience. It's safe for all colors, fabrics and load types.

Brand: Arm & Hammer

👤There were marks on my clothes. The smell is very pleasant. I have tried most of the masculine scent. I won't buy again because of marks on clothes. Back to a pricier brand.

👤I bought this item because it was more competitively priced than Downy Unstoppables. The scent is pleasant and I assumed that baking soda would help. The scent doesn't last very long. It's like you used a dryer sheet. I wanted this to work because it is less expensive, but I burn through a lot of it quickly. I ordered Purex to see if it will perform better than Downy Unstoppables. I probably will, but hopefully I won't. Had to have gotten the Unstoppables. I also recommend you do.

👤This product is not fully dissolved in water. I usually put scent boosters into a spray bottle so I can use them elsewhere. A clear sand/grit gets left behind and the spray bottle is blocked. The scent has a synthetic feel to it. Not my cup of tea. I liked the price and shipping.

👤This scent is perfect for laundry. I don't use dryer sheets anymore. The main reason I used them was for the smell, but I didn't like how they affected my clothes, their texture, or their wastefulness. I can use wool dryer balls and have better smelling laundry. Even if you use a lot of them, the beads don't leave any weird messes. Promise! The scent lasts as long as your clothes are clean. If you want your smell to be strong, adjust the amount of beads. I fill the middle part of the cap with beads. Unless you do a lot of laundry, the container will last you a long time. I hate washing clothes. These scented beads make it smell good.

👤I really liked this scent. I put extra scent in the washer because the water in my apartment is funny. There are some nice ones out there that smell fruity, but this one is great for a simple scent. The best way to get a fresh scent is to wash my COVID mask with these.

👤I've tried them all. You've never heard of Downy, Gain, Febreeze. This one is the best. It lasts forever and is fresh and clean. When I take something out of the drawer after doing laundry on a Saturday, it still smells like I just took it out of the dryer. Highly recommended.

👤When I bought these, I was looking for the "odor blasting" version, but I couldn't find the scent I used in the past. When you first put the little pellets in the washer, it smells great. When I transfer the clothing from the washer to the dryer, it seems like it's fresh. The smell after things come out of the dryer seems to last less than a day.

👤The scent of the Arm & Hammer "Pruifying Waters" is pleasant. It's a clean, fresh scent and it's not overpowering or flowery. I prefer this sort of thing. The scent doesn't last very long. I was happy for two days after washing our couch blankets. The scent disappeared completely. Another brand of laundry scent beads lasted a week. I will switch back to the other brand after going through this four-pack.

10. Arm Hammer Litter Deodorizer Baking

Arm Hammer Litter Deodorizer Baking

It is 100% dust free and 50% lighter. Your loved one's smell is destroyed by seals. If you have a house full of cats, you should have Multi Cat Strength.

Brand: Arm & Hammer

👤Don't get five cats! The stink in the litter box will be eliminated if you do this. The smell of the house is nice, but we still have to scoop them daily. I like this brand because it eliminates order. I don't want my litter boxes to smell like pee. I don't want them to smell like pine forest or lilacs. The smell of brands in a pine forest.

👤It was only 20 minutes. I am really happy with this stuff. Our cat used to get a lot of clumps of kitty litter on her feet, which ended up in our bed, the carpet, and the house. Yuck. We switched to general pet bedding. If you are not familiar with them, they are larger than she is and don't get stuck to her feet. The satisfaction of burying her poo without the mess is still given by them. I don't like the smell of it. I swear I can smell urine throughout the house because of the smell of a hamster cage wood shaving. I just put a little bit of Arm & Hammer in there and I am so happy with the smell. It has a fresh scent, but I feel like it counteracts the smell of the pellets, like laundry detergent or dryer sheets with a fresh scent. I don't walk in my door and feel like I'm in a jungle. I'm happy. It was so cheap. I put a light layer in there so it will last a long time. Love it.

👤Wow. I was excited to try this because of the rave reviews, but no, no. This is strong smelling and overpowering. When I sprinkle a small amount of TINY on my house, it makes it smell like a sweet perfume and makes my eyes water. I felt bad for my cats when I put some in the cat boxes. I'm glad it works for so many people, but it's not for me, it's going into the trash.

👤I have a lot of litter boxes in my house. This stuff is a game-changer. My cat is sensitive to strong smells in his litter box and I think he's a brat. I had to use unscented litter for him. It's hard to find a litter that doesn't stink. This helps a lot but isn't strong enough to bother my cat. I mix a small amount of this in when I scoop the boxes. It helps a lot!

👤One of the boxes I ordered was damaged and crushed in transit. It adds a nice touch to the clean litter boxes and I think it will work great for the product. If your pet's poop or pee is foul smelling please check the food you give your pets or bring your pets to the vet, I think this will help, but if your pet's pee or poop is foul smelling please check the food you give your pets or bring your pets to I gave my cat Special Kitty brand from Walmart and it wrecked his tummy, causing his poop to become disgustingly foul. I noticed the smell was 1000 times better and the consistency of the poop looked better after I switched to a different diet. They are like little humans. If you are eating a healthy diet your poop should be clean and not smelly. I think a sprinkle would do the trick for the scent of the product. It was strong enough to hurt my noise.

11. Arm Hammer Fresh N Natural Odor Absorber

Arm Hammer Fresh N Natural Odor Absorber

Absorbs odor in closets, under sinks, and in any enclosed space. The box is spill-proof. There are dual panel flow-through vent for odor control. For the best results, replace every 30 days.

Brand: Arm & Hammer

👤It worked out as expected. There was no odor.

👤It was too expensive for the small amount.

👤The boxes are both sealed. Return should be accepted because they are both bad.

👤I work next to the kitty litter box in the closet.

👤Arm & Hammer has an odor-free fridge.


What is the best product for baking soda odor absorber?

Baking soda odor absorber products from Arm & Hammer. In this article about baking soda odor absorber you can see why people choose the product. Home-x and Freshenbag are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking soda odor absorber.

What are the best brands for baking soda odor absorber?

Arm & Hammer, Home-x and Freshenbag are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking soda odor absorber. Find the detail in this article. Fresh Wave, Munchkin and Ellis Harper are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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